One Night at Flumpty's 3 Game Reviews


One Night at Flumpty's 3 Game Description & Overview

What is one night at flumpty's 3 app? "Hiya, best friend!"

Flumpty Bumpty is back again with all of his strange companions. You're his friend, too! ...Aren't you? Join the gang for one last round of "survival hide-and-seek" until the clock strikes 6 AM.

This time, you're armed with little more than a point-and-click camera with a flash, and the room you're staying in is freezing. it's too bad you couldn't bundle up ahead of time.

The egg is waiting for you...

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App Name One Night at Flumpty's 3
Category Games
Updated 31 October 2021, Sunday
File Size 377.21 MB

One Night at Flumpty's 3 Comments & Reviews 2023

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Nothing. Hi im Flumpty bumpty im an egg and am coming after you

Wow 🤩. This is a great game. I always liked ONAF!! And I like how hard it is! 1.99 is worth it.

I like the game but there’s something wrong with it. Every time I try to open the game it’s just keep crashing and crashing so would you please give me my money back

It’s okay I guess. Well it’s a great game don’t get me wrong. But it got boring after the nightmare mode. I wish Jolly and FNAC were available on iOS because those games are more fun than this. (In my opinion.)

Best game ever. If u get to the end Yk what I’m talking about, the game is crazy good

I’m not good at it. I’m at 5 AM but it won’t make it to 6 AM and he got me what to I have to do?

My favorite fanverse game. This is my favorite fanverse game

So cool and good. I have nothing to say, There’s only one problem, It’s hard. Yep but that’s the point of all these games so yeah. Everybody here is saying that it keeps kicking them out but it doesn’t happen to me.

Blown away. This is how you end it wow! The beaver and the owl are merged, the Redman gets a better function with the Thermometer, and Golden Flumpty actually kind of does something for a change. It’s a great balance trying to keep yourself warm, making sure you don’t flash grunkfuss and making sure you don’t forget about one of the characters. But the best thing about this game is Flumpty Night. Holy crap it’s so cool. After Flumpty’s friends fail him again, he’s had enough and takes things into his own hands by brutally murdering his friends and showing you his true power. “I can transcend time and space” as he said in the first game and he wasn’t lying. Setting the time back to 12am and being in multiple places at the same time. It’s absolute chaos and I love it. No more funny stuff he’s serious this time and the music goes so well with it. He continuously multiplies himself and adds multiple mechanics (some being from the past games like the exposure meter) as the night goes on, just trying to mess with you and stress you out as much as possible. And then the music changes to Eleggtroswing which 1st off is a banger but also just stresses you out even more. And as if it couldn’t get even more chaotic, he starts messing with the time, the thermometer, the amount of pictures it’s absolutely insane how he shows you how crazy he really is. Without a doubt the best of the trilogy and one of the absolute best FNaF fan games out there!

W game. This game is fun but it’s scary and very difficult

Why I like this. Alright so as you jonochrome made this and honestly the is just so good that he put lots of time into it and he did because of a DREAM yes i know that sounds stupid but really he did and the art is so good he even mixed the owl and beaver he took the names and made something that makes me want to kill my family!

Good game but bad port. Ok look I love the onaf series but if you have any kind of computer play that instead because this port is just so eh. The image quality is bad even on my iPhone 11 (the images are fuzzy) The game is just less responsive than on pc version Their are 2 black bars that make the emersion nonexistent And the list goes on, I like the game and I hope the mobile port gets more updates to fix these issues.

Best fnaf game. I basically grew up with flumpty bumpty so this game was the most hype I hav even for anything before. I downloaded this instantly and still play it. Beat hard boiled mode in about 12 hours.I ABSOLUTELY THINK THIS IS THE BEST FNAF FANGAME OR FNAF GAME IN GENERAL. Can’t wait to see what the other fanverse devs got up their sleeves for their games. 10/10 game

Hallway. I love this game but can you please remove when the clown and birthday boy come down the hallway thank you.

I latest it’s cool. You must take a picture of the vowel and birthday boy if you don’t you die

This game is amazing!. Ok I love this game and I am glad you came back! Graphics are amazing and it is cool that there is a flumpty night. I loved the first two games and now I love this one!

Best fnaf fan made game. This game is just so good I won’t spoil what Flumpty does but that part is really creative 10/10

I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!. You see I’m a big ONAF fan. I when I found out that there was Third game I could not wait! And let me tell you it’s worth $1:99! I have beaten the game yet, but it’s still lot’s of fun! I only have one problem tho… you see there’s this clown and if you take his picture he kills you. But birthday boy blame you need to take his picture or he will kill you. So at first it seems easy one don’t take his picture another do take his picture. But sometimes both appear in your office. So if take a picture birthday boy blame runs a way and doesn’t kill you, but clown kills you. And if you don’t take a picture the clown won’t kill you, but birthday boy blame will. You see the problem you die either way. So that’s just my opinion. But if you ask me if you should play it I’ll say check it out if you’re interested. This is amazing and I’ll a lot even if not Halloween!

DO NOT BUY. This game wouldn’t even load up for me, crashed every single time. Don’t waste your money 😔

I havent got to play it. When i saw this game i got it and when i try to play it kicks me out of the game please fix this

Egg. This is the best piece of fnaf media ever made

This game is fun but it would be more fun if I can actually play it. I re-download it and download this game for like five times and it didn’t let me and I just kept kicking me out one time I actually got to play the game but it just kicked me out the time I got into the office I didn’t even get to see any characters know nothing you should really fix this or I’m never gonna play your games again I really hope you can see this developers and the worst part about it is that you’re like oh cool I knew one night at Flumpty’s game but all you do is enter the game see the company who made it and then you just get kicked out of it so I can’t play it I really hope that you can patch us so I can actually play the game or I will tell all of my friends to not like these games and I will never play it again OK?

stupid clown. blam came so i flashed him but the clown was there

Kick me out playing in five stars. five stars in a in a kick me out maybe I will delete it and put it back

Kick You Out Simulator. Ok in all I do love the game from gameplay and stuff but the reason I give this 4 stars is because every time I try to load up the game it crashes/kicks me out ClickTeam plz fix this I’ve been dying to play this and knowing I can’t play kinda upsets me so plz if you’re reading this plz fix this

Great. After so long of waiting I am glad to say this game dose not disappoint, the art and animation is great and the gameplay is fun, stop what you are doing and play this game

The game is so cool and fun if I could play it on my iPad. It’s fun to play but when I play it on my iPad it keeps on kicking me out but it’s cool to play on my iPhone.

>:(. Make it less hard

This game amzinggg. I’ve played the other two games but THIS ONE IS THE best! I just finished Flumpty night and it was very challenging but fun. And I definitely recommend playing it

Best game ever. I’ve always loved the first to onaf games but this one is so fun it has new gameplay mechanics new scenery literally everything about this game is perfect along with the hard boiled mode

Yes and No at the same time. So it is good but however if you have an old device DO NOT DOWNLOAD the reason why is because it will just kick you out all the time. The reason I say it is good is because I played it on a friends phone.

I LOVE THIS GAME. It was worth it for 2 dollars I liked the gameplay the first thing I been jumpscared by is Grunkfuss the Clown also I am a big onaf fan! But I am not complete wit the game yet..

Amazing!!!. This game is hard but very fun I recommend playing this if you want to have a fun time,

Good but there’s a bug. Fumpy doesn’t appear (this game is actually good I’m just pretending)

Kicks me out. When I got the app and wanted to play it and it just keeps kicking me out of the app please fix it

THIS IS NOW MY NEW FAVORITE FNAF FAN GAME I EVER PLAYED. This game is the most awesome and fun to play when you are in home or at school

This game is the best. This game is so great and fun I didn’t leave my house for 1 billion hours that’s how fun this is just kidding you should not stay in your house for that long or you will die of houseieits makes you very sick and you die so don’t stay in your house with all that said I recommend this great game about eggs and advise you to eat eggs every day and go outside to avoid houseieits

Okay how is this series this good. Okay the first and second are great and this game does not disappoint on mobile and overall this game finishes the series with a nice bow

it a fun game.. Love the game I love the phone call of the game I love graphics I love the prince of flash I love the camera graphics I love the movement.

The best fnaf fan game ever. I love one nights at Flumpty’s with all my heart

Fix when both there. The game is really really good,love the characters but what I do hate is both of them there like I was at 5:am then eyesaure came so as the clown then when I flashed eyesaure,I died

Why. Its a one star because i wasted $2.00 just for this every time i try to play it just leaves the game so please fix this

Best fnaf fan game ever.. I recently downloaded this because I thought it was a dumb fnaf ripoff and wanted to see how bad it was. But, once I played it I was in love with it. There are no flaws to the game.

The best game. This is literally the best game in the fanverse thus far. But one problem I have is the images being a lil fuzzy so pls fix that if the egg collection comes out.

Truly amazing!. The first ONAF—amazing. The second ONAF—aMaZiNg! This ONAF— A M A Z I N G ! ! ! I very much like this game, yesh. Definitely download.

Clown Problem. At 4am, the clown and the square guy are both at the hallway and I have to flash the light to get rid of Square Guy, but I can’t shine light when clown is there. BUT THEY BOTH ARE. Can you please Fix this?

Pretty great game. I’m the biggest Onaf fan and I can say this is one of the best fnaf fan games however it’s not perfect night one is pretty meh birthday boy blam is fine along with red man and the beavowl also the beavowl is the best character to be in this game grunkfuss is ok he’s not bad but pretty annoying eyesaur is the worst character in this night and golden Flumpty is ok he has good hiding spots the fake 6 am is amazing along with Flumpty night I cannot believe that was in this game it was scary but amazing and the music is good but eleggoswing is a bop and fire I can listen to it for hours hard boiled mode is a nice way final night and the ending is a great ending however the best part of this game is Kevin jr.

Best game. No words it’s amazing, probably the scariest Flumpty game.

This game is amazing!. This is a must play game it’s only 2 dollars and that is a steal! Just play the game and you’l at least have some enjoyment especially if you beat the first night :)

Some great things. Take the blood off better without blood sad part is the owl died so he’s not goin be in these games anymore all the beaver he did not die he’s in the game just somewhere

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Very good. Great gameplay and a great end to the series

Mediocre port. Don’t have much to say about the game but this port is really disappointing in how low resolution they made the textures in-game, most phones have resolutions far higher than the textures of the offices and it makes diagonal lines look really bad even when anti aliased. I don’t know why they downscaled the textures so much but given this game had been made alongside the port i’m disappointed that they couldn’t have kept the textures at their original resolutions. This is especially true of clickteam games which modern phones should have nowhere near any trouble running. This is not even mention the loading time on the splash screen, which given the unreasonably low resolution has no business being that long. I don’t want to call it a lazy port but I see no reason for the amount of compromises made to the game to get it on mobile.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. When I open the game it always crashes before I even get to the title screen

One of the best FNaF fan-games ever!. Warning! This review contains spoilers for ONaF 3. If you have not completed this game, then you shall be forbidden to readeth said reviewth (what was that old-timey English for?). Alright, before I start this review, I’ll just put this in: if you are reading this, Jonochrome, then I just want to say that you are the best Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNaF) fan-game creator ever. In fact, I’m not sure anyone in the Fazbear Fanverse Initiative could beat your series. Your fan-games (especially this third one) are the best ones I have ever played, and trust me: I play a LOT of FNaF fan-games. But anyway, let’s get into the review. One Night at Flumpty’s 3 (ONaF 3) surprised me with its incredible animations, gameplay, number of nights and ending. The game left of on some sort of a plot twist where Flumpty dies/flies towards some light and says “I’ll miss you”. So yeah, pretty emotional. (Also, three nights in a game that’s called One Night at Flumpty’s? That was unexpected!) Alright, now I’ll talk about the game’s problems: 1. The diagonal lines look very bad (the picture frame next to the furnace is a good example of this problem). 2. The text when dying to Exposure Flumpty does not have a capitalised ‘I’ in the word ‘if’ (this isn’t such a big problem, but it would be nice if you fixed it). 3. When Flumpty lets you out at 6AM in Night 2 and Night 3, half of the floor is yellow and red (this is a texture glitch, right?). 4. The game’s lore is completely unexplained (unless it means that the city of New Dork becomes a happy place once Flumpty leaves? So is he some unwanted evil for the citizens of New Dork City?). Okay, that’s all for now. Thanks for reading this, Scott Cawthon/Clickteam member/Jonochrome/random person who decided to read this. Bye for now! (P.S: Will you port the other Fazbear Fanverse Initiative games, like the Five Nights at Candy’s (FNaC) series and FNaF Plus, to iOS? If you do, thanks!)

Well done!. What a great end to onaf jonochrome and click team, thank you

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Egg. It’s a good game but egg

Egg. Welcome

Done well. It’s very well made (the mobile support), everything works well and everything there the only it’s that it actually cost money so it’s sad :(

Hard e. On the night where Flumpty comes at the end the exposure is always to high and comes to stressful

Eg. Egg moment

Great game. I love this game but it scared the crap out of me also I watched coryxkenshin play this game so even cooler

Why can’t I play. I can’t play I’m so sad

Cool And Good. Add FIve Nights at Sonic’s On Moblie

Love it!. Love it so much big flumptys fan by the way

I like eggs. Egg

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Eg. They lied to me there are 3 nights good game

My favorite fanverse game. This is my favorite fanverse game

Egg. Egg


>:(. Make it less hard

Keeps kicking me out. i bought this game so i can check it out but when i clicked on the app it kicked me out so disinstalled the app and installed it again and i tryed but it didnt work at all.So please fix this issue

GG. Gracias scott.

Best game. No words it’s amazing, probably the scariest Flumpty game.

1.6. 还我1.6版本

DO NOT BUY. This game wouldn’t even load up for me, crashed every single time. Don’t waste your money 😔

Truly amazing!. The first ONAF—amazing. The second ONAF—aMaZiNg! This ONAF— A M A Z I N G ! ! ! I very much like this game, yesh. Definitely download.

100/10. Legit so fantastic. So many mechanics, so much fan service, and so much love poured in this game. The port is also perfect. Can’t praise this game enough.

Nothing. Hi im Flumpty bumpty im an egg and am coming after you

Great game. (I am reviewing the whole one night at Flumpty’s series) I am a kid who love this series, something about it makes it less repetitive than Fnaf. But I think you should change birthday boy blam’s Jumpscare in the second game, it looks too 3d and less scary. If this isn’t too much to ask could you please make a 4th game, I think people ask this a lot but I would love it. If the reason you won’t make it is because you’re out of ideas, here are some.The office would have decorations of party themed items. The player would be able to check the map, as soon as the player checks the camera, Flumpty will say “I’m Flumpty, I have captured you because the 3 people escaped all of my labyrinths, so you are my final project. I. Will. Kill. You.”. There would be 2 screens in you room to scroll to, the main room with 3 doors, each with light buttons, and a seat with Birthday boy blam in it. The game would have Flumpty trying to get though your doors, bevowl will try to enter your office by door, but won’t kill you, he will get on the ceiling, and slowly come closer, leading to a jumpscare. Keep birthday boy blam in check by looking at him every now and then or he might break your door buttons (one at a time) or your computer for 30 seconds. You can decide the rest, I actually really hope you read this and I hope this dream becomes a reality.

Best.Game.Ever. If you rate this even a 4, ur gay

Egg. This is the best piece of fnaf media ever made

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Language English
Price $1.99
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 1.0
Play Store com.clickteam.onaf3
Compatibility iOS 9.0 or later

One Night at Flumpty's 3 (Versiyon 1.0) Install & Download

The application One Night at Flumpty's 3 was published in the category Games on 30 October 2021, Saturday and was developed by Clickteam, LLC [Developer ID: 1438432084]. This program file size is 377.21 MB. This app has been rated by 310 users and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. One Night at Flumpty's 3 - Games app posted on 31 October 2021, Sunday current version is 1.0 and works well on iOS 9.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.clickteam.onaf3. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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One Night at Flumpty's 3 Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We continue to develop our one night at flumpty's 3 application for you in line with your requests.

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