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What is brass - icon themes & widgets app? Discover new inspirations for customizing your home screen!

Easily download the icons of your choice and start with the customizing!

Custom App Icons, Themes, and Widgets! Discover endless options and customize your home screen! Replace old and boring icons and widgets with a variety of unique themes. Discover new inspiration and personalize your device!

Bored of the usual style? Brass App is the solution. Customize your home screen with ease. Custom aesthetic icons, widgets, and themes!

Customize each widget, personalize your home screen with ease. Would you like a Weather Widget on your home screen? No problem, with Brass App aesthetic and convenient experience, is guaranteed.

+App Icons+
Explore the amazing collection of different icon themes and replace your default app icons for all of your favourite apps.

A unique app that allows you to express yourself. You are in control finally. Make the most out of the new iOS 14. Show us your skills and create a masterpiece on your home screen. Show your creativity and impress everyone.

What users are saying:

- User2300, 11/05/2020 5*
Out of the what seems like millions of apps I’ve downloaded in efforts to make an “aesthetic” Home Screen they have all had some glitch in them that makes it nearly impossible to even load one widget onto the screen, and when you finally do it’s not even the right picture, but this app is PHENOMENAL it’s so simple and self explanatory to use.

- Puvs1, 12/08/2020 5*
Amazing app with so many different options

- charli damelio eats my feet, 11/10/2020 5*
it doesn’t cost money and you can just watch the ads instead to pay. It’s so much easier to edit your home screen with so many ideas. I wish they could add widgets that come with it. I told all my friends to get it it’s soooo good. Overall it’s the best app i’ve found so far to make your home screen aesthetic.

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Brass - Icon Themes & Widgets Version 3.0.2227 April 2022

We update the app regularly so we can make it better for you. This version includes several bug fixes and performance improvements..

Brass - Icon Themes & Widgets Version 3.0.1318 February 2022

We update the app regularly so we can make it better for you. This version includes several bug fixes and performance improvements..

Brass - Icon Themes & Widgets Version 3.0.722 December 2021

We update the app regularly so we can make it better for you. This version includes several bug fixes and performance improvements..

Brass - Icon Themes & Widgets Comments & Reviews 2022


So this is for everyone who thinks that it only goes in your camera roll! Or it won’t work. Most of them are supposed to be downloaded through the settings. The rest are in the camera roll which you have to add in Shortcuts and nothing else. Those are because they weren’t added to the ones that need downloading. So stop hating on this app! It’s great and it works! Just make sure that all of them have to be downloaded and you don’t have to watch the ads to unlock them to use them. Oh yeah, about the ads. If it shows you the screen where you can pay there is a fine print button where you can go on without paying with ads. You can still you the app but tap on the ones you want to use and press continue, you will have to watch ads to unlock every single one you picked. It was annoying for me because I have a 9 year old daughter who installed this with my permission and had to watch ads for every single one. Still great and works, just too many ads of you don’t pay.

- Great but...

So this app is awesome if you want to find easy ideas and icons to put on your Home Screen for iOS 14. It shows you specifically with step by step instructions how to make the icon for your app through shortcuts. But k downloaded it for the ease of bypassing shortcuts and was disappointed to find that you had to pay in order to do this. Me, being a teenager with no job and no way to get money, I wasn’t very happy. But hey it’s great if you’re willing to pay and can still offer amazing resources if you’re fine with opening shortcuts every time you go to open an app.

- Have to pay in the end.

I hate writing reviews, but I felt like I had to for this one. Okay so here goes, the app is amazing they have so many different options to choose from and it’s easy to get the icons on your phone. And it’s free and you only have to watch some short ads to get the icons. I’m sure you’re wondering then why only two stars. Well because it only lets you do that five time until you have to pay for the app. NOT COOL. If you’re advertising that it’s for free and all you have to do is watch some ads to get the icons then that’s what it should be. Not here’s a teaser of some cute icons and then boom now you have to pay. The icons where you have to manually add to your phone using shortcuts still work, it’s the ones that are easy install. So if you’re going to do that then make it so I can just use the shortcuts on my phone. I understand people need to make money, but to make it $10 a month is a little crazy. If it was $10 one time purchase I would have just paid it and moved on with my life. If they would fix those little issues I would have given them 5 stars hands down.

- I’m disappointed

I never write reviews because I’m not gonna spend my time taking my anger out on app developers but I love the icons they look really good I thought for most of them I would have to make a custom icon but no, pretty much all my apps were customizable. So then why 1 star? Look no one is going to pay a weekly fee just for your apps to look good. So I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say everyone started out on the free route, they advertise it as free so why pay right? Well at the very end you either pay the stupid amount or you watch a bunch of adds to unlock them all, BUT IT ALWAYS CRASHES AFTER ONE ADD. I have a fairly new phone (the XR) and I have never had crashing problems before. I’m not saying there doing this on purpose but, I mean making people watch 2 or 3 adds and then crash the app and then make them watch another 2 or 3 adds until they get mad and delete the app, I mean it sounds really sketchy. Overall this is just a cash grab app I’m pretty sure most these icons weren’t made by them anyway I’m very disappointed

- Pretty Good

I'd say this app is overall pretty good. It's definitely better than the other apps because it let's you do that what I know of all of then for free. However, if you don't want to pay it makes you watch an app for EVERY SINGLE ICON. And on top of that it only let's you do five at a time, not that you can't do them all, but it takes longer that way, and if you accidentally close the app you have to be able to find it again to do the rest. AND if you accidentally swipe down off the ad icon page you lose all the progress you did with watching ads for the apps. But another good thing is if you download the profile thing it automatically puts all five icons on your home screen and already working. Although the last five apps didn't let me for some reason, so I did it manually. But in the end it looks amazing and I'd say it's definitely worth it.

- BEST Icons app... ish

Seriously... You can do it all for free and add your own sets and there are so many choices because people add their own! This is the only one i would ever spend money on. EDIT: I am noticing some drawbacks as I use this app more. - If you don’t buy premium you have to watch an ad PER ICON you download, which would make sense for the ones the app creators made and that’s fine, idc that much about ads. but... not for ones that other people have uploaded, and an ad an icon is overboard. They’re basically profiting off of other people’s work ? People give permission for them to be public, but it just doesn’t feel right still. -The app makes it super easy for you by doing the work & putting the icons as shortcuts for whichever apps you assign them. But.... There’s no way for you to have the any of images downloaded if you change your mind or want to do it yourself. You’d have to start over which is super annoying. I’m kinda stuck now because I want to use custom pictures for some of my apps but also overlay icons on the pictures so I can know what the app is, and delete the app titles below them (it feels cleaner) But I’m stuck because I have no idea how to do that now without just not using any of this theme.

- Have Had it One Day and Love it!

I’ve had the app for one day and I love it. I changed the icons for my most used apps and put them on my Home Screen with my Pinterest widget and my own background and it’s so cute!!! They have different themes as well so you can choose from those and each theme has a few options to choose from! I picked the first fall option and used my own white pumpkin background photo. The only thing I didn’t like is that for each time you change your icon, you have to watch a 30sec ad with the free version and when I tried to change the app that one of the icons opened, it glitched the app for a few seconds and then everything was fine!

- Am I doing something wrong?

Full disclosure this app started out at 5 stars for me. Ran smoothly and I had no issues adding the icons I wanted; however, over the last few app updates with the profiles and saving icons, that hasn't been the case. I follow the steps to add a profile, I go to save the icon (more on that in a minute), get the pop up saying saved but it isn't in my camera roll. The app has full access to my photos. And I have to do it one icon at a time because if there's multiple icons wanted in a set, even if it does save them somehow, it's only the first one not the 4+ I wanted. Also the "unlock all" button doesn't work. I get an endless tap-back loop of continue with ads and then right back to the starting line. Am I doing something wrong? I want to love this app again 😢

- Its an ok app

Ok, so i got this app at first thinking oh its #2 for graphic and stuff( it was 2 when i got it) Then i download it and go to look for the icons and theme i like and OMG SO PRETTY and i go to download my fav one and I HAD TO MANUALLY DOWNLOAD ALL THE APPS WITH ADDS IF I DIDNT WANNA PAY. I did it anyways. So then i do all the app icons and i had them for about maybe around a week now... and when i went to open an app it closed the app right away!!! So i restart my phone, go to settings, just let my phone shut off for a little but none of that seemed to work so i went through all the apps that i hadn’t had for a while and the only app i had recently got is Brass. I deleted it hoping that it wasn’t the problem but it was, my apps opened fine right after....

- Disappointing

This app has a lot of potential. I loved the designs they have. However, you must purchase or watch ads to design the logos of more than 3 of them. I purchased a subscription, but was disappointed to learn that not all apps have a design, only basic ones. Now my timeline looks only half pretty lol. I submitted request for them to include more apps designs. However, I received emails saying failure domain, and that the request did not go through (basically they won’t know which apps I requested for them to have a design). If I could get my money back, I’d be happy. Shame there wasn’t a disclaimer before beginning to customize each app that way I would’ve known from the beginning 😏


Amazing app with so many different options. When I First download this app you had to download different shortcuts and bookmarks for almost all apps. Now it seems you go directly to the non-apple apps which is amazing! I was waiting for someone to do this already! Now if only the apple apps could all be the same without any shortcuts that would be amazing! Also if you can get notifications shown on the app like the original apps that would be really nice. It’s almost there, just if these few changes would be possible!

- Are you kidding me?!

This app is ridiculous. If you don’t pay them for some sort of membership, you have to watch an ad for every single app icon. Because I really wanted them, I actually did so. As I already watched around 20 ads for only half of the icons that were there, suddenly BOOM. I get some sort of loading wheel. The app stops working, and as I open it up again, what happens? It’s as if I never watched those ads! I wasted my time on this, so do yourself a solid and don’t do the same unless you’re willing to pay money for it. This is absolutely ridiculous, one entire ad for just a single icon out of the several you need to get the full theme. In the end, even if you go through with watching them, it doesn’t even work. Absolutely infuriating.

- Ads make it worthless

I honestly cannot believe I have to say this, but including ads that are so obtrusive that the user literally cannot actually use the app make the whole experience worthless by default. First thing I got when launching was a demand to pay an INCREDIBLY expensive yearly or weekly fee, and when skipped it brought up an ad that wouldn’t offer a way to close it no matter how long I waited. I had to either play a level of some game or just close out the whole app. Can you guess which I chose? Oh, and if you do somehow make it into the app itself, you have to watch a separate ad for nearly EVERY ICON you want to download. Don’t reward business practices like this. There are plenty of other apps that use the exact same icons without forcing your hand like this.

- Just annoyed at this point

I downloaded the app cause I saw it on Facebook, sense I got iOS 14 Iv wanted to customize my Home Screen. Saw this liked it. Here is where I’m annoyed. I didn’t know that you can only do one app for the automatic install before it just only does the screen to buy premium or continue, you can’t even continue with adds it’s forcing you to buy the subscription. Now Iv gone and deleted all my apps off Home Screen and can’t even watch a add to continue, how are you going to advertise a free option but not allow people to continue for free. At the very least allow X amount then make us watch a ad to continue. I haven’t gotten one add nothing and now I’m left with little to nothing.


Out of the what seems like millions of apps I’ve downloaded in efforts to make an “aesthetic” Home Screen they have all had some glitch in them that makes it nearly impossible to even load one widget onto the screen, and when you finally do it’s not even the right picture, but this app is PHENOMENAL it’s so simple and self explanatory to use. Unlike all the other confusing apps. This app is perfect. You can have more than one widget at a time any shape or size. Its absolutely incredible and FREE. Definitely recommend.

- Great App, Easy To Use, But Missing Many App Icons.

I just download this app and paid for the annual subscription. This app works great and making use of the iOS Profile feature to expedite the setup is awesome! Great job developers! However, one thing I did notice is that there are a lot of icons missing (e.g. neon and minimal themes are what I've tried). Personally, I just went through and submitted a missing icon request for about 50 icons that I would need to complete my homescreen how I had it previously. I'm hopeful that the app developers are responsive and will push out an update that includes these requested icons for me soon, so I can continue using this app moving forward 😁 Overall, if your looking for an app to customize your icons, widgets, and wallpaper - I'd say this app is for you. It's easy to use and saves a ton of time when compared to manually creating all of the icons the traditional way (through its use of iOS profiles). Hope this helps!

- Brass

I found Brass extremely helpful! I tried finding themes for my home screen on Pinterest and google, but I could never seem to find something I liked. With Brass I scrolled through the first row and found a theme I loved! The only thing that was not perfect is all the ads this app comes with!☹️Evertime I tried to get a new cover for an app I had to watch a 20 second ad! COME ON! If you want no ads you have to pay a fee. I don’t know about you but I can’t sit around all day watching a bunch of ads. I have this app 3 STARS and that’s all it’s going to get!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️🙄🙄🙄😒😒😒😠😠😠😑😑😑

- Not exactly the quality one would expect...

This is not like the themes from jailbreaking days. The icons that Brass has designed are nice looking, but it does not replace the stock icons - but rather uses Shortcuts to access the apps. This creates a delay: you click on a redesigned Brass app, then it cycles through Shortcuts and then leads you to the actual app. This is kind of annoying and slow. In jail breaking days, the icons just got replaced with different images but the function remained as a way to directly access the app. The amount of icons available is woefully small. No Wallet, Notes, Skype, Messenger (!!!), Google Translate... Oh and the Telegram icon breaks Telegram. Click on it and it comes up frozen. Also, and this is big: These icons don’t show notifications!!! No badges! This means that unless you actually open the app, you won’t know if you have a message waiting (FB, WhatsApp, Message, Telegram, IG, etc.) That’s kind of bad for social media apps. Glad this one was free. It should be much better if it’s a paid app.

- I don’t really review anything but...

My boyfriend saw how much I wanted to make my phone homescreen look cute. I used apps like Widgetsmith, but could never find something to compliment it. I gave up lol, but he showed me this app! It’s easy to do. I see some comments saying that they hate that it’s not free, but you can literally watch an ad real quick to download each icon. Time consuming, but worth it. My homescreen looks too cute now 🥺. Great app!

- Can’t Download Individual Icons

It would be a major game changer if you could install the individual icons yourself, as for those who don’t want to pay for it are able to still download each icon they want for watching one add; the issue with purchasing a subscription is that you are not entitled to download each icon, instead you are forced to download the profile, what if I don’t want the profile? I would like to use different icons from different themes, or only use some icons from a theme, etc. Seems very flawed in that way and if we were able to just download whatever icon we want it would make things so much better and definitely boost ratings and make buying a subscription more worth it

- Continue with FREE WITH ADS ....WHERE???

I guess you mean continue free so you can look at the site because you sure can’t get anything! It’s ridiculous how greedy all of you app developers have gotten! First, there were outrageous overpriced yearly subscription fees, when they weren’t enough the charges moved to monthly and now you are charging weekly! Which in some cases adds up in the hundreds of dollars for apps that aren’t even maintained or updated properly and new content is not added regularly. Why can’t the developers just have a one time lifetime fee like these other apps are doing?

- Decent but needs work

This app has a lot of potential. It only costs about $2 for a week subscription (but you only need one day to download the apps you want) and there’s loads of themes to choose from. The variety is what really stood out to me compared to other similar apps. However, there’s not many app icon options. There’s only the core apps such as camera, messages, phone, and photos. There’s no option to download app icons for apps such as Twitter or google calendar. So if you’re looking for anything other than the 20 core apps the iPhone comes pre-downloded with, this is not your app.

- Potential

This app has potential, for sure. The idea is great, in theory. Why I chose to decline a subscription was one: the price—$2.49 a week for what, 10 possible themes?—is just too high of a cost for the little payout. I imagine it’s more for people who want to develop and market app icons and not for the layperson. And number two: I couldn’t deal with not having badges on my apps and couldn’t deal with seeing the shortcut app pop up before the app I wanted. A few of the app icon designs looked nice and clean, however. I guess there’s a number 3, too—I have a number of apps where there isn’t a matching app icon and that makes my screen look like crud.

- Half of icons won’t appear...

I spent like 20 minutes watching all the ads so I could install all the icons but when I download the profile, the icons only show up on about half. I’ve tried to redos load and everything but certain icons still won’t show up (like weather, App Store, clock, etc.). So I guess I will have to manually install them :( Also this app has WAY too many ads if you don’t pay for membership. You have to watch a video for EVERY SINGLE ICON you want to install. If you want to put an icon on every app it takes about 10-15 minutes. This app would be way better if there were less ads.

- It’s really good

This is a really good app. I got it before it had all the ads as soon as you opened the app up, so I’m not a big fan of that, but I am a big fan of the themes. The only problem I have is I can’t like any of the themes for me to use. I’d really like to do so because there are some I want to use when I’m done with another theme but can’t because I have to go and find them and I eventually lose them. So can we please get something to save some of our favorite themes in the next update please????

- It’s a cool idea but-

I love the idea of this and all the varieties of styles, but it’s very annoying how you have to purchase in order to all of these. I’ve checked almost all of these and every one says you have to buy it. I know that this app needs to make money in some way but at least make some free jeez. EDIT: So I do know you CAN watch ads for each app to get them, but when I click “continue with free ads” it just sends me back without letting me do that. Please fix this because this app has great potential but there are some major bugs with it.

- The app is great

The app overall is great most apps take you to the shortcut app then to the actual app. That’s not the case for this one just automatically takes you to the app. There is one minor problem I’m trying to change the icon for the phone app but it just doesn’t show. If this problem was fixed that be great, I would definitely recommend this app to my friends.

- Can’t Figure Out The Problem

The icons are great and everything, I mostly only made my own icons and widgets Bc it takes so many adds to download someone else’s (and to find the kind you want, there should be a search bar to search a color theme or person theme). But there’s a problem. After a week or two of using Brass all my costume widgets and icons were deleted. I went to try and make them again, but every time I try to enter the Brass app, it automatically crashes, taking me back to my homepage. I’ve tried pressing the app in my App Library, my shortcut, all of (the now black) costume Brass widgets, and even pressing the open app in the App Store. NOTHING I DO WORKS!!!!

- Do not get this

I picked a theme and you have to watch a 30 minute add for each app cover once it froze and I had to start all over again watching ads. Keep in mind they only have about 40 app cover and I already spent 25 minutes just watching ads. I then signed in so it won’t lose my apps again. Then once I finished watching another 15 minutes of add they told me to download something from its profile and go to setting, so I did, and when I went back IT REFRESHED AN I LOST ALL MY APP COVERS. Honestly this made me so angry and I never never give reviews. They made 25 bucks off me because they might get 30 cents per ad and I watched more than 80. :(

- Complete Sadness

So I found a theme I liked after watching almost all the videos per app icon it just wouldn’t load the videos anymore and I couldn’t leave the loading screen to retry so after 15 minutes of sitting there waiting for the ad to load I restarted the app and sadly all my progress in unlocking the icons was fruitless. Maybe the developers should add a thing where the progress of the app icons you’ve watched is saved incase the ads don’t load in like for my situation. I wish I could have that theme but I tried again the next day and same thing happened, my phone is not old and neither is my wifi bad so I don’t know😢

- Enjoy app but needs a few things

I like this app and it’s many options. However, because there are so many options it gets kind of annoying having to scroll through the list. I think this app would benefit from either a search option or more categories; or both. It also needs an option for saving favorites so you can easily access them later.

- Notification Icon

So overall the app is pretty easy to use if you follow the instructions correctly. Unfortunately all of my apps don’t have icons that I can switch it to so that’s kind of annoying. The part that I’m having the most trouble with is receiving notifications on certain apps. I haven’t been able to figure out(not sure if there’s even a way to do it) how to change the setting so I receive notifications for example text messages. Is there something that I’m missing?

- Oh

So I never write reviews well I had to today! So I was looking at the reviews and I thought ok this app might not be to bad well then think again I get into the app and get all of my app icons ready and they don’t have some of the basic icons that they should have anyway I click the done button and it says some of the icons you have to buy them like FaceTime and things like that so if you want to buy this then you will love this app but if you don’t don’t buy it and the icons were nice it was all good but that

- Needs a saving system

I LOVE this. This app allows me to customize my phone on a whole new level. I see so many different themes that I really like but I have no way to save them for later aside from straight up downloading them. I think an amazing addition would be a way to save your “Liked” themes so you can go back and look specifically at those themes

- I think it’s a bug, but I don’t know.

I got this app after seeing a friend use it, and I liked it as he was able to make his screen color coordinated with ease. So I got the app, picked out the app covers, and it won’t let me watch ads to get the icons. It says that I have used all of my free packs for the day, but I still haven’t been able to cover one. Overall, I think that it’s a great app if you can get it to work, but it is a little annoying to work with.

- Didn’t work at all

Okay so I usually don’t write reviews, but it didn’t work what so ever. I rated it one star because it gave me instructions on how to instal it and I did. I did everything it told me to do and nothing happened. I also had to re do the icon selection thing around 5 times because it kept glitching out and would exit out. When I was finally done editing and choosing the icons I wanted it only downloaded one shortcut and refused to download the widgets and wallpapers. I feel like this app could be really cool to use if it worked. I’ll keep the app just in case it gets fixed. I hope it does.

- DO NOT get, you will regret it

Look, this app has some really nice home screen decor, but this is the problem: The app says it’s free, but in the end you actually have to PAY. Also, you can only watch the adds a certain amount of times to get your free icons. You can only watch them about 5 or LESS times and that’s it. To make it even worse, most of the time the adds don’t even work! They glitch and don’t load. Long story short, this app is a scam and a teaser and I would only get it if you’re willing to pay for it. Very disappointing. That’s a 1 star from me 👎👎👎

- Disappointed

I loved the idea of this and finally being able to spruce up my iPhone. However, I assumed (my bad) that it replaced existing icons but it doesn’t, it creates entirely new ones bookmarked with the corresponding website. So you have to go through and swap them out. Ok fine. The biggest disappointment was that they don’t have any notifications at all. Those still show up on the original icon now shuffled to the back page of my Home Screen. So, back to the original icons.

- the best widgets and home screen editing app i’ve ever come across

while the ads do seem to get a little frustrating, it’s extremely worth it!! this app alone just gave my whole home screen a glow up, and it has a ton of themes, and WITH the widgets and app icons already included in it!! i would definitely recommend this for the new apple update!!

- Like why

So this has good rating right (which it really shouldn’t have a 4.5 star) so I download it and I do the first 5 or so then you have to pay or watch adds for every single one from there in and the worst part it the adds sometimes don’t let you leave and then Cause you don’t want to pay to download load pictures on apps when you swipe out cause the add glitches you lose all of your progress form the last 10 mins. So to sum it up you have to pay to use this app it mine as well cost money to buy. And it IS NOT AND EASY INSTALL

- One bad obnoxious issue...

Everything worked and was going well but when I was arranging everything where I wanted a few on the things that said they would download didnt, this was super frustrating because you can’t apply packs at the same time so it’s not like you can go back and just add what you were missing, I also looked back into the app looked at it says that I had the apps unlocked but they never installed. I’m not about to go back and watch a ton of ads again just for nothing to work how it’s supposed to

- False advertising

I saw this app on Instagram and thought it would be cool to change around how my Home Screen looks. The advertisement said it was a free app, but only a limited amount of it is actually free. And on top of that, I payed for a weekly subscription, and instead of charging me for 1 week it charged me for the whole year, and wouldn’t let me refund it.

- I like it

So far I like the app. It does make it more simple to have an aesthetically pleasing icon and not have a shortcut in the background. I do like the fact that they give you options if you want to pay for it or just watch a video, however I do feel like it’s a bit excessive. On the other hand I get it, they gotta make the money either through ads or subscriptions. Anyway, good quality. Exactly what I was looking for!

- It was alright

So I saw the app on an add and I just got a new phone so I wanted to change up my home screen I added it you had to either pay $24 for a year, or $6.99 for a week, or you can watch with adds. I figured out a way to do it without any of them I just screenshot th pictures and pit them onto my icons. Besides that after I watched all the videos I went to download them and it only downloaded 8 of them not all of them so that’s when I screenshotted them.

- I like it

The app is good for spicing up your all’s and Home Screen but if you don’t pay you have to watch a bunch of ads and if you accidentally press something you have to start the process all over again and some of the short cuts glitch so you have to again repeat the process but other than those things it’s a fine app to use it you have the time to watch all the ads

- Not what it claims. Don’t bother.

I got to the page of icons that I wanted to download. Watched an ad. Then another ad. And another add. It gave me the option to download "all". All would mean "all the icons" that they show, right? Wrong! When I downloaded them, there were only three. That’s right, three. Download all should mean all, not one, two, or three. I guess I got 3 for those 3 ads. I have about 25 apps. Why didn’t they give me all of them at once? Decided not worth it, not going to waste my time doing One, two, or three at a time. It’s ridiculous. By the way, these are not actually changing the app icons, they are just bookmarks. That’s right, bookmarks of your apps. Your apps don’t go away, you have to hide them somewhere on another page. Anyway not worth it. FWIW If you want to get more, you DO have to pay. For what? BOOKMARKS OF MY APP ICONS? I can easily make custom ones myself without doing all this nonsense.

- Garbage

All of the 4+ star reviews are paid for guaranteed. You want one theme? Well you can pay for it, or you can watch one 30+ second add for each app you want. Fine, whatever, I have time. Until they make it so easy to clear off your board of downloadable content. It’s ridiculous. I got so far into watching adds, I was watching tv and had nothing better to do so I figured I’d give it a shot, I reset it 3 separate times and on the final go, I got so far and then I made the mistake of scrolling all the way to the top and I scrolled on micron too far and it cleared out all my progress. Bad company.

- I mean, it’s alright.

Pros: 1. the options that are on there are clean and nice looking 2. Even tho it is a paid subscription to unlock all features, $2.49 a week is way cheaper than a lot of them for not a huge upfront cost Cons: 1. I wish I could “favorite “ or save something to find later. 2. There’s honestly not a massive selection 3. Even if you pay, there are still a lot of apps you have to do all the mess in the shortcuts app with.

- Amazing app! ☺️😍🥰

This app is amazing 🤩 like even anime?! And they have my hero academia and more! I Rate this app five stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ this is my first time but soon I’ll get to know Brass better thank you whoever made Brass it changes me and my iPhone 📱and everyone will probably ask how I did it thanks to this app I feel happy because I used to feel sad but happy now! But money at the end? Idk I do like ish adds.

- So far....

I do like the app. Just 2 things. 1) for some reason when I click on the downloaded icon, example messages, it opens two windows. One window new icon and the other window with stock iPhone icon. 2) in regards to the ads, can you at least have an option to stack them? Like watch five ads at once unlocks five icons. Cause doing so one by one is a bit annoying to tap each one. Aside from those two things, app is great. Easy to use.

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- Pretty good

It’s really good, but there a quite a few problems for me. You have to watch sooooooo many ads, and it’s just the same one over and over again? I don’t get that. Also, there are your normal apps, (e.g. settings, find my phone) but there are no games! Wish you could have games on it. Otherwise, It’s great and I absolutely love it and I recommend it for everybody

- The most frustrating user setup i’ve ever used

So i was trying to download a whole sweep of icons from this app. After watching through the unfair 49 ads, I decided to swipe through to check if I had gotten permission to download every icon. In this endeavour i accidentally swipe at the top which puts me out of the setup screen. As I go back to the install screen, I learn I would need to watch 49 more ads. This has happened 3 times so far and it frustrates me each time. I’m close to deleting the app but I still want those icons which I do find quite pleasing but please Brass, make the user setup free from dumb issues like what I had to deal with.

- Amazing

Brass is an amazing app and you should definitely download it it’s just amazing. I personally wish I knew about it when I was younger and first got my phone. It’s just amazing I absolutely love it you should definitely definitely definitely download is just wonderful. And I love it because like it’s beautiful and I love the icons that are gives you and the pictures that I give you for your wallpaper it’s just amazing.

- Bug + Review

Im not joking, this app is AMAZING in so glad to have it as my home screen looks great. I also have found a small bug that im sure can be fixed, I tried to change an icon to Foxtel Go but it wasnt on either the App store or Native apps section. If you could fix this small problem this app would be even better. Thank you.

- Some problems

I absolutely love this app but I’ve been having some specific problems with it recently, once I’ve selected all the apps I would like to have on my home screen and click ‘Install (however many) Icons’ it’s just loads for a bit and then just glitches out. I don’t know whether this is just me but please fix this.

- Yes!

I never bothered to customise my phone screen because it was too hard, took too long, and the lag between clicking the app and it actually opening was too long for my short patience. This app made it so easy. Would recommend.

- Please Fix This!

so i think the app is great and you have a lot of choice. However, when i go to install my icons, it takes me to. a screen where it asks me to pay for the premium version or continue free with ads. I click continue free with ads and it just takes me back to the editing app icons page. Please fix this as i think it would be a great app otherwise and i could give you a much better rating.

- Great potential

I love the designs, I like the potential - but a number of the “installed” icons do not work: eg for calculator, contacts and voice recording - when I go to open the app using your icon I receive a message that tells me “Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid”. Please help!!! Fix this issue and it will definitely be a five star app!

- Best App

I love this app so much I don’t usually ever pay for pro versions but it’s honestly worth it bc i love changing my home screen I just wish I could do multiple widgets with different photos but everytime I try it always defaults to whichever pic I put last.

- It’s actually a pretty good app

I thought I would have to pay money to get the icons, but it’s nice that you also have the option to continue with ads, although the process is a bit lengthy.

- Best App Ever

At first I didn’t think much of this app but once I got to use it more I started to enjoy it. Now I enjoy this app so much it is my favourite. You can so easily change your app widgets and that is what makes this app the best

- I can’t even get the widgets

So I saw this app on my Instagram account, and the reviews looked really good so I decided to download this app because I wanted more aesthetic for my phone. So I was amazed by the choice I had between different themes but the fun ends about there. When I finished selecting what I wanted, it kept on telling me something about upgrading to the premium thing and I was really disappointed but I’m keeping the app for now and if it has something to do with Apple ID it’s my dad’s Apple ID so I can’t do anything with it without his permission otherwise he might lose money on random things. Anyways if I find out how to get this sorted then I might reconsider this long review. I hope to see this issue fixed

- Have to watch 35+ ads to get what you downloaded

Terrible app. For every app you change the look for, you have to watch one ad. Either that or you buy an extremely overpriced monthly subscription to skip watching the ads. Not to mention if you close the app and reopen it you need to restart all your ad-watching progress. Don’t use this app! Better ones out there.

- Manual install

The manual installs get too confusing and doesn’t open up as normal. Apps also don’t pop up notifications red tags but all up the themes are cute and easy auto set up


This app is the absolute worst app ever If you don’t pay for primium you have to spend 30 flipping minutes watching stupid adds and the if you accidentally click off the app before downloading everything it decides to get rid of it all and make you start all over witch also the way you have to download it is really annoying and confusing I HATE THIS APP DO NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYONE

- Misleading

Tried to get a minimalist background. On the preview it shows no home bar (IPhone) and just the entire screen is white. This is unachievable or not explained and therefore misleading preview photo which is the only reason I payed for the app. The process doesn’t full convert all the apps for you either only some of them u have to do some manually

- broken/glitch/bug

the app doesn’t show the designs and everytime i open the app it says a weird message: response could not be decoded because of error: the operation couldnt be completed. objectmapper failed to serialise response. idk what is happening and ive tried redownloading it, signing in signing out, powering off my phone and back on again, nothing works. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!


pretty cool app but i cant figure out how to get the widget onto my screen? i pressed save when i was done but what do i do after that? please someone tell me cus i cant figure it out

- Just read

It is actually amazing not lying here,the thingz is can u please put back manual download and maybe add demkn slayer icons? But over all ITS AWESOMe DOWLOAD but the things is can u remkve the watch ad to get this icon please😁

- :)

OMG this is da only app that has let meh do meh Home Screen it’s so good if u don’t have premium u have to watch adds but that’s ok with me because all of da other apps u need premium to do it so THANK U 🙏🏻

- Disappointed

I spent about an hour just waiting for the ads because it kept on glitching out then I realised that it doesn’t install it on your phone manually and you have to use shortcuts. My phone has a weird glitch with shortcuts so I was very upset T-T

- Da baby

This app is amazing but one problem, I have no idea how to take the pictures off my apps I’ll just stay with da baby

- Brass

This app is amazing I now love my Home Screen but I wish there was one for just games. Because I can only find among us even though I have more games

- Amazing

Really cool app would rate 5 if they could make option to remove the name on the icon which is for me would have a cooler and cleaner look.

- Please add the manual back TwT

I rlly like this app but can the manual option come back? I like using shortcuts more than the website version, thanks!

- Too much ads

It’s annoying how you have to watch like 20 ads to get the stuff even tho they could’ve done a different way

- Annoyed

I subscribed to the app because the plain red theme suits my red phone and it is not letting me download the background, I have the apps but cannot get the red wallpaper to match I’ve spent about a hour but still the download button for the wallpaper is un pressable Please fix this and I would like a refund

- Complicated Abe expensive

It’d be better without it being so complicated and expensive. Downloading a background and icons shouldn’t take an hours

- App duplicates?

this is such a cool app but when i downloaded the icons there were double? I still had the original ones but the new ones as well. Is this normal??

- Pretty good

I had to go through adds to get the icons but I entertained myself in the process

- Great

I love this app as long as you can get the preiam version your fine.

- Idiot proof

So many other apps made it too hard. Not this one

- Very good

Has free stuff for everything and simple to use love this app

- Yeah

Very good to work with and simple it’s worth watching the ads

- Doesn’t allow notifications as only bookmarks

The app doesn’t replace the icons of my phone apps. It simply creates duplicate bookmarks that allow no notifications to be shown. I have tried contacting support with zero response. Waste of money.

- Not worth the hasten

More effort than it’s worth. After 30 minutes of farting around I uninstalled. Not user friendly must reinstall every individual app/wiggit + back ground all seperatly; and for every one you have to watch an add.

- Ads

Takes time aswell

- Not Bad

Good app…if you’re willing to pay for the subscription. Otherwise don’t bother.

- Made me watch ads and then more

First off I didn’t want to pay. Then I had to watch a lot of ads, and then I had to do some more steps and it didn’t even work. This app is a waste of time

- Looks great

Looks great but is hard to use

- My great new wallpaper

This app is great wait no spectacular

- This app is terrible

It’s better then most apps like this but it’s way to complicated to install a theme. I would like it if I didn’t have to download something to download the theme

- I am I love

I love how’s there alll the setups and yOu can chose them

- Good

Really good Hack: go through every single ad to get all of them for free!

- Charged me $40 When I Chose $1.49 Option

This app just charged me $40 when I chose $1.49 for a week! I thought this app had potential but no! I will never use this app ever again.

- Impressive

So far so good, ads are a bit painful but it’s fair for a free app

- Declan

Really easy to use

- Ok

The app is ok. Wish it had a few more that didn’t need shortcuts

- Good

A bit confusing though

- premium and ads

way too many ads— you have to watch one for every single icon you want to unlock. then it constantly asks you to pay for premium (which, by the way, is way overpriced). would not recommend, you’re better off making your own icons in shortcuts.

Payoneer 💰

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- I love this app

The only downside is that you cant really pick an icon to your desire. Fro example i want a new genshin icon, i cant really pick an icon that looks like genshin icon, i instead have to use the pre made icons that doesnt resemble genshin.

- I love brass because

Not only is it free! it also has many options of colours and widgets and it’s so simple to setup! Keep up with the good work brass!

- total grabage

free app, paid functions.

- Horrible

Poor advertising you have to pay for everything

- awful

this app is cap, that’s all u need to know

- This thing really just want ur money

I want to get the backgrounds for free and it tells me to follow them on their socials so I do then it makes me watch a commercial for every app which I’m ok with but it keeps leaving the app when I’m always bout to finish and makes me restarts this is a scam if u ask me.

- Unless you dont want to spend money get ready to watch 40+ ad to gey your icons

They just want your money

- Apple apps don’t work

Hi I love this app but for some reason apple apps don’t work and lead you to shortcuts!! Other wise I recommend this app!

- J’adore


- Not bad but...

I personally have no issue with watching a lot of ads as some others complained but at a certain point of me unlocking icons, it would stop working with a pop up saying “there was an error trying to load this ad. Please try again later” but when I do try later it doesn’t work either. It’s a shame cuz I could’ve used this but it’s really not letting me unlock any more icons to complete the theme :(

- Brass is a dookie

After i spent like 30 minutes watching the ads to unlock everything, i had to get the shortcuts app, THEN not all of the stupid icons even SAVED

- pretty good

except for watching 20 ads for 20 app icons it’s pretty cool... but i know you have to make the money somehow

- To


- Reese‘s puffs 😍

Reese‘s puffs Reese‘s puffs eat em up eat em up eat em uppp😂

- Don’t waste your money

Don’t waste your money it’s a terrible app

- I’m a kid and it promoted gambling to me

this app had a ad for a gambling game in here and I know it might not seem like a big deal but this is obviously targeted towards gen z so it’s kinda suspicious I also had to watch a bunch of ads to get the icons but the concept is kinda cool

- Trash defined

This is trash

- Good


- Pay to use basic function

While it gives you two icons of the many you need to fill a screen… it’s either watch endless ads to get more or pay through the nose to change your screen even once. Not worth it… not even close.

- Good app

I really like the app works well but has a long process before you’re able to set the screen

- Brass

Thank you for letting my use this for my wallpaper

- Bien


- Brass widjets

It’s so cool

- Nice

Come on

- Good app

Really good

- So far so good

Not complaints so Far

- Full of ads unnecessary

This is littered with ads to full length movie... do not download

- Hsnanzbxb


- Hh CFC

V vvvvv

- Good

Good app

- Good thing


- Wwww

Frost trouve ça vol

- Great

Really the best

- Great!!!!

I loved this app!!!

- Meh

Really nice themes but takes a while to download and the more apps you have the longer it takes. I am finding it hard to progress because of technical difficulties

- Yeah

Pretty good

- Do not use if you have iPhone

Watched about 50 minutes of ads so I wouldnt have to pay, after a lot of messing around I discovered that it only creates a bookmark of the app not replaces the icon, so when you open any particular app it opens 2 pages - a dummy page and the real original app, disappointing and a waste of time

- :)

It’s really good I love this app even though you have to watch a lot of adds it’s completely worth it

- Good


- Useless

Other than instagram and snapchat other apps need to be unlocked so this app wont work unless you pay money:/

- Not worth the $9 per week

Quality of app icons and wallpapers are really bad and there is only a limited number of icons available so half your apps wont have any change

- Hi


- False Advertising Subscription Service

Individual icons can be changed by watching 30 second videos or by paying an obscene subscription price. If you leave the screen where you watched an ad to unlock an icon skin, you need to rewatch to unlock. Ridiculous.


There is way to many ads to make this app even usable. To change your phone you would need to watch about 35 ADS witch can be up to a minute long.

- Yes

Trust me yes

- Good


- Ahhhhh I love it

Amazing 😍

- Gunmetal

Good job

- Noice


- <3 i

I love the app so much

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Brass - Icon Themes & Widgets 3.0.22 Screenshots & Images

Brass - Icon Themes & Widgets iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Brass - Icon Themes & Widgets iphone images
Brass - Icon Themes & Widgets iphone images
Brass - Icon Themes & Widgets iphone images
Brass - Icon Themes & Widgets iphone images
Brass - Icon Themes & Widgets iphone images
Brass - Icon Themes & Widgets iphone images
Brass - Icon Themes & Widgets iphone images
Brass - Icon Themes & Widgets iphone images
Brass - Icon Themes & Widgets iphone images
Brass - Icon Themes & Widgets iphone images

Brass - Icon Themes & Widgets (Version 3.0.22) Install & Download

The applications Brass - Icon Themes & Widgets was published in the category Graphics & Design on 2020-09-25 and was developed by Gorilla Technologies [Developer ID: 415461469]. This application file size is 75.46 MB. Brass - Icon Themes & Widgets - Graphics & Design app posted on 2022-04-27 current version is 3.0.22 and works well on IOS 14.1 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.gorilla.brass