Police Quest

Police Quest [Games] App Description & Overview

Get in to your car and enjoy feeling like a police officer!
Fun police experience with innovative mini games.
Get ready for new adventures!

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- I believe it’s still under development.

5 stars for the future. 3 stars as it is now. You get money for no reason. There’s nothing to buy. I stopped at mission 90 and noticed that you can’t level up from there. It just restarts.

- Push it harder!!!!!! 👿

Hi 👋! I am here to discuss the police quest-ing-ness of the game 👮‍♀️. (Duhh.) So, this game is great and it has potential. But it’s needs push to the finish 🏁. Anyways. There’s only like 85 or 100 missions, then repeats. It’s very annoying and all of the missions aren’t very hard. Can it be random after the limited (and possibly a hardcore mode)? And whats money for? Is it just to collect to make you feel rich? And when you “level up” (as in getting promoted), can you change the guy that stands around eating donuts 🍩 or stopping cars 🚗 to whatever level your on? Ok. That was mostly all of the questions/complaints I have. Now for the good news! I like how when the man eats donuts 🍩 his stomach gets bigger. I think it’s kinda funny 😁. I love how this game is a bunch of different games all it one! And some custom ones, too! This game is super fun (until it starts all over). Thanks for trying you best. SafariWolf out. *mic drop*

- Too easy, seems to be under development, way to many ads, make it more realistic

I got this game because I’ve never seen anything like it so I figured it would be a little more of a challenge for me, but honestly this game is way too easy. Also make it more realistic! When do cops ever sort donuts?! There are way too many ads to the point where it’s pretty much just watching ads. Quick question; is this game still in development? Because 1. You get money when you can’t buy anything. 2. Lots of glitches. 3. Way to easy. As soon as I am done with this review I will be DELETING this game and never coming back. Also note to other people who disliked this game. If you didn’t like this game perhaps the other games are similar so please be aware of what this creator is called. (By the way no offense to the creator, it is just that this is the biggest waste of time) -Sincerely, Anonymous Ally (my name isn’t actually Ally by the way :)

- Way too easy, too many ads

Recently I bought a game that I got tired of after two days because it was too repetitive. I paid $2.99 to disable ads on that game. And it was worth it, because three bucks is reasonable for the entertainment value it provided before it got to that point. With this game, however, there is no “no ads” purchase option, and you spend more time watching ads than you do playing the ridiculously easy levels (for example, four police cars are parked. All are facing other cars except one, so you just send the “free” car along and then release the next that is now not facing that car — the level takes three seconds). Also, the game awards you in-game currency for completing levels, but there’s nothing you can do with that currency. No upgrades, no skins...it’s just there for no reason.

- What’s the money for?

What’s the point of the money you earn? In other games you can buy upgrades and stuff but there’s no option for that here. It also takes 14+ missions to advance to the next “level” but the levels don’t increase in difficulty. The tasks are decent (though they’re the same as other similar games) but I just wish they got harder. It’s a good concept and could be worth my time, but for now it’s just boring.

- Ridiculous number of ads

The game itself is eh and not very challenging. But the most annoying “feature” is that not only there is an advertisement banner at the bottom of the screen at all times, there are advertisement videos constantly playing. Play a “level” that takes 10 seconds to complete to be hit with yet another ad. The developer is simply too greedy. I uninstalled the app less than 10 minutes after downloading it after becoming frustrated with the ads.

- Unsatisfied

Honestly the game isn’t all that fun. You are just completing simple tasks like sorting objects that a 2 year old (A TWO YEAR OLD!!!!) could complete... The amount of adds is overwhelming for the game play time, 5-15 seconds of play time and bam an ad.. Sure you can skip after five seconds but just give like 5-10 levels until an ad.. This game is basic just like all of the other crap games they advertise in the ads, 5-15 second gameplay, 30 second ad. I do not recommend and will be deleting.

- The endless ads 🙄

Can y’all please chill out with all the ads, it’s making the game less fun, we can’t enjoy it without ads popping up, that’s the only thing y’all need to fix for now

- My review

I like the game but the one part I wish they played more often is the one where you stop people speeding and they have a lot of ads like after every single level of is either passed or failed and is very annoying. It also has some levels like the scanner that makes them see if they have weapons or tools or whatever but there is already a game that is devoted to that witch this game should pick up on.

- Words can’t express how awful this is

The game is just terrible. Half the stuff you do as a cop involves eating donuts, the levels only last 5-10 seconds and there’s an ad after every level. Literally one level is just tilting a bar so 20 donuts falls in a cop’s mouth. One is organizing donuts on your desk. It’s not fun at all. I honestly don’t know how app developers get away with putting out garbage like this. Would rate 0 stars if I could. Find entertainment elsewhere.

- An irritation

Every time you complete a mission there’s another agitating add. Can’t even do the spotlight game without having it go insane because it moves so fast, I barely twitch my finger on the screen and the spotlight goes across the entire screen. Super disappointed with how it is right now. It’s so glitchy and you can’t even play the game without having adds shoved down your throat

- Trash

This game only gives you the same challenges over and over and never gives you new challenges and what’s the cash even for

- Real review

Hai im kaia and i do real reviews in games this game is really fun but every time you try to do level 9 it freezes i tried waiting a few days restarting my i phone i tried restarting the app i tried deleting the app. Everything. It still wont work. Game creater can you please fix this bug. And reply to me!

- This is a Good Game!

Besides the wave of ads, This game is good! My favorite part is when you can pull people over if their going to fast! Most of the time their wanted.

- I can’t get pass leave 9

I love the game but I can’t get pass leave 9 the game will not let me to finish the Storting part it will tell me how to drag one of the objects then I can’t drag more of the objects I do not now if it is a glitch or not but the game is good.🙃

- This game makes fun of cops

This game just straight up makes fun of cops, not only that but you can’t even fail levels, and you get nothing but advertisements 90% of the time. Let’s start with the making fun of cops which is my biggest issue with this game. The straight up call cops fat with some of there levels, and make it seem like being a cop is easy. Second, you can’t fail levels. I purposely failed the security checkpoint and I still got full points and said “mission passed”. Third, I’m sure you’ve seen this in other comments there’s more ads then gameplay. This game is just a money grab and doesn’t even try to hide it DONT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME

- Deleted app due to ads

I would have kept this app for discreet ads, or ads that weren’t in place after solving every level. It’s overbearing and too much. With the understanding that ads must be present, a banner ad would have been acceptable or an ad every third level. But you cannot have any fun with this and I will find myself wasting time with a different app with less ads.

- Adds are no problem

Just go on airplane mode for the adds and also way too easy and more levels I played for one day and I’m chief it’s so easy just some more variety that would be great

- Trash

This game just annoys me a lot because my son plays it he love it but there are so many ads and he keeps downloading other games and apps so I don’t have any storage for anything and because of this game I have no more space I deleted the other apps but still pops up another one and it’s anoyying. Do not recommend this app if you hate ads after every second😒

- Good time passer

Honestly I could play this game for hours but being able to spend my cash would make it even better like a side mission to build a police station.

- Best game ever

If you really wanna be a cop then this is the best game for you I love I’ve always wanted to be a cop and it makes me feel like I’m an actual cop It’s really great if you like stopping bad people

- Way too many ads

This game is NOT good enough to have that many ads. The levels only last less than 30 seconds and then there is always a 30+ second ad in between. I uninstalled within 10 minutes of downloading because I was watching ads more than playing the game. If I could go less than 1 star I would.

- Too many adds

I get that as a small game designer you need to have ads, but there is an ad after you beat EVERY level. Each level takes approximately 10 seconds to beat, so I think you know where this is going. I have deleted this game for that reason and I have much better games to play. Do not download this game if you hate ads.

- ADDS!!!!!

I gave this app a 4 because it has so many adds. When you play a 5 second game there is like a 15 second add. This game is fun and all but work on the adds if that is possible.

- How is this game rated so high?!?

This game would be great without or even limited ads. Especially the ads that crash the game. It’s literally a 5-10 second game then ad. The system basically goes game-ad-game-game-ad-game... rinse and repeat. Very obnoxious and sad to see that Apple doesn’t regulate ratings and reviews. Cause these ratings had to have been purchased or rigged.

- Sad

When I try to drag something it’s always laggy and doesent place it there

- It’s ok

I turn off my wifi to avoid the ads so I don’t really care about the ads I just there were more different stuff for missions and that u could spend ur money and plus I got to lieutenant and it switched to 100% and just doesn’t go up so it’s pointless

- Underdeveloped application

Don’t even, this app is incomplete; way to many ads, try’s to make money seem important by making you watch ads for more money. People are give this a 5 star rating “for the future” are morons. I know the makers of this app are known for their simplistic games, but this takes the cake for no effort given cash grab

- What’s the point?

Very repetitive! Same levels over and over and over. Built over $25,000 in cash but can’t spend it on anything. So what’s the point of cash. I hope the devs have a plan for this game, if so they need to put it into action and quick before more people find out what this game is about.

- Really?!?!?!

This is stupid and a waste of time too many adds for one thing and what the hell is the money for when you complete a mission you can’t do anything with it and the missions are so easy and there only like 10 seconds long then it goes straight to an ad I mean a 2 year old could play this game

- Great

Just like the game says. You actually feel like you are a policeman. Can stop playing.

- It’s fine but

It’s fun and cool but the games you have to play are so small like and also after each game you have to press complete or a button

- Adds and game play

I’m level 689 after level 80 you start repeating levels the money in this game is useless. They removed the sniper level and the level where you give tickets to cars in the latest update and I have to say those to levels made the game fun. And the add they basically Harass you with ads

- What is the money for?!?!?!?

What do I do with the money I have 10,000 bucks but there is nothing to buy with it and there is to many adds you should add stuff to buy, less adds, and harder levels the levels are way to easy fix it please and maybe you’ll get a 5 star on your game! 😘☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️😓😓😓😓😓😤😤😤😫😩😫😩😫😩😫😠😠😠😡😡😡

- Way to many ads

When you reach level 90 it restarts the whole thing and the stupid thing is that every time your done with the level a ad will just pop up and why is there money that you can earn but can’t buy nothing there’s nothing buyable like this is just bad🤬

- Level 44

Having issues with level 44 I’m guessing it’s where you have to swerve through traffic. Well I’m not seeing a road or traffic. Just the cop car and blue. If restarted the app and it still does it

- Like the game but to many ads

This would be fun but there are too many ads. It’s like an ad after every mission which makes the game boring. Take the ads away or make it show less ads and your rating from me would be 5 Stars

- How a game inspired me

One day I downloaded a game and it was about cops and it made me wanna be a cop when I get older and capital THANKS to that game

- Money problem

I have no idea what the money is for otherwise it would be 5 stars

- Ads

It’s a fun and interesting game but it has way too many ads. no one plays a game so they can watch ads after every level is complete.

- Sooo good

I just love your game so much and it’s fun to play with my friends thank you for makeup this app lets be good friends bye bye

- Best game

It is so good it has like no ads well still a few ads but it is so good!

- Wow... idk why I let myself get suckered into this

Within 60 seconds of “gameplay”, which included tapping the screen twice, I had to sit through TWO I skippy left advertisements. As soon as the 2nd started I closed the app and immediately deleted it. Don’t fall into this click bait spam.

- Ads are unbearable

No way is this game truly rated 4.7. Ads are unbearable and going to WiFi just to avoid the ads in unrealistic. Seems like a fun game, but cannot tolerate the ads that are impossible to get out of. Added and deleted all within the first 10 mins

- Missions too easy, too many ads

I spend 15 seconds on a mission to watch a 30 second ad. I watch my progress bar go up, watch a 30 second ad, then the process repeats

- Mission 44

Mission 44 is a blue screen that won’t let you do anything with it. You’re able to move the car from side to side but that’s about it. Please update!

- Ads

Would be an okay game if it had less ads! Play a mini game that is like 10 seconds and then boom ad, just to play another 10 sec mini game i feel like its more ads then a game. Deleted after 5 minutes because of that!

- What’s with the mini games.?!

I downloaded the game to play police quest like you advertised...not the mini games. I wouldn’t have a problem playing the mini games if there were one or two here and there but they keep popping up CONTINUOUSLY when I’m trying to play the ACTUAL GAME.!!

- Money

I like the game but don’t understand the point in earning money, or am I missing something?

- Ads are ruining it!

The amount of ads are ridiculous. After every 20 second level there is a 30 second ad. This completely ruins this app.

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- Good, but the adds

This is a fun and enjoyable game. It has been loading for me, but after every mission there are adds. There could be fewer adds, but other than that good game.

- Unplayable - Too Many Ads

A good little game in theory but it’s ruined by the ads; after every quest (which only last 10-20 seconds max) there’s an unskippable as. There’s no way to remove them or turn them off; the game has clearly been made to show as many ads as possible. I do not recommend this app; it’s simply too weighted down by the amount of ads.

- Play in airplane mode!

this is a simple but fun game. The ads annoy a lot of people but the best way to play as free is to put your phone on airplane mode and there will be no ads!

- Good Game but adds!! 😫

This is a good game but the adds make me want to not play it, they come literally every minute which is super annoying and time consuming please fix this. Really fun game though with a range of police things to do.


Way to many adds

- Good game but two problems

This game is a good game it lets you play a range of different activity’s in the game but. 1 there are two many adds and 2 some of the activity’s in this game are ripped off other games.

- Disappointing

I downloaded this game to play what was shown in an add for the game, which I wanted to do the thing where you a catch the cars that were speeding, but you only got to do the first level of it and then you never got to play that level again and wayyy too many adds!

- Way too many ads

There are ads everywhere in the game, after each level there is an ad, there are banner ads in level summaries every place you look there is an ad. Don’t waste your time with this one.

- Too many ads, froze at lvl 14

Far too many ads (Ads before and after (and sometimes during) every challenge). Level 14 kept freezing.

- good game, but pointless?

i see a lot of people complaining about the ads, and the best thing to do is turn off your mobile data for that game or put your phone on airplane mode. but my concern is the money?? si earn money each round but i’ve yet to find anything to spend it on making the game kinda pointless.

- Ads and more ads

Crikey, so many ads. Lucky to get 60sec of gameplay before another ad. Let us pay 99c and turn ads off. Then you might get some stars. Deleted game but please stop wasting people’s time.

- Grate

Hardly ever get adds

- What’s with all the ADS?!?!😡

The ads are longer than the levels in the game. Very bad developer practice, and horrible experience for the player. Uninstalled.

- Play of u enjoy ads

Within a minute the first ad popped up. Don’t bother playing this game unless you enjoy being forced to watch ads

- Not worth the time

Some Basic puzzles way to many adds no idea what the cash collection is for deleted

- Too many adds

Good game but WAYYY TOO MANY ADDS. which will make me probably delete the game.

- Not worth it

Literally an ad after every single quest. I get they need to promote stuff and whatnot but really not worth it. The quests are shorter than the ads

- Too many ads

Ads every 20 second? No Thank you. You can keep your game and i will keep my time.

- Glitch

I’m stuck on level 44 and it just looks like water and the level doesn’t load in

- Adverts adverts adverts

Way way to many ads here. Every 2 levels a 30 second advert. No way to remove them. For a simplistic game like this it’s not necessary. Game deleted.

- Ads

Hate the fact that there’s an ad after every level

- Too much ad

Too much advertisement and every ad is 30sec. Literally every 30s will pop up an ad. Are you serious?

- It sweet

I like it wait no I love it

- Doesn’t load

Crashes and doesn’t load on iPhone

- It wasn’t loading

It downloads but if I try to go into it it will load but hop out of the app

- Col games

This games is cool as yes it is I love it

- Ads

I don’t like that they put more things in it. Don’t waste your long life On this game it gust suks

- Unrealistic

Ok gameplay, but no mission to shoot unarmed black people. Just feels a bit unrealistic.

- Best game evr

𝚃𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚐𝚊𝚖𝚎 𝚒𝚜 𝚛𝚎𝙻𝚕𝚢 𝚐𝚘𝚘𝚊𝚍 𝚋𝚎𝚌𝚊𝚞𝚜𝚎 𝚒𝚝𝚜 𝚕𝚒𝚔𝚎 𝚝𝚎𝚊𝚌𝚑𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚖𝚎 𝚑𝚘𝚠 𝚕𝚒𝚔𝚎 𝚝𝚘 𝚋𝚎 𝚊 𝚙𝚘𝚕𝚒𝚌𝚎

- Ooof

I just found it boring

- Garbage

So repetitive

- The god damn ads

This is a goof game but the adds kinda ruined the WHOLE game

- WTF!!

This has to be the worst game I have ever seen. Purely there for ads.

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- Love the game but...

I really love the game!!!But...it’s the ads theere are so much ads in the game

- To this date..

..this app won as the most useless app. 10 second gameplay and to run into the next ad. This is by far one of the worst apps I downloaded. 4 ads in and uninstalled. Thx, not again

- Terrible

10 second missions for 45 second ads, clearly no intent on making an enjoyable experience

- Good but laggy

Really fun I also saw the add it was really fun and stuff so I got it but It lags a lot 💏💏

- Good game but too many ads

Yes I get you need ads to keep the game free but seriously every time you finish a level. Please just have the ad for more money and an ad every 20 mins instead of every level. The game itself is really good 👍🏼

- Meh

It wont let me level up to sheriff

- Mad mad mad mad

I can’t make the guns be in order and it won’t work I drag the gun over and it just freezes or puts the gun back where it belongs but I did not even put the gun over another gun pls fix pls but other than good game.

- I know a way to not get ads

Turn you wifi off then back on after your done playing

- Soooo good

It’s the fun game you should play it it’s free and really fun bye.

- To many ads

This app is pretty fun but there’s way to many ads

- Guys if there is ads then....

Guys if there are ads then just turn your internet off! Hope that helped you! :)

- Ads, ads and more ads

One of the worst games for ads I’ve played. Like the other reviews say, it’s 10sec of gameplay and then a 30sec ad. Brutal

- Lame

Missions are simple and take 10 seconds. Then you have to watch a 30 second ad. Turning off Wi-Fi doesn’t help.

- Not recommended

Game is to easy and there are way to many ads

- to many ads

fun game but you have to turn your wifi off to get a minute of gameplay without ads

- Not fun

It sucks there is no back story on this game and there’s 2 minutes of adds no don’t get it it also takes your money from some levels like real money


Game is aids 10 second of game play to 45 of a ad no thanks

- Fun but too many adds

Every “mission” is like 0:12 and then you have a 0:30 add. This game has wayyyyyy too many adds.

- Too many ads.

Fun enough but way too many ads...

- To easy and boarding

To easy 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

- I guess it’s ok

Not the best game but still fun

- Wayyy to many ads

You are forced to turn off your wifi since there is very short games and very long ads also under development im on the 50th level and ive already done all the mini games twice.

- Great game but ads

the game is so fun but i wish they would make an in app purchase to get rid of ads

- Terribly generic game and tons of ads.

Add after EVERY task? Installed and uninstalled in under 1 minute after sitting through 3 ads. Forget it and don’t waste your time.

- Ads ads and more ads

You will spend more time watching and closing ads than playing Don’t waste you time

- Oh Canada

Oh Canada I love you

- Ads

Congratulations, you just lost a user. The game is really good, I was so annoyed with the numerous advertisements had to delete the game . What a shame!! It was fun to play

- Police Quest

This game is fun to play except for all the ads ( I recommend going offline/turning your wifi off or going into airplane mode) the game has a bunch of mini games that cycle through (some the same) I think they should make it so the cop radar game is the main focus, and the other mini games are little extras, cause in my opinion the radar one is the best one but it’s way to quick,and I’ve gotten to a point that I’m at lieutenant (female) and it won’t let me advance :( other than a few more small things like ads reduced and (not sure if the money does anything yet) but if it doesn’t make the money in game so u can buy cosmetics or something cool the game is fun hope to see some improvements in the near future @codaplatform (p.s only giving it 3 stars cause I do believe there needs to be some more fixes and revisions done,will change the rating if they do fix it )

- As trap

This app is purely an ad trap meant to generate revenue, barely any interesting gameplay

- Way to much ad

Played for 2 minutes I had 4 ad back to back

- Nice Game, except the ads


- I'm having a problem

There's a game in your ads!

- Waaay too many ads

Riddled with ads. 1 every 10 seconds

- It pretty good

I think the ads actually are pretty like umm the stuff in the ads are in the game is what I’m trying to say unlike other games soooo I like it

- Avis

It’s a simple fun game but they maybe have a little bit too much of ads after each "level".

- Lame

Lame game and levels repeat after 100

- Dumbest game ever

I’m positive my IQ dropped 10 points or so after playing this game.

- Basic game, ad overload

Not much to this game really and you spend more time watching ads than actually playing anything

- All ads

Don’t waste your time. Terrible.

- Game was fun

Too many ads I’m gonna delete it

- Waste

No real purpose other than adds

- Garbage

This game is just ads. There is literally ads between every single level. Each levels are barely 5 seconds long so go figure...

- Cant reach lieutenant

Since I’m an officer, the % doesn’t go up, -.-‘ I love the game but I’m bothered i can’t advance Ps put your phone on airplane mode before opening the app, you wont have any ads


Absolutely horrible game, More ads than actual game play, Game is so easy and pointless and repetitive! Don't waste your time.

- Totally Rubish

I hate this game. Only one mission is fun which is speeding cars vs cops. Other than that everything is Rubish.

- Ads

Full of ads and no challenge at all

- 10 sec play for 30 sec ads

Not worth it with so many ads.

- So Many Ads!

Deleted this game after 5 minutes, never seen so many ads in a game

- Absolute waste

Absolutely waste of a game. Nothing but a ad scam.

- As disguised as a game

Every level you play there’s a 30 second unskippable ad. Save yourself the time and don’t get this app

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- Police Guest

I really like this game because it teaches leasing about driving

- This is the worst game I’ve ever played

This game has been haunting me with ads ever since I started the game there are too many ads please fix this I love the game only you should put harder levels and the game itself is just so boring and the game its just... horrible!

- Ads for days!

Literally a new ad after every single “mission”. I originally downloaded because of the advertisement of pulling over a speeding car. But after 20 sum “missions”, I havent seen it again. So that, with an ad every 10 seconds... *delete*

- Ads are not accurate

The ads show alot of you the cop pulling over and stuff you dont really do it that much

- Fun game but this friggin ads

Only reason it’s getting 2 stars is because of how frequent the ads come up. I get doing them sometimes but after every game is WAY too much

- Good but... TO MANY ADS

It’s awesome until you get to level 44 then you are driving a car on air for 20 minutes and it doesn’t stop 😡

- To many ads

Way to many ads after every completed mission get an ad takes the fun out of playing

- Ad walls

There’s an ad after every single “mini game” at least some games let you get through like 3 before you get hit with an ad. With this one you get an ad every minute ridiculous how bad games have gotten

- Ads galore

WOW. I get adding ads after missions... but then at the start of a mission and everything in between?! I had the game for 5 minutes and at least half that time was just ads. Terrible user experience.

- To many ads

Please make the game a little harder because the amount is ads in this game is crazy

- About the game

Overall I think it is a good game but one thing you guys need to fix is that there is no African American people there is only American people. That may not be a problem to most people but it’s a problem to me! I think that it is disrespectful and rude.

- Ads

It is fun but please get rid of some of the ads please

- It’s a good game

Maybe less adds though?

- Too many ads

Just like every other game out there, you spend more time watching ads than playing. Ads are pretty irrelevant and make you not want to play at all. Deleted after 3 rounds of “Playing”

- Garbage

Don’t even bother. You get money for LITERALLY NO REASON. There’s nothing to buy it with lol. Your progress resets at 90, there’s an ad banner across the bottom at all times AND after every 10 second mini game it gives you there’s an ad. AFTER EVERY SINGLE GAME. Not worth your time.

- Adds

There are ads almost every time you do something

- Ads

I don’t like all the ads but beside that the game is actually fun I can play it non stop


This game is so cool! It’s just like a police man but better 😎 you should download this game and give it 5 stars!

- Not enough levels and too many ads

It only lets you get to FBI and when you try and get past FBI it resets you and you start all over again. Also between every challenge there is an ad.

- Stealing game ideas.

You stole game ideas from other developers. Also there is way to much ads in one game even if games need ads, you can put it in a corner.

- Way too many ads!

I played for about a minute. During this minute there was about forty seconds of ads and twenty seconds of gameplay. Don’t get this unless you love watching ads constantly.

- Bug with level 9

Love the game there’s just a bug on level 9 and it’s not wanting to sort the guns with the others and resets to the start

- Commercials

There are a lot of Ads every time you finish something

- Bought out

It’s okay but hate the advertisement after each mission

- I got lvl 90 best addictive game

I got lvl90 I’m just driving on water mace more levels please yo

- Not even worth your time

This game has more ads than actual game content. You spend more time watching ads than playing. The game just repeats itself and gets boring quick.

- Fun idea but ads after every mission

I understand it’s free and ads create revenue but it’s frustrating to watch a ad after every mission that takes 5 seconds to complete. Too bad uninstalling now

- Good game

This is one of my favorite app so yay hope you like this comment

- You see

It’s really just a bunch of ads that’s the problem and it’s too simple

- Best game to watch ads

Want to watch an ad every ten second? Play this game! I tried it for 5 min, got to like 4 diff games, the game itself toke about 5 second to finish, then there’s the 15-30second ads, so, don’t bother playing this trash

- Just another app built for ads

This app is as good as trash. If you love watching ads, then this is the game for you. It’s just another no effort game that was built with one purpose and that’s as revenue. A monkey could build something like this.

- Do not install

Bunch of ads, money hungry developers....... Can’t even play this game straight up for 1 sex without getting an ad. This is outrageous!!!! I’m about to make some script on my router that blocks these ads, cause this is annoying man.

- ADS!!!

Listen game is pretty fun and i like it but there are way to many ads just get rid of some of your ads and its a good game

- Too many ads

I understand that games need ads for funding, but ffs man. At least make the game fun if you’re gonna force us to pay for ad removal. Or even just NOT HAVE AN AD AFTER EVERY LEVEL?? Considering each level is 10-20 seconds long...

- Best game༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ

Everyone should play this game because this is the best game I’m so assessed with this

- Garbage

Game can be fun but not when there is an ad after every single mission. Quite with the ads or go find another way to make money cause this is not it. Do not recommend to download this game at all.

- Why

It just a loop we’re you go round round and round and I’ve been sitting there like when am I get to pull over a car

- What I think

Overall it’s a good game just to many ads and I don’t have the patience

- You can’t even get past level nine

Trust me do not buy this game is a scam game you can’t even get past level nine so do not get anything from this developer it is entirely scams, ads everywhere ,just do not get it

- Lover

It’s a great game protecting the law and not to many ads and it’s kid friendly

- Too Easy

I like the game, however the gameplay is under developed and very repetitive.

- Too Many Adds

The game would be a little enjoyable if you didn’t get stuck behind an ad every 8 seconds.

- Its fun

Hi I am a kid and I think this game is very fun I think you should try it good luck

- Ads

Played the first three little mission things and got an ad longer than the mission itself every time. I feel like I’m watching the ads more than I play the game.

- More ads than game

Downloaded app. Haven’t even been playing for 15 seconds yet and am already hitting an ad. Averages an ad every 10-15 seconds. Watch ad to double your score? No? Here’s an ad anyways.


Each level is NO JOKE 5-10 SECONDS LONG!! Then BOOM!!! You get an ad. This ISNT A GAME!! It’s more or less a cash grab where they make you constantly watch ads. I’ve seen games like this before, but this one is seriously so over the top it’s not even funny.


There’s a ad after every mission. If you don’t care about that’s this is the game for you

- Too Many ADS!

Woulda had a 5 if u didn’t insert a ad after every freaking thing

- The game

The game itself is ok but, very disturbing ads of spouses cheating with the same sex game. This is supposed to be for kids!? I would keep my children far from this game

- Way too many ads

No idea how this is a top game. You spend less than ten seconds on the game and then spend 30 seconds watching an ad you can’t skip.

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Jess Morrissette

Wow, the "Controversies" entry from the Police Quest wikia is buck wild.


@Mrfergie_RBX @PRC_Roblox Yes I have seen have TWICE, and thought it was a clue for my police quest 🤦

The Pixel Art of Sierra

Police Quest II: The Vengeance, Sierra On-Line (1988) > Picture #050 (Drawing Timelapse) by Vu Nguyen & Cheryl Cornelius HD video: #PoliceQuest #PQ2 #SonnyBonds #SierraOnLine #Sierra #SCI #PixelArt #RetroGaming #AdventureGame

Police Quest 2.6.1 Screenshots & Images

Police Quest iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Police Quest iphone images
Police Quest iphone images
Police Quest iphone images
Police Quest iphone images
Police Quest iphone images
Police Quest iphone images
Police Quest iphone images

Police Quest (Version 2.6.1) Install & Download

The applications Police Quest was published in the category Games on 2020-08-27 and was developed by Coda Platform Limited [Developer ID: 1475474579]. This application file size is 285.08 MB. Police Quest - Games app posted on 2020-10-15 current version is 2.6.1 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.al.policequest

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