Blade Forge 3D

Blade Forge 3D [Games] App Description & Overview

It’s time to see if you have the skillset to go from rookie to master blacksmith. Using ancient techniques passed down from elder to elder, can you craft the greatest blade known to man?

Using the finest ore from the hardest to reach mine, you will be facing off against fellow blacksmiths! Once your opponent is selected, choose your mould and craft your sword. Beat the blade amongst the flames to temper the sword. Once finished, your blade must be tested against your opponents. Fail, and it’s back to the start to sharpen your skills.

No time to be idle, we have work to do!

Blade Forge 3D features:
-Become a master blacksmith
-Face off against opponents
-A variety of blades to create
-Unlock new tools as you play
-Unique characters to unlock

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Blade Forge 3D Customer Service, Editor Notes:

+Bug fixes and improvements to keep you smithing!

Blade Forge 3D Comments & Reviews

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- Pls listen

Y’all we know their ally of ads but it’s not like y’all probably could make this all y’all do is complain and complain but u don’t even know how much work they put into this so what if it’s a lot of ads it’s a fun game turn on airplane mode u will be fine god Lea

- There is an incredible amount of ads

Ok, first off I have to say that this seemed like a fun game at first. But that quickly changed after the first sword. After making my first sword I noticed that after every transition in the sword making process an ad played. I understand that free games need to make money somehow, but this is ridiculous! If you had a 5 second ad play after every sword is understandable, but there is 5 times that amount for just one sword. This honestly feels like a low effort game, since all it is is just tapping. And there aren’t real opponents, just computers who happen to do horrible everytime at the sword test, so it makes it look like you win. This is definitely a mind numbing game, that has a repetitive, low effort process, just like all other games like this. It’s a hard pass from me


I usually put a five star for games but this one is getting on my nerves. THERE. ARE. TOO . MANY. ADS. Ads pop up out of no where. When your in the middle of making your blade an ad pops up. Also the game bribes you. You have to watch an ad to get better upgrades, material and skins. There is also a no ad purchase but would you buy that for a game you would get bored of? I don’t think so. I’m not sure if these are real players or just A.I They have some higher level or something and joyous have to retry to get a better score than them. You can just accept defeat, but some people aren’t that way (including me) Anyways this is my review, I just want the ads gone. They shouldn’t exist in games like these. If this game didn’t have ads then it would be more enjoyable. Maybe put ads where you can watch them to get coins that would be nice. Two star because of ads and bribery. Three star: ads have a use Four star: no more bribery Five star: ???

- They weren’t lying when they say too many ads

Normally I’m patient when it comes to ads in mobile games but wow their is an ad with basically every button you push an ad would play even if you opt out of a double the coin ad video it’ll still play a video even if it didn’t have this many ads the game lags in controls like using the lathe it’ll sometimes not shave down or completely over shave a spot also pouring the molten metal into the mold would just stay pouring maybe if the game got a reworked or at least fixed it would be a good game to just pass some time with

- The game is good read the review

So I’m being honest with al of this so this is a overall great game the materials are hard to find and I don’t know if you press lose it you might lose it forever but it is a fun game and I recommend it you don’t have to download it but I think it’s pretty good feel free to play it if you want also the gameplay is good but one small thing The character holds the katana backwards for me it might be for everyone but yeah I recommend it that’s it

- Ads??????

What the heck?! I literally asked to watch an ad so that I could unlock a level and it gave me an unskippable ad. Once it was over, the screen read “No video available. Try again later.” or something like that. I watched that entire ad for nothing. And another thing: I tried watching an ad to unlock an oil thing and the exact same thing happened! “No video available. Try again later.” Here’s the funny part. It gave me an ad right after that. Can you please fix this problem? This game really seems fun, but the ads just need to be fixed.

- Ehhh it's okay ?

So first of all it has way to many adds. Second it's really gross when you hit that poor dead cow. And that just grosses me out like a lot. And it pretty glitchy. Like I don't know if it does it to other people. But I have witnessed that it is rlly glitchy for me at least. Still I don't know what happened that makes it glitchy so much still might be bad service. But this has not happen in any of my other games so I don't know?

- Only worth about two minutes of your time.

Far too many and very repetitive advertisements. Start to play the game? Ad. In the middle of a match? Ad. Triple your reward for an ad? Lose out on a black smithing process or accept an ad? Earned a reward from playing a few matches? Not without watching another ad you didn’t. To the developers: Having more ads than actual game content doesn’t make me want to check out the ads or keep playing your game. It just makes me have a low opinion of your team.

- Enjoyable/adds...

This game is honestly really fun and enjoyable. I like it a lot especially I’m very good at it apparently, but... there are so many adds almost everything you do you have an add after it or before it. They basically just made the game to promote other games. Once again super fun other people would definitely enjoy it as much as me. The adds are just kinda hard to get passed. They are lucky I actually really like this.


I really enjoy playing this game. It’s really fun how you can pour the lava in and put it in water. It’s just really realistic. I have this five stars because I really like how detailed and fun this game is. Thank you for this fun game and experience!!

- The game is fun but it could be better.

I do have fun, but. The game is so easy, and the ads are really annoying, you basically see an add every minute. I know you need to advertise your other games, but, people barely even click on the ads, plus. When you skip the ad, it just shows a black screen. It can defiantly improve though! ?

- Unnecessary Wifi Connection

I am almost certain that this game doesn’t even need an internet connection to be played. They just tell you to use internet so that they can bombard you with ads. I’m sure it’s not needed. I’m giving you two stars because I said I’m almost certain, so if it REALLY does need internet you can take a star as an apology. I’m still sure that you don’t need internet however.

- Need to fix bugs!

This game is pretty good for passing time and stuff but whenever I make the handle it almost always glitches out whatever I do either doesn’t show the “Next” button or the button just doesn’t work and I have to restart the game everything else though is pretty good but it need bug fixes!

- Ads ads and more ads PLEASE DON’T PLAY THIS GAME!

This gam would be a banger if the ads were a bit more chill. Look just hear me out developers these ads are driving me (and a lot of other people) ABSOLUTELY NUTS! Look, this game is fun and all but even if you refuse to watch an ad it still plays! I’m not trying to sound like a Karen or something but this is just wow and honestly I WOULD have given this game five stars if you people weren’t going STUPID with these ads and that’s why you have a 1 star

- Too many adds

There’s no way to enjoy this game. There’s an add after every single step when making the blades.

- Good game needs some upgrades

Ok this game is really fun but could use some more things to use in game coins and new materials and steps and also blade upgrades

- It’s great but it could be better

OK so this game is really fun to play and it’s easy but there are a lot of ads popping up and it would be really good if you added sound because that will just make the game way more fun I have to create sounds in my mind

- If you’re looking for a game this isn’t one

This is literally an ad watching simulator do not play this garbage. There is no exciting gameplay. Every time you complete one small task and while you go to the next step they force you to watch an ad. These devs these days don’t care about their player base and only look to make a quick buck out of you.

- Really good for a time passer/waster

Good for passing time keep it up would love to see future updates tho.

- Great if you only want to play for 5 minutes

Game was fun, then it just stopped. “Next” button doesn’t work for ANY challenge so can’t play anymore after only a few levels. Stop putting out games full of bugs because you refuse to actually pay developers to fix it! Gaming is deteriorating AGAIN because of app makers like this.

- Garbage app and a even worse publisher

Voodoo is notorious for loading up their “games” with ads but this is too far. The common workaround is to turn off data so that you don’t get spammed, however in their infinite wisdom, Voodoo decided to make the game literally unplayable without data, and thereby ads. You get 30 second an ad after 5 sec of gameplay. DO NOT SUPORT VOODOO DO NOT DOWNLOAD.

- Do not play if you don’t just want to watch ads completely straight

There are way to many ads. You can’t even play the same there are so many. I’ve only went on the game for about 8 minutes and already had around 10 ads play. None of which I clicked on to win something

- Good game for passing time but there’s one issue

It’s good for killing time and amusing to play but I unlocked the handle building skill and can’t get the game to get past any handle build for a blade. So I’m currently stuck and not able to continue due to this issue

- Dreadful

This a terrible game that requires an internet connection purely because it forces you to watch ads. If you have no internet connection, the game will not play. Games like this are exactly the reason why people don't want to spend money buying games in case the game is so poor that they feel robbed. Avoid at all costs.

- Bad gameplay, bad ad percentage

After you’ve played the first level you’ve basically played the whole game. Additionally, you have to watch an unskippable ad after every level and anytime you want a new upgrade, so you’re essentially spending as much time watching ads as you are playing the game.

- No room to breathe!!!

There is an add every 10 seconds and between each task. I decided to buy the opt out for adds and I was extremely disappointed to find out that you still have to watch ads to acquire items. I usually don’t write reviews, but I am extremely angry at these scam artists developers. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!

- Could be worse

Way too many ads and is kinda gich probably will delete it within the next week

- I am disappointed.

This game is TERRIBLE, a waste of TIME. Literally every few seconds there is an ad, like what?!? And, the game is super laggy on my Tablet. The game itself is just a bunch of clicking, and the and is not fun at all, at least but some effort into your game. If I could, there will be zero stars because this game is absolute trash.

- Extremely buggy

Once you get to the part that carved out the hilt, hitting the next button never worked or it glitches out and nothing appeared and there was no option to continue. A waste of time

- Bro how do you even play

At least give us a tutorial in the game we need a tutorial and if we don’t know how to play then how do we played the whole thing and we don’t know how to play to the whole thing how can we will get to the best blacksmith and we’re not able to then how do we play the game

- Amazing

It’s so good I’m so happy with all he weapons you can get and it has great details

- Horrible pop ups

It’s not the best but it’s relaxing enough without them I wish it had ability to customize the blade etc etc and maybe it does further on but I can’t stand the pop up between every level is crazy


Yet another game ruined by a ridiculous amount of ads. There is zero excuse as to why I should be watching more ads than actually playing the game. Let me play for longer than 10 seconds without an ad then I’ll give a better review.

- FAR too many ads.

Ads are understandable. Having at minimum 2 or 3 ads per 30 second round of a game is not. You can’t even turn off internet because it won’t let you play, despite it being very obvious you’re not against any real people. Fun(ish) game, terrible execution

- No tutorial? What is this game?

So here’s a problem there’s no tutorial so why don’t you add a tutorial because I always get bad, but I win so please add one.

- Horrible Game

At first this game seemed fun, but as the time went on there were ads every single 3 second. I know that the games are supposed to make money but with the ads you can enjoy this game. I don’t recommend playing this game if you’re a very unpatience person

- Game is ad hungry

I don’t like the game only because it sometimes says tap to continue and then what do you know you get sent to an ad so they should put way less ads my point is less ads

- Blade forge raid

First there is to many ads I understand that the have to make money and stuff but every time I do something there’s always a ad pls fix this -_-

- Ehhh...might be worth the time down the road

Don’t let this game fool you, as of right now it’s littered with bugs some of which will not let you progress. Filled to the brim with ads, feels like a cheap cash grab at the moment.


I get it. You want to promote other games. You don’t need to promote them every 5 seconds. I’m only on my second level and i have had like 5 ads in less that 5 minutes! It’s ridiculous

- Ads

This would be a decent game if it don’t have so much ads in it it’s so annoying when your trying to do something and then you get a ad and when that’s ads over you get another ad!! This game is not worth your time

- No...

It’s so glitchy and laggy and there are way too many ads. So many ads. It’s so glitchy that I can’t get even play the game. I’ve ended up removing it from my phone. I do not recommend it to anyone. >:(

- Advertisement overload

Too many ads

- Enjoyable but

Whenever I want to actually watch an ad it does not work

- Bad

I hate this game it was ad after ad it is like watching a movie but just ads and it is very very annoying it pages so much and we have good WiFi and the ads where the freaking same every time this game is just so bad do not get it it is the worst game ever

- Ads every where

Ads get worst when you progress through the game usually pops up after a match and then later into progressing it happens during every section during a match I would say zero rounds to be honest

- Horrible

This game is super laggy, has on screen ads, spams with you with ads, and makes you claim stuff you have earned by watching ads, there is also no challenge and it is very boring after 2 minutes. 0/10

- To many ADS

First there are like way to many ads like after every step there is an ad the also the cut animation is trash like it always glitches

- To much adds

It was a funny but too many adds I understand you need to make money off of the game but it was just too much and after the first few swords it just wasn’t fun.

- Mostly Boring

This game is glitchy for one thing. And it is boring! And when you battle somebody, I don’t even know what to do! What is the fighting style you’re trying to show me? I don’t really like this game.

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I love this game, it is so cool to make these awesome swords and face opponents. I love this game no matter what other people say, or the adds. Keep up the good work :D

- Game Bug

It’s pretty fun to work your way up and get better swords and material but when you unlock the handle crafter tool after crafting your handle you cannot click next and you can’t continue with building your sword, I tried deleting the app and redownloaded it to fix it but when I unlocked it again it still didn’t work properly

- Fun but at what cost

Why do I need to watch a add to get something as a reward shouldn't progression be progression not something you miss out on if you don’t watch a 30 second add the worst part was I payed to have the add blocker all it does is get rid of it during active gameplay but not at the end of the rounds don’t waste your time here

- Terrible

I’ll be making two more blades and binning this one, constant lag, ads literally after every step in the forge process. It’s a stepping stone for more basic base games which all have the same mapping system ??????????

- Boring

This game is extremely boring it’s the same thing over and over and there is more adds than gameplay don’t download it’s a waste of time

- Adds adds and adds

All I can do is get adds can’t play for 30 seconds without an add not fun don’t waste your time!

- So many ads definitely not worth it

Five ads in the first 45 seconds of the game... really

- Would you like a game with your adds?

Typical Kwalee fare. More adds than game time. How they stay around with such shoddy business practise is beyond reasoning.

- Why are there so many ads

Like it’s not even fun to play anymore

- Literally just ads

There is nothing

- Terrible

3 ads in the first minute of gameplay. Don’t bother. Waste of time.

- Garbage

If the app isn’t crashing, it’s spamming you with ads. Don’t bother.

- Terrible never download so many adds

Bruh this game is made by bots

- Terrible

Another terrible game that spans ads

- So man adds. Worthless game

To many adds!



- Terrible




- Wtf

Idek how to play it won’t let me get past the first stage and there’s no tutorial

- Empty ad sim

This game would be fun if you know there was a game here. Everything is ads. After each gameplay step... ad, want to unlock your reward for beating the levels.. ads, it’s sad to because this game could have actually been a fun idea but there’s nothing to really challenge you, you can pour infinitely into your molds so you can just lazily do that then every other step is infinite so you just flail around till you’ve done all the 1-ups then beat a dumb ai. I’m seriously disappointed and you should avoid this game and not waste your time

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- History

I love history and they used swords ⚔️

- Impossible to play

Before I finished my 2 task in the game I got 2 adds that added up to more time than the actual gameplay. If ya’ll are so money hungry make the game better and maybe then people will actually play and leave good reviews instead of paid reviews that u get??

- Nope

Played 1 game and spent the rest of my time on ads.

- Is it a game or an advertisement

There is literally a add every five seconds if you play this over half the time you spend will be just watching adds

- WAY too much ads

Had 5 ads for 1 minute of gameplay. Can’t even tell if the game’s good.

- Someone kill this creator

When I turn off wifi it does not work with connection and I have to be forced to watch ads and not allowed to pay kill him now or make him die of cancer

- Trashy

I understand that you need to have adds to get payed but to force you to have internet Is not the way of that nether is it to be hit with an add after every task.

- Dumb

I couldn’t even do anything adds are up all the time like remove some adds omg you can’t even play don’t get this game they just will spam you with adds like I think I played 2 minutes then got an add that wouldn’t let me click the x button, fix your game

- Should be called “ignore the ads”

The game is only “ok” but when you have to put gy our phone down for all the ads it’s not worth the battery time. Garbage.

- I was tricked by ad do not download

Do not download it is so poo poo bad game

- Horrible

U can’t even play it’s so laggy why did u people make this game?!?!?

- Dont waist your time

Adds. Adds. Adds .... oh wait ... more ads .

- You are pushing

Yeah I timed it and you get an add every 45 seconds, if you play normally without rushing. If you speed up then you’ll get one every 30 seconds or so. Trash tbh, the game is cool tho ngl


I was not even half way through making the sword and there was a 30 second add that I had to sit through. I was excited to play this game but I can’t have an add every 2 seconds!

- Have not played it.

Orange and red

- This game sucks

You have to have wifi to do anything and the people you go against aren’t real people so there is no need for wifi and the ads are inappropriate for 6 year olds

- Terrible game filled with ads

It forces you to turn on wifi and then proceeds to give and ad LITERALLY every 10 seconds. That’s not an exaggeration.

- To easy

This game is way too easy to beat I beat the game in an hour. If ya want to make ur game better put way more swords than u have now and then u will have more people playing??‍♂️

- Game is horrible

Ad for every stage of making the weapons, when the game tells you to watch an ad for a reward, you don’t get the reward, you can’t play the game without wifi, no online either, and the game is just boring, don’t download

- Mediocre

The game would be a lot better if you could keep track of when you get upgrades, played 4 levels in a row and haven’t unlocked anything, I quickly unlocked the last sword and it doesn’t seem to be any different than the first sword used. The game has potential but it seems to me like it’s more for the add revenue than actually being a playable game.. just needs some more elbow grease

- Why

It is a good game but there is to many ads

- Ads

It’s sooooo fun but I can’t afford to play it cuz there are an add after Averything

- Game is NOT FREE

It is unplayable due to constant ads. You just pay $4 to remove them. Game itself is pretty fun but too bad they destroyed it with ads. I deleted the game and I am never downloading it back.

- Help

When you pour the iron into the pot and it will melt how do I switch what I’m doing so I can pour it. It is kind of stressing me out because the game looks super fun but I do not know how to pour it could you please tell me how to do that so I can enjoy the game

- Waste.

Got the game, hated the amount of ads. So I paid for the remove adds. But you still need to watch videos to get new things. Literally a money building app

- Liquid

Can’t pour the liquid after putting in the ingots please fix, this is only the first level

- Hey ads bad

Take off your wifi people y’all so stupid think not say

- its ok

this game looks very fun and addictive to play but i somehow cant get pass the "tutorial". it just lets me melt iron and thats all. I even waited 5 minutes for it do to something and nothing's happened

- Way too many ads

Ok they spam you with 3 ads per round and at the end they give you another 2. This game isn’t about blade forging it’s just about ADS. Only ads. By the way if you turn your wifi off then you don’t get all the fun bonuses.

- Ads

Not even opened for 30 seconds and I’m getting ads

- Ads


- Great

Love it so fun

- Just a trap to make you watch publicity

The game in its self is a good idea but you get a publicity every time you touch somewhere so no fun there can’t even enjoy the game a little. I hate when it’s that much obvious that they don’t care if you like the game

- To many ads but decent gameplay

This game will molest your eyes with corporate onslaught Gameplay as advertised though

- Forces of Molten Garbage

Multiple ads PER action. Pure molten garbage. Next step in making a blade? 2x ads. Claiming a reward for winning? Watch an ad to get rewards. Claimed a reward? Watch another ad to add more. Watching an ad? Enjoy an ad in your ad while you watch an ad. If ads were the theme of Inception, this would make a great sequel.

- Basically unplayable

You will spend more time watching 30 second ads than actually playing the game (plus it nearly always brings you to the AppStore at the end of every ad) Gameplay isn’t to bad tho

- Sh*t game

There is more ad time than play time. The game could be fun but thanks to stupid project directors it was ruined by ads

- Clearly Bots are Rating This Trash

This game will spam you with so many ads its unbearable. If the game wasn’t developed by greedy developers it would actually be decent

- Wow it’s an ad engine with a touch of game

It’s 90% ads and 10% game

- Decent Game too many ads

There is an add every 5 seconds which makes it super annoying to play sometimes. But overall a kind of fun game

- Adds 3d

The majority of this games is adds spent about an hour playing this and 80% of the time was adds.

- Le jeux

J’ai payé pour ne pas avoir de publicité Et j’ai toujours de la publicité très désagréable de la part du concepteur j’espère d’avoir des explications ou un remboursement de la part de la compagnie pour ce qui est pour le jeu c’est très plaisant et divertissant

- Disgusting practice that needs to stop

Impossible for this game to have 4 stars obviously paid reviews. The games concept is fun but there is an ad at every corner. You will have more ad time than game time.

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- Good game

Would love to see some upgrades in the future

- Fun but the ads.

There are so many ads in this game but it is really fun and amazing.

- To many ads

Every time you start a game you better expect an ad, in the middle of the round you better expect an ad, there is more ads then there is game so don’t get it unless you like watching ads.

- Horrible Game

It looked like fun at first but it’s just another poorly made ad flooded game chock full of bugs they’re never gonna fix. These game developers make bottom of the barrel products that should barely be considered “games”. This should be called “Ad player 3D”

- Way to many adds so annoying!

Great game but the one thing that makes it 2 star is the adds it is so annoying like i can barely dip my weapon in the water to cool it down so please fix the aaaadss

- Kinda fun but...

The ads every 30 seconds isn’t very fun. I also tried to play this while I was in the car and it said I need internet. But I’m pretty sure that it is a single player game so if that is true the game is even worse.

- Waaaaay too many ads

I’m all for making money but whenever you task gives an ad and causes the app to freeze. Not worth it. Would not recommend. Never downloading a game from the developer again.

- To many bugs

There a lot of bugs that need to be fixed I have a big bone to pick...

- This game is garbage

The game is actually fun but an add every step of making the sword is crazy like by the time I finished one sword I had watched 4 adds. It’s a time waster this game u watch more ads then play the game

- Add legit every second

So many adds it takes up more time than the game, super laggy for some unknown reason for a simple game like this, adds just make it worst coming in after each task is done


It’s a pretty fun game but there are just SO many ads after doing anything in the game there’s an ad after an ad there’s an ad it’s so annoying and makes the game not fun at all

- My review

Love the game really buggy though so could you fix that but over all love the game

- A joke

This is less a game and more a pathetic ad cash grab with every design choice meant to get you to watch and click on ads rather than enjoy a game. This is the type of trash that ruins any semblance of enjoyment in mobile gaming.

- Fix your game

This game has too many ads. Every time you make a shift in the sword making process you get an ad. I know that that is the way that games make money but the amount of ads is insane.

- Ads

There are too many ads. You can’t even make one play without watching half a dozen ads. Will be uninstalling.

- About the videos

Ok I love the game don't get me wrong but why make us watch the videos for everything when the videos don't work all the time

- ITS GREAT...but....

Listen this game is amazing really I love the graphics and the challenges but.... THERES SO MUCH FRICKIN ADS? almost after every game I get bored of all of them and some inappropriate I will play the game more but please add less ads

- To many adds!

In every game there is two adds and you can’t get stuff that you earn without adds the hole game is 50% adds 50% game

- Yes is best

It’s the best game ever thank you I love this time so much I got it today I love you

- Oh the admanity

Played for all of 45 maybe 50 seconds, saw 3 to 4 adds. Finished a knife contest, skipped the add for a crucible or some crap. Ad came up anyways. Deleted it faster then they could get an ad in which is astounding I assume they have the world record for that.


I Love it so much becuse it’s fun I like ads it might show you games that are awsome

- No sound!!!

Why is it that all of these games have no sound

- Ads

There are too many ads every time I do a thing to make my sword it pops up with an ad so every time I make a sword I have to watch 6 ads

- Ad Watcher the game

No joke you have to watch an ad in between every step of making a blade or pay real money to play without them. Want to put metal bars in the cooker? Ad. Finished pouring the melted metal in the mold? Ad. Quenched it? Ad. What a waste of time.

- Waste of money

Don’t buy the remove ads feature. It still shows ads constantly. And you have to watch an ad every lvl to get the next tool.

- Ads make the game unplayable

There’s an ad after every upgrade and periodically between the forging of a blade. You’ll spend more time watching and skipping ads then actually playing the game.

- Too many ads

There are too many unskipable ads in this game. You always get two while making one sword and it hers really annoying. This game is only a cash grab for developers.

- Fix

Its stuck All I can do is pick what type of sword I can't even melt it just stop working

- Fix

Why can’t I get any other materials but the starting 2 so annoying

- Good game

This game needs more swords and other ways to get the metals

- Excellent

Is a very good game very ez but hard fine times I love it!!!!

- Ads

I got 10 seconds into the game and watched a 30 second ad then another 5 seconds and another ad. The “game” is just a poorly disguised way to shovel ads down your throat.

- False advertisement

The creators claim the game is mad online but that’s a lie, it just prevents players from turning on air plane mode to skip the ad, by far one of the worst games I’ve ever downloaded do not waste your space on this

- Do you enjoy ads?

Like watching ads? Bored between ads? This ad is for you. This ad let’s you play a mini game for about 5 seconds before another ad starts. Enjoy your ad!

- Ads

The amount of ads makes this not worth playing. Its like every time you use the next button, it shows an ad.

- Ads

This game is a fun experience but the amount of ads and the limited ads they show you is so frustrating I wouldn’t play it until they decrease the ad rate.

- Ads ads and more ads

After EVERY step you get an ad. Choosing a metal, ad. Pouring the molten metal, ad. And even if you turn off WiFi and data it REFUSES to let you play if it can’t give you ads

- It's not a real game

I was literally 2 seconds in and was forced to watch a video ad. Before I even finished the first level, there were 4 videos to watch. This is NOT an actual game, it's just an ad revenue generator.

- Adds

There is way to many adds I went threw 12 adds in the first 5 minutes I played the game.

- Ads between each step

Been playing for 4 minutes and already sick of the ads. I will likely uninstall now.

- Every time

Every time I say lose it, I will get an ad up even though I didn’t tap on the ad video to get the item. No need to be rude, but this game has too much ads and it’s boring.

- Game is unplayable due to Ads

This game is unplayable because every time you finished doing your task an ad plays. In order to make a simple sword you are required to sit through a minimum 3 ads.

- Good

I reviewed this 3 stars because the outline of the handle craft thing doesn’t pop up anymore?

- Wayyyyy too many ads

Literally every 20 seconds there’s an ad. It also pretends to be online/competitive when it’s clearly just bots. Trash game, uninstalled almost immediately.

- Ad Simulator

If you love watching ads for every minute this is the perfect game for you. If not, stay away. This game is just loaded with advertisements for every single object/character unlock.

- Toooooo much ads!

Would not recommend if you don’t like ads

- Bug!/ ads

Plays ads even off the app using your audio! Also your watching more ads than you are playing the game!

- Too many ads

Fun but in the middle of the round you get an ad and when you’re done you get another ad.

- Hate it

As soon as you unlock the handle making tool your game will glitch and you will be unable to progress past using it

- Too many ads

Too many adds that are unskippable, there’s more ad time than actual game time. After writing this I deleted the app.

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Blade Forge 3D 1.2.2 Screenshots & Images

Blade Forge 3D iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Blade Forge 3D iphone images
Blade Forge 3D iphone images
Blade Forge 3D iphone images
Blade Forge 3D iphone images
Blade Forge 3D iphone images

Blade Forge 3D (Version 1.2.2) Install & Download

The applications Blade Forge 3D was published in the category Games on 2020-10-28 and was developed by Kwalee Ltd [Developer ID: 497961736]. This application file size is 115.32 MB. Blade Forge 3D - Games app posted on 2020-11-18 current version is 1.2.2 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.kwalee.bladeforge3d

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