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Icon Themer: LockScreen Widget [Graphics & Design] App Description & Overview

What is icon themer: lockscreen widget app? Choose LOCKSCREEN WIDGET PACKS, THEMES, WALLPAPER & APP ICONS library to make your own lock screens, icons, themes, wallpaper and widgets for all apps on your home screen with aesthetic concepts.

The Icon Lock screen Widgets and Themes also allows you to conceptualize your home screen with aesthetic themes and wallpapers for your iOS 16 enabled iPhone.

More than 100+ available app icons can be changed freely in terms of shape, color & background with icon changer, instantly change app icon without going setting it manually in shortcut.

Key features:

■ Theme Customizer
Explore an abundance of aesthetic themes to choose the one you like most and set it up on your Home Screen with a few taps.
Apply pro themes for iPhone with different concepts, beautiful wallpapers and matching Widgets.

■ App icon changer:
Pick icon changer and designs from a huge library and choose which app to replace its icon.

■ Gorgeous Wallpapers
Anime, Animals, Nature, Landscape, Festival and more—we have HD wallpapers for every taste.

■ Create your Icon:
Customize your own app icons with color and background.
Instant preview how icon looks in home screen
Quick and easy, no shortcuts needed.

Make the most out of the new iOS 15 and express yourself uniquely! And customize your home screen and widgets like a pro smith.

Subscription Terms:
• Subscribed user has unlimited access
• Unsubscribed user can only use free features
• User can subscribe weekly (USD $2.99), monthly (USD $9.99), yearly (USD $24.99), auto renewing subscription or lifetime ($29.99) one time payment.
• Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.
• Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.
• The account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal.
• Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase.
We would love to receive your feedback to improve the app and create themes that you want. Contact us: support@vulcanlabs.co
Terms of Use: http://vulcanlabs.co/index.php/terms-of-use
Privacy Policy: http://vulcanlabs.co/index.php/privacy-policy

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Find this site the customer service details of Icon Themer: LockScreen Widget. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/1533025495/icon-themer-lockscreen-widget/contact

Icon Themer: LockScreen Widget Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Icon Themer: LockScreen Widget Version 8.322 November 2022

- Fix bugs.

Icon Themer: LockScreen Widget Comments & Reviews 2022

- Like it but...

I really like this app. I downloaded it and you are able to add widgets, icon app pictures, and custom apps. I just wish that most of the items didn’t cost money. If you look closely at the bottom when ur download, there’s a button that says “continue with limited version” I click that and pretty much you don’t get all of the features. You get three free creations that you can make. All the apps in blue are the ones u can use. All the apps in grey are the ones u can’t really download unless you get the premium. What I do however is when I like the app icon and I only get three free ones is a I delete the app(don’t worry it saves what you decorated) Re download it and get more instead of buying premium 😌 it works if ur not trying to waste money on this app. This is my review and I hope this helps anyone looking to get this app ...

- Fees, ads, problems

I liked this app, it was useful especially after the icon themer shortcut can’t be users for iOS 14.5 and up. It has themes and icons that work great. But there’s a monthly premium (can’t blame them for trying to stabilize their business) which puts certain themes behind paywalls, and downloading more than three apps harder with having to watch ads for every free download. The premium isn’t too bad if you can pay for it, but I couldn’t. The biggest issue though is that there are some apps that don’t work or work funny. I couldn’t get tumblr, and one of my certain weather apps was bugging out. And not to mention that for some reason when you open the messages app through their icons it always makes you start a new conversation instead of just going to the app. The icon themer mentioned before did something similar, but not with every app. It’s a little frustrating to have to wait for the extra shortcut. Other than that I loved the excess of icons! I was able to make icons that I wouldn’t normally be able to find online/on Pinterest.

- It’s really great but definitely not free...

Ok so don’t get me wrong this app looks great and the colors are aesthetic, you can make your own icons and everything but... It’s not free, you have to pay I think 10$ for a week and 20$ for a year. At first I didn’t mind it and I understand you have to make money and they have an advertisement option too so I thought it was fair if I watch 1 ad and then get 1 icon. But the advertisement didn’t work it just said something was wrong and to try again, so I did. It didn’t work I exited the app I restarted my device but nothing worked. I came to a conclusion that you HAVE to pay, they don’t have any free option which I think is ridiculous, and I don’t really want to pay 20$ so I can have and aesthetic Home Screen. I’m not sure if the ad worked for others but I think you should have some sort of free option.

- Unsatisfactory

As far as a customization utility tool this app falls very short. There is no custom color where or grid for starters, only a handful of pre picked gradients and solid color backgrounds for apps. The app icons are all there and that is mildly convenient, but it’s HOW this app customizes your icons that really really rips you off. It’s only bookmarks. Why is that a rip off? Well for one it’s going to add an extra step just to open your app. You’re not changing you app icon, but instead are making a bookmark that is a link that opens your app. This makes apps like messaging, google chrome, and several others act very poorly. Chrome not even able to be opened. Messages opens up a new message every time you click. With so limited of options and generally just poor functionality I am kind of mad I payed 20$ for this app. It met none of my expectations s and stuck me with a bill. 0/10 do not recommend

- In need of an Update; MUST PAY

This app has a decent amount of cute themes and stuff for free, you do have to pay for a premium subscription (I didn't). However, on the app they have a Weather Icon as part of many themes, but the app Weather is not available to change icons. Could the creators please do an update where Weather is an available app? Also, I have found that the calendar icon is not correct, it does not change from Mon 22, which is far from correct. Thank you! EDIT: I was only allowed to download 3 icons before it wouldn’t even let me watch an ad, I would have to pay. Please just make it so we don’t have to pay; all we want is a nice home screen.

- I liked this app at first but…

This app was great at first! It allowed me to download pictures and use my shortcut app to add them to the right icons on my home screen. Then when I decided to change my fall home screen for a Christmas one, I came back, and the whole app changed-for the worst. Now everything cost money. Yes all the designs are cute, but if you want to continue without the unlimited access, you have to watch the same 30 second add for every icon you want to download. Plus they don’t have as many icons available per design, I think I only got ten icons opposed to the app before when I could download icons for every single app on my phone. So yes, this app was great at first, and I really liked the way it worked, but then they changed the whole app, and now I’m far from impressed.

- It stopped doing it for me

So I was doing adding them to my screen, and I was happy unitil I noticed for the green tea pack, the clock is not centered on the app. I also noticed that after 3 downloads it had ads every single time which I don’t mind, but some people do. They kept on repeating the same type of ads, and I was getting annoyed. After a few downloads, it stopped and once I tried to click on it, it said the “buy prenium” or something, also please please please add the widgets for the green tea pack. Thank you!

- Windows 98

This is a basic app for which sample-level creations are offered at cost. Do not buy for the icon creation, which is one third of the app offerings, because you can download any icon symbol you wish for free on the internet or create one yourself. This applies only to those who know how to, which is simple, and personalization basics. The background selection on the icon creator featuring Apple multi-colors, is also available for free if you do search for it. Don’t use your money to buy it. Creating widget r are at this point, requiring a bit more than basic skills to personalize, however, the app is nonetheless just, featuring creations for people who do not know that these they have created for a charge, was basic for the developer too... meaning the app is a dumping of stock imagery (so to speak) likely to just fund into a better app they will develop later.


I downloaded this app and at first everything went smoothly then I saw the option to upload the icon from the app and I tried it at first it said I needed to buy premium but it also gave me a choice to “do it for free” so I clicked that. The app told me to pick which app I wanted to replace the icon for and I did then it took me to safari and it told me press the share button then to save it to my device and I did. But it didn’t work I didn’t think anything of it and i was just going to leave a review saying it didn’t work then I noticed none of my apps were working except for my settings so I quickly reset my phone and all my apps are working but I did notice a few odd things. I’m not sure if it gave me a virus or not but I definitely wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone.

- More Icons in the Create Section Please!

The main reason why I downloaded this app, and payed for the yearly subscription, was to be able to put a custom background and have a logo on top. I am satisfactory with the simplicity of this rather than trying to photoshop and edit it myself. However I would like there to be more icon options. Like a simple Netflix logo, calendar, calculator, maybe a doordash logo? Just popular apps that people use today! Less icons like Yahoo, and Vine that no one uses anymore. 😅A good 60% of those icons are useless in my opinion, and i can’t even name what half of them are. Also better sorting of icons? So I don’t scroll past the ones i find usefull..


I liked this app at first, and was thinking about switching to premium. I had to wait a little bit because I have in app purchases turned off and had to wait for my dad to allow them. Well, somehow, it got purchased. I think I might have accidentally clicked it or something. Well, I just left it, figuring I could just use the benefits since I had already paid for them. Well, none of the benefits work. It won’t let me download all of the themes, it won’t let me create custom widgets. I tried emailing them because it wasn’t working, and it has been over a month and they haven’t responded. So, don’t waste your time. You can’t hardly use it without premium, and when you pay for it, it doesn’t even work. Not happy at all.

- Favorite Icon App But…

I love this app, and I can create the icons I need and then save them to my phone and work though my Apple shortcuts. I love the many icon choices and the preselected colors make it easier for me to see what looks good. HOWEVER, I can only open up the app twice before it only shows a loading screen and doesn’t open up the app. I then have to delete the app and redownload it to get back into the service. Wish you guys could fix this bug, I love this app.

- Great app!

This is a great app to use when your sister refuses to tell you how to change your icons and how to add widgets. This app have great widgets! I didn’t want to for an app to change my wallpaper and icons even though this app had it, it still has wonderful free options! The only down side that I could say was most of the time when I would change an icon it was 99% of the time say no ad available. But all together a great app!

- My issue with this app

The themes look really nice and not amateur looking. Now, I don’t know if I've been doing it wrong but when I replace the icons, for example, I click on Safari. It goes jumps/opens the Icon Changer app, then shortcuts app, then finally Safari opens.. why is it not seamless? And it bugs me because I did pay for premium and I just find it so annoying to deal with. I kind of want my money back because I’m not satisfied with that part. If you can tell me how to make it seamless, great but if not, never again and I’ll be changing this to a 1 star.

- AMAZING but...

The colors/backgrounds we get to choose from are great. However, there should be more icons to choose from. Just an idea: Make it possible for the app to detect which apps my phone has. There should be an image of each home screen page with the apps on it. That way, I can just tap which app I want to customize. I would leave the customization process the way it is. It’s PERFECT!

- it’s ok but…..

ok. so this app is AMAZING before you add 9 apps. but, past that, you can’t add anymore apps. and if your anything like me, you don’t want to spend any money just to make something that should be free. but, if you don’t mind paying a few extra dollars, then the possibilities are endless! (until you reach the end of the list) but they really need to make a least 3 of the themes free for those who either don’t have money or who want to spend their money on something that is really worth it.

- Best app ever

I completely loves that all the other apps I tried you have to pay for this stuff but it’s free I love it it has all these amazing things on I per you can change your phone before this my phone was so boring but now I can change it it’s just amazing like during Christmas time I can have Christmas Halloween I can make it scary just thank you so much I love this app

- Just read it.

I liked it very much but i didnt like it to the fact that its kind of expensive over a little decor on your device. All though, its really nice. But i just found out that that it only allowed me to make a few apps then they all became for money. I was making my own icons and it was going perfectly, until it didnt let me anymore. So if the owner of this app sees this, please make it cheaper or for free. (If its free im pretty sure everyone will like it at 5 stars but its your choice.)


It is a great app but , I am not willing to pay to open the apps! There is a subscription that is the bad part. And also should the app should to recognize the app we have already in the iPhone to make our own widget with the app we have in our iPhone. But over roll pretty good. Unfortunately my suscripción ended it soon, I don’t think I will be able to open this app any more. MAKE IT FREE

- Not bad, just not enough themes

Spent $20 and am very disappointed in the amount of themes available. Also have had some issues getting icons to work once I create them. Things flip to different things and just isn’t fluid. All has a lot of potential, just sad I paid for it at this point. By “flip” I mean it jumps around and goes to the shortcut app then would flip to the actual app you want then back to shortcuts and eventually open up the app. Just wasnt a smooth transition.

- It’s a meh

Hard to understand and when you make one it just makes a whole new cover so now you have 2 of the same apps and you also have to down load the shortcuts app for this to work. It just copies the app into the design you chose and pretty much made it a link to the app. You also have to pay for premium to make it easier. Over all wouldn’t recommend. I will say though they make it very customizable.

- This could just be me but…

When I got the app I was just looking for a simple free app with black and white apps. But when I got it the app said “continue with limited version at the bottom” I pressed that expecting free app icons but when I got to the icons it said I would need to pay so I went through all of them to see if any of them were free. None. So if you don’t mind using 5 bucks your in luck but I just wanted a free app which this is not. Sorry for the review just speaking my opinion and experience.✌️


Can’t even use it when I go into the app it just shows me stupid premium which I’m not getting and I can’t get out of the premium there’s no ex and I can’t even use the game last time I used it there was barely any icon Siemers in just swim colors because I didn’t get stupid premium I can’t even use it and I tried to go back into it but it just showed me stupid premium and didn’t even let me out of it there’s no X or anything you can’t even use it you either don’t show me the premium in the beginning of the freaking app or do you at least at a freaking X

- Hard to use

It’s extremely hard to use because when you make the background you have to re-download every single app that you change and when I finished getting everything done it all reset but when I did it again it worked and over all its not to bad but not my go to app when I’m changing my background I’d rather go to google and look up “Christmas backgrounds” then do this

- It's good if you want to pay for it.

The only reason I rated this a five-star is that I wanna get people's attention. Please don't download this all unless you want to pay. I also tried to remove the icon thing and it didn't show me how to remove it. Furthermore, I tapped in the app I wanted to go to and it glitched. Please fix this problem.

- Good

I like this app. It is simple to use, and has everything I am looking for. The only problem is that when it asks me to watch an add to create my shortcut, and I accept, it will not stop loading. The loading goes on forever, even when I close the app and open it again. I have to continuously reinstall the app. Other than that, it is a good app. If you have patience, I recommend the app. Otherwise, look for a different one.

- Add some more apps for the logo maker

When i got done importing my icon picture for the logo i went to search roblox it wasn't on there and in surprised because I thought sinc it had color roller and other apps like that u thought it would have roblox but it didn't so my request is to add more apps for thing like that.

- I love this app

This app is really cool even with the limited version I think the limited version is actually those teams are really good in fact they’re probably better than the premium version I wanted anyone I really wanted to run this team that was premium I didn’t know that but I really think it’s so thank you 😊.

- Very Annoying

On the app you have to pay for basically everything other than making your own icons. The most frustrating thing is that when you are watching an add the “x” you click at the end to exit the add is sometimes blocked by the status bar at the top of the phone. The only thing you can do is clear out the app and then hope you don’t get the same add the next time.

- Great but

This app is great but there’s to many adds and also you can’t really get much of the home screen thing and also after i downloaded this app my phone was acting weird and it kept on turning off and off like the screen when your phone dies but my phone was on 86% I think this app is a virus because when I deleted it my phone was working again so I wouldn’t really recommend this app.

- Amazing!

I love this app and it’s so easy, I downloaded this other app and it didn’t really work. Plus it takes less time than to actually use the Shortcut app. Definitely recommend it! Though you need premium for all the different types of icons and stuff but it works fine without premium.

- Meh

I suppose it’s a okay app if your willing to fork up the money for the subscription but otherwise it’s quite terrible. It’s easier to just use the Shortcuts app to change the app icons then watch dozens of ads for each app icon you want to change. Speaking of which, the icons and logos they provide you are limited and outdated. They still have the Vine logo? And the app is long gone? Whatever, there’s dozens of apps that do the exact same thing with the exact subscription services

- Rip-off

This app is nice except for the fact that everything costs money. I mean everything. At first it seemed like i could get the icons for free, but after a few tries i had to watch videos to get them for free. And after it said there were no videos, it gave me a free three day trial that didn’t work. When i clicked the button that said “Try It” nothing happened. So you’re basically buying a free app that costs money. Sorry for this long review but thanks for reading it.

- How do I download

First how do I even download the themes 2nd why do I have to pay for more 3rd this takes up half of my storage 4th the app itself it’s okay I guess so maybe this is a cute app please fix the download maybe do more Christmas themes I think imma do it and pay for the thing I like this app really a lot other than that it’s AMAZING 🤩


I did not and refuse to but the premium version of this app because of how horribly the base app works and i cant trust it works as intended. Any time you click on or try to do anything there is an ad which does have a exit button, but its so small and close to the bevel of most iPhone screens that it might as well not even be there. If you are looking to customize app icons, don't bother with this app, use something like ibis paint and download the app icons online then customize from there. This app is a waste of time

- Waste of money

I went ahead and paid for the themes that I wanted because I figured it would be easier than going in and changing each individual app through the shortcuts app. All of the icons it installed, when I clicked on them, would not go to the app it represented. Every single one of them said the link could not be found. Then, when I at least tried to add a widget, I followed their tutorial exactly and their app/widgets won’t even show up in the listed options. MASSIVE waste of money.

- It’s good but there’s one problem I recommend them to take away…

So I liked this app, but then I realized that you need premium to make all the apps so, basically I can only make two apps, so then I delete the app and get it again, so I can do another two, so please fix this!

- Support? FAQ Section? Anyone???

This looks to be a great app but I couldn't find any instructions. I did email the address in the app, but that came back undeliverable. I clicked every link and thay kept taking me to the Vulcan home page, which had absolutely no relevant information. I wouldn't be so hung up and frustrated but I paid for the entire subscription upfront and I can't reach a soul there! This is maybe day five and I still can't reach anyone. I'm so frustrated!!!

- Great app!

This is a really great app if you want to change your icons. The only problem is, you will have to pay for it and there most likely isn’t ALL the apps you have. So if you want to spend some money and don’t want to change all your icons this app is perfect! ;)

- Exiting ads

Some if not most of your adds do not automatically exit you out. There is an x but the d is in the very corner of the screen so for those who have screen protectors it is not possible to press and we will need to exit the app and try again until an ad pops up whose x is reachable. I appreciated the time and effort that was put in but it shouldn’t be so difficult. Thank you.

- It worked

So most apps usually aren’t what they are told to be but this app is Amazing it works all my apps are what I wanted them to be but…. There were some mishaps that they need to fix like it wants you to buy it and it takes a long time but it is worth it bye it is a good app

- pretty good

All together it’s a great app especially if u don’t wnat to pay u don’t have to, but there is some apps that u can’t make an icon for idk if that’s just because I have the limited version or not. But if not can u add among us and some other apps like kid messenger please. I do recommend this app tho, it is great. 😁

- Okay, but still bad.

So I had these awesome design ideas for my home screen apps, I was really into it. 1. I hated the free trial thing because I hate paying for my apps. 2. It had an error and my App Store and all my apps I changed were deleted because I wanted the changed icon the be the final one. However, I ended up having to re-download my apps. It worked at first and was a good idea till then. Don’t highly recommend unless you’re a good problem solver.

- Not worth the hype

Overall it’s a pretty good app, although I don’t like how I can’t get it to go over the actual app. It’s just a copy you add to the screen and it takes you over to the app and it opens more tabs and wastes battery. Also I wish more things were free. And you can’t add it to games. You can only add it to apps. Also, the themes aren’t that good and you can’t easily tell what they are. Overall I think it’s a bad app. But I don’t know. Maybe you will like it I see very good reviews of this so who knows.

- My review 💜💜💜💜💜

When you see this app your thinking lies just lies but it can change a part of your life it changes your Home Screen icons & backgrounds it inspires a lot of people and you can be a fan too download it now for free in the App Store or play store 💜💜💜💜💜

- Not free and not many apps

I really liked this app for a while, but after making 2 custom app screens I had to watch videos to make more or pay a subscription, I clicked on the video and it just brought me to the subscription again. I would love this app so much more if you reduced payment. I also have been looking for apps that I would normally use, like Netflix, Minecraft. Would you add more apps? That would be great.

- I like this app but....

So, literally every freaking second of me trying to create an app there’s an ad. I refuse to pay for whatever monthly subscriptions there is to offer. I do suggest however that the ads need to like chill a bit. Some apps have ads that come up after your done with a project or whatever. This is during a project. And then i try and exit out of the ad it leads me to safari and then the game it’s advertising for. I’m deleting this app for now. I have another suggestion. If we could add photos to the icons and have the app recognize all the apps that i have on my phone? That would be cool. Another suggestion is an option to put in hex codes for the background and color of the app icon.

- Its good but….

I think there should be a need for ads yes but you should be able to watch 1 for every 2 or be able to select how many you want and be able to watch all the ads. It always makes you wait a while for each individual app and it took forever to customize my home screen

- It was not good

It was ok at first but then I make a icon and as I installed it to my phone every thing was fine until I opened the icon and it takes my through safari then my shortcuts then the app I made it for it was so annoying but I thought the icon that I made was so cute so if your willing to put up with that this is the app do for you:)

- Don’t waste your money

I bought this app only to find out I can’t change ALL the app icons I want - pretty much ONLY native apple apps. So my pocket casts podcatcher? Not an option. And their support is a joke “only certain apps have icons in each theme. You need to create your own!!” WHICH IS WHAT I WAS TRYING TO DO. When you’re able to change the app icons within the system, it’s a great thing. But don’t bother buying the app - just use the free features. Those are the ones that’s worthwhile.

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- Slytherin_queen649

Hi I am a user of this app and I only gave it 4 stars for a reason. 1. It is unfair that they is only 2 Themes for free, I find this unfair because people can’t always pay for the monthly or yearly subscription so please change that for the less fortunate. 2. Can you by any chance make it easier to get the bookmark on you Home Screen instead of have 100’s of google tabs open of the same sight. That would be much appreciated. 😊 3. Can you have more variety of themes or widgets so you can have a more customised look on your phone to show off to your friends!!! Thank you so much for your time and I hope some of these improvements may happen. Ps I still really love your app!!! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 DON’T OVER LOOK PLS THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!

- Slight issue

Hi, I love this app and it’s made my phone look great, the only reason why I am rating it 4 stars not 5 is because after changing one app icon it makes you watch an ad every time you want to change an icon but other than that it’s a great app.

- Can't change most apps

The video shows you can edit your clock or calendar on the iPhone in this widget feature but you can't. I can only edit a handful of apps. I purchased the premium option and I still can't change my clock, calendar or photo widgets at all. Super frustrating !! Any way to do this, I have the latest update and an iPhone 11 and have even restarted my phone and I still only can edit the Facebook, music, Instagram and ticktok widgets that's it

- Good however

I would recommend this app to someone who knows heaps about apps and it stuff. Personally I’m horrible at that I do not know how to get the icon thing to go. Pls tell me by putting as ur title for the recommendation,( answer to Rihanna’s question) Thx, Rihanna ✌️

- Doesn’t open automatically

Cool app except I didn’t purchase premium only because when you create the app icon, add to home screen and then click on your new icon... it takes you to another screen where you have to click “open” before it will open your app. Maybe I’m impatient but that’s super annoying to me.

- Interesting

This app is great but 4 is because some packs have to be paid so if you could make good but free ones that would change to 5

- Warning

I love it but when i used it for EVERY APP it stated to make my phone glitch and restart then turn on over and over and it wasn't even restarting it just turned black and had the loading circle and it happened ALL THE TIME i thought my phone was the issue but no it was this app and i BEG you fix this glitch

- Bit confused

The app loads 2/3 of the way then resets, the stops loading. At first I thought it was my problem but I’ve done everything to fix it but cannot. Also app support just takes you to their website where there is no clear way of getting help. It’s a bit of a bummer.


I love this app! I use it to make my iPad aesthetic! The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because I saw some packs I really like but they all cost money :(. Please make some free if you want this app to get better rates!

- Super fun

Boredom no more! Keeping your phone widget outlook much more than just fun yet discreet with unnoticeable above your average icon images.

- Amazing!!

This app is amazing I love my Home Screen now!! But is it possible to add mail, FaceTime and TikTok to all the themes? Thanks!!

- Doesn't work in most apps

I really do like this app but it doesn't work in most apps like Animal Jam. Also, to create it free it says theres no adds available and i want this to be freee

- Dosent work

I made a icon for discord and finished it it took me to safari but there was no “add to homescreen” button and when i tried to do it again i tried pressing the ad thing to redo it but it wouldnt allow me to watch an add and get prompting me to pay for premium

- Total letdown

I was so excited to make this phone look nice but it asks for safari every time! It doesn’t work properly and makes me watch an add every single time. total let down!!

- Dude why

Like what the heck I wish I could give this zero stars you have to sign up into something in safari or chrome which you cannot even get into whenever you try to download something for your app on here!

- Dumb

I just downloaded this and tried the ad free and it only let me create a short cut for 1 logo. I tried another and it goes back to the payment screen. I’ve tried pressing 30x it still wants me to pay so I can’t get any other icons free. Shitttyyyyyy

- Sorry but this app is just not ok

There are ads every time u try to do a theme for a app that’s terrible I know that most apps have this but no one likes watching ads it’s just so annoying pls try and improve it

- Uhm!!

Why is it not working,like I’m so angry… it cost $30!!! Like really, so annoying it cost, on the adds it does not say! Why are you lying , it doesn’t make anyone feel better.

- ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I love it it made my iPad look way better

- Urr ok

So the icons are great but they cost way to much!!!! We just want to change our widget and make a phones aesthetic but we have to pay for it!!

- pogstar

you guys should add anime website logos (Animelab, Funimation etc) idk if you guys already have it BUT PLEASE HAVE THEM

- Good but needs to be free

Please make app freee

- Not good

It makes you pay for all the good ones and all the ones that i want to use always cost extra money

- Bad

I wanted this app to make my device look asthetic but turns out to make it asthetic u have to pay could they make it free bc I’m not paying money to make my device asthetic 🙄😡

- i hate this app

i was looking forward to transforming my device but when i tried is brings you back to the first screen we’re it say premium pay i feel like it should at least let up us do some designs or it is too hard to find a app that will let us

- .

It won download on my phone it starts but then goes back for no reason

- expensive

The styles are so cute but you can’t get anything unless u pay money so unfair😢


This app is a scam! I downloaded it and went on and all of a sudden it bombarded me with things I had to allow to use the app, and one of them was my location! IDK WHOS DUMB ENOUGH TO FALL FOR THIS SCAM! I REPEAT DO NOT DOWNLOAD

- How do I remove icon

This app I stupid. I can’t even remove the picture that I uploaded to the app.

- Zero stars. Absolutely terrible.

Do not purchase this app, such a rip off!

- Good ,i like this app


- Good

Enjoying App

- .

It’s very good :))))

- Just no, sorry


- Good

Me lik

- Idk how to take it off

They are good products BUT I DONT KNOW HOW TO TAKE IT OFF

- trash


- Umm..


- Im confused

So basically I downloaded the app and I can’t get out of the Home Screen.do I have to buy premium?

- The worst game

This game cost so much money and you have to pay for everything you have to pay $600.00 for a month!!!! And there’s only 5 designs

- It hacked my accounts

It hacked all my accounts! Settings, YouTube, Messages. It hacked them all. ⛔️DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP! ⛔️

Payoneer 💰

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- Umm

Bro, you don’t have a music note symbol! This app is good for making icons but is horrible for adding them to ur Home Screen


Looks very appealing and aesthetics, but has many viruses. DO NOT (UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE) BUY THIS APP... TOTAL SCAM hope this helps you make your decision Keep in mind, there are many more apps like this, but not as crappy


This app is a dangerous. It’s going to make your phone restart every single second until you can’t even open any apps anymore. It’s making you pay if you won’t you want to make more than 3 even tho they say it’s FREE. Disgusting app. Should be BANNED from the App Store, IMMEDIATELY.

- Ugh

This doesn’t even work it just loads and the icons won’t let me use them a one star rating for me !!!!

- Message app now goes to “compose message” every time

Several issues with this app.

- Tank you

Is very cool and beautiful ☀️

- Icon Missing?

Hey there, I love your app. However I was trying to find the chrome icon and it seems to be removed or missing..? Will this be added back? Thanks.

- Premium

Pretty much everything is for premium users only, I only found three themes and 2 widgets that were free to use and you can’t even download them at once, you can only do 3 every day

- Subscription

You need to pay for premium and if you don’t you can’t do much

- MONEY???

Why do you need money? Isn’t there an app that’s great in the the App Store? I guess not. I’m disappointed😞😞😞😔

- Money?

Nobody said that this would cost money when I was looking at the reviews. And those people still got paid to write reviews they can go crap their pants because it’s not fair no I downloaded five apps today to just make my phone aesthetic. And nobody is literally could’ve been like this isn’t free la de da. 😡🤬😤

- Very limited options and not very user friendly.

Not what I was hoping for at all for the $20.99, I’d rather delete it for good and get my money back. Very disappointed.

- Bad


- I was looking for a Harry Potter one!😟.

Add one please

- Make it cheaper

People that are creating their own Icons for me I was making Tom Holland- But I cant even watch an add- I dont want to pay $21 just for an app ima use once to make my Tom Holland Homescreen- I ask if you would make NO ADDS and NO MONEY for people creating there own icon- just free a few clicks photos and draging- this would make me give the app ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!

- Free

I can’t do noting whiteout paying this is very disappointing

- Sucks

This app sucks don’t ever use it

- Ugh

I thought it was like change the icon of the app it self. When you use the click the app icon you made it TAKES you to the real app. Very cool for making icons but not really good for using it😬😐

- Completely useless


- Man get ready for this

What the hell are the pay walls on this app, like I’m still giving you money by watching ads!!!, don’t give me the “sorry we’re out of ads but here you can give us your money if you want” it just makes ur app stupid and useless!!! And wow it takes that much effort to make a app with a couple of themes and icons that you need to milk as much money out of people you can, like holy hell I just want a widget without having to pay, or I’m completely fine with ads and trust me you can’t run out of ads…. Please consider getting rid of the “we are out of ads” thing all it does is make people angry it doesn’t help you whatsoever your just milking people for every last dollar so please consider changing that!!

- Absolute trash

I downloaded this app trying to customize my new iPhone but it made me pay and didn’t work, complete scam, waste of time.

- not what i was looking for.

i was looking for an app that just opens the app i’m wanting it to open. not open something else then open the app i’m wanting it to.

- Sorry

It’s just won’t download for some weird reason

- don’t buy this app,

I used it for around 3 apps and then it shut down and would not let me do anymore apps. It’s a waste of time and money if you buy the subscription 😍👍

- Pay pay pay

You have to pay for everything it says you don’t but you do 😔


So the app is cool but you need to Pay for everything it’s the worst that’s why I gave you one star

- Good but

If you wanna actually change you app icons you need to pay

- Omg!!

This app is amazing!!! It was exactly what I was looking for. Such cute designs for icons!!! I’m obsessed with this app.❤️❤️❤️

- Great app

WoW thiss app is amaising I been trying to find a app like thiss and am very glad I found it Marilou

- Rawr

Wish I could pay monthly and or weekly not a whole year:(

- its pretty good

the problem is you only get 3 apps to create. But when that happens you just delete it then redownload it its pretty easy.

- Pls help me

How the heck do u add them to the apps

- BAD mean

It mean only let me do 2 apps then it made me pay

- Cant skip adds

I'm sad because i couldnt skip the adds the X button was too high in the corner to reach it so i couldnt even try this app/:

- 😡😡😡

U open oh and it says PAY when it’s FREE

- Super amazing

I thought that this would be so trashy and bad but when I actually used it, it became everything to me

- It’s too much money

Too much money

- So good

This is SUPER GOOD even without limited addition is so good I spend so much time looking on safari for a nice icon but this is AMAZING

- Limited access

It’s great if you pay (I didn’t) but it could be so much better with limited features (there is none).

- Not free, of course


- Great app but why do you have to pay


- Way too expensive

Because you only get to add five free icons, I accidentally added the same icon twice so now I’m no longer able to add another icon unless I pay 6$ a week?! Crazy.

- This app has pretty awful stuff

Like most of the other apps you have to buy once downloaded. This one has not that nice aesthetic, and I can’t even add new pages for Safari, Settings or other examples they have for pictures!

- Garbage don’t waste your money

This app is half complete, looks great would not recommend

- Different Apps

This app is amazing and the quality is awesome but we need more icons. I hope you can add more because I’ve downloaded some of them, actually barely, we need more icons for social media apps and basic apps like the app store or Safari, for example. Other than that I recommend this app:)

- I need help

Ok I got everything down but I don’t know how to upload the icons it makes no sense

- A hate this damn app


- Dumb app


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Icon Themer: LockScreen Widget 8.3 Screenshots & Images

Icon Themer: LockScreen Widget iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Icon Themer: LockScreen Widget iphone images
Icon Themer: LockScreen Widget iphone images
Icon Themer: LockScreen Widget iphone images
Icon Themer: LockScreen Widget iphone images
Icon Themer: LockScreen Widget iphone images
Icon Themer: LockScreen Widget iphone images
Icon Themer: LockScreen Widget Graphics & Design application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Icon Themer: LockScreen Widget (Version 8.3) Install & Download

The applications Icon Themer: LockScreen Widget was published in the category Graphics & Design on 2020-09-26 and was developed by Vulcan Labs Company Limited [Developer ID: 1263008826]. This application file size is 235.99 MB. Icon Themer: LockScreen Widget - Graphics & Design app posted on 2022-11-22 current version is 8.3 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: co.vulcanlabs.iconmaker