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Welcome to your journey...

Your journey is uniquely yours and this is where you can journal every step along the way, set your goals, track your meals, watch your progress, find inspiration from others, compare your progress photos, and so much more!

Start by seeing who else is here! Get inspired by following other mamas and seeing what they share. Then set your personal goals and start logging your meals. You can share each meal to the THM Home Feed where your followers will see them or you can keep them in your private log. Get notified instantly, when another mama likes or comments on your post! Take selfies and side-by-side comparison photos frequently to keep yourself motivated!

Create reminders for yourself if you want to space out your meals or remind yourself to drink those sippers!

Feeling lost, tempted, or unmotivated? Just press the panic button and listen to encouraging and inspirational soundbites from us… your founding sisters Serene and Pearl. (heart emoji)

What is Trim Healthy Mama?
It is a lot of yes! Trim Healthy Mama does not say "no" to any food group. It is not a "No" plan . . . it is a "Yes" plan. You get to enjoy all three necessary macronutrients: carbs, fats and protein, all while trimming yourself to a healthy weight. You'll be so busy enjoying all your “yes” foods all day long that you'll barely have time to dwell on the ones you're avoiding. So, let's quickly get them out of the way. There are only a couple of them.

Sugar and white flour (which is actually sugar in your bloodstream) are out. You can do it!

• S (Satisfying) meals focus on fats for fuel.
• E (Energizing) meals focus on carbs for fuel.
• FP (Fuel Pull) meals focus on neither fat nor carbs (these foods can go with any meal type).
• XO (Crossover) meals focus on both fat and carbs.

• Separate fats and carbs for weight loss.
• Make sure every meal contains protein.
• Don't neglect your veggies - they belong in your meals every day!
• Juggle your fuels - don't get in a rut. Enjoy foods from every food group!

> Use our free food analyzer app to figure out what foods are what fuel or check out the food lists in our books! For the full details on how all this works, check out the Trim Healthy Starter Book or the Trim Healthy Plan Book.

Separating fats and carbs isn’t forever! Those who are pregnant, nursing, or wishing to maintain their weight should enjoy some XO meals. Even enjoying a few XO meals here and there during the weight loss seasons is okay too. Your journey is yours and may not look like everyone else’s… so find your groove and what works for you and roll with it! Remember this is a gentle journey. Give yourself lots of grace and lots of time to get to the finish line. It's not a fast-paced race, but a slow, steady and amazingly joyful one.

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Trim Healthy Mama Journey Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• Clickable links in the posts, comments, and user profiles. • Pop to the top of your home feed if you're deep in a scroll. • User profiles! Create an "About Me" or click on another users name to view their profile. • Enriched sign in experience with clearer messaging during load time.

Trim Healthy Mama Journey Comments & Reviews

- What I Needed to Stay Focused

I have the original THM book with the baby on the cover, but have never fully followed the plan. I am not a scheduled person, and tend to graze, so it’s been tough to focus on remembering to eat, much less which fuel to eat. I’ve only had this app one day, and already I can tell it will be what I needed to stay inspired and focused. The posts of others are especially motivating! I’m getting so many ideas of what to quickly eat. Wish List for the Developers: 1) I can’t click on a person to follow them or to view their feed or profile. Definitely a must-have. When someone follows me, I have to take several steps and type in their name to find them & follow back. 2) It would be nice to control which parts of the profile are to be kept secret. I would like to, for example, keep measurements and email secret while keeping posts public. If this is already so, it is not clear.

- Most amazing food tracking app ever!!

I don’t normally write reviews, but this one I have to pass along! If you’re following the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle, this app is fantastic! And my all time favorite part: THEY HAVE A PANIC BUTTON!!!!! How many lifestyle creators actually put themselves into the app itself to help you along when you’re feeling like you can’t do this, you’re going to cave to the chips and fries when you don’t want to! Pearl and Serene have encouraging and motivating words for you all that need them. Plus, there are no numbers to track at all! So those, like me, that came from a bondage lifestyle of counting calories and macros don’t have to face that again. Thank you Pearl and Serene for everything you do for us mama!

- The app I’ve been dreaming of!

I love this app, not only can I log meals, track progress, join a community of similar health minded people by following others to get ideas and share in a journey, but I’m crazy excited about the panic button where in moments of wanting to “give up” my health journey I can be reminded of why I focus on health and what options would be better than nose diving into cake. Wonderful app!

- Great start

I have been playing with this app today and think it’s going to be great. I especially like the reminder/calendar option and the food tracker because I have been doing those things in other places and having everything together is going to be so helpful! One request, next update would you consider changing the color of each type of meal in the meal tracker? Right now there is a little red circle to mark if a meal was S, E, FP, XO, NOP, etc. I love that I can easily see this when reviewing my meals, but it would be easier to use if each type were a different color instead of all being red. Just an idea. I’d also love to see a place for testimonies so we can get to know the mamas on the app. Again, thanks for a great tool!

- Love this App and hope to change to 5* soon

I love the app. It was easy to setup profile. Navigating seems simple. Adding your meals and photos not complicated. Finding people to follow is great. However, I’m still at a loss for a few things. I can’t see a list to who I am following. I just see most recent people joining. And with so many on the app posting I’m not sure how to find posts by a specific person I am following without having to read everything and hope to see it. I know these things will be worked out or explained and then I will change to 5* I LOVE THM and all the resources they provide for us to have food freedom and healthy bodies.

- Glitchy and overpriced

I love the idea of having an accountability app and didn’t even mind paying the $8 to get it. The app is glitchy to say the least. I upload my photo, write my description, photo. Every single time. I have to edit the post 4-5 times or completely delete and repost several times to get it to show up. A few design tweaks could be to allow us to see who is following us or a list of who we are following. If I wanted just a place to post good photos I would have stuck with Instagram. The features aren’t really worth what is charged.

- Very useful to anyone following THM

I’ve been doing THM since 2014, and I’m very excited about this app. It may be lacking in certain functionality at the moment, but I know they are working on those things for future updates. Being able to track meals and progress in a way that fits perfectly with the THM plan made this app worth the purchase. It’s simple to use and doesn’t take long to consistently record your meals.

- Exciting New App for THMs!

This app will be so helpful in my THM journey. I am so excited to stay accountable with others. Already, I am so impressed by the different features and I’m sure even more will be added! You can create comparison picture collages, log meals, share posts or encouragement, keep up with goals and more! If you love the Trim Healthy Mama plan, you will want this app!

- Great!

I love the app so far but there’s one thing I’d change. Adding friends is still a bit rough. I wish I was able to click on them to be able to add them back as a friend instead of having to search for them. Also, I wish we could add more measurements like bust and around the belly button (since I’m still plus size and my belly button isn’t at my waist). Other than that, it’s a great app! :)

- So excited!!!

I love this app already! Keeps me in touch with those doing THM without having to log into another source such as Facebook. I truly enjoy the social aspect of this and connecting with others as well as having a place to log in my own information to keep my health/weight loss in check. So thankful the sisters developed this!

- Perfecto 👌

Love this for logging my meals, makes it fun and easy to stay on track. Plus following other mamas is perfect for those of us who don’t do social media. App will probably need a couple tweaks as time goes on as keyboard is slow to type, maybe the ability to click on profiles, but I am so thankful for it!

- Just what I needed!

Trim Healthy Mama has done it again! Just in time for the new year, you are able to track your food virtually, including taking a photo, addressing fuel type and look for inspiration from other Trim Healthy Mamas. It’s a great app and so well thought out for the price! Best part, one time purchase! Thank you Serene and Pearl!

- You’ve outdone yourselves with this app!

This app is amazing! You can record your meals AND mark them as S, E, FP, and more....then you can post them in the Facebook group! Keep up with fellow THM friends...record your progress stats and pics...AND get words of encouragement from Serene and Pearl! Thank you sooo much for all the work that must have gone into this app!

- Fantastic!

This app has everything you need to stay on plan! You can follow others on their health journey, see meal ideas, it separates your food fuels for you, you can track your progress, do comparative photos, track your food, set reminders, and much more! A fair price for an amazing app!! Thank you, Serene and Pearl!

- Super helpful app

I am so excited to have this app! It will make logging my meals so much easier and I love the option to be able to follow other mama’s meal plans! This app seems very well thought-out and it will definitely make anyone’s thm journey easier and more complete!

- THM lives up to their brand

I love all things THM- and I was their biggest skeptic! The app, once again is something so much better than I anticipated! I know it’s new, so the quirks and kinks are to be expected, but I can’t imagine how this will get much better!

- Disappointing

I thought this was going to be great at helping me determine how to plan out an e or an s meal. I thought I could save meals. I had so much trouble just entering a food, just not worth it. I wanted something that would help me stay on top of what I am eating during the day and wether item was e or s. I guess I wanted a thm program on a ww tracker. Also wanted to be able to look at my entire days choices. I could not figure that out either. Maybe I just need help.

- Great for accountability!

I’m excited to start the new year with this app and visually track my progress. I would like to suggest adding a fitness log and a way to edit the food log. Overall a great app!

- Good app, but a few suggestions

Love the features so far, but honest feedback: - needs ability to see who follows you - needs ability to see who has liked your posts - needs notifications when someone responds to a comment (like when you ask for a recipe— it’s impossible to know if there’s a response unless you scroll all the way through your feed to find a post) Otherwise, I’m having a great time logging my meals and seeing at the end of the day if I need to tweak anything. Keeps me accountable for every single thing I eat.

- LOVE this app!

This is just what I needed! To be able to follow other people’s journeys is so helpful as well as track how many of each fuel type I’m having a day. Excited to see how this helps me on my weight loss journey!

- Try Favorite Plan!

First off THM is my FAVORITE meal plan ever because of how flexible it is. Food freedom truly. Now to have this to track meals and for a one time fee is a godsend. 🥰🙌🏼 they always knock it out of the park caring for their fans and meeting their needs. So excited to dive into this!

- THM breakthrough

Accountability has always played a huge part of my weight loss success. Logging food types each meal and having access to accountability partners, makes this is a very economical and useful app!

- I have been waiting for this one!

Easy. Clear. Concise. I have been trying to use other food apps to keep my THM Fuels in order. Finally, I can easily choose and record my journey.

- Makes THM easier!

This app is wonderful! Helps me keep track of my meals and how many of each fuels types I’ve had per day! Also tracks weight, measurements, goals and progress photos!

- Very functional

This app allows the user to set up a profile, journal (with words and pics) about your health journey, keep a good log, and get encouragement from other users.

- Great Health and Lifestyle App!

I love all things about this app! I love that I can food journal, set goals, see what other people are eating (for ideas for future meals), and the panic button is genius!! Totally worth the one time payment!

- Great App

This is such a great app to log in your meals. It even separates them by fuel type. You can also keep track of your weight, progress photos, and follow other Mamas journeys as well!!

- Awesome and encouraging tool!

This has already become my go to app on my phone! It really has helped me be excited about what I’m eating next and has helped me stay on plan. THANK YOU THM!

- Great app!

I love this app for tracking food and progress. My only suggestion would be to add one more category for logging any exercise. That would be perfection! But, super excited to use this app to stay on track and accountable this year.

- 🦋 Great App! 🦋

🦋 This is a great app! I am so happy that I can keep track of my food & progress all in one app! It’s also nice to be able to connect with others & find encouragement on this THM journey! 🦋

- Absolutely worth it

This is such a helpful app. Between logging food, weight and measurement goals and more I am so impressed with how it all works. $8 is well worth it.

- Great App!

Oh I love all the detail! This is an amazing app! I just wish there was an Apple Watch app too so I could log my meals and journey there. Maybe in the future??? You ladies are awesome. Thank you so much for all your hard work!

- A great app for keeping on track!

This is a great tool for keeping on track every day, storing goals, comparisons and photos. Also a way to share with other THM’s!! Loving it!!

- Stay on track !

THMers get lots of ideas and support using this app. Make sure you add Pearl, she posts her inspirational meals and helps keep you in check!

- So far, so great!

Would love an option to search people to follow based on geographical location (region, state, town). I’m at a loss of who to follow. Otherwise, I love this! Thank you!

- Super app

They’ve even included messages from Serene and Pearl to help you through tough times. How fantastic is that! A personal trainer to fit you.

- Glad to have this app

I am thrilled to get this app! Can’t wait to follow other for ideas and encouragement and not be on FB all the time!

- Great help!

This app is one of the best helps for healthy eating I have seen. So much encouragement to help with weight loss and being healthy.

- Really buggy.

Once they get the kinks worked out I’m sure it’ll be great but for now it’s barely working for me. It’s also lacking in features. Can’t view anyone else’s profile, no notifications if anyone has liked/commented on a post. Doesn’t seem like it was ready to be released when it was.

- Perfection!

Perfect app for new or seasoned trim healthy mamas. So many awesome features to track progress and set you up for success!

- Severely Underwhelmed

For the price of this app, i was expecting something more. This is just a community app and sound clips for when you’re feeling frustrated. I was hoping for a recipe index or quick meal suggestions. I guess my disappointment rides on my own assumptions. If you’re looking for a place to share pics of your food, this is your app. Wish I could get a refund

- Great visuals!

I love the visual aspect of being able to see what I ate each day! The community aspect is nice as well. 😊

- Does not work for me.

I have tried multiple times to log in. I removed the app and re-downloaded, still not working. So far would say that it not worth the price. I will continue to try to use, hopefully it will work sometime soon.

- Esther Smith

So happy to have a safe place that I can go to to be accountable for my own personal THM Journey! Love the Panic Area and the Daily Recap! Thank you Trim Healthy Mama!!

- Loving it!

Great for tracking and keeping up with what you eat on your Trim Healthy Mama journey! Thank you!!

- Awesome!

Love all the amazing options on this app! And it’s so easy to use for tracking meals!!

- The Only App I Need

I dislike audio media as a whole, but missed my THM community. Yay for this app!

- Sign in issues

It will not let me sign in. I click on sign in through an account. I sign in and the next screen doesn’t fully pull up for some reason. Hope they fix the glitch!

- If you’re a THM...

If you’re a THM this is the app you’ve been waiting for!

- Love THM!!

2.5 year THM veteran and I LOVE this app from this amazing company! Panic button is definitely a favorite. Thank you THM team!

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- A couple of suggestions:

So glad an app is out!! Thanks THM, has been much anticipated!! Loving it already. Just a couple of suggestions: 1. Log time with meals 2. Have a metric conversion for tracking weight and measurements 3. Menu planner built into the app with recipe suggestions

- Excellent!

Love this app and can’t wait to see how it improves in the future! Would love to see the possibility of metric measurements and kg’s instead of lb’s for tracking.

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- If zero stars was an option that’s what I’d rate this

Don’t waste your money. There’s nothing to this app, no real interaction with your peers, no food journaling, an absolute joke for “measurements”. I wish it had been free so I could just delete it, but I feel stuck woth it after having spent such a crazy high amount of money. It wouldn’t have been worth free, it’s certainly not worth what they’re charging.

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Trim Healthy Mama Journey iphone images
Trim Healthy Mama Journey iphone images
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Trim Healthy Mama Journey iphone images
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Trim Healthy Mama Journey iphone images
Trim Healthy Mama Journey iphone images
Trim Healthy Mama Journey iphone images
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