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Photo Widget : Simple [Productivity] App Description & Overview

Photo Widget is FREE & the easiest way to decorate aesthetic your home screen!

- Photo Widget is a free application with no additional payment.
- You can register photos you want for each widget.
- Supports 3 sizes, 2 ratios (1:1 / 2:1) of any number of widgets.
- Decorate your iPhone home screen with your favorite photos such as precious memories of your family and friends, pinterest pictures, your favorite celebrities and k-pop idols, pets and so on
(Photo widget is a home screen widget that applies from iOS14)

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Photo Widget : Simple Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Hello, this is Photo Widget. There was a problem with uploading some of the photo files, and that part was corrected. (Thank you, Jihee Han (instagram: @jiheesama), who was willing to take the time to find out the cause and joined us) If you have this problem again, please contact us via Instagram DM. (@ios.photowidget) In the next update, not only will we improve functions, but we will also add features that will make your home screen more aesthetic, so stay tuned! Thank you.

Photo Widget : Simple Comments & Reviews

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- Love it, but one issue the internet even help with

So i got the app just last night and set everything up, everything works just fine except for one thing. Photo Refresh Interval. When i go to settings and click on PRI it allows me to change the time but it never stays. For example i want to change it o 1 hour but it’ll change back to 10 minutes. The only time it will stay is if i keep the app open and i really don’t want to do that. I’ve tried searching on the internet to see if i can fix the problem but i cant find anything. The articles i get aren’t even related to my question, no matter what way i ask it. I’m just wondering if there is a way to fix this or not.

- One of the best!

I love this app. I literally have no complaints about it. It does exactly what it’s supposed to do. I love the fact that I can set up my albums and choose which album I would like to be displayed on the widgets on my home screen. I also like the time interval in which my multiple photos can be changed because seeing a new picture in whatever interval u set is refreshing. I only hope that you’ll add other widgets not just photo widgets maybe calendars with multiple fonts and colors / backgrounds we can add ourselves from camera roll or even choose from, a clock (whether digital or analog) , battery percentage, reminders, notes and just any other widgets you guys think would be cute! Love love love this app!!! I can’t wait to see what other updates you have in store...

- Has issues

To be honest this app is certainly amazing. I love it a lot and how it makes my Home Screen look so cute but there’s a problem. When I’m putting the photo widget it doesn’t allow me to pic which photos I wanna use. I would get so frustrated with it and how it randomly puts a picture that I didn’t want. I’ve tried to adjust widgets to current settings but all it does is nothing. I would click on adjust but nothing changes. I then went to my settings to see if I can do something about it but as I was looking for Photo Widget, I couldn’t find it. All my other apps were there except for Photo Widget so I couldn’t adjust to current settings or whatever. I was really confused. I don’t know what’s going on. I really wish it would work. Hopefully you guys fix it but other than that, the app is cool though.

- Absolutely Fantastic!

It does exactly what it’s made for: adding a photo widget to your Home Screen. It’s very easy to use and allowed me to display the photos I chose. I also appreciate the fact that I can choose the amount of time one photo is shown on the widget, until it shuffles (in order or randomly depending on what you chose) to another photo in the album. I wouldn’t change anything about this app, but I do want to know how to display the photo album’s name on my Home Screen instead of it saying “photo widget.” I don’t know if it’s currently possible or not since I didn’t see any options to do that? Anyways, thank you for making this app!

- So much potential

Great app! But there are a few things that could take this app to the next level. Allow for you to pick multiple pics at the same time. It’s extremely tedious to have go back in constantly. Allow to automatically scroll to the top of you camera roll. Allow for shuffle of pictures so it’s unexpected which picture going to see. You should also allow a preview for each widget size so your able to see what the photo will look like in the widget. If you could also allow pictures to be resized so that each picture looks the best.

- What?!?!

So when I first downloaded this app, and made my first two widgets, it worked perfectly. I made my very first home screen section and it was very pleasing that I finally found an app that worked for me. Then, I went to the next page, and when I tried to make a widget with a new picture, it used the very first picture I had used, WHEN I HAD DELETED IT. I deleted and re-downloaded the app, and realized it deleted my first two successfully-made widgets, but I wasn’t too mad. I tried to make my first one and I got the picture done and all, but when I added the widget to the home screen, it just used the app cover. I tried it multiple times. I deleted and re-downloaded the app again, and even shut off my phone. But still, it didn’t work. Please fix this.

- Please change this issue!

I downloaded this app a few days ago to decorate my home screen. It went well when I finished and looked great. However I went back to delete those photos I have on my widget and later the widgets say failed to load. I’m guessing it says that because you have to keep the photos, but why would I wanna keep photos in my library just so that the widgets stay? Can’t this issue change to something like you add all the widgets, they stay in the app but not in the library but still they will stay on the home screen and won’t get removed. If this would be changed, that would be amazing and I will rate it 5 stars immediately. Thanks.

- Wedge iOS 14 opinion

So I first got the app and it looked very easy I watched a couple of videos and it looked pretty good and cute so , I decided to make my own however I put my first wedge and made my aesthetic screen and it was going fine until ... I tried to add my second wedge it changed to the same one as my first so I was the video again to see exactly what she did for her second one I tried but it still didn’t worked I downloaded re downloaded but the same issue happened I hope that you can fix this as soon as possible and get 5 stars but for right now I feel like it’s something that somebody can use for just a edit or something basic.

- Great app & easy to use!

I found this app when I was looking for a way to personalize my photo widget. This app is simple, easy to use, and beautifully designed. It has no extra frills: just enough customization to fit my needs! I am not a very "techy" person, so I love that I was able to use this app to customize my Home Screen. The only reason this app has a lower rating is because it apparently had some bugs a few weeks ago. I downloaded after the latest update and it works beautifully! I highly recommend this app!

- Great start

I LOVE this so much!! I’ve always wished apple would let you do slideshows for wallpapers so this is like the next best thing. The reason I rated 4 instead of 5 is for a couple reasons: One, it won’t let you select more than 10 images for your slideshow library. I would like it is I could just select an album and have it slowly cycle through those photos. Two, it does not seem to allow you to move the images to best fit the square. Some images I flat out could not use because the square cropped off a head and I could not adjust it. Finally, it only has two layout options, one fairly small square and one extremely large square. I was definitely looking for a happy medium such as a rectangle. This widget thing is a brand new feature so I expect there to be some room for improvement. Therefore, I think this app is at a great starting point and one of my fav parts about my Home Screen! It recommend it.

- It’s great!

This app is awesome, I got so much got photos and it’s like slideshow. My only concern is that you can only have one widget instead of multiple widgets on the screen and that one widget had many photos you can add to it and it will keep on going throw out the day and change on its own. I really hope that in the future that you can add more than one widget on the phone but overall it’s amazing and exactly what I needed. Since the iOS 14 update came out I have been designing my screen and found this perfect app to decorate it with. It’s perfect.

- So much better than Apple’s photo widget

Apple’s photo widget is broken. This widget app works exactly as advertised. THANK YOU to the developer. Very satisfied. I am writing this review after updating to the new version that allows up to 30 photos. The 10 photo limit was fairly limiting. Amazing app. ***My only suggestion to the developer would be to allow the user to rearrange the order of the selected photos (by dragging them around) so they rotate in a preferred order as opposed to a set order. A random “shuffle” option would work as well. ***

- Best app on the Apple store :^)

I’ve tried other widget apps but I always find myself using this one the most. It’s the most simple and gets the job done no surprise fees and you can make albums within the app which is convenient. On top of that every update description the developer adds little tidbits about their life and if you browse around the app you’ll see a bit of the developers personality which I think it’s a nice touch. It feels very wholesome and shows users that there’s real people behind this app doing their best :^)

- Great App

I’m really enjoying the app. Thank you for continuously improving. It doesn’t happen very often. One comment. I’m not sure if it’s even possible, but it would be really cool if you could change the name of the widget to represent the set of photos it’s displaying. For instance, I put one of your widgets on each page. I’ve got them themed, and the photos go with that. I have social media, communications, IE l messages phone email, and I have a page with all my Chicago related stuff, IE Ventra Uber Parks App etc. Anyway. Just a thought. Thank you for the GREAT app!

- Just one thing to fix 😃

I love the photo Widget app but the only thing that is bothering me a lot it that when I’m trying to match the photos like each in order and I put ‘in order’ it doesn’t stay in order and it’s not matching my photos I put together,like I deleted the widget and made the two same ones and it still dose that and I wait a day to see if I could take it off my Home Screen and put it back. So yeah if only the images actually stay in order that would be perfect, I need my banana fish aesthetic on my Home Screen please and thank 🍌🐟

- yay!!!!

this update is perfect! it’s a bummer this app got so many negative reviews before this update, bc i knew it had potential. you guys really listen to your users! the only thing that i think could still be added is a way to adjust the photo (like crop it kinda) from in the app. the 1:2 widgets usually crop pretty bad, and it’d just be a tiny bit less work if you could adjust it as you add it in instead of having to go to photos and crop it great app though! super user-friendly and my home screen looks great :D ty!!!

- Good but needs improvements

It’s a really good app for what needs to be done- a photo widget. I do wish that the timer was back, I’m not sure if I just can’t find it or if they took it off with this recent update but I really enjoyed it. I feel like the pictures change too quick. I also wish that when you clicked on a picture you could see it up close instead of just coming to the app. Otherwise it works really well, the last update for more pics was a good move.

- Satisfied but could use improvements

After finding out the limited ability of the apple photo widget, I searched for another app that would fulfill what I wanted. And this app is it. I’m highly satisfied with the app, but a few improvements could make the app even better. New features? •Select even more photos than 30. •Set an order you’d like the photos to rotate in, and a random option as well. •Have more than one size show multiple pictures. (For instance, having two small widgets with different photos.) •Set how each photo will appear in the widget. (No more missing heads! Lol.) •Different albums. So you can add photos to one album in the app, and then create another album with different photos. Without having to remove all the photos and then add in the others, like you do now. Bugs •The time limit to rotate the app appears to be stuck on 10 minutes, no matter what you set it to.

- Works as it should!

It does exactly what the title suggest, allows you to set a photo as a widget. The layout is simple/easy to navigate and I didn’t even need to take the tutorial to understand how to use it. It’s short but that’s all I have to say, could use the ability to set a single photo instead of creating a gallery but it’s not really a problem as you can just put one photo in the gallery. Maybe a more obvious delete gallery button? May be some glitches but I haven’t encountered any.

- Please fix

I guess you could say that this is a great app besides several disappointing things. First off, I deleted one of my pictures on there, and it is still the only widget that works. Second off, you can only technically make one widget. You can rotate your pictures but that’s not what I want, I want it to where I can have several different widgets without having to have the pictures rotate, or I would like it to be where the last picture that we put on the widget is the one that will pop up when you put up a new widget. Can you guys please reply, I would love for this issue to be fixed

- Review!

Sorry I’m sitting on the toilet (where I get the best thoughts.) I just wanted to come and say, this app is perfect especially if you want a quick easy app to put photo widgets on your phone, instead of downloading something that cost money or something else. But.. this app does not say iPhone at the top, my friend tried to get this app but she has a Samsung, and it did not work. And this app does not show deleted photos which is kind of hard. Omg sorry for my terrible grammar. That is why I give this app a 4 star! Get this app, you will not regret it at all!

- Photowidget Is Worth It!

Photowidget is a really good app.🔥 Easy to use, understand, and enjoy. ✅ I love customizing the widgets on my phone and being able to choose a picture from the internet or my camera and being able to see it when I open my phone. 👍🏼 However, Photowidget is still an app that can’t really stand alone, so you should download another app as well to have maximum results and a beautiful phone! 😃 I really enjoy this app and I recommend it completely! 👏🏼

- Amazing but a little issue…

This is great for putting pictures on your Home Screen but only if you want one. I want to have more than one photo widget on my Home Screen, so I set the first one up, then I delete it on the app and put in the new one, but when I try to upload the second one, it just puts another of the one I had before, that seems to be my only issue, and if I readjust the widgets it just makes both of them the same picture, if they could fix that then this app would be a 10/10.

- Thanks for this app

This app is awesome, I am obsessed with this k-pop group called stray kids and I have so many pictures of all 8 of the members and I wanted to have all of them as part of my Home Screen, and thanks to This app I can! I have albums for some of them, I just got it yesterday, and I have albums: ❤️my hyunjin bias❤️ and 😜jisung😜 and 😘our Felix😘 an stray kids and 😍seungmin😍 and I also have hyunjin ❤️jeongin and ❤️🥺MY JEONGIN🥺❤️ and I did only have one page on my phone but now I have to so I have more widget room.

- Love this new app! Only minor issues

This app is what I was looking for! I love how it plays like a slideshow and I can add 30 photos! However, I would like to be able adjust the photos because sometimes it crops out faces. I think it would also be cool to have multiple photo widgets at once. Additionally, I noticed I wasn’t able to delete one photo off of the slideshow without deleting them all. Those are a few issues I saw and why I’m giving 4 not 5 stars. Since this is a new app I’m sure I’ll see changes soon as it updates!

- Good app but doesn’t allow you to adjust picture

I like this app because now I can display many of my favorite pics on my homepage rather than having to choose one as my background before. I just wish the app allowed us to adjust the pics so that we can control how the pic will be reflected in the widget. The app crops some of my pics in a weird way that ends up cutting off the top parts of the picture. Simply adding the ability for us to adjust our pic once we add it in the app, could prevent this!

- needs cropping feature

I like it... But definitely needs the ability to select multiple photos into the widgets at a time, and also needs to include being able to crop your images yourself. Ive seen other reviews on this topic but it’s seriously a must. i shouldnt have to go in and crop every one of my photos in my photos app just to get them to show up the way i want on the widget. there should be an in app cropping ability to preview what the photos in widget will look like and allow you to zoom and move images if you don’t like the way it’s fitting.

- Multiple images..

So I downloaded this app add some photo wedges,The app seemed easy to work with when I put the first photo in. For the second one however I was having trouble adding the picture, I don’t know why but when I put the wedge in the picture would be the same picture I did the first wedge. I Changed the size of the wedge and the picture I was looking for showed. I was confused so I delete the app and I re-downloaded it, but the same issue happened I even deleted all the pictures I put and tried but it still would put the same Image I had deleted..

- Neat!

This widget is amazing for displaying whatever photo I want on my phone. But I have just one suggestion that will make it perfect! I would like the option to choose which registered photo I want to show, and have different ones on each Photo Widget. For example, if I have one on each page one widget should have a photo and the other should have a different photo. This is different from the slideshow as it’s multiple ones simultaneously.

- I personally like it

When I got it I read the reviews and realised that a lot of people who wrote reviews didn’t like it. I do feel bad for everyone bc it works great for me, but I did have it in early September . If it’s not working still Just update it bc I’ll admit in the past it wasn’t so great bc I could only do 1 album but now I’m glad they took matter into their hands and fixed it :) I love it and I’m glad it works , good luck to those who are having trouble with it 👁👄👁

- Whyy 1.1.3 /:

I really love this app. I use it to show some edits of Kpop idols I listen to (NCT/WAYV). I was sad to see that once you delete the original picture from your device it also deletes from the album. I’m upset about this update because some of us aren’t able to keep those original pictures on our device due to low storage or just not wanting the clutter of pictures in our camera roll. Although I do enjoy the albums and everything that has been newly added it’s made me enjoy the app less to know I cannot delete the pictures. Please bring that back.

- A tiny problem involving albums

I love this app because it allows photos that I chose to randomly pop up and the developer(s) have been great in fixing the time interval. However, I just updated to the new version and now I’m forced to keep the photos in my personal album because if I delete them, then it deletes itself from the app’s album. :/ I won’t have enough storage if I can’t delete so I only have two photos in my photo widget. Hopefully this is temporary because I really do enjoy the app!

- Great

This is a great app but i don’t know how to put my album on my Home Screen. I saw my brother do it and I thought it was cool so I got photowidget and tried but I couldn’t figure out how. But I could probably ask my brother how he did it. I just figured out how to put it on my Home Screen. I love this app. The only thing now is that whenever I turn the size of my album, it changes back to small when I close the app. Other than that it’s a great app.

- Picture Problems

I love this app. I gives me all the picture I want on the widget. The update was really good too. Thank you for adding the albums. That helps a whole lot. The only problem with the widgets is that you cannot adjust your photo and center it how you want it to look. For example, I have a group of my friends but it centers it in a way where it is cutting off of people’s faces. I wish I could adjust it. Overall it is a great app. This app deserves better rates in my opinion.

- Amazing job

I love this app, its simple to use and I’m glad that it let’s you have multiple albums. The only thing I didn’t like that much is the refresh intervals and the fact that you have to keep the photos you used for the widget in the gallery, it doesn't bother me that much since i hid the pictures but it would be nice if you could still use the widget without having to keep the pictures saved in the gallery.

- Love the app so far but have an ask

The app works really well and my iPhone looks really great now! My question is if there is a way to make it where Gifs, Live Photos, or even a video could be made into a widget. I have an awesome clip from one of my favorite anime and can convert it to any format. It might not be possible, but seeing as I’ve been on the internet all day there’s no app that does it, adding this could draw in a lot of downloads. Thank you!

- Confusion

I downloaded the app because I saw a friend have her home screen similar with personal photos and I wished to personalize mine as well. The first photo was perfect but as I added more, previous photos would repeat and it wouldn’t let me adjust what part of the photo I wanted (for the landscape perspective.) I also couldn’t customize which layout I wanted for specific photos as it automatically gave me a photo (and repeated ones as I mentioned). I am not sure if I was supposed to delete the photos and then use the feature? It’s a bit confusing.

- Great app! But here’s an idea...

This app works great! I love that it can cycle through images and it can have different sizes. The one thing I would like to add is to have multiple widgets instead of just one. Also, maybe you could have it so we could adjust the photos to our desired measurement because some of my photos are getting cut off. Thank you for reading this and I hope you take some of these suggestions!

- Thank you!

I think people can easily forget to be grateful for those that serve others. I really appreciate the work the team behind this app has done to provide a way for all of us to decorate our homescreens. Although this app has its occasional problems, the team provides updates shockingly fast, so I appreciate their hard work. The update notes are always so personal too, so I read them with a grateful heart. 감사합니다, 건강이하세요!

- Great but one issue

This is amazing just did it yesterday. But for some reason all the photo widgets on my last 2 pages just say “failed to load the photo long press to select the album again” plz fix that. That is the only problem everything else is amazing I just would love for you to fix that one problem but overall this is really good. If that one problem wasn’t there then my rating would be 5 stars though.

- Love the idea, but hard to use.

I absolutely love this app, and will continue to, but there are some bugs I’d to bring up. I wish that they would make it so you can have the same size widget with different pictures, and also make it so you choose the photo the widget uses and it doesn’t choose randomly. I am a very OCD kind of person (lol) so If I use this app, I need it a certain way. But other then those, I love this app! Continue the hard work and I’m sure I’ll give 5 stars! I will continue to use this app for a long time.

- Its works well but there is some issues

the apps works well apparently you have three sizes The medium and the large and small i’ve been enjoying this app especially in the iOS 14 but there’s some issues as well You can’t put all the photos at the size that you want for example I want to upload a photo of myself but it’s only working on the large size when I wanted it on the small size and the second thing is you can only put 30 photos in the app .. but no problem I still love this app 💗

- It’s missing one major thing!

I love the concept of this widget! It says it’ll allow 30 photos and on the preview for this app it says you can put the interval between each photo for 10 seconds... yeah that’s not true. It gives you 5 min to a day but not seconds which is what is favorable for me anyway. Even the 5 minute intervals don’t work for me, it doesn’t change pictures at all. It’s stuck on one... I just wish they could add seconds for intervals and change the pictures on the widget, which can be tweaked :)

- Good but frustrating

This app works great but I think that If we were able to pick what picture we want shown and each box would be better. I want to have different pictures displayed in each box but I can’t because if a picture is in a certain size box it just stays with the same picture. Frustrating because I want to display different pictures but want to use the same box size. Works great though good app

- App is great but I had some issues

At the very beginning everything was going perfectly fine and I loved it but as I kept using it there became a problem. The app wouldn’t let me pick the pictures I wanted to use. It just started picking random pictures from my camera role, and I tried many times to fix it but it was not working. I got very frustrated with the app because I worked so hard changing the wallpapers of my other apps. I think it is a great app but I do think it needs to be updated more.

- Could Use Some Changes

I really like this app, but I wish the interval in which the photo changes could be much faster. Right now the fastest option is every 5 minutes. I’d like to see way more options for times. Also, being able to edit the order in which the photos appear once we’ve selected them would be great. Overall this app is better than the default Apple widget, but I hope it gets an update soon.

- Love it but..

I love this app but when I tried to put the widgets on my phone I can’t pick so it comes up as the same one twice even though I want a different one I feel like that really needs to be changed also you can only put 30 pictures I feel like I should be a 40 or 50 limit this app is really really good but there is A few details they need to work out....

- You guys are doing great!

Hii so this review is more of a response to the last update’s description, and I just want to start off saying you guys are doing great and I appreciate all the hard work you guys are doing! Thanks for making my Home Screen so customizable and cute. Don’t be so hard on yourselves, this iOS update is so new and you guys are so on top of it. Keep up the great work and hang in there!

- fix album

I like how their are albums now, but now i do not have an option to have the pictures just never change. i made some albums with one photo and then after that one photo. the widget would just show any photo that was in my six album. this should be fixed. i want certain widget to have a certain album not have its own mind of its own to just make all my widget the same. and then having to delete every album and start over and have to rename them to make sure it’s not any same names i used before

- I like the app and love the idea but hours after installing it has never changed the picture

I downloaded it for the first time today. The app is easy to use. It’s easy to add your photos. The only problem is that I have had it on my phone for hours and the picture has never changed. I made sure to set the refresh time for 10 minutes. I’ve tried shutting my phone off and restarting it. I hope that it starts working because I would really love to use this.

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- It’s really great..but

Overall it’s a really great app, I’m able to customise photos I want to add on my home screen. However despite everything the images I choose keep on changing and ruining my aesthetic which is really annoying. Might be a personal issue however 🙂

- nice!!

simple to use and I like the range of intervals provided— would love it if it could also introduce an option to shuffle the order it displays photos, or even to edit the order it’s displayed without having to delete each photo and starting again if that makes sense!! It would also be useful to allow editing in the app too— even simple things like resizing/cropping the photos :))

- You can’t fault this developer

Sure there may be the odd glitch here and there. But it is free! And I tell you what. You cannot fault this developer. He is always putting out updates and very lengthy detailed notes on the updates as to what he is trying to do. Best feedback I’ve ever seen from any developer for any app to be honest. I’m sure they will get on top of the minor issues.

- Definitely Recommend!!!

This app makes it very easy to completely control Widgetsmith photo albums! You make an album which you can edit anytime and set it as your desired widgetsmith size and choose how long untill the photos automatically switch. 5/5, amazing :)

- Tay

This app is so creative and fun to fiddle around with all though I’m not familiar with this app I am enjoying it to improve the product of this app clear instructions on how to use would make it a whole lot clearer I love this app and would enjoy to keep using it and growing to be more familiar to it. Xx

- Disappointed

I would be excited to use the new update, however I’m disappointed that I have to allow access to my entire photo album for it to work. This doesn’t make sense as you only should need access to the photos I want on the widget. I care about my privacy and I don’t want to give developers access to my entire photo album.

- Nice! But...

The apps very good and I like the new update, the only problem it gives me is that I have to register an album or it won’t support it??? I’ve been fidgeting around and cant seem to find anything. Anyways other than that the apps pretty good!

- Cool, but

Love this app really spices up my home page but I can’t put more than one picture up at a time! If I put more than one wigglet with more than one photo, the photo stays the same, the only difference is that it slides through the photos every so often. If this could be improved it would be greatly appreciated!

- Great app but room for improvement

The ability to create multiple sets of photos for different widgets and selecting multiple images at one time while creating a photo set would be great

- Photo Widget Review

This app is a good app because you can see your photos in the Home Screen and they change whenever you want them to well done

- Good concept but could be better

I want the option to choose which photo I get and where to put it. Very frustrating, when the same photo is chosen for the same size. I’ve tried deleting the photo and start again but with no luck.

- Amazing 🤩

This app helped me a lot with making my home and Lock Screen more aesthetic I definitely recommend this app and hope you guys will get it too

- Good app but can be better

It’s a great app. But what really frustrates me is that when I go to insert a new widget (I intend on putting multiple widgets with this app), it picks a random photo. I’ve tried deleting all the photos, trying different sizes & everything else but I can’t get it to pick the photo I want

- one image per widget

It is nice but I would like to be able to have multiple widgets with different images without it changing but every time i add new pictures the widget changes. It be nice to be able to assign certain photos to widgets without it changing at all.

- Great, but needs some fixing.

Hello, I got this app a few hours ago on IOS14 and I just want to say this app is amazing! But there’s a tiny glitch, I want to put a specific photo on my Home Screen but it picks a random photo so please fix this. Thanks.

- I like the app... but

I like the app but what could make it better if you can have videos or GIF! So instead of a bunch of pictures you can have just one or multiple videos!

- Good but could use a few changes

App was great and very easy to use but it would be great if there was a couple changes 1. It would be better if the photos I selected could change quicker like a slideshow (so every 30seconds or so) 2. Very basic editing in the app eg cropping 3. Maybe an order shuffle 4. Some effects like fade and stuff when changing from photo to photo would be cool 5. To be able to choose what photo I want displayed at that moment

- This is my rating

I think people sould get this app it is fun and nice to use some ohotos with you and you friends being goofy (that is what i used the app for). So i think YOU will love it too ❤.

- Pretty good but could use some work

The app itself works pretty well but i wish i could add more than three photo widgets to my home screen. I have been trying to add a fourth photo but it changes to a different photo instead of the one i chose.

- Really makes my phone looks a lot better

You can’t pick your photos on apple without this app I love tidbits so good just saying

- Great app!!

This app was frustrating at first but now it’s so much easier and better than a lot of other photo widget apps. I recommend this app!!

- Suggestions

I think that this app is great and very useful but I think they should have multiple folders so you can have multiple non-rotating photo widgets

- Having multiple photos on the screen at once

This app is pretty good and really easy to use, but it only allows you to have one photo on your Home Screen at once which is practically the only bad thing about it

- It’s okay

So i got all the photos i want and it looked great, but for the 2nd time in less than a month it just deleted all my photos. i’m not sure why, and they’re all still in my camera roll, but it keeps on happening.

- Wow

It is easy to work with and you can see all your favourite memories. You can also set how long until the photo changes so that’s amazing. Get this app

- Annoying

I made about 13 widgets and then it says “failed to load tap on the album again” I did then it still says I deleted the redone all my widgets and then.. same thing it’s so annoying Please help

- Great app

I really like this app, but it could be improved. Adding different photos for different widgets would be great. Like different folders for different widgets

- Confusion

I LOVE the idea of this app, it’s a way to get creative and make our home screens look really pretty! I’m just really confused, why can’t I have a different photo for the same sized widget?? It doesn’t make any sense to me and is REALLY annoying. Pls fix it.

- Causing widget flash

Installed this app and the all my apps started flashing. Developer knows about the issue but won’t fix it. Great idea but extremely buggy. Developer claims its all 3rd party widget apps but not true as I have many 3rd party widget apps and no flashing. Only when I install this app do my widgets flash. Developer needs to fix this not apple...

- Do not download

This app hacks your phone and takes all your data. As soon as I downloaded this my phone started lagging, things were being opened without me touching it - as soon as I deleted it all of that stopped. Definitely delete this app or don’t download it if you haven’t already!

- It’s a great app

I love this app because I can pick what photos I want in my widget but, my widget has been a bit blurry lately.


No matter how many times I refresh I’ll have two different photos ready and it will only use one for every single widget it’s really annoying when I want different photos for different widgets

- Awesome

Was 4 stars because not enough photos, its been updated so now it gets that 5th star, great widget.

- love it so far

enjoying customising my home screen!! very nice app. my only complaint is that i wish you could create multiple widgets with different images (perhaps corresponding to the different sizes?). i managed to get the smallest widget to be different to the medium sized one, but the widgets keep swapping the images despite having my refresh timer set to ‘never’.


Completely free can do anything I would have given it a 5 star rating if it could do videos that would be super cool

- really good!! ✨😌🤠

I thought this app was amazing!! it was so simple and easy to use!! had no problems whatsoever!! highly recommend!! 🥰😝😌✨🤠

- pretty good!!

the app allows you to select your photos to display, but even after setting for it to transition after 10 mins the same photo is still there, kinda sad, but still better than not being able to select what photo you want in the original apple setting

- Good idea. Poor execution

The widget is a good idea. Implementation is terrible. The method of adding photos is difficult to say the least. Max of 30, one at a time and then having to go back to the folder each time to select an image.

- 1x2 support

Also wondering how this app avoids the access to photos prompt but whatever.

- More options

-Can set the time to change the picture -Pictures can be edited

- Eh.

great concept but the execution not so good, many glitches, can’t pick what photos and size you want, the photos change on their own, one day i woke up and all my widgets were the same another day they swapped.

- Photo

The photo size is not changeable for myself and it doesnt work if i want to use the small size or middle size, i can use only large size widget even tho i try resizing and cutting the photo numerous times

- Too hard to use

I installed this app yesterday and I’ve spent hours trying to have a perfect one but I can’t because when I want one picture it gives me another one I don’t wont if you get stressed out easily to install this

- Needs to cycle through photos

The widget should change photos, it says it refreshes but it doesn’t

- Ok

This app is good for nice widgets but after a while they disappear and you can’t re-add them back which is very annoying and I would like it to be fixed

- Amazing!!

It really gives my phone some colour and an aesthetic

- Great app but

How do I delete pictures in a album I don’t want anymore ?

- Good but missing Album Feature

I hope it supports albums and different photos per widget!

- Photo widget

It’s so good it adds jsit a really cute touch up to my Home Screen xx !!!!

- Doesn’t work

I open the app and whenever I try to add an image the app freezes. I don’t know how to fix this issue, I restarted my phone, re downloaded the app and still nothing works, not sure what is going on.

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- ALMOST perfect!!

Wish there was a way to have two widgets!! But just by having one was great!

- doesn’t work anymore

it worked the first time, but when i went to change the photo it only shows the app icon now.

- need more widgets

i can only do one widget

- Great App

Very easy app to use!

- Not working

At first it was working great but then it kept displaying the same photo over and over so I deleted it and now it only displays my photo if it’s the largest widget. If it’s not the largest it’s just the app logo, please fix.

- Great but....

Hi there! I got this app a while ago and I absolutely loved it, I had specific color coded albums and photos in order (#1 for them all is a pic of my friends and I, #2 is always my dog, etc) and I used it for a while with no problem but all of a sudden it isn’t working!! The photos aren’t appearing in order even when that is selected on edit widget!! When I press edit widget and in order, it chooses a random one to start with and because of all this I can’t get it to all match up!!! Other than that this is a great app but I cannot use it at the moment because it doesn’t seem to work!! A little bit disappointed because I loved it originally!

- Can’t change the time

I keep clicking 1 day but it goes back to 10 minutes :(

- It’s fine but...

Whenever the pic changes, sometimes it changes into a dark screen which is fully black. I don’t know if this is my phone or it’s the app. But if it is the app, do you mind fixing it. 🥺 Other wise, the app is amazing!!🥰

- Actually Worked!!!

At first I thought this would not work because it was free. It works amazingly and it is very easy to use. 100 percent free. I highly recommend this app.

- Good app

Good app but a little bit confusing to use

- Good but needs more

It’s a good app... but needs more options. Different intervals & features etc.

- Issue

I’m doing the steps to make the picture show up again but it’s not working

- Amazingly done

It’s soooo simple unlike the other and it can be like a tiny slide :) and I had to give it a 5 star because of the “🥺” face but anyway this is an amazing app to download for the update

- Missing One Thing

With the Apple photos widget, I love tapping on the widget to open the app and see the full picture. Would be great if this app can have the same feature.

- Love it!

I love this app it’s perfect if your not sure what one photo you want I have pictures of all of my friends and I can’t get over that it changes in whatever amount of time you choose I would choose this widget app over any other ones!

- I’m really upset

Hi, I’m really upset, I made a few, then it started glitching out on me, I deleted the app and re downloaded it hoping it wouldn’t glitch. It’s still glitching me out. Now I feel so boring without widgets. Please fix this problem.

- Sry horrible

It was really bad. It began glitching my apps and everthing. Felt like I was hacked 😬 Don’t reccomend, sey

- Review

This app is great for all ages I only put pictures of my pets but they are so cute so it Is good for me cause when I’m out of the house I miss my pets.GREAT FOR ALL PEOPLE

- Crashing

I like this app but ever so Often the app crashes and all my photos disappear even after I update the app.

- great app

I don’t understand why this app has so many bad reviews, it is a great photo widget app and it’s completely free like ?! What more do you guys want? I also love the developers little life updates I get whenever I update the app, thanks for making such a handy and wonderful app ♥︎ 😁

- Compliqué

Je ne salut s pas comment toujours garder la même photo

- I can only add one photo

Very confusing to use. After I made the album it didn’t show up when I pressed the plus which in edit Home Screen. It showed me other stuff

- Kbc

Super application

- i love it

i enjoy using this app. it’s free and works great for customizing my home screen.

- Very great and works well !

I am very satisfied with this app.

- Love it use this app

Use it


Honestly such a good app!

- Suggestion for the app

Could you make it possible for us to edit our widgets so underneath them it doesn’t say “photowidget” and instead we could rename them? Thanks!

- Uhhhh

I’ve tried like 100 apps like this but none of them work on my iPad Air 3rd generation

- Awesome

Would be 5 stars if it didn’t say “photowidget” under every picture you use. We get it.

- Just great!

Straightforward, simple, works well. Features being consistently added. Definitely the most reliable and easy to use photo widget apps at the moment. :)

- Decent

It does what it’s supposed to i like that👍🏻

- yes!!!😍

I really love it. Thanks ;)

- It’s good :)

I like it

- Works great!

I have been looking for other apps(they weren’t good apps)and I see this!I downloaded it and it works 100%!!!!

- Photo rotations

I love the app it’s so easy to use. I’m not sure about other people, but I can definitely add more than one widget. However, when the photo switches to the next often replays the same photo and some photos never get displayed. It’s super frustrating. But other than that, it’s a great app 😁

- Widget

Very good easy to use

- 3/5

I don’t like how sometimes it’ll set two of the same pictures in two of my widget slots. I have three widgets on my Home Screen and often two of the same pic will be shown which is annoying .

- Aider moi🥺

Je ne sais pas pourquoi mais j’essaie de fair des widgets et sa ne marche pas il me fait juste le premier et sa ne dit pas comment fair

- Bug

I think photowidget is pretty great overall. It’s just whenever I try to upload a large widget, it bugs and I can only see black white and grey lines

- Not very user friendly

It’s not very user friendly, find it very hard to use


Installed and now I’m able to have the photos I want and choose on my phone. Super easy to do and great quality an, come and get it, and support people that accomplish great things.....👍

- photo widget

who is being so mean to the creator of this app this is a good app and it does what i want, maybe fix the time thing? like how fast u want ur photos to switch, but that’s all! everything else is great i don’t know why people are complaining, u shouldn’t have to stay up all night for all the bugs to be gone omg what get sum sleep pls❤️

- Best!

I love that you can choose individual photos Best app ever!

- Old version was better!

The old version actually worked but when u updated it stopped working,All widgets are always now all the same! I can’t fix it please bring back old version!!

- Wow

This app is great so far I dont know how to customize my apps yet but I love it 🦋😎

- Get it

i like it you can choose the size of the widget that appears at the home screen. i also like how you can put at least 2 photos and you can make the photo change every, like, 15 minutes. i am telling you this: GET IT

- Cool


- It doesn’t work

Not getting the concept of having to change my albums all the time. Also not being able to see my photos. Appreciate that you say it is free but you really need to work on this. You have a good idea but making me change my photos just don’t make sense

- It doesn’t work

The widgets work for like a week and than it disappears. I’ve had to add all of my widgets back to my Home Screen over and over. I set the time to 5 minutes and added like 10-20 pictures in every widget but neither do they change or work. Can you please fix it?

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- Good but could use some features

So I feel like if we could set a time on how long we want it to be until the widget pic changes would be awesome and make it so we can’t have the same pic on more than one widget Bc it won’t change. I know you are probably really busy so thank you for your hard work it is really paying off! I got color widget and i deleted it Bc I like how this is free and it just works better. Good job!! 😁

- Heyy!!🐬✨

I got this app for the ios14 home screens and actually came from like you tubers and stuff from suggesting apps to use and this did the job and everything I wanted!!🌊 what I didn’t do that most people did that you can totally do is put edited photos with family to really customize your phone! Thanks for listening to my input on the app and I really suggest it!✨

- Very Cool App But...

This app is one of few that allows us to put our own photos onto the widgets. But what gets me is the fact that I cannot choose what photos out of the selection get put up, while downloading I was super excited to use my photos, but was disappointed when the same photo out of 8 kept popping up every time I made a new widget. This app would be amazing if I knew what photos were gonna pop up!

- Works

Good app but I wish I could change the order of the photos I picked out. Whenever I change the refresh interval it goes back to my first photo which I’ve seen a million times now and I never get to see the later photos. I want to be able to drag my photos around to change the order without having to delete them all and put in new pics in a different order. I also wish you could also choose ‘random’ as a photo order option.

- Great app!

I don’t understand why this app has a low of a rating as it does. I think most of the problems people have with this app are user error related. I think this app is great and have been using it since IOS 14 came out. I have yet to have a problem with the app and I appreciate the work the developers put into the app with the constant updates. Thank you.

- Finally Something straight forward

I was trying to use photo widget and could find out how because apple is not clear on instructions, but thankfully I found this app. It’s really easy to use and my Home Screen looks better than before ngl, I also recommended it to my friends that were having trouble with the their widgets.

- Very nice

I like the shuffling option because sometimes i have difficulty choosing a single image to make my widget. If i wanted a single image, i could make an album and just put one image in. Only problem i have is that it has the name photowidget underneath but I'm pretty sure as of now there is no way to control that. Overall, i recommend it.

- Photo refresh interval

It’s an ok app but the one problem I have with it is that after the new update I can’t even see where to change the photo refresh interval anymore. I want to change it to one day, because it keeps refreshing every 10 minutes but I literally can’t find where to change that in the settings. It just says “adjust to current photo refresh interval”. How could I adjust to the current pri if I can’t even change it??????

- love this app for the new ios 14 update!

This application is great for aesthetic purposes with the new IOS 14 update. This photos widget that comes with IOS/Apple doesn’t really let you customize what photos you want to showcase so this app is a great alternative. My only complaint is that it the timing of rotation of what photos shows only stays at 10 minutes. When you try to do any different time, it just stays at 10 minutes.

- Pros and cons

There are so many good things and bad things. I wanted a widget that just switched through different photos that I selected. This app does that. It lets you add 30 photos and you can pick how often you want the photos to switch... but it won’t let me add some photos or when I add the photo it’s just a black screen. Plus you can’t adjust the photos when u select them. So I would like to be able to crop the photo and not have the photo just be black when I add it.

- Good app but needs work!

I love this app. But there are some issues... I have an iPad and I can’t make the photos go on the Home Screen, the on my screen but they go onto the today screen. Which is when you swipe left on your Home Screen and that pops up, the pictures are all the ay at the bottom so I can never see them.. So if you can would you please change that so that I can have pictures on my screen? Thanks for reading my response to the app!

- :/

I downloaded this because I thought I would be able to add multiple widgets and have each one show a different picture, but unfortunately that doesn't seem to be a feature that this app has. (I also have a bug where I keep changing the "photo refresh interval" but the change doesn't save.) To be fair though, it does do almost exactly what it advertised 🤷

- Ok but once you understand how to use it it’s awesome

It’s kind of complicated to use but once you understand how to use it it becomes really easy to use because I can get my own widgets and I can also switch widgets every 5 mins so I don’t have to see the same stuff on my screen and also it made my Home Screen way more fun to look at.

- Great app

I love this app it works very well and I haven’t had any issues. But if you do want to change your widget as soon as possible it does take a while to load. Other than that I really love this app and I would recommend. Your able to create multiple widgets for your different mood and that’s also something I really like.

- UPDATE: Nov 2020 - The best Photo App

I said I would revisit this app and I’m a man of my word. I returned to this app perhaps two weeks ago and have had no issues. The developer has faithfully fixed the problems brought up by me and other users. Many other photo widget apps have awful interfaces and clunky designs. This is clean and intuitive. And the most important thing - it’s actually free. Other apps I’ve tried charge for looking at your own photos. And in one egregious case the app was free and then they started charging $5 A WEEK! Absurd! I heartily recommend this app and wish the developer the best of luck. Their devotion to their user base is impressive. Thanks for your hard work!

- I love this app!!!

This app can allow you to have reminders photos that switch in between minutes,hours,or even days!! Photowidget can allow you to have shortcuts like you can call a number without going into your contacts and scrolling to find that one number that is so hard to find.

- Great!

I really like this app. It is amazing, gives nice decor to your Home Screen and is perfect for wanting to see pictures all the time. The only thing I don’t like about this app is that it says photo widget under the picture. That bothers me like all the other widget apps. I would prefer for the title of the app using is not under the product. It just throws off the whole Home Screen. Over all I give it a 4/5

- Love it, one problem

This app is great! It makes my Homescreen look so amazing! When I got the update for this app I was really excited then noticed when I put the photos I want in the album then set it on my screen then go to delete the photos from my camera roll the photos disappear from the album. I can’t keep all those photos in my camera roll. Am I doing something wrong?

- Love the new update🎃👻💀

I used the app before the update but, I had multiple widgets and sometimes the same image would come up. With the new update they fixed it so that you could have completely different photos at the same time and my phone is set up to a Halloween theme because it’s that time of year and I absolutely love it.

- Bugs

It’s a wonderful app and idea but you can’t have more than one picture of the same size. I would try to have two different pictures of the same size and it wouldn’t show the second photo and would just have another of the first. And after you delete the pictures you can’t change the picture that shows up for the certain size widget. If you were able to have more than one picture of the same size then it would be 5 stars :)

- Great prospective photo widget app, but still needs work

I have had issues with the photo not showing on the widget and with the wrong photos showing. Sometimes, even when I had already deleted a certain photo, that photo still gets displayed. I would also like to suggest being able to create multiple photo widgets with different photos rather than solely having one photo widget that cycles through multiple photos.

- Great App for Customization But Kinda Limited

This app is great for adding a photo widget of your choice to your Home Screen. Super functional . But one feature I wish existed would be a way to adjust or edit what part of your photos you want to show when in medium size. I noticed a lot of the photos I picked would cut off people’s heads when I went medium sized. Other than that it’s pretty great!

- I liked it! But...

I liked it! But there is an issue, maybe it's with mine but don't entirely know. When I put in multiple pictures and refresh/adjust it on all my widgets it has the same picture. Even after 5 minutes, it's still the same. I even tried removing and putting in the widgets but that didn't work either. It's a good app, but needs a few bug fixes, and working on. All in all, 4/5 stars, would recommend to ios14 users.

- needs work

first of all, you can’t pick the photo you want for the widget. i also thought that i would be able to have a different photo for each one. it bothers me that not every photo fits into all the widget sizes too, it might fit in the large and medium but not the small. it was working when i got it but then my widget switched photos when i put it to never change the photo. now i can’t get the photo that i want back in it bc for some reason it won’t let me put the photo back in the same size which is weird bc it fit just fine when i added it. last thing is that even when you delete a photo it will still be the photo on the widget even if it is deleted. so please improve the app, i would love to give it 5 stars.

- Great developer, and a widget that does what Apple’s default would do!

The developer is fun and communicative with each update, doing a great job of keeping their users in the loop. The app is highly functional and simultaneously easy to use. I recommend it to anyone who wants a photo widget where they can specify which pictures are included in the rotation.

- Can’t delete photos

I really love photo widget a lot, but i used to be able to put the photos i wanted in the album and delete them from my phone, but now i HAVE to keep them in my phone? I don’t like that at all, i find photos to put in the widget to make it look nice, but that doesn’t mean i want to have to keep the photos in my library, they take up space and look ugly. please allow a feature to save photos on the app so i don’t have to keep a bunch of unnecessary photos in my library.

- Pictures?

The app has a lot of potential! Its super simple to understand how to use, except for the fact that i cannot choose which pictures are to become widgets. Its very annoying how i put in multiple photos into the app hoping for each widget to be different when in reality they either are the same or they change randomly. The app has amazing potential, just the few issues that are bothering me.

- Good

Love how you can pick the size you want it but hate how you can’t pick what picture you actually want. I’ll even have all the photos, except for the one I want, deleted and it will still chose the ones I deleted. Also, it glitched for a good while and I decided to delete the app because it would just showing the app picture and not the picture I wanted and then when I re-downloaded it I had to start all over again.

- Great App!

Was looking for something to replace Apple’s iOS 14 photo widget because you can’t select photos you want to appear. This does the trick! I like that you can set it to change pictures within a certain time if you want. I would like a “tap” feature that lets you change the pictures on your own. Thanks :)

- Nice but one tiny problem

I really like this app. It makes my iPad look more aesthetic. I have an among us character right now and I am happy but there is one problem . It was just a normal day when I went to my Home Screen and the widget was just blank . I pressed on it and all my albums were deleted . I had to re add them but it’s ok. Everything eles is amazing and you should get this app

- Is very frustrating

It’s a very frustrating app as I try to make an aesthetic, trying to put three different photos on the three slides of my phone but apparently it won’t let me. It will not let me use different Photos for them and I’m just about to give up. It will not let me add two of them just on one slide of the Home Screen, when I try to add a new photo, the old one just pops up again and this is very frustrating. It also does tons of glitches, this needs to be fixed please.

- Recommend for IOS14

ive been searching for an app that would let me set any pics as widget and this actually works! you can choose 10 puctures from your gallery and once in a few hours it automatically changes. i wish there was more than 2 size options cause landscape widget would be very helpful!

- Confused

So I downloaded the app. I added the picture and it was going smoothly. But when I added the second one it just would not let me. I tried everything but nothing worked. I deleted all photos I added on there and it still kept happening. I ended up deleting the app and reinstalled it. Do you know about this problem?

- Honestly I don’t usually write Reviews but I’m going to today!

This app is so cool and I’m not getting paid to say this like you can actually add as much pictures to one widget so it can be a continuous slide of different pictures! And better yet it is free I love it I’m glad I downloaded it with the other widget apps to edit my Home Screen🤗

- Not the best

So when I updated my phone and downloaded this app to use it for widgets it gave me slot of grief . 1. You can’t chose what photo goes on the widget.2.when you pick to put another widget it puts down the same picture. 3.its just not user friendly.I couldn’t do anything with this app so I had to move along and figure out how to use color widgets. I really think this app needs updated and given features like the ones color widgets have. That would cause this app to become more user friendly and most likely get more views.

- Confused?

This app is amazing it makes my home screen look so cute but...there’s one issue I’ll try to put a widget of one picture and it puts a different picture on it and I’ve tried everything and it got me so frustrated because I spent an hour on it and I just couldn’t figure out why it was putting the wrong picture and even after I deleted pictures it was still placing the pictures I had deleted

- Needs Work

This app definitely has a good concept, but it has a few flaws. First off, I tried downloading the app. I added my photos to it, and created a widget. But none of the photos showed up on the widget, it was only the app logo. So I tried deleting the photos and adding them again. Still nothing. I also would like this app if I could choose what photos show up on the widget. From what I’ve observed it’s just random, but I would like to be able to choose what photo goes where.

- An idea/improvement

If you could be able to make multiple widgets but each with a different picture cover and list that would be amazingggg! So you aren’t limited to just one widget. If this change could be made it would improve the use and the app itself. Another idea would also be the ability to name the widget at the bottom when it’s displayed in the Home Screen.

- Suggestion

I would like it if we could add more widgets and it would be different pictures. Like one widget would be this picture and if you add another widget it can be a different picture all at once instead of having multiple widgets and them being the same picture.

- Its good but a few things

The app on its own is pretty good and useful, it includes a tutorial and everything but when i make an album with images i want to be displayed on my phone, it only updates like days later, even if i delete the image that is being displayed it stays there for days and i have to remove the widget and hope it'll work. Its not good, rather have something that works better

- Great concept!

The concept for this app is great! I love the idea of customizing your Home Screen with photo widgets. But the app itself has some issues. I couldn’t change the photo after trying and even after deleting all my photos and starting again it showed the pervious photo. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling it but instead of using my photo it used the app cover instead. I didn’t get any good use out of it but hopefully these problems will be fixed.

- Functional

The app works well but no matter how many widgets you place on the screen, the same picture is shown on all. The pictures can only change after 10 mins and I wish they could change every 10 seconds or even 30 seconds. I basically only even see the one picture. There should also be a variety in widget sizes, there are only two options.

- It’s awesome👍🏼✨

But, the only thing that is I don’t like about it is that when I put them all to like change every 1 hour its the same photo- and that’s all, I just set it to different times all of them😌And that’s all, I don’t know why the reviews are 3 and a half stars, there are no any better apps-

- Small issue

It’s super cute and I love it but the issue I have is that you have to keep the photos in your camera roll for the pictures to still show up on your Home Screen so you can’t upload pictures in the app and the go to camera roll and delete the pictures cause you won’t have them on your home screen no more

- slideshow

The interface here works well, but I find it really annoying that the photos cycle through rather than staying in place. I want to have different themes for each page on my phone so having all the photos move around makes it difficult - it would be awesome if you guys could make it possible to leave the widgets in place rather than having them be a slideshow.

- Would be great if there weren’t so many glitches

I updated the app to this new album thing and now it’s saying it will no longer support all the photos I already had put in there before the update. Now I need to add all those photos back in. Once I added them back on they kept don't save the photos I upload. I love the concept of this app but it has so many glitches it isn't worth my time or patience to constantly try to work around them.

- Great except 1 thing

I have really liked this app since i got it. I just tried to rearrange my Home Screen and deleted the small photo i had. I tried to put that same small widget with the same photo but now the photo won’t upload and i just get the app logo in the small widget. It was working fine before but not it’s not. I love the app otherwise.

- It’s alright

I created multiple albums and set them in separate screens; however, all of them change through the same album rather than the album assigned to each screen. When I go to edit widget it does have the correct album check marked... soooo I don’t know why it keeps replaying the same album. Cute but personally only because the pictures I have saved are cute. If the bugs were to be fixed this would be a fantastic app.

- Room for improvement

I like that I can add up to 30 pictures. However, every time I add a photo widget on home screen, it would display the same picture instead of the other 29 options. (Basically, now I have 3 home screens with the same picture which defeats the aesthetic). I don’t mind the alternating photos, if the picture displayed on the photo widget differ from other widgets. I set mine to 5 minute alternation, but it has not alternate pictures at all for the past few hours. I prefer a having the option to assign widget a fixed picture that does not alternate, or at least have the option to do that. I really hope the developer will keep this in mind! I like the idea and I hope this takes off.

- Great developers

Never, have I ever seen updates for an app with so many fun notes. You can tell they are doing their best to make this a wonderful experience and I have loved using the app. I haven’t actually gone in it in a while, so I’m interested to see all of the new updates. Keep up the great work!

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Jonas Dunkan

@jablamsky 10 is my magic number. The stock widget on iPhone can show only 10. Makes my life simple I can only follow so many stocks indepth and if any multiplies i want an impact

Ipoeng PuFung

Night guys ....... Google search Andromeda kwgt @EduardoB5to Simple widget @GhanoDZpro Cream kwgt @LOKESHCHAUHAN78 Nova dark ip @One4Studio Wallpaper @inbaraju_d this is not a template, but edit via klwp @ngw9t


@liamthirlwallxs GRACIASS, lo hice con, x icon chang y simple photo widget

Photo Widget : Simple 1.2.4 Screenshots & Images

Photo Widget : Simple iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Photo Widget : Simple iphone images
Photo Widget : Simple iphone images
Photo Widget : Simple iphone images

Photo Widget : Simple (Version 1.2.4) Install & Download

The applications Photo Widget : Simple was published in the category Productivity on 2020-09-16 and was developed by Studio 917 Inc. [Developer ID: 1542069599]. This application file size is 13.37 MB. Photo Widget : Simple - Productivity app posted on 2020-11-24 current version is 1.2.4 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.hyoungbin.PhotoWidget

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