IconChic-Aesthetic Icons Theme App Reviews

IconChic-Aesthetic Icons Theme [Graphics & Design] App Description & Overview

What is iconchic-aesthetic icons theme app? Stop using the ordinary homescreen.
With IconChic, you can easily change the iPhone themes & DIY your homescreen icons freedom!

#Various iOS14 Themes,Widgets and Wallpapers
-Christmas Theme & Widget
-Aesthetic Theme
-Countdown Widget
-Neon Theme

#500+ icons and powerful app library for you
-Instagram icons
-Facebook icons
-Twitter icons

#Easy Icon Change to DIY your home screen
-Mass Icons Change
-Powerful app library
-Change all app icons in one app, save your time

Newly Added Widgets:
-Countdown widget, including Christmas countdown, New Year countdown and more…
-Battery Widget: battery percentage
-System info: iPhone storage, system status, steps widget

If you choose to set the health widgets, IconChic integrates with the Health app in order to collect and display health data from your iPhone or Apple Watch. The step widget displays your daily step count, while the activity widget displays your move, exercise, and stand progress.

IconChic Pro Subscription:
-Lifetime Subscription-$19.99
-Yearly Subscription-$18.99
-Monthly Subscription-$2.99
* Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase
* Subscriptions are automatically renewed unless automatic renewal is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period, user can cancel in account settings

Terms of Use: https://productdoc.s3.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/terms-icon.html
Privacy Policy: https://productdoc.s3.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/private-icon.html

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Find this site the customer service details of IconChic-Aesthetic Icons Theme. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/1536109153/iconchic-aesthetic-icons-theme/contact

IconChic-Aesthetic Icons Theme Customer Service, Editor Notes:

IconChic-Aesthetic Icons Theme Version 3.1.330 April 2022

Add 80 Widgets. Optimize color palette for custom widget..

IconChic-Aesthetic Icons Theme Version 3.0.210 March 2022

- Bug fix in photo frame.

IconChic-Aesthetic Icons Theme Version 2.3.208 January 2022

Add New Year themes and made some minor improvements..

IconChic-Aesthetic Icons Theme Comments & Reviews 2022

- uhm it’s a great app with amazing icons but…

so basically this app has only 3 icons that are free and the rest you have to buy 😅Which I DONT really want to pay for the money so I just wish there were more options to choose from but its an amazing app though I love the cute icons but I don’t spend my money on an app I spend it for things I need not what I want so yea but this is an easy app to use its just one problem but anyways its still a good app 👁👄👁

- Some apps don’t show...

I paid for this app and the one thing I don’t find good is that there isn’t a lot of variety... 16 dollars for only a little bit of themes is kind of off putting, but I do love how the apps open up without having to use the shortcut app. I am a little weary about what they do with my info though. A big turn off for me right now is that I cannot use all my apps—such as Twitter. When I go to assign the icon to the app, Twitter won’t show up. Neither would the phone app, in fact only a handful of apps are showing up whilst this app shows icons for phone and Twitter. I went to try to see if there was a reason why or whether or not there was any info, but it was just the same instructions over and over on how to install it—no troubleshooting. So because of that I can not give it five stars like I want to, not at least til these issues are addressed.

- Best themes and widget app ever

let’s talk, this app is pretty much for the IOS 14 iPhone update witch we ALL know Widgetsmith, but this app is amazing I can have my own cool thing on my phone where I can change the widgets. But that’s not all I also like it bc you can use your own pictures to choose to match your themes. You can not change the colors so hope you cna add more features. Here are the reasons I don’t particularly like the first, sometimes it doesn’t work, but after i using many other themes and widgets like screenkit, brass....and so on, this is the most beautiful themes i like, so finally i choose this app and pay for it.

- I found a lot of avatars. w

iconchic is the best app I have ever seen! There are all kinds of themes inside, and I am very satisfied! It’s great. My classmate recommended this app to me. When she recommended it to me, she said it was normal, but after I downloaded it, it was super convenient to use. Iconchic was updated themes very quickly. It was really perfect. ! Every time I turn on the phone, the first thing I want to see is iconchic new themes! The themes and icons and widgets are beautiful! I want to try it every time! Moreover, every night I always have to play iconchic for half an hour. It’s so good, full star!!!

- Notifications gone

First of all I will start by saying that aesthetically my phone is wonderful. It changed the icons and the theme is beautiful. I do love the look. With that being said after I switched my icons to the ones for the theme I stopped getting notifications. My phone would ding or vibrate but when I check none of the apps have a bubble flagging the app and my smart watch stopped sending me notifications as well. I’m not sure if it’s a setting I have to adjust but having my phone look amazing vs. loosing functionality and interfering with my other devices isn’t really worth it. If there’s a fix, I would love to know so I can keep this app.

- 5-star review!!!!! But there is a tweak.

First of all, I’ve got to say… this is a wonderful app!!!!! I really think this app deserves a 5-star review! But, there is a tweak. I really think there should be more free themes for our phone. Too much of them themes cost money. Maybe, if you put more free themes ( and maybe more theme options) a lot of people would be happy with your app! I’m not saying a lot of people don’t like your app. I’m just saying maybe put more free themes? Over all of this tweak, I really think this app deserves a fave star review!!!

- Best widget app!!!!?

Although I don't usually write reviews, I have to write this review, but I decided to let users know how great this app is. One day, I was bored and the speed of looking for an app to create custom widgets was mediocre odd, The explanation on how to set up widgets is very vague, but this app showed me how to set up widgets and there are many options. I recommend this method to anyone who is looking for a custom widget, because it has the best UI among all the apps I downloaded for making custom widgets, and it has the best selection of widgets .

- Great to use

Yes it is great to use, I am thanks to iconchic for helping me change my homescreen, my homescreen is beauuuuutiful now!!! This app is the best and has so many themes for me to choose, if I want to change the themes everyday, I can change the two months, haha, and only need to one time click, if i want to change the theme, i just one click again. But i hope the developer can add more widgets, like calendor, So easy to use, I think you must to have a try, trust me, it is value for your iphone. 5 star!

- One of the best!

This application is very simple, my family recommend iconchic to me, they know that I like to decorate my iphone very much. When the 14 system was launched, I downloaded a lot of apps to change the app icon. However, I must say that iconchic is the best to use. You only need to download a file. You can install all the icons at once, instead of installing one at a time like other apps. This is really convenient. And they have a lot of themes, all of them are beautiful, I really like iconchic.

- Very nice

Once you know how to use the app, it will be very simple. My home screen can be recreated every holiday/special occasion, which is fun! I can spend hours on this app. This is really great because you can but can add your own images and text in the widget. There is only one thing, you have to buy "professional" products, and I don't have the money to do it. But this is my fault ?! I really recommend this app.

- Kinda bad

Definitely not good for non-tech people. This deserves 1 or two stars and heres why. You have to pay for a lot of things if you want a good background. I put it on and i cant get all of the aesthetic things off my home screen. It also takes sooo long to pick all of the apps you want to make aesthetic. It doesn’t even have all the apps i have so only half of my apps are aesthetically pleasing and the other ones are plain and don’t match with each other. I would not recommend this to anybody even if it was free. Some of my apps don't work now. Im not sure why this has so many good ratings. It is honestly not worth it. 🤨

- Love it but a couple upgrades would be more helpful

So let me start off by saying I love it so far!! The themes are wonderful and gorgeous. Only thing I would say that would be helpful is that being able to search a certain app instead of having to search through all the themes to be disappointed that you can’t find the certain app you are looking for :)

- Makes no sense

So I was looking for a app to be able to change my icons so I came across this, the reviews were really good so I thought it must be a good app but when i click on get theme for me I have to pay for like a trial or something but I don’t wanna pay for anything so I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or if you just have to pay for everything. I suggest that if your fine with paying you should get the app but if you don’t plan on buying anything I don’t think you should get this app but otherwise this app is really good and love the backgrounds and icons!

- One wrong move

Well to say it short, since y’all have removed the small and big widgets, and kept the medium , there is no reason for small widgets to be shown, please add them back Icon chic, I really want them back, thank you if you have seen this.

- App is so amazing

I think this is a great app, probably the best choice for widget apps ?I also like the app icons you can download! But I think there should be more free options, because many of the options I like cost money. I know how this makes money, but it should be a little more free. Overall, I like this app!

- My wishes

I downloaded this application because it can make your screen better instead of getting boring when I download it, it took me a while to understand it, and then I got it, it makes my screen look better And then I fell in love with it

- Makers of this app please read this!

It is a great app and I used it! But I really wish that more of the sets could be free. Because I really don’t want to pay for that. The free sets are not as cool. Maybe your could add something where you earn the sets so that people could have more sets to choose from.

- Amazing

This app is amazing! It allows you to create a whole new theme and change your icons for your apps. You can replace it with your regular homescreen. Even if you switch between homescreens, the one you created will still be saved until you uninstall it. I recommend!

- Honest review

This is a very good application that can be used not only for cute shortcuts on mobile phones, but also for aesthetics. This makes your phone look beautiful and has many options. If you want purple, orange or brown or almost all colors, you can use these cool shortcut widgets to achieve it.

- 😃

I like it very much. I was looking for something like this. This saves you the trouble of searching for the icon when you change the background. It would be even better if the Glow effect and shadows could be colored with the background and logo respectively.

- What the heck!! 😡

When I first downloaded the app I was super excited, but then I realized you have to pay, like a lot of money to actually USE THE FREAKIN APP!!!!!! I was super disappointed because most apps like this do cost money and I had high hopes, but stupid me for getting excited and getting my hopes up. I feel like they should tell you, where it is clearly stated, that you have to pay money to use the freakin thing if you are not willing to spend your money on this trash then be my guest but I ain’t doin this. #DISAPOINTED😤

- Legit, amazing,wonderful!!

You should definitely buy this app!!!it’s amazing 🤩 I love it so much I can get a bunch of wallpapers and change the look of apps!🤩🤩🤩🤩and it’s a little cheap for t the price to buy more wallpapers and all the other stuff so that’s why I recommend this app!!!🥇❤️🤩🤩👑

- Cool

I recommend to my friends, I don't like to spend time to search picture and change icon, and wallpaper. In this app, I can dress up my phone easily. So quick, themes, and really save my time. No more words, I think you need to download a useful icon for me

- I like a lot of them

Thanks to you, the home screen has been refreshed! I used something like a smartphone dress-up app for the first time, but the operation instructions were easy to understand and easy to use! I will continue to use it habitually!

- So many icons

I recommend to my frends, I don't like to spend time to search picture and change icon, and wallpaper. In this app, I can dress up my phone easily. So quick, beatuy themes, and realllly save my time. No more words, I think you need to download

- So this is the best app. Everrrrr

This is the best thing I have ever done and I recommend it to all iPhone viewers. They are also very easy to use. When I saw it for the first time, I thought it was interesting, yes, it might work fine, but it is definitely recommended!

- good app

My really test and want to say, this is the best app change app, I don't like spending time browsing photos and changing icons and backgrounds. In this app you can easily decorate your phone. So fast and save time with beauty theme. You don't have to talk anymore.

- I love this app but.....

This is the best widget application. I can add various useful widgets, such as date, time, calendar, photos. It provides me with a variety of customization options. If there is only one option, you can hide the widget name. Keep up the good work.

- I love your widgets it’s unlike any of the other apps I’ve tried.

This application is very interesting and useful. My screen is tidy and I need to customize the screen. This is the best way to keep the phone organized. This is very surprising and very helpful.

- This is the best app to customize your phone

I have looked at so many of these types of apps and all had a subscription required this app though has no subscription and there are a lot of cool options

- Awesome app

I like this app, it's great. These have many options and pre-made options that can be added, and there is no professional version, there can be many options. I highly recommend it.

- It’s kinda cool...

I’ve really been into like dark academia and stuff lately, but all of the sets that were even remotely close to it costed money. Like all of the ones that didn’t cost money were like holiday ones and that’s not at all what I’m going for. They really need to chill. There are only like three options to choose from which is so dumb. I’m sorry I don’t wanna spend money on something that I’m probably gonna get tired of in a week. So unless you wanna spend money DONT GET THIS APP!

- fond

Although the advertisement is a bit frustrating. But it is worth it! This one app alone can brighten my home screen, and it has many themes, and already contains widgets and app icons! I definitely recommend this as Apple's new update!

- Widget

I like this app! The only reason I know this is because my friend told me what a widget is, because I don't know what it is. I searched the App Store, opened and downloaded it, and it worked great! Hope it has more anime widgets, but otherwise it is a great app.

- I Love It!

This app is perfect! no problem! You have to pay for some tools, but it is not important. There are many great things that you don’t need to spend money on, for example, you have to spend money! The best widget app ever!

- Only certain apps can be changed.

Only problem I have it the certain amount of apps you can change. For ex. It shows the Netflix icon and when I go to search for my Netflix, it don’t show up. It’s very frustrating if you ask me. We need the update so we can fix every single app on our phone.

- It is very easy to use and I love this software.

It has a LINE icon and is easy to use. I want you to be able to make requests within the app to make it easier to request. Now I want a Brave browser icon

- 🙃

It’s ok but u have to pay for it and it lied it said only press install I know that’s how people make money but it didn’t have to lie if you want it’s for free I would no recommend all though it seems like a great app for people to use.

- I love this app but I have one thing

I like all colors, but my problem is that you have to buy something, maybe they don’t have the money to make it, so I hope someone can read it

- difficulty

I like it. The icons on the dock are unified. I like it because it's simple, easy to understand and beautiful. It may be a paid option, so I would be even more happy if I could customize the colors.

- like

There aren't many apps that I use often. It is also nice to be able to customize it on the home screen in an easy-to-understand manner.

- A very good app

At that time, I was just looking for a wallpaper application to change the wallpaper of the old system, until I saw it by accident, I didn't expect it to be so conscientious, and it was very praised!

- Steps

I like this app, it provides everything you need for great tools Although I have a question, how do you set up widgets on your device? Unfortunately, I am a newbie in this industry, I just asked ?

- Great app!

I love everything about it! Since my first review, it has been updated and the bugs have been fixed! Now there are more options.

- The app its cool

This is a great application. Even if I never thought I would be good at decorating, it can help me find the real beauty and makes me happy to know this style, so thank you to the people who made it!

- vc

I know you can choose to pay for some apps or watch ads. But at least you don't have to pay, it provides you with some very good options.

- This app is great but the concerns

Although there are widgets, you have to pay for other widgets, which is great! I absolutely love it and recommend it to everyone who uses the iOS 14 update.

- I'm not the biggest fan.

Every single icon/theme I see you have to pay for. I understood that that's how these creatorsmake money, but it's too much. I think this app should have important ones you should pay for and basic ones that you don't.The app is free so some of the themes should be free too. if there's a "free app" which has you pay for everything in order to use it, it's not really free.

- The style is really beautiful! !

I'm very happy to have this app installed, and I recommend you to try it. I hope the management will continue to do their best. Overall, I was impressed.

- Icons available but can’t assign the app

2 stars because I like most of the options however you can’t assign just any app to the icons. The list is very short for the apps that can be assigned to an icon. How can you have a weather icon but not have even the native weather app available for assigning. Glad I didn’t buy lifetime membership

TransferWise 💸

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- Great app but please think first before buying

Okay. So I didn't intend to buy the whole pack but they never offered me the $3 subscription anymore so I had to purchase it. The widgets and app icons are great but everytime I open an app, there's always a transition or a switch that pops up between this app and my phone app. It's very annoying. If you could fix this, that would be great. Otherwise, use your iphone shortcuts instead and download app icons on pinterest. No app switching effects plus it's free. I dont wanna regret buying this app so please kindly fix this. Thank you.

- Good app just one thing..

Hi! I personally like this app but I hate the fact that we have to always purchase for the widgets, wallpaper ect. I would really like you to change the payment please. This was the only app that I thought would work. Please change the payment subscription it’s quite unfair to some desperate people. Thank you if you fix this

- You need to have pro

To get anything good you need to buy the pro version! They should have more free themes but other than that it’s a pretty ok app.

- Total scam

Just like every other app.. it is a total scam. Not to mention on the app it says yearly subscription of $2.48- that somehow turns into 30 dollars ?? Not to mention it says it has “free” designs but it won’t let you install without purchasing. What crappy marketing. Do better.

- Not intended to purchase

Hi I didn’t notice a payment was there untily momey was deducted from my bank account. Can I request a refund? Thanks

- Had to pay. Could not use anything unless you payed

Could not use anything unless you payed barley use any widgets unless you payed. There was like 20 widgets alone not together or in sets so it was ithard to do anything you had to get pro and pay

- Not working???

It wouldn’t let me use the material without buying it, is that a glitch or just how it works? I got very exited about this app but it work work for me. 😢😭

- Ok

Great app, you don’t have to waste time

- What??

I might of done this wrong and by the looks of the reviews I think I did. Every theme is great but when you want to download it, Ot gives you payment plan for a theme. Not worth it, Pinterest is wayyy better, ( and free )

- Not great

Doesn’t work on half my apps, just clicks open to a black screen. Waste of money.

- Absolutely love it

Easy to set up!

- Question

Is it free cuz it changes me to the money / premium stuff ?

- To much money

It just asks you in every theme u want to get oh u need to have this to unlock all themes Can there actually be an aesthetic one that is for free But it’s a good app Please fix this app

- This is good app

Simple and easy

- Horrible

You have to pay for everything good and it’s hard to use don’t bother

- toppp

It works well and is a really nice app, I like this cool theme.

- Just no

You can’t get any of the themes without paying 32 dollars, I don’t know what all these reviews are about.

- The worst

This was the worst app ever you can only use 1 aesthetic without paying and it uses all your data DO NOT DOWNLOAD

- Sigh

You have to pay for mostly everything. Don’t get it.

- Waste

You have to pay I didn’t pay. delete the app soon I am

- .

You have to pay of most of them

- Pretty cool


- Love the backgrounds and widgets!

Please add Discord for neon

- Olga

So good of a app

- I love

I like it



Payoneer 💰

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- Good

This app is wonderful of all, but I can’t find any free wallpapers. I suggest that you add free ones.

- ....

All the wallpapers and icons are money, before u pay it says two bucks a month but it’s actually 26 a year. I’m deleting the app

- Good

The app is good but I can find none of some free ones and it really kills me because I don’t have money and even if I did my parents wouldn’t allow me and it would be amazing if you added some free ones other than that it’s nice. I have been trying to look for free ones but I could find any so please add some free ones and please don’t really make them unicorns and things like that because I really like them and want some like that but without money tysm the app is amazing only if parents allow you and you have a card 😅

- What?!!

This app needs money, u can’t do anything without it, it just gets ur hopes up. If we have to pay for the app in order to use it, u might as well just make us pay for it in the App Store.

- Not for Me

Dowloaded it and before I can start, I was ask to subscribe for $2.99/mo. This is NOT like other app that have free themes and only pay for premium/pro. This app is USELESS unless you’re willing to pay money. If not, save your self time and DO NOT download this app.

- why pay

wHy dO wE fReAkIng hAvE tO pAy

- Not bad    

I love the holiday theme of the app category too much

- I like many of them​      

I can change my icons easy.

- Great app!

I like this update

- Good app

Fab!! You should get it. You can download any theme you like and change it to your phone!

- Bad

It’s trash.

- Screen time, please

Detailed, wonderful for the iOS 14 update and makes your device stylish! Recommend!

- I love this

It is the best is so so shock I love it

- Surya

Thank you so much for doing this

- Read if you want

It is first of all the best game ever!!!! So please get it, it is worth it!

- Good.

I think there should be more designs to choose from

- Get the app!

Now that I have an iOS update, I like your widgets, countdowns, etc. They are very cool and very useful

- Honest review

This is a very good application that can be used not only for cute shortcuts on mobile phones, but also for aesthetics.

- Amazing app

From offers to your app icon, iconic widget apps have a lot to offer. It really has everything.

- I love it

I think you should try this app

- Set

So many options to choose from! They’re all adorable too.

- it is iconchic is good

beaut my iphone

- business

iconchic iconchic

- App

I would recommend and I’m pretty sure everyone will find a theme for their taste.

- Iconic

cheap and great

- Love them

I like this app

- recommend for you

I like this app!

- iconchic is good app

easy to change my icon

- worth


- iconchic is good use


- used

Save my time, and then I post my new home screen

- love

I love him! ! ! Great stuff is easy to use

- best icon app

more themes, good design for my screen

- iconchic is good theme

dope I see the money theme haha

- haha

I love the themes

- great

really good

- great to use

Cute icon

- Amazing application!

Great app, i like it very much

- good themes lov halloween, but needs some correction

amazing app for my new phone.

- jk


- Everything uses my money


- Worth your time

pleaee update more themes, I lov

- awesome

you must to download

- lov halloween

What a great app

- amazing


- unbelievable

Very simple application

- Iconic

so great to use

- So confused

great, it is useful

- Iconic

ios 14 need to have

- Love them

Cool icon converter app, I can easily highlight my screen

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IconChic-Aesthetic Icons Theme 3.1.3 Screenshots & Images

IconChic-Aesthetic Icons Theme iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

IconChic-Aesthetic Icons Theme iphone images
IconChic-Aesthetic Icons Theme iphone images
IconChic-Aesthetic Icons Theme iphone images
IconChic-Aesthetic Icons Theme iphone images
IconChic-Aesthetic Icons Theme iphone images
IconChic-Aesthetic Icons Theme iphone images
IconChic-Aesthetic Icons Theme iphone images
IconChic-Aesthetic Icons Theme iphone images
IconChic-Aesthetic Icons Theme Graphics & Design application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

IconChic-Aesthetic Icons Theme (Version 3.1.3) Install & Download

The applications IconChic-Aesthetic Icons Theme was published in the category Graphics & Design on 2020-10-26 and was developed by Goyo Media Analysis Inc. [Developer ID: 1525990730]. This application file size is 186.47 MB. IconChic-Aesthetic Icons Theme - Graphics & Design app posted on 2022-04-30 current version is 3.1.3 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.iconchanger.shortcuts