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Bella Loves Me [Finance] App Description & Overview

BELLA is a conversational banking service powered by love. It’s inclusive, generous, and entirely human.

Here are just a few reasons you’ll love banking with BELLA:

[Checking/BELLA Debit Card]
Customizable checking accounts—add personality to your banking experience with photos and hashtags. Make free, instant payments to other BELLA members. No hidden fees.

Enjoy contactless payments with your BELLA Debit Card at all ApplePay, GooglePay, and SamsungPay enabled terminals. Every card is made from recycled ocean plastic.

Unlimited savings accounts tailor-made to your wants and needs. Earn interest on all your savings, and get creative with the way you save. Start a literal Rainy Day Fund by automatically saving every time it rains in your hometown. Get as creative as you want. No start-up or balance minimums required.

Random bonuses when you use your BELLA Debit Card. Pay as you normally would, and, on some purchases, we’ll reward you with free money—between 5 and 200% cashback, completely randomly*.

[Karma Account]
Set aside up to $20 using a Karma Account, and watch your Karma funds spontaneously help cover other BELLA members’ purchases. Get notifications about the happiness you created in someone else’s day. It feels good to pay it forward.


For more information please visit:

Bank account services provided by nbkc bank, Member FDIC and are FDIC insured up to $5,000,000 through a network of FDIC insured banks*

Learn about Privacy Policy + Terms & Conditions at

*Reference BELLA Surprise Terms at for more info

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Bella Loves Me Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Performance updates to the onboarding flow.

Bella Loves Me Comments & Reviews

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- Wasn't expecting much

I wasn't really sure what to expect because I don't really need a new bank account/debit card at the moment. I have two credit cards and the cashback on them, ranging from 1-5%, compels me to use them for pretty much everything. In about two years though, I'll have to start paying monthly fees on my Chase checking account, so I thought I might as well see how online banking is any different from the usual. Tentatively signed up for Bella, got their card - which does admittedly feel a little flimsy compared to the thicker quality cards I'm used to. I purchased from Aliexpress twice, once last night and once just now. Lo and behold I got hit with their surprise cashback - and 174% of it to be exact. They just covered the cost of the cute tank I bought & a little of the stuff I bought last night. For just that, I have to give them this raving review. I'm looking forward to surprise cashbacks in the future. It won't always be 174%, but the possibility of getting more than just the usual 1-1.5% is more than enough to get some users to stay using Bella. I'm going to see if I can sign my sister up for it as well. I'm excited to see how the Karma features work out as well :)

- Quick and easy application

I came across this app through an ad in Candycrush of all places. Intrigued, I decided to look into it further. Not only do they have the awesome possibility of cash back bonuses and the karma account, they’re also insured for up to $5 million by the FDIC. To be clear, most traditional banks are only insured up to $250K. Not that I need it, but it’s an interesting way to further differentiate from traditional banks. I felt compelled to write this review because of all the 1-star reviews stating how much trouble it was to sign up. Not my experience AT all. Took fewer than 5 minutes and they didn’t even require me to deposit money to start the account. Most traditional banks seem to require at least $50 to get started. The only slightly annoying part about opening the account was having to type in codes sent to your email and phone 4 different times. But seriously, under 5 minutes. I should receive my card in 7-10 days and will update this review should anything shady occur! Honestly, I’m really excited to see if this concept works out.

- Bella is AMAZING 🤩

I’m always looking around to find which is the best online bank and came across and few but decided to try out Bella. To my surprise I’ve already received 2 Bella Surprises and someone picked up my tab, they covered the cost of my purchase, within the month that they’ve been running. I think it’s a great feature, being able to receive random cash back from 5% - 200%. I try to use this card as often as possible since it is random. And with the second surprise I received I now funded my karma account to cover someone else’s tab. I see people having trouble signing up, I didn’t have much trouble and did so about 2 weeks before they had everything up and running and even got a free T-shirt from a promo they had one day. I still do have a physical bank just because I like to know I can use their atm and do other business I might need. So I don’t have much trouble on that end. when I did need to speak with customer service they were just a message away through the Bella App and even though it was really late at night. I think they are definitely worth the try & who knows they might gift you an amazing surprise. Bella definitely loves me. 🥰

- Lots of cash back

So far, I love this bank. I think the design could use some work to make it feel like other banking apps, but that’s really the only thing I dislike about it. I’ve gotten Bella Surprises and “karma” account surprises where others have paid for my small purchases. I like that you can also put money into the karma account and help surprise others by picking up their small purchases. The debit card is super cute too!

- Need to improve customer service + account funding

Signing up was a breeze, card came within a week, but trying to transfer funds from my other checking account took around 5 days! I also had a somewhat negative experience in the chat with a customer service rep who was clearly somewhere overseas and couldn’t communicate in English efficiently. The second chat I had was much better, and they suggested using Cash App to fund my account which was MUCH quicker! Received 12% cash back on my first purchase and I’m excited to continue exploring what Bella has to offer as they grow! UPDATE: finally figured out how to set this card up with Zelle and can now transfer funds instantly 👍

- Smooth process, great concept

Not sure why the other reviews are so negative, I had an amazingly smooth experience. I got approved on Wednesday and just received my card 3 days later today on Saturday! I came across it randomly on Instagram and I’m glad I saved the info when the launch came around. Very excited to use it more and see it grow, I hope it sticks around because it’s a great idea!

- Colorful and fun so far

Very interesting bank concept! I chatted with some very friendly folks as I opened my account. Let’s see how long the debit card takes to arrive. So far, the app has felt smooth and easy enough to work with. Definitely better than standing outside the bank forever the other day. I’ll update as I use it more.

- Honest Banking

I’ve had nothing but success with Bella. The Bella surprises are nice and the karma account is a great way to help out strangers with almost no effort on my part. This is definitely a different kind of bank and is replacing my old brick and mortar account. It’s nice having a bank that seems to care about more than just money, if that makes any sense.

- I LOVE this Bank!!!

I only had $20 to my name until I get paid in 2 weeks. I put $10 in gas and because I used my card, Bella surprised me with cash back!! I’m so thankful! I’m able to get through these next two weeks! I know this sounds fake, but please trust me! They are so great and you won’t be sorry! Thank you Bella!!

- Off to a great start

So far I’m liking this account. The app is a little glitchy and freezes. I wish that I would get transaction notifications for deposits and debit card usage. Another feature that would be nice is a save your change feature that would round up purchases to the nearest dollar and move to a savings account.

- Love This Bank

I love this bank the application process was smooth and easy, the features are unique, and the overall functionality of the app is perfect , I just hope they include mobile check deposit in the future

- Great bank substitute

Love everything about this bank/app. Only down side is if you don’t have your direct deposit going straight to card then it takes 5-7 days from when you send funds from your other accounts to the Bella account. I gave 4 stars for the time it takes to fund money to card.

- Wow just wow

This is probably one of the greatest apps ever created. Seriously. Not really a true believer when it comes to things like this but trust me the Karma happened twice to me already and all I can say is it was 110% worth it(that’s what they gave me back!). Try it. Be a believer.

- Don’t do it

Their application process involves giving them your name, address, DOB, and SSN yet they can easily deny you. Unlike ANY other financial institution, they refuse to provide reasons for denying applications. Check their social media pages to see what I mean! They claim the reason is to reduce “fraud risk” but the only fraud is giving them your info to store for their own purposes. I’m concerned. Please check your credit report to make sure to check for fraud risk. I’m only changing my rating when they demonstrate some integrity...

- This is brand new and I have such high hopes!

I am in love with the message they send out, the unique app experience, and the gorgeous new card. Let’s not forget the cool “texting” experience they give you with customer service!

- Good but...

I absolutely love the concept and the takes entirely too long to have access to funds. It takes 3-5 business days to use the money you transferred into the account. It also does not allow for depositing checks. Once they figure that stuff out it will be perfect.

- Bella I love you!

Bella has been helping me out left and right. I also love putting what I can in my Karma account. Anytime someone pays it forward to me I put money in my account

- Sign Up Issues

Sign up process was fairly simple but was instantly denied with no reasons or anything else. I spoke to a representative and they said it’s most likely a mistake on the input of information, and I double checked it and it is all correct. The representative said that the process may have issues and they’re working on resolving them. The representative said try again next week and it should work.


After submitting my data TWICE still no confirmation email and they are requesting all of my personal data for a third time. They assure me my information is “safe” but can’t locate any of my details in their system. The app chat operator is a non-native English speaker who does not seem to understand my concerns and questions. They will not call me to allow me to speak to someone who can help with these problems. DO NOT SUBMIT PERSONAL DATA TO THIS APP.

- Widget

Love the app but it would be nice to have a widget for iPhones. Also a few more things such as mobile check deposit and save your change feature but I know they are doing there best to improve the app.

- Beautiful!

The attention to design and details makes this a unique and fun to use banking app. Not all banks are created equal and this one clearly is on the right path for success.

- It’s a joke don’t even bother

Waste of time and resources needing thousands of pages of documentation of very personal information and then they deny you anyway saying they need more information . It’s easier buying a house or a car then dealing with this bank trust me I loved the concept but dealing with this headache isn’t worth it . Hopefully they can get their act together !!!

- Unable to log in

I was part of the beta, and enjoyed the app and the card (customer service was great). Unfortunately, now that the full app has been rolled out, the beta no longer works, and I cannot reset my password — no email. I’m unable to get into my account or access my money.

- Exciting & Amazing

Loving Bella so far everything I expected & beyond, I would highly recommend downloading & singing up for Bella.

- Face Recognition will not work I keep trying and try

Selfie not working used all kinds of different lighting ???????

- Freaking awesome!

When I got my first Bella Surprise I screamed!! I got 36 dollars in cash back for using 20 dollars. Wow

- Only flaw

The only thing preventing 5 stars is I can’t change my email address

- This bank is a joke!!

Don’t even waste your time. I was denied twice after one of their support agents told me to re apply. I have accounts with other reputable banks so I don’t understand how this new bank isn’t approving people. Then, I was told to try again in a week. All this buildup for nothing!!


I AM OBSESSED WITH EVERYTHING BELLA IS DOING! The random acts of kindness make my day! This is incredible and exactly what the world needs!! I LOVE BELLA!!

- App Won’t Work

Went through application process but when it comes time to sign the final form, there is an error and it never shows the form. There is no way to refresh or go back.

- Horrible Experience!!

Unable to input my address, tried messaging customer service but they were not helpful. I waited all this time for nothing. So disappointed.

- I love this card AA+++

Trust me you will also !!!


NO ATM FEES! Send money to friends who have an account with NO fees! and the karma thing is AMAZING! Love it!

- Best bank ever!

I love this bank! I’m obsessed.

- Love love love this!

This is the best thing ever!

- Denied. Not sure if this is a legit bank or not

Was asked to submit more information - provided that and denied without explanation. I believe normally there is an explanation. This feels like a gimmick.

- Don’t bother

This App doesn’t work and their customer service is poor. I mean to the point of laziness. Go somewhere else.

- Can’t sign up

Get stuck at the selfie page. Nothing but errors. Love the idea but if it’s not executable what’s the point.

- Horrible

If you link a bank account then they will not unlink it, and if you want to close this account good luck!

- Unable to sign up after I gave all my info

Don’t understand why...

- This is a joke!

Everything about this is a Joke!

- Awesome

I love u to Bella! Ya awesome

- Ughhh

Got denied. Now I get to worry about what they will do with my personal info

- Very Smart Concept

I have to say, putting the bulk of their advertising money into cash back was a smart move. I’ve had this card for 3 weeks and have made 31 purchases. I’ve received cash back 7x totaling $159.44. I’ve shared screenshots of a lot of the cash back online and have had four people sign up already and a couple more who have made comments that they are interested and I think may have also opened an account. No other bank is going to be getting users at this rate from word of mouth. The person who told me to sign up had at least three people get an account too. The only trouble I have is funding the account. I am thinking about putting half of my direct deposit into this account but as of right now I’m using Zelle. I just don’t know how someone without two numbers can do Zelle. You used to be able to sign up with just an email but it was forcing me to use a phone number so I asked my mom if I could use hers because mine was already linked to my other bank account. Anyways, the customer service is extremely helpful and friendly. They are FDIC insured at double the amount of average banks which doesn’t really impact me but still interesting. And with no fees ever, and lots of cash back, I’m sure they are making everyone very happy. The only thing that I think would make Bella better would be giving the option to deposit mobile checks and cash at store locations like some other online banks. Until they have those options I can’t see this being my primary bank. They are however a great option for me to hold my “spending money” that I can use my lovely rainbow debit card to. Thanks Bella!

- Great Unique Online Banking

I love the unique suave details of Bella.

- Says my ID isn’t a US document

Doesn’t register my ID as US document and refuses to send me a password reset, hasn’t sent me my card, nothing... I really love the concept and is somewhere I’d be proud to be apart of but... I can’t even get you to message me back on the app or the website... only giving 1 star until problem is resolved

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thank u for 300 loves !!! me n bella are so grateful for u 💖


i’m rereading twilight and omg if you don’t love me the way edward loves bella it’s a no for me

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My baby taking care of our babies. Hahhahaha wait for me Bella, Leon, Louis and Ten my loves, I'll study harder for y'all. #⃝TEN #เตนล์ #TEN #NCT #WayV


Bella been telling me she loves me every 10 minutes. 😩🥰 my daughter is really sweet & I love her so much. 🥺 “mom… I love you”

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@iIovejake good morning my bella ^^ he really came home for you, cheering on you today :D i hope you’ll have a good one. me and jake loves you a lot <33

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Reading Midnight Sun, right were Edward realizes he loves Bella... My heart, my soul, everything makes me love again... And thats where my lovely dreams keep coming.

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@tinybells_ hey, if you wanna talk my dms are open. remember that bella loves you and me 2 💌🦋


hey i know i'm not supposed to do this but i'm having a very bad time and i really need someone to remember me that bella loves me 😩


bella loves me and i love bella


Bella grabbed me & kissed my whole face 🥰 she’s loves me


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6 years ago I was blessed with this amazing little one and forgot everything else that I thought mattered .Her life brought me happiness & brought us someone who deeply cares and loves both Bella & I. I would go through everything all over again because I know how it ends🎉🎂🥳

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Bella Loves Me iphone images
Bella Loves Me iphone images
Bella Loves Me iphone images
Bella Loves Me iphone images
Bella Loves Me iphone images

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The applications Bella Loves Me was published in the category Finance on 2020-11-27 and was developed by Bella Loves Me LLC [Developer ID: 1541219748]. This application file size is 97.75 MB. Bella Loves Me - Finance app posted on 2020-12-22 current version is 1.0.5 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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