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Fair VPN App Description & Overview

What is fair vpn app? Free VPN client that supports v2ray, vmess, vless, xtls, trojan, shadowsocks and shadowsocksR protocols.

Browser features:
- Read content from our sponsors.
- Swipe from left or right edge to go back or forward.
- Pull down from the top to refresh.
- Get push notifications of latest updates.

VPN features:
- Add VPN config by link or QR code.
- Get Free VPN from third parties.
- Test VPN latency, sort by latency and delete failed VPN.
- Toggle TLS allowInsecure in the VPN config.

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App Name Fair VPN
Category Utilities
Updated 09 August 2023, Wednesday
File Size 26.16 MB

Fair VPN Comments & Reviews 2023

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subscription refresh. Hi Fair VPN team At first, I wanted to thank you for your great app and then to make the program more complete, I would like to suggest to add "refresh" or "update" for subscription by link thank for your attention

Suggestion. Hi dear developers Please add an option to update the subscription link automatically. This feature could make the app more user-friendly.

The app is good on iphone but not working on m1&m2 Mac. Hi. there is a bug in mac os. when i click connect it connects then disconnects after a sec automaticly. wish you can fix it asap. we need ur great app because u are just the one who provide vless for mac.

vmess error report. Hello Good time First of all thanks to the creator of the app Then this program does not support some vmess servers and does not run the server Thank you for adding all vmess and vless protocols to complete the program Thanks for all your hard work

vmess not working. Hi, I am using MacBook Pro M1, After updating the program, when connecting to protocol vless or vmess, the connection is disconnected after 5 seconds. There is no problem with the desired server on other devices.

Waiting for updates!!!. Vpn links don’t connect, please get the updated version immediately!

Now I can’t connected. Hi before to new update hadn’t problem to connect but now after update i was connect, all my apps and safari is not working do you know whats problem?

Vless doesn’t work!. After the latest update in a few days ago, Vless configes doesn’t work fine anymore; in any ports, 80,443 and … (vless+ws) When it’s connected, some apps like telegram or twitter works fine, but many apps like instagram or gmail doesn’t load their contents. Pleas check and fix the bug, thanks for your great app .

The subscription link always prompts an error. What format is required for the subscription link? Why are my subscription links showing errors?

Great. Plz add subscriptions update future And also future to turn on allowinsecure for all servers together when add subscriptions link by one click (not turn on one by one) Also if we can have future to set utls for all servers on safari and turn on mixing thats wonderful

Does not connect after Update. After updating to newest version, it doesn’t connect anymore, older version was working fine. When I tap on status button to connet, the button doesn’t toggle and hence does not connect to VPN.

Not having the option to update the subscription. There are many restrictions in my country and I need to be able to update the filtered servers from within the software by clicking an option through the subscription link, but this feature is not available in the program and I have to delete all the servers every time. I will configure the new servers again through import configuration.

Cannot fetch subscription url. The app cannot import v2ray subscription url. The error says “no valid vpn config found” but the same link works for other apps. It would be great if you could fix this issue. Thanks.

still not working on mac. macbook can't open the switch.

Problem with clubhouse. Hi . This app (vless_vmess) has problem with clubhouse app. No sound in clubhouse!. Please fix this problem .. cuz i can hear sound when i use another app for vless connection but fair doesn’t work with it properly

Does not update the subscription link. Hi My question is why this program does not update the subscription link and every time you have to re-enter the subscription link to get the new configuration and this is not good.

vmess problem after last update. Thank you so much for such a quick responce from developers. In fact, I use vmess and now , after the update, it does not work as before i.e. no date is trasfered or it is very slow.

New option. Hi Would you please make an option in order to edit configs instead of deleting or adding new one ! Thanks

fix this bug. My VPN does not need port and uuid No, my url is added in the NapsternetV program, but it gives this error in your program. I use vless. I would appreciate it if the configs or urls are added without errors or errors, even if they are wrong, so I need to add the config without errors immediately. Please answer and solve the problem of the program. Thank you for your good support

Rules. Please support the custom rules, it is an essential items , because we can manage the websites which need no VPN

Still not working on M1. Thanks for the great app which works seemlessly on ios but the compatible app on macbook M1 still has the recent problem of going back to disconnected after hitting the connect switch. I did remove the VPN in system settings, but after automatic establishment of a new vpn connection, the problem still exists. The other long standong problem of closing unexpectedly, which doesnt result in disconnection of the vpn, still seems to exist as well. Hope i could help in any way. Cheers.

macos catalina. it does not work with macos catalina

Shows connected but doesnt work. Hi FairVPN in my case it shows connected and when i check it from system network it shows that there is a traffing downloading and uploading but it seems it doesnt let get it through the whole system. blocks the internet for me something like that.

KCP is missed. The best V2Ray client available on the App Store is this fantastic app. I'd also like to see support for kcp added. All of the protocols are being actively blocked by the censorship apparatus. KCP is still functioning well.

Problem. Instagram isn’t working in new update , please fix that

not working after last update. hi, after the last update as other people mentioned the app disconnect the connection just after clicking connect switch. I reinstall the app it doesn't work. and also deleting it from the network list in network prefrences also does not solve the problem. although many M1 users mentioned this problem it hasn't solved yet. please fix the bug ASAP in my country your app is the only way to connect to VPN and use internet and now this possibilty doesn't available. please take it into consideration and fix the bugs ASAP

not working on mac m1 !!!!. i add my config and add it in vpn confugrations. still not working. just blocking all of my connection

Dosent work!. Hello Thank you for your best vpn In some days ago your app dosent work in iran and it connected but don’t laud anything please help us and solve this problem 🙏🙏🙏

Reality support. I wonder if we receive an update any time soon with xray core 1.8.x with Reality support? btw is a bit disturbing to have the key menu items at the bottom and a little graphic details like icons or colored ping response would make the Fair app number one choice for everyone ✌🏻

It’s great. It works great without any delay The only problem some users facing is that when you test your connection on iPhones with small screen like X or SE you cannot see the results

Problem with grpc and subscription links. Hi, I think there might be a problem with grps in Fair VPN. While I have no problem with grpc in windows pc, it doesn’t work in Fair VPN (over the same network). Also I got errors multiple times when I want to use subscription links. Fair VPN give error while there is no problem in windows pc. Furthermore, please add the ability to edit configurations in next releases.

v1.3.0 not working on Catalina. The connect switch does not work

I have updated it ro version 1.2.5 but still not working on M1. Hi I have real issue with it the immediate disconnection is not fixed

Update subscription. Please add a option to update subscription.

Best for Iranian and Chinese users 🇮🇷🇨🇳. Simple, Clean, Fast client. I deleted all other VPN on my iPhone and just use Fair. + Add sort by ping speed. + Ability to batch remove configs. + Auto connect when user select another config.

Great Job. Can you please fulfill 2 requests 1- sub link update 2- reality link support Other than that this is great, good job

Connection problem. Just updated to last version, still the same vless(tls,udp,ws) server that has stable connection on other apps doesn't work here :( update: installing the old version (15) from test flight fixed it. Thanks

Update subscription links. Hello, Please add subscription link update item in your program for better use,that is very important and useful too, thanks for your support.

not works on this mac version. plz help , when I. click on conect , not working , problem in catallina version , macbook pro 2017

Great job, easy to use. Well done in the list of vpn apps. I'm just wondering if there are any plans to support shortcut actions?

allowInsecure by default. Please add an toogle to enable allowInsecure by default. We need this feature in order to servers work beacause of heavy internet filtering in Iran and doing one by one for every server is a time consuming task. Thanks for the great App.

Works on M1 👍. Thanks for fixing the app for Apple Silicon. It's working now

Bug. Hey, After a few minutes or hours of using the VPN, I was not able to receive notifications or use iMessage, but other apps such as telegram o Instagram are still working. After Reconnecting my VPN the problem will be solved. Please fix this issue, Thanks

Highlight favorite connections. Please add a feature so we can mark specific connections from the list of connections.

Password stealer. I just changed my gmail password with t step and authenticator on on my phone because i hade security alert and after just changed it i got another alert that someone loged in with exact password i just changed from some random country and google just blocked it, the only thing was on , where this vpn , so…

perfect on iOS but not working in MacOS. Perfectly and smoothly works on IOS but in macOS it is connected but all my internet connection blocked and there is no upload and download. please let me know what would be the problem. (I removed and install it aging and again) MacOS 11.0.1

小木. good! But why do different networks load quickly in some software? Something doesn't work? Need to optimize

Everything is working fine. The app rocks.. The new update is excellent. Thank you so much you guys. Good job.

Trojan. Hi What do you mean by Trojan link, virus and espionage link?! We are a little worried that they can access bank information through this link.

please Fix this bug. Hello to the fair team My vpn disconnects quickly when connected, please fix this problem thank you

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good. pretty good

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add share vpn. please add share vpn with copy or qr ty

VMess+tls issue. Some VMess link generators set tls: "none" when it is false instead of tls: "". In case it is set to none, Fair VPN imports it as true (tls: 'true') which is wrong and prevents the code to work.

Just 2 thing. Thanks for your hard and great work. Please also implement these in your product: 1. Subscription link for v2ray 2. Support customizable configs like utls, h2, etc.

Please support sstp vpn. Hi Please support sstp vpn Thanks

Disconnects Immediately. The app doesn't work like it does on ios devices. This shouldn't be a hard fix for the developers nowadays!

Reality. add reality protocol please

disconnetct immediately. Even after updating the software, it again disconnect immediately! Please fix the issue

Vless not work. Vless not work after update instagram and whatsapp

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Great. Great VPN but where is the option for excluding the you don’t want filtered?

Whatsapp not working on shadowsocksr ssr. Hi, whatsapp not working on shadowsocksr ssr please check this

Great update. This is amazing for adding test latency and delete failed

Same Here, bad update for mac M1. I did what your support team said in previous reviews others written. No luck! I even restarted after deleting Freedom VPN connection in network preferences. And opened Fair VPN. the button goes conected and after some seconds it toggles back to disconnected. macOS Monterey 12.2.1, M1 Pro

isn't work on apple silicon macs. Hi . this app isn't work on apple silicon mac and like other friends saying after 5 second when you hitting connect button , disconnected without no reason .

do not work vpn. Fair vpn do not work for kind of vless please help my I from Iran

Not supporting xray 1.8. In this three months xray upgraded to 1.8.x The reality config and vless tcp header config not supporting! Please give us your new updates You were the best app but now...!

Share. Please add share config button

Add Edit Server….Like v2rayN. thanks 🙏🏻 please add edit server to change fingerprint, Utls ,host …

App uses camera in background. App uses camera in background when you allow it for qr scan!!

Lack of update option. Totally the app is perfect I like it more if they will add update option for subscription configs….

Didn’t work. Please update program, In our country, Iran, new servers do not work with the fair program and give errors. Please help and adapt the program.

bug in update. after update it doesn't work

very nice. Hope to increase the sorting function.

Still not working. The connection gets immediately disconnected.

New version. After update to this version my vmess or vless config stoped working in iran.

Request Feature. node with tcp+http connect but no data. please add support for it

Why?. Please move the test latency button to top

Update. Please update xray core to the latest version and add support for reality and

ping. If the program shows the ping of the internet connection, it's great

Edit. This is awesome app, but it doesn’t have configuration edit

Update. Please increase the connection speed and improve the quality of the program, and add more features to the program

Subscribe and update. Please add subscription feature and update button (or auto update)

Contact. Hello, do you have an email that I can contact you?

still not working. hi i use macbook air m1. after hitting the connection switch , app will connect but after few seconds it disconnected suddenly

How to update the subscription. How to update the subscription v2ray link in this app?

It's not wrking. I even delete and reinstall the program and i also delete the vpn conf in settings but affter few seconds it get disconnected. My system: m1 pro, ventura

Add reality feature. Come on other apps like wings x has reality feature Make it quick

Top. Easy to use and very useful

Back to last version. Hi, I love this application but after than update it doesn’t work in my phone. How to back last version?!

Subscription. Hello First please add wmess tcp and vless tcp secound I add subscription to this app but after change subscription file content nothing happen in fair vpn and old config not change

wonderful app. this is the only free app, I’v found, that works. Really wonderful work!!! Great thanks to the author.

Not working in Iran because all port banned. Not working in iran 🇮🇷 all port and all protocols banned and i buy 4$ server not working vless & vmess 🤦🏼 Icon and style in app making 4 years old kid ! All update not usful because basic problems!!!

Subscription update is needed. Due to periodic changes on VPN servers subscription update is crucial for client applications like this.

Riality. Guys plz use riality in your next update

Battery. Hi its a great program but in last few days use lot of my battery and its awful

Can not connect. After resealed new update I can't connect to internet at all. I don't know what happened because before new update I have no problem.

Disconnects on Mac. Just installed and tried with a v2Less v2ray config, It disconnects immediately (less then 2secs) ! Hope this bug be fixed soon ( according to app status in appstore, bug is fexed, but apparently not completely )

Suggestion. Please add an option for sharing configs

Don’t update. In the new update the servers don’t work at all, however, there was nothing wrong with the previous version. My Servers are the same, but there’s something about the app.

It doesn't work on macbook. Recently the app couldn't to connect any server, it disconnect quickly after connecting .... pls resolve this problem ASAP

hack. Is this program possible to hack my phone?

how I can sign up. how I can sign up

Good client for v2ray and local sharing is awesome. it's really simple and good app but it stopped working on the lastest version for M1 mac

Secure web socket server. Please add secure web socket server connection to app. It's good working in high restricted countries. Thanks.

"Subscription Update" by one tap!. You are the best free VPN client app👏 But if you add "Update Subscription" 🥺 your App will be complete and we will be grateful for it🤲 We are waiting...

very smooth. thanks for MacOS compatibility. please add edit configuration option and real delay latency test.

does not work since last update. Since I updated this app, it has not worked at all. The CONNECT botton does not work.

Subscribe buttom. Please add subscribe update key to make subscribe update easier

Add list. We cannot add list of urls

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.3.1
Play Store us.ultrasurf.fqcdn.ios
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

Fair VPN (Versiyon 1.3.1) Install & Download

The application Fair VPN was published in the category Utilities on 15 October 2020, Thursday and was developed by UltraReach Internet Corp [Developer ID: 1533873490]. This program file size is 26.16 MB. This app has been rated by 1,346 users and has a rating of 4.1 out of 5. Fair VPN - Utilities app posted on 09 August 2023, Wednesday current version is 1.3.1 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: us.ultrasurf.fqcdn.ios. Languages supported by the app:

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Fair VPN App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Bug fixes. - Support xtls in vless. Link format: vless://uuid@example.com:443?security=xtls&encryption=none&flow=xtls-rprx-direct&host=example.com#demo

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