Magatsu Wahrheit

Magatsu Wahrheit [Games] App Description & Overview

Real-time online JRPG with epic scenario, Available NOW!!
~ A high-tension adventure of seeking the Truth behind the Mysterious LIGHT ~

1. Epic 3D action Online RPG, featuring a peak production team from Japan
(Original work/Script: Shouda Miwa; Music: Yokoyama Masaru; Character Design: Third Echoes)
2. Touching over 1.5 million players across Japan - Featuring several famous voice actors:
(CV:Koyama Rikiya 、Kawasumi Ayako、Morikawa Toshiyuki、 Kakihara Tetsuya、 Sawashiro Miyuki、Toriumi Kohsuke、Sugita Tomokazu、Saito Soma、 Ishitobi Erika、 Kito Akari、 Uchida Maaya 、Yuuki Aoi)
3. Fight along your allies and captains as part of the Mobile Corps!
(Real-time Online Battles, repel your foes with your friends!)
4. Aim for SS-tier guild, fight for the glory of the strongest
(Communicate anytime using stickers, fight alongside other guild members)
5. 3D Action team-play RPG with high quality Japan style animation
(Immerse yourself into the world full of Light and Despair)

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UI and Localization optimization

Magatsu Wahrheit Comments & Reviews

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- One of the BEST JRPG game this year!!!

First of All Anime is on air!!! Its really awesome, no spoilers but its a different story than the game but both really are good. I suggest you start playing now so you will see. Next: Developers please make more marketing strategy for this game because this can ever go par with Genshin Impact or even more.(I really hope it will be feature by app store soon, it deserves more) Last: This game is very friendly to f2p players, they give tons of SSR for free or you can even get it by farming. You dont need to spend a penny to be strong in this game but ofcourse if you want to help the developers you can spend a little to help them. A lot of grinding as well so you can max the potential of your character. The game has some visual aspects of visual novel, the story is really good. I really like the characters, the different captains of squads. The animation is very captivating and the character customization is not difficult to understand. I suggest you start playing so you will know. Thanks you so much Developers!! Keep up the good job!! IG:J0MaR

- Questions and opinion

I would like to say the game is great love that you can join people when they battle and character customization that you can change from one male to female and also good voice acting. But I also wanted to ask when I play on my phone and use my phone to play outside it has 4g and is able to play for like a few seconds, it starts saying connecting and won’t let me play is there a reason for this if you I would like to keep playing it even when using internet from my phone.

- Amazing

This JRPG game is amazing. I can also tell it’s not an mmorpg like most games are. Reminds me of Final Fantasy mixed with Celes Arca from long ago. The story is amazing and has a lot to it. The graphics in the game are not to bad as well. But the cutscenes are on point. Love the classes in the game not all of them but some of them. The battle system reminds me of final fantasy but also the last remrant plus the story kind of resembles the last ranker for the psp. I actually really enjoy this game and it’s amazing it’s free so far. But still no match for Genshin Impact. That game is lit.

- Server connection

I really want to try this game more but it’s tough when I’m constantly being kicked from the server even though I have full bars/connection on my phone. Also, the SSR watercolor pants is missing it’s feet (unless that is just the design of the armor)

- Terrible if your not willing to spend a lot

First and foremost event in the game requires you to pay big money to even participate. The events are not friendly toward all player and only big spender can even complete them. Example: latest event requires specific captain weapon to find the event item. Without it you will spend years to complete the event. This event has 13 days to complete. All event are impossible for normal member. Play it for the enjoyment then find a new game. If your free 2 play. Don’t waste your time.

- Worth trying out

So far so good. Gameplay similar to persona, good voice acting and music! No AI game is alive with players! Chat and emotes and many interactions only con i see is the graphics not being so sharp.. coulda done better job on the edges, but so far so goood fun cool game!

- Drop rates too low

Rerolled for 4-5 days and still can’t find the hunter captains weapon I want. Drop rates are to low. I just want to be able to pull the weapon and enjoy the game.

- Exactly what I was looking for

Love the looks but haven’t been able to play much because it didn’t seem to work good on mobile data and I don’t have WiFi at home please fix this I can’t wait to play this

- Great game, but the text.

The game is amazing and the visuals are great along with the story telling, but the text in multiple things being cutoff or being misspelled is aggravating and ruins my experience in certain parts.

- Fun to play

It’s very fun, love it it’s not too hard or easy, and I also love the gacha system we don’t need to gacha both characters and equips just equips and I love it

- Enjoyed it but....

I cannot play it on cellular data. It refreshes app every 2 second and it’s the only app that I have that won’t work on data but on WiFi it work fine. Until they fix the connectivity issues it’s a 1 for me. Won’t be spending any money either until then, sad because it’s actually a fun game.

- I’d love to play it but....

For some reason in the tutorial battle it will disconnect right at the beginning of the fight. I’m sure this is the game I’d like to play but I can’t move past this point.

- Great!!!!

I love the graphics and the main quest. Who ever made this game really made it the best. I support and hope to keep playing more of ur games in the future :D

- Connection error

I keep getting disconnected from the sever during the tutorial

- Not good

I would give it a 5 stars but in the turtorial it kept saying unable to connect to the internet I had 4 bars of WiFi and it still said unable. I even restarted the game and it still says it. Is there anyway we’re you can fix this bc I’m trying to play the game but I can’t due to this problem.

- Amazing Experience thus far

I’ve enjoyed this great game so far! I love the art and style in the game graphics. I hope the gacha will be good to me in the future! :v

- Hmm

Its a good game overall. But sorry i will give you this rate. Because with the stupid lag everytime. It was smooth at first but then its lagging everytime. Ive even changed the resolution into low and showing only the most few players. But its still like that. And i cant even play the game peacefuly. So yeah its only worth one star

- Cool😎

The graphics is pretty neat and the characters are so cool this is a game that I was searching for and now it is here trust me you won’t regret downloading it🥺😎.

- Pretty, but poor translation

Uninstalled at the data download screen. They can’t be bothered to spell and properly translate, not to mention the character descriptions are just weird.

- Just do it!

Please please please please please please please add charts/graphs of stats after fighting! Healing Damage dealt Damage taken Buffs Debuffs Combo Any others are welcome as well! Just something to flex or screenshot after battle to add to the social aspect of the game. Thank you so much for a great game! Keep it up devs!

- Good JRPG

Fun mmo-like JRPG. Story is interesting so far and the music is great. The artwork is pretty. Combat is active time turn-based. The gacha is for equipments. Basically, this is a great replacement for those who played Unison League and Logres.

- One of the worst me mechanic in any game.

People can randomly crash your battle party. Put an option to stop letting random people join? I have no idea why developers even allowed this. This is one of the worst mechanic in any game ever made. A simple toggle will fix this issue.

- Really like really

This game doesn’t work I being trying to download the file o whatever is call and I still getting error don’t pass the main screen I keep getting kick out don’t waste your time

- Offline please :(

Please make an offline version. I’d like to keep playing when you shut down the servers. This game looks cool!! Thanks.

- Classes

I love game classes so much it hard to choice!!!!!!💕💓💗

- Lacking

Graphics are lacking for this day in age. Disappointed that America let a non dubbed game into America. If they are not going to dub it, don’t let them put release it into America. Just another gacha. Gets boring fast.

- Cannot play without WiFi

Anyone who is having the connection error is because you can’t play this game with data just WiFi... that’s pretty sad.

- Love it!! PSP RPG nostalgia!

If you love PSP RPGS you’ll find this to be a blast!

- Cannot be played on cellular Data

Apparently you cannot play this game on data, wifi only. Which for me makes this game unplayable.

- Battle System

I don’t know why any developer would think that the SinoAlice battle system is fun. It’s not. Save yourself some time the game won’t get any more fun.

- Poor connection

If I’m not on WiFi can’t play the games reloads every 30 seconds.

- Amazing

Such beautiful

- Pls fix

Can’t get pass the first fight keeps losing connection

- Drop rates horrible, don’t bother

310+ tries on same mission for SSR drop, still no drop. Unless you plan to spend money drop rates are horrible, you get nothing to show for your time.

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- Frustrating

Hard to enjoy gameplay as it is laggy and keeps timing out.

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- Lacklustre Graphics Are Overshadowed by a Content Rich and Complex Game

Great systems, amazing storyline. Tons of content to keep you busy. A full fledged MMO for your phone. Definitely needs more graphics options and a proper aspect ratio/ pixel density on the iPad, though. It looks like they just trimmed the sides of the screen to fit the iPad aspect ratio and it looks terrible on the device—play on your phone or an emu. Edit: I’m removing a star since for whatever reason they decided to screw Global players out of a guaranteed Captain’s Weapon pity and instead stuck them with a 25% chance ticket. Absolutely ridiculous when publishers pull antics like this. I can’t recommend spending until/ unless they fix this.

- Disconnected all the time.

I have the fastest internet service and yet your game disconnects me everytime. I tried to bear with it because i liked your game but I am at my limits. You need a better server that can accomodate a lot of players globally.

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TVアニメ「禍つヴァールハイト -ZUERST-」公式

MAGATSU WAHRHEIT -ZUERST- Episode 8 “Rogue Ultimatum” on air tonight at 11:00pm on TOKYO MX, 11:30pm on BS11! Past episodes are available on various streaming platforms so you can catch up on the hype! Be sure to check them out! #MWZ

禍Magatsu Wahrheit

⏰Thanksgiving time limited event!!⏰Watch out!! What is this yellow monster suddenly show up in Wahrheit Continent? Conquer the "pumpkin Monster" to get its soul for exchanging thanksgiving limited costumes and gifts for free!!🎁🎁🎁 #Magatsu


@_KirioT_ Fire force, Danmachi,IWGP, Magatsu wahrheit, Akuma Drive, Haikyu, The irregular at Magic High school, by the grace of the gods, golden kamui, Noblesse, Jujutsu Kaisen, I'm Standing on a million Lives, Tonikawa : over the moon for you. Et dimanche arrive Shingeki no Kyojin 😊

Magatsu Wahrheit 1.14.3 Screenshots & Images

Magatsu Wahrheit iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Magatsu Wahrheit iphone images
Magatsu Wahrheit iphone images
Magatsu Wahrheit iphone images
Magatsu Wahrheit iphone images
Magatsu Wahrheit iphone images

Magatsu Wahrheit (Version 1.14.3) Install & Download

The applications Magatsu Wahrheit was published in the category Games on 2020-10-28 and was developed by Gamonster Inc. [Developer ID: 543189826]. This application file size is 731.79 MB. Magatsu Wahrheit - Games app posted on 2020-11-17 current version is 1.14.3 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: net.gamon.magatsuEN

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