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What is manga - top manga reader app? Manga Comic Reader is a free app for reading manga and manhua online. It simply aggregates links from Internet in a convenient, user-friendly interface. It’s updated every day and easy to use with the following features.

Features main:

- Creative Design, Friendlly user interface.

- Huge Database, More than 40000 free manga and comics

- Discover all week Manga on different languages

- Auto update when new chapters are available

- Fast Release

- Quick Manga favorite stories

You can now read your manga unlimited downloads for offline reading.

Manga Reader is updated every day! Since we have new content every day, you can read new manga whenever you use our app. Of course, you can still read one week at a time.

All your favorite manga are here, enjoy them whenever and wherever with the best user experience!

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Manga - Top Manga Reader Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Manga - Top Manga Reader Version 1.229 December 2020

Thank you for being with us! We made some changes in the new version: - Starbility and performance improvements - Minor issues fixed.

Manga - Top Manga Reader Version 1.103 October 2020

Thank you for being with us! We made some changes in the new version: - Change name - Update Screenshots - Stability and performance improvements - Minor issues fixed If you like this app, please review 5 stars and share it with your friends..

Manga - Top Manga Reader Comments & Reviews 2022

- Good but needs improvement

As soon as I got on the menu felt weird to a normal reader what will they read also the search engine is not the best very hard to find the manga there looking for also when reading a manga you can’t see it until you zoom in i get that it is so it could fit oh one page but it’s annoying when you have to zoom in then I just glitches and zooms out then you have to zoom again

- App Needs cleaning up.

So the basic premise of the app is great, you can read manga and download it but it a really “dirty” app and not smooth to use at all. Let’s start with the reading experience... for Japanese style manga of left to right pages with a standard size it works just fine. However, for non standard manga mostly Korean style web comics with long single strip pages, the reading experience is garbage. The pages are super zoomed out and often cut in awkward spots, a feature for “strip” style manga to help fix this like other readers, is badly needed. Next is pages, idk what their sources are but I have had a few manga where the pages are out of order and I had to go back to have it makes sense. A vetting process or something may be a good idea. Even user feedback generated. Next is the downloading, nice feature but cleaning up the downloads is a pain, if I want to remove them I have to delete the entire manga which for super long ones adds so many steps if you run out of storage. I haven’t had any problems with searching yet, however I have not tried looking for anything specific and just browse then read.

- What the heck!!

I don’t know what’s wrong with this app. When I read a manga it is extremely zoomed out, and after forwarding a page it crashes my phone. Not just the app, MY PHONE. It closes my music, deletes my background pages, an locks my phone. Kinda like if you turn your phone off you have to manually put your pin in instead of Touch ID. It said it’s supported on my phone so my phone isn’t outdated for the app because if it was I wouldn’t be able to download it (iPhone tells you if you can or cannot download due to software.) please fix because you have all the manga I’m currently reading that I can’t find anywhere else. The other place I was reading it got taken off the App Store and every chapter shows a black screen with a error message saying something about streaming rights.

- Crap (Have a list of good apps down below) ❤️

Reasons why you shouldn't download: 1. The pictures don't have the mangas they show, don't be like me and say “#8 it must be good” 2. If you download any other app besides viz and shounen manga it will literally have the same webtoon style mangas, so if you are here for classic manga don’t download. 3. The genres barely have anything at all, doesn’t even have a romance section. 4. I recommend manga apps: - Manga Zone (orange and white app) Lets you import two mangas from a website Which is nice, overall is actually one of my favorites. -Manga Reader (blue app) Has a larger variety of manga, though has A lot of adds, and even has some cool songs You can listen to. -MangaMan (yellow, white, black app) Has a lot of lesser known animes, but overall Much better then this one. I have been looking through tons of manga apps for having an easy access to manga on my phone rather going to websites, and it literally looks the same as other websites.

- Amazing but...

This app is super amazing it has all the manga I like but the one thing u don’t like is that when u finish a chapter u can’t just go to the next chapter u have to get out of it and then go to the next chapter and makes it super annoying if u don’t have the premium pack cause of the ads please fix this other than that it’s amazing

- Yea.....Noo.

This is one of the worst manga apps in my opinion. The chapters are all reversed so if a manga had 300 chapters. Chapter 1 would have the pages from chapter 300 and vice versa. There’s a lack of titles or choices to read from. The layout seems pretty lazy to me. Probably more problems with it that I can name but I don’t feel like downloading it again. Make your own opinions on what the app offers, I’ve had better experiences however those apps are gone soo I moved to reading manga on manga4life website that doesn’t hit you with ads every chapter and actually has a good amount of material.

- Ehh...

Ok so I just got this app today and I am obsessed with reading manga and watching anime. After 10 minutes, I already hated it. First of all, it will crash my iPad whenever I open this app. Not just the app, the DEVICE. It closes out my music, at music, everything. Second, I can’t find certain mangas. Probably the most popular mangas I can’t find. Like, wth. The menu is just... ee. I can’t even explain how much I want you to change this feature. The manga is so zoomed out- I cant even explain. I want you guys to change this so much. Thank you for your freaking time.

- Pretty good

At the start of using the app it was great everything worked and all the chapters loaded. After awhile it started to stop loading chapters maybe this was because of my internet, but you just had to download the chapter to read it. Other then that the app was great.

- Can be improved

Really, really great app! Lots of good titles, high quality scans, fadt updates but... doesn't have a setting button, doesn't have appropriate settings to read webtoon, difficult to use the search option, doesn't let you choose the sources yo wanna read from. Really positive but can be better

- ⭐️I like it⭐️

I downloaded this app when it first got out, but I was a bit unsure about it since I didn’t see many reviews. When I downloaded it I was also scared of bugs and any viruses, but was happy and relieved when nothing happened. I am glad to say that this was a good decision. 😊

- It’s good

The only problem for me is it would be nice if it was up to down when you read the chapters instead of left to right and maybe add a better favorites something so you can check which chapter you have read

- This is how u exit out of an ad

I have only rated this so low so that it will show up in critical so if u r having problems closing ads it’s because ur iPhone thinks ur trying to scroll down to see the notification window so u have to tap it a few times for it to read that u r trying to tap not scroll Other than that I give this ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Also they do this with the x so that the manga can be read bigger instead of having a black board around the screen like most apps

- Bad advertisement

The manga that is advertised is not provided or even seen. It has most regular manhwa or average see in most other apps, but the problem is when it advertises Solo Leveling and actually doesn’t have it. Many of the above average are not actual available, so if you were searching for those don’t waste your time here.

- Amazing!!!

I don’t even write reviews but this app is deserving of it. I’m not going to say it’s the only manga app on my phone because that’d be false but it’s a good and simple app that has the large titles and small titles too. It’s simple to use and just really good overall.

- I like the app

I love the app. I can find all my fav anime’s without having to pay or pay a lot. I only wish they gave the option to view the manga up and down. They only give the option to read left to right or right to left.

- It was a really good app

This is a great app it has free manga and a working interface it doesn’t have many mainstream mangas but it has a vas library so I decided four stars was a fair number

- Pls make the mangas full screen

The mangas are great and I like the app but all of the mangas are not in full screen and I have to zoom in just to read could you fix this if you can

- Chapters won’t load

I like it but the chapter don’t load. It just turns black when you click on them also a option to go to the next chapter with out having to to go back and forth to the chapter list would be awesome 👏

- Buggy and uncomfortable

When I first tried, it didn’t felt too bad, but when I started reading I notice that it takes a lot of time to charge a page, the chapter can be opened multiple times, pages are broken and many other small problem that made uninstall this app.

- Can’t exit the ad

I keep getting this ad as I’m on the app where the X is in a spot that you can’t click so I have to close the app and restart all over it’s dumb like I’ll pay for a no ad app or just put the X in a different spot other then that looks like a fine app but will not know till something is done

- Great!

Thank you for being here I needed a replacement since manga storm left. You do not disappoint!

- Horrible x placement

I don’t mind ads, I know that’s how they pay to keep the App fee. However, what I hate is, the fact that the X is so much in a corner that I can never escape out of it. I’ve had the app for 10 min and I’ve had to restart the app 5 times to get out of the ad.

- (Please read)!!!

Great app, i love it. Easy to use, wide collection, great manga quality, but for some reason alot of manga pages in chapters in Bleach (Starting at 482) are missing, the screen is like black, dont know if its my connection or...? Please help!

- Ads cannot be exited out on iPhone X and up.

This is lame. You have ads going and when you do click on the ads because you exit out, and return back to the app the ads are still there. I can’t even click out on the x. Really dissatisfied and disappointed

- Ads can’t be exited out of on new iPhones

The new ads have the exit button covered up by the app play button, meaning i have to shut down the app to close it every time an ad shows up. Needs fixed badly

- Trash of an app

Didn’t have anything to read besides what it had on the home page, and if you tried to look up something it would always say no results found. It’s nothing like how the pictures proclaim it is to be. Don’t waste your time

- Ads everywhere

The ads always pop up and you can’t close out of them because the “x” button is too far to actually tap. I don’t want to pay for premium since it doesn’t even seem worth it. I’ll be deleting the app

- U HAVE 19 days on here that’s only reason why I have it 5 star UnU

19 days ;) that’s all

- Comic to small

When your about to read a comic it start to so small you have to zoom in just to read it

- Weird

Not very user friendly the ads pop up but then you can’t exit the add to go back to the main screen it’s basically unusable when you get an ad

- Amazing app, Thank you

Thank you developer, this app is really really good. I love you

- False advertisement

I was looking for a nice app to read manga on and I saw in the photos of the app that it supposedly had one piece which I wanted to read for a while and I get on the app and search it up and one piece was nowhere to be found

- Best App ever seen

Best and free manga app. highly recommend to everyone. Will Not regret to get it

- Deceiving

I only downloaded this app because in the pictures it shows some that I wanted. I open the app and search for them and they were not available at all. Lying piece of it!

- Can’t exit out of Ads

I couldn’t exit out of an ad because the X to exit was on the border of the phone. Only like 1/4 of the X was visible and there is no way for my phone to register a press on the very edge. Awful design.

- Missing

In the preview in the app store you can see many mangas like one piece, dr. Stone, etc, but when you go into the app there’s literally no manga, the search bar never works, i could find MHA manga before but now its gone.

- Impossible to close adds

I can never get the add that pops up to go away and it forces me to force close the app just to get the add again.

- What happening

I’m trying to read a few stories but all the names are shortened and all the pictures are either Ms or disclaimers

- Bad app

Nothing popular to read and when you do want to read something you have to watch a 30 second ad.

- Too many ads

Good but to many ads should be a micro transaction so I can read in peace

- One of the best manga apps out there 100%

Just trust me it amazing 😀👍

- Terrible app

It has a large variety of manga and all, but it won’t load chapters for me. And when it does they are all zoomed out too much or zoomed in so the page is cut in half

- Don’t download

If you were looking at the images for the app don’t be fooled, I checked and searched up the titles of the manga on the images but weren’t showing up.

- Bad layouts

Tried looking at a couple manga, but they were either stretched out and required zooming and moving to read, or had content cut off at the edges.

- Can’t read most mangas

Some mangas said that I did not comply with the terms of service when I did. I don’t understand why I can’t read any more.

- Can’t read anything but chinese manga

I don’t know if this is a technical problem but I can’t search any popular japanese manga. All of it is chinese manhua and I don’t know why

- Not good

The new update really messed everything up and took away a ton of manga. It even made favoriting manga and other systems much worse. Don’t get this.


I’m so pleased with this app! All of the apps I have ever found it costed money! TYSM

- not that great

manga wouldn’t show up when I search for it and there’s ads every 5 seconds

- Doesn’t have displayed manga

I came here to read black butler ( since I saw it was displayed on the App Store ) but they didn’t even have that.

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- ack

it does have manga, but barely any. also it displays the manga horribly, it cuts off basically the entire page, so you can only see the writing and not anything else, no pictures and you can’t see who’s saying it.

- Hm

There’s only chinese cartoon

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- Problem

When i search for something it’s never there

- hhh

It doesn’t have bsd 😢✋

- Umm-

Doesn’t have certain anime’s I’m trying to look for bunny girl senpai but it’s not there same with domestic girl friend 😪 Maybe it’s there but I can’t use the search bar bc it not working every time I try still no 💀

- I only came to see if there was a naruto manga

I searched for naruto but there was no naruto manga

- Garbage app

So they Advertise manga that they don’t have and don’t believe the photos below because it’s fake And don’t download this grabage Excuse for manga app

- Terrible

It’s the worst app ever I try to read something and it doesn’t work, when I search something nothing comes up. I strongly do not recommend this app

- What is this

I can’t even find any anime I want! I can’t find one piece or naruto or attack on titan when it shows one piece on the pictures when you want to download the app

- Ehhh

It’s a great app honestly, it just doesn’t have all the manga that I read. I probably typed all my favorites in the search bar and it was not found. Such as Jujitsu Kaisen, seven deadly sins, Fruits basket-

- Why are you guys writing negative reviews while giving it 5 stars.

This is a trash app that only has select Korean manga. Couldn’t tell you if I even saw a single bit of the stuff this app is named after.

- why ?

why can’t i pay to cancel the adds ?? why is the x for the adds hidden in a corner i can’t even press ?? bruh

- Crashing

Whenever I flip to a specific page, my phone always crashes, so I have no idea if it’s my phone, or the app’s fault, but it still only happens on this app

- Misleading preview

Why is there One Piece, Solo Leveling, Dr. Stone, and many other mangas in the preview but in the actually app they’re not there? Majority of the manga titles in the preview aren’t in the app at all so why are you advertising it as if you have it when you don’t.

- Dont work

The research bar dont work

- Pourquoi 😞

L’application n’est pas mauvaise mais le problème c’est qu’il manque plusieurs manga comme naruto,demonslayer et autre mais bon ses quand même une très bonne application

- Alright

Lots of options for stuff to read, but problem is with most started I’ve seen the image in very king and skinny so to see any of what is being said you have to zoom in a lot which makes it very annoying, and doesn’t look as good, on top of that a lot of chapters only consist of a little bit of content the u have to back out and click on the next chapter over and over again (rather than there being a “next chapter” button unless I missed it somehow)

- Manga

It’s not bad but I would prefer if there was more romance ma

- No good manga

It doesn’t have attack on titan

- This frustrating

I can’t read next chapter without going back!!!

- I can’t read

The have a big library of manga, they even have dojinshis ( dojin means fan fictions of a certain series, not just h****i, you degenerate weebs!). Too bad I couldn’t read any of i. The reader wouldn’t open for me, and the “rate this app” notification kept popping up while I was trying to fix it.

- not good

Pages are out of order

- Manga lover

Are you trying to insult me 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 well you’ve failed and brought nothing to add more genres

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Aditya Purnomo Aji

Such interesting piece from both Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. Been reading this for the past week and easily rose into my top 4 manga. Credits to @aruno_119 for recommending it! Note: This is not everybody's manga. Unlike Death Note & Bakuman. Reader's discretion is advised.

Yamete Kudasai

@ayofamz I’m a manga reader and I’m not ready. This is top moment

Waspy-sama (LINK IN BIO)

@OTAKUGOD270 Legit the Manga series that officially made me into a Manga reader. Highkey one of the most underrated and top manga series


It’s a good thing am not a webtoon/manga reader as I can watch the LA series peacefully without having to compare anything. The last 3 LA series I was watching (#HikaruNoGo, #AliceInBorderland, #SweetHome) were EXCELLENT!!! Definitely on my top 10 tv series in 2020

Erens freedom

@Broken_Enigma Bro I swear to god now u already know I'm a manga reader but the way they handle Reiner and the gun had me scared af😭 like they didn't sensore anything which just put the cheery on top

🌙오빠 누구🌼

This bl manga is top notch mwah it hits all the right spots 😘 lmaoo I've been avid reader for so long now and i never tweeted shit but this....THIS

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Manga - Top Manga Reader iphone images
Manga - Top Manga Reader iphone images
Manga - Top Manga Reader iphone images
Manga - Top Manga Reader iphone images
Manga - Top Manga Reader iphone images
Manga - Top Manga Reader iphone images
Manga - Top Manga Reader iphone images

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The applications Manga - Top Manga Reader was published in the category Book on 2020-09-15 and was developed by Khong Thi Minh Luan [Developer ID: 1549134744]. This application file size is 10.84 MB. Manga - Top Manga Reader - Book app posted on 2020-12-29 current version is 1.2 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: minimonkey.MangaFox