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This is the most realistic truck game in market. Deliver heavy cargo from one place to another. If you want to became a truck driver and this is imposibble for some reason for you you have to try this game.

Beat challenges to earn money and upgrade your car. Make it stronger, faster, look more awesome!
Earn xp to level up and get cool rewards.

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- Fed up can’t play game advertisements

When I play the game just as it gets good dam advertisement comes on stays on make you mad to play this gam the some big fat dud standing up about a turret or the nerd taking a bath in honk want to play the game but you must wait till the bs goes off 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 on the advertisers don’t like it but the game trucks is ok but stop with the beat down advertisement game 😫😳

- The insufferable ads!!!!

Too many ads!!!! Do you money hungry developers really not know how to make a game???? Give people the option to watch an ad to double or triple their money. Give them the OPTION to refuse the ad opportunity so they can keep playing. THAT’S how you make a game! Forcing players to watch an ad after every level regardless of whether they want to or not shows that you’re only in this for the money from ad revenue, not because you want to make a good game people can enjoy. Other games are able to do it! Why can’t you?????? You can’t even come up with original concepts! This is the EXACT same game as the train one! Except it’s trucks this time! How long did it take to come up with this game? A minute? Minute and a half? You people have no shame! I hope you go bankrupt!!!!!

- Ad viewer

The ‘levels’ in this game take 20 second to complete. At the end, succeed or fail, an ad is played. If you’d like to upgrade you truck, you have the option of watching another ad or spending coins rewarded after passed levels. Which of course can be increased by watching more ads. Not only will you spend more time watching ads than playing the game, but the ads ignore the sound settings of your phone. Volume is full blast even if you have silent mode on. I decided I was done as soon as an ad didn’t even have a mute option. This is an extremely easy, mindless game that is not worth the amount of ad time to play time. Winning a level means nothing and there is no satisfaction from progress.

- It’s alright.

So I thought this game would be cool to have so I downloaded it. Very cool game at first, but it keeps adding a trailer that you cant even see, I think I made it to like 7 trailers before the game stopped being fun. If you had the choice to have how many you wanted that would be great. So I give this two stars bc after a certain point the game becomes just not fun to play and I think I played the same level 6 times already. Not very well put together imo. And also need to have more truck options.

- Horrible

This game is really bad. Please do not waste your time. First off the adds are fake. They are recorded off another popular game called BeamNG drive. Second off the game mentions that you can crash your truck and you have to try and save it however there is no threat for the truck in this game. What I mean by that is the only thing you have to avoid is loosing gas. You can’t crash. And then third off the game is not even HD?! That is needed for a game. Despite all these flaws I think that if the developers take some time to fix the game it could be a decent game.

- I do not know how to pass this level 23

I do not know how to pass level 23 it is impossible for me to pass level 23 so please rite me back how to get past level 23

- Clickbait

I downloaded this game after seeing a sc add it looked fun for a mobile game but the second I played it it was like every other game with one button useless upgrades and way too many adds I think I got to level 2 before it forced me to watch a 15 second add and the game it’s self it total garbage from the audio to the interface it’s just not worth the 10 seconds it takes to download it and I just think it is a scummy move to advertise a different game for the add... the devs are bums.

- This game is a scam

I saw the ad for this game and it looked awesome with a real life name brand truck struggling to make the corner with a super realist look and feel. But, when I downloaded the game that was nowhere to be seen it is a tap the screen strategy game. I would not recommend downloading this game to any one in the ad the thumbnail icon for the game showed a real truck turning a corner and when you go into the App Store the icon looks totally different. I guess it is just your normal wanna be big and huge game maker...

- Scam

So I clicked the game from an ad on FB. The ad showed a truck (realistic looking) trying to make a turn. I thought it would be some cool truck game... nope... after a few levels you upgrade you truck only not to finish the levels. I have multiple levels I had won but my truck can’t make it to the finish line. The ads you have to watch are a killer. Even to get free levels more ads!! Agh... enough with the ads... don’t waste your time...

- Stuck

Literally played level 7 over 10 times & upgraded my fuel pack & engine SEVERAL times but I still never get any farther than before I upgraded. I even “tried” the other powerful trucks that you can use after watching an ad but I still make it to the same exact spot. Stupid. They’re literally getting paid for me watching all of these ads in my attempt to upgrade my truck. Big middle finger.

- Stealing Video and Screenshots from Snowrunner

First of all, you guys are absolutely ridiculous for stealing video and screenshots of one of the most popular games out right now (Snowrunner) and trying to pass them and falsely advertise using them for your game. Secondly, the gameplay (if you even want to call holding your thumb in one spot “gameplay”) is terrible. 100% false advertisement, probably copyright or trademark infringement, and a ridiculous way to do business.

- So oh so bad

This game is so bad it give and ad every 2 “missions” it’s dumb I can’t even listen to Pandora while playing it and the game overall is just bad stuff is so expensive and the physics are no realistic I get it it’s a game but still and you run out of gas or “oil” really fast and yr forced to watch a ad or keep doin the same mission over and over again to upgrade it.

- Love it

I love the game. I’m on level 205 I don’t mind the ads. Going to try and go to the very last level which whatever the last level is. How many levels is there in this games

- Ads, Ads, ads....

Could be a fun and challenging game, but unless you like watching ads more than playing, don’t bother. It is fun, but it’s play 20 seconds, then watch ad. Way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way TOO MANY ADS.... Did I mention it has TOO MANY *$#$ ADS? So many developers in their greed ruin what could be a maney maker if the didn’t beg with nothing but Ads, ads, ads ads...

- It has lied

Do you lying about some pictures with #3 I’m not happy this is one you put on one stone you but I’m fine with the other so we might put 2 1/2 jk I love it but still lied >:(

- It’s a good game, but...

It’s a good game, but not at all close to what the advertisements advertise it as. It’s just kind of boring. You basically hold down on the screen, and make the truck drive to the finish line up and down hills before the gas runs out. You don’t actually drive the truck at all.

- Not very good.

First of all the ads for this game do not look anything like the actual game. Secondly some of the screenshots of this game are from a game called BeamNG drive and it is only a available on PC. Lastly the levels only take a few seconds to complete and aren’t even that fun, not to mention there graphics aren't very good either! Would not recommend.

- Fun game

I like this game although I would like to have more levels and landscapes as well as different modes like on were you drive of a Cliff or something like that

- Truck simulator

I love the game I love the trucks I don’t like the hills though in the curves I don’t like those I don’t like the gas time please fix that if you can but the game is fine

- So good

Ok so when you run out of oil it still go to theFinish line then you win and you get like 100 points in 100 coins every every round you get some really good!!!!?!! Do you want a a BCDEFGADICK

- This is NOT realistic

The game is not bad but definitely not the most realistic. It’s impossible to really get into this game because there are WAY TOO MANY ADS. I know the developers need ads I get that but a 30 second ad between each round is just overkill. Sometimes 2 thirty second ads. Sorry I would keep playing this game if not for the ads.

- Pointless

If all you want to do is hit the gas and watch ads, this one’s for you. There aren’t even brakes or steering controls. It’s just an app to get you to watch ads. You can’t even tell how much progress you’ve made despite adding more and more trailers to the rig, and it doesn’t seem like points are tied to your performance. It’s annoying.


First of all, all the ads for this game are gameplay of Beamng Drive, so any ad you see for this game has nothing to actually do with it. Also, THE ADS (in game) there’s an ad after every level, regardless of whether to pass or don’t and it’s VERY annoying. If you wish to make any sort of progression in this game other than level-wise, prepare to watch some ads.

- Good game

I like how it has more realistic graphics unlike most mobile trends, and I also just like transporting wood via truck in general. Good job.

- Decent game way too many ads

The game itself is entertaining. But there are way too many ads that it really takes away from the game. Some of the ads are longer than 30 seconds. I understand they need to make money. But it’s brutal. I’m about to delete the app

- Not as advertised

When the clip is showed for advertisement I was interested. Upon playing the game is nothing like what you see in the short clip. I give it one star because it is not as appealing as all the other truck games. I was under her impression it would be something like an Outback Truckers kind of game but really it’s you hold your thumb down and that’s it.

- Such a scam

I downloaded this game because everyone said it was a scam and it truly was a scam. The add was way different from the game. I thought it would be fun but it wasn’t even a tiny bit of fun. It doesn’t even deserve to have 4.4 stars it doesn’t even deserve a star from me. I am truly disappointed in this game. I should’ve never downloaded this.

- Truck em all

This game is so fun but the only problem is the loading and the adds because you get a add every 2 rounds but it is very fun but if you make another game you guys should make it every 5 rounds or 10 rounds or just no adds! 👌🏻

- Incredibly boring

If pushing your screen is fun to you, have at it. This app is proof that reviews don’t usually match up to actual game quality. Maybe the power ups work, maybe not. Very hard to tell. All you do is push down on your screen, that’s it. Gameplay is almost nonexistent. This could be fun for a toddler. Hard pass

- So alright “Ad makers”

Ok so I know when games get popular people think they can steal ads and nobody will notice I saw those ads of BEAM MG DRIVE why do company’s that make games steal ads I seen a game that stole a ad of beamgdrive in three games in testing out your game but if u lied about the ad I will immediately delete this game I watch youtubers and nobody steal game ads from other creators

- Truck em all

I really enjoy this game and I really care for it but it’s not a bad game but if you all play the game you won’t understand this words

- I love this ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I love driving trucks my dad takes me for rides all the time and let’s me drive his trucks. Thank you to whoever created this game

- Fine awesome

This game is good I finally got the last truck is good but this one ad I’m stuck on I can’t even get out but it’s a good game!

- Entertaining for a three year old, maybe.

I’m dumping this waste of time. Same O, same O ad’s over and over after each try to reach the end. There’s no challenges as advertised, like your truck turning a corner short and you might have to back up. Just these hills and corners in hopes you have enough fuel. Bad, waste of time!!

- Stupid

This game is so utterly stupid and senseless I can’t see the point of playing it anymore. What is goal? Is it to gain a wealth of coins? Is it to crash a big rig? Is to not to crash a big rig? Im deleting it right now. I suggest anyone considering this just pass it on by! There are many games out there better than loser game! Thats my opinion, take it or leave it!

- Truck em all

Downloaded the game 6 times but game doesn’t open or work...unfortunately had to delete again, Please fix so i can give 5 stars. Looking forward to eventually playing this game...

- Great game

Fun game easy way to past the time and just great game I would like just a few less adds tho great game though!!

- Too many ads

I’d like to be able to play the game, but the developer seems to only want users to view ads. For every ten seconds of game play, I get an ad. If you can’t provide a good enough product to be able to space ads out better for revenue, it’s time to go back to the drawing board and rethink your game

- Total Waste of Time

You can’t do anything without an ad. All of the free games have ads but this one is extra. In order to complete a mission you have to fail enough times to earn the tokens to buy more fuel or power to make it. This is where the ads are overwhelming. Don’t waste your time.

- Nice

When bored it makes things just right

- 😊👍

I just got it. It’s not what I thought it would be, being as though you can’t steer. But this’ll be alright.

- Truck’em All

Get this game there definitely doing this style game with a pretty cool twist...go download you won’t be disappointed.

- Truck’em All

This is an outstanding game for everyone to enjoy a job well done keep it coming.


It was fun for like 3 trailers. On to my point, I saw an ad that it looked like you had to go on sharp turns and try not to spill your load on big heavy haulers.... I downloaded and it was a game on saving fuel... and therefore YOU LIED also I thought you were able to steer and accelerate yourself and I was disappointed when it was a fuel saving game

- I love this game

This game is really fun except I would like it if it lets you change the colors

- Driver

Only real truck drivers know what it takes to drive a big rigg

- Fun but to many ads

Had potential, but the ads get in the way of enjoying it. Played it for a half hour and now I will delete it. Must be a better way to let people keep it on their phone. But another developer looks at that app game the wrong way. Next.

- Clickbait

When I was playing a another game I saw this ad then it show a beamNG drive ad then I got happy then I downloaded the game but it was a FRIKEN clickbait also they just stole the screenshot so many players can download the game also I guy just don’t put infinity gas because I keep losing cause I kept running out of gas

- Boring fast

There is a 45 second ad after every 20 second game play. You have a ton of trailers but can only see 2. Maps are pretty much the same. Over it after 10 maps.

- To many adds that I will delete the 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 game

Ok 1 thing to much adds and I hate adds to my life take out all the adds out pls if not I will delete this game and put it on a billboard and it saying if you have this game delete it

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- Not bad

Thought I’d be able to steer it but still goes alright.

- Please use your owe game play footage

To whom it may concern You have used game play footage from spintires mud runners and I feel that this game is miss leading from what it has advertised in ads please do not use other companies creations to advertise your games as this is wrong plus I believe you have violated some copy right laws in doing so

- Too many annoying ads

Pathetic game, full of useless ads, its not a game to play, they just make you watch ads to make money

- Good game

Good game but it should be fuel not oil just the tiny things that make it better lol

- Do not get

Do not get this game it is totally misleading the clips it is showing are from different games I’m only giving a one star because you can’t do a zero star

- Best game ever

Truck em all is so simple and fun to play. It I a great game to play.

- Okay

It’s alright but there’s better games out there!😮🙂

- So bad

I Thought You Could actually drive trucks like turn it yourself and use gears and all that but instead its just boring

- Crashes

Game won’t even open just crashes straight away on iOS 12

- Too many ads

Not only too many ads. Levelling up feels like ur doing nothing

- Truck

Truck go vroom

- Challenging truck driving , man

Totally unreal banana peel ;-)

- Lord

Yeah I’m gonna say it’s ok

- Weird

So I just downloaded this game I go to open it and it crashes

- Waste of time

The game is about watching ads instead of trucking. Don’t bother

- Boring

Pretty boring, can’t steer, all you do is press the screen to go

- Me

Seems good

- Truck em all

Great game

- Truckke

This game is a lot of fun.

- Garbage

The advert is a rip and nothing like the game which is just another piece of ad grabbing garbage!

- Poor

The app won’t even open. Must be a fake app

- Me Stuart Annakin

Hi guys great game good time killer

- Don’t get this app

They have used footage from beam NG drive don’t get this game

- Great


- Awesome fun

Great game

- Copy right ad

Bruh the ad is CLEARLY bmx drive and the game is nothing like it

- Truck’em

So cool

- Coopster1020


- Fake

Totally waste

- Chamisam


- 👊🤓👍


- mr

nice fun

- Horny gamer

This game got me rock f u c k I n g solid. Would love to ram one of these f u c k I n g trucks up my rectum passage.

- Mata remz

Velly goood... Goooodddd... Gooooodddddd... Hhhyeah

- Ghhcgghcfht


- Jdhehehh


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- Good


- Ok


- More commercials than playing

Do not download it. You’ll watch more commercials than you can think of. It is pathetic. Do not support this kind of sh1t.

- Get a job

Come on ripping off beaming drive an actual good game? Get a job

- False advertising

They do false advertising with videos from other much nicer games. I hate this!

- Truck’em All

Great game good time waster

- Too many ads

10 seconds of game and 30 seconds of ads

- Cant belive

I cant belive how they can make much false comercial..

- Bad

It’s just bad an boring. Full of ads and also false advertising for the game

- Bad

The advertisement is nothing like the actual game

- Fun

This is a great and super fun game.

- Boo

App won’t start. Just goes to my home screen

- Trucker 100


- We just have to touch the screen...

In the add it was looking like u controlling the truck...

- Hi my name is keighan

It’s awsome

- False advertising.

If this game could get a 0 star, that’s what I’d give it. All of the ads use footage from other games such as Drive, a PC exclusive game. Make a good game and you won’t have to steal footage from others.

- Trucks

Love it

- Ads ads ads

Can’t play much unless you watch ads.

- Not as advertised.

To much advertising during game. Not like the game advertisements at all.

- About Game

Very good game I like this game too much


I was playing among us and this game ad came on and the clips are stolen from drive and looks nothing like the game

- Fantastic

Love it

- Cool

So far so fun.

- Trucking

This game rocks I says I says !,,.

- 👍

Fun game

- Really

Sounds like crap before I start

- It’s alright

I’m truck technician so I’m having fun with it

- False Ads

Garbage game. Nothing like the ads I saw and even the photos on the App Store don’t match the game

- Having fun

Good concept, simple yet challenging.

- Simple

This game is simple but awesome

- Woody1385


- If I could give half a star I would

Not what it looks like in the add what do ever. Another misleading game that uses the vibration in the phone. Terrible design and misleading adds.

- Pretty cool

Awesome game

- Meh

Nothing like the add

- To fun

It is fun but I wish it was more like the add

- Blah

You will spend way more time watching 30 second ads than actual game play. The video leads one to believe that they will be steering the truck. Not the case. Just throttle.

- Grreeeeeat


- Trash

Nothing like in the adds this games a fraud

- Ads

Can’t even play, basically just ads

- Crap

Game sucks all you do is watch ad after ad and when you turn the sound off the next ad you need to turn it off again

- Truck em all

The game is sweet I love how they roll coal

- Not good

The ads you see for this game are not this game at all, this game sucks.

- The commercial advertisement is not what it is

Including the copyrighted BNg Drives videos some videos are correct but most of them are allies👎

- Fun

Like this game


you facking took beaming drive used it for an ad so people would play your stupid waste of time game bro go do something in life that your acctually good at idiot

- Truck’em all

Great way to spend any time waiting

- Kdn

Sais cool le jpeux

- Truck em all

This game sucks. Biggest waste of time ever made.

- Don’t install

Please don’t install

- Don’t waste ur time

Bad game isn’t fine not like the ad I saw at all

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- I love it but

I really like this game but there’s to many ads no one wants to play a game with so many ads pls read this THANK YOU👍

- Adds

I downloaded the game from the adds thinking that you would really control the truck and drive it around and have a destination but when I downloaded it and played all you do is hold a button to go forwards and it atomically turns for you.

- It would be better without ads


- My review

The ads are great it don’t just shove them in your face the game is great also

- No progress

I played this game for 35 levels and it all just feels the same as u upgrade fuel or power u can not even notice ur getting any more fuel or power I really don’t think you are it’s just a different track u have to try very carefully to not run out of fuel on

- Great game

As a us service member and a truck driver ( 88mike) I like this game a lot because I feel like it’s a simulation of my daily routine

- So far so good

Just started playing but I’m enjoying the graphics, very crisp very clean!

- Great fun!

Easy to play a great way to spend a few minutes!

- Ripoff

This is a rip-off, like you guys make The ad look so cool, but no, the game looks a whole lot more stupid,

- Do not download.

Chinese spying app. They tried accessing my phone for whatever reason, I was quick enough to not allow it. This app also mess with your location, this also interfered with some personal accounts. Please stay away!!!!

- Honestly crap.

You’ll spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game. It pretty much forces you to watch ads to get anywhere in the game. No real challenge to it. You could play this game with almost zero though. Over all just not good.

- Truck

Not to. Bad to play but I just play it to take a break from my other games

- Has potential but not worth it

The game has potential to be cool to kill time, but you literally spend more time watching ads than you do playing the game. Clearly the creator is out for himself with this game and does not care how it affects your experience.

- Full of political ads attacking other parties

Game is simple and fun. It is full of paid political ads attacking other candidates of other parties.

- Amazing

It is amazing I love it if I were you I would play it and rate it 5 stars

- Disappointed

Gameplay is nothing like the ads I saw for the game. I’m use to playing free games with ads and understand that’s why they are free, but this one is absolutely loaded with ads. Gameplay is pretty monotonous and I bored of it pretty quickly

- Fun!

My 4 year old son enjoys it! Keeps him occupied when he gets bored on errands.

- this isn’t what you think it is !

this is not what u think it is ! it’s fake advertising ... the vids of the game are fake ! It not what u are looking for trust me it’s not . I was going to download this Bc of the reviews but I thought ppl were lying ! They aren’t ! This app is fake . Not what ur looking for trust !

- Clickbate

In videos it shows you backing up and turning and everything then you get it you just hold the screen to go and then you have to put everything in gas just to make it past lvl 5

- Doesn’t work

I downloaded this game. Then tried to play it. Every time I tapped on it, it just went a blank screen the back to my main screen. I finally gave up. Don’t put a game up for download if it’s not going to work....


First of all false advertising of navigating to the actual game is just pressing on the screen to accelerate the truck. Second don’t download this game unless you love adds because they are after every single run. I do not recommend this game for anyone.

- Good game

Excellent game so far but the review came within 5 mins of playing it.

- Good game

Only thing is there are no instructions, you just start playing. But fun so far

- White line fever

Pretty cool game. I’m enjoying this as a trucker for over 44 yrs. pulled everything you can imagine.

- Fun but

Fun game but too many ads. After each level there are ads and ads. Mostly based off ads.

- How did Apple let this one through!?

The video ads shown is from Snowrunner, same with the picture of the Ford Truck! The pictures with the red trailer are from Beam NG! How did Apple not catch this stuff!? Literally false advertising at its best and they don’t even care!

- Simple fun

I’m a trucker in real life Fun to move a big rig virtually like u would never do in real life

- Truck

Little more steering of the truck would be nice.


This app is great and the graphics are great this is a great app to just sit down and relax that’s why I am giving it a five star review.

- Loving it

I love the game don’t mind of the ads but it reminds me of monster trucks

- Truck girllllll

I just love to play truck games and this one is so realistic

- Lies

This game is not what the developers say it’s just tap the screen to accelerate and that’s it , lots of false claims and advertisements, makes you Watch a video every minute to have enough units to keep up with upgrades if not level can be cleared.

- The trucks are neat

It’s a fun game I pass time playing it always

- Not what the ad said it was

Got an ad that said you could steer it around cliffs and stuff and it looked fun. Opened the game and started playing and you can’t even steer. All you do is hit the gas and upgrade the power and fuel. Not what I wanted to play.

- Worst

This game is not worth getting I thought you would be crashing but instead I got some worst graphic game in the world plz don’t install I’m telling you now I want to bleach out my eyes the game is bad don’t install plz and thank you

- Alright to pass time

It’s an alright game to pass some time. It has waaaay too many ads. You’ll do one level in 10 seconds to only watch a minute of ads.

- Too many ads

You spend half your time watching ads instead of actually playing the game.

- New to the game

So far so good. Just trying to figure it out.

- The fuel

The fuel is the most important thing I worry about because if I ran out of fuel in real life I’m out!

- Truck’em all

I love playing this game when I’m bored in school lol

- Clickbait

I downloaded the game thinking it was something completely different. The ad i got for it was something wayy different and when i opened it i was disappointed with it completely clickbaited me

- No steering

There is no steering you just basically try yo manage your fuel consumption.. for those griping about the adds, if you can just turn on airplane mode while you play and the adds will be gone.

- Awesome

I don’t think anyone can make a game like this.

- It’s trash

Not what I thought it was gonna be at all it makes you seem like you have full control of the truck in the pictures and stuff but it’s a one button controlled game smh 2/10

- Copied bmg drive and ads

Bmg Took a long time to make and they’re just using video clips of bmg to make their game look better and when you download it shove ads down your throat please don’t download this game the game is really bad.

- Fun game

Totally worth downloading when your sad

- it great

It’s so great You should trying no bugs

- So relaxing

I love it so much so far I had NO ads at all! This game is amazing!

- Great game

Fun when you have time to waste

- Won’t open

I’ve downloaded this game 7 times over the last two weeks and every time I go to open it. I get a black screen then back to my home page

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Antonio DiBartolomeo


Ian B 🇨🇦

@JessMarinDavis Pretty normal to buy random preserved foods out east - I've seen everything from fish, to lobster, moose, rabbit, seal, and all sorts of vegetables and berries - usually find em at a truck at the gas station on the highway, in a parking lot on a given day, or the farmers market.

sen 🧃 humming BB's theme

im laughing so hard hhhhhh. i am taking all these orders all at once bc i am able to pass thru their cities before heading over to my actual destination. And now, they can't fit on the truck hhhhh i had to offload em and put it on private locker. Im so dumb hhhhhhhhhhh

Truck'em All 1.1.2 Screenshots & Images

Truck'em All iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Truck'em All iphone images
Truck'em All iphone images
Truck'em All iphone images
Truck'em All iphone images
Truck'em All iphone images
Truck'em All iphone images

Truck'em All (Version 1.1.2) Install & Download

The applications Truck'em All was published in the category Games on 2020-09-12 and was developed by 思琪 沈 [Developer ID: 1519968843]. This application file size is 174.29 MB. Truck'em All - Games app posted on 2020-10-30 current version is 1.1.2 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.mpmf.truckemall

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