WidgetPet! [Games] App Description & Overview

WidgetPet! Meet your new best friend. Ever wondered what your pet is thinking? Pets might not be able to tell you about all their adventures, but your WidgetPet can!

• Hop on into the WidgetPet pet shop and pick a companion.
• Incubate and then hatch your WidgetPet.
• Care for your WidgetPet and they'll share stories about their day and tell you about their adventures.
• Feed, water, love and even put your WidgetPet to sleep if they're feeling tired.
• As your WidgetPet grows they'll unlock new capabilities such as you being able to "pet" them or engaging in playing Pet-Tac-Toe! with other widget pets live in the app!

Keep your WidgetPet close at all times and monitor their feelings and health stats. You can add their widget to your device so you can monitor them easily right by your side! Take good care of your WidgetPet and they'll be happy to share their emotions throughout the day (and night!) as their widget updates with their latest activities.

WidgetPets are the perfect virtual pet companion. Pick one out (or be surprised!) and hatch yours today for Free!

About Us: Launched in October 2020, WidgetPet is 75K+ downloads and growing. We're always working hard to improve and make WidgetPet the best possible for you! We'd love to hear your feedback, comments, and anything you'd like to see differently in the app or brought to your WidgetPet. We value each and every review and read them all! We hope you are as excited as us and off to a great start with you new WidgetPet!

•Support/Feedback: https://widgetpets.com/contact/
•Privacy: https://widgetpets.com/privacy
•Terms: https://widgetpets.com/terms

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WidgetPet! Customer Service, Editor Notes:

v3.0.3 *BIG HOLIDAY RELEASE* Happy Holidays to all our users and a big Thank You! We read each and every review and are so appreciative for all the feedback. Thanks for helping us make WidgetPet so awesome :) ~ NEW exciting features here just in time for the Holiday ~ • A holiday Dalmatian has arrived! • By popular request, you can now make MULTIPLE WIDGET PETS! as part of the Expanded Pet Pack. • PET ESCAPES & HOLIDAY THEMES! We've added new pet escapes and holiday themes in the app and best of all they're all FREE! and will unlock based on your WidgetPet's level. • Reduced times for hatching pets • You can now unlock certain widget pets when you've raised a first or existing widgetpet to Platinum Level! +ui optimizations and improvements +stability & bug fixes (Leaderboard updating fixed! - thank you for everyone's patience here)

WidgetPet! Comments & Reviews

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- Has potential

This game is very simple, I probably could’ve developed it myself. But it does have some potential. Some fixes that naught help could be more FREE pet options. This game would be something kids would like and they would want to have a pet that looks like theirs. Parents might not want to spend money on the game though. Less ad watching, you shouldn’t need to watch so much ads to keep your pet alive. More customization, there isn’t much ways that you can change your pet and make it unique. Finally, some animation. I hate just seeing a blank cat on my home screen. I think some animations would help. Even something as simple as a reaction to petting it or showing it eating or drinking. That would really help.

- Few suggestions but it's amazing

Honestly i love this idea its amazing and makes me so so happy! I just wish there was more options for cats other than the orange one. Preferably like a black cat and tabby like how the dogs have different breeds! I also wish it was a bit more interactive but the main issue is there's only one orange cat. I also wish the sizing was better on the screen the widget is either to small or too big. Also ads to feed them and stuff is a bit annoying but i understand you need them! Other than that its a 10/10 keep it up! Hope to see more from it in the future!

- Great App!

This game is amazing! But it has a ton of unused potential. 1. There should be an option where you can choose between a couple games, like tic tac toe, connect four, and other games. 2. You should be able to unlock pets with missions, ie. Win 5 games of tic tac toe. 3. There should be more interactions with your dog, ie. You can play tug of war with a selected difficulty and who ever taps more wins the tug of war. Or fetch where you tap when there is a slide and if u tap more in the middle it goes farther.

- WidgetPet

I love this game!!! The only thing I would do different is to have more to do with your pet, like be able to play a game. Also to maybe have your dog get sick as a more realistic feature. 1 other thing would be to have like medicine or a better heart section where it says if your dog feels down or mad or exited. In all this game is really good and would recommend.😃😃😁

- Fun concept, poor execution

I enjoyed the concept of this app, like a little tamagotchi widget for your phone, a nice time waster. My main complaint is that you can’t do much with your pet unless you want to sit through video ads. Want to pet your dog? Nope, gotta watch this ad first! Want to feed your pet so they don’t go hungry? Nope! Not unless you watch this ad! I understand the need for ads with a mostly free app, but when every single interaction with your pet is blocked by an ad, it’s a bit overkill. I hatched my pet only to not even be able to feed him or pet him without watching an ad every time, deleted the app after a day.

- A suggestion but great!

This app seems so cute and I love the simplistic look! I hope that someday you’ll be able to add a feature to change the color of the widget. I have my homescreen organized in pastel colors, so the background is a little bit jarring next to the rest of my screen. Thank you so much!

- Good game follow the tip in the review

This is a good game and I have a tip for you there is a level button and it shows what level you are on and if you keep on clicking on it then it will improve your level. Just keep on clicking the level button and your animal will be that much closer to hatching.

- Omg the best but one thing

I’ve played for 5 days and it’s so cute. But is there a way to change the name. Also would be cool if you could do other games for a play date. And maybe a way to play with your friends WidgetPet. All and all it’s a GREAt game

- Really wanted to like this, but...

I have to watch a “short ad video” for EVERY SINGLE ACTION. It says in the popup that watching the video will give me 17 more actions, but it doesn’t. Want some food? Watch a video. Need some water? Watch a video. Time for pets? Watch a video. Want to get high on nip? You guessed it, another video. Two weeks in and I’ve had enough. Sorry, electronic kitty.

- this app is AWESOME but....

This app is very good the only thing that I would possibly change about it is to be able to interact with your pet more like physically Play with it or something or be able to pet it with your finger but other than that it’s AWESOME

- GOOD JOB 100% recommend

Over all this is a pretty good app. All thought there is a lot of adds i understand you need to make money somehow so you can keep the app free. I would really love it if you could add rats to the pet selection ... AMAZING JOB THO!!!

- Fun if you have WiFi

It’s nice to have a little pet even if it is a little limited but I have to say the worst part is when you don’t have any data or WiFi. Your pet will be hungry or thirsty but if you don’t The full version you have to watch an ad to feed it or give it water. I didn’t have reception and had to slowly watch my pets deteriorate from lack of food and water and I couldn’t do anything. I felt horrible and incredibly sympathetic to my pet.

- Gg

Good game in all simplistic, nice, comforting, but maybe don't make it that you have to watch an AD TO KEEP YOUR PET ALIVE I understand you need money in order to keep the game up but maybe make it like you get a new toy and your dog gets happier or maybe like the treat make ads optional in the way that your dog can benefit from it

- Why switch dogs?

So I've been using this for over a month and its pretty simple and cute. But the one thing that i hate is that some times another persons dog pops up with the name Sophie! I just don't like how im doing things and its showing someone else's dog. But overall this app is good

- Amazing app! 🤍

I really like this app, I have two birds of my own and used to have a parakeet and it’s like I have one all over again! 🤍😊

- Multiple pets

This game is grate and even better with the new update, but maybe you can add that there can be more pets at once like have to widgets with two different pets! Other than that I love the game!

- Multiple Pets?

I want a dog and another dog. Also, I forgot to feed my dog and the heart reached zero, but nothing happened. Maybe if it does that you need to get a new one? Or multiple pets at the same time?

- Great! One suggestion........

I love this! It’s such a cute app! I do have one suggestion though. Can you add a dachshund (wiener dog) to the app? I think that would be fun!

- Cool idea

Good idea and pretty fun but the way to apps are introduced needs to be changed maybe to banners. I understand the developers need to make money but the current system makes the game unplayable when you can’t get an ad.

- takes too long

from what i can tell the game is fun and cute, but it takes way too long for the eggs to hatch. it’s been seven hours and mines just now starting to hatch, but i still have to wait for god only knows how long. so far that’s my only issue with the game, i just wish it didn’t take so long because it makes me wanna delete the apps and give up.

- Let us have play dates with other friends

Good game, But we need play dates with other friends playing the game. 3 stars until this comes out. Then we decide on 5 stara

- It’s good

It’s good my pet never goes down little request can you add a Pomeranian,husky,and wolf I like those pets

- I like this app

It’s basically like your soul pet and it’s really fun it’s like a real dog

- Yay

Ok I love this! It’s cute, fun, and creative. There is one thing that hope comes in the future. I want more than one pet at a time. Other than that awesome game!!

- One thing

Great game I love that you can have play dates but I wish there were more games

- Leaderboard

Love it but I don’t understand why I’m not in the leaderboard when I should please explain the leaderboard I’m just very competitive

- It’s okay...

The update on the leaderboard NEVER updates. & so many adds ! kinda makes the game point less:(

- I updated

I can’t watch ads to be able to feed/water/love my pet anymore

- Amazing


- super cute!! a few suggestions

i love this app!! my puppy is so cute. it's super fun too! just a few suggestions... maybe be able to interact more physically like "pet" the animal and it reacts? also i would love if you added a rabbit!!! rabbits are my favorite :)

- How long does it take to incubate. I’m impatient


- Awesome

This game is awesome! This game deserves 5 stars!!

- Okay....

This app is cute and all but, you have to pay for all the cute pets!

- stupid dumb don’t get

the entire game consists of feeding your dog giving it water and love, and the only way to get food and water is to watch ads... so the entire game is just watching an ad to press a button.

- Suggestion-

I think more free dogs should be added, especially not well know dogs. (Kangal, Alabai, Sarabi, etc.)

- Awsome but.....

Because of COVID-19 I cannot play Play dating thing with my friends since I cannot be with them in person so please make it so I keep it at your code or something and then you can play with a friend that is far away.

- Good game but SCAM!

This is a very fun game I don’t like the ads.But once you get all the purchases it’s very easy to take care of your pet.One more thing, when my dad bought all the purchases it said on one of them said you can get a level up whenever you want but...I CANT ITS A SCAM PLEASE UPDATE IT RO DO WHAT IT SAID!Please DONT let anything like this happen again.

- Great game

This is a great app, and I only have on improvement I wish to see. You should be able to see the percentage for food and water while in the app instead of just the widget

- This game is good

This game is pretty so good and fun. It does have a few issues though, like whenever i need to do something to help maintain my pet you have to watch an add. I get that it’s important with a free game but it’s a little extra. Also, there’s a glitch on there. Whenever I close out the widget it doesn’t show my dog or anything. Do I need to make a new widget?

- Great idea

Love the idea of having the pet on the widget so you don’t have to open an app, but the widget isn’t working nor will it even pull up my pet. I hope they get it fixed

- Widget does show pet

I put it on my Home Screen and it’s just black. I don’t see anything only when I click it but it doesn’t show unless I open the app

- I like it but...

My pet won’t show on my widget Home Screen! Please help :c

- Seems good ig

My widget pet doesn’t load on the Home Screen but it loads in the app. It seems like a good game but if it doesn’t load as a widget it defeats the purpose of downloading a game called widget pet.

- Didn’t appear on widget screen

It’s a fun widget except for the fact that it doesn’t appear on my home screen as a widget app. It just looks like a black square with no pet or any stats. Everything else is fun and entertaining!

- I love the pets. But.

It was a little confusing at first how to take care of my little buddy. I figured it out after time though! It is a good app, The creators did a great job!

- Question

How long does it take for them to hatch?

- Ehhh..

Considering I’ve only downloaded this app today, It’s pretty cool except for the fact that the pet doesn’t pop up on my Home Screen with the widget so I have to go into the app to interact with it..

- Game is stupid

A week worth of food and water lasts just as long as normal food. Can’t take it on walks. Delete 😴

- Issues Viewing when on HomeScreen

I think the idea is great for this app, but the information for my pet doesn’t show on the widget with k pin it to my homescreen. I have a new IPhone12 Pro Max.

- Not very good

there is a good idea, but my widget does not load on my home screen which is annoying bc that’s the whole point of this app. i’ve deleted it and put it back again, but it doesn’t work.

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- Hi

App is so cute but I think it would be cool if the pets could move maybe? Like when he is sleeping for him to lay down. Something cool like that!?

- Ad problem

I think there needs to be a update on the ad’s you need to watch some every now and then if you don’t have it paid to not have ads and I’ve been living with the ad’s but they don’t work sometimes and my pet is going to starve soon because of this.

- A bit Irked and Bored.

For the playdates, instead of Tic-Tac-Toe. Can you code something convenient? Like “pet” jump-rope, “pet” bingo or—“pet” race? Can you make the pet’s illustrations a bit more unique? Dear apologies if I may sound rude. The app is a bit boring, that’s all.

- Trash

Adds just to pet my animal

- help!’

how long does it take for the egg to hatch?

- Cute Pets!

This is a really cute app. The pets are adorable. I think it's better to make the text boxes not gradients or at least something more aesthetically pleasing.

- Awesome App But Heres Some Feedback!

So, this app is terrific. Its fun to hear what your pet has to say. My boyfriend says the bpm doesn’t make much sense because of the dog's weight and other stuff, but we don’t mind it cause it’s cute. Great job for whoever developed this app because it’s really fun. You could provide your pet with so much love, food, and water without many ad interruptions. It’s fun for your Home Screen because it doesn’t look boring. Your Home Screen has something vibrant added to it! Feedback: •The pet would look decent in 3D rather than 2D •Perhaps alter the bpm to something more realistic; it's adorable anyway! I would recommend this app!

- Neat app

I like how simple it is the only issue is the text from what my pet say sits directly behind the icons for the food, water, sleep and love. Maybe you can make it so you can tap on the message from my pet to make it go away, please. Otherwise nice app.

- Widget

On the widget I can’t see my pet only a bunch of squares and lines

- Issues

It seems like a fun concept and it’s a super cute pet with all the commentary but the widget never showed my pet for me, just a black and grey screen. Great concept just a little buggy/glitchy.

- Not a complaint, but not really a full review

I guess this is more of a suggestion. The “Pet Escapes” or fancy backgrounds are really cute, but someone such as myself who has a super spotty memory can’t enjoy them. I often forget the little things such as feeding, watering, or putting the Widget Pet to sleep, and usually the pet gets “sick” if I don’t check in on it in a couple of days. But the percentages being visible remind me to click into the app every once and awhile when I scroll past the Widget. These backgrounds prevent those percentages from being visible, and in turn, I forget to care for the fake pet.

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- Good game

:D I like it 😁😄😃😀

- Why

I love the game but for some reason when I add the widget to my home screen it doesn’t show up and the widget is just black.

- doesn’t work for me

i loaded the game and put the widget on my screen but it’s blank

- Widget Pet app

Love this app and hopefully there won’t be any ads in this.

- Cute, but needs improvement

I like the idea, and the widget looks cute. But the actual app doesn’t fit the screen. It cuts off at the sides so you can’t see the whole buttons or all of what your pet is saying. Seems like a pretty basic thing to fix and I can’t say I’ve seen a scaling issue like that before.

- i wanted a cat now i’m crying

lol why do i have to pay for a cat, boo 👎🏻

- Updates are more fun!

Thank you for the multiple pets update!! This app just got better!

- Does not work

Does not work on my Iphone 11

- Love it!!!

Such a cute idea and I hope there will be more updates and things you can do with your pet! Also when I try to make it a widget it’s not working... idk if that’s only me but if it not then maybe it can be fixed in the next update.

- Bad

It says my dog isn’t getting water and food even I’m giving her food and water and love every day and all the time horrible

- A really great app!!🌟🌟

I love having a widget pet its adorable and its nice to have something to check up on every once in a while (its kind of like a tamagotchi) but I have a couple of requests. The first thing is, I love the system where you have limited resources. It makes it a little more real to take care of the pet and honestly is what really kept me continuing through the game, however there is one tiny flaw in it. I understand you guys need to make money, and its fair enough to make resources cost an ad. But there need to be more ways to earn stuff. Once I ran out of turns and I had to watch an ad, I couldn’t because I don’t have wifi a-lot of the time, so I think there should be mini games you can play with your pet to earn turns to take care of your pet. Or even better, there should be an option to put your pet to sleep and as it sleeps you earn turns. Its really unfortunate when your pet runs away and theres nothing you can do about it. My second suggestion is that pets should have animations. Maybe your dog is walking around the widget, or maybe its lying on the floor or barking at objects. This would be really cool because would make the widget pet seem more ‘alive’ and wouldn’t be just a pet staring at you. Maybe the widget could have a full background and could interact with stuff there. So its like an entire home in a widget.

- not good

it never lets me feed my pet 👎👎

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Zin semi ia

quick what do i name@my widgetpet (a bunny) #replypost


@cafepetals widgetpet!




@Jooni_Mooni the screen on the right is widgetpet idk if it’s available on your phone


@dimpIechan it’s called widgetpet!


@binsbun widgetpet!

eva :)

My fucking widgetpet ran away from me because I forgot to feed it for a day. Kuromi plz come back I miss u

lindsey ⁷

i downloaded widgetpet the other day and i completely forgot about it til now and my dog ran away 😭

Linus Van Pelt

@xuanyithin widgetpet !!!

Carly Lassila

@KalebCollins07 I used the app colorwidgets. I got the app icons and one of the widgets from there. I also used WidgetPet for the pet. You should watch a video on how to do it. It takes a while but it's so worth it

WidgetPet! 3.0.3 Screenshots & Images

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WidgetPet! iphone images
WidgetPet! iphone images
WidgetPet! iphone images
WidgetPet! iphone images
WidgetPet! iphone images
WidgetPet! iphone images
WidgetPet! iphone images
WidgetPet! iphone images
WidgetPet! iphone images
WidgetPet! iphone images

WidgetPet! (Version 3.0.3) Install & Download

The applications WidgetPet! was published in the category Games on 2020-10-01 and was developed by Edward Petrak [Developer ID: 1439462863]. This application file size is 43.27 MB. WidgetPet! - Games app posted on 2020-12-21 current version is 3.0.3 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.EdwardPetrak.WidgetPet

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