Hero VS Criminal

Hero VS Criminal [Games] App Description & Overview

Hero vs Criminal is a new addictive 3D game where you are a hero chasing criminals on the highway!

How to play Hero vs Criminal :
- Swipe left and right to avoid the other vehicles
- Lift your finger up to protect yourself
- Get close enough to the criminals to catch them!

- Hours of addictive gameplay
- Special levels including special bosses
- Dozens of skins to unlock

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Hero VS Criminal Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Performance improvements! - Bug corrections!

Hero VS Criminal Comments & Reviews

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- Good Game but....

I like this game a lot I got it a couple days ago and I was addicted. I like how you can run fast with any character instead of just flash. But I have ideas for this game at the moment. I wish there could be more characters in the game because I unlocked every single one in a day or two. I also wish there would be different maps in the game like a city 🌃. It also would be. Cool if you added trails. Like when you run with your character you can unlock trails when they run. and one more thing I would wish they had Multiplayer mode where you can race with people online. I know this sounds like a lot so that is it. Looking up for these updates in the future 😁😊

- I love this game ❤️❤️ but.........

Okay I absolutely love this game. I downloaded it one night when I was bored and have been addicted, I even played it when my favorite movie was on. But there are soooo many ads! I know ads is how the game makes money and ads have never bothered me before. But I love this game so much they do. An ad comes on every time you crash, start a new game, Literally every time your not playing! And I know you can buy a deal we’re it removes all ads, and that’s something I’m willing to pay. But maybe for people who couldn’t afford it Or kids playing, It would be nice on just a little cut down on ads. I’m not trying to complain because I like this game so much! I wouldn’t even usually leave a review but this game is so good, I decided to take the time and leave one.

- Great game, good concept, needs more

This is an amazing mobile game but I really need more substance. The super speed and dodging cars left and right really puts me in the game and I love it, but I need more levels. More challenging levels, harder enemies to catch, especially the flying ones. I want more challenge. And we DEFINITELY need more optional running/flying animations. Making them purchasable with the ingame currency would add more variety. Also need more purchasable content, I have 50k diamonds that need to be spent. But this is a great game, really hoping for improvements soon!

- Nice game but I have some suggestions

I’m gonna make it his short. I love this game it’s really nice and I’ve have it for an hour. But one suggestion is to make more maps, maybe mini games, and my final one is to make the characters unique. What I mean by that is like the flash has super speed but Superman can fly. So when I get a character like Superman instead of running I can fly. Also it would be cool if you could make some makes personalized maps for the hero/villain. This was not as short as i thought lol.

- Cool gam but needs more

I downloaded this game a couple days ago and already loved it! This game is really awesome and cool but I think I have some ideas to make it better. 1.Races-It would be really cool if we could race people or other cpu in the game 2.More skins to unlock-In a couple of days I already unlocked all the skins and they were pretty cool but it would be better if more skins were added

- Game with potential. Devs please read.

This game is great. The concept is great. The speed itself is great. However it does need some more things added. I think it would be so cool but would take a bit of time, for a free world mode where you can super speed around town. As well as slowing down or stopping time. Something like that. That would make this game way more enjoyable. There’s so many ads while playing it makes me want to stop. However if those concepts got added in then this game would be perfect.

- This game is fun

I love this game but the only thing I don’t like is that I don’t have an online mode if they had a online mode they can just like you could just race people around the world it would be very fun but don’t give me wrong it’s still is fun but it would be even more fun would it be funny I don’t know

- I know this is stupid but...

Could there be an online mode? Where you can race people around the world? Maybe a friends system too? The game is really fun and if it were multiplayer, it’ll be even funner. I doubt this’ll happen but, it would be pretty cool. Thanks🙂 Update: Thanks for taking it into consideration!

- So good

This game is so amazing you can run very fast like sonic and I am a big fan of sonic games and it feels like you are playing a sonic game but with super sonic like it is to good to be in a phone it should be oh a Console like this game is so good I can’t say it with words I just want to say that it is a amazing game.

- Awesome for Flash fans

Even though you would have to pay to remove ads, it is perfect for fans of the Flash! It is so fun, especially when you get to chase the villains and it is so addicting! A great way to spend free time 👍

- HvC

This is game is actually pretty fun. The only problem is it’s fun having a goal to unlocking skins. When you unlock all the skins, there’s really no point in playing anymore because it starts to get boring. If they added more skins and custom abilities and things like that, this game could end up reaching top 5 games.

- :O

OMG!!!! This game is super addicting and I would really suggest it. A suggestion that I have is to maybe make it less laggy. I don’t know if it’s my wifi or not but if it is then I’m sorry. But this definitely deserves 5 Stars!

- Your game is the worst thing I have ever seen

Ok so the first thing wrong with it is your making or buying fake reviews because I saw the same review 2 I saw by going to see all above the reviews so you should get your game banned due to spam and when you are chasing the guy he immediately starts to speed up as soon you get close oh and by the way or game is getting reported because of spam I hope your game gets banned

- Awesome

This is extremely good, but you might need to add more skins, or something like you might play as the bad guys (?) also it needs sound, but this needs 5 stars anyway (thanks for reading this)

- Great game just like the Flash

I’ve been waiting for a while to find a mobile game where you can play as the flash This game is an absolute blessing Thank you RadPirates so much!!!!!

- Fun game but...

Fun gameplay and overall idea. I just wish there were more people to get, whether through random character retrieval or the chests or catching a villain. I wish there were more characters to get.

- It’s good but I got to say some

It will be 5 stars if u add like when you turn into a villain skin you got to run from the hero that’s trying to catch you that will be great and please add some sound I hate games with no sound thank you

- It’s just good

The only mobile game from the modern era not littered with ads The only mobile game from the modern era that makes you focus on 2 things A mobile game that has a unique idea is common, but a mobile game that actually executes the idea of the game good is pretty rare Also, one of the only mobile games that actually has decent to good graphics

- Not bad, Needs more

You should add first person and a zoomed out view, make running between cars better, add more maps, add a running on water and a slow time ability, and an online races feature

- Fun but needs improvement

Fun game but after a certain point the currency you earn becomes pointless. The game needs to add more items or something.

- It’s pretty good

Hey he game is really fun but it would be a lot begetter if you could race your friends or multiplayer. And what would be really cool is if you could upgrade your speed other than that awesome game

- Pretty good game not too many ads :D

Pretty good game love running into cars lol I suggest you should get it plus not that many ads! So yeah go ahead and get it bye!

- Good but needs a few things

This game is really good but I think it needs more levels and skins

- This game is so cool.

I love that you can fly over Rivers also it’s a really nice game you can skip ads very fast in five seconds it’s great

- Thestarlord

This game is good it needs a few updates but shout out to the developer good game

- Great game

This is one of my favorite games, bury there should be more skins. I unlocked all of the skins pretty fast and there’s no goal anymore. Please add more skins! Otherwise, 5 stars

- Sound

Nice app. I think it’d be better if there was sound that went with it.

- Wish there was a sound option

Good game w/ many ads. Par for the course.

- Need to be harder

It needs to be a little bit more harder

- It gives me WOOD

I have plenty of erections when I play this game

- I love ur game

Ur game is the best because l love the flash. And this just like flash catching bad guys’. U should get an award. I just really love ur game.

- Flash

I love this game I been playing like non stop

- Cash grab

This game made me watch so many ads to get the one skin and it did not give me it. Do not download this game it is a cash grab you watch an add almost every level and if you want a skin you have to watch an add he even wants you to subscribe to him on Instagram. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!

- Fun game

This game is very game can I have lots of gems to buy some skins pls

- Sound?

The game is really fun but is there no sound or is it just my phone?

- Great

This game is great but I think you guys should make skins more common

- HeroVsCriminal

All I think u should of done was to put some flash music or hero music to it

- Ouch!!!

I keep getting hit but I still make it!

- Fun

I don’t know why all of the other reviews are so dramatic but I just think it’s a fun game

- 0.0

THIS GAME IS SO FUN, no words, this game is so unique and awesome, thank you developers for making a game like this

- This game is the best game

This is the best game I ever played for me it’s a 5 stars. Keep up the good work

- Fun game!

This game is not bad, it’s completely original

- It’s ok

The game is really fun but like always the ads are very annoying.

- It’s it’s so fun but can you send me something for free

Five stars

- This game is great!

I love this game dude. Keep putting in the hard work 🙌🏼

- Hero vs villons

Love it bit i wish you can climb up buildings

- Flash review

Great game just like playing the flash

- Redundant

It’s the same thing over and over, there’s no change and the rewards per level do absolutely nothing.

- This game is so cool I could play this for hours into my phone dies

Hero vs criminal is awesome

- I love the app

It’s so fun and I love it so much and it’s so addicting

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- Feed back

I like this game cause you can fly you can run just that there has to be some music an this could be online.You could choose to be hero or criminal and the fight other players.

- Why

NO GUNS!!!!!!! :( :( :(

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- Flash

These is everything I need and these is epic. I like flash thanks for the flash games.

- Ok

The game is quite easy it has no point you just keep playing the same thing. Add a story or online mode and maybe it would be better. But over all it’s a nice game you may as well give it a try

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- Yet

Great time killer also apps really fun

- Dope but more

I love this game but, they should add more I already beat the game plz make more. ALSO A GOOD GAME

- Broken or extremely easy

All I have to do is run along the side of the street and I catch the criminal.

- Awesome

Awesome game great graphics friendly

- The flash

He is my favorite superhero so I love this game


I am loving this game. I downloaded it about 30minutes ago and I’m playing it non stop

- It’s awesome 😎

So it is really fun you get skins and stuff like that but get it it’s awesome 😎😀😃😄😁😆😚😋😛😝😜

- He

This is the bes game I’ve ever played

- I don’t hate this game


- Pretty sick

It’s really run

- It’s really good

10 0

- Fun game but underdeveloped

The game is fun, it quickly hits a wall in terms of difficulty and rewards.

- I like it but I want to be the criminal


- Commercials

It’s tedious to try to get interested in this game. It seems fun but there are so many adds I get tired of it fast.

- No Changes

Good game concept, however it lacks a variation of any sort.

- Decent

Ad every other game but it’s kinda fun

- Hi

Great game but there are too many adds

- To much ads

Not trying to be rude or anything but why are there a lot of ads in the game.

- Great

Great game and pass time

- Love This!!!!!!!

This app is so amazing, the scenery is great. Catching bad is really cool

- Fun game

It’s a nice game it reminds me of flash

- Good game

Good game I love it really much

- This game

This is a good game like flash

- Ok

The game is good it just need an way to upgrade the defense

- Good game

Good game me and my brother love it

- First off it’s bad

I never write a review but the controls are sucky and they need to make it

- Cool

I love this game so much

- Cool game but I hate Apple for band fortnight


- Hero’s vs criminals

It’s a piece of **** game that constantly freezes like your has a virus but it’s not it’s the game

- Omg this game is the best app ever

Go download

- Love it

😭😭😭 ok this is fun. Huge Thumbs up 👍🏾

- Cool

This game is so much fun

- Cool

This App is like the Flash

- Good

Its a good game not the greatest but I like it.

- This game is NOT bad

This game is a good game and very chaotic!!!!!!!!

- Goodest game

I love this game

- Simp vs simp

Hero vs criminal? More like simp vs simp lol

- Amazing. I am addicted

Awesome game OMG

- I Love This Game Is So awesome And Cool

So Good

- Hero vs criminal

This game is awesome

- Great game

Great for mind numbing

- I love this game

Imrie Miller

- Yeah

Fun game broo

- Ads

It’s good

- Good fun

Good fun

- Good


- James Jhay


- Ok


- Good




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Simon Ballister

@mjfree Hero of what? hating the police? vs a kid defending himself from criminal Antifa thugs? WTF are you talking about?

Kru Games

Hero VS Criminal Gameplay Walkthrough #1 (Android, IOS)



Hero VS Criminal 0.20 Screenshots & Images

Hero VS Criminal iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Hero VS Criminal iphone images
Hero VS Criminal iphone images
Hero VS Criminal iphone images
Hero VS Criminal iphone images

Hero VS Criminal (Version 0.20) Install & Download

The applications Hero VS Criminal was published in the category Games on 2020-10-01 and was developed by RadPirates [Developer ID: 1218338313]. This application file size is 232.9 MB. Hero VS Criminal - Games app posted on 2020-11-05 current version is 0.20 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.radpirates.herovscriminal

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