Deep Clean Inc. 3D

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Happiness: Freshly cleaned stuff thanks to Deep Clean Inc.

Highly satisfying cleaning experience! Please be a part of Deep Clean Inc. and start to make dirty objects clean and shiny enough to satisfy your customers!

Let's take all dirts away with your deep cleaning skills!

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Deep Clean Inc. 3D Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Multiple levels are added! Cleaning adventure is getting more fun with every new update! - Bug fixes and performance improvements have been made!

Deep Clean Inc. 3D Comments & Reviews

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- My opinion

I really love this game because latley been watching cleaning Tik toks and it’s everything they do it’s everything that the add is it’s a great game but its super laggy and there to many adds I rate this 4 stars it would be ten if there was less adds thanks for ready my review!!!!!(:

- Okay look

So I’m not gonna say this is a bad game, because it’s not. However I would like you take my criticism and also everyone else’s into consideration. Now we shall begin, the first one: I’m not sure if it’s a glitch or something but whenever I’m trying to complete a level like deep cleaning the teddy bears, I make it to the head(and I’m not 100% done) and it just disappears and says the “level complete”. Just a little annoying and could use some fixing, next, second one: I honestly have a problem with the fact that you could be more creative, just a little, no disrespect of course the game is pretty well made, but generally after level 39 the levels repeat but they just look different, for example, the first level is a bear that you deep clean but the 40th level is a unicorn that you deep clean. See what a mean? I know you can come up with more satisfying cleaning levels just look up ideas or ask family and friends. I know this game has potential but it just needs a lil more elbow grease ya know? Okay hopefully the game goes good -God bless you xoxo

- Horrible and needs improvements

This game started off very interesting but when I got to like the 30’s everything started all over again they need to add more levels! And why it’s horrible is because when your cleaning there’s always one spot that hasn’t been done but counts as done. When you get to the point of cleaning the inside of the car you can’t tell if you got it all the way done because the bubbles sink in! In real life bubbles don’t do that. Thank you for reading this I hope the developer gets to this and have a lovely day.

- disappointed.

so seeing the ads that i got from other games about this one i thought the game was gonna be really fun. the ads showed that you got to pick what to clean with and they all had a different outcome. like in the ad it showed cheetos on the carpet and there was choices on what you got to clean with. like a broom, a water spray bottle, or your hands. but when i downloaded the game there were no choices. it just had to be what it gave you. i honestly think that’s so annoying and that it’s disappointing. the gane itself isn’t fun in my opinion. THIS IS A WASTE OF YOUR TIME. DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT!!!

- My review

This game is not one that I would recommend anyone too. For starters there is soo many adds if you beat a level there is an add do you want to restart the level you get to restart with a side of a boring add. I mean come on people no one likes an app with an add coming up every 10 seconds. Another bad thing is the fact that I can’t seem to get passed level 35 with the dirty seat! 😒 This is why I gave the app 2 stars. Not impressed

- Needs more improvements

I don’t recommend I got to level 30 and EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING reset and there’s way too many ads and it’s a little laggy honestly I just thought it was my wifi but it wasn’t on top of that I heard that some people were being tracked and they never allow the game to track their location and after that they deleted the game and that person’s Google account stopped working yeah so now I’m scared of someone tracking me 😐

- Kinda disappointed but it’s decent

So far there’s two things that bug me about the game. (Besides the constant ads) The first one being the levels are way to quick and simple. Secondly when you’re cleaning something it doesn’t make you get all of it before moving on and it’s so unsatisfying. Like you could be about to get the last bit of something then boom next round 🙄

- Horrible.

Absolutely horrible. I do NOT recommend. When I downloaded it, it glitched and said I was being tracked. Google as we told me that. As soon as I deleted the app, my phone was working better and google stopped telling me I was being tracked. Mind you, I never allow any apps to see my location. PLEASE do not download. I honestly thought this would be satisfying. And, the game just repeats from bear, to trunk, to car, to a weird woman thing. Please do not download.

- Ads

There are way too many ads. You play like two levels and then there are 2 ads that are at least 15 seconds long.


I hate this game so so much like it’s the worst game ever nobody should download it it’s so bad! Jk it’s a really good and fun game I like it and that’s why I gave it five stars so yeah everyone should download it it’s just like the tic toc cleaning videos so get the app today!

- Pickle

This is sooooooo annoying but I have tried level 4 for a LONG TIMe and I can’t even reach a part then like a minute later it restarts and it doesn’t count as clean cuz I missed a spot I can’t even reach plsssssss spot clean ur glitches the teddy bear ain’t the only thing that needs cleaning the glitches or unfairness needs to be cleaned I’m disappointed with level 4

- I love the game buttttttt

I love the game it is super satisfying but I what the adds to go like seriously and sometimes u well have one spot and it counts And also 1 level that gross me out it is the one that u clean the toilet 🚽

- super great game

I love this game so much it is not glitchy and it is so satisfying when u clean up all the mess has a lot of ads but over all it is a very great game

- You can’t get past the mall

I just got the game thinking it was going to be fun but you has to make it where you can’t you past the mall hate the game it just ew😡😡😡🙁it is bad it’s horrible game and definitely to many adds do not download this game I give it an zero but it made me have to make it a one I have tried to to the mall one for a month

- Good but too many ads

This game is honestly so good and calming. But there’s too many ads, like you guys should cut down on the ads. It’s getting annoying ngl but overall it’s a fun and good game!!

- Stop the adds

There are wayyyy to many adds every time you complete a level it also gets boring after a while of just cleaning something but if you don’t mind the adds and you think cleaning things are fun you might like this game otherwise it’s just a wast of time

- Please update

Can you update it so I can get pass level 9 I try so hard and I cant get the left side!

- The rating rat

So I’m not very satisfied with this game because there are 2 ads after you play 2 levels and it’s laggy I’m not gonna say that there are way to many ads but it’s just and unreasonable amount

- Needs new levels

I finished the game but it definitely need more levels

- Love the game

I love this game because it helps your anxiety and you can turn off you WiFi for no ads love the game

- Horrible don’t get it

It just does the same levels over and over it has one new level at level 112 I think and it’s were you clean cat litter other than that it does the same level so you don’t really want to keep playing it and it has a billion adds!!! Honestly just trash!!

- Pros and Mainly Cons

I loved the concept of the game, and the physics of the teddy bear and rug made it more interesting. Though, the game got repetitive easily and would have an add after doing something that took 5 seconds. It also extremely overheated my phone.

- Too many adds

There are way to many adds in this game.I love it in all but every time you complete a level there is an add witch is really frustrating.

- My review

Overall it is a fun game but it repeats the levels and it has too many ads but it is fun

- I love this app

It is amazing at first you think this app is so stupid but it’s not you need this app download it now

- Fun game until the levels repeat

It’s a really fun game but I don’t know when but at some point the levels start to repeat. Also there’s a lot of ads.

- Don’t fool yourself man,

despite the ad showing one, there is no naked woman behind the glass cleaning level. ‘Twas a simple mock-up. The game is pretty meh. I recommend putting on airplane mode. The levels are repetitive and you barely have to do anything. 2/5

- Mall Level is Impossible

The mall level has two corners that you can’t reach no matter what and if you don’t beat it then the level keeps restarting over and over making it really frustrating.

- Cleaner

I am not so far in level but game is the best love it but to many ads I hate ads

- To many

A lot of ads

- The ads are a big no no

Everything on the game is awesome, today is that I installed it but whenever I do I I or I level I get an ad, and sometimes a dirty spot isn’t done and it counts it as done, overall the game is good and fun to play.

- Just nah

First of all u can’t get past level 10 second of all the ads there are wayyyyyy to many ads lastly i have anxiety I thought it would help it but it didnt and the app is kinda boring.

- Ads like always

Their way to many ads every time the round their has to be HAS to be ads

- Nice game!

I love this! So relaxing! I’ll admit I’m very picky when it comes to games. But this game is different. I really like it!

- Good game but ads make it not worth it

Tried to figure out how to buy a version with no ads and there doesn’t seem to be the option. More ads than game.

- It’s alright

It’s nothing like the add I saw tbh but it’s kinda fun, the levels are not repetitive so that’s a plus. The only thing is the ads are annoying idk give it a try


I installed this game and my phone got hot and was preforming really low then I realized the tracking icon on the top of my my iPhone was on so I deleted the game this game is tracking you from some reason it also slows down your phone a lot I advise not to download this game

- Don’t download

It plays an ad after every level. Each level only takes like 5-10seconds to complete. Literally an ad every 10 seconds. Sooo not worth it I spent more time hitting skip than I do playing the game

- Get this game rn!

This game is so satisfying! I am new tho. I love this game. Get it RN! It’s so relaxing ima play this game almost everyday now!

- TOO. MANY. ADS!!! 😡😡😡😡😡

It is a fun game yet there are too many ads! Clean it, ad. Clean it, ad. Please fix that! It is also laggy and annoying. Deleting this game ASAP! Ugh! So annoying!! Bye bye “Deep Clean Inc.”

- Ads

This game has far to many ads. I played about 20 levels in total and got about 10-15 ads. Wouldn’t recommend this game unless you want to play with airplane mode turned on all of the time...

- Erm it’s a little great 🤏🏽

I like this game and all but the coin gets in the way and why does it ask to track us? Please don’t children play this game and if they press that they could get kidnapped.

- The ads

Lets talk about the ads. The ad what about a girl in the bathroom and they were cleaning the window and almost showed her private parts. Woman are not objects and that add needs to be stopped, i am deleting this app NOW.

- Get this game

This is the best game for your kid to play when they hate cleaning

- Too many ads

Way too many ads. There is an ad after every level.

- Good

I love this game and its really good but too many ads

- Don’t get

The ads are relentless and never stop, making the game laggy. I like doing it but the ads got too annoying. Unless you’re someone who likes to see a lot of ads and it’s OK with the game lagging go ahead

- The game

To many adds

- Meh...

At first, this game is SO SATISFYING!!!! But after like 35 levels it repeats the levels over and over again. So maybe another app will do...

- Has the potential to be a great game, but...

This has the potential to be a really fun game, however, it is very VERY laggy for me. Every time I play it, it lags and glitches out.

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- Not bad

TOO MANY ADDS but satisfying

- To many ads

There are way to many ads when you complete 1 levels there’s a ad and it does it for every leave I don’t think there’s not 1 level without a ad

- Game

Some things over and over boring


This game played ads over and over agian and also false advertising as well because on on of the ads on the game there was a level that didnt exist

- So bad

I didn’t get to play over level 9 and it would let me do anything! And way too many adds

- Too many adds

Great satisfying game! but WAY TOO MANY ADDS will be uninstalling

- It’s ok

There is WAY too many ads if ur not patient like me DO NOT GET IT!!!!!

- Deep cleaning

Great game I love it but to meany adds

- Lots of ads but fun

Lots of ads but fun

- Ads

Ads, only ads

- review

there are too many adds but the game is good

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- Great game

If you have too many ads just turn off wifi.

- Dumbest game ever

I have never been more numbed in my head on another game than this one. Not only does this game not look at all like the ads I’ve seen, but it’s also insanely repetitive, low quality and has no real benefit to the player I can see. Do not download, I repeat do not download

- Its a three because..

Well sometimes it does not let you finish cleaning

- Ad frequency absolutely ridiculous

Every 30 seconds an ad pops up that you have to sit through for another 30 seconds. Uninstalled!

- NIcE

Very good game for when your bored

- Not Bad...

Not bad....

- Too many adds

This game has to many adds, you finish a level an add pops up.

- No levels, too many ads.

It’s good graphics and fun but there’s literally like 15 levels that take about 5 seconds each, and then you just have to replay those levels over and over and over and over.

- Should be 18+ with ads like that

Literally got an ad where I had to watch someone get hanged

- Me mad

This game looks good but it sucks do not get it I never wished that I got that this game and you can get it but you will wish you Listened to me

- This game has too many ads

Aleast put a reasonable amount in instead of going overboard

- Level 9 is a glitch

You can clean the floor but it will not put you on the next level . LEFT CORNER ON GARDEN IS HARD TO CLEAN

- The game


- Bad

I had gotten to level 9 and can’t get past no matter how clean the floor is. I tried re-setting it, turning wifi on and off, and nothing is working. It just resets. Also there are far too many adds. It makes the game glitchy. I tried to play it offline but that’s when the glitch started.

- I’ve played worst apps

This app is REALLY laggy and as soon as I go into the app then it kicks me out and doesn’t let me back in. To finish the first level of the game it took me around 5 minutes. I think there are also too many adds but I think it could be a better app.

- broken

i got to level 9 and i’m suppose to clean the floor but every time i’m done it resets and it’s just broken

- Overall Horrible

Way too many ads. It was okay at first but then the levels kept on repeating themselves. DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!

- Get rid of the ads

This game has a lot of potential. It’s very fun but the ads are pretty annoying. Maybe give us the option to pay extra to get rid of the ads?

- Remove ads

I’d like to be able to remove the ads they’re extremely annoying.

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Deep Clean Inc. 3D 1.0.31 Screenshots & Images

Deep Clean Inc. 3D iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Deep Clean Inc. 3D iphone images
Deep Clean Inc. 3D iphone images
Deep Clean Inc. 3D iphone images
Deep Clean Inc. 3D iphone images
Deep Clean Inc. 3D iphone images
Deep Clean Inc. 3D iphone images
Deep Clean Inc. 3D iphone images

Deep Clean Inc. 3D (Version 1.0.31) Install & Download

The applications Deep Clean Inc. 3D was published in the category Games on 2021-01-14 and was developed by Alictus [Developer ID: 892399717]. This application file size is 344.08 MB. Deep Clean Inc. 3D - Games app posted on 2021-02-25 current version is 1.0.31 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.smo.deepcleaninc3d

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