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What is kingdom boss - hero rpg app? The team behind Dungeon Boss brings you a next level RPG packed with action, strategy, and adventure. Get ready to embark on a mighty battle between good vs evil, in a realm that’s crumbling under the control of the Blight enemies. A powerful leader is needed to build an all-mighty combat squad of Epic Heroes who can grow the stronghold, overthrow the dark forces, and save the kingdom.

Gather the ultimate super force and go to battle with an army of 40+ upgradeable warrior heroes from wild genres. Equip heroes with magic items and weaponry and coordinate their attacks in real-time battles. Unlock new upgrades and abilities as you develop their strengths, plus reveal dark secrets through the Rune System.

When an empire is at stake, only the strongest will win the hero wars. Strategically build your formation and unleash the powerful Ultimate Abilities in combat to smite your enemies. Be victorious over evil and dominate the PvE arena, upgrading your stronghold and climbing the leaderboard with every win.

In this fully rendered 3D Online RPG, strategize your Heroes’ abilities and attack skills to battle it out in stunning landscapes. Be shoulder to shoulder with your heroes as you navigate their environment amidst dragons and villains who come from the shadows.

Strategize your hero teams to go to battle in the PvP Arena, earn rewards and climb the ranks. There will be only one champion.

As you expel the forces of the Blight, your kingdom works for you even when you’re away. Your army troops continue to watch over your realm, wage wars, defend the land, and collect resources from the Expeditions you set them. Reap the rewards of strategic idle gameplay on your return.

Are you the rightful leader of Dominus? Take on the challenge you were destined for.

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Kingdom Boss - Hero RPG Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Kingdom Boss - Hero RPG Version 0.1.339825 February 2022

- General Bug Fixes.

Kingdom Boss - Hero RPG Version 0.1.326705 January 2022

- This patch contains support and bug fixes for our upcoming December event. Additionally, the following improvements can be found in the game with the latest update. - General Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements.

Kingdom Boss - Hero RPG Comments & Reviews 2022

- Awesome!

Awesome concept, fun game. But now that we have this game out and it’s fantastic. Can we get some more focus back on dungeon boss? We’d love to get some new hero’s and epics for ones who currently don’t have them, just so we have some new things to focus on. It would be greatly appreciated.

- Good start, needs QoL updates

It’s your standard real time idle RPG. However I don’t know what some of the buffs/debuffs do. Would be nice if I can just tap the keyword and it gives a tooltip on what that debuff does. If there is somewhere in-game to see this, it’s not clear. One thing a competitor has an advantage with the “auto” feature is smarter targeting with AoE abilities. The competitor’s game, when auto is enabled, will try to encompass as many enemies as possible into the target area. While it’s not always perfect, it’s better than this game which auto simply centers the ability on the character’s target (which is not even close to optimal). When leveling a character by holding the button: STOP ME and confirm before the character hits a level that improves an ability/grants a new one. This is pretty much standard across all idle RPGs. This isn’t a bad game and I am enjoying it. It is an idle, so take that for what it’s worth. I just think there needs to be some quality of life improvements. I don’t want it to be it’s competition, but some of the things mentioned are genre standards and I would like to see that implementation. If these implementations were in I would give it 5/5 without a doubt.

- I really like the game but …

I really like that the heroes have well thought out stories and the initial story was enough to keep me interested. As many have said the RNG seems off, but I feel like I get an epic every 40-50 pulls. My issues are a lack of depth in character development. There isn’t a repository for what status effects like hastened or weakened mean. I don’t really have a way to determine if one hero is better than another as there are no battle logs. There has to be a time where the rare hero could outshine the epic hero, but other than a win or loss I can’t really tell. I’d also like to know how my defensive team does in arena as I can only see who I attack. I do like that x faction has a strength or weakness vs y faction, but I need a little more min/max in my life. Last, once I finish the chapters it seems like I will have nothing to do unless it opens up some type of hard mode. Any chance for more end game stuff? Thanks for your time and reply!

- Crashes quite a bit…can’t join guilds

Game crashes quite a bit, can’t play more than 5-10 minutes without crashing. Tried to join a guild, froze, tried over 20 times and either it freezes or crashes. Deleted and reinstalling it again…looks like a good game so I’ll try again but extremely frustrating if you can’t play without constant crashing or not being able to join a guild, that makes it a bit of a waste of time since there are hundreds of games like this out there.

- Enjoyed it until it bugged out

Was a fun game until it bugged out and I cannot find a place to report the bug. Tutorial aspect locks the game until you complete the button sequence to finish the tutorial. Council function lets you play with characters at a higher level without leveling them. Rotating characters out of council and then leveling them has the game try to trigger the tutorial that was already completed but now has no button sequence to finish so locks up. In my case it was for legendary weapons for a 5-star at level 51. Please fix was a fun game.

- Seriously?

If you like this type of game you will enjoy it for a while. If you're a whale, they made this game for you. It's unbalanced and has more bugs than any other game I've played in a long time. Nothing new or interesting. Just a dev trying to get in on this fad before it runs it's course. So disappointing, the current generation of game writers have no imagination. Too much tv and games not enough real life experience. So sad.

- Reward Point

I’m loving the game so far, but I have one critique. I wish you guys would make more of an emphasis on the reward points. I accidentally stumbled upon them and now it makes me want to keep playing longer to increase my loyalty point.

- Can't get enough!

The development team did an outstanding job! The characters are fun and interesting, the unique combat style keeps you engaged, and the game runs seamlessly on my device. I can't wait for new content!

- Fix the guild system

Every time I try to open the guild building my game crashes now I can’t open the game !!!! I paid money over $50 and I can’t play now !!!!!

- New Update is Lousy

I really enjoyed playing this game until the recent update. Replacing the star system of ranking characters was a really bad choice. The new color system is very confusing and hard to understand. The stars kept everything simple and straightforward. Now with the color system my enjoyment of the game has dropped precipitously. Bad move.

- Fun game but glitches are rough

It really is a fun game to pass the time and simple to understand. Game has some glitches that can shut the game down for awhile but the developer seems to be responsive and willing to fix the issues which is great.

- Huge Gatcha Player

I’ve played probably a hundred hero collector games in my life and spent thousands so I’ve been around. I’ve only been playing this for a few hours but I can’t stress enough how bad you need damage/heal/shield meters at the end of the levels or bosses.

- What the heck awesome

Just got this game and already love it guess what you’re going to love it to get just got this game and already love it guess what you’re going to love you to get this

- Mom approved

I’m a mom and I approve this game for teens. It is fun and entertaining for families to play over winter break. No push to buy, buy, buy. Great video and character development. Like being in a Marvel Comic!

- Kingdom boss is awesome

A must download this is my first RPG style game and it’s so much fun being able to upgrade heroes fight bosses and earn real world rewards is just an amazing touch

- Really fun RPG. Love that you don’t have to turn your phone sideways to play

Really fun RPG. Love that you don’t have to turn your phone sideways to play

- Needs work

I like the game.. It needs a lot of work tho.. Also it’s crashing a lot :( . I’m going to delete for now. Maybe I’ll reinstall in a few months.

- Battle

Really fun for adults but easy enough for a child to play too. Appropriate for kids ages 3 or 4 to adults. Fun fighting with no blood or graphic violence.

- Great Game and Rewarding to play

Very Fun game RPG style and strategy based The graphics look great and it's fun upgrading your heroes and earning Loyalty Points for MyVegas along the way so you can eventually earn enough Loyalty points to stay at the real Kingdom like Excalibur in Las Vegas truly great game. Just need to showcase the rewards so more people know other than that great Job Playstudios once again

- Great graphics and easy game play

Nice new game and looking forward to to playing more. Love the play rewards as well.

- Incredible.

This game is one of those I can’t stop playing. Now in my top 3 favorites. Awesome gameplay and action. 👍🏼👍🏼

- This game is awesome

I like the game it’s really fun you can get a Lotta good characters and stuff and I just got it and I am level nine

- Having a blast!

Really fun game with all my favorite mechanics blended seamlessly: kingdom building, loot, leveling and gearing hero’s, engaging but not bogged down battles, and a nice dash of idle gaming for progress. Good times!

- I it is so good

I like how you can fight and collect characters

- If i could play

Seems like an ok game, but in the week since I’ve downloaded it I just keep getting booted off repeatedly. If the game isn’t shutting itself down it freezes. Either way this game creates more frustration than fun here.

- I’m new but so far it’s fun

Nice graphics, pretty easy.

- I absolutely love this game

This game is a must download

- Great game

Very good easy to play butinteresting

- Update is junk

Just started playing and getting into the game… it was fun. Then you updated and now it won’t load🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ time to delete and find a new game

- Guild Events

The game would be so much better with more events and guild related tasks+ guild events

- Solid Storyline

And plenty to do

- Nope

Game does not work can’t even get past the loading screen. Just freezes up and stays there.


I love the story line and mechanics of the game it’s so fun an addicting already.

- Constantly Force Closes

This would be a great game if it wasn’t force closing every few minutes. So irritating

- Fun game

The game looks so good! It’s fun to play too.

- 需要中文


- Guild issue

Game freezes when you try and join/search for guild.

- It is so cool

And there is a lot of characters!

- Average with low RNG

Average game and really low chance of getting good heroes with premium pulls. Money pit

- I lost heroes

I just summoned a few decent heroes that I just lost out of nowhere.

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- Crash

Pls fix the crashing of this game it’s doing my head in

- Great game with a couple of bugs

I really enjoy this game. It’s perfect for logging onto twice a day kicking some but and then getting on with your day. Unfortunately, it does occasionally crash leaving me without the rewards for missions and with wasted boss tokens . Also, the additional arena tokens and boss tokens which were supposed to come in this update have not been applied to my game after I updated it.

- New update has made game useless

The newest update has removed the ability to get blight from anywhere. So you can’t level up any heroes. That’s the number one goal in a game like this. Developers need to fix this ASAP or otherwise the few players they have will all leave. Also you can’t finish daily quests now that you need to do all 8 as those people that have finished the campaign can’t replay any stage.

- Destroyed potential through incompetence

Started off looking hopeful although obviously a work in progress. Every release since has been one step forward and two steps back. Currently compromised or limited is….levelling, campaigns, pvp arena, guilds, questing, and explorers league and that’s just the obvious items. It’s also represents 80% of the game content. Do not spend a cent on this game in its current state. Pull your fingers out dev team, honestly.

- Can’t get past some levels

Seems like it would be a good game, but I literally cannot get past Shaxire. Every time I try, the game freezes and won’t respond to anything I do. Doesn’t crash, but doesn’t do anything else either

- Good game but crashing makes it in playable

Good game and would continue playing if it didn’t crash every 5 minutes

- Dont waste your time...

This game is half baked and there is absolutely NO support feom the developer whatsoever. Extremely disappointed. Yes they have good graphics but there is no content, millions of bugs, crashes all the time, and there is no sypport from dev and u cannot give any feedbacks at all. I will delete this game.

- Don’t bother

After update dosnt work at all every update seems to make the game more unstable get it working before you add events won’t be playing as it crashes now on startup not a game you would spend money on

- Needs fixing

Day one was great excellent game. Day two can’t even get past the loading screen. Have removed reinstalled and replayed the intro when linked same crash happened 😡

- Greedy

Started off well with potential but the last patch removed the guaranteed 5 star hero in a 10 draw...which costs $50 in premium currency to buy.

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- Doesn’t work well on iOS 15

This game always shuts down in the middle of doing something. And when you get back in, the game lost the items you had just gained.

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Kingdom Boss - Hero RPG 0.1.3398 Screenshots & Images

Kingdom Boss - Hero RPG iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Kingdom Boss - Hero RPG iphone images
Kingdom Boss - Hero RPG iphone images
Kingdom Boss - Hero RPG iphone images
Kingdom Boss - Hero RPG iphone images
Kingdom Boss - Hero RPG iphone images
Kingdom Boss - Hero RPG iphone images
Kingdom Boss - Hero RPG iphone images

Kingdom Boss - Hero RPG (Version 0.1.3398) Install & Download

The applications Kingdom Boss - Hero RPG was published in the category Games on 2021-12-08 and was developed by PlayStudios [Developer ID: 624795774]. This application file size is 628.17 MB. Kingdom Boss - Hero RPG - Games app posted on 2022-02-25 current version is 0.1.3398 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.playstudios.kingdomboss