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A charging animation software with IOS 14 shortcut command automation is used. When the mobile phone is connected to the data line or the wireless charging panel is placed, the program will automatically start and turn on the charging animation display. When the data line is pulled out or removed from the wireless charging panel, the program will automatically exit, which is convenient and practical. 
 the program will automatically calibrate the decimal data of charging percentage according to your charging data, and automatically learn to calibrate so that the device can understand you better 
 the software needs to cooperate with IOS 14 shortcut command automation to achieve a perfect experience. Please set it according to the configuration process. For low version system, please add boot to shortcut center, and then manually start charging animation

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[fix static protection charging bug] [fixed some known bugs]

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- It’s great but...

It’s great but I’m having a problem with when I’m done with setting it up and try it out it goes back to app and it doesn’t show the animation I picked. I tried deleting it, exiting and deleting the app but it doesn’t work. I also tried deleting it from shortcuts automation and redo the animation and it still doesn’t work.

- Helping others with it

So basically it’s kinda dumb but after like 10-20 minutes of fiddling with it and unplugging your phone while in the app it takes you to a different screen where it lets you choose the animation you’d like and such. It’s a bit wonky not gonna lie but it ended up working and now I have squidward saying he needs to get his peen sucked every time I charge my phone. 10/10

- this is how u Change the animation

1. Either hit the home button twice or slide up until the pages appear 2. Slide up on the app so it closes 3. Enter again and do the same process of when u started That’s all it works great it’s just some people don’t know how to use it

- Amazing

Everything functions well and correctly but something I would like is if the sound would work with headphones. I think it would be a lot nicer because it could be super loud and unnecessary. But other than that, everything is great.

- It won’t work?

I found the app in TikTok and I wanted to try it but it won’t work. I put in my animation but the animations won’t show up. I deleted the app and downloaded it back again but it would take me to a page that shows its default animation. I don’t like it.

- It’s not bad but there are some issues

So I got this bc I’ve seen this a lot on TikTok and I set up a video for charging but every time I try and go into the app the video pops of that I choose then it logs me out so I decided to delete it a download it again but every time it logs me out😀🤚 but overall when it worked it was really good😋

- Good but change setting feature

It’s a great app but you can only use this when your phone is not on the charger. So whenever you’re using the app, make sure to take your phone off the charger that’s the only way it’ll let you change the animation. Overall i like it

- Pretty good but weres the change option

I love the idea and everything it’s pretty nice too but if I want to change it it doesn’t let me it should have an option to change I tried deleting it 2 times and it still doesn’t work

- I Love It

I love this app so much. It tells me the exact percent when I plug my phone in~ and it plays the video that I want too! There’s no flaws that I’ve seen~I love my animation wayyy to much I honestly don’t know how I lived without this.

- It was working until....

I’m giving it a 3 star rating because I wanted to change the animation but every time I would open the app, it would play the animation and I could go to the menu of the app. Please respond or help me in my current situation

- HELP!!

I’ve had the app for a few day and it worked perfectly fine and when I tried to chang the animation it simply showed to normal charging screen and then kicks me off!! I’m not sure what’s going on, please help!

- Great but sums wrong

It works amazing but when i want to change the animation and click the app it just shows me the animation i have now and then logs me out of the app idk why or wut happened but can u tell me why? Cuz I’ve been trying to log in but its not working

- Okay

Well it works but for me when I want to change the thing it does not let me it makes me the vid I put for it then it logs me out so i have to delete it so I can change it

- Great but...

It was great at first and it was working and all. But it ended up zooming in on the animation. When I went to fix it the app wouldn’t work. As in it wouldn’t open the animations. Great concept but it stopped working after awhile.

- Fixed App

Love how they fix d the problem with urgency as I’ve always wanted to add something like this in my phone and now I can!

- Amazing

So I recently downloaded this app and I love it. I enjoy plugging my phone in now, and I would definitely recommend downloading this app

- Love it

I came over from TikTok, and the video I have playing is awesome! I love it. I of course disabled a lot of tracking and sharing stuff. I’m happy. Plus I can change my video at anytime.

- Wont add

So recently I tried to change my animation but when I pressed Set Up, it told me about a one time purchase, but I didn’t want it so I pressed Resume and it didn’t work, so I can’t add any animations

- Great but...

The app is Great and does exactly what it’s supposed to but when I choose my custom animation the quality of the animation goes down quite a bit

- App start up

It started very great but after I wanted to open it back up to change the wallpaper it wouldn’t let me , it opens up the app but it just either keeps replaying the same wallpaper or the green circle and closes off I’ve tried everything I could think of.

- It’s cool but still some bugs

When I first put an animation it was pretty great but I wanted to put another animation but it kept on doing the animation I had before so I deleted the app and re-download it who is doing the same thing but with the original animation


I wish it couldn’t show a glimpse of the shortcut app or the charging play app when I plug in my charger but overall, great app. So cute.

- Locked phone

I like it but when my phone is locked it doesn’t show, so I have to unlock my phone, if anyone knows how to fix it please help me.

- Love this app it was so worth it

I love this app now every time I plug up my iPhone I can always see todoroki shirtless✨

- Make sure you like the animation

I set up my animation but I wanted to change it but the app won’t let me choose a new animation. When I open the app it shows the one I chose then kicks me out back to the Home Screen.

- Help anyone

When I open the app it keeps playing the animation default and kicks me out... how do I change it?

- I can’t even use the app

Every time I click onto the app it suddenly kicks me out every time and I’m back on the Home Screen. I tried deleting the app and downloading it again but it just work work. Please Fix

- Won’t work

I have the newest update on my iPhone 11 and when I open the app it shows my percentage and just kicks me out of the app. I was so excited to use it and it seems no one else has this problem 🥺 help please

- it’s great but

are you only able to see the animation if your phone is unlocked? because when i plug my phone in when my screen is locked it asks for me to put in the passcode? was just wondering if there was a way to change that.

- Ad- glitch

The app is forcing me to pay even when I watch the ads.

- Bugs

Kicks u out after a bit

- Help

For all the people who can’t change it un-enable it in the shortcuts

- I accidentally deleted it

At first it was working but then I deleted it then it was just a charger thing and it kicks me out

- ❤️

This for the peeps that it kicks out of :) make sure your phone isn’t on the charger babe❤️😎

- It’s ok

I didn’t show my animation.I tried deleting the app but it still didn’t work.I don’t know if it’s a glitch or what

- okay app

the app is pretty moderate, although a bit sketchy. one thing that kinda bothers me is that when the animation pops up on your screen, it exits out of the app you were previously in. so i could be watching tiktok and need to charge my phone, so i plug it in but when the animation is done, the home screen pops up.

- Over it...

Loves it you saw this on TikTok ... don’t waste your time. It opens and closes, your unable to put it up the animation..... I made the mistake of buying something before I downloaded the app. Completely annoyed.

- don’t download

Such a sus app, when you open it asks you to track what you do on other apps. Plus, once you choose a animation you can’t change it. If you came from tiktok it’s not worth downloading.

- Support

Great app only issue is it don’t work when your phone is locked

- Problem

How to change the animations

- animation quality

the steps were easy to follow but it really lowers the animation quality compared to how its supposed to look like. i hope this is improved and fixed soon because its the one thing that bothers me.

- Can’t hear the animation

So I used a TikTok animation somebody made but when I plug in my phone I can’t hear the video and I have the animation sound turned on so I don’t know what to do

- I love it!

I love this so much because know k have a picture of hisoka!!!

- Good, but glitched

It’s cool. I showed it to my mom and she downloaded it. One problem. It thinks she paid and now the can’t shut off those 3 options at the top

- Allow it to change the animation please

I love it but please please let me change the animation

- A problem

Can you please tell me how to change the animation

- Changing things

How do i change stuff? Its cool but it auto selected something i didnt want

- Horrible!

It works sometimes the other times all it does is show my percentage if I wanted that I would just look up at my screen...

- neat app, but..

it’s a really cool app, but it doesn’t let me change the animation. when i open the app, it plays the video i have picked and then closes the app- is it just something i’m doing wrong? can someone help me?

- Worse thing

I deleted the app then reinstalled it and it just started replaying the same charger thing and doesn’t let me change it

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- It’s low key annoying ngl

Ok so when I plug in my phone it plays the animation and then it keeps coming up with notifications even when I turned them off. Also after a while it won’t let you change the animation and is asking u to pay for something is pounds or yen and it’s just confusing cos I just wanna see Levi killing Titans.

- Can’t change the picture

Whenever I try to use the app the picture stays on one thing

- Good easy to use

My only complaint is that some of the instructions are in Chinese but there are plenty of TikTok vids Also after the animation is done it opens your phone

- Lock screen

Can you make it work on the Lock Screen please because it is really cool too.

- could be better

the only problems i have is that 1. it opens the app everytime i charge my phone which is a little bit annoying but i can get around it 2. it only works when your phone is unlocked which kinda defeats the purpose because your supposed to see it everytime u plug in your phone. apart from that, this app is super kewl and cute!

- Picture

Good app but i could not change the picture as i accidentally clicked it.

- App

The app will always crash and all I see when I open it is the picture of how much my phone battery is on. Worst app I’ve downloaded 😡

- One & only one picture can used

No matter how I setting, there are only one picture can used for the charging!

- Video

Why can’t the charging video keep going instead of playing for 15 secs

- help

Everytime I click on the app it crashes how to fix this

- good

half of the stuff is in chinese and the rest is poorly translated

- wont let me set an animation

everytime i click on the app it only shows one animation that says “charging _ %” and then itll crash?!

- hey lol kinda annoying app tbh

it won’t let me change the animation when i open the app so i have to delete it and it doesn’t work on the lock screen which isn’t really useful

- I got charged randomly

So I downloaded this app after a friend showed me her Haikyuu wallpaper and I thought “woah that’s so cool” so I download the app, however without asking, this app charged me money that I’ve just discovered. So do I recommend this app, if they hadn’t just randomly charged me $2 yes I would but not anymore! - disappointed

- Average App

This is a very average app. I'm more concerned about what's contained and capturing my information than showing me my battery percentage. Poorly written description and very average app.

- Some problems with the app..

After I have done what I wanted I can’t change it unless I delete the app and redownload it because when I go into the app it stays on the video

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- Won’t work

I have tried to set it up and it won’t show Up in the automation section anyone know how to fix this?

- don’t get this app

honestly this doesn’t even work, you can only set the video once then after that the app is wrecked and you cant enter into it anymore. it’s a true waste of time unless you REALLY know what you want to set your video as for this.

- Its alright

Saw this on tiktok for an animation to play when you plug it in, for it to work you gotta pair it up with the shortcuts app. It works, however, it’s too bad that even though you set it up so that it doesn’t ask permission to play the animation, you still have to unlock your phone for it to play.

- Too adorable 😍

I saw this on tiktok and had to get it! :) when charging my iPhone, a cute little gif pops up! You must follow the given instructions carefully and download the shortcuts app, then it'll work perfectly ✨

- iPad

Make it work for iPad

- Kicks me out

So I seen this on Tik Tok and I did what he said but now when I go in the app and then leave it for like 10 seconds the app closes itself

- fix this pls!!

whenever i open the app it just shows the battery symbol then closes on me.

- Help

It won’t let me change it once I’ve changed it once. It just closes the app

- Cool

This is cool, but I don’t understand the English instructions to set it up.

- Not working

After I made one video on the app. it starts to close the app every time I reopen it. Like can anyone fix this??

- not good

when i was done setting it up i plugged in my charger to see if it works and it didnt😒

- Not clear

Opens, shows how much battery I have, closes

- Crappy game

i cant even open the app it just sits at the charging screen i cant change my backround

- Bad

It keeps crashing

- Not functional

Doesn’t work

- Not working

When i open the app it just closes again

- motter

not working

- It works good except for one thing..

I set it up in shortcuts and everything is amazing! I can from TIKTOK LOL.. and the only problem is when I open the app I can’t edit anything and it just goes to the animation I chose and then closes the app.. does anyone know how to fix this?

- Great!!

It worked perfectly definitely recommended!

- Can’t use

Not working

- trash

trash app

- Animations not working

I was exited to use it at first but.... first of all it’s all in Chinese, second of all the animations I chose for when it’s charged to show up on the screen never worked. I was disappointed

- Bug

I try to set it on a video and it juste show me a loading forever and when I restarts the app it does the same thing

- It doesn’t work

Fix the damm app because the concept is very good


Ok to put YouTube video as a charging play you must NOT charge tour phone or elle you get rejected from the app so when your not charging it you can see the options to change the charging play wallpaper honestly it’s very good!!

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- Eh

It’s nice and all but I won’t play when my phone is locked

- My opinion

It’s okay but it cost money know and pulse it’s send us back to the app when it’s don’t it’s annoying

- I downloaded this so I can have something cool but I can’t do anything

I can’t change my animation can you help me

- Garbage

After only a few animations it’s trying to get me to pay and won’t let me do any news ones. This app is terribly made and just wants ur money.

- 👀

It’s super cool- just that- how do you change the animation?

- Terrible

Doesn’t let me get past the main page and just crashes

- App keeps closing

Every time I try to go on The app it closes I have tried to redownload many times but I can’t fix it

- Charging drains faster

so basically sall this on Tiktok and it looked cool got it all setup and then it start to realize that it drains the battery and it takes long for it to charger then regularly

- Help

The app is good but how do you change the animation

- If you came from TikTok

It’s not worth it. You can’t change you info and it tracks what you do on different apps. Don’t get it sorry.

- This is bad

When I try using it it only shows the percent of my battery and then it kicks me out

- Need help

How to set up this app when I open it it shows my charger percentage and then closes shortly after how do I customize things

- glitch and doesn’t work

i can’t even have the app open for more than two seconds before it just closes. i tried deleting and reinstalling, restarting my phone, changing between apps, etc etc and it just won’t work. i’m really disappointed :/

- My Review

It’s great but when I tried to change back to normal it’s takes me back to home

- Help lol

Tbh I can’t figure out why it’s not showing on my shortcuts like there is no charging play icon button I don’t know what to do :(

- Looked good at first but...

it was fine at first until it started to not let me chose my animation and it kicked me out the app.

- Nice

I just got it from tiktok it’s pretty dope tbh

- i cant open it

every time i open the app after like three seconds it kicks me out i don't know how to trouble shoot this and i've tried to re-download the app but i get the same result

- Horrible

When I tap the app it kicks me out doesn’t let me choose animation

- Wow

I didn’t allow tracking now it doesn’t let me on the app.

- Somethings wrong

When I try to use it it just kicks me out

- meh :/

the problem for me was when i set up mine i cant go back into the app and change it to something else like i’m stuck w it :( kinda disappointed

- It doesn’t work

This doesn’t work at all

- Danajah

It’s trash it just kept showing charge the kicks me out

- Not great, Uninstalled immeadiately

animation didn’t work, and lagged my phone. not great :/

- looked cool didn’t work well

i got it and nothings working everything freezes and it keeps asking me for money it doesn’t work well i guess

- Horrible

This is the worst app I have ever seen in my life.

- no

bruh this app is trash. i try to change it how i want it to and its not working. it keep taking me out of the app when i try it out.

- 💔

it shows a black screen with only the charging percent i cant change anything


okay app, but I have 1 complaint 🙈 um LET ME CHANGE IT IF I OPEN THE APP PLEASE 👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺😼😼😼😼😼😼

- i would give it zero if i could

i cant change the animation.

- uhhhh

is it me or does it like open the app and kick you out after a few seconds,,,

- amazing

it’s great


Adding ENGLISH instructions would be a good step forward. Leave the power cord disconnected to change the animation when starting the app.

- good

it good

- Good


- 看不了广告

要设定时说要看广告,等他loading完也没出现广告,也设定不了。如果不行为什么出现在美国app store?

- 就那样


- I like bunnies


- TikTok lol

Anyone else seen this on TikTok?

- Una opción perfecta de personalización

Primera aplicación no de pago que brinda la función que describe. Recomendando 100% y ojalá no cobre en un futuro.



- So frustrating

If you play the ad to get the animation you can’t click the x for the ad because it is behind my time on my iPhone XS

- Not worth it

I downloaded the app for 5 minutes and deleted it right away. Once you view the ad and press X to exit the ad, it does nothing; the ad just stays on. Don’t download this app.

- Can’t Exit Out of Ads

Everytime I try to select an animation, it plays an ad, that I cannot exit out of. So this app is useless to me.

- Problem with ads

I got this to work once but I am not able to exit ad when it is done. I am on iPhone XR

- Don’t waste your time

As soon as I downloaded, I already had problems. On top of that, it makes you watch an ad and you can’t even clicked out of the ad once 25 seconds passes.

- Well..

I have tried changing the animation but it dosnt work-

- Problems but overall good

It was working for me but I tried to set up a different animation and it took me to the ad but wouldn’t let me click the “x” once the ad was done. Does anyone know how to fix this?

- Okay-ish?

The app is good so far, but I keep getting an ad. Each time I try to press on the X it doesn’t work since above my screen lead to different things. Anything lower than an iPhone X can press it, but I can’t. Which in itself is pissing me off because I can’t change my animation. Good app, but it’s annoying when you can’t get what you want. Update; I actually deleted the app since it kept giving me the same ad and I couldn’t do anything.

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parents charging kids for any fees because they have a lazy father that just wants to play games all day and doesn’t even think to try to at least make THAT a job

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SM media play tactics?? worry abt BH charging for the NYEL 😅


the reason I havent been as crazy active on here lately is deadass bc genshin drains my battery n my charging port doesnt work so it just gets real low n I have 2 leave it 2 charge 🧍n then I just play again but I 4got my sister has a switch she never uses so im gonna ask tmrw 😳

t🎆dd 「トッド」

they’re really charging a membership fee to play poptropica, but they deleted most of the islands :(


@TheTruOreo Lmfao I don’t like fuckery that some of these companies try to pull. I don’t play about my coins. Like if I am in the wrong I will definitely pay but if I’m right and y’all just randomly charging hellllllll no


i dont like that my ipad is charging slow.. LEMME PLAY GENSHIN PLS

Akash A S

@oneplus U guys are giving advice to play while charging 😅🤣

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Rakesh Kumar Patra

@cyberabadpolice @hydcitypolice Respected sir after your great effort also small loan applications harassing public a lot with high rate of interest and charging 2% rate of interest per day as penalty kindly remove these applications from play store

Raziel (Redeemer and Destroyer)

@SpawnWaveMedia I think they do it to increase profit by charging a bit more than what they could've gotten without the unnecessary things like the screen and buttons. Does anyone play these things on their little ass screens? I don't. I'm just interested in playing the games on my 65" OLED TV

charging play 2.7 Screenshots & Images

charging play iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

charging play iphone images
charging play iphone images
charging play iphone images

charging play (Version 2.7) Install & Download

The applications charging play was published in the category Utilities on 2020-09-23 and was developed by 煌 张 [Developer ID: 1458344443]. This application file size is 67.69 MB. charging play - Utilities app posted on 2020-12-16 current version is 2.7 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.zh.charge

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