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What is mlb tap sports baseball 2021 app? YOUR MLB baseball game is BACK with MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021! Get in the game and continue your MLB dynasty!

• 45 MILLION franchise downloads and counting
• New Event: CLUB RALLY – Work together with your Club to win HUGE rewards!
• New Mode: PITCHING! – Throw HEAT for the first time in TSB history!
• World Rankings SEASONS – Assert your dominance and win season rewards!
• CONNECT your TSB20 account to keep your All-Star Levels, bring over Keepers from TSB20, and much more!

The COMPLETE MLB Experience!
• AUTHENTIC MLB in every way – 2021 MLB Teams, MLBPA Players, and MLB Ballparks
• COLLECT MLB players – From current superstars to the all time greats
• TEAM UP to dominate in Club Events and share the rewards
• CREATE your own player and add him to your team. Will he be the X-Factor?
• PLAY ALL DAY with countless game modes: Slugfest, Home Run Battles, Walk Off Hero, Event Royale, Pick’em, Season Mode, Pitching Labs, Club Rally, and many more.
• ALWAYS FRESH with content and challenges based on the REAL LIVE events of the MLB

Build your team and MLB dynasty in your MLB baseball game: MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021!


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TSB21 Subscriptions (Weekly)
• CvC Edge: One-time reward set, batting boost, starting multiplier boost & additional retry options in CvC, Bash, Clash
• VIP Elite: One-time reward set, bonus gold on all IAP, lower gold costs for mystery boxes
• VIP Power Parcel: One-time reward set, daily reward boxes
• The Five Tool Box: 7 day free trial, one-time reward set, daily reward box

Subscriptions available via in-app purchase. Subscriptions automatically renew at the applicable subscription price at the end of the subscription period until you cancel your subscription.

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- Game is free to play, but real money is required for some items and charges your iTunes account. Disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings.
- Please buy carefully.
- Advertising appears in this game.
- Game permits users to interact with one another (e.g. chat rooms, player to player chat) depending on the availability of features. Linking to social networking sites not intended for persons ineligible under applicable rules of such social networking sites.
- Network connection is required to play.
- For information about how Glu collects and uses your data, see our privacy policy:
- For problems with this game, contact us @

Twitter @glutapsports

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MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021 Customer Service, Editor Notes:

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021 Version 2.2.122 March 2022

Bug fixes and other improvements to game performance.

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021 Version 2.1.012 October 2021

• ALL-TIME GREATS – Chase greatness & dominate the competition with new ALL-TIME GREATS! • MEGA GUARANTEE – Guarantee specific prizes from select boxes! • NEW MOMENTS – Make history by collecting special moments that will lead to epic Weekend Event scores! • POSTSEASON HEROS – The POSTSEASON is here! Get your hands on some of the best heroes in Baseball! • UI enhancements to MOMENTS – Easily see the MAX BOOST & MAX VALUE when viewing moments & more! • LANGUAGE BASED CHAT – New language base chat rooms for all supported languages • Bug fixes and other improvements to game performance.

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021 Version 2.0.114 September 2021

• NEW FEATURE: Collect and upgrade real life MLB MOMENTS that power up your team! • CUSTOMIZE your PROFILES with new BANNERS! • Stay one step ahead of the competition with WEEKDAY ACCOLADES! • NEW SKILL: Certain players can handle a GAUNTLET! • New PAYOFF PITCH functionality and improved HUD! • New Pitching CvC PICK ‘EM BADGE SET! • ENHANCEMENTS to X-Factor Inventory, Club Rally, Custom Lineups, and Bonus Game Matchmaking! • Bug fixes and general improvements to game performance.

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021 Comments & Reviews 2022

- Overall great but a few tweaks needed

I have been playing this game for a while and overall, I think it is fantastic. Only a couple things I would work on. - Some of the pitchers that are thrown I think break fundamental laws of physics, need to see if those could be improved - The option to see a base is only available for the first pitch of an at-bat. I would like to see that option open up to the entire at-bat - No option to substitute a player, especially if you are up by several runs. Would like to see that option given. Other than that, I enjoy playing this game a lot!

- Be ready to spend!

This is a fun game and the club concept is great BUT you have to spend spend spend to get anywhere in this game. Each week you cycle 3 times of new bonus players that need to be developed to win. Players from one cycle are good for a couple days and you generally dump them to get the new players released. And you have several versions of your favorite player come out so you will spend to get him yet again. The odds are always against you so you spend fast to load up your team. The developer has finally realized cheating goes I. So you get pop ups to try to slow down the auto taps out there. I have seen players spend over a thousand dollars a week on this game. It can get crazy. So be careful even starting. Oh, and you get ONE reset of your team. That means if you have phone issues you will lose your team eventually and have to start all over. This is because players will sell developed teams so ordinary players suffer on having access to their account if you have phone issues. They won’t reset your access. Again money. If you have money then you will have fun. But have a high limit on that credit card. You’ll need it to win.

- I want to really like this game

I’ve played this game off and on for several years. I enjoy a lot of the changes they’ve made in recent years. The player upgrades give you something to work for. The special event boxes are fun. The addition of pitching is a cool concept. It needs to be refined a bit to truly have an impact on the meta game. Overall, the gameplay is entertaining and I generally like playing a few events or games throughout the day. The problem is this year’s version crashes non-stop. Any time an ad loads, it’s a gamble if the ad will play through and get you back to the game or if the game will crash. Sometimes when the game crashes, you lose your event progress. Try being one matchup away from winning a walk off hero event and having to restart. Multiple times. It’s frustrating and it makes the game nearly unplayable. I can hardly play prime events without the game crashing. (And before support asks me about my wifi connection, my wifi is fine. Stop it.) I want to really like this game. I want to play it more, but it just crashes too much for me to bother. If the devs manage to sort out the bugs, I’ll dive back in. For now, I’m on to other titles.

- The pitcher is way too difficult to hit!!!

I left a review a few days ago... Ever since y’all responded to it, I haven’t one a single game. I had a player hitting .500 beforehand and now is hitting .280. I am now averaging 3 hits a game which before was a lot more. Y’all have ruined this game, it’s not fun, the pitching is impossible, the ratings of players do not matter. I have a rated 96 player who is hitting just as good as my rated 63 player. Which their batting averages are in the .200s. This game is a joke. I DO NOT RECOMMEND PLAYING YOU ARE GOING TO WASTE YOUR TIME! So far the game has been okay. But there are a few things that the game should really consider fixing. First off, the camera angle trying to hit is awful. I don’t think y’all could’ve picked a worse angle. You can’t tell sometimes how high or low the pitch is... Secondly, how are your supposed to hit the cutter!!! It comes in twice as fast as every other pitch, and it moves literally half the screen at the very last second. Curveballs nearly go off the screen, and everything else is just awful. I hate writing bad reviews but it seems like this is a common theme with this game, and I’m finally understanding why. It’s making the game not enjoyable.

- Theft

I’ve been on this game for 2 years, and foolishly let myself become addicted. While I can own up to my situation, I will NEVER accept having money stolen from me. I decided a month ago to buy an IPad for work, and also realized after talking with many players, that you can have a separate account as long as you use a separate device. Great, so double the addiction. But then for some reason I got locked out. Let’s be clear, 2 different devices, 2 different email accounts, even different payment methods. I messaged in contact us, and kept getting the run around. After a week of not being able to play, they finally realized they made a mistake and restored access. After a day, and me buying 2 field passes on Monday, again I was locked out. To be clear, I’ve done nothing wrong. I’ve now asked to be refunded for the 2 wasted field passes and I’ll gladly delete the apps and find better things to do with my life. But even after seeing the passes have not been used, they are refusing to refund my money. To be clear, after wasting thousands playing a game that offers no actual rewards, they’re now refusing to return $25 to me. Such thieves!

- Good game, but events are super laggy

I’ve been playing this game for 3 years now and it is awesome. Definitely one of the best Baseball games out there and the best mobile Baseball game. I have a lot of fun playing it and it is the only game I have that I am willing to spend hours of my time on. There’s only 1 problem though and it is the sole reason that I am only giving this game a 3 star rating instead of 5. Every single event I play (the ones where there are rounds and you get to pick which of your players you want to use each round) after a few levels of the first round the game just freezes. When it does this I close out the application and go back in, but when I go back in the player I was going to use for the level is no longer available and I have to spend gold to get them back. This makes it impossible to get past round 1 each event and therefore makes what would be my favorite part of the game incredibly frustrating. Pls fix this. I want to continue to enjoy your awesome game.

- Enjoy the first day

This game is a lot of fun...for the first 24 hours. Winning games 15 to 1, whole team hitting over .300 with most hitting over .400, tons of homeruns and doubles. Seems like you can do no wrong. You can easily win 20-25 games with no losses. By day 2 that’s over. The hitting stops. Your team of players rated 75 and up get no hit for 7 innings by a pitcher rated 48. Nothing you hit is hit hard. You’ll ground out to the pitcher 12 times a game. Inning after inning, you can’t get the ball out of the infield. By day 3, if you keep the app that long, the highest batting average on your team will be .240 and you’ll be lucky to get 3 hits per game. You’ll still get the occasional home run here or there - when you’re already behind 0-12. You will lose, often and by a lot, to teams that are inferior in terms of rating. Playing becomes nothing but an exercise in frustration. Of course, maybe that would change if you spend $200-$300 over those first days, but I can’t imagine even that would make you competitive for long. This game could be really fun but it’s just annoying. Such a waste.

- Great game, enjoying it so far BUT

Great game. It’s been a while since I’ve had a ton of fun a tap sports game. However, the match images mini game you’ll sometimes get in between games is a mess. You get the mini game, there’s a few images that you have to match, you match ALL images but yet it’ll say “incorrect submission” when you surely matched all the images. If you do this incorrectly 3 times auto play is disabled. That feature is the stupidest thing you could add. Especially since it’s so buggy. If you want people to match the images make sure it works ! I’ve had it happen way too many times where I match all the images correctly then click submit just so the game could tell me they were incorrect when they were 100% correct. Then to do it two more times correctly but yet the game still says it’s incorrect and you’re stuck with no auto play for two hours. It’s stupid

- Dont spend the money on this game.

I’ve been messaging back and forth about this game and it owe me 10,000 in gold that I played for and I played dingers and I’m unsure of what is owed to me from that program. They refuse to work with me and said sorry we can’t compensate for that at all. They aren’t even trying. So why would you want to buy a package knowing when there’s an issue they refuse to try to reconcile. My son and I only play this game. Only. But I will look at alternates. You cant expect me to purchase which we wanted to do if you cant even help cover some loose ends that is their fault. It’s a communist attitude to think I will give you money with the expectations of I may not get nothing in return. So there goes 2 yearly subscriptions out the door. I’m sure I am a nobody but the more people see how they treat customers they’ll go another direction. Don’t buy this game for your kids unless you want to purchase it over and over. I fully expect my games to diminish. I’ve seen where if you complain the players get slow and the home runs stop. Another commie move.

- Wow

This game is not even fun. It doesn’t even let you have fun. The other teams pitchers rarely throw an actually good throw, and one time it’s a strike and the other time it’s a ball, even though at the exact same pitch. Sometimes I even think that the ball hits the bat but it just goes right through it. If it’s not that, the precision you need to do anything in this game is too much. When I do hit the ball, every single time it gets caught. If it doesn’t, they still throw it to first and get me out. The outfielder falls, grabs it, and throws it to first base, and my batter is only halfway there. And if I hit it harder, there is always somebody waiting there to catch it. Sometimes, they even move extremely quickly to catch the ball, which is very unrealistic. And sometimes I’m hitting it very far, and some outfielder starts running after the ball in the air. He is running straight, not looking, not stopping, ball behind him, and he just reaches out without stopping and catches the ball, without even looking. Just sticks his arm out and the stupid ball just lands there. This game could have been fun.

- Fielders

Okay, so genuinely, I really like this game. However my love for it has started to decrease within this month as I started to notice the little things that tick me off. Even my fastest runners somehow almost never make it to first. (My fastest runners being about 178 speed). Even when it takes the infielders quite a few time to get the ball and make the throw, my runner still almost never makes it to first. Also, outfielders that are impossible to get past. Somehow they keep catching the balls backwards? How is that possible? Or when they suddenly gain superhuman speed as the ball gets hit in a gap and run all the way across the field in record-breaking times. Somehow pitches that go all the way off the screen, or hit the dirt, are strikes. What kind of umpire would make those calls? None. Since you are trying to make a realistic baseball game, you should probably make the umpire’s calls realistic too. And that means not calling a pitch that hits the dirt or nearly hits my player or goes off the screen a strike. However, the game’s pretty well made. There’s not too many ads, there’s a wide variety of players to play against and the game always tries to match you up with someone near your skill level. The game leaves a lot of room to learn and grow throughout your experience. So yes. You should get the app. Just be aware of the things I said 😌🤚

- Great Game, But Tedious

Overall I loved the game, and have played it for maybe three months now. The game has many great features such as many game modes, and real time connections to the mlb, such as predictions. My only complaint is that one of the main ways to progress is with club events, where most of your points will come from bonus games depending on the event. However, bonus game take about 30 seconds to skip through each, and you have to skip through an inning at a time. This adds up quickly when you have 100 plus bonus games you want to play for an event, and you end up having to mindlessly tap at your phone for an hour to contribute. You can pay to skip through the games all 9 innings at once, but even then I would imagine you would still have to tap for 20 minutes to finish 100 games.

- Part 2

I left a review earlier this week and haven’t won a game since. Basically turned into a whole lot of waiting. Wait for a 4 seam fastball because you can’t get a hit on 102 mph cutters that look like balls until it’s too late to swing, breaking balls that break off the screen and barely catch the front corner for a strike. Then, you have to wait for a 4 seam fastball that’s ACTUALLY in the zone. Wait for the 78 overall starter that’s no-hitting you (with 9 guys in my lineup at 85+) through 7 innings to get tired so he’ll walk 4 guys to spot you a run because you can’t hit. Spent about 1,500 gold and 220k “money” to upgrade my team, then got no hit by 78 ovr Mike Fiers for 7 innings and watch my 3-4-5 hitters pop up to the pitcher with the bases loaded and down a run in the 9th. This game is an absolute joke if you don’t plan on spending money. Hey Tap guys, if I switch my review to 5 stars can you at least make the game semi fun to play again? I’m on a 10 game losing streak since I left the last one. I’m not a conspiracy theorist but cmon man.

- This game is ok

This game is ok. The pitching is very annoying though. I would go up to bat and it looks like a strike but it ends up being a ball. Which makes you swing making it a strike instead of it being a ball. It gets very annoying. But the fun part is when you get on base or hit some dingers. It’s very rare that it happens. When you first start off playing the game, you are actually pretty good at the game. But once you level up the pitching gets worse and it lowers your stats for your player. Please fix this problem. The pitching is horrible. I barely hit homers or get on base. It’s always a pop up or a groundout. Also another thing is. One time I hit a line drive but into the stands. Somehow a player glitches into the stands and caught the ball. This game is very weird. You can hit a super fastball to the outfield where no one is. And they just appear there to catch it. PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM.

- Pretty clearly a scam

Had an account, played for two years, and spent more money than I’d care to admit on building a killer team in the 2019 version. Then the 2021 edition comes out and advertises how I can transfer my 2019 account over to the new. Somehow, using the very same email address I’m registered under (which is the very same address to which they sent me multiple adds enticing me to download and play the 2021 version) it won’t let me log in. Says the email is invalid. I went to a user forum and discovered lots of other people having the same problem, whom if they got their issue fixed through customer support at all, it was still way more hassle than it seems like it was worth. Seems pretty clear that this company wants us to start from scratch and build a team from the bottom. Which costs and inordinate amount of time, and money if you want a truly competitive team. Not worth it. Don’t get suckered in. Play something else. Signed, a very disappointed user.

- Hopes for 22

I sure hope this game has an update to change things up. For years they’ve had the same game just make you reset yourself every year.. the top people in this game are obviously pay to win players like most other apps however this one can mess ya up… you can spend thousands on this game and still not be anywhere near the best. I’ve played this game for the last 2 years on the day of release but this year I really don’t feel like grinding for days to be miles and miles behind most people. I probably have 60+ hours on this game and I am nowhere near “good” because the standards for this game are set way to high by all the dorks spending 1000s of dollars a week. Honestly you guys need to reevaluate your purchases 🤣 but please Glu spice this game up… it has been the EXACT same for years now. Please make a change for your INSANELY LOYAL fan base.

- A little weird

I like this game in someways but I also don’t like it in some ways I like baseball and thought this game was fun. Then I get in they throw it down the middle and I have fun. Then the next day I see a guy throwing impossible sliders and throwing like 102 miles per hour fastball which in real life that guy only throws about 90 and it is really outside then it cuts like 80 miles per hour into the strike zone. I get really frustrated during it because there is a 40 overall pitching to a 144 overall and striking him out. I would give this app a five but after what is happening I have to give it a three. Oh yes one more thing, I wish they would throw it down the middle and then do like one of those insane pitches in like once every two innings but make it still throw balls and make the pitch speed a little bit down and I want to play defense as well. Thanks.

- Biggest competition is the developers

I’ve been playing this game since 2017. On the positive side, they’ve added several new features such as rally, target bash, extra bases, and payoff pitch. The variety keeps the game fun, along with interacting with members of my club. Now for the cons. Game play has slowed every year. To make things worse, they’ve added captchas. I’m not sure why they did this but if you fail to solve them, you’re not allowed to play for 3 hours. I’m 45 and wear reading glasses. Without them, I fail these captchas often. I feel like a 4 year old being put in timeout. You have to spend a lot of money to be good at the game. I didn’t mind that for a while but it’s become more and more difficult to play in general. I spent less when I played online poker! My advice, don’t bother. It’s only a matter of time before a thumbprint and a retinal scan are required to play this game.

- Not fun anymore...

This game was fun at first. Very fun. Played a few tournaments and many bonus games. Created a good team and started a season. 10-0 through the first 10 games with many of them being blowouts. Nothing has changed but now I’m lucky to get 3 hits a game. Players overall ratings mean nothing. Highest rated players are the worst ones on my team. Every game is more of the same. Highest rated players pop up agonizingly slowly to at most midway of the outfield but most dribble back toward the pitcher or right to the first baseman. Everything is exactly the same. When my average players do get on base my next All-Star a bat hits into a double play. This game isn’t fun anymore. Production just fell off of a cliff. I’m doing nothing different but somehow can’t do anything. I won’t play a game like that. Not sure what you are doing to it but I’m done with this. Reading the reviews I’m not the only one that has the same frustrations with this “game”. I’ll find a different game.

- Pretty Good Game

Tap Sports Baseball is a pretty fun game. As someone that really loves baseball this is a fun mobile game that is fast paced and easy to play. Although there are some flaws to it, it seems way to hard to get good players. They are really forcing you to spend money to get a good team, and as you level up it’s gonna get impossible to win without a good team. Also they release a new version of this game every year and it is pretty much the exact same game each year. A lot of the gameplay is based on luck because you don’t have much control of anything. As it says in the name “Tap Sports Baseball” all you can do is tap the screen to hit. But this is a fun game to play with your friends and when you have free time because it is simple and fast paced. If you are a baseball fan I would recommend you try this out.

- Some pros and a lot of cons.

The game can be fun in some ways but mostly, it can be very annoying and frustrating. The thing that triggers me is the pitches.. The pitcher can throw to the top of the screen and it somehow curves into the strike zone, another pitch is where the ball looks like an outside pitch, but at the last second it turns into the strike zone. Another irritating thing is the angle of the game, they could not have picked a worse angle for the in game experience. It gives you no idea on how high or low the ball can be. Hitting can be annoying too. rarely get a chance to get on base, mostly everything is a pop-up. Some grounders too. I also want to list a problem I encountered during the playoffs. I hit it into the stands dead center, somehow the left fielder glitched into the stands, and snagged my home run. Although the cons of this game can be rough, I’ve found some enjoyment in this game.

- Good but the glitches and the chances

This game is pretty good but there are some problems lemme explain First of all there is very annoying glitch were I hit the ball in the infield and they throw it 1st then he misses the ball it goes under him bounces off the dugout wall then it comes right toward him he’s facing the other way I am already safe the glove is like a magnet and gets the ball while facing the other direction he gets it and I get call ed out when I touched the bag a long time ago One thing about this game is that when I hit a ball in the outfield or the infield when I hit a pop up the glove is like a magnet and the ball goes right to it and the players go right to were the ball is going to go right before it gets there Overall great game and one of the best baseball games I’ve ever played Im back again but with something different So I just waisted 20 minutes of my life just to get a potm back so grinded and finally had enough gold to buy it then all i got was xp or whatever so i demand that you guys at glu to fix this problem and increase the chances of getting a player because i also just opened 3 El Nino boxes and all i got was xp and everyone else in the community hates this so i think you should fix this

- Good game, pitching is off

The mechanics, game modes, and looks of this game are great for a mobile game. You level very fast if you commit just 10 minutes per day to it and are constantly leveling and changing your players for newer and better players. The pitching is the only drawback to the hitting in this game. In order for a ball to be called a strike either the batter must swing with no contact or the ball must cross over home plate. More often than not, however, the ball will curve in front of or off to the side of home plate but still be called a ball. I have struck out MANY times sitting on pitches that would have really been 6 inches from the plate. If they could just update the ball animation so that the ball ACTUALLY GOES OVER HOME PLATE then this game would get 5 stars.

- Recommended game, just one problem

I recommend this game if you’re a baseball fan, but one small problem: if you are ranking up from bronze to diamond, at first it’s pretty easy, and as you progress it gets harder, as it should be. However, I’m currently in diamond, and even though I have signed a franchise player to help me, the team I face in the playoffs to reach the next division is WAY too difficult. My team strength is almost 20k better than theirs, yet I still manage to get swept almost every time. They are really good, (better than I am) and I’m sure many people would agree with me when I ask you to please make the higher divisions slightly easier if you could. All in all, good game though!

- Challenging at times without spending money, but so much FUN.

Honestly love this game. IT IS NOT the most realistic, can be challenging when it comes to hitting pitches (like…HOW am I supposed to tell if it’s high enough to be a ball or not before screwing up? Sometimes the pitches are just…no). That said, it is SO much fun and so engaging with the club aspect and the different events/challenges. I love them, and I love collecting players, lvling said players…there’s so many aspects of the game that just rock. It can be a bit tedious after a while and WOW is it SO much harder if you don’t spend money, but all in all it’s very worth it. Be warned; you will probably get addicted as I did 🤪

- Definitely needs improvements

I’ve played their game since 2016, and this game has made improvements from 2020, for example we got to carry over our all star level, but bonus games are same old. I was planning on staying silver for a while, but I could not win any bonus games after 3 weeks of playing. I went gold, and BOOM! I started winning 70% of my games. This happened last year too, and I was forced to move up to diamond. Not only that, to get vip, you have to spend $920. That is absolutely ridiculous, and way too expensive for a mobile game. This game is fun to play, but it needs improvements. Edit: this game is terrible they give out 1 bonus game for a gift

- Potential For Greatness

I’ve been playing this game since 2016. I’ve seen all the improvements that actually improve and some not so much. Do I like the game overall? I would have to honestly say yes, thus my longevity in the game. But I would say after today don’t waste your money on this game. Glu is dishonest and corrupt. I tried to be up front and honest with Glu and got burned. I asked Glu what I would need to do if was yo change devices and email to retain my game and not be locked out. They shut my game down. I had vip status due to the copious amounts of money spent on the game. I have never done anything inappropriate. Glu hijacked my account and said they found some incriminating evidence against me. Years of loyalty and money spent mean nothing to these money grubbing yahoos.

- Real Baseball Feel, Management and Fun!!

Love the different player lineups, and building up a players skill, the speed factor and power hitters. Ace pitchers and bad pitchers, lol with plenty of pitching relief to choose from. No doubt one of the most complete, fun and fairest game out there. technically advancing better ever year, l hope that MLB Tap sports 2021 adds, detailed faces, our own faces, falling down players, lol and, of course, a good team fight and charging the pitchers mound after getting whacked by a fastball!!! Thank you MLB TSP 21 for a fun challenging ever revolving Top Tapable renewing digital product like the diverse family I always wanted while deleting the dysfunction. 😂 ⚾️ 💪

- They ruined the game

The 2020 version was better. This is bull crap. The team strength means absolutely nothing. Teams that have half the team strength and sorry players beat the crap out of the team that is solid and has bonus players with no problem. The time and effort you put in the game building and creating a strong team (possibly even paying money) means nothing. New players with a regular team will destroy teams with dominant and upgraded rosters with ease. I literally want to break my phone when I play this stupid game. It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on the team and bonus multiplier players you will be lucky to win three games in a row so I would like to give this game a half star but I can’t so I’ll settle for 1 star. Thank you for ruining the game for us that had a great squad on 2020 and basically forced us to start all over with this crap game.

- Don’t waste your time

The pitchers are god awful at hitting the strike zone like they let single A or rookie pitchers in every game. I can only imagine how exhausted the catchers must be cause there’s a low occurrence of wild pitches although most of them would be. The pitches are hard to gauge from an elevated view point above the batter. The batters are also horrendous, everything either a ground ball or fly out. And the fielders are unrealistically world class - running catches, diving catches, speed to chase down anything in the outfield even if in real life it would be over their head or in the gap. Lastly if i wanted to guess balls and strikes I would join real baseball just pitch it and see if I can hit it. And if you do win most the time it’s sheer dumb luck. I also wish you had more control of your runners. On a fly out I’d like the option to try to tag up or stay every time.

- Where do I begin?

This is the worst game on the market. Absolutely can not compete unless you spend real money, a lot of it(hundreds). Also, the game crashes constantly, players sometimes have the wrong teams, positions, and they take things away from you that they have gifted you, and in some cases, even gifts you have already spent. Customer service is useless. Absolutely useless. Worst I have ever dealt with. They just blame your internet connection. Lol. They also know very little about baseball generally speaking. Also, watch out for fraud. With both credit cards and identity. They promise things with purchases that absolutely are misleading and against most state’s general gaming practices. Not sure where they are located but they get away with it. Just be aware and pay attention to the incredibly low odds before you open any boxes.

- Desperately needs optimization

I don’t know what happened in the most recent update, but I literally cannot play this game anymore. Crashes happened a fair bit before, but right now it is unplayable. I cannot go 5 minutes without the game either freezing or crashing. This even happens when doing something as simple as navigating the menu, when I haven’t even gotten to play the game yet. The game desperately needs optimization to make it run more smoothly, because right now it can barely run at all. The game will also drain your battery like nothing else I’ve ever seen. Playing for 10 minutes, and by playing I mean attempting to get into the game only for it to crash or freeze, has the potential to drain your battery by 15-20%. The game desperately needs optimization to make it more efficient and actually work.

- Total disaster .

Played TSB 20 a lot, spent a bunch of money got VIP status. Then came the transfer to 21. 1st day- Game wouldn’t recognize email or password. 2nd day finally get in , get my keepers and AllStar level, play for half hour, then boom Account suspended for no reason. Day 3 new message “ Must use original device “ can’t log in. (I used the same phone I’ve always used) Day4 ( finally a message from glu saying it’s fixed) only it is not . Still cannot play unless I want to start completely over with no Keepers or my AllStar levels . If it isn’t fixed I won’t play again.

- Just keeps getting worse and worse

I feel this is a money grabbing game. In order to be at the top, you will need to spend a lot of money on their in game gold, which can get ridiculous… you will need a lot of it! That’s the reason I don’t upgrade from the bronze tier. The more you upgrade, the more gold, XP and money you will need to upgrade your players. Then they added this mini game that if you don’t pass it successfully, your autoplay feature becomes disabled. That is so ridiculous. Oh yeah, then there are the in game crashes, which don’t happen too often but they are more frequent than other games I have played. My word of advice is that if you play this game, don’t spend too much money on it, if any. Otherwise you can find you end up spending a lot more than you would of hoped for.

- This is a fun game

I really love this game I play this everyday rn my team strength is ig pretty good it’s almost at 30,000 and In the playoffs I’m doung 30 something and 2 the only thing I don’t like about it is the pitchers always throw a ball and when they don’t it’s not even a good throw but most of all this game is extremely fun on the go,sitting at home being bored, and laying down in your room try this game you’ll love it like I did oh and for the next update can you make it where we can play as a pitcher and a catcher and out fielder and baseman that will be a big improve it

- Needs work

So first and foremost I love the game itself...the reason that I am only rating it 2 stars at the current juncture is because of the app’s tendency to crash. It’s not like an every now and then thing, it’s every single time I play it, it happens at least once. The big deal is that when it starts happening you may as well just close the app and forget about it for the rest of the day because it will do it all day and you have to miss out on daily rewards and other perks that other players are getting access to and creates an unfair advantage for players having the issue. Please correct or I will be uninstalling, and honestly, I really don’t want to cause I love the game...however I am also not going to keep an app on my phone that is not working and taking up space.

- Attention fix this app

The boot up that takes 1-3 minutes is ridiculous. Also the game randomly crashes when your playing home run derby and especially walk off hero giving you an automatic loss even if you are in round 10 of the 5th level. I’ve actually won the entire round and instead of getting the rewards the game crashes and I have to start at the beginning again. Please fix this. What happened to the report option? The game crashes way too much I won’t even play the homerun game because it takes too long and crash is automatic.

- Five Stars for the Game but not For BUGS

I played in 2020. Tried to get my account back multiple times and the game still did not recognize. So I started over. Fast-forwarding, I connected my Facebook account and the app CRASHED. And then it signed me out. Signed in 6 different ways and it continuously crashed and kept saying my (current account) account didn’t exist. I was able to get back to my account but crashing after I connect?? Do you not want me to have the 20k and everything eles that comes with it??

- Update still no help from glu account still banned

Spent weeks now talking to some isis taliban dude in the Middle East, he said I was on a vpn. Assured him I wasn’t for 30+ emails. Finally I cuss at him and he says my accounts banned. What a joke. Have an American talk to me. Your headquarters is in San Francisco, stop outsourcing your call centers to the taliban. I’m issuing a major chargeback of multiple seasons of your game with my financial institutions. They also say the lack of customer service and the blatant disregard of the questions asked by your taliban customer service constitutes a class action. My lawyer has a call with mlb players association to discuss how y’all rip fans off using player likeness. The issue y’all had with darrin erstad wife on Twitter about her husbands likeness is another prime example. Have an American email me.

- Bad Game

Timing is horrible, the Angle of the camera is terrible, some pitches literally go off screen and show up on the middle of the plate out of nowhere making it impossible to time the ball, and just how the camera is angled makes it so hard to determine balls and strikes. Also it will look like you hit an easy double or triple deep in a gap or corner and then a fielder with like 20 speed will run faster than Byron Buxton or Tim Locastro and catch the ball because all fielders have a pre determined speed no matter who they are. This game is just garbage and frustrating. The rosters aren’t even updated. You choose your favorite team and you get the roster from 2020, not 2021 even though the game title clearly says it’s 2021. I’d give it a 2 star if I could think of anything good about it but I just can’t.


Great game love it and with the addition of barrel house it made getting XP a lot less of a hassle which is what the game needed however, after doing barrel house the first few days it was active I was no longer able to do it. I asked a few of the people in my club about it and even one of my friends if he could play it and the answers were the same that as soon as they clicked play and the pitcher popped onto the screen the app terminated itself bringing us back to the Home Screen. I’ve even gotten a new phone since the event started and still no different result. Please fix!

- Don't waste your time

This is a serious money grab of a game. If you want a chance to progress farther than you're beginning players, you will eventually need to spend real life currency to be able to do so. Not to mention the mechanics of such a simple baseball game are frustrating to begin with. Plenty of times a pitcher will throw what seems to be a wild pitch (the ball will literally be thrown off screen) for it to drop down and evidently be a strike. Other times the ball will be shown to come right for the strike zone but inexplicably hit the dirt. I understand, as a mobile game, the mechanics are limited, but in all honestly it's quite perplexing that this even became a game. Overall, I would not recommend this game and you'd be better off buying trading cards at your nearest store.

- Tired of constant ads after purchase

The game clearly says that if you make a purchase which I have made several that the ads will stop yet I'm constantly spammed with ads to buy things multiple times during a single play session. It's very intrusive playing the season game which is only four games then immediately getting an ad afterwards which you have to hit the tiniest X to close. The placement to close ads or notifications also makes no sense because when you buy in game items with gold you get a banner notification which covers the X button after you press tap to open which by the way it's redundant and takes up too much time. The 2020 version handles buying in game items via gold much better even with the redundant tap to open there is no notification banner and the X to close out is immediately visible after you tap to open. The lack of continuity screams of an arbitrary change just for the sake of change. I do not recommend this game especially with the constant ads after they lie and say they go away with a purchase. I wish I could report them.

- If you don't have hundreds of dollars to spend don't play

The game's fun, the gameplay's solid, but in order to compete properly in weekly club events, you have to drop 50+ dollars each week on getting the new players for bonus sets. This game KILLED my paycheck. I'm almost A THOUSAND dollars in the hole because of the money-hungry developers, and the addicting box opening system. If you are looking for a fun, casual baseball experience, look elsewhere. Take it from someone who's been in one of the best clubs in the game, GOAT, this game is just dominated by 40 year old dads who disregard their families and spend all of their money on getting legends and prime players :) Quit while you can and your wallet will thank you. -OhtaniSenpai

- Managing my own team !

To all you coaching prospects, bring to this game what you know. Let us compete with each other, and may my knowledge beat yours ! GOOD LUCK ! Bring it; we welcome every want to be coach. You will have to also build your team from scratch. You will have to make very hard decisions. Depending on you,there will money involved. You will have to decide, do I want to compete at a very high level. These are just some of the great things about this game. It is the greatest game for baseball junkies !!!!! Tap on !

- Cash Grab And Questionable Ethics.

As soon as you open the app, you will be bombarded with ad after ad, unless of course you make a purchase to disable ads but I’ve never thought about purchasing anything so I’m not even sure if that’s true. Pitching is mediocre at best, along with batting in which you have to get a home run or awkward outfield hit or the AI will out play you every time unless they make an error. Micro transactions in this game should be considered gambling considering the “odds” percentage of getting higher tier players or currency which is about impossible to roll without hundreds of dollars worth of gold unless you grind the game all day, every day. I’d recommend going outside and actually practicing compared to wasting time on this absurd cash grab of a game.

- Game is Rigged.

330 5 Star Diamond Level 10 Batter has problems getting hits against a 4 star pitcher with 92% extra hits in team upgrades? Get real. Also, the VIP multiplier in daily gifts is even more rigged. Nearly every time I choose a box for the multiplier it almost always lands on the lowest one usually 2. Mathematically if it was random, this wouldn’t be the case. You can’t always choose the lowest one due to a statistical impossibility. But because it’s rigged, it’s designed to give you the lowest one regardless of which box you choose. Also, too many pitches that are out of the strike zone and don’t even go over the plate are called strikes. It’s infuriating. And beware, if you’re trying to win Walk of Hero, I’m certain they rig it so you have to spend money to win.

- Deleted!

Game is still far too expensive at higher levels to level players up and they don’t care. Box odds are absolute garbage. Avoid this game unless you have an endless amount of money or don’t want to compete above the lowest levels in the game Truly has the possibility of being the best game on the market; BUT, they’re so greedy you have to try for new players EVERYDAY to compete. Getting those players is virtually impossible unless you want to spend $50/day or more THEN you have to level those players which is ridiculously expensive and plays a part in that $50/day from above(who by the way are useless in 2-3 days) in short this game could be the best thing you will ever download but the developers greed makes it the worst. Avoid at all cost

- Bait and switch. Zero customer service help

I bought an in game bundle. This in game bundle came with very specific items that made me want to purchase it. When I bought the bundle it did not give me what it said it would. When I messaged customer support they told me essentially “they are sorry they can’t do anything about it but that I should make sure to look for other bundles in the future”. This was literal bait and switch and then they had the guts to tell me to buy more from them. Service is TERRIBLE. They truly don’t care if you lose your money. I will be happy to remove this review if I get a refund or the items I pay for. The longer it is up the more you will know they do not care and will take your money as well.

- Game is a joke

The game is fun for awhile but eventually gets impossible to play. Do NOT spend your money on it. The more money you spend the harder the game gets. There are absolutely no benefits to spending money as they just make it impossible to win games. All of my bonus games matchups are extremely difficult and cannot be won. Opponent teams are 200K while my team is barely 100K. It doesn’t matter if I upgrade them. People in my club have played a lot longer, have stronger teams and still get matched up against trams with lower strength than me. The game is very inconsistent and clearly they don’t care about the players that spend their money. You have been warned.

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- Go Red Sox!

Even with the few micro transactions that are in this game, it’s still really enjoyable. Great for burning some time :D

- Not happy

As much as I love playing this game, there have been too many times that the game freezes and I get booted out. This usually happens on my 9th or 10th batter during a slugfest comp. I have tried to complete level 4, 6 times only to lose my progress. This especially bothers me as I have often spent money purchasing deals. I will be saying goodbye if this continues to happen. That wld be a shame because other than this issue I really like the game.

- Glitches

Some daily reward bonuses are stuck can’t receive daily dinger is stuck on open when try to it says error need restart. Annoying can’t try win gold. Few little errors over all not bad

- Scam artists

Atrocious customer support. You can spend money on the game and sometimes due to crashes you won’t receive compensation. You’ll lose resources, won’t be reimbursed etc. And when you inform customer they just ignore you. Or try to talk their way out of refunding or reimbursing with idiotic logic. Avoid like Covid. These are losers and this app should not be supported by Apple. Dirty crooks.

- Cant stop playing

Most addicting sport game on the App Store!!!

- Absolute trash

This game is absolute trash when I was playing it I had no fun and isn’t the point of video games are to have fun. First of you never hit the ball the graphics are worst then most games on the App Store. This game in general is just a trash game that no one should play

- Alright

Good game


The game is extremely laggy Whenever you try to get into and play a game it just lags and crashes Would be a great game if it was fixed But it is way to laggy

- Thieves

Do not fall for this con. The whole game is designed to make you spend money and it is barely enjoyable even when you do.

- No updated teams

The teams have not been updated for the new season. They are still the 2020 rosters, so how can you call yourself TSB2021???

- Crashes

This app crashes each time i start it. 👎🏻

- Embarrassing

Most likely one of the worst games I have ever played

- Will not open

It loads to 37% and then says “Try again”. Hopeless!!!

- Trash

It’s horrible

Payoneer 💰

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- Baseball

This is a wonderful game that I am happy to be able to enjoy

- If you wanna compete keep paying

I really loved this game for a few years until I realize that they saturate the game with so many players that are only incrementally better than the last, so you have to keep buying new players in order to keep competing. My last year playing, I had two regular DJ Lemahieu , and 3 different Prime DJ LeMahieu‘s.Five different versions of the same player only incrementally better than the last. Such a waste of time and resources.

- Game is good

It’s fun

- Good game and is made well.

The game great no better no worse.

- Calioupet

Solari l’aviopa si valuropis elleeaqu fairlchepoliute Isco va bilame te valoiurgyu

- No skill, PTW model

No skill game. They make free events that you can’t win without a crazy amount of gold boosts/retries.

- Baseball

I so much love this game. I just want to thank whoever it was that made this great game

- Do Not Waste Your Time

Download RBI baseball instead. 1 week and and glu is already a bunch of crooks. Year after year they just steal your money with no solution

- Garbage

This Game is so bad

- Awesome!!!

This game is really fun and addicting. It has good graphics for a mobile game and in generally really good. 5/5 🙏🏼🤩

- No skill just luck

It’s like the game has it pay to win or luck based you can have the best power but if it’s a pitch that’s is in “the blue zone” it’s almost impossible to hit a good runner

- It’s good but….

The one thing I really dislike is the actual mechanics of the games. There’s so real “skill” level of the user. If the game wants you to lose, you’re going to lose. In the paid portion, this is more apparent. It’s either botched hits, insanely fast infield and outfield players or simply extremely wild pitches that are high and curve in in less than a second for a strike. I’ve hit wild line drives that a second basemen jumps 10-15 feet last second to catch. Or an outfielder running 100 mph to grab a deep fly ball. There’s no actually “tap at this time to get a good hit”. You’re set to win or lose the game as soon as you start.

- Alright

It’s a alright game I guess but I feel like I spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game

- Fun game, don’t waste money

This is the 4th version of the game I’ve played. First off, unless you are a mark, don’t buy anything. It’s a waste of money because key players change week to week and gold will be gone quickly. 2nd, don’t play too much or you’ll hit a wall that will make you want to pay. Get your dopamine hit and move on. 3rd, you’ll run into games that are unwinable. I’ve had the better team and players, and I play every inning and still ground out every at bat. Third year in a row deleting the app because of this.

- Game keeps crashing

The game keeps crashing and won’t pass the first loading screen

- Doesn’t work

This game was great until the new 2021 version came out. Game crashes and cannot play any further into the season. Sad. Will delete now.

- Rigged and bugged

The competitions are rigged. You can go 9 of 10 rounds easy then weak hits to the pitcher or infield back to back. And lose. Orrrrrrr home run glitch in the event and it locks up non stop on 8 or 9 out of 10.

- Cannot sign in to this new version.

Why can I not sign in?? Terrible.

- Nice


- Good game but

This game is good but it is way to easy to get stacked and destroy season mode

- Excellent Jeux

J’adores se petit jeux de Baseball :)

- Enjoy the game but...

How much money do you have to spend to get players to actually compete in events? I could spend 20k plus gold and get nothing but xp while other players who spend real money daily get every single player. If you don’t plan to spend money daily don’t waste your time as after a few weeks the fun will end.

- Annoying

Everytime you hit a ball into the outfield they will catch it so either you get no hits or homeruns 2/10 cheap game.

- Absolutely the Worst Game Ever

Save your time and definitely save your money. This game and the company that developed it are only concerned about one thing and that is taking all your money. You want to play bonus games spend money, want to become a VIP spend money. Want all the top players and want to level them up spend more money. Their customer service department has to be one of the worst part about the game. You have issues they will respond with the same answer over and over again. We are looking into the issue or we have forwarded your concerns to the developing team to look into. They never do and they never will. So many glitches in this game, I don’t have enough time to list them all. Take my advise and do not download this game. Just one huge money grab.

- Don’t bother unless you want to huge amounts of money

I’ve been playing this game for 7 years. Every year there is a new release riddled with bugs. This year was no exception. Every year they make changes designed to make their customers spend more money. Every game developer that wants a pay to win game should study this game. Every customer that wants to play a fun game and be competitive without spending a $100/week should avoid it.

- No VPN

The fact that this game not only is a pay-to-win, but won’t let you run a VPN while playing it, tells you all you need to know. Such a blatant disregard for their audience.

- Bruh

Concept it awesome. Execution is trash. More money hungry than EA

- Too many ads

Any game that forces me to watch 30 second ads, is not worth playing. I can understand an add after I’ve played a round or a game, but allow me to skip after 10 seconds. Now it’s an ad after the round and in menus. Game is not for me.

- Doesn’t work

Game loads to 37% then it doesn’t load and tells me I’m running a proxy. Tried it on 2 phones.



- Meh

There’s too much going on, and the price/paying to improve your team is ridiculous.

- MLB app

Awesome astounding awesomeness awesomely awesome astounding awesomeness awesome astounding awesomeness awesomely awesome astounding awesomeness awesome astounding awesomeness awesomely awesome astounding awesomeness awesome astounding awesomeness awesomely addictive app game

- Fix the crashes

This game was good when I first got it but it keeps crashing every minute. Fix it please

- Pitching

The game is great but I haven’t been able to pitch yet

- Taking the fun out of it

not as good as version 2020, features and game play has changed significantly. Designed to make you spend money to be competitive. in game advertisements on every page interfering with game play, but you can pay to remove ads!

- Rigged pay to win

This game is zero skill, no matter your timing the game will make you out and try to get you to spend money or watch an add to feel like you have a chance. Avoid at all cost!!!

- Sic game!

Lots of fun!

- Best ball game!

Love it!

- Waste of time

Constant problems with this app. Don’t play unless you have lots of money to burn. Games and boxes are rigged. What a disaster so far this year.

- Kill the ads

I have played this game for 3 years and was excited for the 21 version. Played for 3 weeks but just deleted the game because I was tired of the numerous ads they’ve added in this release. Very disappointed :(

- Player looks

It would be nice if the players looked like they do in real life . Atleast some long hair on Bo Bichette! Haha

- Heheh

I have played this game since the original one and usually I get bored after a bit but this is the most I have enjoyed tbs since 2014. The game has lots of things to pay for but you can succeed not paying. The gameplay is still a bit off sometimes but that’s ok cause it’s just a fun arcade like way to play.

- Update Roster

Why do the teams not have this years rostered players. They are 2 years old

- Nothing but a money trap

The only way to succeed in this game is to spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Odds of rewards are a joke, and if you have a problem, customer service shifts the blame back to you. I hoped 21’ would be better from 20’, but the greed continues. This games motto needs to be “YOU MUST SPEND TO CONTEND”. Unless you have deep pockets, stay clear.

- Good

Good, but I’d like to be managing the pitching as well.

- Level up

I have found that it’s very difficult to level up. I’m trying to get gold but not sure how. I play game very often. Please inform S White

- Bad publicity model

The publicity on this game is too much. Very frustrating to be using the app going through the menus and having it stop in your face for an ad. Very fun game but the ads are very annoying.

- Garbage

The worse customer service I’ve ever seen in my life with nothing but robot generic responses. With what I can see 1000’s of complaints over the same issues that been going on. I wish they would own up to their faults and stop blaming peoples devices. They are stealing money from everyone please don’t spend your money. If ya wanna play just play for free and fun well I mean frustrated fun

- Needs more salt

All you do is hit

- Meh

Game is alright, but GET RID OF YOUR STUPID ADS!!!

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MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021 2.2.1 Screenshots & Images

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021 iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021 iphone images
MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021 iphone images
MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021 iphone images
MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021 iphone images
MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021 iphone images
MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021 iphone images
MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021 iphone images
MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021 iphone images
MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021 iphone images
MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021 iphone images

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021 (Version 2.2.1) Install & Download

The applications MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021 was published in the category Games on 2021-03-16 and was developed by Glu Games Inc [Developer ID: 284419051]. This application file size is 338.49 MB. MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021 - Games app posted on 2022-03-22 current version is 2.2.1 and works well on IOS 10.2 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.glu.baseball21