Sushi Roll 3D - ASRM Food Game

Sushi Roll 3D - ASRM Food Game [Games] App Description & Overview

Slice, chop, and roll your way to sushi success in this satisfying cooking game. The more sushi you roll, the happier your customers will be and the more money your restaurant will make!


Sharpen your knife skills on all sorts of Japanese dishes. But the cooking fun doesn’t stop there! You can keep unlocking new actions as you advance to add tons of captivating new mini-games to your gameplay experience.

Satisfy customers by making quality food fast with a variety of fixings, and watch them react with lots of likes and a big cash tip — or anger at poorly made food. When making sushi, be sure to pick up the right ingredients and avoid obstacles to deliver the most delicious meals. Be careful: no guest wants too much seaweed and too little fish — or worse, thumbtacks and moldy cheese in their sushi!


As you slash through fun levels in the game, you’ll cut through your worries in real life! Feast your eyes and ears on anti-stress ASMR vibes while you work your way to master sushi chef. With its charming graphics and optional vibration, this relaxing game will have you dreaming of sushi!


• Beat increasingly challenging levels to earn more cash and unlock new fillings and toppings. This cooking and restaurant management game is sure to keep you coming back for seconds!

• Level up your sushi skills to earn better Surprise Box rewards, including new ingredients, cutting tools, and actions. You can also earn more skins to customize your gameplay!

• Roll and chop sushi, scale and slice fish, grate cheese, make rice, weigh out noodles in take-out boxes, and more in different mini-games that never get old.

• Work with the classic ingredients of fish, rice, and seaweed, and earn special toppings as you progress, including chili peppers, durian fruit, and caviar. Combine your options to make different types of dishes, including maki, sashimi, nigiri, noodles, and more.

• Upgrade your restaurant with new furniture, dishware, decorations, and accessories to increase your revenue per minute. The more levels you complete, the more options you’ll have for chopping: why slice with a plain old knife when you could hack with an ax or gnaw with a chainsaw?

• Test your skills in entertaining bonus levels with wild and unexpected ingredients. Roll out the red carpet for VIP guests by making sushi and other dishes with fun objects like cash, gold, bling, gadgets, computer chips, honeycomb and more. Don’t forget to top it off with diamonds and rubies!

• Relax and enjoy this ASMR game with anti-stress sounds, visuals, and tasty virtual treats. Who knew sushi could be so soothing?

• Check out the in-game store to buy special bonuses and upgrades.

• The user-friendly and easy-to-learn interface makes it easy to jump in and get rolling.

What other game can serve you tasty sushi, engaging and satisfying gameplay, a chill ASMR atmosphere, and the opportunity to run your own restaurant? Once you find yourself on a roll, you won’t be able to put this game down!

Well, what are you waiting for? Step up to the cutting board and start cooking! Chop-chop!

► Download the game now and get your sushi on!

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new cool levels and 10+ new customers

Sushi Roll 3D - ASRM Food Game Comments & Reviews

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- Really good!!

I think this game is pretty good!! I love how you can upgrade your store and how there are different meals and not just sushi like some other games! It needs a bit less adds, there aren’t way too many like some games that go too far on ads, so if you could lower the adds a bit, I really love this game but I just thing it needs more updates for example, more meals, drinks or be able to make your store bigger with coins, other than that I love this game! Its a fun offline game to play. Thank you for reading!!

- fun game to many ads

i think the game should add way less ads and add more things to update in your shop cause i already updated my whole shop in 30 minutes. overall VERY fun game.

- Mostly good

People complaining about the ads but they aren’t random, for most of them, and it’s only for like an extra topping which doesn’t grant you extra points. Just mostly cosmetic. I’m enjoying the game but it does get repetitive. Had the offline room upgraded fully in less then an hour and it apparently has more coming soon for that. Two main things I don’t like is first the knife. You get a new knife every so often but you can’t select the one you want to use. That needs to be in a game that’s letting you open up different cosmetics. Second is the lack of sound. It has a mute button but for what? I haven’t had any sound in it at all. I don’t really like game music but a little bit of sound is always nice. Not just the rumble. I have not had any of the glitches that people are talking about. Works fine on my iPhone 8. Ultimately, a nice game. But it does need some tweaks here and there.

- It’s fun in all but..

It’s a fun game and I like it but there’s a few things that annoy me a lot. First, almost every single game it asks me to change my board and I don’t want to change it. It’s very annoying and I hate that the game asks me that. Second, right when I am in the middle of me rolling my sushi it glitches and goes into the room with the costumer and then I lose becasue I don’t roll it enough. That annoys me even more and I can’t stand it! But if this features where changed I would give this game 5 start! I hope the game changes these things =D!

- Level 23 is pretty much impossible to beat

All right so I was playing this game and i got so addicted and then I got to level 23 I was like “OK this is going to be easy,”. After making the sushi I needed to season it. And I tried to click on the seasoning to season it but it wasn’t working and also there is kind of a lot of ads and a bit of glitches but I like this game its still a really fun game hopefully it’s just my phone but if it isn’t please fix this.

- Make more levels

This game is pretty good but when you upgrade the tables and the building and stuff to a certain level there’s no more! Not only that they should add something that says “choose knife” or “pick a knife” because whenever i win a knife i get bored of it and want to change it! but there’s nothing there! i earned the “chef’s hand” knife and i’m SUPER BORED OF IT!!! plus it kind of creeps me out. Overall i DO NOT recommend this game it might seem good at first but it gets really boring. also, TOO MANY ADS!! so anyways like i said early DO NOT get this game.

- Good for one evening

If you are bored out of your mind, it can entertain you for one hour. After that there is nothing much to do, it´s repetitive. It seems the goal is to design your restaurant and collect money. During one evening I bought all possible upgrades and I dont need the income. There are three or four 10 seconds games. You can’t lose them and they just repeat forever. After each you have an ad. It´s clearly for kids to make them watch ads. But you can kill an hour with it.

- Ok so I want people to see this before downloading

I like this game over all its a good game but I HATE fish that’s one thing about me so when you guys cut the scale of the fish and cut the skin off like that it’s kinda uncomfortable. I like the sushi and everything else about this game but what if like Vegetarians play this game and see that. Like they are vegetarian you know. So I think you guys should make a skip button for stuff in general. Other than that it’s a good game.

- Good but...

This app is great! The only thing that’s bad is that EVERYTHING you get as a reward you have to watch an ad for its ssoooooo annoying! Pls make there be less adds! Also if u want to have a tone if adds there should be a bunch of different adds but the only adds I’m getting is a bout a game called Be The King and it’s soooo boring always getting the same ad every time

- Its great but...

Ok great game but way o many ads and i have only been playing for a few days and i get mad and upset when I have to wait for a ad to finish. Secondly my screen randomly turns green and the round is still going but i cant see anything except for a plane green screen, and if I refresh the shame the green screen is still there. I would like the developer to fix this problem.

- The Slicing Item

it’s a good game honestly i don’t mind the adds just slightly take off a few of them and give a menu place for the slice section where you can choose an item of your selection to cut the fish i hate using the chainsaw honestly and the karate hand is weird to use i like using the knife more make a place to pick which item you want use for slicing

- It’s okay but what’s with the ads today

To be honest it’s pretty fun with all the mini games not just roll sushi but you can make so much different dishes but the ads I think there’s too much and the things in some of the ads I’m ten and much more people I think would be kids can you change the content of the ads

- Good game, one problem

This game is pretty cool you can cook but my problem is sometimes it shows the start of the game “saygames and something else and lasty sometimes when I do the soup, it shows the person who was the one who wanted to order. I would please want to fix that for me and that will make me feel better.

- So many ads and no actual progression

After so many levels there is no progression. There isn’t anything that gets an upgrade and you’re just going in circles. The ads are every five seconds which is annoying and there’s basically no game development past a certain level. The number keeps going up but there’s no actual progress in the game. If you’re just making apps to make money from ads then maybe you shouldn’t be a developer.

- You’re a great game

I think this game is really great but with the one where you have to put in a cup it starts later and I like it to start coming out earlier and also I think for your noodles that you guys have in the game you should be able to move like if we move the thing that puts out the noodles the bull should move with it. And also you should be able to give the tips to us

- WAY too many ads

I just need to know, when did developers decide to make games unplayable by stuffing them to the brim with ads? There is an ad that demands 5+ seconds of playtime after every level, and each level is 15 seconds max. Just absolutely ridiculous. I have NO PROBLEM with game developers making money, but this just seems like a lose-lose driving players away. Then again, this is currently one of the most popular free game apps, so. *sigh*

- Ok but glitched

At the start of day 6 I always got the same amount of money even if I did horrible, when a lady wanted fish I thought it was fine until I noticed the fish was already on the place you cut it as I was scaling it, when I finished it turned into no textured pink blobs and made me do it again. Everything else sucked after

- Glitches

So it’s pretty fun You make sushi and all that stuff until you get to level 21 it glitches and there is 7 copies of each person in the same place and you can’t make the food at all so if you want to see what I meant go ahead and also there’s to many ads so long story short it’s fun but there is glitches

- Too many ads plus a glitch.

There should be on option to pay to remove ads plus on level 21, the level won’t load and the game glitches in place. (Two of the same character in the same spot, tools loaded on screen but unable to use them or see/use any ingredients)

- Please read.

So yes, there are wayyy to many adds, my solution is to turn on airplane mode. The levels keep on repeating and to get anything good you need to watch adds. This game is really fun but yeah. To do special levels like serving the zombie, and unicorn and. bear you need to watch and add. The game is really fun tho just turn on airplane mode. Thx for reading and I hope this helped!


Look I would rate this for stars at least but this is not it is so many glitches to it you can’t even see the bowl and the food and also I think you should fix it because I really wanted to get this app because I was liking it from the start and now I just don’t think that I want to keep it anymore-Me

- 4/5

Good game, I like how there are different types of food you can do and I also like the customization of the restaurant. A downfall is it takes a lot of your battery super quickly so I can’t play for a long time unless I’m on a charger, but overall I’d really recommend it!


It’s a good game but OMG the adds will not end! Also there are some more problems. Some of the problems are that there are glitches constantly and there is a add after EVERY level no matter what. Who ever made this game please update is so that there are not nearly as many adds and so that there are no glitches. Thank you! :)

- Yes

when it says new are coming what does that mean..? i’m past level 100 with over 20,000 dollars cash and nothing to do with it... other than that good game , i do agree with less ad’s because they already make you watch them for no reason.

- Way to heavy on the adds

Way to ad heavy. Hey you want to use that ingredient here is an ad. Oh now we will force you to watch an ad to plate that dish you just made. Then The typical and expected you want to triple you reward, watch an ad. Oh now we have a special reward you can open if you watch an ad what is it, we wont tell you unless you watch an ad. Ok finally in to the next meal oh cant play this one unless you watch an ad. No exaggeration! Delete

- Ad after ad

It’s interesting how low quality the Apple App Store has become with these games that are basically a non stop barrage of ads. Seems a lot like greed all the way around. The game would be ok but like all these other click bait games, there are so many ads you are pretty much splitting your time 50/50 between playing the game and watching ads.

- Too many ads

I like a lot the game but there’s a lot of ads, I can barely play because every time that i do a task a ad is there, is super stressful and I will delete the game because of that.

- A Nice Game

I find this game to be quite enjoyable. I like that you don’t only roll sushi, but can also make other foods. I also like the style of the game, and how you are also able to decorate your restaurant.

- Fun game, horrible advertising of a sexual nature.

My daughter liked the game at first, but she was forced into ads constantly. And always with tiny close buttons that opens the App Store or launches a second ad, as often as they close the ad. I haven’t seen a game with such obtrusive and unavoidable advertising in a long time. Even worse is that the advertisements themselves are often not kid friendly, and of a sexual nature. I’ll be removing this app.

- Nice!

I like this game but there is a problem im having a problem of when i play and make the noodles or sushi this green screen of your company keeps coming up and i cant see so can you fix this problem? Thank you!

- So far it’s fun to play

Been fun and love the vibrations with each ingredient and tool! But I don’t have any sound or can play videos for extra bounces whether on WiFi or not.. I have sound on in settings and my phone so I’m not sure what’s going on..

- Thank you

I have only been playing for like 5 mins and I have so much money I gave it a five star review to say thank you for letting me play. I wish everybody in the world could play. Love Sydney

- Fun game but ADS?

I have a really good time playing the game but it has way and I mean way to many ads. I suggest to turn off ur internet if u want to enjoy the game better. Otherwise it is always ads u need ads to get almost everything. But the game is fun I just wish they would limit the ads.

- It’s OKAY.

This app is fine there’s not really anything wrong with it but It’s not my thing. This may work for others but not me. I don’t really like the ads nor the sushi making. I’m not really a fan i only downloaded was bec my friend suggested this.

- I like it but

There’s a few situations that are glitching and I wouldn’t put a limit on upgrading the sushi place and you can change your knife and unlock rare items and different recipes other than that love the game

- So Addicting!

This is game is so addicting I’ve played it for two minutes and now I can’t stop keep up the work this game is awesome

- Ads

This has way to many ads I hate it it’s so annoying after every single stage it’s an ad I’m never playing this if it’s just gonna be super boring all the time. I’m constantly interrupted by ads which the game worth 0 stars I can’t play because the ads are so long and the stages have so little things to do and I’m bored most of the time it’s a terrible game no I’m deleting it permanently

- To many ads!

It could be better and every time I’m done with a costumer and every ads keep going creator can u fix some ads pls 😓 it kinda fine but too many ad!

- No more levels?

Ok so I play like 30 levels and then it just gives me the same people and levels like I got the nerd one 10 times already so can you add more levels please. Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Please tho (also it’s a good game other wise)

- It’s okay

So this game is pretty fun, but there are a couple problems- 1. There are lots of ads, and it’s SOOO annoying And 2. It keeps freezing I pressed a button to watch a video so I would get stuff, y’know what most games have, and it has gotten frozen a number of times. But other than those its okay. Also it is NOT my favorite games. Thanks for reading

- Ads

While playing the game a screen will pop up that you are not allowed to leave, this screen says that you accept targeted ads which do not want to except so I had to delete the game since I could no longer play all with out excepting the targeted ads. Over all very repetitive and creepy animated customers.

- Plz change now

So I played it skittle and after a few days whenever I go on it it’s just shows a. Black screen. It’s a great game but needs fixing✌️

- Sushi

I can’t find a job and ones I found this game it felt like I was working and now I know how to make sushi it is the best game ever

- It’s a good game but glitches

I came across one that won’t let me get past level 21 when I press the start button it just sets there and I can’t do anything.

- It’s a good game but glitches

I came across one that won’t let me get past level 21 when I press the start button it just sets there and I can’t do anything.

- It’s amazing!

It’s a amazing game honestly, but I’m stuck on a level and it won’t let me pass. The character models double and there’s just a pot on the counter. I’m unable to do anything about it.

- Good game but...

It’s a good game but I hate the adds so much it would be awesome if you guys could make it with less adds.... I’m also confused because it says it rated 12 and up, but why... this game is so harmless... 🤔

- Good but fixable

I liked it till i got to level 21 it stared to glitch and make it where all the people have two bodys and not letting me play. Other than that it was good

- Big issue

I love the game but every time I get to Level 21 the game won’t proceed. It gets stuck on the Let’s Wok challenge but won’t let me play that board. I can go no further in the game. I’ve tried deleting the game then reinstalling but it happened again.

- Don’t download it!

It wanted me to except for It can access personal data, it didn’t let you press OK the only option was I agree, this game had been 16➕ it had nothing inappropriate tho so this game is confusing and sketchy so don’t download it

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- Fix this

I’m on my I phone and im trying to play the game but once I press start for level 21 my screen freezes and I can’t stop it apart from that it’s a really good game

- Ads and freezing

Positives I’d you get to role yum food and make noodles and sushi it’s kinda relaxing negatives are way to many ads I mean after every single one there is an ad it’s so anoying but after like the first 5 levels it freezes after I am on an iPad with lots of data and this is still happening they need to fix this I do not recommend this game to anyone

- Positives & Negatives

Sushi Roll 3D is a great game BUT listen to what I have to say!! Negatives: -Literally every 10 seconds there is an ad which is completely ridiculous because the game is to make sushi not to watch ads 30 seconds long!! -No offence but just holding the screen to make sushi is kind of pointless. I know that’s the whole theme of the game but seriously it’s a bit boring!! -Finally I don’t know if this is happening to anyone else but I have no sound in the ads which makes it even more boring!! Positives: -I love sushi which is great and it’s kinda fun!! For little kids this would be outstanding but for older kids it’s not so much!!

- Addicting

The ads kill it tbh, overall addicting game

- Ok

It’s ok but every 10 second there is an ad and there is no music which makes it boring but.... I have. A solution for the ads Just put your device on aeroplane mode

- Unfortunate glitch

This game is great and can be played without wifi to not have does annoying ads but one thing about this game IS A VERY WEIRD GLITCH?! The whole screen turns pitch green not a single thing is visible this commonly happens in the middle or start of the game BUT WHY?! IS IT SUPPOSED BE HAPPENING OR IS THIS A STUPID GLITCH TRYING TO ANNOY US! PLEASE FIX!

- Yummy game

This game is so yummy

- Boring

No music like in the ads, can’t play more than 5 seconds without an ad... 2 stars for graphics, none for gameplay or music

- Soup

Every time I make the soup everything goes bright green and I can’t see a thing fix it you buggy game developers

- Seriously? Each step with a 30s ad???

Just waste of my time watching ads

- How do I change what knife I’m using?


- OMG I am so annoyed#Iasa

EVERY TIME I CLICK IT IT SHOWS A PICTURE AND I CAN’T DO THE LEVEL so annnnnnnoooooyyyyyiiiiinnnngggg I hate the game now I advise you not to play

- Cool

Really cool

- Game is pretty good but I’ve had a few glitches

Does anyone know what the hell to do with the salad? The only option is to cut chocolate on there and the. Grate stuff on. When I did it they had the throw up faces.. or if you do nothing they are not happy. Is this a glitch??

- Too much adds

Whenever I’m playing the game adds come up and they finisH the adds but whenever I press the X to exit it never lets me so I have to restart it. Please fix this :(

- Title

so i was reading the game and it’s says ASRM so i’m thinking it’s meant to be ASMR

- Good but a bit annoying

It’s a great game but the ads are annoying, wish there was more to the game for the next room and maybe a few more ways to make sushi, great game overall and relaxing 🙂

- Annoyed

every three seconds it put me to my settings and I’m so confused why it’s so annoying. Please fix this.

- Love it!

This game is really fun and for me I don't see much adds and if you do have a problem with adds I suggest you put aeroplane mode on your device it always works for me! Anyways great game😀

- Ads

The game is good but way too many ads, as soon as I finish serving a customer there’s a ad.

- Plz fixes you game

It has that loading page in front of it so I can’t see but this is a really good game but it would be better if that was fixed


SO FIRST OF ALL I played this game just then and every round I'm playing it natural minding my own business and this blue screen pops up and I don't know what I should be doing. If you don't fix this them it's a terrible game but if you do then I'll consider taking that BACK!🙄

- Big problems! But good game

So when I try playing it when it says let’s wok it puts up a screen that I can’t see ANYTHING!! I really wanna play this game it’s really good but this happened since I bought it please fix it:(

- Sushi roll

Best game in the game world and fun to play.

- Great game but one thing

Where is the coming soon thing in the restaurant when is it coming what am I supposed to do with all my 25000 dollars when I’ve completed the restaurant please add that part I’m in ok rich ( not to brag)

- Good buuut...

This game is way to repetitive with its levels also it does have a few glitches. The adds are ok because you just put your phone on airplane mode and then it turns the internet off so then you don’t have to watch any adds.


The app is great until it boots out or makes you have a green screen when you make something. Developers fix it!

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- 10/10 recommend

This game I really fun it’s free and awesome I have been playing it for so long today


Bad game 1. Adds way too many adds 2. Whenever I play it goes into a green screen 3. It kicks me out I am going to delete

- Meh

It’s an interesting game I kinda like it BUT THERE ARE SOOO MANY ADDS if u could fox that do it now because I play on my iPhone 11 and it has its own data so please get rid of the adds

- Ads, ads, ads

Less ads would make this a 5 star game

- Good

It’s a good game there is a lot of adds but that’s fine cUz you can just turn off your wifi( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

- Easy cash grab


- Sorry

Im sorry, i just don’t get the point of putting that many adds, first of all, there’s an ad to get a prize but even if you don’t click it, you get an ad like wth?? Im sorry but il be deleting the game. The other problem is that, ever so often that I’m doing dishes, I get teleported to my shop screen to upgrade stuff so then I fail. Im sorry but i will be deleting this game.

- It’s a good game

It’s good but sometimes when I play it I can’t even see what I’m doing it kind of glitches but it is fun

- Commercial hell

Graphics good, game slow, commercials galore

- About the ads

JUST TURN ON AIRPLANE MODE IF YOU DONT WANT ADS!!!!! This game is just a cash grab not played the same as on the video of the ad on it. Dont waste your time download a better game

- It’s ok

The main problem I have is the ads. Too many. Cut the need of adds in half at least

- Not the best just ok

It's really just an okay repetitive game. But I do have some issues with it. I'll start with the game itself. It is repetitive and though I like doing the rolling sushi part it feels like I'm really in a restaurant. Where you don't know what the next person will order. So it's a bit realistic that way. There are glitches though. Such as refusing to let you take a VIP customer even if you have good internet and moments later you get ads proving that you should have been good to get it. I would like to see more variety in the vip customers as there's really only three and they always get the same thing. It does help make it a little different in the repetition but it also ends up being really repetitive. What's kind of funny is that you can keep shredding for a few more swipes after the item disappears. I also found that when I'm given the option to shred mushroom a line of red shredded mushroom hangs in the air following the plate. So that's a bit weird. Some stuff I would like to see in the future is the ability to choose what cutting blade you use as I got stuck with using the hand which I hate using but I can't change it making me want to quit, more ways to spend the money you earn like maybe on more blades or other items or gaining the ability to have special vip characters be able to come up, and perhaps some more choices in plates it feels limited especially since the only way to get more is by watching ads which isn't fun. The ads can get annoying sometimes though sometimes I'm able to get through more with just a little less ads. Ads are still an issue though as you do watch quite a few.

- I like it

I love the game but there is like two adds a round and the adds are to long but I still love the game so satisfying!

- Amazing

I think you guys are amazing 😻

- Takes way too long

There’s too many ads after playing

- Eh

It’s an ok game I mean it fine I guess I just don’t like it that much I know that this is a bad umm review?

- Sushi Roll 3D “Best” food game

The game only got two stars because it has wayyyyyy too many ads. Also, every time I go to play the game it glitches me out. I’ve tried everything and nothings working. I’ve shut off my phone, exited the app and entered again but nothing was working. Would not recommend to anybody and would never play again.

- so many ads

i get that it is a free mobile app and they get there money by puttin ads on the app but even if i tap the lose it button so i don’t watch an ad to double my money i still have to watch one not cool

- Takes forever

Way too many ads


This game is soooooooooooooooooo boring like the worst I have ever played. Anyway after every single time you finish a round that there is an add all the TIME. And you can be in the middle of a game and the home screen pops up then it freezes then it goes back to what you were doing and then it is constantly freezing while you play. I would NOT recommend this game.

- Ads

This game have way too many ads. Don’t download. Such a waste of time

- Good game

Good: 1- The levels are not all the same 2- To remove the adds, you simply remove your wifi connection! Bad: 1- Sometimes it’s too hard to make the customer happy (for example the plates)

- way too many ads

the amount of ads is so disappointing. the game is pretty fun but the ads after every single level is so irritating so i’m gonna delete it. if there weren’t as many ads, or even an option to go add free for $3 or something i would keep playing. but an ad every 30 seconds is way too annoying.

- Horrible game

Would be a way better game if it didn’t lead you to your settings app to allow notifications, and even then it still leads you there every 10 seconds notifications on or off! Would not recommend this game

- To many adds

I like the game generally but there are way to many adds

- It’s great 👍

It’s Great I love it especially because you Roll the food I recommend this 10 out of 10



- Absurdly Freemium

The ad to game ratio is 3:1. Doesn’t matter how good the game is if I can only play it for 15 seconds per minute. What a joke!

- Download this game!!

We know that there is so many ads. We love the game so much! Yummy food is good for you!

- Fun and satisfying

I love it sooo much it’s fun and satisfying

- Boring and repetitive

This game is very boring and repetitive. Not after 10 minutes and I maxed out the place. Would not recommend.

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Ok I got this game yesterday and I’m on level 33 I LOVE this game I love how you can put on toppings and have different plates and it’s just SOOOO good I also like how there’s VIP guests especially the bear I like

- I like it

It is very satisfying to do everything but noodle making is hard

- They did it

They have played it right

- A bit disappointed

I feel this game has lots of potential my concern is that u will click no add yet it will give u a add which I do not quite understand and some of the bugs that freeze your screen gets annoying but everything else is good

- Too many ads

There is literally an ad after every task you do. Some of them you can even skip. As just a time passer kind of game it’s fine for kids but that’s just too many ads for me to go back to.

- Kinda weird

This is a great game just to many ads and it makes the game not as much fun so there for I say STOP THE ADS

- Meh

Ads after every customer. Cute concept but there’s one big problem. After one of the rounds the screen froze and it didn’t let me do anything and it was zoomed in I mean it’s a good game just need to fix some bugs

- Ok but needs work

Less adds would be nice. Better visuals. I wish it did more things over and over like the first “task” you do to do it again.

- Love u

It so good here I love this game maybe more money they should give u but it very friendly

- It was good till the glich

It was good till the glitch, the glitch is when you make food for people it goes to the home screen for the app. Before it was fun with no glitch’s and a fun app.I don’t recommend this app if you want to get scammed.

- Ads

Why is there an ad after every level? Each level take less than 30 seconds to complete so in one minute there has been about 4 ads. Some of the ads are longer than the level it’s self. Why.

- Sword selection

We need a sword collection because I got a really cool sword and I can’t find how to change swords so this is a 4 star please add a sword selection

- I love this game!!

I love this game and totally recommend it but I think there is way to many ads if you could put less ads that would be awesome

- horrible

This game has too many ads every single time I play ad and ad and ad I wish there was another way to change I don’t recommend this game There is no way to get Rid of all ads sorry do not recommend this game at all have a good day


So I was playing my favorite game then I saw this game then I got it so then I opened the game but it was just a black screen so I thought I had to many apps open so I did that so then I went back in but it was black again so I undownloaded it then redownloaded it but it was still black...

- Personal info and over 16??

It says you have to accept (no choice for no) to get your ads customized (and has WAY to many anyways) and then says it wants your personal info and you need to be over sixteen to continue. One, there’s no adult content ,and two WHY DO YOU WANT MY PERSONAL INFO?!.

- It’s okay

So when you pass the level there are emojis you click on then to get the money BUT the emojis run out also very glitchy

- Fun but ads

It’s fun but the ads are a little obnoxious. There’s really not enough game play between ads to make me want to sit through them

- I love this game

When I saw this add I was like OMG I LOVE sushi so I will try this game out. And when I got it I was like cool it’s like the add I saw. And I love it now.

- Good but needs work

It was great in the beginning very addictive but after a while it doesn’t let you play really hope they fix this

- It’s a good game

It’s a good game and I only had it for a day but it there are way to many adds

- I love it.............. but

There is a lot of ads but other then that I rlly like this game it’s fun and I just recommended it to my family!!!

- Crash

After playing a good bit of levels the whole game crashed and doesn’t work whatsoever anymore. Had to delete it. I tried everything to fix it. Nothing worked.

- The screen turns green plz respond ASAP

Ok sooo great game but when I’m doing the food the screen turns green so I can’t see where things are plz fix it

- Stopped working

I really like it but by like level 19 it stopped working right

- 90% ads 10% game

There’s just way too many advertisements on this app. It would be a much better app if there weren’t so many ads. After every level there is an add. You need to watch an ad.

- I like your game but

All the ad’s annoy me often and it’s kinda lagging a lot tho but I’m fine with that and can you not put ad’s please?

- Every step requires a commercial

This would be a fun game if I could get through one customer without having to watch a commercial to finish their order. Way too many commercials!

- Phone crash

I’ve had this game for 1 day and I tried to play it 5 or 6 time but every time I get through 1 level my turns it self off and restarts it self. The only connection is the game!!!! Crashing my phone!!

- Did it right

They finally did it right on the tiktok add

- Um...

Well let me start by saying the ppl who make this game had a good idea in mind but it Just missed the mark. It told me to make sushi, but then it just had me cut Salmon,Which for me was weird. And 2 there are way too much adds.I mean like if u call the game sushi roll then my gosh make me make sushi👎

- This game is good

I want him playing for a few minutes and it’s amazing

- Ads all the time

I love this game but ads are horrible they come on all the time like what the heck the game is ok bye

- Glitches need to be fixed

For some reason once I get to a certain level the game completely glitches.

- To many ads

I would rate it 5 stars if it wasn’t for the amount of ads that are in the game

- yeah .. no 👁👄👁

umm so the game itself is pretty satisfying but there are ads for every. little. thing. it is sooo annoying . games like this are the reason why i never keep them . i wanted the game for a reason , i don’t want to watch ads every 30 seconds about other mediocre games that will have the same ads playing for them too . sooo , im yeeting this game off of my phone 🏃🏻‍♀️💨

- Needs an ad free version

Would easily be 4 stars if there wasn’t an ad for literally everything you do. And as far as I can tell there’s no ad free version.

- Bugs?

I love the game but there’s still a few bugs to fix.......

- Characters and ads

The characters look like animal crossing characters which shows that there was not much creativity involved in the game and the ads are so annoying in the game I feel relived to delete it

- Ads

There are way too many ads every time I’m done with something there’s an ad

- Sushi roll 3d

The game is fun and all but when it comes to adds it stays at 18 seconds and it stays their and doesn’t move and if I press I don’t wanna triple it, it still comes with an add so I should’ve just pushed 3x and when I do it stops at 18

- A ok game with bugs

I have a bug where any time I watch an ad the game crashes. Overall nice game though.

- ADS!!!!!!!

I LOVE the idea of the game put TOO MUCH ADSSSS!!!!! Ilove making food put when i hit like the avoid add it still played! I love the game but maybe limit the adds.

- Basically just one long ad

I understand that free games need some way to generate revenue, but this is ridiculous. You’ll spend more time watching ads than you will playing the game

- To many glitches

It is a great and fun game but it is very glitchy and won’t let me pass this one level because of how glitchy it is


Yeah so the game is good but when i start the game and start cooking the screen has something green in my screen and i cant do anything and their is a bunch of ads so chill

- It’s alright

It’s a great app but I wish there wasn’t that many ads

- Glitches

If y’all read this it has a lot of glitches please pretty please y’all fix it

- Ads Galore

If you love being prompted to watch 30sec ads every minute, this is the game for you! Gameplay is not nearly enjoyable enough to make up for the amount of ads.

- An ad show

You get one game and then an ad on repeat. That’s all they want, profit and thus I refuse to play any more than 3 games because every time I finish it’s an ad coming up. I’m not your money machine!

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Sushi Roll 3D - ASRM Food Game 1.0.33 Screenshots & Images

Sushi Roll 3D - ASRM Food Game iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Sushi Roll 3D - ASRM Food Game iphone images
Sushi Roll 3D - ASRM Food Game iphone images
Sushi Roll 3D - ASRM Food Game iphone images
Sushi Roll 3D - ASRM Food Game iphone images
Sushi Roll 3D - ASRM Food Game iphone images

Sushi Roll 3D - ASRM Food Game (Version 1.0.33) Install & Download

The applications Sushi Roll 3D - ASRM Food Game was published in the category Games on 2020-11-09 and was developed by SayGames LLC [Developer ID: 1405039362]. This application file size is 230.7 MB. Sushi Roll 3D - ASRM Food Game - Games app posted on 2020-12-21 current version is 1.0.33 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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