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What is dodge master! app? Forget all other action games and get ready to dive into a super fun dodging and shooting mafia battle! Killing bad guys was never that fun before!

Show your ninja skills and dodge your way out of this mafia fight. If you can escape from the all bullets, then you are the real Dodge Master! Your enemies will be surprised that they missed so it's your time to hit! Take your sniper gun, shot down, and kill your enemies to get the money... and the girl!

Shots fired! You may not bend or stop bullets like in matrix but you can definitely bend your body and dodge the bullets. Imagine you are like an assassin going after the mafia, shooting with a sniper and dodging all the bullets. Fun right?

Just remember you have limited time, so quickly solve this physics puzzle, pull the trigger and... ACTION! Take all the bad guys down on one shot!

You'll love the action in this game, and not just that... There are special events for dodging, shooting and killing:

Dodge Mania
Bullet Festival
Headshot Master

Dodge Master is a 3D action game with free and easy to play mechanics. Join the Dodge team now!

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Dodge Master! Version 3.4.025 January 2022

Performance improvements and bug fixes. Enjoy!.

Dodge Master! Version 2.9.015 December 2021

Performance improvements and bug fixes. Enjoy!.

Dodge Master! Version 2.2.827 August 2021

New features are added, enjoy!.

Dodge Master! Comments & Reviews 2022


So I love this game it’s fun and all but I had very high and good progress done so far and then just the day I write this review I was going to play it just to get more progress done and I load up the game and everything was fine but when I started the level I couldn’t start it and it crashed my game so I try loading up the game again but it just kept crashing over and over again but after 2-3 tries I finally got it to start but the issue is when I started playing the level I was automatically in the level so I played and realized I had the starter pistol even though I had lots of guns and the ar equipped and not the pistol so I played and I realized my game restarted completely and I lost EVERYTHING and I MEAM EVERYTHING including the levels were back to 1 so PLEASE ix this issue and I would be VERY happy!

- Mediocre and Lazy

The idea is fun at first, but gets very boring and repetitive. The game is absolutely saturated with ads just for you to replay the same levels over and over again. This game is easy, very easy. I haven’t died once in the 100+ levels and the challenge modes I’ve played. The dodging mechanic is alright. It’s a bit fun at first, but they never take the idea anywhere further than more bullets and enemies. It’s a shame, because the dodging mechanics have very good potential, and it would be cool to see bullets you can’t dodge all of, but there is enough time between some that you can avoid others, or bullets which appear mid dodge, maybe even avoiding bullet spots while falling, you get the point. The shooting mechanics are very uninspired, most or the time enemies die nearly instantly, and if they don’t, then most others are likely dead and the dodging becomes incredibly easy. The worst part about this game is the insane amount of ads. You have to watch an ad after every single level, even after you deny an ad reward, which are constantly shoved into your face. This is especially bad in the challenge mode, which is not only easy, but the special gun you get from it is not placed in your inventory and is instead immediately discarded once you complete a few levels because of the forced unlocks, which eventually give you absolutely nothing.

- New updates

First off let me start by saying this Game is amazing! I really enjoy the game play self but one thing I do ask of you is that you add even more levels because right now I am on level 75😬 Also will you all please add new upgrades to the game im maxed out. Will you all please update the graphics not to say The graphics are trash but I would just like to see it being more realistic🤠😁 that’s all and I thank you for giving me this amazing game😄


This game is so fun but when you get to a certain level the levels just go from the beginning but you keep progress but if you are the person who likes ads to get stuff then you should get this game but I doubt that you are that type of person and another thing the dodging part is weird because you don’t get to dodge and wait to make changes so I don’t like that part and pls add more boss levels because there’s only at least five boss levels in this whole game so thumbs 👎on that part other than that it’s a good app just pls add more levels🙏🙏🙏

- Fun but really annoying

I hate it when games are like this game. The game is really fun but it’s soooo laggy and I just end up deleting it. Every time I’m about to beat a level it lags out and goes to my Home Screen. Also I’m 100% sure it’s not my internet because all of my other apps are perfectly fine and every super laggy app I’ve had I’ve deleted. So to conclude, this game is fun, and I would love if they added some new updates and stuff, but I also want the lag to be fixed. Thank you if you’ve read this far, and goodbye.👋

- Amazing game

I can understand how hard the developers might’ve worked to make this and I can give them credit for that. The only thing I could criticize is the amount of upgrades, weapons and levels. I love the rag doll physics I’m literally vining with the music to this day over all one of my favorite games on a mobile device. Greta work

- Amazing buttttt

I think that you shouldMake the levels harder and add a completely new mode that you can place any people that do more as much as you want so you can dodge as many bullets as you can I also think that you should add new guns and maybe some new abilities with it I mean it’s a very good game

- Not that bad of a game

The game is a good game but it’s almost impossible to lose and it’s literally impossible to lose for me because I have everything unlocked I really enjoy the game but there are to many ads. The game is good in all. You just need to add more things to unlock and some more guns and! And the game has weird characters. And the levels are really short. Not just that but the bosses are easy to kill and I just need a bigger challenge! (Tip) shoot the bosses and the normal enemy’s in the head it kills them easier

- Ok

The game was fun, but it’s just way to easy. It started over at level 1 around level 41. Also there are way to many ads. It gets 3 stars because it was fun at the beginning. Then it just got impossible to lose. Also at the end of a level it will ask if you want to triple your money for one ad but when you click no thanks it shows an ad anyway for no extra money.

- Pretty Great Game.

Hey look normally I don’t make reviews for games but this one deserves it the graphics are great the level design and gameplay is wonderful. The greatest part about it you may ask? Well let me tell you. No auto ads ever! I mean what? How is this possible? Great game 5/5.

- Decent Overall

For the most part, the game is good although there are a couple levels, 55-60 that are very annoying, the enemies you are shooting are more on the roof of a small building and if you don’t headshot them then they fall off and you can’t hurt them anymore and have to restart. Otherwise, it’s a good offline game.

- Fun but not worth playing

It’s a great game but I beat it in an hour. It’s really fun and reminds me of the VR game Super Hot but there’s no actual thought put into it. It’s clear to all of us that this is an ad grabbing scheme instead of a cool idea someone brought to fruition but it’s not even long enough of a game to get more than 10 cents off me. I was having fun but now I’m disappointed. Developers please try again or expand the game.

- Not enough levels

Pretty good concept and execution, but there are only 40 levels and when they are done they just repeat from level 1. There could be also an option to buy the hats and skins with coins after you upgraded everything to max. Other than that, pretty good.

- Amazing

I got this game around March 13. I constantly play this everyday, and I enjoy it lots. The devs work constantly to bring their game to get better. They add new levels, and guns. Nonetheless, I really enjoy playing this game. Hope you enjoy this game if you download it 😊.

- Good but need a few things

I would want more upgrades more levels and I think we should be able to kill the women because all we kill is men and I would like a free mode where you can put as many enemy’s as you want and you can dodge the bullets they shoot at you like the original game

- Logs me off instantly

Ok so I download the game and the second I get on he game it instantly logs me off and it’s done that to me before on different games but please fix it because I was really looking forward to play this game, and it might not be the game that logs me off it might be my iPad cuz I play on a iPad and my iPad is like 2 and a half y are old but plz if that’s not the problem you need to fix it, thank you :) btw I’m a 10 year old

- Good game

I mean when I first started I was impressed but after a few days go by you unlock majority of the items leaving you with wanting new adventures but you are left with coming soon. This point my review will stay until I get an update and more items man. To be honest the game does deserve a 5 star but my point stands on how I feel about this game.

- Skins...

Dear Developers In One Of The Ads On Heroes Inc, There Was A Spider-Man Skin, I Was Wondering If You Could Add It Soon Also Can You Make The Game Not Filled With ads all the time, like maybe rewarded Ads, basically only when you want extra money, skins, or maybe even guns.

- Ads

You’ll spend more time watching ads than playing the game. Another typical “game” designed to shove as many ads down your throat as possible. Went through the first few levels, watching about 5 ads for about 1 minute of game play before deleting. The funny thing is, if ads were more beneficial and less in your face- I’d ultimately play games like this longer and end up watching more ads for the company.

- It’s good but not enough levels

It’s a good game it is, but... there’s not enough levels. Once I got to around wave 50 if I remember correctly the level 51 went to same thing as level 1. That was kinda a deal breaker. Also good job on not making the ads over whelming!

- Fun physics but some problems

I love how there are a bunch of joints to move around, but on the levels with buildings, when you shoot the enemies, there is a small chance that they will fall behind the building and you will need to look at your aim.

- Amazing but there is a bug

I was just playing then all of the sudden I was getting 250k money every win and then if I used the add 3x money I would get 750k and it made the game no fun when getting that much money

- This games garbage

It’s an absolute trash heap of a game, you just do some retarded dance that’s on every other cheap mobile game, get shot at in the head and move your body in strange/impossible poses to dodge them, they always aim for the head, and it’s impossible to get hit, even if you try to get hit it’s impossible, it’s not fun or entertaining, and I gain nothing but hate for the maker of it, if you download this your just wasting space on your phone

- Crashed game

That happened to me to! I was going to play and then it kept crashing! I powered down the iPhone and then I realized it was all and I mean all was reset! So fix that to and I would be happy!

- Please read this

Overall this game is amazing five star but there is one complete one too many at way too many ads if you can fix the ad I would I would love the game

- Bad

The games bad. It’s so easy and gives you to much time. All you do to win is move your head and back. Not your hands or legs. Don’t install. Unless you like getting bored.

- Apple scores are bogus

In the time I’ve owned an iPhone I’ve learned to not trust iPhone reviews, and this can’t be anymore prevalent than with this game. The core of the game is a good chuckle, but the constant ads? Not worth it. Free or not forced ads just aren’t okay. Banner ads? Okay a C- but completing 1 stage of a level followed up by a 30+ unskippable ad WITH A DEMO that auto pulls up on your phone? Common iOS users have some respect for yourself and get a better game.

- Nice

This game is absolutely fantastic and perfect i would say than occasionally i see that it lags a lot so you must pay attention about that Hope you guys enjoy it! 🤩🤩🤗🤣

- Love it but I have too much money

I have a whole bunch of money and I don’t really have anything to spend it on so can u add more things I can buy?

- Good game but ruined by adds

Honestly a fun game but enjoy the first 3 levels because after that you’ll have to sit through an extremely obnoxious, hard to exit out of ad after every single level. Already deleted just wish they made an ad free version which I would have 100% paid for.

- Must have! ✨

I got this because it was a ad on another game. I love the game I’m not going to lie about that! But after I finished the levels, the same level keep going on and on so I just got tired of it. But it’s a AMAZING game. I definitely recommend this game! 🔫✨

- I’m impressed

Got bored of this game a few months ago and then there’s the new levels and dodge mania. Honestly great idea and I like how they look more realistic. Suggestion: maybe add more skin slots?

- Love it

This is the best game I have ever played because it makes you look funny when you dodge this now made me a master now I cannot stop playing this

- It’s amazing

Well one of ur notifications helps me practice, it says can u dodge this and it’s very difficult but now I can thanks for making that

- Gamer

Love this game so much fun. But there is one issue whenever I now fight a boss I don’t get their hat, I just see the same 4 questions marks for the last 4 hats. Please fix this

- Cool just need better graphics

The game is awesome the graphics is just not as good as I thought they would be and if you guys are reading this you guys should add more skins because I feel like six isn’t enough.

- Uhh

Okay, uhm- I don’t like that when I try to move him to dodge, if it’s right, it just stops and the line misses him. I don’t like that I can stop moving hi, after it’s right. Please fix this, and let me know when you did. Thanks!

- Ok

Game is really good but when does tricks it’s the sam ones over an over and over I wish they would add knew tricks. Then it would be so much funnier . So I hope you can add mor tricks and even more coooool weapons that would be awesome thanks

- Unenjoyable

It’s hard to enjoy a game when I have to watch an advertisement after every single round, especially when the game is already very repetitive to begin with. If you want to play this game then plan on watching about 3-4 advertisements over the course of only five minutes.

- Hardly any ads and like ads for game

I love this because there is hardly any ads and it is just like the ads for the game

- Good but a few problems

The game is fun and all but there are so many ads there’s one after each level so the only thing I would want fixed is making ads like one every five levels ya know other than that great game :D

- Too many adds

There are ads every two seconds and it gets annoying. You watch ads more than you play the game everything is good except the adds.

- Great game, big issue

I love this game and I have been playing it literally ever sense it came out. It was so much fun to watch the game grow, but for some reason whenever I launch the app it kicks me out.

- Really great app but needs more hats

I have played this game do much and I really like it but after I got the old hat I can’t seem to get anymore

- More ADS than fun

This is a fun game, interesting concept with great potentials BUT BUUUUUT every reward, mission completion, or ending comes with an ad. Heck Ads are literally every 8-10 seconds and I don’t think I should pay to get rid of ads for this easy of an game.

- Way to talk with Lachlan

I was wandering if you could invent a game with Lachlan power and if you beat the game you get to talk to him and if you could make a dodge master with parkour in it

- Amazing game!

I really love the game, and I noticed nothing is wrong, the game is absolutely perfect! I am so addicted, I just got it like 5 minutes ago and I cant even take my eyes off of my screen. Love the game so much!!

- Really laggy

I’ve been playing for a while now the game is really fun and all it’s just keeps lagging when I started shooting it was starting to lag and when I had to dodge it was also leading I’m playing on an iPad right now I don’t think there’s nothing wrong with that!?

- Review

This is a really good game but I think it will be a little better if there where grenade throwing stages if you see this that much you for taking your time to see this

- It wasn’t the game I thought it would be

Well I thought there be a better graphics and at first it’s a little hard to dodge the bullets and it’s not as fun as I thought it be

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- It’s sick damn

It’s good and the gameplay is cool

- Fun little game but...

I’m having a lot of fun playing this game but there are soooooooooo many ads. Unfortunately in the current version there is no option to pay to remove them. Now I’m starting to get bored of the constant ads so I can see I’ll only be into this game for a short time.

- It’s alright

Fun game but you can beat it too easily I started playing two days ago and I already have the best gun and maxed out on upgrades please add more!

- Not a game

Not a game, just an ad delivery service. Been playing less than 30 seconds and I’ve been forced to watch 2 ads, one of them all the way through. Make a game.

- Lag

I’m not sure if it’s just my problem but I have a new iPad and the game was lagging. But overall it was a good game

- 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

This game is fun at first but it runs out fast my feedback to them is try to get more weapons

- This is cool

This is very cool. It is a bit glitchy but honestly I don’t care

- Can’t play

When I play one of your games I can’t play I glitch out.I don’t do anything even touch it and it glitches out

- Way too many ads

The game Is good exept there is an ad after every level and it gets really repetitive

- This game is trash

To many ads and so laggy learn how to make a game

- already love the game

ayyeeeee we litt

- Best Game But 2 Things I Want!

This is the best game okay but 2 things I want in this game.The music is so weird I want to turn it off so can you put a MUSIC OFF button in the right corner or left corner which either side you want and yea that’s the first thing and the second thing that I want in this game is that can we have emotes/dances so that when we defeat the criminals we use the emote/dance that we equipped example:I equipped the floss I defeat the criminal and now I use the floss emote and use the floss to floss if this doesn’t make since then idc if you don’t put or not it’s 2021 okay? So I expect to see the emotes/dances in the shop okay? Bye

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- Fantastic

Great game

- Tape

He go flex tape

- Dam he flexible

His so flexible 😂

- Crashes constantly

Crash's after each round (ANNOYING)

- crashes

i get that it’s new but still i own an iphone 8 which isn’t top of the line but i’d expect it not to open show me the game for like a second and then crash

- Why

Why did you think it was a good idea to just steal all the sound effects for your game from csgo lol

- Good game

But it needs more guns

- Laggy


- Impressed

No ads?!?!? Wow that’s a first

- Terrible

This game crashes as soon as I turn it on haven’t even played level one because of crashes. Do not download this game it’s a waste of time

- You should download it

You should download it

- Bad game

This is a bad game when i want something i press the ad to get but it kicks me out every time i hate this game i hope it burns in the depths of hell where there is torture

- If you wanted this game to be bad you succeeded

This game is fun for at least 2 minutes. It’s just that game that I never play

- <3

Worst game ever, this game brand really needs to try marking a game that dose not crash every time you use it. ( don’t get this )


I’d give it negative stars and that would be nice. The ads on this game are insane, you can’t do anything without running into an ad every 5 seconds. -4.5 ☆

- Good but

Thats very good and addictive game but it could be better if u make it a little harder 😒

- I love I love the game

I love ya

- Entertaining

This game is exactly the game I would want, it is like the matrix

- Yeek

Me love boss da limbo body shoot

- Awful

Quite possibly the worst game I have ever seen Like this a new low for all the games here It runs for not even ten seconds and then crashes

- 👎

It’s bad I literally finished the game and my levels refreshed

- À little bit too easy

Thé game is a bit too easy

- loading problems?!

having a few problems loading it but the few rounds i’ve played are great


Nice game I love it very keel and epik

- Garbage

This game really has no control. Too buggy and snotty

- Stop complaining

This game is fun just people are annoying 🤪🤪

- Awesome game

This is so cool

- Progress reset itself

The second I unlocked the crossbow the game all of a sudden reloaded and I was at level one with only the pistol I had logged in to game centre so it should not have been lost and I’m upset with this issue I won’t be playing this again

- SuP


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Dodge Master! iphone images
Dodge Master! iphone images
Dodge Master! iphone images
Dodge Master! iphone images
Dodge Master! iphone images
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The applications Dodge Master! was published in the category Games on 2020-12-30 and was developed by Rollic Games [Developer ID: 1452111779]. This application file size is 523.4 MB. Dodge Master! - Games app posted on 2022-01-25 current version is 3.4.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.twodestudios.dodgemaster