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What is one night at flumpty's 2 app? "Welcome one and all to Flumpty Bumpty's, If the light's turned off then you're safe, If the lights are on then they'll come find you, And rip you a brand new face."

Once again Flumpty Bumpty and his assortment of awesome friends have invited you (kidnapped) to a special place to play a game! All you need to do is avoid them untill it's 6am and they will become your brand new best friends. If you the get to you before 6am well... best not think about it.

This new and exciting place is full of different set of rules you will need to learn quick and your only tools available include a light switch computer running with an old battery and a couple of vents.

Good luck and hope you make some great life long friends...

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One Night at Flumpty's 2 Comments & Reviews 2022

- Doesn’t disappoint

I really love the mechanics of this game. It’s really balanced with the owl forcing you to not sit in the dark the whole night, the limited laptop battery and the exposure meter. They all work so well together. This game also has some more lore to it like the introduction of eyesaur who is a monster of corpses and the newspaper after beating hard mode talking about an apocalypse which is seen in ONaF3 regular ending. Just the small details. And one last thing, I like that different characters affect you in different ways. Flumpty gives you a second to react since it’s hard to predict when he’ll jump in. Grunkfuss the clown does more exposure since he’s closer to you, and Eyesaur does a crazy amount because it has so many eyes. For a FNaF fan game this is incredible visually and game play wise. Very unique I love it!

- Best FNaF fan game ever

At first I was kind of worried that this game would be terrible but I played and really enjoyed playing it 10/10 totally worth 2 bucks I recommend this game to anyone who played FNaF or fnac. I do have some suggestions like please add full screen and add a little completion icon in the corner, these were just some thoughts I had so please add some of these soon , thanks clickteam

- Egg-cellent work

This is a good port form the original PV version with some minor changes to avoid copyright issues witch I don’t mind. But on the ipad I noticed it’s nit in wide screen but that really it for what’s wrong of this game. Should definitely recommend. Now for people that think this a rip-off it’s not . just want to make that clear.

- Really Good Would Buy Again

I really think it is a really good game it’s better than the first game,the port it’s self is better than the first game only thing I would change about this that sometimes the buttons are hard to press also when I turn off the light switch it moves my screen but still really fun I beat hard boiled mode and it was overall really good!

- Best game I have ever played

Eggs are the best I now eat eggs every day and I think this is the best video game ever forget playing the actual fnaf games when this game is A cheaper and B more fun you should download this game in fact why aren’t you downloading this game right now you should before I send Flumpty

- Just perfect

This game is amazing and still the best in the series. Both ONAF 1 and 3 are good games but 1 is a bit too comedic and 3 is a bit too dark. However this game has the perfect balance between horror and comedy. Also this game introduced Eyesaur. He’s awesome!

- Great game itself! But…

So of course the game is great because it’s Onaf, but this is about the port. I really feel like there should be a wide screen option for iPhone 10-13 users. Or just a setting tab in general… I’ll definitely move it up to 5 stars if that gets added.

- Great port

I’ve never played the game on PC but the game worked fine when I played it on my phone. The gameplay is suspenseful and you never fell like it’s the games fault you lost. Would buy worth the 2$

- Perfect kinda

It’s a really really good game and it’s the best fnaf fan made game I’ve ever seen but the only problem I could find is that it would sometimes crash maybe it’s because of my device idk

- You should add endless mode

Because you don’t have a power bar (except for the laptop battery) so you can go basically forever

- Even better then the first

This is even better then the first game and still stands on mobile and I’d say the price tag is definitely worth it

- I love it

Alright, so I downloaded the original onaf when it first came out. I became addicted. But this version is actually perfect. The buttons are not broken and it feels really well. I absolutely LOVE this franchise.

- Happy to finally play.

Ever since I watched markiplier play this game on PC five years ago, I’ve always wanted to play. And thanks to the fazbear initiative I’m now able to play it on my phone. Thanks!

- One the best fnaf fan game

This game is just as good as the first one and the original five nights at Freddy’s. It stands out with its mechanics characters and style! I got this one first and I’ll definitely get the first one soon!

- Most unique fan game so far!

This game really goes in a different direction from the first ONaF game, being completely it’s own game. It is, in my opinion, the best FNaF fan game I’ve seen or played.

- A true sign of something great!

The quality of this port gives me even more excitement about the fanverse initiative and can’t wait to see what’s next for it and Clickteam!

- I love it 🥚

Very nice and fun, a lot more addicting than #1, I bet ONaF 3 is gonna be amazing! Although I think there’s a problem with the audio, I’m sure that’s getting fixed

- Egg-sellent game!

This is one of the best fnaf fan made games tied with fnac. I also love the 2d graphics. I’m about to make my first attempt on hard boiled mode too!

- Awsome game!

This game has such a tension of being aware of your surroundings. Who gave you those “dreams” you were talking about?

- 2 dollars is worth it

This game is better than the one 1 is so cool number 2 number 3 will be amazing great work

- The egg strikes back

Great game overall, the new mechanics are great as always with the new rooms breathing life into the world around you

- Comedy

Flumpty should be the center of a comedy stage, cause the game over text and the hard boiled mode text just “cracks” me up

- I’m scared

Sir who gave you the right to make this good of a game it’s scaring me And I LOVE IT if I could buy it again I would

- I like it

I love the game I have both one night at Flumpty’s 1 and 2 but I want fnac stands for Five night’s at candy’s I really want that but this game is awesome

- Bug Found

I was on hard boiled mode and I died and it said game over easy but other than that I love this game

- One problem

So I was in a Grunkfuss the clown attack and the Redman pop up appeared but other then that this is the best fnaf fangame

- Eggcelent

Omg super good work if you didn’t buy yes do so it will be worth it.

- Good game

The game is really awesome I survived until 5 AM I like this game so much :)

- Good game

I am glad that it is on mobile

- Wacky fizicks

This game just isn’t great to play on mobile

- Cool

This is very great except it is challenging lol I did a lot from owl

- I’m jump scares sounds like me


- Excellent port!

Works just how it should!

- Eyesaur 😱

There’s a monster in this game named eyesaur and he jump-scared me at 4am

- 3 Stars for 1 reason

Why do I get every guy thrown at me at 5 AM

- Fazbear Initiative

Good to see the Initiative start going!

- Amazing port

Worth the money

- :-)

Great game but I like the first one better. 🤪

- Buy dis game

Or I will hunt u down🥚🥚🥚🍳🍳🥚🍳

- I’m a cactus

I’m a cactus

- Is good

Bumpt my Flumpt

- Rip Freddy Fazbear

I saw Freddy Fazbear head on the wall RIP

- Egg


- Egg


- Wat


- Noice


- Pog game

Fun fan game



- e g g


- Best

Nothing bad. Except for one thing. Hard boiled mode is kinda hard when it comes to birthday blam, grunkfuss, and eyesuar. Eyesaur is just painful. He can make you lose in like less than a second. And geunkfuss and kill you, but he will most likely have you at that part of exposure where if they see you for 0.1 seconds, you’re dead. Anyways really good game 100/10!

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- A great sequel to a great game!

Well, this game somehow was even better the wonderful One Night at Flumpty’s (ONaF), which is probably my favourite Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNaF) fan-game. Now that you have ported the Flumpty series to iOS, can you port the other Fazbear Fanverse Initiative games to mobile too? (Especially the Five Nights at Candy’s (FNaC) series and Five Nights at Freddy’s Plus (FNaF+) game?) Thanks!

- Amazing

I was waiting for this to come out on apple store for soooo long and now it is! It is so much fun mostly hard boiled mode good job! But can you improve the graphics please in the office

- Epic port once again

Liking the little changes, overall good port. Now we wait for the third.

- Great game

The egg is scary

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- Please put Onaf on ps4

This is very fun please put on consoles because you guys put fanf on ps4 so this would be amazing on ps4 and I will buy it on ps4 and support this amazing game series of Onaf

- Thanks


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One Night at Flumpty's 2 iphone images
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One Night at Flumpty's 2 iphone images
One Night at Flumpty's 2 iphone images
One Night at Flumpty's 2 iphone images
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The applications One Night at Flumpty's 2 was published in the category Games on 2021-01-20 and was developed by Clickteam, LLC [Developer ID: 1438432084]. This application file size is 101.08 MB. One Night at Flumpty's 2 - Games app posted on 2021-01-20 current version is 1.0.1 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.clickteam.onaf2