Rush Hour 3D

Rush Hour 3D [Games] App Description & Overview

Enjoy the driving experience with most realistic way now!

Drive fast and overtake.
Try not to bump into other cars while driving.
Check out different car models to get various feelings.

Fasten your seat belt and get ready to drive!

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Rush Hour 3D Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- New Challenge: Cyber Rush - New Maps - UI Upgrades - Performance Improvements and Bug Fixes

Rush Hour 3D Comments & Reviews

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- not bad game

So I saw this game and was like hey that looks pretty fun so I tried it and it was pretty entertaining. So a lot of people say oh the adds are so gosh darn bad and that is a problem but if you turn of internet and cellular then boom no more adds. So you know you have to lane switch so you can go faster but even if you reck a car it’s so funny to see what it looks like when you hit it. It is also a bit challenging and that’s good because a game with no challenge is no fun. And if your a total pro at it and think it’s way to easy then that’s ok but chances are your not gonna be supper amazing. Then theres the gas and it seems like it would be a problem at first but when you get all the cars (which is easier than you think) then you never have to worry about it again. It’s not a spend all my time on it but it’s pretty good when I’m bored to just pull it out and play. I have one request and it might be little bit more fun if you had time challenges. This game is a solid 5 out of 5 because there’s just not a lot of problems


i love this game it is so fun to play my favorite is when the cop chases you. Five stars al the way 😁 Basically what you do in this game, is you level up and you can get ether cars and everything. So on some levels the cop will start to chase you, and you have to run away, and it is so much fun. It is so easy all you do is just tap the screen there aren’t any hard challenges so far so good, but I play this game a lot it is a really good game. 😁😁😁😁. I definitely recommend this game to anyone who likes car games that aren’t too challenging. And there aren’t even that many ads, only just a few, but way less than this other car game that I used to play but this one is better 😁😁😁. I know that in other reviews you might read here say that there are so many ads, but there aren’t that many 😂. Great game!!

- Starts to get pointless after a short while

Overall, it's a fun game as long as you turn on Airplane Mode which disables ads. My biggest problem with this game is that after playing the game for two days, I already unlocked everything and completed all the challenges. I'm on level 457 and there's nothing left to do, and there's no incentive for me to continue. The levels don't get more challenging. In fact, this game is only as challenging as you want it to be. The mechanics are extremely basic. The car drives itself automatically with the flow of traffic, but tapping the screen causes the car to swerve left and drive full speed the wrong way into oncoming traffic. The more cars you can pass and dodge, the more you're rewarded. But if you let the car drive itself, you can complete an entire level by not even doing anything, because it's up to you how aggressive of a driver you want to be, and you're rewarded with diamonds for successfully driving aggressively. However, being rewarded with diamonds for driving aggressively becomes pointless when there's nothing left to spend the diamonds on. Therefore, this game seems kinda half-baked. It's great fun for the first two days, then becomes completely pointless and repetitive after easily unlocking everything. I no longer have any incentive to drive aggressively. I could let the car stay on autopilot and not do anything forever, and it wouldn't make any difference because there's no longer any objective.

- Fun game with oddly fun glitches

I’ve been playing this game for a few days and I have found it to be really fun and equally as challenging. It’s all about timing and precision of course. I’m leaving 3 stars because the lack of diversity between levels. You could play level 5 and level 38 side by side and not tell a difference. There are some bugs and glitches here and there like getting stuck in the ground when you start a level and most notably the one where you slide all across the screen and get thrown all across the level. It might sound odd for me to say but I really find that bug stupidly amusing. The adds may be annoying but just turn on airplane mode and now you have an add free game but sometimes I forget to turn it off and miss important notifications so I just wish I could keep airplane mode off without an add popping up after every minute of playing. Overall, very fun game that’s addicting but with very minor issues.

- Best on the market

I’ve played a bunch of overtake car games but this is hands down the best one of it’s play style on the market. I have beat 110 levels so far. The levels keep going, but I think I have literally ran out of missions to complete. These are things that would only make the game better. I think it is super fun More vehicles- you have a good bit but I think once you get the VIP Mercedes & the cop car, every other vehicle is pointless. More missions- I noticed after a short while, the missions just repeat. Which is fine but—- You could add time trials. You can add “x number of seconds in overtake lane.” How long you used the nitrous. Do x amount of races with certain vehicle or class of vehicle. MAYBBBEEEE a car customization part, not really needed but I’m sure people would like it. Different levels, I noticed you just added some but after 100 levels, it gets repetitive. I think the game is awesome and I don’t make apps so I don’t know what it takes. But this is easily the best little car overtake type game on the market. Good job!!!

- Fun game when played in small bites

The game is fun, but has no depth. In essence, you race along a straight track toward a finish. You earn points/money by passing multiple cars consecutively or by dodging oncoming traffic. There are special goals you can complete for additional points/money. After each race, you watch an advertisement. The ads range from 5 to 30 seconds, with most of them being in the 15 second range. If you crash in a race and want to continue or want to double your earnings, you must watch an ad. This ad is 30 seconds. The money you earn goes toward upgrading you vehicles or buying new ones. Each vehicle can race 10 times before it needs a rest. You’ll never run out of energy to race, except perhaps early on. There is a ridiculous subscription and store that wants you to drop enormous amounts of money. You don’t need any of this to enjoy the game. You can vs race, but I suspect these are AI racers and not real people. If you only play the game a few times a sitting, it’s fun. Because of the lack of depth and routine advertisements that break up gameplay, the game has limited entertainment value.

- Fun but glitches

Overall I've played this game alot and it's really fun but after around a week of playing the game started glitching all the time which didn't let me play the game properly or even at all. For example with the super fast car when I'm speeding down the left side and i want to go to the right because there's another car i let go and the car starts to skid uncontrollably left and right and usually hits the car I'm trying to avoid, one other is when i tap to play as the police car or the military truck it spawns stuck right out the right side of the road and wont move even if i restart or go back to the menu and redo the level. There's more but it will take too much space so I'll just ask the developers to please fix this.

- Really fun game for free time, fix the bugs

I like to play this game on my free time or to take a break for work. It’s quite fun and addicting to get all of the cars and upgrade them. Thumbs up to the devs that created this! I would like to point out some bugs where the combo meter resets for no reason, and I’ve clipped through some sort of barrier and trashed the car when going super fast without obstacles in the way. But those are very minor glitches, and this is a great game :)

- Fun but broken physics.

Great game! I love that it’s actually hard but also super fun! However I came across a game breaking bug, it can ruin a run. If you max out the low rider I have found that using double tap nitro going for about 8 seconds then going over a dip in the ground and then stopping the nitro (going over to the right side) can cause you to get thrown all over the screen when you hit a car. It might seem very detailed but just by playing with the maxed out low rider will bring you upon the glitch. It is very funny but I have found the low fixer hard to use because I keep getting affected by the physics glitch. Please fix!

- Good.

This is a great game but I'm already on level 97 and I feel like nothing is getting harder. I need a challenge every once in a while. Also, A suggestion would be maybe have more options to buy things. What I mean by that is having other things to buy that aren't just cars and upgrades for them. Maybe you could choose a color for your car or a decal. Or maybe even name brand cars . Like I said , I'm on level 97 and I have the army truck with full upgrades to the max. Isn't that amazing? But I'm leaving 4 stars because nothing is getting harder. Otherwise this is a great game.

- Consumer analysis directed to Developers

Through playing Rush Hour 3D these last few days I can say you guys have greatly assisted in my current quest of tapping into my younger self during this quarantined state. Game play is so appealing it makes you forget about the ads! I give it Four Stars! As a consumer these are my opinions to make this a Five star mobile game. As you overtake a cop, it should automatically start chasing you ultimately leading to more of those great 3D Camera Scenes smart add on! I’d say the same for the interactive vibrations great touch would love to see it incorporated more in the next update! Thank you for you Time O’Shay J*☻

- Ad-riddled to the point of not being fun

A rare thing for me to write a review, as I usually enjoy mobile games and just leave 4-5 stars. This game looks like it would be fun but the tutorial was so poor, I barely got a chance to learn the controls. After every attempt at driving and wrecking, you have to watch a 20-30 second ad. I only got through three attempts and decided to uninstall the game after spending an equal amount of time trying to learn how to slow down and change lanes to getting stuck behind ads. The game looks like it would be fun but I don’t play mobile games to be inconvenienced - you’d have to subscribe to actually enjoy the gameplay.

- Great Quality but always room for improvement

I loved this game the moment I downloaded it, I thought it would be a great, new, different, and extraordinary game. I was correct it was an awesome game... but there needs to be changes. After I am finished a round, a add pops in, I am not a person who likes adds, especially when they pop up often! I really do think this is a new and different game. But I think it might need to step up their game. To the creators, great job! But try thinking of less adds... if you can control it. Thank you!!!

- Such a gooood game

I love this game but you can have a little bit of ads but you can fix it easily by turning off your Wi-Fi or turning on airplane mode I think this is very sick game and it’s very challenging and everyone should try it I’m gonna give this a five star rating because it is very challenging I love the graphics and I love when I crash explosions are amazing but it can be a little bit more better thank you everyone should try this game and I love the cars in it bye-bye


I think if you update this game with more levels cars and fun missions and even steering mechanism it would be cool if we could choose our own paint or customize the cars you could make the games so much fun I don’t know why but I love the whacky physics in the game because it make it enjoyable and gives me a few chuckles it even be fun if you we’re running from more then one police also first person viewing would make it much more enjoyable

- Edison Tatton’s review

It is very realistic like when they crash the cars flip and they would smoke and actually have dents. How to control is makes the car move and swerve. The levels are fun and they get more challenging. But the only bad part is that the cops are good and they don’t actually chase you and I wanted a chase but it just shows the lights the car dosent actually come. But it’s a fun game and I would definitely recommend it to a friend.

- Awesome!!

This is a really good and fun game if you’re bored or if you just want to do something, the only downside is the ads but just turn of your Internet and then you can just play with no ads! WOULD NOT RECOMMEND FOR kids who might be too interested in the game because I don’t want any kid to think it’s okay to flee police so make sure they know this is just a game and tell them not to do it in real life.

- This game needs an endless mode

I honestly really enjoy this game, the ads are awful but just turn in airplane mode when you play it. But oh my god this game needs an endless mode and maybe more customization in the cars. I would also love to see being able to pick modes. And hopefully one of those modes would be endless.

- Worst update ever!

Hello, so the game is nice just one issue, prior to updating the game i had more than 7500 gems 4 card unlocked and i was doing ok, but when i updated the game puffffffff Suddenly i lost all of my cars and some how 6000 gems as well, now i have 1500 gems available in my inventory and just the begginer car and this is absolutely ridiculous, give my things back or i will sue you(just kidding, but seriously i worked my ... off to make that money and buy those cars, give them back please).

- Really sick n tired of ads.

This ain’t even my cup of tea, I was hoping to swipe my finger wildly to practice for F&F tryouts...but turns out ALL you do is TapnHold and your car sluggishly does the rest These ads are completely out of hand and ridiculous. I use to not mind them (don’t know how) but since they are in ANYTHING that is internet based its feckin crazy at this point. This is why I only have 3 games on my phone that I don’t even really play! The ads are to dam much at this point!! So now Once I start getting ads in anything (except when I’m watching stuff) I’m flat out annoyed.

- Add More Goals and Ad Free Paid Version!

Everyone games with too many ads 101: Airplane mode.... I’ve been genuinely enjoying this game but please for the love of anything add more missions! Also highly recommend adding the option to purchase a no ads version of the game like many other games on the App Store do. I understand that this is how these developers make their money but PHEW this game is an overload and basically forces you to put on airplane mode to play for more than a minute straight.

- Very fun but short

Needs a larger selection of cars and to many ads. I get an ad every time I crash it’s either continue get an ad restart get an ad or go back to menu get an ad like Foreal I might as well continue every time but after I watch an ad the audio turns off and just the musics playing so now I have to shutdown the app because I like hearing the sound effects of the car plz fix little bugs other than that 5 stars this game is fun

- iiiiiiiADDICTING!!!!!!!!

This game should not be this fun! Whoever made this game needs a raise like NOWWWWW!!!!! I don’t usually play phone games but like, this game though, it just hits different! The way it’s easy to get new cars is even better like, it’s not hard to get gems and that’s the best part cause it feels good to be getting gems and playing this game. P.S. drop more games like this please! Thank you sir

- 4 stars

I was looking for a game where I can run away from cops and I found this. I really like the game, but the reason I didn't give five stars is because I can't really control the car. There isn't a steering wheel or something to choose which way to go or to control it better, but other than that I really enjoyed the game and I have been spending way to much time on it! 😂

- Overall great, but needs improvement

I really enjoy the game! It is entertaining, engaging and is addictive! The only thing that needs work is the fact that when you buy the sheriff’s car, it takes the jewels, but doesn’t unlock the vehicle. I tried numerous attempts and even did the in-app to ensure that was not the problem, but it still didn’t resolve the issue.

- Yeet

It is a good game but the only thing is that the app is not the best of the day is the one I can get to do with the one I have to do with my kids and then the other day is going to be a little bit more expensive for the one It was the day one day and one of the one that was in my house and the one day I got a day and I was like one I rgot really eis day rwas rose

- Too many ads

I can’t even go to the menu coming out of a game without having to watch an ad. Also, of course the game is built around ads, if you watch an ad you can get this and that and double this. Ridiculous, I’m all for supporting small apps and businesses but you don’t deserve me watching as many ads as you shove down your customers throats so I’ll be turning my data usage off while playing this game.

- Good but has its issues

The cars and the graphics and such are good but in the chase mode the cop needs to have better brakes or something because I can’t finish the race because of the cop ramming into me and destroying my car. Also the ads are annoying and the amount. I know the devs have to earn money but it’s a little too excessive and irritating. But overall it’s good and for the devs, could you add a three lane road that is a free mode of just racing.

- One thing

I think it would be very interesting if they added a replay system into the game because sometimes you make an amazing crush or you make an amazing stunt and you want to see what happened or what happened but you weren’t unable to. Other than that perfect game

- Wow !

I love having ads play after every round! When i'm done playing a round I just can't wait to see the ad that plays after (most of the time it's the EXACT SAME ad everytime!!!) if you like ads then download this game. it has a special place in my heart. i love ads. they waste my time but why not. (joking)

- So much potential...

If you are going to have an ad after every stage, the stages need to be a LOT longer. Not the first game I’ve tried once and deleted for this. Unfortunately, it seems to be the latest trend. Shame really. People would see more ads if they kept the game on their phone. Short sighted really. So you got me to watch 5 ads in a few minutes. Imagine if I watched 5 ads a day for a few months instead!

- I LOVED the game.

The game was great. I had everything unlocked, and the game worked well. That was before the most recent update. It lags out to the point where I can’t move at the beginning of half of the levels. I have also purchased the ‘Sheriff’ car multiple times now, and it won’t go through. So I’m out now nearly 22,000 diamonds. I really hope this is fixed, and I can be recompensated. Thank you.

- So Addictive ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

As a 19 years old car maniac and the biggest fast and furuios fan. I've played many racing games like nfs, csr and real racing on both pc and mobile. And I can definitely say that THIS GAME IS BY FAR THE BEST RACING GAME OF 2020. During the year of 2020 we've lived countless unlucky events and tragedies. But this game is fun enough to make us forget it all and just have great time!! -------- Como maníaco de los autos de 19 años y el mayor fan de los rápidos y furiosos. He jugado muchos juegos de carreras como nfs, csr y real racing tanto en PC como en dispositivos móviles. Y definitivamente puedo decir que ESTE JUEGO ES EL MEJOR JUEGO DE CARRERAS DE 2020. Durante el año 2020 hemos vivido innumerables eventos y tragedias desafortunadas. ¡Pero este juego es lo suficientemente divertido como para hacernos olvidarlo todo y pasar un buen rato!

- Cool but put more better stuff in and too many adds

I like the game a lot but at least put some more chase modes and put more better cars the best one is like the pickup truck and I want more cars that are good and also TOO MANY ADDS. Please put less adds like every game and I push restart there is a add. It’s annoying so please fix it other then that it’s a very good game.

- Good update

I had problems with the game losing its sound while I’m playing the game , but it seems like now since the update it has been fixed and has a no ads option . Which to me is pretty cool , I enjoy playing this game a lot

- Good game

It’s a good game. I thoroughly enjoy it. I’m already at level 205. I just wish it had more challenges and or more missions. It’s a great game. I play it all the time. The ads aren’t bad. I paid the $2 or whatever just so I wouldn’t have them anymore. Keep up the good work. I only gave it a 4/5 stars because I would like more challenges in it.


The game was going well at first but then in the middle of the game is kicked me out and deleted its self I thought it was a little lag since I just got the iPhone 12 max and sorry if I'm bragging but I then downloaded it again then adds come up every time I press on a button even a day after I fully closed the game and an ad popped up I deleted it and downloaded it again when it was finished I opened it up and an ad pops up and then it kicked me out and deleted its self AGAIN this game is terrible😡😒🤮🥱

- Fun game, way tooo many ads....

I understand the need to capitalize on your game development but the current use of ads is ridiculous. You cannot perform a single action in this game without encountering an ad. Win a level = ad, lose a level = ad, want a reward = ad. I would happily sit through ads for each completed level and rewards, but ads for losing is just overkill. Deleted the app after 15 minutes and 10+ ads.

- Good graphics but holy adds

I got this game and it’s cool and the graphics and physics are top notch(some of the best) it fits the game perfectly but the adds; those adds Man you crash you have to see a 30 second add no matter what but if you turn on airplane mode it’s like add free heaven

- Good game

Turn off internet, ads are gone and this game is a lot of fun. Love how they integrated haptics with the game. I would like more detailed maps: better city details, more city objects to punch etc. More details overall would give this game more life.

- To many ads

Never have a ever played a game that you get to play 10 second levels and get ads after every single one that are at least 30 seconds long there is no reason you should be watching more ads than playing the actual game

- Great game but WAY to many ADDS

I love this game it is realistic and fun but I have I problem it has way way waiting many adds!!! Please get ride of all these adds ever single time I try to go to the next level there is a add first it is annoying and frustrating if this does not change sooo will be deleting the game because all these adds are wasting my time!!!!

- Too many ads?

The solution for too many ads is to just go to settings then turn of the internet and turn off cellular data (this mostly works for most games)

- To many ads

I hope the developer will add an option to pay for the game and no more ads and there is some glitches and game freezes on iPhone 11 so I hope that will be fixed to but yeah it’s a great game I give it a five

- Great potential but lots of ads..

Its extremely fun, especially the hot pursuit moments. I'm only starting but I have a great felling. The ads though, they're very annoying. There's an add every stage and everywhere you go and do. Its too much. I understand the want of making money, but there must be a better way.

- Ads

I enjoy this game, a lot. The ads are a dealbreaker though. I get it, but after every single round it is a 10-15 second ad and the level may last 30 seconds. I’m sorry but this is getting deleted, it’s like wait the extra 10 seconds to get an extra reward or wait for the ad to play for 15 seconds. Over it.

- Best Game! Just need bugs fixed!

Overall the game is amazing, there is some bugs that need to be fixed, there should be more missions tho, after a while , the game levels start to act up

- Not too good!

I actually liked the game. Until I started playing it more often.. and notices some cheats EVERYTIME I get in front of any car they swerve but the police car doesn’t, I tried to buy a police car and notice it doesn’t have that armor.. and EVERYTIME im on a chase the police crash into all those and doesn’t fail. Another thing is it’s in the same place.

- New update takes your money

For some reason the new update shows a new police car but when you have the money to buy it, it takes the money but does not unlock the car. Saved up the money twice but still not unlocking.

- Game keeps ripping me off

The game is good overall but lately it keeps ripping me off. Since y’all have added the Sheriff car into the game for 7500 gems, I’ve bought it like three times and it takes my gyms but doesn’t unlock the car. Can you fix this? Otherwise, the game is pretty fun to pass time

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- Expecting A Good Game

When I saw the ad I was like nice game and I attend this game to be as good as the ad

- Great game. (Is like the add)

This game is really good and in certain levels you do get chases by the cops. (Another reviewer said otherwise which is wrong) the only thing is hat it makes my phone really hot and it freezes a little bit when changing lanes. But overall great game.

- Good game

It’s an enjoyable game, it buffers a bit wvery now and again, but the main issue is the new update which has the new sherif car but I can’t unlock it, whenever I pay for it I just lose diamonds

- Amazing game but as everyone says too many ads

The game is simplistic yet well developed, even though non-voluntary ads are skippable after 5 seconds, it is still a nuisance.

- To many adds

I play ADD it get annoying but the game is pretty good and the reviews are magnificent Mostly like only dislike are adds tnx for looking :)

- Broken

Everytime I use the police car it glitches me in the ground and won’t even let me drive. I have to restart and use a different car before I can use the police car. This game is just broken and full of annoying ads.

- To bot face guy

Um yeah you get chased buy a cop car, you have to play a bit longer and level up.

- Good but not like the add

Hi I like this game but the reason why I rated this game 4 stars is in the game u don’t get chased by cops and in the add is shos that u gat chased by cops but overall good

- Poor

Add after every crash.. add after every level complete so I suggest you press the double as you’ll have to sit through an add anyway. No sound either... only in the adds!!! Poor game really

- Fun

Fun but needs more

- Adddds

The game is amazing but when you finish The ad comes no matter if you pick restart oh double coin or whatever deleted it just because of that

- It’s just Ad fuel

Monotonous and insanely repetitive. Ad’s after the very turn is infuriating and the game is nowhere near entertaining enough to pay any premium to remove advertisements.

- Not bad

Heaps of adds Adds after every level that take 30secs Not really worth it

- Disgusting game

Too many ads, the game is not very bad, but the ads maddening you. Don't waste your time until they remove or reduce ads.

- Bad game

This game had to many ads there is 1 ad every game and it’s a non skipping ad so it’s a time waister

- Brute

Too many adds

- Too much add

Downloaded, played for 5 min . And deleted!! Too much add !!!

- Impossible to play without paying

The amount of ads is unbelievable

- Ads

Nothing but Ads throughout the game. Ruins the flow

- Gondal gandul

Mambu gandul

- Bs

I literally can’t find anywhere where it says to buy VIP. I thought it would have to be the no ads button so I paid for that and bought a VIP car, the car is still locked and I’ve wasted all my gems and money on something I can’t even drive in the game so idk what to do lol. There’s also no button to contact anyone for support, no even on the creators damn website !? Bs

- So many adds

I’ve never used an app with so many adds. I get they need to make money, but I can’t wait for 1-2 adds every race

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- It good

Good to play when your bored but only interesting to play for about ten minutes at a time.

- Like it’s fun but an ad after every freaking play.

To many ads

- Not bad needs to be fixed

Lost a star due to ads, but turn off data for the game and that fixed the issue Lost another star because the game glitches out so bad it makes the higher levels almost impossible Lost another star because it doesn’t deserve it It has potential... definitely a good time killer

- Cash grab

The game itself is not that bad. Graphics are good but there’s way too many ads. The levels only take 10 seconds to complete and ALWAYS follow with a 30 second ad afterwards. Not to mention most levels and scenarios are just copy and paste, making it seem like a easy cash grab for them.

- The best

This game is very fun but I don’t like how many adds there are

- incredible

my goodness such realistable grafic and movement remind me of india back home

- Sexual adds in the game

Cool game for a baby kid but my 4 years old son ask me few questions when we see adds with girls almost naked dancing Please take care with the adds you intagtate into the game !!!! Kids are your players ;)

- Too many ads

Too many ads

- Honest review

Completely riddled with ads*, but as per the gameplay, its actually really well put together and plays smooth. Plus each car has its own little quirks so there’s some incentive to explore. I got the best of the standard cars (sports car) after probably around 10 rounds without doubling** *Youre given an option after every round to watch a full 30 second ad to **double your earnings, or you can choose not to, and just watch an ad that you can skip after 5 seconds.

- Gets old fast

Game is fun at first but after a day of playing it gets old.

- Nice

Good but can you put a setting where it’s swipe to steer Also adds are ok I do not care and there is also in app perchases A ok and if it’s free there’s bound to be adds and almost every game has in app perchases I think?🤔 Games that cost money to download don’t have adds I’m not sue

- To much advertising

I deleted after 5 min. It has toooooo much advertising, every round 2 advertising, not worth it to spend your time watching advertising. Sick and tired of YouTube advertising, now here....Not recommended for everyone.

- Needs more work

This is a good game but I noticed that most of the car are broken after you max them out rendering them in controllable, I wish they would add a separate BREAK bottom for thoes moments. Also different modes like practice or endless mode where you can continue on forever would be much appreciated! Tbh this is a good FREE game I just feel the developers need to add a little more

- I would prefer

Oh I love the game but I would prefer if there was a girl driver and I want a jeep in this game


No explanation on game control and you watch more ads than actual game play.

- Potato

Great game, love to play it during my free time

- Fix asap

Just blew 70k gems on the Sherrif after clicking unlock and it taking all my gems and the military car gets stuck in the literal ground everytime I go to use it and the cop car also gets stuck in ground and to many ads deserves a quarter of a star

- Enjoyable physics

When I mean enjoyable physics I mean very random physics and for me it’s just fun seen my car bounce around


This game is HORRIBLE here are some reasons why: So many ads Hard to control Kicks you out of game a million times BIG rage Now you get why this game is horrible😡😡😡

- Ridiculous number of ads

It is good game but ads are way too many. Deleted already.

- Ad factory

Don’t bother, it a quick uninstall !

- lag problems

lags a LOT. not because of my phone.

- Fun game ruined with ads

The ads in this game will make you crazy. It’s super fun but unplayable because everything requires you to watch an ad

- Thing

It good but too many ads

- Wow

Wow what a fun game 👍🏾

- Nada

This goes for all these apps out there… I get that you probably have to have adds to pay your bills but do you have a audience like myself who plays your game once And will NEVER play your game again because of all the ADS. Too bad... sucks that the big name Apps get loyalty with gamers.

- great game, way too many adverts

the time playing the game is less than how much time spent watching advertisements. 15 seconds of gameplay then u have to watch a 30 second ad. absolutely garbage. download any other game instead

- Ads are crazy

Just opened the game, trying to figure it out, and after literally 5 seconds I crashed and BOOM...30 second ad. Deleted before I tried a second you producers really think after staring at an ad for 29 seconds we are going to select it. Keep her under 5 second ad company’s.


After the last update, I lost all my progress PLEASE RESTORE MY CARS! 1 STAR :(

- Game stuks at stage end

I am on level 89 and every time i play game it sticks at the end of mission, No progress further. Then i have to close the game window and play the game but same problem at the end of stage

- Bad Game Physics and Touch Controls

This video game had the potential to be really good, but it is plagued with touch control bugs and the game physics are really ridiculous at times.

- Car

Stupid game no control

- Too many Ads

You play for 30s and you have watch at least 20s ads, no thank you

- Ads


- 30 second gameplay = 30 second ads 😩

Title says it all. Waste of time for a game that’s pretty fun.

- So repetitive

Same exact level for the whole game. Nothing changes and wayyyyy to many long ads for a repetitive game.

- Idk man

Too many ads and yu get bored after a few games .

- Very boaring game

Very boaring gane

- Too many ads

This would be extremely addicting and popular if I didn’t have to sit through 30 seconds of ads for every 10 seconds of play. It’s ridiculous. I’ll delete this game after two days.

- Too much ads!

don’t try you’ll get tired of it after 5minutes

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- Fun just needs more

I like this game a lot but I already have every car fully upgraded and so many gems but nothing to buy anymore. Add more cars and other things to do

- TC

Love this game as its so much fun, realistic and challenging especially the police pursuit! Only annoying glitch is that there is often no sound which really deters from the game. Hope it can be researched and fixed.

- Bugs

It’s a fun game matter a fact it’s one of my favorites but I experience so many bugs especially with the police car the car won’t start up or it will sit still and glitch it happens with the other cars to so I’d have to waste so much gas because I’d have to restart the app over and over

- Super addicting, but could use less ads.

Yea, this game is fun and all, and it’s easy to lose track of anything while playing this, but the ads are just so annoying! Every level, you guessed it. Ad. Everything, ad. So, if you ever make an update to this game, make sure there are less ads.

- Needs UPDATE

Update with objectives, other than passing levels and an occasional police chase.. being able to buy different cars is okay, but it is generic/basic ..obviously you will get to choose cars and unlock them.. but NEEDS more

- What happened to my car

I literally grinder for the 8000 car and I finally had got it but since the update I don’t my car anymore like all the progress I had on this game is gone now but other than that tragedy love the game👍🏽


I think a good idea is that if you see the same car you are driving then you have the choice to make the next level a race between you two. :D great game btw 5/5

- Good but.....

Now this game is great with everything but when you buy the sheriff car it dosent let me have it so I got enough then bought it again and again it it dosent let me drive idk if it’s a bug for me only so please fix this

- Hint

People are saying to many ads but if you just turn off Wi-Fi and data then there’s no ads at all. Most of people are stupid so no surprise 🙃

- Ruined

The game was great before the new update. I had unlocked the racecar before and everything was good. It was a great game. Now I come back and it’s completely changed. Everything was wiped. My cars and money. Now they added a system where each time you use a car you use up one gas tank, and I hate games that work around that system.

- Good game

A message to people who whine about ads: All games like this will have tons of ads, it’s just how the world works. Play the game offline or use an adblocker, don’t whine about it and give it a one star just because you don’t like the ads.

- To much adds

Is a really good game it’s my favorite I play it everyday but something I don’t like is that there to much add and that’s annoying whenever u want to go back to menu etc there always add. It would be really good if ya could fix the adds problems BC I can’t play am only 13

- Game

Other than the cops actually don’t chase you. And you can have a fast fast car. The game is really fun. And there should be more areas and longer straight aways. But I would definitely recommend it. !!!

- Okay

Pretty fun to play Forces you to watch an ad after every level I understand that’s how they make money but literally EVERY level, even if you just go to retry Ads will crash the game multiple times and I have to close it out to keep playing Other than that, it’s fun

- My Cars Are Gone

So the game is a good game and would’ve gotten 5 stars, but the fact that I logged in today and the cars I bought are gone and now I just have the default pickup truck is dumb. Can I pleases have my cars back? Just yesterday or the day before I had them. Before this bozo ol update.

- Audio cuts off after ad

This game is amazing and I love the music but the only thing I don’t like about this is that the audio sometimes cuts out after a ad

- GREAT GAME, but needs more stuff

I feel so bad for giving this a four star cause this has been one of the only apps I really enjoy. Just there needs to be more stuff added, some sort of new game mode, or just more wild cars. Love it, amazing.

- To many ads

This game is fun to play i just downloaded it and i have played 3 games so far and theres to many ads. I crash and i click restart there 2 ads waiting for me. After clicking the x on one the The other pop out. No matter what i click on theres to ad waiting. But other than that its a fun game.

- Ads Ads Ads

You might as well download an app that just plays adds on repeat. You get a 30 second ad for every 15-30 seconds of gameplay. I understand that free games have to have ads to make money buy you are spending more time watching ads then playing the actual game. The game is actually pretty fun but the frequency of ads completely ruins the experience

- To the last guy that commented

The cops do actually come u just gotta be bad at the game 🤣 but if u go down to the normal car speed that all the other cars are doing they will ram u

- Bugs

Now this game is overall a great game but once u get to a certain level it makes it to where ur invisible. Also u cant complete the mission thats about all the problems i have with this game.

- Good but problematic

I loved this game when I first started playing it, but then it stopped giving me missions so I had nothing to complete besides levels, and now it won’t even let me use the VIP cars. I’ll tap on them and nothing will happen. I also tried to buy a VIP car and I payed for it five times and I never unlocked it.

- Lost all my progress after they updated

I have been playing this game for as long as it came out for and once they update I lose all my gems and cars that I have already unlocked, RIDICULOUS terrible I really have to play to unlock everything and it’s terrible I need someone to fix my gems ASAP this was terrible and I this is a huge issue for the older players

- Okay of a game

Really wish the levels where longer and harder and please I really would spend my own money for a one time payment to get rid of the ads like 3 to 10 dollars I really would add it in on the next update or so other than that it’s a really good game

- Too many ads

The game is a really good and fun game but my only problem with it is that there are way too many ads. I spend more time watching ads than playing the game it feels like

- Broken level

Great game but level 59 is Broken, I have tried over and over but it won’t fix, my car gets stuck. But it’s an awesome game so 5 stars

- Pretty Horrable

To some people, it could be a really good game, but for me, it’s really hard to turn when your on a tiny hill, because I start to flip everywhere. I’m stuck on a police chase and there are so many hills, I just keep on crashing. I had to give this a bad rating because of that, and it’s really frustrating, but it’s just to hard, and not so good for me.

- Good

Good game overall, not my FAVORITE game but definitely up there. Almost always 1-2 ads before each round and after rounds. Other than that very good game.

- Not bad but needs more

This isn’t a bad game but there is only like 6 cars and the vip ones, there should be more maps and more cars but other than that the movement and physics are great

- This game is trash

I don’t know what game all the other reviewers are playing but this game is one of the worst games I’ve played. It’s cool for about 2 minutes then the game starts to completely lag out and heats up your phone to where your whole phone is glitching. I would never recommend this game to a friend. Save your time and don’t fry your phone. You have been warned.

- Good but I could be better

To start off with this game is really good but the games are fun but the ads are not, after every game or when you’re about to start a new one there is a ad!!!

- To many adds

There are to many adds if you can fix that everything would be perfect

- This is great

This is a really Game is great , please add a fee to remove ads... I’m sure you can make a lot more money from that than anyone clicking on the ads ..

- When you start the game, phone vibrates like a car

You can almost hear it.

- Heath

Im giving this one star because of the Ads. Too many of these games have 9 seconds of play time with 30 second ads. Its frustrating. If I say I do not want the bonus so I can skip the ad then the game immediately plays an ad thats a literal slap in the face. Its disrespectful to the customer. This looks like it could be fun but its ruined by the ads.

- great

Like the game just to many ads I get a advertisement vid for diff games at the end of every level but love the game and sound are pretty good from vehicles.

- Games great but ads take all of the fun away

Been playing this game for a day and I love it would give this game a 5/5 but the ads are just wayyyy too much. Wasting 30 seconds after every level absolutely kills it for me. Please reduce the advertising thanks.

- The levels are just way too hard

Devs please read this can you make the levels a bit easier the levels are just a little too hard and the cars at the same time just mess me up :(


We need more cars and different maps, after you finish the game theres nothing else to do

- my opinion

Please take off the adds because i literally love this game but the adds are too much

- Too many adds

Almost impossible to play. Give it a break

- The bugs man!

I once crashed, and pressed continue to get another try. After the ad, I blasted up into the air and without touching my phone it landed and crashed🧐

- Good but could be better.

Played game and it seemed as if it was too easy. The amount of upgrades u can do is also limited and the challenges are too short. It’s only fun until u unlock the fastest car.

- Amazing gameplay

Just give us the option to remove ads for $1 and the game would be just perfect. Ads are very annoying and lengthy.

- Reckless driving

Try to play and learn from this game if you drive reckless what gonna happen outing your and other live in dangers.

- Buggy and unsatisfying

This game crashed a lot. When I watched the ads, It never gave me the fuel for replays. Whenever you play, it takes the fuel from your gas tank, and if the game crashes before you start, you automatically lose the fuel anyway. This game is useless in its current state.

- Car gem purchases never went thru

How many times did I try and buy the white sheriffs car?? Countless - spent over 85k gems total after earning them - beat every level, got every vehicle, now every car is locked. WTH?? Can’t find a way to contact game developers to get this rectified. Was a great game until this happened.

- Way too many ads

As soon as you crash or complete a level you get an ad. I mean I just want to play the game for maybe 5 minutes before an ad pops up, but with this game, after crashing you instantly get an ad. Quit worrying about money and let the people who are making you the money have fun.

- Good game

Great game but I just bought the “no ads” option and still ads after every crash. If you can fix this, please do.

- 9-10

The game is really fun other than the glitches when your going to fast and go back in the slow lane

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Rush Hour 3D got me fucked up


Rush Hour 3D

Mohamed Badr

@AnasAbd95288693 Rush hour 3D

Rush Hour 3D v20201123 [Mod]


Updated:#Android FR Legends Street Racing 3D Mini Football Mobile Soccer Block Craft Shadow Awakens Rush Hour 3D Ronin The Last Samurai Just download it on:

Rush Hour 3D 2.2 Screenshots & Images

Rush Hour 3D iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Rush Hour 3D iphone images
Rush Hour 3D iphone images
Rush Hour 3D iphone images
Rush Hour 3D iphone images
Rush Hour 3D iphone images

Rush Hour 3D (Version 2.2) Install & Download

The applications Rush Hour 3D was published in the category Games on 2020-10-21 and was developed by Good Job Games [Developer ID: 1191495496]. This application file size is 471.93 MB. Rush Hour 3D - Games app posted on 2020-12-22 current version is 2.2 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.utincomputer.hyperovertake

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