Let's Be Cops 3D

Let's Be Cops 3D [Games] App Description & Overview

Calling all units, we have a Code 6!

In a crime-filled city, there’s only one officer who can help keep the law. It’s time to respond to the call and follow your duty, in Let’s Be Cops 3D. A dangerous driver is on the loose, and it’s your job to catch them!

Watch the roads for oncoming drivers, keeping your eyes open for anyone not following the law. Think a car is speeding? Use your police scanner to get a closer look! Catch the criminals, and assess if they should be fined, let go, or arrested.

Can’t handle the heat? Stay in your lane.

Let's Be Cops 3D features:
-Be a cop!
-Chase down criminals
-Customise your car!
-Multiple environments
-Protect the city!

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Let's Be Cops 3D Customer Service, Editor Notes:

+Bug fixes and improvements to keep you patrolling the beat

Let's Be Cops 3D Comments & Reviews

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- Ads? Internet?

“Oh what’s that? You turned off the internet so you don’t get spammed by ads every millisecond? Oh, well, I’m not allowing that even though the game has no online features we will just not allow you to play. We’re just a company who wants nothing but money, and we’re also the type of company who puts ads after each time you complete a mission. Even though the missions only last about 20 second... effectively spamming you. Because we spam you with ads, we will also FORCE it on you 👍 Were also the type of company that makes you work up to a new outfit, then have to watch an ad to unlock it. Even though you clearly earned it.” That’s you game company, just making a point that ads are stupid, no reason to get furious. 10/10 it’s fun other than what I explained

- I’m impressed

So this game is actually pretty good. Considering the whole purpose is scanning cars and see if ones speeding leading to options to pull them over and depending what they’ve done you can fine and let go but arresting people is an option given later. You’re able to change your car up and give it new looks with and you’re able to have skins for your character but depending on the skin and the body color you chose it might glitch. Although it’s not to bad of a problem I want it to get fixed later in development. Now originally I got mad that choosing items for cars or options to get a car never showed how to get them. So you don’t get them by playing like to get the option arresting, but you get those options by watching an add from a truck you scan. After I found that out I was very relieved to know there’s more to the game and not a like an empty chest taunting us knowing it’s empty. One more problem I have with the game is not having as much options or things to do because sometimes it does get a little boring. Also the shooting option is still locked no matter how far you get or how many adds you watched now I really want the shooting option in the game because one it’s a good game, and I feel like it just needs a little more and two because sometimes it will give you descriptions that there’s a hostage, or they’re shooting a weapon at random people, or there’s blood all over their hands. Overall great game I will still play it and hope a new update comes soon.

- Reason I deleted this app after 5 minutes

So I downloaded it because it popped up as a add to demo well watching a video for diamonds as I was playing my favorite mobile game (ganja farmer) must download it if you haven’t played it. But anyways about this game the demo was fun you got to pull people over and it showed different options and such. Come to find out you can only choose to fine or arrest there is no items you find no action just the same 2 buttons also you need to pull out at the exact moment to get them. And you can’t search cars or people or etc just catch a few people barely speeding and fine them. And I was partially okay with that because it doesn’t need to be some elaborate game however the problem is every single car you stop is followed by a long ad. Every car. Over 5 minutes I got to pull over like 3 cars because I was forced to spend a full 30 seconds watching a ad after every car. That’s very annoying. If it was 1 in every 5-10 cars that would he understandable but not after every car. Basically in this game you sit there for about 15 seconds until a car going 32-37 goes by. You press a button that says pull over. Then you click fine. Then BOOM A AD. I guess if you like to play a game where every 15 seconds all you do is press the same 2 buttons and see the exact same thing and then watch a ad for 30 seconds this game is for you. But not me

- Congratulations, Developer.

You made the worst game on the App Store. Every single terrible mobile game that has led up to this, with features designed to make a player’s skin crawl. It spams advertisements at you, and it won’t function without internet even though no aspect of the game is online in any capacity. Each time you complete a day, it brings you 25% of the way to get a skin that you can’t choose. This would be bad on its own, but the game will not let you get the skin, unless you view an ad. Furthermore, after viewing the advertisement, and getting the skin, you can’t even see it in game! Another way the game makes the downloader suffer is that 90% of the game is scanning cars, waiting for one to do something illegal. One car pops up a lot, and when you scan it, it zooms in to the car and offers to make you watch an ad, and you can’t exit out of this until the car drives off the screen... in slow motion. If the developer(s) see this then I just want you to know that if you update this game and remove some of the scummy stuff, then good for you. But until then, anyone reading this review, please rate the game 1 star. We need to heighten our standards for crappy mobile games.

- Impossible to Play

This game is IMPOSSIBLE to play. You get bombarded with ads with every click, which you can’t fix with airplane mode because you “Need to be Connected to Internet” to play. Yes, you need internet to pull people over...? Plus, most of the ads are very glitchy, with problems like the “X” not showing up in the corner, the “X” not working, or the ads not playing which makes the ad time not go down (causing you to sit there with an ad on your screen that you can’t exit without exiting out the entire game). If you ever get through the ads to the real game, the experience is quite mediocre. It goes quite slow, but I did have a decent time reading the previous convictions of the “speeders”. There are these horrendous gift trucks that go very slow and leaves you in a cut screen for an ad gift. After around the first day on the job, you will start continuously getting the annoying trucks. Anyways, I personally would not recommend this app. Unless you pay the money to not have ads, it’s very hard to even get to the game, and even with the money the game experience isn’t very entertaining. You could easily find a much better app to spend your time on.

- Kinda boring...

This is a game where your a cop and get to pull people over. There are occasional burglars with cops chasing them and you can pull them over. You have three things you can do. 1. You can scan the cars and make sure they’re on or below the speed limit. 2. If you see anybody over the speed limit, you can pull them over, or use your spikes if they’re 50 or above. 3. You can arrest people after they’ve committed crimes or you can fine them. 4. You can stun crazy people who are coming towards you with illegal items. 5. You can yell at them to put their hands in the air. And 6 you can occasionally shoot them but not often. And that’s about it. It’s the same exact thing EVERY SINGLE ROUND OVER AND OVER!!!!! and it kinda gets boring... great time killer though. I started playing at 2:30 and after what felt like only 20 minutes, it was 3:24 !!! But now I’m bored because it’s the SAME THING OVER AND OVER!!!!!!!! UGH.

- Cured my crippling depression

So this game is really nice. It’s amazing and I love it and personally I think it’s better than most dumb games that you get ads for. I would say that you need to have less ads in this game, but other than that, a beautiful, phenomenal masterpiece. 10/5 would recommend. My doctor recommended this to me after I told her about my problems. Now I’m recommending it to everyone. Even my dog loves it. The other day, he spoke for the first time and said “wow what a great game I wish i could play it” anyways thanks for reading I love this game


i found this game off of an ad and i thought it would be fun! so i downloaded it and right off the bat there was an ad. i did a simple quest and there was another ad..it gets annoying. also when you get an outfit, which u have been waiting to use, u have to watch an ad to claim it after u have already watched at least 10 or more ads. when you are scanning the cars a truck comes buy that says “claim reward” when you scan it, the point of that is to make u watch ANOTHER ad to bribe u into getting a reward that isn’t even worth watching the entire 30 second ad. another thing is if you try to turn off the internet it says “no internet connection” even though you don’t need internet to play. i’m about to delete this app because the adds are extremely annoying. please reduce the amount of ads..thank you

- Meh

When I saw the ad, I was excited. At first, it was exciting. But eventually I got sick of the ads. There are way too many ads! Like I just want to play, not watch an ad every 2 games. Games take literally about 10 seconds. Then, the internet. I don’t see the point of needing internet for this game. The thing that bugs me the most though is the amount of repetitive events. I was really excited to unlock the “arrest” feature. I played, and it was fun! I I clicked the checking the car feature too. But I soon realized that EVERY time someone was speeding, it says they are sus. This is annoying because every time I play now I just press arrest because it’s the same every time. It happens so fast so I get so many ads. Deleting the game. Thank you.

- Why internet

So I saw the demo and yeah it was pretty fun so I downloaded the game you know and I turned off my internet because it looked like there would be ads so then I played the game and it says “no internet” I was like “huh” so then I turned my internet back on and yeah I pulled over a car and BOOM ad after ad after ad so I kept playing because a few ads aren’t annoying until you get a lot so I got pretty far in the game and it was getting annoying I don’t know why but every time I press the “X” button it turns black screen and I have to close the game and when I pulled over another car BOOM same thing so I wish I could give zero stars so I will never play this game again if you read this developer then remove ads and the sign that says you need “internet” this game is annoying all it really is is ads

- To many adds and bugs but a cool game

Don’t get me wrong a cool game but every time I pull a car over there’s an add and they tend to be 30 seconds I don’t play as much as I would, but if you were to fix that, that would be awesome! Another thing is that when I try to pull a car over and there a car close to it it sometimes not always but sometimes pulls the wrong car over mabey if you were to make it so you pull over the car you have the speed reader looking at. Also the thing that would make the game more fun would be if it didn’t tell us that we need to fine or arrest or anything like that just have it so we guess that would be more fun. Thank you for making this game hopefully you see this and notice this so you can help.

- Nice game

I see so much potential when I play this game. It’s fun and lay back. There are a few things that need work though. When you have to check the car the game shouldn't tell you. You should build the suspicion on your own. You also shouldn’t make the driver bad depending on the speed. What I’m trying to say is the game needs to be more challenging. Whenever a guy refuses to get out of his or her car they always come out with a knife. This means that you tazz them each time. Not to mention that when they surrender it’s kind of boring because they just give up out of nowhere. I love this game but it needs some improvement.

- Meh

This game was fun for about the first 5 min I played it. You reach a point in the game where it’s really repetitive and no longer fun. There is a new update but all it did was add a few new characters and scenarios. It also added a search button, where you can search the persons car. I was pretty excited about this because I thought it would bring something new to the table. But, I was wrong. I have continuasly used this button only to be disappointed EVERY SINGLE TIME, and not find a thing. I honestly think that you can’t find anything in the people’s car, and that the developers were to lazy to add any new features. If you like boring and repetitive games, buy this one.

- Horrible!

So, I think I know what the idea was behind this game, a simple but fun game. But it’s just horrible! Way to many adds and it glitches....A LOT, and so let me tell you what it did, at first I was enjoying it, ignoring all the ads, they were skip-able and fast, but then, I freaking wave of ads came, it was terrible! I didn’t mind it and went on with the game, I got to the point where it was getting buggy and annoying, for one, it kept crashing and pausing. Then an ad came, it kept pausing, crashing, ad, pause, crash, ad. But then, I was done with it! They’re obviously very cheap and that’s why it has to many advertisements! I think this is a simple game, but it has a lot of bugs, if these bugs and advertisements didn’t happen to often, then I think it would be a good game for relaxing and having fun.


This game is absolutely horrible, I found it thinking it would be a fun, time-passing game, but no! You finally pull someone over just to have an ad, you finally earn something, and you have to watch ANOTHER ad! Come on! I know you need money to keep your game alive, but all your really doing is killing it, and other than that the game really isn’t even good, and even if it didn’t have ads it still wouldn’t be that fun. It’s quite obvious when to pull someone over because there number is orange, and you can only pull them over if there going above the speed limit, they can go 15 miles under the speed limit, and it still says you shouldn’t pull them over! Other than all of that the idea of the game itself is pretty good, but there is definitely room for improvement.

- Good but could use some changes

So you know, I love playing this game but there is a lot of ads. Like every time I pull over a car there is an ad, it’s very annoying. Also can you add more skins? When you pull over some cars there is an award but you have to watch an ad. You also have to wait a long time to get the gun/fire in the game. The last thing is that I want more when it comes to the car, like when they are going like 52 over the 45 limit you can only fine then and not arrest them. Those are some things that I would like to be changed. P.S. I am potato man >:3 P.P.S REEEEEEEEEEEE

- Horrible game

This game has potential to be a decent time waster but it fails. I didn’t play it enough to know if it has any bugs as previous people had mentioned because I got tired of the ads. At first, I dealt with it because they were short and skippable. But it is after every action you take. When you scanning the cars, as soon as you scan one and finish, it goes to an ad. So if I just spent time watching an ad, then it take less than a minute to catch a speeder and fine them, then watch another ad. Rinse & repeat. Ugh it gets old quick. I get that there needs to be ads for a game developer to make money but this is the most ridiculous iteration of that concept that I’ve ever seen on the App Store. I’d give this 0 stars if I could. I don’t where all this high reviews come from.

- eh

game looked fun but besides the terrible ads and what it tells you to do if the speed limit is 30 and someone is going 10 under im pulling them over, the screen will pop up w/ a message that says “what are you thinking” ...well if someone is going 10 under im going to pull them over jus as i would someone thats going 10 over...also who pulls over someone by going in front of them...ALSO if a fire truck or an ambulance is going 10 over without there lights on, im going to pull then over which it tells me basically im dumb for doing that, jus bc its an emergencing vehicle doesnt mean they can drive 10 over and jus say “i was filing a complaint” for an excuse like you can file a complaint at the speed limit.

- Problems but fun

I think Let’s be cops is really fun to play but it gets boring after a while. You should add more to the app. Also, if you work up to getting a cop outfit, you shouldn’t have to watch an add for it because maybe I’m playing in the car or don’t have internet. One last issue is that cars should be pulled over if they are UNDER the speed limit as well, to make the game more realistic. For example, if the speed limit is 40 and someone is going 20, I should be able to pull them over, just like in real life. Over all, I would give the app 7 1/2 out of 10

- Fun Game

Got this a couple days ago. Lot of ads to watch but still fun to play. The game “comments” on your actions; seem seem to suggest you should have taken another action. Like the game tells you to “watch for cars with headlights on during the day”. If you let the driver go, the game comments that you went easy on the driver. If this was reality, lots of drivers use their headlights during the day. At times there will be a speeder in the far outside lane right next to another driver. Keep trying to stop the fast driver but end up stopping the other driver who isn’t doing anything wrong. Haven’t figured out how to just stop the speedy driver. But overall a fun game. Again, if you don’t mind the ads. About the ads. A lot of people complain about all the ads on this game and other “free” games. Yes, the ads are very annoying. But that is the reason the games are free because of the relentless ads. So either live with the ads or pay to stop the ads.

- Reasons

Ok so the only reason why I put 5 stars was so that people could see this. Ok so this game has a virus in it and my phone would not turn on so I put it to charge and waited until the next day. The next day the phone still did not turn on so we brought it to an iPhone fixer and he said it had a virus. So we had to buy a knew phone. But I had to pay 💰. So please do not download. I am writing this review with my new iPhone 📱.

- Game Review

This game is very fun! I could have lay this for hours. There is just one problem... There are soooooo many bugs and glitches. When you collide with another car you usually go flying into the field and then your screen freezes. Other times you go to pull over a car and you pull over the one in the other lane. Also, the choices you can make and the driver database information are color coded so you know which thing to do like arrest someone. It makes the game less fun and interactive. Again, please fix the bugs. Thank you for such a fun game.

- Pretty good

Alright so I’ve been playing this game for about a month now, and I have to say it’s really good. It can get kind of repetitive, but either way I like it. I’ve read some of the other reviews, and they say that they had a lot of ads, bugs and glitches, but for me, I haven’t had a lot of ads, I’d give it a tiny bit more than average, and the only bugs I’ve had was that I would start driving off the map of if I try to pull over the car in the lane farthest to me. Either way, I think you should try this game out.

- Not allowed to fire

It’s a really cool game once you unlock the taser and the stuff before, but I’m on my either 52 week or day and I can’t fire a gun like it says you can when you unlock it. Usually you unlock a new thing every other game week, but like I said I’ve been playing for a while and I don’t have the option to fire, other than that it’s a really fun game. Plz fix ad problem bc I get a ad after almost every car. If you fix the fire problem and ad problem this game will be awesome

- Could use some updates

This is a fun game to play if you are feeling a little bored. I currently don’t know what level I am but I do know I’ve unlocked all of the upgrades except one. I haven’t unlocked all of the characters but I hope I do. The game could use an update or two. They could add more upgrades or something like mini-games. I do like this game but it’s not much of a puzzling game. I’ve seen the ads and that’s how I got the game in the first place. I think it was a harder than it looks ad. When you see one of those, it’s normally easier than they make it look.

- We hate our players 😊

You thought you could get away from the ads by turning off the internet, wrong! We’re gonna get every bit of money from you. Every time you play the game no matter how long your gonna be forced to watch an ad you may call us greedy but as long as people play we’re getting money, just like the title.... We hate our players😊

- Bypass the ads

I read a few of the reviews saying that the ads are annoying and plentiful, and that you need internet connection to play the game even though there are no online features. If you start mission with internet and turn internet off afterwards, it doesn’t stop you, so you can play the game without having to watch any ads. Anyway, this game is pretty simple and fun, and if you’re looking to pass the time, this is the game for you.

- Needs improvement

Game is fun; lots of ads though. One thing other than the ads that I don’t like is how you pull someone over. Can the creators make it more realistic? Ie in real life when a cop pulls someone over they don’t drive out in front of them, they get behind them. The getting in front of a vehicle is for the car chase scenarios in which multiple police are involved in. Also in real life you want to avoid car crashes in this game however I feel as though I crashed into 50% of the cars that I pulled over.

- Used to be good

This game USED to be great but after they gained traction form more downloads they started cramming adds after every little thing you do and now the cars move slower and so does the game before the added adds into every corner the game was fast moving and fun but now the game goes slow and feels like a tutorial. I also feel that they re-use maps and don’t really put to much effort into other maps now that also have those annoying click a video for a prize adds and that is always a sign of a game going downhill and will prevail for long

- Sound effects

So I’m sure that you have scrolled through a lot of bad reviews but it is actually a great game. How ever I know many people out there like me that like games with sound. This game has NO sound at all. Now with a lot of these bad reviews are about stuff the game does not have. But they have added many of the things listed and I hope they add mine when they have the time. Other than that it’s very fun and I would suggest playing it.

- Yes

I love this game so much but there’s just so many ads at the beginning of the game but don’t let that get in your way it’s so fun though when you get late into the gameReally fun trying to read it five stars I still want to Ferrari now I don’t know if I have to buy it but I’mAt 300 K as we speak it’s really fun five stars hoping for new updates please add a SWAT van PS The best game I’ve played in a while on mobile

- Good but kinda unfair

This game can be really fun at times and interesting but it also has alot of random elements like a extremely fast car coming out of nowhere with like 2 seconds to react or like how theres a really slow car and a speeding car and they both are around the same speed yet if you pull over u crash, if u spike u can hit the slow car instead of the fast one etc. and as expected with many mobile games,.. ads. also theres glitches

- 1/5

This is one of the most ad flooded games I have ever played. It would be fun and I believe it would go places but unfortunately you can’t play without getting interrupted and pestered with ads. It’s not worth the download but one day maybe they will realize that they can let people have fun instead of looking for ways to make money in every nook and cranny. P.S. if you think you can just turn off WiFi to avoid ads, think again. Although the game has no online features. It requires you to turn on internet to play. People like this don’t deserve the right to make games

- Worthless. Do not download unless you absolutely love ads.

Download the game? Great! Play it? Sure! Enjoy it for a while? Of course! Getting ads everywhere and everytime you do a single thing in the game and not being able to play with wifi off? HELL NOO!!! What’s wrong seriously? This thing has no online interactions apart from ads in order to get “in-game bonuses” which for all intents and purposes are don’t really do anything either gameplay wise. Just do yourself a favor, either remove the app from the store or make something worthy of making us pay for anything from your studio.

- Room for more

Ok, i get its a pretty basic game, but i hasn’t been playing that long and have hundreds of thousands of dollars and have nothing to spend it on. Only 5 types of things to spend money on and only 3 options per type. And non the less, for majority of them, you need to watch a video. Feel like way more things to be bought then that, and if they made it so you can spend irl money for in game money, that’d be a scam for how easily you can get money

- Awesome app!

This game is fun because you are a cop. And the new update mad it so you can search in cars. But in search the car thing maybe if there is a limb it would say: Limb found. And for that tnt it would say: explosive found and same thing with all of the things found in the car. Still a awesome game, but I think these suggestions would be good.

- False advertising?

Saw an ad that had the character use a taser. And there are no arrests in the game at all. Plus all the ads are a bit ridiculous since every interaction follows an ad. Other than that you can “beat” the game in 30 minutes since there’s no reason for the money with so few things to unlock.

- The game

I think this game is really fun but there’s not a lot of stuff in it. I think you should be able to have the ability to customize your police car more and also customize your actual character, and to be able to customize the other cars. I also think that there could be ranks and slowly climb up them to be the best cop in the world. But all in all, I still think it is a great game!👍🏻🤩👽

- Waste of space

Honestly this game is just a waste of space on your phone. Ads pop up like crazy and you literally click two whole buttons per game. Then after that game is over BAM ad. If you enjoy scanning different cars speeds and having the choice to pull random cars over and either fine them or let them go than by all means download the game, I just hope you can tolerate the ads. You can honestly find plenty of other police games out there that are way better than this.

- Why to many ads?!?!?!?!

Way to many ads I get that the game is trying to make profit off of it but there are way to many ads, that will make people leave and no one will wanna play any game that you own. I have never saw a game with this many ads before! If you don’t like games with ads I would not recommend this game to you, but it is fun. After all I would like less ads.

- Ads about every 10-15 seconds

Usually the ads are longer than the time you get to play the actual game. They aren’t the 5 second ads, they r either 30 seconds that u can skip after 15 or 15 seconds with no skip so really annoying. And here’s the best thing I turned off my data and wifi to play with no ads, the game won’t allow that, even tho the actual game has no involvement with internet besides their ads, so that also means you cant play on roadtrips or somewhere else with no service. It’s a good game but not worth the ads.

- Made it to week 50...

Ok, there are some redeeming qualities about this game, so 2 stars. So many ads (as you’ve seen) from other reviewers. Upgrades - cool, except they get you no advantages. Different ways to stop cars. That’ll get you half a star. When arresting some people, opportunity to taze. That’s another half star. Trying to get the gun that seems to be unlockable - haven’t so far and I’ve probably watched 200 ads. I’m through. Pay for remove ads? Why, this game is about 1-2 hours play time max.

- Absolutely amazing

Yeah you may get a few ads every 10 seconds then work for a outfit or lights on your car then watch a video to get that thing also you need internet connection even though there are 0 inline features un the game they jus care about the money so overall 10/10

- ads

so, if your like me (which probably all of you agree with me) you HATE ads! yes! I HATE ads, and this game is spamming you with ads. I downloaded this game and it looked fun, WRONGO!! Now, I have a hack, you turn off your internet, and you don’t get blasted with ads! well guess what, for most games this works, but for this game..it spams you with ads either way! But I get it, it’s how this company makes their money. (I mean they seem like those dirty casinos looking for money) Just remove the ads and you will make more money!!!

- Eh

Was cool for a couple hours if that. Kept getting spammed with ads every 10 seconds so I paid the what $2-$3 dollars for ad free then realized this game ain’t all that. Not many customization options. Super repetitive. Glitchy when trying to pull someone over because they are speeding past a car and you end up pulling over the wrong car, no fault of your own. Lost interest after a couple hours. But hey they win right. Got my money.

- If you like ads every five seconds, this is the game for you

Downloaded this game because it looked fun, tapped on one thing and an ad popped up mid mission. I had over 5 ads in a matter of 2 minutes and some of them are 30 seconds long and then make you try the game before closing it. On the last ad the popped up, the whole game froze and then I just deleted it. So tired of people releasing games out there that are 80% ads and 20% play time. And it’s not even for anything good. If I see one more ad for that stupid Homescapes game, I’m gonna lose my mind.

- How Do I Tap The Contrabands

Okay so I’m on the part where I’m searching the car and I’m trying to touch the contraband but it won’t let me I'm even holding in and I’m confused but besides that over fun game just hate the adds and don’t know why there has to be a ad everything time you pull over someone

- One of the best games ever

Welp, I downloaded this game 3 days ago! At it’s a blast! Only problem is spammed by ads, but that’s not TOO much of A problem, Devs, if your reading this, and say, Finally a good customer review, you’re right, this game was so fun, in my free time, I always play it, before I go to bed, I play it, It’s just too much! 10/10!

- Suggestions/adds

Live this game but it would be a lot of fun you could pick how much money to fine them and how they are arrested for also I i turn off my internet so I don’t get spammed with adds after every time I pull someone over but no I can’t do that why r u making us watch adds for no reason plz let us turn off the internet

- Ads.. so many ads

Probably like most of you, i came across this game in an Ad of another game. when it comes to the game itself it is exactly how it is displayed on its ad (which is nice for once). The problem i have with it is here: you can scan as many cars as u want but the moment u pull someone over and select what u want to do with them... AD. and it may not sound too bad plus normally i’m chill with ads. but because of the fast pace of the game you will end up getting an ad within every 30 seconds. so what if i just disconnect from my internet so there’s no ads? then you would have the right idea... but the wrong game. although nothing u do in the game requires u to use internet, if u disconnect YOU CANT EVEN PLAY!!

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- Great game but bad aswell

Great game fun to play I like the whole aim of the game😃. Buutt!! There are to many ads every time u pull someone over and let go/ fine/ arrest them there is an ad and it just got to annoying especially when I just wanna play a game but an ad after every match. So I’m deleting it great game but Ye the ads are annoying😕

- Mmm… fine

The ads well too many and you can’t even play without internet that’s weird? Why would you need internet when this game is offline are you forcing people to watch ads on the game to get money, lower down the amount of ads for the people. Also make it so the people in the cars that need to be fined or arrested don’t get blocked by the normal car witch are driving safely or else it can be catch accidentally because of yourself —————————————————————————————————— The game is good although the things I don’t like up there 👆

- An ok game

I think it’s a decent game considering the game needs to show ads to make money and more adds means the game will get better and if you turn of your wifi it won’t work because it needs to make money and if you made this game you would want to make money off it to

- Go play now

Best games I’ve ever bought and I’ve bought a lot of good games okay but this game no lags not too many adsI personally think that the characters are really good and like the cars are really good and yeah I just love this game so much🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🥳🥳🥳

- Spent more time watching ads than playing

The game is entertaining enough... when you’re actually playing the game. Each level easily takes less than a minute to complete and after every single level there is an advertisement. The game also “requires” an internet connection, ruling out offline play, and I say used quotation marks because there is literally nothing in the game (besides the ads) that should need an internet connection to function.

- Awesome

This is a great game but I wish you could start with everything but other than that I wish there weren’t as many adds but I will recommend this game for anyone

- Great game

this game is so great it might make me become a police but i have so much money i have all skins it kinda getting boring and lame cause i got everything but still fun!

- It is the best game I have ever played

When I downloaded this app I thought that I would not like it but the by I kept playing it and now I love it

- Great game ruined by ads

The game is fun. Simple, effective and a lot of fun. 5 stars if not for the next point. Now that I’ve said that. Ads are important, they mean developers get paid and we get to play games for free. A 20-30sec ad pop up every meaningful interaction with the game is too much and ruins it. 5ish sec ads periodically is far more tolerable.

- Awesome amazing games

This game is amazing who ever is not playing it right now you have to download it

- Unhappy

First of all, this game has like a hundred thousand ads. Please calm down on the ads because it is very annoying and second of all, when I try to search something in the suspect’s car, I just can’t carry anything. No offence but I am not impressed. This is a good game but slow down on the ads and please fix the bugs..

- Fun game

Pretty fun game but once you unlock all the “skins” you just collect money with nothing to spend on and there is no change or escalation to the game. It’s the same repetitiveness. However good game to numb the mind

- Rlly good game concept, ads ruined the game

THERE ARE WAY TOO MANY ADS. EVERY ARREST THERE IS AN AD. Personally I rlly like the game concept but why the mass amount of ads? Same with all of their other games. Kwalee have way too many ads in all of their games. But they have good concepts. It’s really sad tbh.

- Way too many adds

To many adds on this game. Made it very bad and I deleted it in the first 5 minutes of playing it. Don’t recommend downloading it because of the poor effort and quality put into the game. Also because there are too many adds.

- Kinda bit lame on the game 😣

I went on the game and I thought... this is getting boring. Cos all you do everyday is che k the ummm speed of cars 🚙 it’s still good but you need to make the game more fun... but thanks anyway for making the game 👋

- Good

There could be less ads but other then that it’s good

- Is this a good game?

Yes it has a lot of ads but it can be really fun 🤗

- Good game but...

When I saw this game as an add I thought cool I’m going to download it. But the upsetting thing is that you get heaps of ads and you need wifi to play the game witch I don’t think is really right. Although despite the ads and the wifi usage it is a good game and helps pass time

- Adds

The amount of adds in this add really stops me from playing, if you could upgrade the app and tone h the em down that would be awesome! Apart from that, its a good game 😋

- It’s good but...

It’s good but the game has so many adds it’s not funny and gets annoying really fast.

- Way too many ads.

After every car you pull over there’s an ad. It would be a lot more enjoyable if you didn’t get an ad after every thing you do.

- Hours of fun forcing ads upon you

I absolutely love to be constantly bombarded with ads every 2 minutes. I can’t wait to further enjoy this to learn what other games to play🤙👍👍


There is toooooo many ads, an ad every two days would be fine but it makes the games WAY more boring

- Can’t search car.

So I search the car. I see what it is and I press on it. It doesn’t let me press on it!’

- I didn’t se anything about this....

It’s a good game but a soon as I saw connect to other devices using the same internet I was like now way deleted

- More ad than game

Only play if you enjoy spending more time on ads than playing the actual game, it’s ridiculous!!

- Ads

To much ads

- Quite good

It’s a very good game except it requires internet but has heaps of adds.

- The game

Way to many ads I get one every time I pull someone over and the game needs wifi to play you should be able to play without wifi

- Ads are absurd

This game is decent but it is absolutely useless with the ads. It’s basically 20 seconds of gameplay per 30 second ad. Developer is a greedy you know what.

- Too many ads

There are far too many ads in this game and you need internet to play even though it is not an online game

- Worst game ever

There are way too many ads, i get an ad after every time i pull someone over you shouldn’t have that many ads, fix it

- Fine

Games good but way yo many ads.

- Worst game

Don’t even bother, the sound cuts out after a few levels it is infested with ads, the developers would be better off as window washers

- Almost unplayable

Full of ads and won’t work if you turn of the wifi cause it wants to show more ads

- Way too many adds

I’m sorry but that’s ridiculous. I understand you needing revenue, but a 15-25 second add after each arrest is a joke!

- Far too many ads to be remotely enjoyable

Can’t play the game for 30 seconds without a new ad popping up.

- Not playable

It is full of ads and cannot be played without wifi and the game looks like a 2d game thats made by a child that has a disability. Don’t download this game

- Might as well just watch ads

A 30 sec ad appears after every stopping of a vehicle. This is not a game. Just an ad.

- Greedy

these people want you to play an offline game online only so they can get ads and money. stupid

- Ads

I get it, you need money. But surely let us play for more than 10 seconds without an ad?

- Rubbish game

When you press pull over the comments “ what was that for”? It was clearly speeding with a cross ( x) that means less money for me on the game so I gave a 1 star rating

- Ads

You can’t play this game without an internet connection and it’s full of ads.

- Unplayable with the ads

Ads show every level. More ads than game play. This is over the top

- Ads

I downloaded this game thinking it would be good. (Which it kinda is.) but it has to many ads.

- To Many Adds

I couldn’t go one arrest or pull over without an add. Please fix that it really just ruins the game.

- One of the worst

..... unless you like ads. I deleted after 5 minutes.

- Bro there’s a game in your ads

More content needed. Less Ads wanted

- Soooooo many ads.

An ad appears after every pullover. Very excessive

- Wouldn’t even give this a star

Game has WAY to many Ads to be even considered a game

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- Gun option?

I love the game, really fun! But when you go to arrest someone, a gun option that is locked is there. When/how do you unlock it? I’m on Week 35, Day 173, and it’s still not available.

- Rude questioning in game and too many ads

When you play and I make a mistake when pulling someone over, the hand always says something rude like what were you thinking or what was that for and I don’t find that very encouraging for people to play the game and I think those phrases are unnecessary insulting and hurtful. I honestly don’t understand why they are there because everyone makes mistakes and the way you designed the game with insults is very unprofessional. Also, there are too many ads. After every single game there is an ad and it gets very annoying having an ad after every game. This is my honest review and I hope you can improve your game. Thanks.

- Sucks

To many ads in the apple store I will never buy or download any games or nothing no more to many ads more then 1 month ago I’m done with apple this game sucks all games in apple store sucks

- Terrible

Honestly worst game I ever played. Everyone talks about the excessive ads, but how about how you can afford everything after 1 minute of game play. Whats the point of earning 5k for each person you pull over if there is nothing to work towards.

- Nothing but ads

Catch someone and you see an ad want to upgrade your vehicle watch an ad everything you do there’s an ad after it take away the ads and it’s not a half bad game

- Ads

There is an ad every time you play, like I just came to play not watch more ads

- Great concept, forced ads

It’s a pretty fun game, I just have an ad for every next level. All the other ad blocks make sense, but let me go to the next level in less than 15-30 sec

- Too many ads

Way too many ads

- Terrible

I actually enjoy the game and would throw a couple dollars into it but the ads are ruthless. It’s not like one of those games you can turn off your wifi and dont get them. You need connections to play. Ads are inappropriate dont let your children download this app!

- Review

A pretty average game but after you do anything u must watch an ad to continue and dont try turning off your wifi you must have wifi to play this very simple dumb game

- Too many ads

This game is awful, way too many ads. Everything you do you get an ad after

- Could be better but pretty good

It’s over all pretty good game it entertains you for quite awhile but the adds are soo annoying literally every minute or so there’s another add.


Literally 7 to 10 seconds of gameplay between ads. Insane!

- Ads

There is too many ads

- Worst

To developers the most money hungry ever and shame on your development hope that you will be out of business soon pig

- Too many ads, the game has no flow due to it

It’s not even a game because there’s way too many ads

- Ouff

Don’t ever dl this game , i’ve never seen this much ads even on the tv. There is like an ad in every level you pass and a level is like 15 sec. 1 star would be way too much. And no you can’t play without wifi ahahah apple store is going rly rly low.

- Nice game

I love this game and everything but the only problem is that there are too many ads

- Do not recommended

This game has a lots of ads and then it becomes paid. Just wasted my data in downloading this game which i will just going to uninstall. Disappointed.

- Ads

You can’t get into the game vibe because there are WAYYYYY TOO MANY ADS , you see less ads during Super Bowl commercial

- What a money grab

This game in concept is fun other than the ads they absolutely spam ads on you before you play, after you play every single round. Then if you turn off the internet you cannot play, this game is a waste of time.

- Ok

I love the game but there’s way way too many adds. I deleted it twice and then downloaded it again because it is the best games but the worst games because there’s to many adds

- Good

this is a very good game but when to cars are coming and you want to fine/arrest one of the cars and you pull over the good car you should make it so you can select which one to pull over

- It’s aight

It’s pretty fun at first. The excessive ads are a bit much. There’s. Nothing to work towards. It is very repetitive. After a while you keep scanning the same situation. Doing the same thing over and over is not that fun. I think the game creators should add more variety in the pull overs and they should deal with the ads situation. Also make something to work towards. For example, a more busy street, harder arrests, etc. But for a few minutes of free time it’s not a bad game.

- .

Too many ads and the store needs to be updated I have over 300,000 dollars and there’s nothing to even buy anymore thinking about deleting the app and never downloading from the company again

- 0 stars

So many ads.. and horrible game because of this, must be using bots to get so many 5 star ratings. Super annoyed

- Not enough in game upgrades

I like this game but I got all the police up grades in about 20 minutes of the game and now I have 60000 thousand dollars just sitting there

- Why need wi-fi?

When I went to play with no internet to avoid ads and when I started to play the first level and said no internet is there real players in the level or do you want us to watch ads?

- Pop up

Too much pop up this is crazy

- Adds??

There so many adds please slow down the adds


so,i was browsing and i saw this game,i installed it and i played it! Its so addicting! Normally when i play something i get off and play lets be cops!!!!! Seriously! Its soo good! But..It does have LOTS AND LOTS of ads :< Developer,if you see pls no ads

- Awesome

This game is sooo fun this will take up your holl day this game is better then Mario cart 8!!!

- More upgrades

I have been sitting at almost a million dollars and it’s boring just collecting the money I think you guys should add more maps and more upgrades to spice up the game a bit it’s an overall great game but some minor improvements could make the game much better

- Absolutely trash

I can’t even play this game with out getting a freaking add. Please find a new way to make your money. No one will play your stupid games if you have an add every two seconds. And there is no way in hell that I am paying the 4 bucks for you to stop showing me adds. Thank you for you time

- 30 sec Ads no skip

I understand its a free game but every tap is an ad and they range from 15-30 seconds without the option to skip....kinda messed up how am I supposed to enjoy that.

- Too many ads

Games like this with nothing but constant ads should be removed from the App Store.

- Worst game

An ad every 15 seconds, not even exaggerating

- Not the best

All you do in the game is just pull over people, arrest them. Barely any styles to customize your car with.DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!!

- Worst game ever

The idea of the game is good but EVERY SINGLE TIME you do something an ad pops up and they’re all such long ads. Also very unrealistic, none ever go very much higher then 5 over the speed limit and expects you to pull them over.

- Not enough content

You can play it through for like half an hour and you’ve played the whole game. Repetitive after that.

- Ads

This game would be so fun if there wasn’t an ad after every turn

- Bad game

Way to many adds

- World record ads

Sometimes in between watching ads, they let you play the game for a few seconds. Honestly you guys need to find a better way to make money. It’s a fun game but you will lose millions of potential players who won’t spend money.

- Disappointed

Could be a really great fun game but there is litteraly more ads than play time! It is simply awful! To the studio that developed this game: you did a great job but you ruined it with these ads. The price to remove the ads is way to high too! It is nonsense! A lot more people would buy it if it was at a reasonable price! I hope you can make this game better because it is well produced and there is a great potential but please, stop being over commercial..

- Ugh

K it’s a really fun game but There are constant ads. it’s the same with every other game, so I was fine with it, but then you can’t even play without wifi?! Cause they want us to watch ads, but whole reason I got it is so I have a game when I don’t have wifi. Very annoyed.

- Meh

Way too many ads


After playing just 4 minutes i had 2 ads of 1 minutes !! Its soo bad

- Decent

This Game Is Really Fun. But The Ads Make Me Frustrated. Even airplane mode wont work. But i recommend this game!

- Lots of ads

Um they need to get Rid of the ads

- Ads

This game is pretty good but is just one big ad and you can’t play this game offline

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- This game is so realistic

The person does five over the speed limit arrest them and if you don’t “they got off way” or “your in a good mood”. I always wanted to feel like a good for nothing cop now I do. I’m so glad you made a game where people can hate cops even more.

- Way too many advertisements

Update: to remove ads free start the game, and before you pull anyone over switch to airplane mode and no ads will appear and it won’t tell you “no internet” because you’re already playing. Once the week is over you need to turn airplane mode off and repeat the process which is annoying but still way faster than going though 7-14 ads. Original review: You’re basically watching an ad every 20 to 30 seconds and the gameplay gets repetitive very fast.

- Hi I love the game but...

There is like tooo many ads I know you need ads too make money but can you make like every round . The game would not work so I did A reset and it worked so I thought it was fine but it started me over so can you fix that. And I have so much money like the game money nothing too spend it on so I have like 7k and nothing to spend it on so can you make more stuff to buy. I know you work hard on it.

- Isabella

So it is a great game I would play this 24.7 but..yesterday I was having fun and playing it and said I’m going to bed the next day it started me over and I was pretty sad like wen I play it says press pull over and it’s like it’s anoying so o please fix that also I hate hate hate wend I wanna pull over someone and then it gets another person and makes me feel bad by saying “on driving’s lesson driving very carefully” like bruh or it will do “in labor in a lot of pain” I really might delete it soon

- Great game

Good time consumer and when you have nothing to do this is a good game to go to but it’s just too easy. I sat down and played this game for like 15 minutes and I had already unlocked all of the car items it’s just way too easy. Also add custom outfits I think it would make the game more fun, and you can buy outfits with money!

- It’s okay could be better

I have been playing for about 20 minutes and within them 20 minutes about 8 1/2 minutes of that were ads. If you guys would lower the ads it would be 4.5-5 stars. Every time you pull someone over there’s an ad right after you claim your money. That does not make it fun when you have to constantly watch ads. Do something about the ads or take your game off the App Store.

- Really good

This game is super fun. I have one suggestion though. Sometimes when there are people you try to arrest, and they come close to you and eventually stab you, you have no way to defend yourself because the stuff is locked, so you just fine them. You should unlock those, because all you do is lose.

- Pretty much great

The adds is a little unfair mostly because it makes you pay for the adds but you get an add for pretty much everything you do I also wish they could make it a little more realistic than this but the quality is good everything else besides that is nice so I’d rate that a 3 and a half thank you for your time to whoever is reading this

- Good but one thing

Don’t get me wrong this game is great, I just have one problem. When someone’s driving fast I try to pull them over, but there’s someone who’s driving right near them. Then I accidentally pull over the good person. Please have the cars just a little bit farther apart. Other than that this game is great!

- Anoyying

Way too many ads and if you turn off you’re internet you can’t play. Also sometimes if I’m trying to pull over one car it will pull over a perfectly fine one. Also after you arrest and stuff you should return to exactly how it was before u did what you did.

- I love it! But there’s too many ads..

I just downloaded the app and it’s very entertaining, but it would be better if there was less ads because it’s kind of annoying. Still the game is very good! Keep it up!

- Why can’t I pull people over in the second lane

When I try to stop someone in the second lane that is behind someone in the first lane I always pull over someone in the first lane, I’m not sure why it always does this, like I look at the dude with my scanner and see he’s going 55 and I try to pull him over but I just stop in the first lane. Please tell me what I’m doing wrong, or fix this. Thanks

- Great game, but one problem

This game is great, but I started playing a few days ago and I’m already on day 78! The problem is that I still have no idea how to get the shoot ability! Like that’s the big reason why I got let’s be cops 3D! Other than that this is one of my favorite games and i play it every day.

- What the?

So I used to love this game okay, but after this update it won’t let me use my spikes. It’s basically teaching me how to play, and it won’t let me pull people over by myself i have to wait for the pull over button to light up. Also people used to go like 55 MPH or their car was on fire but none of that is happening they just go 37 MPH. Before it was a great game but not so much now.


I know this game wants money bc I was testing the game if it had a lot of ads,bugs,and glitches it had ALL OF THAT when I got bored I will sometimes play but I had no WiFi I thought I could have time without ads BUT THIS GAME JUST WANT MONEY it doesn’t let you play without WiFi so it can get money from ads and i know it’s possible it make it less ads and I know it’s hard to fix glitches and bugs and stuff but u could just not release the game and test it out on a iPad. This game just want money

- Glitches and too many adds

this is a very fun and addicting game but sometimes when i pull people over it takes me in the grass and doesn’t let me do anything. if these glitches were fixed it would be great! also there are A LOT of adds every-time i’m done with a round there is a add and it makes me very mad. please fix these two issues, thanks!

- This company needs to be banned

Kwalee specializes is “games” that are purely created to maximize the amount of ads it can show to its users. This is not a game, this is an advertisement with a halftime. They make the game unplayable if you don’t have an internet connection because they can’t profit off you. They spam this app with fake reviews and downloads, Apple needs to figure out a way to ban Kwalee from the App Store. If someone at Kwalee sees this, I hope you know you and your company are complete scum.

- Good but...

Ok so this game I mean I great!! But just one problem, I already made 102,000 cash but there is not really a lot of thing to spend it on like I already bought EVERYTHING but maybe or please make more things to spend on like new guns or new cars and mostly Everything so please fix that and make new stuff

- Good game.

Good interesting game. Adds are pretty annoying. Not to mention I have over one million dollars and nothing to do with it. And what’s with the intermittent car searches? Haven’t been able to search a car in over 50 traffic instances. All the searches turn up nothing as well. Pretty boring.

- Let’s not be Cops!

This game is great, get to pull over cars, customization options (only 3 each), fines, let him gos, and arresting. Many more, but disappointed. Offline: Cannot play offline during this game, still looks like this game is ‘meant to be played both online, AND offline. Again, a great game.

- Fully completed in 20 mins

After 20 minutes of nearly nonstop ads, I have every upgrade in the game for the vehicle. I’ll admit I don’t have every character, but I got the robocop one immediately so why would I want another if it’s my favorite and I don’t want to change anyways. Out of my 20 minutes playing, over 10 we’re just watching ads. No further upgrades to work for so I got a solid 10ish minutes of the game and now it’s time to delete.

- Love it

I love that you don’t have a lot of in-app purchases so you aren’t missing out on a lot of things. Sometimes there are A LOT of ads but that does not change the fact that it is awesome and fun (sorry if this is cheesy)

- Yeah not to happy

I like this game i was addicted to it until i pulled a car over and i looked like they had make one one of the car drivers look like Donald Trump and of course i clicked arrest because it said driving over the speed limit, no seat belt , children on board and after that i regrets it i didn’t mean to and now it’s not showing anymore that look like Donald Trump so I’m wandering if they would use it for anything

- Read me please

Please make it easier to decide which car you are pulling over. Sometimes there are two cars driving side by side and one is the one I want to pull over but the game selects the wrong one EDIT: Ok. Ok. Alright. Listen. WHY THE FRICK ARE THERE SO MANY ADS? I’m deleting it solely because of the amount of ads. Usually it’s easy to ignore but not when everything you do pops an ad up.

- Needs more variety and unlocks/purchasable items, also I had

Needs more variety and unlocks/purchasable items, also I had the option to search cars for a level and unlocked a taser but never found anything or got the chance to tase someone, and now the option all together is gone for searching and tasing. Too many adds but this could be fun with some updates

- Unplayable 👎

This game is seriously bad. You can’t go 1 minute without 3 ads shoved down your throat. It is very annoying. Most people would just turn off the WiFi so we wouldn’t get ads and there is no online feature so it would work right?? Nope it says connect to WiFi. Why? There is no online multiplayer feature. It is obvious they just want to make as much money as possible from us before we delete the app. Would not recommend 👎

- I have a bug

This game is really fun to play it’s cool how you can search the cars and how there are diff characters but when I get to day 46 I can’t move on to the next day and then it gets annoying once I get to day 46i can’t do anything the only thing I need to do is arrest and search cars.


I’ve been playing this game for a while now it’s not bad it’s fun I’m on like day 60 now and I still haven’t unlocked the gun I have like every thing else in the game I just wanted to know when I unlock the game does anyone know

- It’s ok....

I do like this game but it’s gotten kinda boring. I have sooo much money and there is nothing I can buy except car stuff I don’t want. And don’t get me started on the ads.. there are so many ads... Really so many ads. Like one every time you pull someone over. If there were less ads, more things you can buy and maybe some more scenarios, I would play it more. Ok well that’s it, have a good day.

- Way too many ads!

Way too many ads otherwise it would pass the time while having fun. More ads than actual game play. Seems like 60/40. *Updates* Even more ads now. About 80/20 Downgrade from 2 star to 1. No real point of game and no upgrades to spend your money on after you upgrade everything during my first time playing. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in game money but nothing to spend it on. Will be deleting.

- So many ads

Honestly the team and company that made this game works out of the boiler room and some European country. The only way they could monetize these stupid games is with tons and tons of SN so every single car you pull over like a 30 second interactive ad place and it’s so awful for gameplay I just straight up deleted the app. Word of advice if you want to retain more people playing the game have less ads you can still make money

- Great game but

Emergency vehicles can’t break the law with lights and sirens off. If we can pull them over like a regular vehicle that would be better. Maybe make a different way to pull over too! Sometimes it chooses which car to pull over, either one lane or the other randomly. That’s not cool

- Too many ads

Literally has an ad every time you do something. I tried to put my phone in airplane mode and play this while on the plane but nope says it needs internet just so it can push more ads. I would not be upset about the ads if the game had enough of my interest to even want to pay for an ad free version but literally all you’re doing is scanning cars and clicking buttons there’s not much to it.

- The spike trap and Fire ability.

I feel like you should be able to take down the spike trap. You are not able to scan, nor take it down. This needs to be added. Now onto the Fire ability. The place you earn it needs to be, like, week ten.

- Great game

I love this game it’s the best it’s a great game to play after a long day when you’re tired and exhausted this game is again super fun I don’t know what those people are saying in the reviews but I just got done playing this game there’s an ad that wouldn’t let me exit out of it but overall I love this game.

- Meh

I gave this a 4/5 stars because the game is overall fun. I like arresting criminals that speed and I also love customizing a car. But, there is one thing that bugs me. The ads are way too frequent. Plus, these ads are political ads! There are kids playing this game! Why direct POLITICAL ADS towards them?!!

- Great game but needs fixes

I’ve been play this game for a day or so and I love it but I had a glitch or something with the character skins when swapping between them I’ll try to press it but for some dumm reason it shows a taxi and I can’t get to the one I like can you guys plz fix it

- Love but...

Ok I am obsessed with this game but every once in a while the cars are suddenly going the speed of a snail and I hate how it’s not like real life when they are so so slow but other times they are normal speed and it will be like real life but anyway... it’s good but plz fix that. Thx!

- So Awesome!

I love this game but I wish it wouldn’t have adds and there need improvement. The reason why I think there needs improvement because it’s off course has ADDS thanks for reading my review!

- Star rating

Maybe if the stupid adds weren’t spammed everytime you pull someone over the game would be better but overall this game is fun and no online features yet you still need internet to play… seriously don’t spam adds

- Another Scammy App

How does this have such high reviews? Why are the written reviews terrible but the star reviews great? Just checked out another game from the same developer, Teacher Simulator. Like that one, it’s clear that this app is designed solely to extort or mislead users. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. Constant on-screen ads, gameplay interrupted every 30 seconds by two full screen ads. App even stops you from playing without an internet connection to force ads on the user, despite their being no online gameplay features. This was churned out puppy mill style with the sole priority of making money in the sleaziest way possible. It’s disgusting. Deleting this and avoiding this developer, as I suggest you do as well.

- Don’t recommend this game at all

Tbh I don’t recommend this game for anyone who doesn’t like ads, every time you pull someone over before you can play again it hits you with and ad every time, if not that for you to upgrade anything you gotta watch and ad, to unlock your brand new outfit for all the pullovers gotta watch and ad, if you turn your phone on airplane mode, it won’t let you play because of the ads

- Ads

No internet no problem with our ads without internet service you still got ads

- Gets dull quick

There is a “Search Vehicle” option when pulling someone over and it doesn’t show up all the time for reasons unknown. When it does show up, it’ll be 5 or 6 times in a row before it inexplicably disappears. And 100% of searched vehicles turn up nothing, so they’re pointless anyways.

- This is the worst mobile game I have ever played

The game requires you to play with internet, not because it is an online game, but because if you turn off the internet, you wouldn’t get to enjoy the wonderful, 30 second, unskippable ads. Leveling up is completely useless, when you level up, you get a new skin! How exciting! And you have to watch an ad to get the skin, even though you just unlocked it! How fun!

- Boring

After a little bit you just keep getting the same levels and then after every week there’s an ad after ad after ad and it’s always the same one. I still have it but haven’t played in a while probably will delete

- Very fun and nice game

This game is really fun and it teaches me what will happen if I go over the speed with I cop near by it is really fun when the add popped up I was like I want to download it but it would not go (to the page where it goes when you tap on it) and I had to go on the App Store but I found it you should download it for sure

- The ads and...

The ads you need to get is is WAY to many but also when you search the car, if there’s an item in the car, I’d tap it and nothing would happen it just would work

- Trash game. Do NOT download.

So I just installed this game and there were a bunch of ads popping up whenever I did literally anything so I did the only reasonable thing and turned off WiFi. But NO. The game just went “No InTeRNet cOnNEcTIon!!1!11!” Even though there is no use for internet in this game but to drown you in ads whenever you tap on the screen. I won’t be installing this game again. The developers are just greedy for money.

- Oh my gosh way too many ads

This company has way too many ads and they’re greedy for their money I read the review and it said they only want money they are stupid and every time you have to earn something you have to watch an ad after every single mission you have to watch and add this company so dumb all they want is money I would not get this game but the only thing that’s fun about it is the game

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Let's Be Cops 3D 1.3.2 Screenshots & Images

Let's Be Cops 3D iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Let's Be Cops 3D iphone images
Let's Be Cops 3D iphone images
Let's Be Cops 3D iphone images
Let's Be Cops 3D iphone images
Let's Be Cops 3D iphone images

Let's Be Cops 3D (Version 1.3.2) Install & Download

The applications Let's Be Cops 3D was published in the category Games on 2020-10-05 and was developed by Kwalee Ltd [Developer ID: 497961736]. This application file size is 177.81 MB. Let's Be Cops 3D - Games app posted on 2020-11-05 current version is 1.3.2 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.kwalee.letsbecops

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