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Five Nights at Freddy's: HW [Games] App Description & Overview

What is five nights at freddy's: hw app? This is the mobile version of Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted, a collection of classic and original mini-games set in the Five Nights universe.

Survive terrifying encounters with your favorite killer animatronics in a collection of new and classic FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S™ experiences. “Where fantasy and fun come to life!”

YOU’RE HIRED - Time to get your hands dirty. Repair claustrophobic ventilation systems, troubleshoot broken animatronics that could activate at any moment, or spend your evenings cowering in the nighttime security guard office.

PIZZA PARTY - Scenes from classic titles have been updated and remade for a fully immersive experience including Five Nights at Freddy’s, Five Nights at Freddy’s 2, Five Nights at Freddy’s 4, and Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location.

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How to contact Five Nights at Freddy's: HW (Steel Wool Games, Inc.)?
Find this site the customer service details of Five Nights at Freddy's: HW. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

Five Nights at Freddy's: HW Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Five Nights at Freddy's: HW Version 1.0.621 November 2020

Minor bug fixes and performance improvements..

Five Nights at Freddy's: HW Version 1.0.505 November 2020

Bonnie's eye cleaning module has been repaired! Streaming and recording will no longer cause a jump scare. Also, additional memory optimizations have been added for smoother game experience and menu responsiveness..

Five Nights at Freddy's: HW Version 1.0.131 October 2020

iPhone SE 2nd generation support enabled! Please note: if you are recording or streaming from your phone, low frame rate in Repair Bonnie could cause his eye to fall through the cleaner and trigger a loss. We're tackling that one soon!.

Five Nights at Freddy's: HW Comments & Reviews 2022

- Amazing game! However......

Hands-down this is one of the best games in the five nights at Freddy's franchise. And the fact that it's been released on mobile means more people have access to this amazing game! I love this game and it still scares me! But there are a few things that need to be weeded out. First of all there's several missing aspects of the game. Five nights at Freddy's 3 levels, The tapes, glitch trap and it's entirety, but one of the most crippling things about the sport is the fact that.....THE TOUCH CONTROLS ARE 100% BROKEN! I don't mean that the game is unplayable, but I'll be damned if these broken touch controls haven't prevented me from beating Freddy's parts and service level. There are certain parts in that level specifically where the touch controls are infuriating to play with. I lost every single round I attempted on that level because it dropped the music box even when I swiped to throw it! Every time I tried the level when I swiped to either throw one of the child items into the recycling bin or throw the music box onto the table it would drop the item instead which led to Freddy killing me. I haven't been able to progress past that level because of this glitch. But overall the game just needs some more content and a MAJOR update to the touch controls. Overall it's a great game and I highly recommend it to any five nights at Freddy's fan!

- Issue with trying to unlock princess quest and other things to mention

For a game the get ported from VR to console to VR without the hand ways and now this, this is the best one I ever played but I have issues. Firstly all unlocking princess quest have to be a little easier because lots of us are having issues because we are tapping on the glitches but nothing is happening and then I found where to tap. When I did tap the current spot to unlock it(that I managed to tap 10 times on it) and I didn’t get it the princess quest. The next one is circus baby mini game, you need to shut the closet door and sometimes it will not keep me safe, like I die anyway when I shut the closet door. Then the biggest of them all, where is the fnaf 3 mode, Chica parts and services mini game, and the rest of the others, like fun time with plush trap wouldn’t be missing but I understand that Nightmare BB is harder so that’s a pass. fnaf 3 is something people want kinda, it’s a RNG type mini game kinda but I don’t understand how you put the fnaf 1 and 2 in and avoid 3. Then the night terror with Funtime Freddy that is my man, nightmarionette and nightmare fredbear, I know that is almost impossible to work but why not make it you must double to the doors, closet and bed making it feel like fnaf 4. I hope you can fix some of this because it will make the full experience better like all the other ports

- Scary, fun and overall a nice game

So I actually have Help Wanted on my Oculus Quest but I hardly play it because the atmosphere and the detail is just too horrifying for me but ever since y'all came out with a mobile version of the VR game, it got less scary and I can still experience the game but without me as freaked out as usual. This is a new game and already, the gameplay is really good. With more updates to come, the graphics (lighting, atmospheric vibes with it) can be better, for example, when I got to the next night in parts and service which is Freddy, the animatronic was a bit more pixelated then Bonnie beforehand. And I've only witnessed 1 bug which is the difficulty in picking up an object. When you pick up an object, it says you can flick upward to throw the object but Almost every time I swipe upward to throw and object in one of the bins, it would always drip instead and I would get a Jumpscare. That's the only annoying and buggy part with the game. The last thing I want to say is the unnecessary glitch with the blue grid around different objects along with a creepy sound with it. In the lobby, and Fnaf 1 (not in night terrors) it would happen and when your a beginner at the game you wouldn't know what that sound is because most of the time you can't see the blue grid and gets really freaky.

- Guys please don’t hate on steel wool

Guys guys guys steel wool is doing their best they can’t do FNaF 3 because idk if it’s even possible they can’t add glitch trap to because it’s to complicated to add him because the ending would take to long for him to merge with us we’d die right away and night terrors with Funtime Freddy, nightmare puppet and nightmare fredbear can’t be added because it’s too complicated for mobile and don’t buy this for the DLC because come on guys they can’t add that only hallway or pirate ride would work. One thing I hate is that with dark room nightmare bb and plush baby does not make sense I expected plush trap and nightmare bb plush baby’s are so complicated in flat mode and Fred mode so please change that. But you should just be grateful that there’s a new secret mini game and it’s added on mobile especially when their working on security breach.

- This game is fun but make it vr for cardboard and way more easy

Alright the game is really fun in all but your able to fix a few things i think but the things are can you make the game vr for iphone mobile and cardboard witch is a type of headset for mobiles iPhone or Nintendo and make all of the other fnaf nights easer cause im haveing trouble geting past all of them and especially the second darkroom and fwi i play this game on mobile iphone and when i get on mu cardboard it wont work i am not getting the hands and can only see a place at a time but when the vr cardboard is off it works exept there is still no hands and no vr i can only just swipe and add more vr games to the mobile iphone cause there is not a single fnaf 3 neither is there a 4 and i love those ones in vr so plz make them on the mobile version of the games and plz make the mobile one so there is a switch that says vr or non vr and make it also able to do that with cardboard vr cause than i can really play the really fun game in vr mode and also plz make the princess quest way easier

- Scary but amazing !!!

You think youtubers are joking or over reacting when they say this game is scary . But no their definitely not ! I’ll tell you this is just the mobile version and it’s horrifying so I can’t imagine how scary VR would be even in this it’s somewhat like your their it’s also way more difficult than you think it would be in the mini game the only easy one was bunny’s repair that’s it ! in fnaf one I thought that the YouTuber were closing the door to fast because they were scared when they saw them walking again no ! If you don’t close the doors as the walk buy they automatically look at you and walk into the office jump scaring you automatically ! You may think I’m overreacting but I’m not I don’t get that scared over these games never have but this one truly earned the title of terrifying !!! It’s worth every penny don’t believe me buy it for yourself this game really is amazing I definitely recommend it!

- It’s good but no mute button for the phone

I had this since it came out but o forgot to write a review so here I go! It is super good I understand the date files and how they couldn’t put more levels and Glitchtrap in but it is super good I also love the princess quest mini game I really love it so much I keep on replaying the levels and playing in the prize corner! Although the issue is for replaying levels or restarting it after is there is no mute button for the phone and I also have this on crashing but it is good when your not able to go on the vr but unlike the vr it doesn’t have a mute button for the phone which bothers me a bit but I love this a lot I just hope Scott Cawthon or steel wool studios adds the mute button but I am a huge fan of fnaf I have every game and I can’t wait for security breach!

- Cool but one problem

So.... I love this game yeah but there is a problem. I won’t let me get the princess quest! I have wanted this game since it came out on VR... but I didn’t have a VR headset. Then it came out on the Nintendo switch. My dad had one but he said no. Then it finally comes out on mobile. I asked for a month for it but my mom said no. I finally had enough money for the game but then as soon as I get on and try to get the princess quest, it wouldn’t let me. I have a iPad so I don’t know if it affects it but I can’t even look to where glitchtrap stands in VR. The princess quest is a big reason I got the game in the first place but now I’m upset.

- Amazing Game, a Few Issues

Let me be clear, I love this game. I first purchased this on my Switch and was surprised by how the game managed to be a remake while also being something new. The game is equally as fun on mobile, with only a few issues. Firstly, every once in a while the textures will disappear and will become a purple grid (At this point the game has been out for under 12 hours so it’s understandable). What really surprised me though was that it looks as if the FNAF 3 levels from the console versions have been removed. If the occasional bugs are fixed as I’m sure they will be and some of the additional content is added (please add the Curse of Dreadbear DLC too), this will be a game of unrivaled quality for mobile that I would encourage everyone to buy.

- Great, couple bugs and missing content.

I LOVE FNaF VR. And when it came out to mobile I was SO excited! However I’m just a little bit disappointed. To start off there are some bugs. Sometimes when your in the main menu or in the prize corner there is some buzzing noise. Also sometimes textures turn into a purple grid and make a buzzing noise. There’s also some missing content. No FNaF 3, no tapes, missing a lot of mini games such as night terrors. Mangle in vent repair is EXTREMELY difficult to get rid of. Controls are a bit finicky. And where’s Curse of Dreadbear! Now this can be understandable because this is just a DLC. However the game is really fun and the graphics are incredible. Since this game is only $5 I can see why there’s some missing content. On pc it’s $30. If you really want to play FNaF VR get it! Besides it is very fun and I’ve already almost beat the entire game.

- Really good in all

So I got this app about a month ago, and tbh it’s really great! I love how u can see the Animatronics move. I love the jump scares too. But there’s a few things that I don’t understand. I can’t see foxy’s stage. I don’t know if that’s a glitch or not put there on purpose. But I really wanna see it. So if it’s a glitch please fix. I don’t know how to access showtime either I looked it up but all of it (well most of it really) just talks about it on VR... I mean I do have the three action figures... but you know we can’t really set them down all we do is drop and throw them (oh don’t forget eat them lol) maybe fox this...? Oh also I have a question. Can you access glitch traps minigame...? But over all this is a good game I love it! In fact I recommend u get it!

- Great game but...

This game is really fun even with the lack of most of the things in it my first complain is that fnaf 3 is missing and most of night terrors etc is gone and I would’ve wanted a fully finished game instead of some parts missing my other complain is that the controls aren’t the best they can definitely be improve for example when your playing vent repair it’s so hard to push mangle away and I end up miss touching but those are all of my complains but I have to give them props because I believe the Xbox port of the game is coming soon and to port it to mobile is pretty impressive also the graphics are ok there not the best but there pretty good for a mobile device


Also don’t get me wrong this game is good but I wanted to address something. Ever wonder why the mini games are missing? It’s because the only way you unlock it is by zooming in and out of the glitches (the ones that make grids on objects) however, it doesn’t work for me. It’s been like an hour of me zooming in and out constantly, and nothing. But I watch dawko’s video and BAM he literally zoomed in once and he unlocked it. Please fix this because I feel like I just wasted money :( like I said it’s a good game but another problem is lack of controller support. No button except square and pause(on ps remotes) this makes me upset because the game is hard to play sometimes with my thumbs.

- Its really good but not finished

When I first saw the trailer for mobile I was really exited and i would never of thought a game like this would be on mobile. As a Fnaf fan who has completed the entire game twice in PlayStation on the psvr and in Nintendo switch I am a bit disappointed it feels very rushed considering it only came out a week after announced. 1. There is not all of the levels on the game 2. There is a glitch where this thing pops up on the screen and makes a noise 3. None of the tapes and coins are in it. Now I understand about the graphics because it is running on mobile so I’m not mad about that and I’m also having trouble with eating snacks that you get as rewards. But other then that it is a good game and I’m happy that it made it to mobile and would still recommend downloading it.

- Good game! but a few issues...

So yeah, the games great but I feel like you should make a patch fix some glitches. So first of all, the first glitch I’ve gotten is that in the baby level (the one where you close the closet) the audio tends to glitch, a lot, so while I’m trying to play the level and if I get jump scared or if baby is talking, it usually cuts, I don’t know if this is something with my device or if it’s the game. Second glitch I’ve been having is that when I’m doing the mangle vent repair and I get jump scared the static stays on screen, and I’m not being able to do anything. That’s mostly all the glitches, you can just fix most of these in the next patch (if there is one) so yeah just fix some glitches and a bit more things from the original and yeah good port.

- Issue with Princess Quest

I love this game because it brings experiences from the other games and it is truly great. The only problem I have is Princess Quest, I have been trying so hard to unlock it. I have restarted the game even though I have beat every level and I have deleted the app getting it again to see if it would help. But to no avail, I have have zoomed in and out on every place that the glitches occurred and I can’t seem to get it to work, is there any other way to unlock it. That is the only thing I have to saw poorly of this game. I enjoyed every second of actually game play even the annoying plush babies.

- I love this game but

I love this game but they don’t have all of it like fnaf 3 I really wanted to play it but it was not there I really love this game but if you could add all of the stuff from fnaf version on the very to the ipad and phone that would be really nice of to do it I love your games and just keep on making stuff that you love and I love fnaf 3 so keep on doing stuff and more stuff that we love and even more stuff and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more if you read all of that more then you will get a another message below this I really want to help voice a characters ok bye

- Weird glitch on fnaf 2 withered mode

I was playing on fnaf 2 withered mode on the highest difficulty and when I got to the 6 am screen withered Bonnie jumpscared me and I died at the 6 am screen. I WAS SO CLOSE!!! Also can someone nerf the burnt foxy repair. I find it impossible. And circus baby glitches through the door when I have it closed and I find it annoying. Any way beside the glitches, I love this game. 5 stars! Though I’m a little disappointed that there is no fnaf 3 or glitchtrap 😢 but I love everything else!! And can you make princess quest easier to find. I had to erase all my saved data and I still have not found it!

- Great but fix this

In fnaf 1 I would here the bang then I would open it then foxy would jump scare me and I also saw pirates cove curtan go back to normal and he would still jumpscare me and pls ad chicas parts and service thing oh and can u ad the tapes all you would have to do is touch it I want to hear the tapes and have to be at my friends house to hear them cause I don’t have a vr headset pls do those things all in all great game do that stuff and it will be better and we’re is fun with plush trap and the Funtime Freddy game and nightmarion game and fredbear add them pls and add fnaf 3 it’s kinda not fair you need a be headset to get them all

- love and hugs to scott/fnaf HW ^W^ ^U^

It’s a really good game to be put on phone but my question is when is darkrooms plushtrap Ennard in ventrepair and the pthe games in the VR game that aren’t in this one being add because I Have almost beat it and I am kinda Disappointed that the games from the VR game that aren’t in this one aren’t in it yet please add them thank you I love this game also would like to say Every time I dropped something in foxy’s parts and service game he jumpscares me and i dont get how I am supposed to fix him if i grab the wrong part and I can’t drop it to get the right part need to fix him 😁😁🥰🥰

- Can we have and chica back also try to make the glitch thing easier.

So I don’t know if I’m right but wasn’t chica one of the characters you could fix and get roaches off of in the very game? I only ask because I want to be able to work on her as well and for the mini game it’s quit hard to get when I try to do the zooming in and out thing on a glitching object. For some reason it never works so if you can try to make it a bit easier. Also love the game just please see if you can add chica and see if you can try to make the glitch thing easier.

- Good, but a bit dispointing...

Hello, Scott. I have been a fan of Five Nights at Freddy’s for many, MANY years, and I have loved all the games. This one is also good, but it lacks some core aspects. For one, it doesn’t even have FNAF 3. THE WHOLE GAME. MISSING. I also why it’s missing nights for stuff like “vent repair,” or “dark rooms.” It’s even missing coins and tapes. Although, I do like the addition the PS4 game doesn’t have: the glitches. I like how reality starts to malfunction and the buildup of the game (those purple coordinate lines) appear on certain items. That is my rating for this game. Oh, and PS, Make sure you give your Security Breach game a proper price. I think it’s gonna be worth more than $3 or $5.

- Suggestion

Hi, I love the game, but I’d like to suggest something Can you add a google cardboard VR mode? I think the game is too easy because you just have to tap somewhere and it drops what you have it wherever it needs to go. Also I think the game is too easy on mobile because you don’t use to be slow or careful for some things wherr you’d have to do that in the vr version, and I’d like a google cardboard mode because you’d have to still be slow and careful sometimes and you could press the button the the vent headset to interact. Thank you

- iPad mini 2

I’ve been trying to play this on my iPad mini 2 which has 17 gigs of open storage and it doesn’t work. Whenever I load it where there’s supposed to be logos there is just a white blob and when it opens the sign is just a white blob, the surroundings are white and the animatronics are only half loaded. I tried waiting for things to load, but they never did. Whenever I open settings, white blob. When I try to load into the actual game the screen is black with grey rectangles and I get kicked. Please fix! Nothing works!

- Just... just don’t ask...

You steal wool studios are crazy but amazing you made fnaf help wanted in mobile MOBILE I was not thinking it would happen EVER and I’m wrong very very wrong but I love the thing you did but there is a big problem it won’t let you look all around you in the room where you can select a fnaf 1 a fnaf 2 etc but that’s a small problem the big problem is that it’s not possible to play fnaf 3 on this I wanted to do that right as I got this so can you please at that.

- This game is so worth it!

This game is so fun and amazing! I love how Glitchtrap has a different role in this game as it is shown that he is actually breaking the system of the game. It proves that he really is a virus/bug in the actual game. That detail is just so amazing. The only thing I would find wrong about this game is when you unlock “Princess Quest.” Once you unlock it, you automatically unlock all the levels and nights in the other minigames. I feel that this is kinda resulting in cheating for the game. But otherwise, this is a great game and I love it so much!

- Really good game, I dint expect this! But...

This game is awesome I don’t regret getting this game but there are 2 things I want to tell you. First the plush baby game you should make a flashlight button instead because the battery kept dyeing from moving it and lost a lot of unnecessary flashlight battery. 2, you should really make it either easier to get the princess quest or at least add clear instructions to how to do it. Other then those 2 thing this is an awesome game, I never thought this game on iOS would be made.

- Issues running

So I’ve played the PC version and it’s very fun. It’s really cool that Scott and steelwool went as far as to port a VR game to mobile. No easy task I’m sure. And from what I’ve heard this is a pretty good port. However me, me right now. I’m having issues running the game. I know it’s a pretty big game but I have a relatively new phone and I can’t get past the intro splash screen before the game collapses. I don’t know if I’m the only one having this issue. But I can’t imagine it’s a good sign when the payed for game doesn’t open. Again, I have the pc version and it’s good. This is a good game. But I can’t recommend you get this port until the bugs are sorted. (Which I’ve heard there’s a few, but I wouldn’t know since the game won’t even open) I’ll update once this is fixed which I hope it is soon. This is a fine game and I have nothing but respect for Scott. So I’m sure this’ll (and some of the other issues I’ve heard of) get sorted out soon. The only bugs I want to see in this game, are the ones crawling all over chica!

- Menus are a bit buggy and I want more content.

This is a great game! But I have some complaints. I’m disappointed that all the content of the original game isn’t here. I’m also disappointed there is no curse of dreadbear, but that’s more understandable than not having the main content. Also, the menus tap different things than I mean to tap. The menu I’m referring to is the main menu when you start up the game. I hope you with gradually add the main content with occasional updates. But otherwise I appreciate this port.

- I love it...but

I love fnaf I’ve been playing for 5 years, and I’ve also play help wanted on my Nintendo Switch Lite And I love. That the Switch version has the VR features like how you can zoom in and out. But I absolutely HATE that the mobile version has the VR features like it’s really annoying that my screen keeps on zooming in and out. I would really appreciate it if you give reed of that feature. Besides that I really enjoyed the game and also The graphics good be a little better. Also I’m so hyped for Fnaf Secretary Breach to come out

- Amazing game but...

This game is so awesome especially since i’m too scared to do it on vr! Lol...but there are a few bugs with the looking around, throwing and just a random floor bug- when you try to look around sometimes it glitches and makes my screen go weird and when i try to throw it just drops for some reason and it’ll randomly make a weird noise and the floor will bug out (especially in the game selector screen)! Awesome game but please fix this! :)

- Really good but a bug is stopping me from liking it more

I’ll say it now I love this but the problem is one major bug that ruins it for me which is when you complete the game stuff still goes on during the transition from 5 am to 6 am and this came to mess me up in night 3 of fnaf 2 and I won but toy Freddy jumpscare which caused me to die and had to restart causing me to redo the night all over again even though I beat it other than that great game

- Great game but there is some stuff missing

Hey steel wool I just wanted to say congratulations on working with Scott on these amazing games. Also I have some things I noticed about the game: 1. Fnaf 3 is missing, I am really good at Fnaf 3 and I’m sad that it wasn’t included in mobile. Please make Fnaf 3 for HW mobile. 2. Almost all the night terrors are missing, I’m really surprised that Funtime Freddy, nightmarrione, and nightmare fredbear were not there. 3. Half the dark rooms are gone, I was really hoping to do plushtrap but it was nightmare BB, although it was fun Funtime foxy is also missing please add the other things to the mix 4. Chica is missing from parts and service, now I understand that the hard mode will be challenging but maybe there can be a way to make it work Thank you for reading my message and good luck on security breech.

- Great Graphics, Great Quality! Absolutely Loved it.

I Absolutely Love it, The Graphics are similar to the PC/VR. And It runs quite smoothly. I have not run into any bugs, or glitches (yet). I did Notice, however, that they did not Include FNaF 3 as they did in the PC/VR version. But, how could I complain?... Hopefully it does get added in, though. Over all, I am very impressed and satisfied with what I’ve played. And thank the developers for their time, and effort into making this for Mobile.


I have this game on vr, and obviously you can’t carry a vr around everywhere u go. So finally when I’m bored I can just hop in my phone and play this amazing game! I would say tho, I hope they update the game to add Fnaf 3, and the other nights for like vent repair, dark rooms, parts and service, and also night terrors. This game just came out tho, so I don’t expect perfection. I’m just happy I can play a vr game on my phone now. Thanks steelwool for this game and the new upcoming security breach!

- Beautiful

Well still not a piece of art. This game is one of the best games on the App Store. I would like to clarify, obviously there is some glitches, this is a very port, and also you might see some things turn purple, that’s not a glitch, it’s intentional, it has to do something with the lore. And this kinda surprised me, for 5 dollars you have access to the whole of five nights at Freddy’s 1 and 2 and some more mini games from the original vr games.

- Good but, needs an update.

I bought this game today and played a couple of the levels. I thought the levels were fun but no dialogue was changed. For example in Bonnie’s parts and service the narrator says “Carefully remove Bonnie’s left eye,” when all you need to do is tap. I played a little bit longer and wondered if FNaF 3 was in Help Wanted so I looked it up and for some reason it’s not in this game. The graphics are also sub par and nothing impressive compared to other 3D games on mobile. Like I said in the title this game is good but, it needs an update.

- This game was great

So I played through a couple levels and this game was awesome I really like playing it it’s got plenty of scares that are actually pretty good and I really like how when your about to die the game refuses to let you pause that is really cool but the one thing I would change is add all the levels that are in the Vr version that way there’s some more play time but other than that I absolutely LOVED this game very VERY nice job

- I love this sooooooo much

I love this game so much but I wish there were more levels. Also if anyone wants to know for there’s no coins in the game but I found one it’s in pizza party find the fnaf 3 location and look in the vent on your bottom left and there’s a coin. Still in pizza party there is another one. When you first get in take a left,then a right then second door on the left and it’s on the present on your right

- Great game! But....

I really want controller support. It seems like there is definitely some attempts to add this, the a button works as you would expect, x takes you to the prize counter, and the right joystick zooms in, but not out. Really great to see there are steps being taken to add this! Also, I can’t change my graphics , or my frame rate, due to the way they ported the controls, so plz do something about that.

- Great but buggy

The game is absolutely great, especially from its original VR version. The only problem i have is that in the menus, the game bugs out when you’re trying to tap either options, new game, credits, etc etc. It kept opening the wrong thing and was kind of annoying. Controls are a bit quirky too, tapping wise like the menus. A fix would be nice, ik this game just came out so, yw.

- Good

So far the game is awesome but the controls are a whole different story They are bad and I do not say that lightly especially in parts and service with Freddy throwing is terribly implanted in the game a few buttons is better then sliding your finger that doesn’t work half of the time also missing content FNaF 3 dark room levels night terrors levels and more are missing I get the game just came out but it isn’t even finished so all you need to do is improve controls I say add I button to throw and add the missing things

- Upsetting

I’m a little upset, the graphics are horrible and low quality! Just go to parts and service, go to Freddy and look at him, the graphics are upsetting and low quality! Also, TONS of the game is left out! I just payed $5 just to play 15 mini games instead of playing ALL the mini games! Also all the GOOD mini games were left out... this is basically just a port of the game (of course) with just TONS of changes... I’m a little upset that I payed my birthday money to play half the game...

- Fnaf hw

I really enjoy the game. It’s a lot of fun. But the prizes in the prize corner keep disappearing from me. I would be holding a plushie or food or toy and others but after some time they would disappear from my hand. It would be at random too. Sometimes it would disappear as soon as i grab them or takes a lot time. And it only happens at the prize corner. Other than that the game is amazing and can’t wait to see what’s next for the franchise.

- Good but.

Hi, I got this game today, and during gameplay on fnaf 2, party room 1 or the room where you enter the left vent (security guards left vent) you can see toy Chica about to enter, and there is color, no gray or any static’s, just a cam with color, another thing is that I tap on the work table to place freddys music box, and the music box fall to the ground, killing me... and there are also weird static’s I game too, like on objects they become weird and all of that, I need this to be fixed, if non of those errors accrued.. I would of rated a 4 or 5

- I love the game but weird glitch

For some reason i can’t see the animatronics!!! It’s a good game but the only problem is the animatronics are invisible for some reason... I’m suprised that other people don’t have this glitch, like i’ve looked at the reviews and i’ve looked at YT vids but i still haven’t found anyone with this glitch! Can you please fix this if you can? And also some minigames and levels are missing.. like in parts and service, Chica isn’t a level in there! And also FNaF 3 is Missing...

- A great game.

This game is awesome for a FNaF game, especially one ported over from VR. It has most features from the VR port. The only ones it doesn’t have is FNaF 3 and a few other minor things. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a problem with it. On night 5 of FNaF 1 Freddy gets to the door and just stays there and never leaves, and sometimes I’m randomly jump scared by withered Bonnie of FNaF 2. But other than that it’s a great game!

- Confused

I downloaded this one my iPad, and it didn’t work. I just took me out of the app. I thought it was just because of storage, so I decided to delete a couple of games off my iPad. I go back to the app, still doesn’t work. I try playing this game on my iPhone, it works fine but I’m still confused on why it doesn’t work on my iPad. The games still great though.

- Great!!!!! But.....

Great game I am so happy I can take it in the go now, this is my favorite five nights at Freddy’s game in the series. However I was a bit disappointed when I saw that many levels are gone such as Fnaf 3, most of the night terrors, some of the dark rooms, one of the vent repair, and one of parts and service. I am assuming they aren’t in the game because of compatibility so I understand. Other than that AMAZING GAME!!!

- It’s good but some levels are missing

I know it is good but there are some things I think that should be added. I think that all the levels missing should be put in the game because there is not even a single Fnaf three level! Can you please put the missing levels in a update so it would be complete? Besides, if the vr version of fnaf help wanted has all the mini games then I don’t see how they can’t add the rest of the mini games on the mobile version.

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- This is worth your money

Whilst the menu has a few bugs. Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted lives up to its predecessors on mobile. Controller support hasn’t properly been added, but they are functional. It’s still better to play with your hands though. Annoyingly the main menu doesn’t seem to function properly with visual settings seemingly impossible to open. 3 things I’d like to see in this game: 1. More levels, these can simply flow in update by update like FNaF 3 coming in or a few more of the dark rooms etc... (possibly even the Halloween dlc as a minor in app purchase) 2. Options to get fixed along with control settings. This would help a bunch. Button control would also help too especially for the plushbaby level 3. Controller support. Again tonnes of potential for it. 3 things I like: 1. Princess quest, great little Easter egg which could contribute to the lore! 2. Random items glitching. This was a great idea. I loved how that worked with the lore. 3. The gameplay with touch controls. You guys hit it out of the park there. Top job. I’d love to see maybe button touch controls as another option but yeah it’s really cool nonetheless. Thanks a bunch SteelWool!

- Weird glitches and controls

The controls don’t really work all that well before you press begin. If you tap on general it automatically chooses reset progress. This happens with other options as well. The glitch I experienced gave me all the levels in both modes, even though I had only played one level prior to the glitch. It also gave me the option to play the princess quest mini game on the computer. It seems like an awesome game, I’d love to play it with working buttons and without getting all the levels for free.

- Amazing game, but just one issue

This is an amazing game and I am very surprised on how well they turned this to IOS, smooth controls, great graphics and frame rate, all UNDER 1GB! Just one thing though, maybe add a gyroscope mode (where you can look around, like VR, but full screen) and try to make the looking controls (swiping the screen) smoother and less buggy :) Thanks a lot! - Hamilton

- Mobile makes it hard+where is glitch trap

Mobile makes it hard when try to fix bonnie and take his eye your meant to throw it into a machine but usually the second I touch the screen it drops and I get jumpscared this is my favourite mini game but it’s starting to be my last. Where is glitch trap? My friend said that there are meant to be cutscenes of glitch trap but I’ve been playing the game for almost a year and he hasn’t shown up. I suggest you get this game but there are serious bugs/glitches.

- Amazing

I been playing five nights at Freddy’s since the 1st 10/10 best game ever I hope we get the full game like the ps4vr one like Halloween dlc get the room you can see all them up closer love that Easter egg you get everything unlock thank you soo much for this amazing game on our phones now that also will be cool if we got custom nights or even gold Freddy hope we get five nights at Freddy’s world

- probably my favourite

WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN. I love collecting all the little toys and figures, and I think it’s really cool that you can change the way you move your screen. vent repair might be my personal favourite (I haven’t fully completed the game yet). as someone who hasn’t and can’t play the VR version I was really happy this came out because I didn’t think it would.

- Great game but....

It doesn’t have all the content that the normal version of fnaf help wanted has, fnaf 3 isn’t in the game, the birthday party mini game isn’t included, and the graphics are pretty low so you need to fix that but the games great I love playing it I say their for 3 hours playing it and enjoying the game, keep up the good work (p.s don’t forget to add the coins and tapes)

- Why??

Hello devs um I’ve loved fanfic for a long time and my iPad is old and I downloaded this then like it crashes then I try again an again again and again but why? I don’t have the money to buy a new iPad or phone because I’m only 12 and I’m a little bit sad please send back why this happens please I wanna play this soo bad

- More Please

The game is great and really enjoyable, and is definitely worth your money with the great games and quality. But I wish it had more such as adding fnaf 3 and also adding more to the mini games but this might be because of bugs hence why they haven’t added it but please add more to this wonderful game!

- Foxy

Foxy in PaS is unplayable, I try to put fuses into his body and it will either not do it or drop it. Please make it a bit easier to do that kind of stuff. But apart from the I can’t find anything else that needs a bit of work so good job!

- Great game

This is definitely worth ur money but something I’ve. Noticed is that the fnaf 3 and other levels are missing and also where are the tapes and the. Coins I was hoping for that and a Halloween dlc but even a small in app purchase for it would be nice

- Why are five nights at Freddies help wanted is amazing

I’ve been a big fan of five nights at Freddies since the first game and I am very impressed that steel wool and Scott could pull this off and make five nights at Freddies help wanted for marble this game is very fun and I enjoyed it a lot

- I am amazed on how this is on mobile

I’m so surprised that they managed to port it over to mobile It looks really good on mobile surprisingly great job on porting it over now you can play on the go :)

- Good, But Needs More Like VR

I was really hoping to have fnaf 3 on it but it didn’t try to update this as its really annoying not having fnaf 3 since i know lots of people like it but cannot afford a laptop or vr headset Thanks A Million -Nathan

- Full game soon?

ok so I love this game I have the VR and this version but this one isn’t the same because it’s just not the full version I would love if the full game will be added please thanks

- My Opinion....

I love it, but I don’t know how to get princess quest, I’ve been trying all the ways. But It doesn’t do anything. I looked here but there was no information.... plz help me

- Room for improvement

Hi this game is worth your money it is very fun but it dosnt have all the modes that it has on the actual game also the controls are a little buggy anyway if they add all the modes and fix the controls this will be the best mobile fnaf there is thx for reading.

- Won’t run

Ok. I have a older type of iPad and most of the apps that can’t run say that in the App Store. It doesn’t let you buy or install them. I found this game and I thought I’ll buy this, I buy it and it doesn’t even work I payed 8 dollars aus to open the app then watch it crash every time. Please fix this so others don’t do the same thing.

- It ripped me off

So when I saw this on the store and I had money to buy it I did and be so excited to play it I went through onto the app only to find it always crashing please try do something or is it only because I’m on iPhone 7 that it’s not supported well :(

- Needs more

I have loved Fnaf since the first time Scott said “hello, hello hello?” But this game needs more levels. It’s great that we have princess quest now but all we are missing is more levels and this game is 5 starts

- Amazing game jus one thing

Hi this game is amazing I play it all the time I just want to know if u could add GlitchTrap and the tapes thanks

- Great game. But the throw button doesn’t work

Very impressive, but the throw button doesn’t work

- Tapes and curse of dreadbear plus chica parts and services

Number one I love this game but wish it had tapes like in the pc one and the Halloween update

- Great game

Great game but please add controller support i dont have the money to get it for ps4 so having controller support for ios would be great

- I crashes when I open the app

I really want to play it and I don’t know why it crashes, I have iOS 12.4 and the app requires iOS 12, so I don’t see why it crashes every time I open the app. Please fix this, I REALLY wanted to play this!

- Serious problem >:(

Whenever I launch the game on my iPad, it crashes, so I can’t play it. I play on an iPad mini 2, I don’t know if that’s bad, but I paid 8$, so if you guys could fix this issue, it’d be greatly appreciated.

- Help Wanted (running the game)

I was looking forward to this game but it won’t load beyond the title screen. It keeps crashing and kicking me out. Hopefully this can be fixed as I paid $8 for this - I have an iPhone 5S which should be compatible.


I’ve wanted a VR set for ages, a huge amount of it was to play this; but although it’s not in VR, it’s on IPAD NOW! Great job Steel Wool, and keep it up!!!

- Amazing

It’s so much easier on iPad like really easy 5 stars


I got this game because I love FNAF but it won’t let me play it I bought it for 7.99 and I have an iPhone 6 and when ever I open the app it just straight up crashes on me please try fix this and thank you for making this on mobile.

- Cannot get game to launch

I can’t even get this app to launch, have attempted to uninstall and reinstall with no joy. Admittedly have an older iPad mini 2, but the game details suggested compatibility so I proceeded with purchase. Think I’ll need to ask for a reimbursement.

- Vr plz

Can you make them option for vr

- Bugs bugs bugs!

Every time I start this game it’s so bad the quality is bad and there’s this stupid. White square that makes the game quit itself so I would not recommend playing this on a lower device

- It won’t load

Before it loads it crashes please fix this

- Some things are still a little buggy

I can’t get to the graphics settings and can you guys please make it run at 120 FPS for iPad Pros?


I’m a big fnaf fan! And this was only on vr before now I can play!! And it’s not that deer for how good it is ❤️ amazing job scoot!


Just like the VR version beautiful graphics and scary gameplay! For any fnaf fans this is a must have

- Hi! Needs a bit of fixes...

Well, I enjoy the game mostly, but I found some sad glitches and control issues, so I’ll lost them for you. 1: The use control issue What is it? Well, when you use the drop or throw, or any special command, it doesn’t work at all. It only drops, never throws or eat. It’s really annoying. What could fix it? Well, a button instead of specific actions to use. So there are a option, buttons and where you want the, so you press the button and it does whatever you pressed, you can also move them around for easier control. 2: Menu issue. What is it? Sure you know, but still here. When you jog a specific game, eg mangle vent repair, exiting doesn’t work at all, so you have to restart the game or get jump-scared. How can you fix it? I’m not sure, so it’s up to you guys. 3: Jump scare issue for people with heart issues ( or something other that’s dangerous) What is it? Well, some people bought the game but either: don’t enjoy the jump-scares or have a heart issue, cannot play. This is mainly in heart issues people, since when they get jump-scared their heart will end up in a terrible way, removing it from them makes them depressed, so you can… How to fix this? Add a option, FOR FREE, to disable jump-scares. So like the ROBLOX edition, instead of you seeing them eating or whatever they do to you, it says for example: “ YIU WERE JUMP-SCARED BY FOXY, TRY AGAIN!” So it doesn’t scare them or just very lightly does. Thanks for reading! I hope these are added or some are, but thanks! -CaPpY!

- My brother is playing five this game and he really likes it


- 😾

The game loads and gets to ‘new game, options, and credits screen but the suits are just black and there are weird white boxes all over the place. I have a iPad Air on iOS 12.4.9

- Yassss

It took me 8 hours to complete!

- This makes me really sad

It says it works on my iPhone 6 but it doesn’t Please fix this

- Glitches

I was looking forward to playing this game but it keeps glitching when I load the game.

- It keeps crashing on my iPad Air gen 1 fix it!!.

It keeps crashing

- It

Kicks me out

- Nice

This is a very good offer for 8 dollars.

- Won’t work

It will not let me play! Please fix it.

- Great!👍 but...

Awesome but where’s fnaf3 and fnaf4?


There is a glitch where unlocking the princess quest mini game. I’ve tried EVERYTHING to get it to work on iPad but it won’t work PLEASE FIX ASAP 🙏

- Dosent open

I just paid $8 for a game that Dosent even open DO NOT GET THIS 😡😡😡😡😡

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- Review and request

This game is very good a lot like the virtual reality version although it could use some bug improvements and FNAF 3 added. And for my request I really want to play the Curse Of Dreadbear DLC but it is not added I hope you can at least make it a in game purchase for the least minimum you can Thank you.

- Lol

In fnaf 2 I made it to 6am and still died from toy Freddy lmao

- My review

The game is awesome, I saw helps behind the selection monitor I was all like “OH HEY HELPY” and it’s kinda creepy that you can eat action figures and bobble heads and hear a choking sound EEK and also I’m geussing that CHICAS and fnaf 3 are going to be added on an iPad ate so that’s that

- Missing levels

I love FNAF, but there are lot of things missing from this game. -coins -Tapes and glitchtrap -dark rooms with plushtrap and Funtime foxy -the other night terrors levels -the curse of DreadBear If you could add these into the game, that would be great!

- Bruh

When ever I go into the lobby with the help wanted sine all the characters are white and the back round is white to and I can’t go in a game pls fix it

- Vr and phone comparison

I have this on my oculus quest it is terrifying But the graphics are better on the phone

- The best game I ever played

It has everything except for fnaf 3 and 4 but the game is great

- This sucks

Just paid $6.99 and it doesn’t even work! It boots me out before it even starts! I want my $6.99 back😡😡😡😡. Doesn’t even deserve 1 star.

- We need more to do

There are many levels missing compared to the VR version. Plz consider adding more.

- fix if you can

crashes every time it gets booted up


I am a HUGE fan of FNaF but I neeeeeeed MORE CONTENT here is my list, the tapes, glitch trap, cruse of dread bear, FNaf 3. And all the other stuff so plz!!! Can you add all that stuff

- Can you please do an update for have FNAF 3 an the dlc please

I really wanna play FNAF 3 but it is not so please obdate the game and add FNAF 3 tank you scoot you are the BEST

- Please add more! 🧍

I love this game! But I kinda wish we had Chica in parts and service, fnaf 3 and the other night terrors

- Good game!

This game is awesome! I don’t have a PS of any kind or a VR headset so this allows me to play it although I would like all the other levels if u can add them pls do so but good game either way!

- Good game but....add some content plz?

Okay it’s a great game and I enjoy it a lot, but it has many bugs and is missing most of the content from the actual vr game. For example, where is fnaf 3, the tapes and Glitchtrap cutscenes and appearing in the hallway. Otherwise it’s a great game and I’m hoping that you will add some more content. Love, FNaF and SteelWool Fan

- Please add more content


- Very good game

Very good the commands are pretty ok and the graphics are good for a mobile game, BUT please add more content, like on computer. Please please please otherwise the game isn't long enough.

- Crushing

It keeps crashing on me☹️👿😾

- Is this a beta? 🤨

The game is beautiful and is running very well, but... there’s a lot of missing content. Will you add it in futur update?

- This game is amazing

Hi steel wool this game is amazing thank you for doing this I wanted this for so long and I finally got it. I kind of took it to far and I bet the whole game in one day and I say some missing minigames I really want those to be added and the dreadbear DLC thanks Steel wool

- Ne fonctionne pas

Incapable d’ouvrir le jeux et incapable d’avoir de l’assistance

- Cool

Where’s my glichtrap can you add glichtrap plz btw vent repair is hard!!!

- Good game but needs to add more stuff tho.

This game is super good but you can’t use the controller to look but you could use it in someway. Could add more stuff plus the grids are Annoying but that’s the only complaint I have game so yea worth the money.

- Cool

Cool but please add fnaf 3 and curse of dreadbear

- Crash

My phone crash every time yen I open the game.

- Good game and I really like the bugs

I know the bugs are on purpose but good game and I love this game

- It won’t let me play the game


- Pls fix

Every time I try to play the game it crashes I can’t even load in all I see in the loading screen then back to my home screen please fix it it looks really fun and I want to play looks like a great game

- Pretty good but

I mean it love the game, I can understand why some of the features other systems have arent on this so I’m not upset about that, it’s just sometimes the controls are a bit weird. Like I’ll be trying to do one thing, I press the wrong spot or in the wrong way and bam, jump scared. All in all I just have to be a bit more precise and careful when I play, I’d still recommend this to others.

- Fix Foxy’s jumpscare

The game is amazing but whenever I open the left door after foxy gets back in pirate cove he just...JUMPSCARE me. I don’t know if I’m opening it a bit early after he is at his cove or I need to wait a bit more. But overall, the game is “FAZ”-TASTIC!

- Bugs everywhere

I understand that it’s new and still in development but there are way too many bugs. I’ve only played for about 10 minutes and here are a bunch: - In Menu, when I click somewhere it randomly click something else, ie I want to go to Visual instead it opens Credits. It happens 90% of the time. - In game, moving around feels very unresponsive. It just feels too clunky and there’s a delay before I can move after dragging around. - When I grab an item I’m almost unable to throw it. - A weird pink grid often appears randomly in game and outside, accompanied by weird noises.

- Hey

The game looks great but I’ve noticed that some of the games were missing and was just wondering what’s up with that but gameplay wise it’s great

- Does not work

Game keeps closing

- Pretty good

Controls are a bit weird and not all content is there but other than that it is fantastic

- I love it but-

The game is pretty good it’s just the controls that need adjustments. I really enjoyed playing the game. I just hope that there would be more updates like having FNAF 3 and Night terrors Funtime Freddy and there being the rest of the stuff from the actual game. The controls are something that I can get use to but there was weird bug were it was kinda hard to press the other buttons on the title menu. I really like this game, I just think there should be snap-turn since it’s sorta hard to look around with the camera controls.

- Vent repair

Each time I complete vent repair it just stays in the Level

- Do not get

I bought the game and everything was loaded in, and it just crashed. Do not buy. It’s a waste of money

- Why are some mini games missing?

The description says that fnaf 3 is in the game but it’s not. I’m wondering if that’s for lore purposes or not, also I hope the mini games that aren’t added will be eventually added, like the chica repair and Funtime Freddy mini game. So far the game looks pretty good considering it’s ported from VR. Honestly love that I can play this on mobile

- Very good

It is very good would suggest worth buying it has all the fnaf games in one and more

- Love It (Read If You Are Wondering Where FNAF 3 is)

I have been waiting for this to come out on Xbox, but then randomly it came out here. Love the game. The performance is perfect. The animations are super smooth. The graphics are pretty good. Overall the Game is good in that regard. NOTE TO STEEL WOOL: There’s this weird purple glitch that pops up on an object and it makes a weird glitch sound, is that apart of the game or a glitch. Also I’m assuming the game is not completely done yet, so that’s why lots of the games are missing, and the Coins/Tapes. Other than that, I love the game. NOTE TO EVERYONE: If any of you are wondering where FNaF 3, Chica (Parts in Services), PlushTrap, Funtime Foxy, FredBear, etc. games are, I’m assuming they are not done working on the game yet. They probably just ran out of time because the curse of dread bear dlc anniversary came to soon. So just wait until it comes out. I do recommend this game, if your into FNaF.

- Holy lonely pony eating macaroni

THIS IS amazing! This is a really awesome version of help wanted I find it really fun but there are some bad things about it like circus baby was literally waiting at the closest door for me to open it. And there are no tapes- I mean that kinda ruins the whole game since the game was big because of the tapes. But I really enjoy the new quest and the game itself is amazing with the quality and the movement but I find it hard to move the camera around but otherwise besides the bugs and that it’s really great! Thank ya so much for doing this steel wool studios - Funtime langle aka MousyToon

- I was wxiciyed only to relise that the app crashes whenever I try to run it

Plz fix. Good game, bad glitches

- Umm

It won’t let me play! Every time I turn it on it crashes! I spent seven dollars on this!!

- I recommend

It feel like you are in the games

- Don’t waste your money

It crashes every time I try to play the game that’s all it does

- Fix this plzzz!!!!

When ever I go in to it the back ground is white and when I press continue it kicks me out of the game I paid 6.99.$for this

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Five Nights at Freddy's: HW 1.0.6 Screenshots & Images

Five Nights at Freddy's: HW iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Five Nights at Freddy's: HW iphone images
Five Nights at Freddy's: HW iphone images
Five Nights at Freddy's: HW iphone images
Five Nights at Freddy's: HW iphone images
Five Nights at Freddy's: HW iphone images
Five Nights at Freddy's: HW Games application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Five Nights at Freddy's: HW (Version 1.0.6) Install & Download

The applications Five Nights at Freddy's: HW was published in the category Games on 2020-10-26 and was developed by Steel Wool Games, Inc. [Developer ID: 1531524440]. This application file size is 829.16 MB. Five Nights at Freddy's: HW - Games app posted on 2020-11-21 current version is 1.0.6 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.steelwoolstudios.fnafhw