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What is boom rockets 3d app? Boom Rockets 3D is physics based epic combat war game with satisfying explosions!

Shoot rocket missiles to battle enemy units and defend your base. Blast warships, destroy tanks in besieged battlefield.

Launch nuclear bombs for the glory, demolish every machine in the military warfare!

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How to contact Boom Rockets 3D (Hero Games Studyo A.S.)?
Find this site the customer service details of Boom Rockets 3D. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

Boom Rockets 3D Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Boom Rockets 3D Version 1.2.902 March 2022

- Performance Optimisations.

Boom Rockets 3D Version 1.2.628 August 2021

- icon update fix.

Boom Rockets 3D Version 1.2.117 July 2021

- Gameplay optimization.

Boom Rockets 3D Comments & Reviews 2022

- Bugs

In every mission I have played I look at the sky and see a nuke in the sky can you like fix that glitch cuz it’s kinda odd that it there and I feel like we were not supposed to see it that kinda sus if you think about it 🤔 if it plz but otherwise great game

- Freezes at Level 39 and Stops. Others Same Problem

Just like many other player of the game, I got to level 39 and the game froze. I suspect that there are no many levels beyond 39!! I suspect it wasn’t designed to be able to play any further. It’s probably just an ad machine that can also grab $2.99 from you. Unfortunately I didn’t read the reviews before downloading and paying for no ads. Now I’m out the $2.99 I paid and can no longer play. I tried everything, but nothing works to fix it. It’s frustrating because I paid for the ad removal at level 38 and at 39, screwed. I change my one star rating if I get my money back or if the game is fixed. Otherwise, I have to recommend to anyone who reads this to go ahead and enjoy playing the game for 38 levels and be done with the whole game. I also recommend that you don’t pay the three bucks to remove the ads just to play for so few levels and not being able to continue. I have a large social media presence and will warn app gamers about this if it’s not remedied. My warning will be fair and FACTUAL. I won’t have to make up any malicious lies about the game. It will be all truthful and honest. It’s a fact that the game cannot be played beyond level 40. Cheers, all Watch out! Don’t get ripped off!!

- Decent game, could use some work

This game is decent, but there are some things that annoy me. 1) There is no audio, this is slightly annoying, but doesn’t really make a difference. 2) there is no point in upgrading rockets, one rocket doesn’t do more damage or goes faster than any other, it’s purely cosmetic. Also, half of the “rockets are bombs, but this might just annoy me. 3) this might just be me since I’m a military geek, but most of the ranks are wrong, there are no enlisted ranks, and there are random ranks like 2nd Vice Officer, or 2nd lieutenant commander, pretty much, they take a rank, and add 2nd to it. 4) the levels are very repetitive, there are like 5 different scenarios, and every time you either destroy a boat, a plane, a helicopter, or sometimes a nuke. Other than this the game is ok, good for things like plane flights or long car rides, and a good thing is there are very little ads, instead of 30 second ads every 10 second level.

- Good game, few problems

This is a great game, but these are some reasons I’m giving the game a 3-star review is because it CONSTANTLY repeats levels. It also has a lot of ads and is pretty annoying since you probably already know. Also the rockets take FOREVER to unlock and they don’t do anything different than the default rockets it’s just for design and to make it look cooler. I mean it’s a very fun and well made game, but if you put more effort into the game and tone the ads down a little bit, I might consider redownloading the game. Other wise this is a great and very satisfying game that I would probably recommend to my friends. Before downloading this game consider if you think that the game is worth being downloaded onto your device.

- Watching Ads - 3D

That’s the new title for the this game, you play 5 seconds an then you force us to watch a 30 second ad which you make money from, it doesn’t take long for that to get very tiresome. The graphics are good an it does have sound. The missions are very repetitive and there’s no difference in choosing different weapons, they all travel the same speed with the same amount of damage. Sorry but being bored to death by spending more time watching ads than playing the game was too much for me…

- Really great

The gameplay is pretty chill and laid back and there’s something funny hidden in the levels if you go up in the sky once you take off you can see a nuke that seems like it’s going down but it’s frozen in place lol

- Chadoyreviewer

Good game but I think it deserves a ad button, another thing is sometimes I accidentally click the extra cash bonus since it’s so close to the collect one.

- Once you reach level 39 it freezes

I’ve been playing the game for a while I deleted it when I’m right reached level 39 and I got to level 39 again and it froze which I don’t know why it might because it might be because they might not added another level or I have pretty much everything of page 2 but except for the level 16 hi give this a bad review so download this game please and read the stuff

- Spy guy

Fun game. A little Like the classic duck hunt. Not real complicated, so this alone makes it more enjoyable than some of those super complicated war games. I have sound with my version. Loaded in may of 2021 on iPad.

- Ads

Way to many ads. It takes the fun out of playing.

- The worst

So this was a good game until this thing LITERALLY CRASHED I thought it was a glitch so I refreshed it still nothing and I just forgot to tell you the level is 39 so yeah I’m sorry if you really liked it like me but it crashed so I’m really sad and I waited 6 MONTH in another 6 months that’s a year and if it doesn’t get pached I think it’s one of the worst games thanks for reading.

- It’s a very well made game and very fun to play

However, I wish there were different kinds of levels. I am on level like 50 and every mission is just recycled for another

- Game freezes after 39 levels

On level 39, the game completely soft locks and you cannot progress at all. Not to mention all of the ads the game has, and the repetitiveness of the levels, all I can give this is a 2. Gameplay is alright while you can play it.

- Boom

The game is in accurate, so when you think you’re lined up you’re not and the angle of view probably is the reason. Many times it’ll be lower then you think or higher and you’ll end up missing or hitting close to hit because of the inaccuracies

- Poor Game

I downloaded this game a few days ago and started playing it a lot. But once I got to level 40 or so the game just stopped and froze and I couldn’t figure out how to make it work again. Also there is no point in upgrading rockets it just does the same things as the others. This is a bad game, DO NOT DOWNLOAD.

- Fun game

The main reason I'll give it 5 stars is because it has no ads!!

- Worst game I have ever played

The game was fun for a while until the levels just kept being repeated and on level 39, it just glitches and you can’t play anymore and the rockets they don’t do anything different there not faster they don’t make a bigger explosion they all the same they just look different. IM WARNING YOU DON’T PLAY THIS GAME.

- Extremely poor taste

I had no intention of downloading this game because of the ad, which showed a missile being shot at a passenger airliner. That is in extremely poor taste. I was forced to download the app just to write this review, and if I could give it zero stars I would. I will not play the game and I will be deleting it once my review is posted.

- Ads

Just another one of those games that tries to take your money, ads everywhere. In order to play each round you have to watch an ad, it definitely starts to make the game very unbearable first. I will probably end up deleting it because of that! It might’ve been a good game otherwise.

- It’s ok

It’s a fun game at first, stages get repetitive and the moving of vehicles looks really bad, ranks don’t make sense and the rockets do not change accept for the looks no more speed or strength for better rockets this game got boring really quickly.

- Freeze problem

It’s a great fun game but at level 39 my game just freezes and it stays like that even closing and reopening the app doesn’t work

- Broken

The game breaks at mission 39 nothing loads in resetting and redownloading the app doesn’t work. I was enjoying the game and having a blast until it broke. Until it’s fixed I rate this lower then I would have when it was working.

- No sound every level is the same

Could be fun if there was more verity and sound. Otherwise will delete the game. As far as ads every game is the same.

- Played once, deleted

I played this game once after installing. It restarted several times, froze up several times (as I’m after each round), then my phone went dark, locked up. Finally got it to turn back on, and promptly deleted this app!

- Great game but,

Its a really good game but, it kinda makes you watch ads, you only get $100 a round unless you watch a 10 second ad.

- fun game

a few ads but they need money so I understand great game over all

- So so

Game was cool up until level 39 and then it freezes up. Can't go to the next mission. I closed the app and reopened it so many times, but didn't change. So, I deleted the app and started over. Same issue at level 39. If y’all could fix this issue, that would be great.

- Graphics could be better

It’s a good game in all but the graphics could be better

- Don’t waste your time

First, the game is dull and repetitive. It is just an ad machine. Though you don’t have to watch a single ad if you don’t want to, just complete a mission, close and reopen the game. Seriously, don’t waste your time. Even the “new rockets” are just reskins. There is no advantage to any other rocket.

- It’s ok

My game crashed and I lost all my stuff. but it wasn’t because of my iPhone It was because of this app so yea otherwise it’s great

- Ads with no end in sight

This is a decent game but the amount of ads make the game play horrible and you can’t pay to remove ads but that really doesn’t matter anymore since people pay to remove ads but they never really go away.

- Good game, but more ads than play time

It’s a good game. However there are maybe 30 seconds of ads for every 5-10 seconds of play time. Ads are fine, I understand the marketing model, but if you are watching more ads than you play the game…. Not worth it.

- Fun game at first

Mindless game. Fun at first but it’s the same thing over and over and over again. Targets recycle and the rockets change. But it’s the same level after same level.

- Ads are the worst

The ads have the same music every time please fix the ads I hate the music it is annoying

- The game

To many commercial, at least they are to long. I spend more time watching commercials than playing the game! Good grief! The game is fun, too much time on commercials, seriously!

- Cannot support this app

If it was all military only, I wouldn’t bother with a review. What got me was that they included passenger traffic. Even the ads show someone shooting down a commercial airliner. That is very terroristic, even if it wasn’t the app makers’ intention. I cannot support those kind of violent messages.

- WAS great

It was fun to play, up until it froze at level 39. Restarting does nothing. You have to delete the game, which removes all your progress, then start over at level one. Then it freezes at level 39 again. Customer service is nonexistent.

- Worst Game

I wish I could give this game 0 stars. Repeats the same levels over and over again. All the rockets do the same damage and fly at the same speed and worst of all, THE GAME FREEZES AT LEVEL 39 and you can’t play beyond that maybe because there’s nothing left to play.

- Ads like every other game

Just like every other stupid game this one has ads every 2 levels honestly it’s a good game but you get very little cash and you just respect the same few levels

- Ads

I really like the game but there is way to many ads. The ads take me like 5min to get out of them

- No sound

This game would be totally awesome if it had sound, but as it is I can only give it two stars as a fair to midland game

- Audio?

Still a good game without sound. I think adding sound would make this a solid 5 star game.

- Needs work

1. Game freezes a lot and will crash after a level or two. 2. There are ads.

- Do not a get

Hi a. My a name a is a Francesco from cars. Do nota geta this-a game because my daughter hada fartya hemorrhoids in Hera braina after a playing. Do nota get and I will contactes dontald rump

- It’s a good game for about 15 minutes

It is a good game for about 15 minutes because you run out of new idea levels and it gets boring real Quick

- Rollick games pls read

Rollick games on mission 39 it won’t let me do the mission so can you pls fix that error.

- About the ads.

I’m rating this game 2 stars because ads pop up every time I finish the level, I deleted the game after this, I’m here to play it, not to watch ads.

- Fun but too many ads

This is a fun game but just like all other games the fun of playing it gets to be a bore because of all the ads.

- Good game

its a really good game but sometimes I it gets glitchy and for some reason there is a rocket Gabo he a objective and can anyone tell me pls

- Screen Freezes

Why does the screen freeze and now it does nothing

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- This game is awesome But make sure you you know where you can get your money from and your upgrades


- Zavier’s Review

Hi I like your game and it’s awesome but it’s missing something you need to put double bullets in it

- Lame

Have to reload game after every mission? Stupid raid ad. Already have it installed and don't play it anymore either. Games and the ads. Becoming like tv. To many and stop watching completely.

- Good 👍

The game is very good but I have a question for the game developers. What is a nuke doing in the sky ?

- Game

I love committing terrorism! By exploding multiple aeroplanes up in the air and committing mass murders all around!

- Ok but….

It’s a good idea for an app, only problem is that it becomes a little boring after a while.

- The game

It is so satisfying to play

- Just ads

Just ads can’t play another game unless you watch an ad

- Opinion

Why is their no play button it just ruins the game

- Adds adds adds

A terrible game with no way of avoiding hours of adds

- Awesome

The game is a great medicine for stress.

- 39

Good game but at mission 39 it all blanks out

- Ads

Cool game apart from the constant ads

- Good


- Hmm ko x hmm d Bill u’ll I’ll I’ll I’ll I’ll j sa

Haha soooooooooo fuuuuuuuun apppp

- Too slow

Too many ads too long between next go.very annoying


What on earth is their rank system, Vice Officer to officer to lieutenant?? WHAT THE F*CK. Also gets boring after like 7 mins.

- They Stole The Physics From Besiege

Literally, Go to YouTube And Search up “Besiege” And Click on a Video That Has The Thumbnail of a Rocket (Projectile) Destroying Either a Plane or a Helicopter. And Here is a Message to Rollic Games; I HATE You so Much i Wish You Never Existed.

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- nice game

i did not start playing yet but it will be good n

- review

why no sound?

- This game needs help

This game sucks you can’t even play, i had to reload the game everytime i wanted to play it would just get stuck on a screen telling me to buy extra cash so i will be deleting the game.

- not bad

this is a pretty good game for when your bored, the only thing is, i reached level 358 and now my game just crashes when i open it. i guess i broke the game

- This game for sure needs help

It keeps glitching I can’t even play it it sucks and it used to be so fun when it had no ads and I could just go through the rockets that was shot by the ships what they exploded now I can’t give it this game sucks it’s the worst game ever created

- Laggy and Boring

The first Min I lagged like 7 times and it’s so easy and Boring do not download you play for 5-10 min and you’ll get bored forget the game and hate it Uninstall right now ASAP

- Simple, boring, pointless

Another app creator only in it for the money. Every mission is simple and boring, there is no incentive to do “well” as you win a measley $100 anytime you win….unless you watch one of of their stupid ads. And every-other mission is interrupted by an ad. Absolutely awful, and a waste of time

- Ads

The ads after each lvl take longer than the lvls themselves.Game is designed to sell ad time

- Game wont work

I was playing lots and the game is fun but at level 39 it stoped and whenever i go back in it wont let me play and when i press the 🔄 button it wont let me play no matter how long i play it wont work

- Level 39

The game is good but for some reason I got stuck on level 39 The game wouldn’t let me even play

- Awesome game

This game is so good and you should totally play this game it is super good

- Good but buggy…

The game was fun but for some reason I got stuck on level 39 and I cannot move past the level at all, not only that but I feel like the game could use some more destruction onto the models, for an example I hit the middle of the wing on a plane and the wing tip was just floating there

- Terrible.

The app is filled with ads and compromises your data. Uninstall ASAP.

- Toooooo many ads


- Uhhhh ya

This game is great but there is to much adds it’s easy to move but a little laggy I would still recommend

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Boom Rockets 3D 1.2.9 Screenshots & Images

Boom Rockets 3D iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Boom Rockets 3D iphone images
Boom Rockets 3D iphone images
Boom Rockets 3D iphone images
Boom Rockets 3D iphone images
Boom Rockets 3D iphone images
Boom Rockets 3D iphone images
Boom Rockets 3D iphone images
Boom Rockets 3D iphone images
Boom Rockets 3D iphone images
Boom Rockets 3D iphone images
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The applications Boom Rockets 3D was published in the category Games on 2021-01-29 and was developed by Hero Games Studyo A.S. [Developer ID: 1435609836]. This application file size is 424 MB. Boom Rockets 3D - Games app posted on 2022-03-02 current version is 1.2.9 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.HeroGames.SubmarineSimulation