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Themify: Icon Themes & Widgets [Graphics & Design] App Description & Overview

What is themify: icon themes & widgets app? Aesthetic themes for iPhone: widgets, icons, still and live wallpapers!

СOMPLETE MAKEOVER of your device! Easy setup and regular updates!

Themify gives you a wide range of tools to express yourself. With our app, you can enjoy state-of-the-art content and unleash your creativity.

Key features:

■ 3-in-1 Themes

Want to marry convenience and aesthetics? Themify has your back. Perfectly matched iOS 14 app icons, widgets, and wallpapers will make your iPhone look neat and stylish. Explore an abundance of themes to choose the one you like most and set it up on your Home Screen with a few taps.

■ Theme Customizer

If you’d like to add a personal touch to your Home Screen theme, use our Theme Customizer. Change everything you want and create a truly one-of-a kind design for your device.

■ Vast Widget Collection

Time, clock, calendar, quotes, weather, countdown, mixed—pick any widget and get the info you need right from your Home Screen. You can also create your own unique widget by adding photos and changing backgrounds, fonts, and colors.

■ 10,000+ Icons

For those who are bored of bog-standard app icons, we have an array of custom icon packs. The best part is that you can install the whole pack at once! Just follow the simple and clear instructions.

■ Still And Live Wallpapers

Anime, Animals, Urban, Nature, and more—we have wallpapers for every taste. Liven up your screen with awesome live wallpapers. And if you love classics, try our still wallpapers and see for yourself how irresistible they are.

• You can subscribe for unlimited access to all features within Themify.
• Subscriptions are billed weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually at the rate selected depending on the subscription plan.

All personal data is protected in accordance with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy:

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Themify: Icon Themes & Widgets Version 1.5927 April 2022

Hi there! We’ve got another exciting update for you. Here’s what’s new: – Haptic feedback: tactile interactions to enjoy your time in the app even more – Bug fixes and performance improvements for the most satisfying experience If you enjoy Themify, please rate the app and leave a review..

Themify: Icon Themes & Widgets Version 1.5521 February 2022

Hi there! We’ve got another exciting update for you. Here’s what’s new: – In addition to themes, you can now save the icons and wallpapers you like most to Favorites. To view your favorite icons or wallpapers, tap the heart on the corresponding screen. If you enjoy Themify, please rate the app and leave a review..

Themify: Icon Themes & Widgets Version 1.5023 December 2021

Great news—new version is out! It brings to you: – Bug fixes and performance improvements for the most satisfying experience If you enjoy Themify, please rate the app and leave a review..

Themify: Icon Themes & Widgets Comments & Reviews 2022

- Icon choosing

I love this app and the options it gives but I would love it even more if it somehow synced up with your phone to see every app you have and coordinate that with the icon design options. For example I have a lot of random apps like the abc app or door dash. There is not an option for those when choosing the icons. I know when you scroll down further you can choose and icon and pick which app you would like it to go to but not all my apps are showing in the list. Also, I had saw on Instagram the Friends themed icon. I found some of them but not all. This was very disappointing as it’s the reason I downloaded the app.

- Just App Information!

It’s an ok app, wasn’t expecting anything better but the reason I gave a 3 star review is because I liked this theme of widgets but when I looked at the list it gave me there wasn’t everything to match the widget with, like example when I hit the setting widget the settings app wasn’t on the list they gave me. Another things is that when I wanted to add a big widget for just some photos on my Home Screen I didn’t know how to apply it to my Home Screen, when I hit the help button it didn’t really tell me how to add it to my Home Screen it just simply said to hit “Set” and it’ll be there but it wasn’t. Just wanted to come on here to give you guys some suggestions to change around the app so myself and others can be happy with there Home Screen and how it looks! Thank you for hearing me out, if anywhere in the review you can help me please do, Thanks You! A more detailed review I would say is there aren’t enough apps on the list or as the widgets, I want my whole phone to have a widget, if that makes since! And for the picture widgets to add space on my phone is to add more detail to the help button in the corner, so I can apply the larger widgets, Just reply again if you need MORE detail!


Hello, I love this app. It has all the tabs for packs, icons and widgets, just how I like. I don’t have to pay for much and it is super easy to set the icons instead of having to do it to through the shortcuts app where it takes like 20 hours (OK, I am exaggerating but it feels like that long). I love all of the available themes and I just absolutely love this app. I don’t normally write reviews this positive but this app deserves it. You guys did good on the development of you app just 2 problems.. why 30 BUCKS a year? Thats money I could have used to pay off my phone.. lol, but it is still worth it!! And 2, you give us SO MANY icons COVER choices, but when you pick a cover then go to put it on the home screen your options for apps are low. For example I tried to add a safari bookmark but safari was not available on the app list for apps to open. Please fix this :D

- All they want is your money from the get go.

I kept seeing this app and their crazy 3D looking themes on social media. After weeks of annoyance, I decided to try it. Turns out the first thing you have to do is agree to pay at least a weekly subscription to even view the options. But there is a free week so sure why not. The app is absolutely terrible to use and then to top it off, absolutely none of the themes or assets advertised are even on this app. I decided to try 2 other apps and they are the same story. All of these apps are ridiculous with their up front fees and subscriptions, very little offering, false advertising as to what you can do and find, and not to mention, all 3 apps have pretty much the same inventory of themes, icons, and backgrounds! It is nothing but just a circle of most likely stolen content. Do yourself a favor and don’t bother with this shady and terrible app.

- Worth zero stars

First off I only downloaded the app Because there was an ad that popped up on my Facebook showing Harry Potter widgets and icons.I signed up for the trial (3.99 a week. Come on!) but none of the icons or widgets that were advertised were even in the app! So I decided to choose a different theme to decorate my phone with. Well, I went to download the shortcut and they weren’t even the same icons as advertised! I mean I would choose a theme I liked, click on it to download it and it has completely different icons. No only that but you can only choose from a limited number of apps to connect the shortcut to instead of choosing any app you have downloaded on you phone. This is seriously the worst app. I’m surprised it has any good reviews at all because theres more problems than just the ones I’ve written about. Seriously awful.

- nice but missing somethings

I personally really love some of the options of the icons and widgets and think that they are very nice and easy to tell apart from one another. Only thing from giving this 5 stars is that some of the icons on some of the themes don’t have the matching app to choose from to make the widget, so i was a little upset/disappointed because I LOVE the Christmas Eve theme widget/icons, but some of the icons don’t have the matching app to go with it (venmo, facetime, etc). If that can be fixed so we have all of our apps on our phone downloaded available to choose from, I would appreciate that and that would make this a 5 star app!!

- Works perfectly

For me this app worked great! They had tons of color options for me to choose from and there are a lot of reviews about not enough icons for each color section however there were enough for me to use! I wanted to have one full page of them and I was able to do that. This is a great app and saved me a ton of time. I like to change my icons a lot and this app was so much more efficient that the past apps I tried. Note: If it’s crashing for you then that’s not the apps problem lol it’s a personal problem not one from the software.

- The Icons

This app is really great! I got really excited seeing many options for wallpapers and icons. However, when choosing the icons for different apps some of my apps were not showing up. So if there is any way you could fix that, that would be greatly appreciated! Other than that, this app is a great app and I recommend for those who would like to change the look on there phone. It’s much easier than going on google and looking for images that would go with the theme you’re looking for.

- I can’t believe this

Audacity they had to Catfish is unbelievable. The pictures and the reviews sound and look amazing but when I download the app I was disappointed to see that I had little to no options for app icons, themes, and widgets. Some thing that bothered me the most was when I first open the app. It was already asking me to pay for more widgets, apps, etc. all the nice looking home screen options were very expensive and I am disappointed that I can’t make my phone look as fabulous as I please. This app is a complete disappointment. I am astonished about how poor this app I cannot believe the use on this thing. People talk it up like it’s the best Home Screen designer when in reality it’s not it does nothing unless you’re willing to pay your phones gonna look bad.

- Time-Consuming and Not Worthwhile

I wasn’t happy with this app because when changing your design of the app, first of all it doesn’t work for all apps, and second you have to manually change each and every app. When you click on the icon you want to change you are taken to a safari page where you have to download it then add to home screen. You have to do this for every single app. It is certainly not worth it for what you end up getting. It is time consuming and not worthwhile for the result. If you wanted to change your theme you’d have to delete everything which would take a while and then download a whole set of other app icons and I just don’t have that kind of time.

- It’s a good idea but...

It really is a good idea and it was really fun for the first hour that I took on this project. I was really excited to be able to do different themes for different times of the year but after about an hour of kind of playing with the app, it started crashing. Basically what happens is I go to the app, go to where the app “covers” are, look at the choices, and then my phone goes black and there’s that little circle in the middle of the screen like it’s dead. Then it goes to my Lock Screen. And that’s it. But it has done that at least 30 times. It’s getting really annoying so I don’t suggest this app. Save yourself the annoyance of it.

- Nice, but could be better. Needs bugs fixed.

If I’m being honest I saw this app advertised on SnapChat and I went for it thinking it would be great. Then I was let down tremendously. The payed subscription is not a favorite for me, and there are a lot of widget icons to pick from but there is no app available to open them. Such as the camera app, great widgets but no way to program the widget to open the camera app. PLUS ever since I downloaded and started using this app my iPhone has been shutting down and restarting like crazy anytime I try to do a task that requires a little power. I don’t know if this bug came from the app or not but it’s very annoying.

- Good app but crashes your phone...

For the first few minutes I had this app on I had no issues and loved it and started adding some widgets to my phone. It then crashed my phone and made it turn off and back on again. Not sure why this is happening but it really freaked me out. So I kept going and adding an app, then it would progressively get worse and to a point where I had to restart my phone because I couldn’t even use it. It took me awhile to get all the apps I wanted because of the crashes and it shouldn’t had taken as long as it did. Definitely do not recommend if you don’t have patience. Or maybe the developers could fix this.

- Disappointing

•I was excited to try this app based on the description here, but they are really overselling themselves. It’s too bad really, if they hadn’t programmed the widgets to display military time only this would be a great app. •It’s Simple. Just a few features. But they are good features, allowing for this specific widget -Date and Time only- to be any background image, font and color you want. •But it’s in military time and you can’t change it. NOPE. •And as I said before, they oversold themselves claiming “over 100” designs. I’m not sure what they’re referring to unless they just mean the choices of font and the color of the lettering. •So I will be deleting it, cause I don’t see a point in keeping an app that only does one thing, and it’s done in an annoying format that few people like. (Why? I mean Seriously...) **UPDATE: So the following day after writing this review I saw the app had been changed and it no longer used military time. Yay! I thought, but tonight I see it has reverted back to military time. I’ve changed my rating to one star. What the hell are you people doing?

- Glitchy

I downloaded this app being so excited to have some cool widgets and themes. But after I downloaded it and started setting things up I got a black screen with a loading symbol and then it would turn off my phone. After this happened once I thought something was wrong with my phone but once I friend to use the app again it kept closing my phone. Soon it became so bad that even if I wasn’t using my phone it would still glitch out. So I had to delete this app because I couldn’t use my phone. Now I know that some of you will think it’s just my phone but I had my sister get the app and she had the same glitching problem. I don’t recommend because it can mess up ur phone.

- 4 Stars

I love this app! It makes redoing my home screen so easy, but I would have given it 5 stars if the home screen that I originally saw was on the app. I originally saw the ad on Snapchat and it was showing a Harry Potter home screen in which I was in love with! I was so excited to download this app and use it as my home screen until I found out it was not on this app. Although I still use this app for other screens, it would have been nice to use it for the Harry Potter one! Thank you for this app, and for listening.

- Does Not Have Harry Potter Stuff

The app is cool and all, there are tons of themes and widgets and color pallets but I think I was bait and switched. I saw the add for the app on Instagram showing pictures of a Harry Potter themed main page with Harry Potter widgets and app designs. I got the app, excited to download that stuff. However, I scrolled through every option on the app and couldn’t find a single Harry Potter themed anything. I’m disappointed to say the least. However, it’s a cool app, just don’t be fooled by the ads.

- Shutting my phone down

This was so cool and had many icons and widgets to pick from. Also they had nice holiday icons and widgets. It worked pretty well for me. Some people say that that the widgets don’t work but that’s not the case for me, the only thing was that it would shut my phone down while using the app but not completely. You know how when your phone dies with an apple product it does the loading thing well that happen but in a few seconds it came back.

- Lot of clock options, customizable and free..

So far nothing bad to say about this widget. Beautiful clock templates! I’d give this 5 stars but I’ve had trouble w/ some widgets not updating time properly. Currently, my home screen widget is 12 mins behind current time. If that gets fixed, If you add full transparency for backgrounds and the option for 12H time instead of military it would be the perfect widget. Will update to 5 stars if/when those features are addressed.

- it was better before ...

So before the app changed and got the name Themify , it was the best app that actually never had me pay . So , one day I wanted to change my widget . So I decided to log on to “ Pro Widget “ then I see the name “ Themify “ and I was confused . So I definitely wanted to update the app . It wouldn’t let me . That was when I realized the corporation had changed the app COMPLETELY ! all the app does now is glitch , and I can’t customize my widget . I think I’ll stick to widget smith . I have downloaded 10 or 11 apps to customize my apps and my widget . They have all failed , including this one ... WidgetSmith Is Better and has a higher quality . Do better .

- Ok

Seems pretty cool but their pictures show that you can have standard time however the only option available is military time. Also several of the pretty script fonts get all chopped up when you switch to them. And once you click a button for the background you can never go back to the original picture if you felt like you didn’t want to change it after all.

- This Should Be Free

I like to change my icons to make them look better. I tried aesthetic, but I had to buy a trial after I downloaded like 2 icons. Aesthetic was possibly better than this though. You can try the free trial, but it makes you give your credit card info, before you do that. I would be happy if you didn’t have to pay for the app during your free trial. I read some of the other reviews as well. They said that this deserved 0 stars. I think this deserves -1 stars, from what I have read and experienced. Unless if they make this free, or actually have the icons they say they do, do not get this app.

- Pretty Good

The app is pretty good! All of the widgets, app shortcuts and backgrounds are great I just wish the advertisements weren’t so misleading. I came to the app from an Instagram ad that showed super cute Harry Potter widgets and apps that were super cute but they are no where on the app and I was kind of dissatisfied and disappointed with that. I also wish you could use any app on your phone for the shortcuts but other than these things the app is great and I will use it a lot!

- I like this app

I like this app and hope they can add more stuff later on. Two things I noticed is that my Safari icon gave me an error when I tried opening it. All the other icons worked. Also, when you try to change your icons, I thought it was going to pull up all the apps I have on my phone, but it didn’t show all of them so I couldn’t use most of the icons because the apps weren’t showing.

- Not all apps on here

I absolutely love the widget app but its very limited to all the apps I have on my phone. For example, I don’t have the option to change my camera icon because it doesn’t appear on the list of app icons to change. I don’t know if this has anything to do with paying premium or what but I would really like to be able to change all of my app icons.

- 🙄

Okay this app is okay. The idea behind the icons is amazing and I love it, but you have to manually set the bookmark every single time. And that’s so irritating. If it could do it automatically then I would continue to use it. When making the icons there’s not even barely any apps to choose from on the list. The icons for the apps are there, but there’s not an option in the app picker. If you fix this I’ll think about keeping the subscription, but for now, I’m not paying for it.

- Eh

The app looked really clean, and not all bunched up unlike other apps. They had special categories for what you wanted. They had a great verity of widgets and app customization! Down side though is I wish they could’ve made some widgets and app customization free. Without trial. I know that’s how they make money but atleast 3 free widgets and 3 free custom apps. But all and all, app was amazing, great quality, great features, organization is on the spot. Would recommend if you have money! But I will be paying when I get paid!

- So far, okay.

I really like some of the themes. But it messes up the apps I’ve added new icons too. Like my message app, wants to create a new message when I open it. And the new ISO update should have gotten rid of the annoying shortcuts pop up when opening the apps. But when using this apps stuff it’s happening again. Idk if I did something wrong, but some apps are not opening right. Very annoying.

- It’s pretty good!

This is a good app I just wanted to point out something. When you try to use an app icon when it shows you all the apps, the option won’t come up. For example, when I tried to do the music icon, when they where trying to let me choose an app, Apple Music wasn’t there. This could be something wrong with my phone overall this is a really good app.

- Please take the lonely off

I really like it but would you please take the money thing off I really want to do more of them like a pink one I saw and j have to pay for it :( and I don’t have money for it :( please take it off if I pay my parents will be super mad and i want to do this one I really really like but I can so please take the money off:(

- Good but...

When I first got this app I thought it was great, but then I chose a theme and downloaded all the icon that they provided but there were only like 10. So then I went to save the widget and I don’t know where it was saved or how to get to it on my phone. But overall I think this is a great app if you want some decorative icons, because there are only a few icons.

- Almost there...

The process of changing app icons is much simpler than most other choices out there. However, they only let you choose from a limited app list so there is no way to change every app on your phone over. And I dont know anyone who only wants one or maybe two decrees of cute apps they want them all. And they’re missing some of the basics, such as safari. This issue basically makes the app useless.

- Overall not too bad

Overall this works for me however I second previous response that state the clock app is behind the actual time which is really annoying. Also, if you could make a background fully transparent that would be awesome! My last suggestion would be to add more icon images in the already existing themes. I like the light blue themes but the number of icons in that theme are limited.

- Very nice app!

I love this app! You don’t have to pay for everything! There is a subscription but it’s not for the whole app! What I would love though is a filter/search option. So if you searched “Pink” pink icons would show up and for the filter feature you can filter if it’s free or not free. This app is amazing and I decently suggest it! 9/10

- It’s ok not great but ok

I feel like this should all should be able to allow you to add your own designs and backgrounds to it it I love the idea of it don’t get me wrong but I feel like you’ll get more if you’re expecting more.🤷🏻‍♀️ the designs are pretty but it’s extremely slim. Like I said it’s not bad if you like those types of designs and want just simple ones then I say download this app. This app isn’t for me but all in all isn’t bad but isn’t great either. You really need to expand on your variety

- Kinda ruined my phone

I tried it with one and it seemed good and cool but then it keep turning of my phone and I just thought it was part of the process but after 11 apps were done I couldn’t even download it anymore times to my Home Screen and it just keep turning of my phone every 5 seconds even if I was watching something but immediately when I deleted the apps that it gave me it stoped and I trued it with 5 different app customizer’s but it keeps doing the same thing

- Its ok..

I was really excited to try this out because I thought it would be different than the others but it’s the same all these apps that out the pro widgets or whatever always only have certain options for apps like there are several icons, sure, but for example facetime shows up as an icon but not as an app you can choose to connect with the icon. I would like if the apps you can choose were all the apps on your phone instead of only a few. If this is fixed then ill for sure download again

- Please read before download ^-^

Heyo. I am going to get right to the chase. You have to pay for this app. I was very excited to use this app because I heard it was one of a few phone customizer apps that actually works. So I went and downloaded is and as soon as I opened it, it told me to pay about $25 for full time or pay $5 for a free trial (per month). I will give full stars if you at least mention about the monthly pay. That’s all! Have a wonderful day everyone! ^-^

- It’s good, but needs an improvement.

I love this app! It helped me organize my phone very well and has many different icons. But, one thing I want added is a way for your apps to be like connected to the app. There are some apps that I want to give a icon for, but I don’t have an option to. There should be an update where more apps are included.

- Have a nice day

Can’t really find what I am looking for and you shouldn’t have to pay for these widget icons it should be free some of the colors are very ugly this app I lame most off all the don’t have all the colors for the app but here’s a compliment some of the icons give me a little idea of what I want on my screen so most of the time I am ver satisfied .

- Complete Joke

It doesn’t have 1000’s of app icons. It has maybe 30 sets of the same icons in different theses. It has only a few actual themes and it all still has to be done as bookmarks so it’s not a seem less entry into the program. You can do the same things with any background and pics you want FOR FREE off the internet. This is just a crappy app that tries to make money showing you really cool things that it claims it can do then when you get it you realize it can’t do any of the things it claimed.

- Better than any other widget app!

Ok I have add almost no problems with this app it is great and easy to use but the only thing keeping me from 5 stars is that I can’t customize all of my apps it’s only a random selection so if you could fix that I would happily rate this app 5 stars.

- The time freezes

I love the designs and the options that this app has but one thing that I notices that is happening and its driving me crazy is that the time on the widget set on my home screen freezes. And I have to delete the widget and then put it from the beginning. I don't know whether others have the same issue as me but this is the only reason why this app is grated 3 starts from me.

- 🤡🤡🤡

I feel like a clown. These options are nothing compared to the ads in Instagram or Facebook. I don’t understand why they’d promote hyper real, futuristic, hologram like wallpapers only to not be able to produce them in real life. The app is cool for what it is but it’s no different than any other wallpaper app in the App Store. There’s no 3D wallpapers, no hologram wallpapers, noting popping off your screen. So if that’s what you’re looking for then DON’T waste your time.

- Glitched App

I do not recommend getting this app. While I was trying to download the new app covers my phone would shut down randomly. After I had multiple covers downloaded my phone would constantly shut down. To the point where it wasn’t letting me on my phone long enough to delete the app and stop the problem. But after multiple tries I finally was able to delete the app before my phone shut down again. Once I deleted the app the problems stopped. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND AGAINST GETTING THIS APP!!

- It’s alright

I really liked all the formats for clocks but it only let me do one widget and that was all. It would be great it there was an option to add multiple!! It would also be nice if there was more icons packs available and if there was more app icons in the different styles. I really liked a couple of them but there just wasn’t enough to cover the apps on my phone.

- Lack of app options

This is a very good app but there are not many themes, I mostly downloaded it for the hogwarts theme but I assume they used a different theme and put pictures on but I am very upset that I am unable to put these widgets on any other app that I have downloaded. For example I can’t even put the safari widget on my safari app which makes my screen look wonky and bad.

- The only thing that I was going

The only thing that I was going to say that the company is a good thing for a while and then the other hand, the first thing I noticed was a little too much of the I have a lot of fun 🎢 and the other hand, the first

- Not bad

So this app is really very nice and has lots of fun themes and icons, however while there are many icons, they can’t all be used. For example, there’s a settings icon, but when I click to apply it, there’s barely any apps to choose from; no settings, no phone icon, etc. I would definitely update my star rating if I could choose more apps to pair with the icons!

- Why I dislike this app!!!!

When I saw the ad on this app I thought " wow pretty cool" . Therefore, I installed it. Then I got one of the themes shown on the page provided when you get into the app. It did not have a crown on it so I know that means I don't have to pay for whatever I'm downloading. When I downloaded it it sent me to a page asking if I wanted a configuration profile. And so I picked allow. It brought me on google and put me on a totally different website. What the heck?! I never got my theme I wanted!

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- Works perfectly fine

If anyone is complaining about this app being hard to use or not working, it’s literally because they can’t follow simple and easy directions, that are displayed while you are installing the new app icons or widgets. It’s so easy, and the free design that are available are really good. They are so good you don’t even feel like they’re trying to get you to pay the subscription by offering ugly free designs and amazing priced ones.

- Pls don’t even bother

I looked at the other reviews and they all say it’s great, I got the App and I was really surprised with all the cool wallpapers but then it told me that I can’t get one without paying, that’s the disappointing one, just like the other apps.....the fact that you have to PAY for a virtual wallpaper is just ridiculous.....that’s all thanks for reading!

- Great

This app is so great helps my phone look amazing and wonderful like I have been trying to found an app that changes ma apps into something great and helps me call them what I want and this app is just to good for that like it does everything

- Waste of time and doesn’t run the shortcuts properly

This app is terrible and also expensive, i deleted all of my old shortcuts that i spent hours on searching the web for the right icons, making custom fonts for them and matching the shortcuts all for my icons and texts to be replaced with ugly normal texts and a horrible 2 second delay to the app that the new icons are designated to, i’m extremely frustrated i just wish i didn’t touch this stupid app and i had my old home screen back because my home screen is now a mess and i’ve wasted so much time just to get upset by this.

- ......

Just downloaded this app & would be nice to have a theme & icon stuff for my 12 pro max but it either asks you for a 3day free trial then $10 a week or $48 for a years worth which is a shame because I thought it would of had a select few themes & icons & widgets to download then decide to pay or not but still get to the keep the selected themes now that would be good but it’s a pay to play app looks like a decent app but

- It’s bad

Don’t bother you have to pay every week

- it's not free !!!!

The guy on the top comment is a friend of the development team I guess. It's not free. You have two option to choose from 1. One time subscription and 2. Weekly option ( both ways gotta pay to use . Proceed on your own risk .

- Cant keep accurate time

Cute designs and nice looking widget...but doesn’t accurately keep time. Often many minutes behind as though frozen, until you go back into the widget and set it again. But frustrating really

- Not sure

I’ve seen many comments saying that there is free stuff on the app but I haven’t come across any of it. Other then the subscription I don’t see another way of using this app.

- Getting the app images

I have been trying for the last 15 mins to get one app to change its icon but the app has zero steps on how to do it and doesn’t let you save the image or anything u deleted it and nothing is free

- What

H oh I

- Awful gave me a virus

So I got the app that was all fine and well but then after five minutes once I have customized all my apps I went into Google Google didn’t work it said I had no Wi-Fi yet I had Wi-Fi don’t get this app awful

- ProWidget

I can’t even get a widget cause its telling me to long to press anywhere on the Home Screen then tap a ➕on the top left hand but there isn’t one 🤷‍♀️ Cause when I long press my Home Screen nothing happens, so I don’t know how I can press the ➕on the upper left corner

- Have to play for everything

It looked cool to have all the backgrounds and widgets but then I downloaded it and you had to either gave a membership or pay for everything so I’m not gonna bother and I’m deleting the app 😡😡

- Pricing

You cannot even open the app without agreeing to a payment plan. Contrary to the developers responses claiming free products, agreement to the auto-renewable payment plan is required before you can even enter.

- False advertising

All I wanted to do is have a look at this app I clicked on free trial and it charged me money. So much for FREE TRIAL what a waste of money. I won’t be recommending it to anyone. Before you say anything I have checked my bank acc.

- Options

This app is really good and has a lot of options for the time, but I was expecting different app logos to be displayed as I saw in the ad.

- it was good while it lasted

the app was great and worked perfectly fine but after the latest update it doesn’t open at all, whenever i try and open it it comes up with the logo and name and then just crashes it’s not working even with me new phone?


At first it was all fun and games... But then it added a whole lot of viruses to my iPhone! Now whenever I open the app it shuts down and depression a little bit of my data!

- You must be joking

$10 a week for a screen saver? I don’t mind paying for developers cost but this is ridiculous.


This is not a free app you have to pay no matter what. If you want to pay for a backround app then do it but if you think this is a free app you would be wrong.

- Need help

I don’t get how to install the icons and need better directions

- Nothing loads

Literally nothing loads. Everything is just blank.

- $50 a year for some custom colors

The incredible backgrounds you see in the adverts don’t actually exist!

- In app purchases

Don’t bother $50 a year just like the others

- Larna McCarthy

This app is horrible it has extremely high prices and you can’t cancel your payment!!!!

- Useless

Does not have options as advertised

- awful

This app has nothing like it says in the ad don’t download it.

- Pay

Why do we have to pay

- Very Average

I saw a flashy video for this app on Facebook which what this app can’t do

- Good BUT

It’s an ok app. Very pricy though... we don’t like that

- Pay wall

Pay wall

- Do not waste your time

This app is not worth it, it costs $48.99 a year or $9.99 a month. There is no free option. I really don’t understand why you should need to pay for this type of thing, honestly ridiculous

Payoneer 💰

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- Love the style! And user friendly!

Seems great so far I love the theme of my phone! Also if you don't wanna pay for the subscription just get rid of it before day 3! For anyone complaining that its the app that wont let them create more widgets it’s definitely the user lol at least while using an iPhone. You should always be able to make widgets or move them around without this app. The only thing I cant figure out is how to get my notifications to show on these new icons. Does anyone know? I did also notice that when you click on an icon it may go through an extra step or two to get open it since they are created by an app. Would be nice to see if that could be changed. But overall great!

- Don’t install it

It’s a one time payment but it’s 35$ I wouldn’t recommend it

- Nothing is free!!

Everything is horrendously overpriced... don’t bother installing

- Widgets

Why can’t I make multiple widgets?

- Excellent

Excellent widget

- It’s awesome!

Lots of cool themes for free!

- Please fix devs

I accidentally opened an app I didn’t want too, then closed out rlly quick and opened the one I did want to. This for sum reason rlly messed up my phone, it takes a couple minutes to open an app also Spotify doesn’t work for sum reason it says it’s invalid?? Please fix the Spotify thing at least

- $8.00 A WEEK to have a theme installed?!?

This developer takes the cake for most ridiculously blatant greedy company I’ve ever run across. $8.00 a WEEK for icons and a wallpaper. Unbelievable. 8.00$ for purchasing the theme maybe, but weekly wow. Subscriptions have absolutely ruined the entire Apple App Store and everything it once was. Update to their reply: yeah “some free”, like count on one hand amount. Wallpapers and icons you can also download for free off websites. The fact you still have these absolutely insane subscription rates for wallpapers and icons is crazy. Especially for animated wallpapers that don’t act like your ads portray them too — they only animate if you hold the screen, plus your ads show this wild perspective effect which can’t be used either. The icons are just IOS shortcuts which entail multiple screens opening for each app.

- Bad app

Bad app

- One problem

I can only choose/have one widget available on my Home Screen? Why? I would luv if this got fixed

- waste of money!!!

litteraly a waste, cost a lot of money, unless u want a free trial for only a few day. DO NOT RECOMMEND

- Average

The app does have a lot of options, I will give it that. A search feature or a way to save profiles in the app would make it easier to use. It’s also not very intuitive to navigate, constant scrolling to find something is tedious and there are only fairly generic “groups” to narrow your search... and the icons don’t even groups. My only major issue with it is that some of my apps are not available as a selection when choose what the icons open... there’s a FaceTime icon, great. There’s no option for me to link it to Facetime. Not great. The app is average, not worth spending money on a sub for at present.

- Can even access non payment

All it does it sit on a screen asking you to get a free trial or pay 39.99$ no “x” icon..nothing. I would probably liked this app if i could actually USE it w/o having to pay, but oh well no app for me!

- Siri malfunction

Not really a theme. Just adds bookmarks for app widgets. Which creates doubles and clogs up the Home Screen with redundant app boxes. The app caused Siri to no longer use my microphone and even after deleting the app, I’m still stuck with the clutter of icons and a non functional Siri. I’m going to have to do a complete wipe of my device to get it back. Pretty lame.

- les fond decran bouge pas sur iphone

les fond decran bouge pas sur iphone

- BAD. If you would like a different review from me, help me.

The app is currently not working. Every time I try to save the wallpaper and it saves in my camera roll it doesn’t work. I have also been trying to get new pictures for my apps and it doesn’t work, it just gives in instructions and then I can’t find the thing that changes them. Do not download!

- Je ne sais pas comment me désabonner

Au secours !

- Canceller mon abonnement

Comment je fais pour annuler mon abonnement gratuit ?!

- Brutal

Waste of money. Don’t make the same mistake I did and pay for this piece of crap. Let me change one app and then asked me to pay again. Rip off.

- waste of money

charged me the full amount instead of giving me the free trial. selection is awful, and it just makes a shortcut to your apps and replicates them instead of replacing. have contacted them four times to ask for a refund, since i shouldn’t have been charged anyway given i was trying to get the free trial, and haven’t received a response at all.

- Not as advertised.

I got a advertisement of Harry Potter theme, download it and no Harry Potter to be found.

- Bad

I have the most recent iOS and it still crashes every time I use it. I have fairly new phone this really shouldn’t be happening. Also overpriced

- Keeps Crashing

the app has some beautiful themes, but as i’m trying to add the icons onto my home screen, my phone keeps crashing every 10s. please fix this and the rating would be higher

- My review

Add more apps to customize okok

- Nothing like the video ad.

I really hate how these apps use bait to get you to subscribe and then charge you after three days if you don't immediately cancel. The themes are nowhere near the quality on the video ad I saw. That's completely dishonest.

- Could Be Better

I don’t love that the icons cannot be saved to my images, and that they still have to go through the shortcuts app. I like having my school apps on my Home Screen but because these icons don’t exist in apps like this I usually replace it with another similar one. I cannot do that with this app ... which sucks. I do love the lay out of the app though! Would it be possible to be able to save icons to my photos just like wallpapers, that way I could make my own shortcuts? This would solve all issues. (I would then give 5 stars)

- This is doo-doo

It makes you pay 40$ for something that i can get for free

- NO NO NO!!!

This app is garbage 🗑 it says:”pReSs tHe bUtToN tHeN pReSs aNtHoThEr bUtTon oN aNd tHeRe yOu gO”BUT THERES NO BUTTON 🤯😡🤭😬

- Bad

To add the app, it does not explain how to add the bookmark.

- Ads

The adds are at the bottom of the screen

- Broken app

It sucks and it won’t let me change my apps back to there original form 😡😡😡😡🤬

- Hackers

Do not get the App, it will let them have accesses on pretty much everything on your phone


Best widget app ever!!! You at least get a chance to not pay for some things. I love this app and would definitely recommend it!!! ❤️❤️❤️

- Nul/bad

N’installer pas cette application c’est une arnaque./Do not download this application it’s a scam.

- False advertising

Why advertise the Friends template when you don’t provide it.

- False advertising

Can’t find the wallpaper that they advertised which is the reason I got this app

- Idk

Takes a long time, if youre an indie kid dot get this they dont have much for that aesthetic.


Do not buy

- False Advertising

I downloaded it because of an ad I saw, and wanted the specific theme they were advertising. It wasn’t even available. False advertising. Do not recommend.

- Misleading advertising

The ad I saw showed a Friends (tv show) themed homepage with different icons but after downloading I couldn’t find the theme or any of the icons shown on the ad. Also - super expensive. $40 a year to customize my app icons?!? No thanks App deleted

- Waste of time and money

The app had a false ad that led me to download it but it’s nothing like the ad. What was shown was not available. And the ones that are, are not worth the money at all. Totally useless.

- Disappointed

You have to pay for everything

- Very bad!

I don’t even have this app but I keep getting billed for this every week for the past month! And I have went to my subscriptions part on my iPhone and it’s not even showing up under my active subscription so I can’t even cancel this thing I don’t even have

- Terrible

I got this app thinking it was going to be really good. The only thing good about it was that I could save a few of the wallpapers. The rest of it sucks, I’m not going to pay for everything

- Sucks


- Clock - delay

L’horloge prend toujours 5 minutes de retard. J ai réinstallé plusieurs fois mais ça recommence à chaque fois

- It’s ok

Needs more options for apps, like the phone app in the list of things you can change. Maybe the contacts as well.

- Scam

Don’t waste your time and money!

- Does not do as advertised

Don’t get it. It’s fake advertisement. If you get it you will see yourself

- Eh

I like the widgets besides u don’t get a lot and the time isn’t on time so kinda stupid

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Themify: Icon Themes & Widgets 1.59 Screenshots & Images

Themify: Icon Themes & Widgets iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Themify: Icon Themes & Widgets iphone images
Themify: Icon Themes & Widgets iphone images
Themify: Icon Themes & Widgets iphone images
Themify: Icon Themes & Widgets iphone images
Themify: Icon Themes & Widgets iphone images
Themify: Icon Themes & Widgets iphone images
Themify: Icon Themes & Widgets iphone images
Themify: Icon Themes & Widgets iphone images
Themify: Icon Themes & Widgets iphone images
Themify: Icon Themes & Widgets iphone images

Themify: Icon Themes & Widgets (Version 1.59) Install & Download

The applications Themify: Icon Themes & Widgets was published in the category Graphics & Design on 2020-10-02 and was developed by AIBY [Developer ID: 1458102137]. This application file size is 222.67 MB. Themify: Icon Themes & Widgets - Graphics & Design app posted on 2022-04-27 current version is 1.59 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: aiby.prowidget