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CameraMath - Homework Help App Description & Overview

What is cameramath - homework help app? Attention students! UpStudy (formerly CameraMath) solves all your study problems. Yes, by all we mean multiple subjects such as Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology, and word or geometry problems too. Simply take a photo of the question and UpStudy will automatically find the best solution to it.

UpStudy (formerly CameraMath) is an essential learning and problem-solving tool for students! Just snap a picture of the question of the homework and UpStudy will show you the step-by-step solution with detailed explanations.


- Mathematics

- Chemistry

- Physics

- Biology

- ...

UpStudy (formerly CameraMath) covers all levels of math including Arithmetic, Algebras, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, and more.


- Arithmetic

- Algebra I

- Algebra II

- Pre-calculus

- Calculus

- Trigonometric

- Statistics

- Geometry


UpStudy (formerly CameraMath) is an intelligent, accessible, on-demand and personalized AI tutor application.

Don’t know answers to the any questions, and no one around to help with homework? UpStudy (formerly CameraMath) is your personal AI tutor for homework. When you find a problem that you don’t know how to solve, you can easily take a photo with UpStudy and you’ll get the answer in a few seconds. UpStudy provides you with detailed explanations of the questions to help you learn any subjects effortlessly.

At the same time, welcome to join our community group to talk with more people, provide us with feedback, ask for help from others, open to discuss with more topics and meet more new friends.

- Take a photo for your problem in a snap, easy to use and efficient.

- Get instant help from either our AI tutor or real tutors at anytime.

- Recognize any problems quickly and accurately. The homework solver is like a teacher on the spot.

- Cover diverse subjects for students at all levels, whether it is Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics or Biology.

- Get detailed step-by-step solutions to deepen your understanding of any problems, help you fully understand and excel in classes and tests.

- The scientific calculator can support manual editing of mathematical questions in the math keyboard.

- Keep historical search records, review them at any time.

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Instagram :

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions

Terms of Use :

Privacy Policy :

【UpStudy Premium】

- Homework done fast and intelligent

- Better understand with AI

- Help from real and AI tutors

- No interruption

- Payment will be charged to your Apple ID account at the confirmation of purchase.

- Subscription automatically renews unless it is canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.

- Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period.

- You can manage and cancel your subscriptions by going to your account settings on the App Store after purchase.

- Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription.

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App Name CameraMath - Homework Help
Category Education
Updated 28 April 2024, Sunday
File Size 77.4 MB

CameraMath - Homework Help Comments & Reviews 2024

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This is the best app for math problems.. It helps in ways that many others can’t cause it searches online for other answers and give the best close to my question

Amazing App!!. This app was super helpful for me, I’m a freshman in highschool and I was struggling understanding some new math that we were learning, after using this on a problem and going over the steps I was able to do the rest of the problems with little to no help from the app. I 100% recommend for highschoolers

BEST MATH HELPER EVER!!!. this app helps you if you are struggling with math, and this makes it way easier for you I definitely suggest downloading this app! This app helped me so far and it will help you too! I was struggling with math, and I got bad grades but now that I found the app I was looking for so many years ago I wish I had this app I definitely recommend this app if your not to good at math like I was just try it out!!!

So good. I am so glad this is true , this helped me with me homework . Know I can just take a picture of my work and get the answer, I recommend you to get this app if you have trouble with math homework, like me

love this app so much!. This app is practically photo-math but better! the only difference is that photo-math isn’t good at checking my hand written work. also, if this app messes up on a problem you can easily change it by editing the problem! i love this app for checking my work. it’s such a lifesaver

If you need help, just get this. Best app / site I’ve ever come across. If the answer is not there you can ask a tutor and they got back to me with in 10 minutes of asking. I was highly impressed. Very rarely do I leave a review. But this is one I couldn’t say enough about.

DONT GET IT. This app is horrible! I had to do a five star review because otherwise you won’t be able to see this review but anyways. Usually there is some sort of free version for an app, but there is none! In order to see one answer you have to put down an $80 payment! Just awful. This app used to be good for the free version even though there were some things you couldn’t see (understandable) but now it’s just awful! -MadMathematician

Camera math is great when you need help. I love camera math the only thing I think they could improve on is showing other alternative steps because I don’t really understand the way they teach do if they made differ t alternatives for everyone that would be great

AMAZING AND USEFUL APP! RECOMMENDED!. Not only does it give you the answers but it also shows you the steps which I recommend using because it is really helpful. I have learned so many new tips and tricks because it evaluates the problem and in just one click, helps you learn how to solve it. Definitely recommend looking at the steps so that it helps you on similar questions as well.

Sometimes useful. When I first got this app, I thought that it would help me through my math problems, quizzes and tests. The class that I’m currently taking is algebra & trigonometry. The fact that it solves the exact problem (if it recognizes the question) when taking a snap photo like how the app is programmed to do is somewhat true. For instance, when I’m in a middle of a test/quiz and I desperately need to find an answer for a question, most of the time it just gives me answers from other suggested websites which are completely irrelevant with the question that I took a snap shot of. Eventually, when it actually DOES find a direct answer, it gives you the option of how it got the answer, which is correct for the most part. Other than that, the app itself isn’t too bad, but it can be rather improved.

THE BEST APP FOR STUDENTS!!!!. I got this app to help/check my answers and it has helped my a lot! It even has explaining if you need to show your answers! Also has lots of answers to find the one you are looking for! If you were needing a app that helps with homework/work this is the app for you! Hope this helped!

Do not suggest at all. This app rarely even helps some days I’ll open it and it only answers one question from there you have to buy the “ unlimited plan” and if not it’ll only snap one problem for you for free, though it really helps with getting answers it doesn’t even let you ask more than one without trying to charge you, I really do not recommend.

Talk to us Feature. This app is very helpful and easy, but I wish you had a feature where you can unsend a picture because sometimes I've accidentally sent photos of personal information where I can't delete, which makes me worried about who's receiving it because some of them are things I wouldn't want to share with a stranger!

Best customer service ever. Usually they will give you the answer to the problem you inputted right away but sometimes you won’t see the answer your looking for. This happened to me and after I reported it to customer service they responded within minutes and gave me the answer is was seeking. Really really nice app

It is a great help, but some tutors. Long short story this app helped me a lot on calculous 1, now that I’m calc 2 it have been rough. I failed on my last two weekly quizzes because of wrong answers given, so it kind of depend on the tutor that helps you. The app by itself is very helpful and if you just need to solve easy equations it works.

Great!. I love this app because some other apps don’t let you see the steps and they make you pay to see them and this app is honestly the best!! Don’t make you pay to see the steps and works amazing!

Horrible. It will take up to five days, literally almost a week to give you an absolutely wrong or incomplete answer. Waste of money. They also keep rejecting questions for no reason.

Amazing, wouldn’t change a thing about it. I was super scared to download this, but it actually works really well. Huge life saver when your in need of a quick answer to a problem

ITS GOOD BUT IDK. hi ok so basically i used this app to cheat on my geometry, final exam right ok, but when i handed in my paper she gave me a 0 bc i didnt rly show my work n they thought i was cheating bc i didn’t show my work and my teachers were like “there’s no way u COULD HAVE GOT THIS” SO IM GUESSING ALL OR MOST MY ANSWWER WERE RIGHT. but they made me retake the exam and i did. but i had to shoe my work and dnt get me wrong the app shows u how they got to the answer but not for all the questions and sometimes when they did show how they got to the answers it was written in a weird way that we didn’t learn in class but witta lil finessing i wrote it down the right way soo yea but i gotta 70 on my test , 24 questions ab 5 wrong she said btw i’m in geometry || but yes i recommend the app but they could fix some stuff

App continues to cut off. The site is trouble. I pay for this app and every two or three days it completely cuts off and the only way to recover the app is to delete it and re-program it back to my computer. All the work that I have done disappears, and I have to start all over again. Whatever the problem is on this app, it needs to be fixed because paying for app to help you with your learning and it cuts off every three days and you have to reinstall back to computers is ridiculous. Your money and time is being wasted

Used to be 5 stars. So this helps a lot and it works but the answers aren’t always right i paid for a week trail and I’m not getting immediate answers I’m getting answers back the next day … or none at all and I need immediate answers it’s a waste of money if you ask me

Is it Broken?. I downloaded the App at 10:22am and asked my first question at 10:31. I chose the option to have my question answered quickly rather than having an in depth answer written out with steps. It’s currently 4:16pm and my question still hasn’t had a tutor answer it. Luckily I had the free trial and was able to cancel before being charged for a service that may or may not work. If it turns out that it does work and it’s just a bug or something then I’ll be happy to re-download it because I actually like the app is really nice and adding photos of questions are quite smooth. Update: it’s 6:22pm and my math question was finally answered. It only took 8 hours! Hooray 🎉🎉🎉🎉

Pretty helpful!. I got this app and it was pretty good! It helped me with my homework, no tutor was asked yet but they seem nice and verified! The only problem is the you only could use one question to be answered before being asked to buy premium , which isn’t much, but it’s still quite annoying. But in general! Good app! Would say it’s useful!

MOST AMAZING APP <3. So I saw this app and I was like “oh I need this app” and so I downloaded the app I started right away this app is so amazing you should try it it’s absolutely amazing trust me so if you are looking for a app that helps you with math then you made it to the right place I hope you have a wonderful day and be safe bye everyone

It lied. It said it could solve every math problem and yet it got the wrong answer on my homework and now I have a zero in the math class. It was rubbish. This is false advertising and I think this is a huge problem with most apps. For example, candy crush doesn’t crush candy. You swipe to match candy, not crush it. I think things like this should be dealt with, and this app should be banned. I hope this company that this horrible app reads my review and takes much offense to it, and they their app to solve EVERY SINGLE MATH PROBLEM EVER MADE. For those curious, the math problem was (20, 8), (9, 16) so if anyone can solve that I suggest you make the real problem-solving app. Sincerely, Eduardo Finstincle

Grate app for a while until ... Hi when I first got this app I was like wow this is amazing !!!! And it even explains how to do the math problem and the steps to get the answer but lately I go into the app I take a picture of the problem and I click to solve the answer and something pops up saying get premium and I don’t want that so I click out try again and it just keeps popping up and won’t even solve the problem like I can’t get the answer unless I buy premium I try the calculator to but it just dose the same thing I loved this app until that started showing up creators thank you for making this app its amazing but could you please fix this thank you have a wonderful day 🙂🙂🙂🙂

I just want to say…💕👏. This app is very helpful! As a student that always has trouble with math, I say this is a very good app! Meanwhile yes this app does have it’s flaws, but I always seem to get an answer. A perfect answer! It also helps me understand the math better in steps! Overall I say this app is amazing and definitely recommend getting if your a student like me struggling with math. 5 STARS!!🥳

Positive rating. Camera math is a great way to find answers to questions you are having trouble with. It is also a quick way to find answers to questions. They have an option to show the work to you, and that is very helpful. I gave this app 5 stars, and so should you! Thank you!

Great app for solving problems but I have one issue. This app is great, it solves almost every problem from pre calc to calc 2 but my problem is the calculator or writing in the problem. The app doesn’t have anything for series or sums so if you need to solve the problem you’re forced to scan it instead of typing it out, I had a problem with that because sometimes when you can it, it doesn’t show the entire problem sometimes and then you need to type it in but it’s rare but I do wish they added something for sum and series and also added an infinity sign. Besides that the app is great.

Not helpful. The whole concept of taking a picture of the equation and solving it does not work. I have had little to no success with being able to actually take a picture of an equation and just have it be able to do it it always tells me I need to retake the photo or it just doesn’t know the answer. The only good feature I can say about this app is the calculator being able to use fractions. But other than that it is extremely unuseful at least in my experience. It definitely cannot help with geometry.

Do not download the app is very expensive. Download the app was very happy when it worked because I did not understand my work at all then I tried again for another question and it told me I was not allowed to without paying you are only allowed to use this app once before everything cost money 1 star app please don’t download unless you only need one problem done and my answer was still wrong🤧

YALL GET THIS APP. I usually use another app to get my answers, but it takes too long and it gives me the wrong answers. So I got this app thinking it wasn’t gonna work but it works!! y’all should get this app i recommend it ong it’s a good app it got me a 100% on my test!!

Just get it!!!. Okay guys this apps is the best!! Just get it don’t think twice it’s way better than mathaway or whatever it’s called. I’m currently in high school and sometimes I be getting stuck on some problems and I just pull my phone out and take a picture. Get this it even shows you the steps👏🏼👏🏼 something you’d have to pay for on other apps so get it you actually learn how to do the problem and not just getting the answer cuz Ik how some teachers are “you need to show your work”

DOWNLOAD NOW. So I was very hesitant at first with downloading this app as I scoured the web looking for a reliable math application app that really can solve anything. I think I may have found it with this app, at first it was disappointing to know you can’t take a photo and get a problem solved, but then again who’s done that yet? It would be quite revolutionary for a math app to do that, but that’s besides the point. This app is reliable in the sense that I can take a photo a get a response from a. Tutor that’s real and verified, and answers within 1-5 minutes. Which if you’re taking a test and need lots of help, is VERY helpful. If they keep up the tutors and the response time under 1-5 minutes like it’s been, this app will stay with me for a LONG time. But I wanted to leave a review for now, great app so far!

Amazing and fast!. This app allows you to connect with skilled mathematicians and response you ASAP. They are quick and very accurate. They helped me solved my math problems really fast. I want to thank them in person but I don’t know how to. I took a few screenshots of my math problems, especially in geometry and they sent back the answers within seconds! Highly recommend it! Thanks!!

Best app ever. Thank you for making this up it really helped me if I didn’t have this app I would be stuck on this question I spent my whole day trying to get past it and then I gave up can I download this app is it really helped me thank you

Need help. I love the app and I want to keep paying for it I have emailed and etc certain questions I submit disappear and either get rejected because it’s duplicated but it’s not and overall works well but I’ve been submitting questions some get answered wrong and the others are taking forever

great app. this app is so great!! i absolutely love that it tells you how to solve it so you can work on whatever you have trouble with! the only thing that I don’t like is that if you don’t have premium then there’s a few ads but overall this app is great! 🤩

Izzy. One night I was doing my homework and I was really really struggling and I really don’t understand it and I asked my mom and I asked my dad they did not understand it either so I went on my iPad and I got my iPad and I tried this out new app and it works nice it’s nice and explained it to me and I like that I would really recommend this app

Helps a lot. it works very well but if you don't get a clear picture which is your fault then you have to retake it but that's it and it shows you the answer and the steps to it

Over All it is great .. I usually don’t need help however lately I have and this app is great. it has all the answers you’re looking for and they recommend you to other apps that will give you answers too. it doesn’t just give me the answer it explains me the answer. and it uses sources from all over the Internet. I LOVE THIS APP SOO MUCHH !!! has made my live so easy . & it’s free .

Best Math App out there hands down!!. It has been the most helpful math app I have ever used the tutors are super helpful and they have got me through a whole semester in college and I passed thanks to them I wish I could thank them personally but this app is the best hands down

Very helpful. I can’t do complicated math problems very quickly but with this app they are done in a flash. It helps with math class also because it can also tell you how it completed the problem. very good for students

No competition. There is not an app in this world that could help my son understand math better than this it shows you the steps go through directions instructions I love this app my goodness it is a lifesaver two kids that are struggling

Best math app. This is fantastic, it even shows you the steps so you can learn too!,instead of just immediately giving you the answer, it would be cheating but it actually gives you the steps. BEST MATH APP

Amazing!!!. This app helps you to solve your problems if you need help, and even when it doesn’t solve the problem for you, you can ask a tutor which is totally free!!! It’s also accurate with giving you the correct answers and steps on how to solve. Great app

Not good. The first two reviews are fake as well as they take anywhere from 10-20 minutes at the fastest, and usually take 30minutes -1 hour I’m currently sitting here waiting for their responses yet it still is taking forever it’s also a 60/40 chance that they get the question right which is honestly crazy to me, and when I asked via picture/question why I was being ignored they responded “because something is wrong with your question😂” even though I sent 10 and they were all responded to and half were wrong, the people who run this app clearly don’t care much about the community and it shows since I’m a premium member however that’s going to change obviously.

Math. It could be a great app, but unfortunately the premium is in the way of seeing the steps and having to pay just to get the revealing of the way to do the problem is just not so great. Say there are people who are in the need of the actual help? Aside cheating and just getting the answer… therefore seeing the steps could actually give a boost of help that they need.

It’s not bad. I was using it but sos times it would say that it couldn’t find it personally I think you should get it but be Prepared to not always get your answer. BUT I just use my little trick witch I show it the WHOLE thing. Buy it it’s worth the storage

I love this! Just one thing... So some of the word questions this app doesn’t understand even though it says it does those too. I like how they give you websites, but some of the websites aren’t that great. Plus it takes around 40 minutes to get an answer! Please fix this.. other than that it’s amazing and I totally recommend it!

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😒. It’s very slow and yea

so good. i would say 10 out of 5 honestly soooo god tier

Horrible app. Worst download ever you can do one problem then the rest of the time you need to sign up for a 1 year subscription if there was 0 stars I would give it to them

omggg. This app literally came from heaven

Amazing and works really well. This app is amazing it instantly recognised how to solve the questions and it solved it the correct way I highly recommend download it if you struggle with maths :)

BEST MATH APP!. Wow what a app this is! Since the day I got it I had no trouble doing math whatsoever, if I had didn’t understand a question, I would send it to there tutors and they would reply to me within 5 minutes, unless it was calculus which took up to 25 Mins. Best math app ever!!!!

Good. This app really helped me a lot with my math assessments.

How to learn maths. This app was so good to how learn math easy then teacher and tell u a correct answer But I don’t have the money for this app paying for weeks I’m feeling bad

Brilliant!. Recognises problems perfectly, shows the steps clearly and in detail. Very simple to use yet very impressive, has helped a lot with homework!

A damn miracle thank you guys. This app has saved me from failing my tafe probs shouldn’t have picked a math heavy course when I’m garbage at it but you guys have helped so much Ps I’ll happily pay to get rid of adds and support this amazing app

Can’t to simple maths. DIDNT know simple adding of numbers

Wow. I love this app it’s amazing

Wow. Wow just wow

Just scammers. Took nearly $40 from my account but not provided with single answer for more that a week. Just scammers not worth. Please don’t download this app and get scammed.

Scammers. I tired a free trial and i enjoyed using this app and then forgot about it and I randomly get this charge of $125 for a yearly subscription for this stupid app get this app off the store I hope you burn

Great app. It’s very good I like the features and teaches how you got the answer

Tamika. Hi I’m Tamika I’m 11 years old. My whole life I have struggled with math until I found this app the next day I went to school feeling more confident then ever I was able to answear 5 questions right and I even got to do the year 6 test I was so proud of myself. This app is great spent 15-20 minutes on it a day you’ll be impressed on how much you have learn . Tamika

Nobody. Made me orgasm

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Wert bad app not get this app. Wert bad app not get this app

Great!!!!. Great app!!!

a little disappointed. I loved this app at the beginning I even payed money although I’m a student and broke as hell. This app would sometimes find answers without the solutions and the tutors will find you the answer without showing you the steps even when it’s needed. I wish this app was a little cheaper not going to lie.

Review. Simple and easy:)

Rusty loves it. Ily

Math app. Best app ever it really helps with my math homework

Amazing. Just like mathway

Money eaters.. Yeah half the reviews are most likely not true and it’s not useful at all. You gotta pay as soon as you get the app so wouldn’t recommend.

Love It. It helps a lot with those mind bending questions

Math. It helped me so much to understand and pass my grade 9 math

great. great

Super Awesome. I just stared this app yesterday to help it’s so get. one thing, I will say is can make up to all grades for the homework help for Grade 5 until high school and the kindergarten and grade q. I mean all grades. But this is a cool super app.

No explanation. As much as I like this app , they don’t show the process of how the problem was solved . Most of the time they just give you the final answer . That doesn’t t help .

the app is slow. you can ask the app and question and YES they will give you the correct answer.. but it takes like 8+ hours for you to actually get the answer, i don’t know about most of you but usually people only get one day to complete high school homework. meaning that yes your app is useful but it’s not as effective as it could be. what i would suggest is faster replies and shorter time gaps between answers.

YES. I always wondered if there was ever an app that solves math questions for you... QND HERE IT IS!

Ads. Good but stupid amount of ads

Very helpful. Live it helps me understand better and shows me the steps I should have discovered this sooner

Worse than photomath. Crappy copycat

Math app. This is a great app the only problem is the adds that are very annoying.

Concerned. I really love this app however since the last update it takes 24 hrs to get a response to a question. I hope this gets corrected soon

Amazing. Very good

AWESOME!. This is an AWESOME app! I have online school and this is REALLY helping me out and it’s FREE!!! Thank you!!!

camera math app. this app made me pass school

No answer without paying. Someone already said it, but you cannot see any answers to any question without paying for the subscription. This is not a free app at all, it’s misleading. If there are no free functions then this app should not be listed as free. Don’t waste your time.

Amazing. Answers all my questions correctly and shows the steps this is exactly what I wanted

The wild cobra chicken. This app works well and shows you all the proper steps unlike photo math.

Ok. It’s good however it’s limited and I could use it to study I know it’s premium is supposed make them money but it’s kind of disappointing for me

Rate. Great

Math. Amazing

THIS APP IS AMAZING. Don’t miss your chance with this app this was the best decision of my life it’s all free and I’m now passing math💀💀💀

Terrible. It’s so bad, you can’t see an answer without paying, DO NOT GET THIS APP

No. This was like good for the first question and it showed the answer and solution, then i did another question and it said i have to pay for premium if i want the solution. unless you wanna pay for premium, don’t get this app. lol

One question only. This app is great if you only want the answer to one question! After that you have to pay… per week :)

You should definitely use this app. Love it :))

Why. Literally waited 5 hours for one response and it’s still pending. And after you get one answer, you have to delete the app over and over, otherwise it takes 5 hours to load your second question. I’m usually not this rude but 5 hours is so ridiculous. I’m talking about the tutors btw

Hjvjgxyjcibgi. Best but could use some more subject but it good for a math app ty

Homework help. This app is helping me with my math like you wouldn’t believe. Would recommend this to any young adult or student who has trouble in algebra and division and stuff. This is your app. Take a snap of the sum and boom. Answer with your workings.

Best Math App 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻. Best Math App 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Best app. Good

Answers that way too long. This apps helps me a lot but the only problem to this is that the answers the tutors give me would take forever to be answered. I would definitely recommend give it a five star but the only thing holding it back is that the time getting the answers.

It actually works?. I don’t know how but this actually worked flawlessly every time. 10/10 recommend if you need help learning how the process of the answer happens.

Happy. The best app on my phone and it shows the steps tooo 😃

Incredible app. Incredible app


Review. Marie0123

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great!. the app is great! I do recommend buying the subscription. the only problem I have is, sometimes it takes too long to get the answer answered by the tutor. but other than that it’s great!

It works. My work and he doesn’t just give me the answer it shows me how to do it this is why I like this app.

This app is retarded. While I appreciate the concept, the fact that it’s only available in premium is completely and utterly retarded (yes I can reclaim the slur) I don’t recommend advertising as a “photomath” app if the app itself isn’t even a photomath app. And the price too?! I was honestly very disappointed. Do not get this app please, just use the Snapchat function if you actually need it.

Very helpful. Trying to help my kid with algebra, and it’s been a long time since I’ve taken it. This app showed me the steps so I could explain it to my daughter.

Perfect to use. It gives all the available answers. If you press show work it helps you understand what to do.

Rating. Got all of the math questions right but a little slow, overall 8/10

Best math app. I really needed help with my math and with other apps, the pictures were losing focus but this one caught the picture in one take! And I got the answer right! Tyyy

Great but. It’s a great app but I think there should be an update where it solves the word problem and if there is a picture with the word problem it’s recognizes and helps with that too and you shouldn’t have to pay for it if that makes any sense

Helps a lot. Gives you anything you ask for

And gives you every single answer right. It’s a 10 out of 10 it never gives you the wrong answer

Easy but incorrect. If you take a picture of the whole math problem, it doesn’t recognize everything and when you try to crop it out and give you the wrong answer

AMAZING APP. This app is AMAZING! This app helps me to better understand what I did wrong in a math problem, and helps me better myself for what math may be coming my way in the future.

Amazing app. out of words for how amazing this app is and if the question doesn’t answer you can easily say it doesn’t and they try to revise that question :)

My personal rating. It was helpful when during lockdown

Amazing!. I think this app is amazing and it helps so much! But what I had a little trouble from was the camera. It put in the wrong signs, but thank goodness there was a typing option!

Helped so much!!!. Thank you so much!! I really needed this. When I’m struggling too much it’s my homework or has nobody to help me, I have this app!! Now when I’m doing math,it’s fun!!! I really recommend!! 5/5!

Used to be good. I'm fine with having to sit through ads but now they want money through membership. Don't download this app it is just a waste of time. I suggest looking for an alternate. If you guys went back to how you were a few months ago I'd be fine. I'd rather sit through ads than have to get a membership.

I like it so far. I just started and it is probably the best but hopefully it doesn’t make me pay

Amazing!!. So helpful and easy!! Perfect for any student/ teacher, super fast and easy. This is a must have for all people who struggle with math and it shows the steps for each equation which is super helpful.

Amazing!. This helps me so much in math. I was just looking at my teacher’s corrections, and i had gotten 100%! I’d recommend this app to you if you are having many difficulties in your homework!

4/5. I sorta like this app because it helps me with work and that u don’t have to pay for it only the steps I just want to also see the steps for free for my work but other than that it’s great! :)

Great. I am glad I found this app. It’s a great way of helping with those difficult math problems. Sometimes if I click on ask a tutor it may take a while to get help but eventually it’s answered.

Amazing never messes me up. I never pay attention in class so when I’m doing work later I have no idea what I’m doing but with camera math I can just scan and it’ll give me the correct answers when Photomath didn’t.

This app is amazing!!!. The app gives you web searches for what you are looking for and I look forward to what else it has to offer!!

I think it’s a great idea. But with the membership and the ads it really doesn’t help at all example when it’s not the right answer your looking for you can click a button and it gives more answers but when I tried it again I had to pay for more answers which is frustarting.

BROOOOOO. NEVER have I had such a fast way to finish IXL. Those kids out there know what I mean. This app is super fast and accurate. I did two IXLs and it only got ONE wrong. What usually takes thirty minutes took me ten for two. Insanely awesome. You people have my thanks and my respect. THANK YOU!!!

This is okay. Honestly, why even tell people to buy the premium when they are just trying to find out the answers to equations? Some high schoolers can’t afford those premium to find out the answers. This is ridiculous!

Math easy. No problem with looking all deep it not hard it take me only six second look for the a answer

20 million star review. This is an amazing app if I didn’t get a question then I could see how you got the answer. This helps so much for me love this app.

Great app. I sometimes struggle in math but with this it makes it easy checking my answers. All you need to do is take a photo of the questions.

Functions vs Radicals and fractions. Functions you guys are definitely good at solving a lot of functions; but when it comes to exposing division and multiplication of radicals and fractions is it’s a bit wonky but, your app is good to use for explaining functions and other math questions with out paying for the explanation of the question

In love with this app. I struggle so much with math because of a brain injury and this all is saving my life with senior year math classes thank you so much for creating this education saving app much appreciated

BETTER THAN MATHWAY. Not only do the problems solve faster but the camera picks up the questions much easier. It also shows you the steps for free

Best App Ever. I would recommend downloading this app it can take up to 8 hours at first but then after that just be patient and it will be quick

Worked but... When I downloaded it, I took a picture of the equation I was confused about. It gave me an answer and so I tried it with another one after. It sent me to the premium page. Why can’t I take another picture without signing up to premium? I’ve only took 1 picture but I can’t take a second one

Absolute garbage!!. This app is terrible, i’ve been waiting for hours to get my pre algebra questions answered and still nothing!! I seldom have to use the app but during my final exam i would expect it to work like it’s advertised…so i definitely wouldn’t recommend this trash app to anyone!! Totally overpriced and overrated!?! I want my money back!!

Very dissatisfied. I saw ads for this and seeing as I have trouble in math I decided to give it a try. As soon as I open the app it wants me to pay. Now usually I would just X out and use the app but this app didn’t have that. I scrolled down and all of that. Don’t even get me started on the price! 7 dollars a week!? That’s insane! Very disappointed.

I. LOVE. THIS. So Urm this app is everything!! I swear homework, No problem! It also has a button to explain the problem for you, which is great if you need to show your work on the homework😏. BUT THIS APP IS GREATTT

Best math app ever👍. Better than any other math app it makes it so much easier to anything and it even shows how to do it

Bad app. Dear anybody thinking this app is useful just cause it on top it is the absolute opposite they want ur money to show steps they show a bunch of ads and most questions cannot even find the answer easy 1 star horrible management credit to the developers who just looking to steal money out people pockets go get a real job dorks

Amazing!!. This is one of the most amazing apps that I have ever downloaded! It’s helps me so much with any problem. I like that it shows me for future times how to figure the problem out. 5/5

Thank u. it’s amazing, all u have to do is take a picture and boom that’s it, and u don’t have to pay a subscription just to see the answer ur looking for

THIS IS THE BEST APP FOR MATH 🤯. Literally this makes homework so much easier and it doesn’t take long , plus the fact that it can solve word problems is amazing . Definitely recommend

LOVE IT. This will not disappoint you if it don’t find you answer just post it and let other people solve it !

Slow Answering. I had to wait over an hour for my result… I was on a 7 day free trial, answer ps 3x faster supposedly. It was only on perimeter and it’s taking over 45 minutes for a simple problem. Once the answer was wrong I got points taken off. I asked at 1 and it’s now 2:26 and I still haven’t received my answer! This is mildly annoying

Wrong answers. This app used to be good, but lately I’ve been getting nothing but wrong answers. It is very frustrating because I do in fact pay for the app weekly but I also feel like I’m being scammed because of all the wrong answers I’ve been receiving lately. Very disappointed!

Amazing I can use on test. It is great for online school and homework so you can cheat. Great app I can finish everything really fast

Super helpful. This app is very useful for when you just don’t feel like doing math and it gets it right all the time

It’s OK. I like it, but the ads. Whenever it tries to solve the math problem there’s an ad! Please take away the ads or at least have fewer ads! But most of all I like this app, it’s useful and helpful.

Wrong answers. Tutors give wrong answers I don’t know if it’s intentionally or they just don’t know how to solve the question but how you say they are expert tutors when they continually give wrong answers and don’t even provide step by step solution. I do not recommend this app unless you want to fail. It’s better to just do it on your on own than failing in your homework

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 3.1.6
Play Store com.crazylab.cameramath
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

CameraMath - Homework Help (Versiyon 3.1.6) Install & Download

The application CameraMath - Homework Help was published in the category Education on 27 September 2020, Sunday and was developed by CRAZYSLOTH PTE. LTD. [Developer ID: 1531440496]. This program file size is 77.4 MB. This app has been rated by 13,542 users and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. CameraMath - Homework Help - Education app posted on 28 April 2024, Sunday current version is 3.1.6 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.crazylab.cameramath. Languages supported by the app:

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