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What is finch: self care widget pet app? Meet your new self care best friend! Finch is a self care pet app that helps you feel prepared and positive, one day at a time. Take care of your pet by taking care of yourself! Choose from a wide variety of self care exercises personalized for you.


Struggling with stress, mental health, or need motivation? Is self care a chore? Finch makes self care finally feel rewarding, lightweight, and fun. Complete quick self care exercises to grow your pet, earn rewards, and improve mental health! People who struggle with mental health, goals, meditation, and journaling found it easier to be mindful with their self care pet in the Finch app!


- "I’ve tried other apps for being thankful and thinking positive but never used them long. I enjoy this one because the virtual pet is really cute and it takes just a moment to be honest about I really feel."
- "As someone who struggles with anxiety and depression, I have tried many journaling apps and mood trackers. All of them felt like a chore, but not Finch! Even if I am not feeling like journaling or even facing my emotions, I can do so in order to help Finch."


• Start mornings with quick mood checks and energize your pet to go exploring! Choose from a variety of quick mindful habits from goal tracking and bullet journaling to mindful breathing exercises and quizzes!
• End days in moments of gratitude with your self care pet where they'll be back from adventures to share stories with you! Destress, reflect, and recognize your positive moments.


Strengthen your mental health by increasing resilience, productivity, and gratitude with self care exercises! Finch helps you hit goals and sustain healthy habits with your self care pet!

• Goal Tracker: set goals and celebrate wins you've accumulated from healthy habits.
• Bullet Journaling: guided bullet journaling prompts to clear the mind, track important moments, and practice gratitude.
• Breathing: guided breathing to calm nerves, increase focus, energize your mind, and sleep better.
• Quizzes: quick quizzes to understand your mental health by tracking your anxiety, depression, body image appreciation, and more.
• Mood Tracker: check on yourself and access mood trends to understand what has been lifting you up or bringing you down.
• Quotes: read motivational quotes to lift your mood and gain new perspective.
• Sleep: Unwind yourself for good sleep with guided breathing and next day goal planning.
• Insights: get insights on your mental health from combined analytics on your mood tracker, bullet journal tags, goal tracker, and quizzes.


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Finch: Self Care Widget Pet Version 3.15.017 June 2022

Hi Finch Fam! This update includes: - New linked goals feature! Link any Finch exercise to a goal, or create a linked goal from a Finch exercise! - Guardians will have access to opt-in messages from their sponsored users! - Tree Town now indicate how recently you connected with neighbors! Shining connection glows will appear behind a neighbor if you recently sent Good Vibes. - Plus users have new Goal Lookback and Look Forward reflections when completing a goal!.

Finch: Self Care Widget Pet Version 3.5.317 April 2022

Hi Finch Fam! This update includes: - Drag goals on home screen to reorder. - Support to edit past moods. - Shop dressing room indicates item price & whether you own already. - Various bug fixes..

Finch: Self Care Widget Pet Version 3.0.916 February 2022

Hi Finch Fam! This update includes: - New Visitors setting to control if and when other people's pets can visit you. - Design polish and bug fixes..

Finch: Self Care Widget Pet Comments & Reviews 2022

- Thank you so much

I wanted to continue on another rating I made! I’ve been having a lot of trouble with depression, anxiety, social anxiety, and having a lot of trouble with my mental health. I’ve been dealing with a lot because of everything and the way I feel about myself. I see negative in everything and I have low self esteem and have a lot of hate Towards myself and everybody else especially past friends, friends and family. I felt very bad Talking to anyone of the way I felt and whenever I did they just made me feel bad about it or I usually felt selfish to tell somebody how I feel or just bad when I did. I would feel useless to everyone and always would hide my emotions before. I’ve always thought of just taking my life because I feel so tired mentally and when I saw finch I thought it was a cute game to upgrade a cute little bird and see their growth but it was to help me with my growth. Finch helps me express and say how I feel and how it’s going for me every day and say things I feel to scared to tell anyone and it’s just been helping so much and I’m so happy I saw it. It also lets you choose pronouns which makes me feel very happy and comfortable. I love this so much and it’s helped me a lot even with a short amount of time. I thank you guys for making it, helping other people. I recommend for people who need it to get it for any help you. Thank you

- Absolutely would recommend! (Sorry it’s long!)

Ok, I have been in a terrible place recently. I think I saw this app get advertised in Rainy Attic Room? (One of my favorite games!) When I first started, I loved how it gave the option for pronouns and gender! That made me really happy! So I named the thing Sunny and immediately started exploring what I could do. At first, I was a bit confused but I eventually found out, I loved all the options but I was a bit sad that I couldn’t access some of them. So I have a solution/recommendation! Maybe make it to where you can watch like a video to access it that’s maybe related to apps like this but you can still pay for it! The videos could maybe make it available for 2-8 hours! I would also recommend maybe adding more things like some mini games you could play while they’re on a adventure! Or there could be a small little notebook where you could draw in and you could spend some rainbow shards (I think that’s what they’re called-) to decorate it with different things! Maybe some babycore, cottagecore, or something that you could decorate with! Another thing would maybe be a little thing that teaches you on different types of healthy coping mechanisms! Of course, these are all just suggestions! And if you do chose to do one of the ideas, remember to take your time! I’m sorry this is very long! (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞

- Finch Support 💜

I’ve been able to share Finch with some friends and have something that makes me check in on myself, something I neglect to do more often than not. I’ve already subscribed to the Plus plan, but I think it’s important to note that it’s not necessary to have the Plus in order to get those self-reflection tools that neuro-divergent people so often forget or let fall to the wayside. The SOS features are incredibly helpful, in addition to creating the small goals for yourself that you can find being necessary but giving you a sense of accomplishment. I can say that I have been able to be more conscious of my actions and feelings using Winston (my Finch) and I’ve even been able to use Winston to help me talk to others about my feelings and actions, because I want to show my Finch off! This is the first app I’ve stuck with to help my mental state and it’s been amazing. The developers are responsive to any questions and/or concerns, which is incredible. In the future, I would like to see a feature where we can share our data in a report format via a doc (without any identifying PHI, of course) with someone - my therapist would love to see the progress I am making since we don’t meet in person very often because of the pandemic. If I could send her reports via a doc in an email it would be a wonderful addition to the app!

- Finch is amazing!

The first thing that made me kind of happy when i heard of this games was that the title was finch! I have recently named myself finch and seeing a cute little mental health bird who is a finch made super excited!! Not only that I also love the fact you can change the name and pronouns at anytime! My pronouns are always changing so seeing that option i was stoked! I also enjoy how motivated this app has gave me. When i checked the daily goals option on there I immediately did them later in the day and felt so good about myself! I also tried out the stretch feature and I normally never do stretches or any sort of yoga but afterwords i felt great!! every muscle felt nice and relaxed. Lastly i really enjoy the breathing exercises, especially the anxiety one. I struggle with social anxiety and that breathing exercise was super helpful! the only thing i would change is i would like a bit more options for the daily goals or at least be able to make your own custom ones. I cant get plus because i can not pay for it and i would like other options like ‘read a book’ or ‘clean my room’ those would be super helpful but other than that I recommend this to whoever is reading this!

- Love it!

i genuinely love this app so much. i’ve recommended it to so many people in my life that people think i’m sponsored by finch haha. the app keeps me motivated and i love the idea of raising a finch along the way. i love that you don’t have to pay for the helpful features and the app works completely fine while being free. i enjoy having a place to reflect and just rant, plus the prompts they give are nice. i also love that you can choose your focus so that finch recommends certain goals for you. plus the anxiety breathing honestly really helped me get through tough times. i feel like this app really does a lot and the people i’ve recommended it to (that actually use it) all have good experiences as well. some even use it more than me which makes me so genuinely happy. i really never write reviews in general, but i feel like i just needed to thank the game developers for this. this app gives me an outlet to write things out and reflect on my emotions all while feeling productive because i’m raising a bird. i’m not gonna say an app cured all my mental issues, but it’s definitely made life at least a little easier. i would 100% be an ambassador of finch haha. anyways, thank you. i love this game. :))

- Don’t normally write reviews but I had to

I LOVE THIS APP! I personally only have the free version and it works perfectly, but I’ve heard the pro version is definitely worth it. Not only is the community extremely kind and accepting, but so are the creators of the app. They work extremely hard to take everyone’s ideas into consideration and implement it into the app as best as they can. I very much recommend joining the Facebook group and following their Instagram as well. The actual app: I love this app. It’s the only app that has helped me to stay motivated. I have some pretty severe depression and anxiety and days can be really hard. This app helps me journal and get out my feelings in a safe place. The weekly reports that I get help me to see what I was feeling that week and specific things I reflected on. The little birbs are so adorable and help me to stay motivated to take care of mine. They age up depending on care and days of using the app. You can name and customize them in the shop. Not to mention, all the clothing you can buy with IN GAME money is so adorable and keeps growing bigger. I would 100% recommend this app and getting it is 100% one of the best decisions of my life!

- Saving my life (not being dramatic)

I’ll admit, I downloaded this app initially because I love birds. Like many others here, self care apps never did much for me; they felt superficial and I could never continue on for more than 2 days. However, there’s a calming charm about Finch that just brings me back everyday, wanting to achieve my goals and hang out with my pet (Cocopuff). I also fell off from journaling for a couple years as it felt too personal - I didn’t want to reminisce on my sadness through writing - but here I am everyday, just casually writing down my thoughts in this App, and wow it really helped bring clarity to my head. The design of this app is truly brilliant as it got me attached to Cocopuff, and furthermore attached to self care in a way. The breathing exercises for different situations are extremely helpful for me as well. Thank you guys so much for this app. It’s funny how moving even a small notification like “Hope you feel better, cheep” from my “pet” is on a random bad day. I will be subscribing yearly soon as I’ve never used a self care app for so long! Please continue updating your Instagram too, the art is absolutely wonderful and the content is helpful.

- If you struggle with anything, this app can probably help

Seriously, are you struggling to set goals? Finch will help you pick goals based on their prompts, or you can add your own, your little bird guy gets energy from you completing them, and a chance at rainbow stones as well. Struggling with wanting to journal but not being able to keep up with one? Finch has your back with journal prompts that help you think deeply about your experiences and feelings, and get energy for your bird. Struggling with anxiety? Finch has breathing exercises and ambient noise for you, and using them gives your bird energy. Wondering about your mental health? Finch has quizzes to help figure out where you might want to focus. The premium is cheap for what this app has done for my mental health, I’m in love with the way it takes you through a process of healing when you’re upset. It may start asking why you’re upset, then encourage you to dig deeper, than prompt you to take a step towards healing whatever it is that’s bothering you. I recommend this app to literally anyone, but neurodivegents especially take note, turning your self care into a game is life changing.

- great app :) + some possible improvements

I love this app it’s genuinely really helped me get out my thoughts and feelings. I love how your penguin is like your own kid and you can watch it grown up and that depending on how you respond to it, it gains different aspects of its personality. Some things I think could be added: more clothing/accessory items you can get in the shop, having a button to add how your feeling (with the series of smiley faces that you get with the quote when you open the app) — having a button like that be available at all times; because sometimes I might be feeling one emotion when I open the app and then a while later i’ve feeling differently but it doesn’t let me choose how i’m feeling again because I already had recently. Also: a bug a found was that sometimes when I postpone a goal to the next day, the next day it doesn’t show up on the actual page, but I can only see it if I go in to add more goals to that day. (I know my wording is probably confusing sorry 😭) But overall this app is really amazing and it’s great how much you can do and have access to just with the free version.

- Unexpectedly Good

Usually, these kinds of mental health apps never work for me. So when I came across this app I was very skeptical. The bird idea seemed cute, though, and the reviews were also pretty good. After giving it a try for a few days I have to say, it’s an amazing app. This app is by FAR the best mental health app I’ve ever downloaded! I really expected to delete it within a few days but instead I ended up more motivated than ever and overall happier. I will definitely be keeping this app! If you struggle with mental health I recommend 100% you download this. This app really takes mental health to a new level, as you taking care of the bird in turn also helps you. It really keeps you in check, especially if you’re used to putting others before yourself. I know this review may sound over the top or like I’m exaggerating, and yes there are some downfalls to the app (like a subscription to unlock certain writing prompts etc) but it’s really nothing that bothered me. The things available without a subscription are really more than enough! Overall, I absolutely adore this app! So addicting, helpful, and surprisingly fun!

- Love my Finch friend

This app really does work in positive ways to motivate me. It really hits on my personal love for cuteness and rainbows. And As a middle aged woman, I don’t mind it’s childlike cuteness. It has so many amazing features even in the free version that I don’t feel underserved by not being able to afford the subscription, but instead want to save up for the very affordable fee because I know it goes to help others in the same position as me. I love the breathing activities, mindful mini journaling (my therapist always recommends this, but I rarely take the time for pen and paper) the little positive quotes make me smile, customizable goals help me with big and small tasks that I would otherwise neglect or put off, soundscapes help me mellow out, my Finch’s adventures give me little moments to giggle, and the weekly reviews help me reflect and grow. I actually share a lot of my Finch’s quotes and stories with my blind best friend, and she finds a lot of positivity from the interactions too. I have doubts that the app would be accessible for her, so we just talk about it via text. Someday we may try it just to see if Siri could handle all the choices.

- My perfect companion

I’ve always been really bad at keeping up with journals, but Finch makes it so much easier since I have it on hand at all times and can record my thoughts in the moment. It’s like a one-stop for a lot of your mental health needs, with journal prompts, breathing exercises, stretching, soundscapes, and a very convenient SOS section for when things get really rough. Even on my worst days when it’s so hard to find anything to be hopeful for or find positivity, I look forward to my finch coming home from his adventure and sharing with me his latest discovery, and I love his words of encouragement throughout the day. The developers are super responsive and awesome. They fix bugs fast, as well as listen closely to user suggestions to try to implement them as quickly but as effectively as possible. I’ve used the free version since August, and I’m so in love with it and have used it so consistently, it just made sense to upgrade to Finch Plus so I could help support it more. I never write reviews, but I really think this one deserves the highest praise, and I can’t wait to see it grow even more.

- Has Honestly Helped Me More Than Counseling

I have been suffering from SEVERE Treatment Resistant Atypical Depression — and, honestly, this App has been helping my mood and my outlook more than Counseling. I had a great Counselor for a year, but the techniques she taught me didn’t really mean much any more when my medication quit working.😞 With the Finch App, I look forward to taking care of the cute little bird (thus “myself”) — and, while it cannot necessarily fully treat or cure a severe Major Depressive Disorder like mine, it provides GREAT advantages: For example, the interactive aspect and questions provide both a 24 hr. “anytime” access to a reduction in the amount of loneliness and isolation I feel, AND promote a sense of “self-value” which motivates you to adopt a relatively more positive attitude. I think this App would be FABULOUS for children (which it “can” be modified for) to build their sense of self-worth and self-esteem. I, also, think this App might have the capability to lift “anyone” out of a very mild feeling of depression. No matter who you are, or what your goals are — with the right attitude, it can definitely help you !

- Try Finch first

Let me tell you, to begin, I have tried literally every app I can get on the App Store for self care. Tangerine was a favorite but after finding Finch I will never use anything else. I love it so much, it’s interactive and has something for everyone. Some apps only have the journaling and breathing, and to be frank, that doesn’t work well for everyone. Finch literally has everything for everyone. Whether you need grounding techniques, journaling, a cute little bird to look at (I named my boy Maple Meep), soundscapes or what not. I haven’t even paid for anything on this app as of yet and the expansive choice of free selections is astounding. The only thing I will say is if you’re running a soundscape, I’ve found the app runs slower or crashes more often. Other than that I promised myself if I use it consistently (I have a hard time doing that but Finch makes it easy to keep up because cute bird) that I could buy the year pass. Long and short of it, you don’t have to pay money for a good app, it gets you a wider selection yes, but it’s already incredibly open.

- Made me feel sooo much better

Me and my bf randomly stumbled upon this app while at sonic lol, and I can’t believe how cute and genuine it is! This isn’t some big company trying to relate to people with a cute app that helps you take care of yourself more, it’s made by people who seem to really care.. and I want to thank you so much for it. Not only is having a bird really cute (I named mine Matcha) but whenever I felt so anxious or depressed I would write down all my thoughts, and whenever I felt like I wasn’t moving around enough, I’d do exercise, or I’d do the breathing exercise and it calmed me down from anxiousness. My depression and anxiety has made me always stay in bed, since I work from home that doesn’t help either.. and to get up and follow the exercises has helped me the most because I was so sad seeing that I gained so much while I was held up in bed and not taking care of myself or stamina. Now I feel like I’ll be on the right path. I also think that people who has felt this before, knows how to help people with it the most. Thank you for this cute app!

- I would die for my Finch

I literally never write reviews for anything but I HAD to for this app. I have panic disorder, horrific anxiety and some recently-acquired PTSD that makes every day feel like a constant uphill battle. Scarlett (my Finch) gives me a reason to get up, brush my teeth, and do what little I can to make the day feel productive! I started with the free version of the app and after a week of adoring it but wishing for more, I decided to subscribe and it has been the BEST decision. Seeing my little bird grow a personality as I take care of myself motivates me more than any therapist-scheduled journaling ever did; I gotta get through the day, I have to get her those heart glasses! The breathing exercises, in particular, have done wonders for my panic attacks. Having a small visual while I breathe through one helps so much, and knowing that by doing that exercise I’m helping my Finch makes something terrifying feel less so. In short, this is the best self care app I’ve ever used and quite possibly one of the best self care ANYTHING I’ve ever used. Be super proud, Finch team!


There are many things I can say about this adorable little app. It’s the first app I’ve seen that turns mental health into almost a game, where you get your own bird and he grows and has a personality and likes, and he gets energized by you doing things for yourself! And he will send notifications sometimes asking how you are or saying something sweet, and I’m on my first week of premium for free, and it doesn’t even let you pay for more in-game currency, which I actually love because it encourages you to keep up with the app and encourages mental health tasks as a form of payment! My bird’s name is Bagel! The only mental health app I’ve enjoyed checking and doing as much as I can, and in the first three days I’ve actually accomplished more than I would without the app! I made my bed, organized my closet, and mindfully ate! It even rewards you to do things in tough days like shower, get up, or just simply exist ♥️! DEFINITELY buying the $40 per year after my free trial because I thing I’m more involved with this app than I was in therapy to be honest!

- First Self Care App That Ever Worked!!!!

FinchCare actually helps!! Other self care apps felt too daunting and I eventually stopped using them. I love the app because the activities are bite-sized, which is great for people like me who struggle with mental health. I love the little messages my finch sends: when I write the journal prompts I feel cared for & that I have a place to talk about my problems. I grew up learning that having negative emotions was a “bad” thing. Doing FinchCare as a supplement to my cognitive behavioral therapy has really helped me in the process of unlearning this bad habit. Some days I feel so crappy, but there’s something so wonderful about always having my finch with me at any time of the day or night. The movement activities were really inspiring and helped me get into yoga & start lifting (small) weights. A tiny push forward can really make all the difference. When you accomplish something small it can encourage you to aim even higher. I wasn’t expecting this to work & downloaded it just to see what would happen, but I’m so glad I did ❤️

- Best Motivational App ever!!!

Don’t even know where to start. My therapist suggested this and thought I would give it a whirl. Things like this haven’t worked well for me in the past so was a bit skeptical. But this is truly the best of the best. My reasons for starting therapy was I just get really in the dumps and very unmotivated in the cold winter months. After one month of using this app my motivation is through the roof. I’m loving having a clean kitchen to come home to, a made bed, clean floors and on and on. Plus I love writing to my Finch about my day. I’m having so much fun watching her grow, buying clothes for her and collecting all the 🌈 stones she brings me so I can buy more clothes. This is a very fun addictive like game and the developers are always adding new features and are very involved on FB. They just added a social feature which I haven’t had time to use yet but that can only add to the level of fun. So I say if you are looking for some motivation this is the app for you!! (From someone who NEVER writes reviews)

- The Only Self Care App I Have Stuck To!

Ever since discovering Finch, it has become a daily part of my life. I love being able to set goals, do breathing exercises, and reflect about my day. I work as a medical records technician for a nonprofit substance disorder and mental health clinic and the rant zone has become a huge lifesaver, as I used to being my home stress to work and vice versa. Watching Winter grow and learn new things has really incentivized me, especially as I grew up playing Neopets and Webkinz. I have recommended it to all my coworkers because of how much I love this app! The price for the yearly subscription is affordable and completely worth it. The one suggestion I have is to have goals you can set and complete daily without having to enter them every night before bed. I take medications for my mental health and chronic illnesses and there are days I am rushing out the door that I forget to grab them. It would be extremely helpful to be able to set that constant morning reminder.

- I love this app, few suggestions

I love this app, the activities are really fun, and the finch is so cute! I named mine Finchy! I want to talk about plus though. IN MY OPINION I dont really think its worth it to pay that much for plus. Maybe a future update could be, if you have plus, everything is free, and if you dont, you can unlock an activity with rainbow shards for a few hours. Next suggestion is minigames. I would love to see minigames that your finch can play. Next, I want to talk about activities. There are a lot of writing activities, and thats not always my favorite thing to do. Maybe add more things besides writing everything down. Last, I want to talk about the forest your finch lives in. Maybe an option to customize the forest/trees, to make it look cute. And maybe more places besides the finch forest to adventure in. But overall the app is really good. The activities like, stretching, quizzes, etc. are really fun. And the adventures are really cute. And I would love to see these suggestions in future updates! Thanks! (Sorry its a bit long)

- This self care app is absolutely ADORABLE

So a few weeks ago I was complaining to my therapist about how I always have trouble sticking with self care apps after the initial week I download them and she recommended Finch to me. Not only is it completely adorable (my penguin Penelope is the cutest thing ever) but it actually provides tools other than writing ‘diary style’ like quizzes for mental health and breathing exercises, etc. It’s really nice to have different outlets to express myself and to track my moods and goals and daily thoughts other than writing my life out everyday and I really appreciate that. Plus the quizzes are SUPER helpful at tracking depression and anxiety and looking at trends (if that applies to you.) Another bonus I look forward to is the customization portion because who doesn’t want to dress a penguin in a Hawaiian shirt and some sandals?!?!? Overall I’m in love with this app and I look forward to tracking my progress over time and seeing what new updates bring!

- Perfect for a Busy Mom

As a mom of 3 currently struggling with PPD, practicing mindfulness and self-care is necessary but overwhelming. I never felt that I had any time to take care of myself and my personal needs. This app makes self-care more digestible. I can spend just a couple minutes at a time on it a few times a day and it helps me so much. I can keep in touch with my emotional state, set self-care goals, and record my thoughts and feeling in short little spurts throughout the day — while I’m in the bathroom, picking up grocery order, or nursing. I’m not into cutesie things. Its not the little pet that draws me to this app. But it does disguise the self-care aspect of the app and make it a little more entertaining and less of a chore. The free version is awesome and totally worth using. I’m sure the premium version is great too, I just don’t really have the money to use it at this time. But I appreciate how the free version is a helpful resource in and of itself. 💕 I can tell the developers care. The tagging feature is awesome! I love how the app tracks my moods and makes it easy to make associations between my emotional state and certain activities/people. Overall, I would totally recommend this app. I showed it to my therapist and she thinks it’s awesome too! It’s no substitute for professional mental health services, if needed, but it is a perfect supplemental tool that would be great for anyone to use. Don’t hesitate to download it!

- Family of Finches

Overall it’s pretty good. Can be glitchy. Not sure if it’s the widget part or what. Both my daughter and som have the widget and both of their’s have glitched causing them to lose progress. However, my son’s suffered the worst. His glitched wiping out everything. He had to re-hatch his bird but now the two “pets” are merged somehow. On his app he is still Otis and lost all of his progress but somehow gained like 8,000 rainbow stones. But when he sends his bird to visit me he’s completely invisible on my app. And his name shows only as Pet instead of Otis. I’ve tried removing him from tree town and re-adding him but that did not change anything. It was very distressing to him and rather frustrating for me. I wish we could get it fixed so I can actually see his bird when it visits as well as his pets actual name. I did not use the widget just the app and have not experienced any trouble. My 13 year old daughter has found it helpful to journal her thoughts in this way. It has lots of good prompts and inspirational words.

- Great app but needs some tweaking

This is a great and cute app that helps you to achieve an overall sense of well-being by taking care of a cute baby finch. This app helps with mindfulness and anxiety. You get points for doing simple tasks such as making your bed, washing your face, breathing, stretches, etc. All which the app suggests and you can chose from to put in your list of goals for the day. You can also set your own goals/tasks to achieve for the day. All which gives your baby finch energy to grow and go out and explore every day. There are even places to reflect and write down your thoughts. This app is free but does have an option to pay for a subscription to access more. I really liked the app so I paid for the subscription. The only thing that I can say I am disappointed in so far is it does not carry over the tasks you do not complete to the next day. I feel this would make the app even better than it is especially when you are paying for the subscription.

- This is the one!

I’ve tried a lot of different journaling, mood tracking, and self care apps. None have stuck like this one. There is a bit of a gamified element which keeps me engaged, but more than that I actually feel connected to the adorable little Finch avatar. The “adventures” make me smile. I think that’s what makes this app special - I feel connected to something else. Another thing this app does well is the “tagging” of free form text. I appreciate that the devs do not store my written journals, but they do a great job of surfacing specific prompts at the right time based on some of the tags I’ve used in the past. Their SOS feature and curation of prompts based on my current mood is right on point. I just don’t have any negatives to say for now. If you’ve tried other self care, or mood journaling apps, and they haven’t quite stuck, I highly recommend you give this one a try. It’s a gem. It actually makes me *feel* better.

- Finch Day 33

“Basil” my finch, is 33 days old today. She/the app has helped me to set goals and think about why they’re meaningful. Let me first say that I’m not a goal writer or a list maker. I don’t even make a list when I go to the grocery store. Finch has helped to give myself credit for small things….. Like, literally, getting out of bed and taking a shower. If I don’t get out of bed or I don’t take a shower, there’s no judgment. Finch/Basil doesn’t alert you to failures or missed deadlines. It allows you to move at your own pace without feeling bad. On a analytical note: Finch tracks your moods, behaviors, and creates hashtags to better understand yourself. As a new user, I appreciate being able to see trends and abnormalities that I may not have been aware of about myself. Thank you Finch for making it easy to guide myself through self-help. I also want to say thank you for making the character so cute and responsive to the user’s needs. 🥰💙🐦

- Would love an option to add images and more viewing options for the mood calendar.

I absolutely LOVE Finch! The responsibility of having to take care of a pet causes me not to want to neglect my Finch and in turn not neglect myself. There are some things I’d really love to be added to the app though, including being able to add images to reflections and having an easier way to access mood tracking on the calendar. I love tracking my memories and being able to add images would be amazing! As well, although a system is already set in place, the option to see moods on an actual calendar similar to regular journaling apps instead of the horizontal scroll would be much easier to track - it’s a bit confusing seeing the moods lined up in the current fashion. Thank you so much for this app, and especially giving everyone without the ability to pay for a membership such an amazing mental care app. Also, thanks for not putting any of the SOS prompts under a paywall - it’s a caring touch. 💛

- Free version is great, pro features even better, awesome developer support

Finch is a phenomenal achievement - an easy, gamified way to check in with yourself, relax, and accomplish your goals. Everything that other apps had me try once, Finch gives me motivation to do again and again: journaling, habit tracking, stretching, breath exercises, writing down daily tasks. I feel much more focused and balanced using Finch, and can’t wait to continue. I just switched over to the paid version, mainly for more options when stretching/exercising, but the free version is excellent. All the emergency self care methods are always available, and the reward points don’t change between free and paid. I like being able to support the free tier for others. The Facebook community is also wonderful, with the developers constantly engaged in finding bugs, explaining how features work, and soliciting feedback.

- Adorable and helpful

I honestly love this game so much. When i have no one to talk to i can talk to my penguin Suzy! :D She is so cute and this app has really helped me. It makes me feel that someone actually cares for me and i love how the app does check ins. The little penguin is also very cute and i think it’s so fun to raise him. I also like to rant to the app sometimes and write about my day. I try to go on this app every single day and check in on my penguin. To the creators i wanna thank you so much for making this app cuz it has really helped me and its so cute 😭😭. (It also helps with my anxiety and i like the breathing exercises). I also found it on tiktok. (recently!! i’ve been seeing the little penguin sending me notifications like “hope your having a good day” or “i miss you” or “i care for you” something like that and it’s so cute because most of the time it’s when i’m having a bad day or stressed.

- This app is beautiful

I didn’t realize how much I needed this app until I got it. My boyfriend happened to have it, no idea where he saw it but I thought it was cute so I downloaded it too. As soon as I opened it I loved the questions it asked and the way it seemed to respond to my answers. It is so simple to use but actually very helpful as a sort of prompted journal throughout the day. It is helping me work through a lot of feelings day to day that I otherwise wasn’t really dealing with. What really makes me respect it though is that while there are some features that require a paid membership, which actually might be worth it for me, the SOS feature is completely free. Meaning in a really low moment you don’t go in looking to find help to find you need a subscription. I really want to give props to the developers. This app could be really important for a lot of people.

- Finch is great for keeping my motivation high.

Tying personal mental health and motivation with a game seems like a bad idea, but it’s honestly helped a lot. You can set reminders for your daily goals, and if you reach enough of your daily goals your finch will go on adventures. When your finch returns from its adventures you will receive currency, which you can use to get accessories for your finch, as well as some other prizes. As you progress you’ll be able to level up and get access to more features of the app. I’m only on level one, so I’m not sure what all of the features do, but they seem fun. Every time you open the app, an inspirational quote will pop up on your screen, and you will be asked to rate how you’re feeling on a scale of 1-5. It’s quick and easy and the quotes are those kind of cheesy, useless quotes, they’re actually motivational.

- Taking Care of My Pet, Taking Care of Me

I've done gratitude journaling every single day for over 10 years now. While that helps me focus on what to be thankful for each day, this app does so much more for my overall mental and physical health. Some days I feel lazy, but my Finch pet motivates me to get up and move, think about positive things, address things that bother or worry me, appreciate my loved ones, and reminisce about past moments that brought me joy. The more I journal and reach my daily goals, the more my pet grows emotionally and physically. Such a great concept! Just opening this app up makes me happy because I get to see my little bird friend. The colors and graphics are so cute! I hope the developers add more clothing and accessories to the shop, because I'd like to have more variety in dressing up my pet. Thank you so much for creating this app! Keep up the awesome work.

- best app on my phone

anyone who struggles with their mental health should have this app. it has lots of features, & responds to what you need & how your feeling. if I write about having a panic attack, it suggests me panic breathing exercises next. if I say I’m having a bad day, it asks me what I can do to make tomorrow better. If I say I’ve been struggling with jealousy lately, it suggests me to set a goal for the next day to reflect on what drives my jealousy. not to mention my little bird.. luna (my bird’s name) is adorable & has the innocent curiosity of a child, which is a perspective many of us need in our life. she sends me notifications throughout the day saying things like she is lucky to have me. this always reminds me to go back to the app to check up on her, & consequently take care of my mental health as well. I’m so glad to have found this self care app, it has helped me so much already.

- I love it

I found a video on my tiktok for you page we’re someone was talking about this app and I initially just brushed it off since I wasn’t very interested, but I went back and saw the video again and got intrigued. I checked out the app in the App Store and was shocked to see all five star reviews. I was skeptical since most apps like that tend to be just okay with a lot of fake reviews but after downloading the app and using it for over an hour I’m hooked. The lil bird is absolutely amazing and all the goals are things I can actually achieve in one day. The app doesn’t immediately tell you to buy the premium version or play adds so I really enjoy that. I ended up doing a bunch of reflections and setting goals for myself to meet today and tomorrow. Sorry that I’m rambling a lot but I genuinely enjoy this app and it’s helping me already!

- This is the best Mental Health App I’ve had yet!

The app recognizes what you say. So it know this; I hate Owen, and mom, But I love Rylee. It also keeps track of the bad and good days with different people, for the past 6 days I have had one good day with Owen, Sunday. And every good day with Rylee. And I think no good days with my Mom. It keeps a note of how you’re doing through out the day. It asks how motivated you are, how your day has been going, and stuff like that. It gives you breathing exercises for anxiety, sleep, and more. It also gives me exercises like Stretching. And sounds like Rain a waterfall. It allows you to pick the name of your pet and the pets pronouns. Some things you have to pay for, but it doesn’t constantly ask you to buy it like a lot of other apps. It also recognizes what makes you happier and sadder. I would really recommend the app!

- The only thing that’s helped me

I don’t normally leave reviews for apps, but I feel strongly that I need to for this one. As a student with adhd, depression, anxiety, etc. it can be hard to function. I have tried so many different things and systems, but nothing has worked for me. I get overwhelmed easily and can never stick with something. This app is the first thing that works for me! I give myself a couple of goals per day (not too many!) I’ll always do some that I know for certain will get completed (for example, washing my face or getting out of bed) so that I always have something to check off at the end of the day. I mostly use the app for smaller self-care related goals, but if I have a major task I *need* to get done that day, I’ll add that too. Overall, it’s a fun and lovely app. I love the notifications that it sends when I haven’t been on in a bit. They make me smile and cheer me up! The only thing I would change is that I wish there were a few more goal options with the free version. I like selecting goals from a list (vs thinking of them myself), but those are pretty limited for the free version. Otherwise, I have no negative feedback!! Tldr; great app, cute and lovely, helpful for people who struggle to stick to things, would recommend

- Best journaling app for me!

As someone who struggles with anxiety and depression, I have tried many journaling apps and mood trackers. All of them felt like a chore, but not Finch! Even if I am not feeling like journaling or even facing my emotions, I can do so in order to help Finch. The variety of prompts helps keep me motivated, and I like how Finch checks on me during the day. I was having a bad day, and that little message from Finch telling me that I matter helped me to feel better. I also really like that Finch keeps track of the people and situations that are associated with my positive moods, so that when I get into a depressive mood where I don’t even know what I like, I can turn to Finch to see what has been helpful in the past. I love this app so much, and I am so very grateful for the developers for creating Finch to help us maintain good mental health habits!

- Genuinely good

I really love this app and I was reading other reviews and you can see that the developers are really involved which I think is amazing because you don’t see that too often. I never write reviews but I just wanted to make a suggestion that maybe you could make it possible for us to add pictures to our reflections. So we can write about whatever and just have pictures on the side or something. Idk just a thought. Thank you so much for making this adorable little app I’ve only had it for a few days but I really love it and it’s motivating me to think about things that have been heavy on me and write them out. It also has been helping me stay on task especially when it reminds me to make tomorrows todo list so I can get everything done that I need to. I appreciate you!

- The only self care app I’ve been consistent with!

I have tried a multitude of self care apps and I have never been able to keep up with them. I will use them for a few days and then get bored and stop. Finch has been the only exception. The idea of having an adorable virtual pet that I need to care for keeps me coming back to do all these self care exercises. The fact that Kiwi (that’s my penguins name) can grow up and develop a personality makes it more fun to keep coming back everyday because I have something to look forward to. This app has been so helpful for me, especially because it helps me figure out my emotions and also complain/rant when I need to (instead of the not so great alternative of dumping my trauma on a friend). I love finch and I appreciate how beneficial it has been for my mental health!

- Such a cute app!!!

I have downloaded a LOT of self-help/anxiety apps and let me just say that they helped little to none, but this one I was immediately intrigued with because it had a cute animal to take care of that’s kind of like Tamagachi AND it’s like an emotional support pet so it’s a win win for anybody who wants to have a pet but can’t afford one or doesn’t want to take care of the hard work! I didn’t expect it to be this much fun and exciting to actually write my thoughts and feelings down. And the fact that everyday when you log in and put down your goals, the little fellow levels up each time is such a bonus because it’s like they’re growing with you! This is such a unique idea and definitely something a lot of anxiety/journal apps don’t have! Thank you for creating this app 💜💜💜

- Great App

I think this was exactly what I needed. I saw an ad for this on TikTok and I thought “well, I can at least try it out.” Before finch, I usually would make a to-do list on paper for days ahead and doing it on my phone on finch is a lot easier. There are goals to set up— little ones too that don’t seem so hard. I’ve tried out the stretches and the breathing exercises and I love the little reminders on push notifs that tell you nice things. This little bird is exactly what I needed and I think that it also helps to type in and reflect on your life so that you can gain clarity into maybe why you feel the way that you do. I don’t have the full subscription but I think it would definitely be worth it. This actually helps. Thank you so much for making this.

- Amazing

This app is so amazing! I recently just moved to college and I was struggling a lot with depression and stress and missing my family, friends, and my boyfriend. This app really helps me vent all my worries and struggles and has helped me feel better through my rough times! I love how the app will highlight a name and ask follow up questions about someone you mention, it makes me feel like it’s more personal. I really want to get Finch Plus, but I can’t afford it unfortunately :/ I’ve been using the app for a month, and I really love it. I’ve reccomended it to all three of my roomates and my boyfriend, and they’ve all loved it! They each told me how they love the little finch and how which exercises help them! I am so excited to see what the app has in store for the future! Keep the updates coming!

- Finally an app that you don’t have to pay for so it can function!

I was skeptical about this app because many others let you have this great experience for a day or two and then hide everything behind a paywall. The design is very simple and its easy to keep track of your goals and the things you’ve written down! Overall I’d say this is worth your time if you like self care but you want something manageable and free. My only critique is that while a lot of stuff is free, you still have to pay for the rest of the content. This would be up to the developers in the end but something that would make the app perfect is if there was one exercise from each category so that way we get a sample of the other content that’s offered.

- Amazing app

I’ve always struggled with journaling & self-care & basically everything that would actually help me get my life together 😅 But this app makes it feel like a real goal I can work towards & I love it!! I just have 2 suggestions: 1. After my finch (I named them Zazu 🥰) gets back from an adventure, I’m less inclined to open the app or complete reflections, breathing, etc. Maybe something to do with extra energy after the adventure? 2. I get a lot of mood swings & they don’t normally line up with when I’m prompted to share how I’m feeling. So maybe more check ins, or the option to enter our mood whenever we want? Seriously though this app is amazing it’s the only thing that has ever helped me stay on track + my finch is absolutely adorable I love raising them!!

- Thank you!!

I have tried a lot of mental health games, and I either quit them or got bored of them in 3 days. This game makes it easy and fun to keep up with a healthy life style! I’ve been doing my goals everyday. There are just so many good things about this like breathing exercises, daily reflections, yoga, you get to tie it all together with your bird. This is probably one of the most underrated games I’ve ever heard. I’ve been playing with my family and friends and I love how it always lets you keep in touch. This game is amazing, and you guys truly never disappoint with the updates. Developers, thank you for making this a optionally free app. A lot of other mental health apps cost more and cost to even get in the game, and is the most boring app I’ve ever tried.

- One of the best mental health apps I've found

I am someone who struggles with metal health, so I've tried a lot of apps to help me cope. What I've noticed about other apps is that they're very limited with what kind of support they give you, but Finch has a bit of everything. There's a character that is there for you. You can track your mood and reflect on your day at any time (not limited to once a day). There are different exercises like breathing and stretching. There's so much more on top of that, and even though some options are only available through the in-app subscription, you still can get a ton out of the app. I definitely recommend this for those who just need a little extra support and a way to get their feelings out safely :)

- Best meditation for kids and adults

This is by far the best meditation game and or app for kids and adults it’s simple you do things like write your problems or ideas in a small note space to let feelings you don’t want out and for kids there’s a cute character that ask questions that are small when talking to him but in retrospect they are big life problems and it teaches children a lightweight simple easy way of life and how to live stress free it’s all in all completely free unless you want premium which is mostly for the kids if they want extra characters stuff but it’s cute fun informative and it’s the best thing I’ve found in a while it’s wholesome to see how amazing it is please don’t pass the game up atleast try the game first it’s worth a download.

- Oh my god, amazing!

This app is soooo good! I feel really motivated to complete my goals each day because I like seeing what adventure my bird (who I named Rice) goes on! It’s great that your bird can have any pronouns you like and you can develop their personality however you like! Seeing what Rice says after adventures just makes me smile which makes me come back every day! You can also dress up your bird which is really fun. There are so many features and things to do that I haven’t even explored them all yet. I think that motivating people to complete activities like in the app works so well. It’s hard to always rely on your own willpower and it’s great that this app understands that. And also this whole app was made by only two people! Good job to them! ^_^

- I love her!

So at first i saw it on an ad and it looked cool plus it also had 5/5 rating so I installed it but I didn’t have storage so I offloaded some apps and I installed it again and I luckily had space and once I got it installed then I went on the app and went a little bit more excited and it asked me what you first knew about finch and y’all know I clicked the first one then it asked me which gender and I clicked girl cause I’m a crusty musty gusty busty dusty girl duh and I named it Lake Victoria jk I just named it Victoria and the best part came!!! It finally hatched! I was so pleasant to see it and she looked so cute!!🤩 I went to change her but it was annoying ngl cause I DIDNT BUY THE CLOTHES but it was kinda funny 🤡then I bought some things and she was cuter💕thank you developer for the game!!!

TransferWise 💸

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- Best self-care app out

Love the app and love that it’s by just two people! Saw the reviews and couldn’t believe what magic you’ve created! Have tried countless apps and knew this one would be the perfect fit the minute I saw it. You clearly understand the biggest issue with CBT/self-care apps is that it’s HARD to be accountable for your own self-care. I would use other self-help apps ONLY on days I felt good and could never motivate myself to actually face them on bad days. What your app offers is the encouragement that self-care will grow SOMETHING more than just your mental well-being. You are attaching a physical concept to self-care and checking in and making it so so so much easier to do for a lot of people. You advertised to me on a day I had a complete relapse and I downloaded it on the spot. I have used it every day since and I am shocked that it’s been a week and I’m still checking in daily - and now enjoying it! Thank you for realising the problem consumers face and answering it. This is truly an example of consumerism done right - thank you for giving me light to face the darkness. You have done a remarkable job.

- Adorable

Super cute little character, I’ve named mine Doris haha, that lifts you up and can remind you to check in throughout the day. Definitely puts a smile on my face and reminds me to be more mindful. Have only been using for 3 days so far but even that is the longest I’ve ever consistently stuck to a mental health related app. I think because it gives you cute little check ins and you are focusing on growing your little bird character it also helps me personally as I have ADHD and that gives me enough of a feeling of accomplishment (and dopamine for my severely dopamine lacking brain) to stick to my goals and check ins more. Also gives you some good ideas for little ways to improve your day that are quite small steps but give you a good sense of accomplishment (like message a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while, 10 jumping jacks or 5 push ups, morning stretching etc.). Considering getting the pro version I enjoy it so much but the free version still gives you plenty to work with 😊Highly recommend

- Amazing, unique app :) has helped heaps

This app is amazing. Most self care apps I don’t use more than once and I usually hate writing goals and journaling but Finch is so much fun! I’ve only been using it for two days and it has made me so motivated and way more happy already! Also the breathing exercises are really helpful. It is also great since this is totally free, as most self care apps won’t let you do anything without paying. I named my bird Daisy and she is so cute! Thank you for inventing this amazing app I think it will help a lot of people, it is not like other self care apps and adds an element of fun for me to usually boring things such as goal setting and journaling!

- Very clever app and a great resource!

This app is super fun and has been such a great resource for me, it can be hard to be motivated to track moods and journaling with other apps, but I think this app is so clever in the way that it weaves it in so it feels like you’re just doing it as a part of a game, but it’s also super fun and even reminds me a little bit of animal crossing! It helps me forget about whatever it might be that I’m worrying about and just enjoy the app, kind of like I used to do with video games when I was younger! Awesome app and I can’t wait to see how it changes with updates! Thank you so much to the creators of this great app!

- First app I’ve used for longer than 3 days for habits & self care

Honestly, I’ve never opened most habit, self care, daily journal apps more than once. I’m on Day 3 of 7 trialling premium, and honestly it’s an amazing app. I believe some slight feature additions would be great which I’ll list below: - An easier way to access and review goals you set for future dates (like a calendar, maybe 2-3 days though), such as “set goals for tomorrow”, - A reminder if something is already on your goals list for that day, and an option to add it any way (ie brushing teeth) - Restyling of some of the questions in auto tagged text submissions when clicked on in the “Add to goals” section as some don’t make sense, ie, I’ve had “Schedule time for soap” with #Soap - Some extra categories for things like Hygiene, or the ability to write something in the “Other” options I think you’ve got really great, solid foundations to build on. Really great job, I think it’s going to become very popular.

- Tried many apps -Finch works!

I have C-PTSD and bipolar. I do therapy but don’t have the resources to have as many sessions as I would like. My psychologist suggested a gratitude and mindfulness app and it wasn’t for me. I’ve tried a few and they’re dull, boring and pretty basic. However, Finch has me hooked! I use it when I’m anxious, sad and even when I’m happy. It does remind me of animal crossing which is great! I love it and I’ve been using the free one. However, I love it so much I think I’m going to get a yearly plan. Thank you so much for creating Finch! Highly recommend!

- Can’t express how much I love this

I legit can’t express how much I love this app. First, a big pet peeve of mine is when developers make you pay for nearly every single thing but on Finch, I can still do majority of what is available. I also love just how cute the idea the app is. I named mine Cash (after Johnny Cash hehe) and just seeing the notifications from Cash telling me to smile makes my day so much better. The app is always a place I can express my feelings and has helped my tremendously with my anxiety. I applaud you, developers 🙌🏼

- My opinion

I’ve tried so many apps to gay me motivated and because of my ADD and anxiety nothing has really done anything. But this bird. Yesterday I got off my bed did one thing then lay back down purely because I wanted my bird to come back from its trip. I would die for this bird. Only thing I would say is the app glitches sometimes while trying to load and the fact that there is a plus version, however I get that, you need money and I am really happy that it is functional without the app.

- Great idea, but twee

The micro-journaling prompts are really engaging and I loved this functionality, but overall the vibe of the app is just too twee for me. I would have stuck with it if I could turn off the Hallmarky ‘inspirational’ quotes that pop up every time (every time!) you open the app. (I do like that the exercises and prompts are more customisable in this regard.) To me, this would be a great app for kids, but I was hoping it could function as ‘the self as tamagotchi’ for an adult as well. I expect it’s just a personal taste thing, but I found it all too saccharine after a few days. Would absolutely download/subscribe to a version with fewer Oprah vibes…

- Best Free CBT App

I’ve tried many CBT apps and a lot of them you have to pay for the most simple use of the app and I’ve ended up deleting them. Finch has so many great tools as well as the option to be able to pay for extras which I think is great. Finch has a very appealing aesthetic, I love the middle tools section that offers SOS and soundscapes too. The words of wisdom your “pet” give you have actually helped me in times of need. I love this app. Thank you for making it so accessible. This is a cut above the others

- The best and worst app!!!!

This app is truly the best app because it has made me have better habits and makes me stick to my goals that I set witch I love but also hate!! I have become a much happier person because of this app. Theirs no adds, it’s free ( you can upgrade but the free version is amazing in itself) and you can costermise your little finch. Also I love the sos kit. You can really tell that a lot of thought and time went into making this app and it is truly amazing. Thank you so much for making it!!!!!!!! 💗

- I love finch

Finch is a game where u can calm down! It’s my favourite game now I just love it so much it’s the best app I’ve ever seen no hate no hate just love just love I love to dress my little cute bird up in snuggle warm close it’s so cute right now my bird Tahlia is on a trip so I like to right goals to keep her going when I’m sad I like to go on this app I’ve told all my friends to download it and they just love it too I love to to lots of things and whilst I’m waiting I go to sleep. 😀😀 I love this app soo much , keep up the good work 💖💖💖🐣🐥🐣🐥

- I love Finch!

I have had this app for a total of almost 3 days, I can honestly say my mood and thoughts have been so much better. This app allows you to really express yourself and what you’re feeling, but also reminds you to practise gratitude for the amazing things and people who are already in your life. I check this app at least 4 times a day just to clear my head. Thank you creators, it is a blessing to have people create self-care apps like this.

- Really great

Even though you have to pay for the full version of this there is actually and surprisingly a really good amount available of the app so far, especially because it’s mental health I would want it to be free but there is honestly a good amount of things available even if you don’t have the full version. There’s even an SOS section available and good amount of that too. I just wish we could talk to our pets a little more and the adventures to be a little shorter but overall it’s really good!!

- Such a big help ❤️

I’ve always struggled with mindfulness and being present. Getting all caught up in a whirlwind of overwhelming thoughts has always been something I’ve struggled with. This app has been a huge help in getting my mind in a better place. The breathing exercises are amazing, the writing prompts sometimes make me cry happy tears, and I have honestly become somewhat attached to my little birdy pet. Thank you so much for making this app. I really needed it. ❤️❤️

- Seriously amazing

Have recommended the paid version of this app to all my friends, it’s an absolutely fantastic self-care tool. One suggestion for the devs though- could we have a pause button? I’m doing way better at the moment and don’t really need to engage with the app as much as I did even a month ago, and I’d love to be able to just step back for a week or so without worrying that I’ll lose my progress.

- Best self care app I’ve ever gotten

I actually friggin love this app. It’s the only productivity app that I’ve found simple to use and effective. It’s so cute and I bought a year subscription the day after I bought it cause I enjoyed it that much. May not be for everyone but it has helped me so much during year 11. My room has never been cleaner and my life been more productive. Thank you devs! <3

- This apps amazing 😉

I really love this app and it’s really really good and it’s helped me through lots and lots and lots of stuff that I’ve gone through over the years and before I got the app I just wasn’t okay and then I got it and everything changed but lately the app hasn’t been working and it hasn’t let me in to the app And I know this is a review but if you could change that that would be really great thank you 😊

- Absolutely insane

I downloaded the Finch App a few months ago for goal setting and I absolutely love it. I just did a recent update that now allows you to have a finch care friend in the tree tops. I believe that this app is a game changer. I also follow the Instagram page that posts cute little reminders about self care. Definitely worth a 5 star rating ⭐️

- Positive??

Hi, I’ve been on this app for quite a while and if I’m totally honest I enjoy it a lot, I’ve never stayed on a mental health app this long before, mostly because you have to pay for them all, so I am happy this is free. I do want to know why, every time I mention my brother in one of those reflection things it makes it positive though, like no matter what context it’s in, no matter what I say around it, it always makes it positive?

- Incredible

This app is quite incredible. I have nothing negative to say about it. I love it. I look forward to its further development. Would love to see articles, podcasts and crosswords etc I could complete within the app as goals. I don’t want to use any other apps. Just this one. It’s beautifully calming. I highly recommend it.

- Great self-care and journaling app

This app has helped me focus on my self care so much! I have always wanted to be the type of person who keeps a journal to reflect and grow, but I have never stuck with one. These journaling prompts help me stay on task and are so quick they’re easy to fill in. I love looking after my little pet. She’s so cute.

- This is literally the best app I’ve ever used ever

This is such a good app in so so many ways I would recommend unconditionally. For the devs: some of the interface could be reworked to be more user friendly eg. my focus is a lil hidden Also a search function for the preloaded goals would be spectacular

- Very cute

This app has proven to help me greatly work through my thoughts and feelings. I have recommended it to my brother who struggles with mental health and self-care. I like that there are so many nice things built into this app and that it responds dynamically to what you write. Thank you for creating something so special!

- Finch is fab!

Finch was recommended to me by a close friend, and I’m so glad! it’s a no-pressure reminder to do self care, and I get a little dopamine hit from it being a game of looking after a cute little bird. I love using the soundscapes to wind down, and the prompts for reflection are fantastic. Cant fault the app a single bit.

- Comforting

I love finch so much. It’s just really good when you aren’t feeling that great. Especially recently for me, I’ve had some friends go into hospital for mental health reasons, and having something like this to distract myself has literally been a life saver.

- Wow.

Honestly the best self care app i’ve ever found. It’s all free?! And completely ad-free?! Like wow. It’s helped me so much that i’ve even showed my therapist and she’s going to use it to help other people! You guys have created something truly life changing ❤️

- Best app I have

I have anxiety, adhd and PTSD for DV. While I see a lot of professionals I honestly think this app has helped more then some of them. I honestly can’t believe how good it is. Feels too good to be true!! Forever grateful for my little penguin and for the creators!

- Amazing app

I’m finding this app is helping me cope with my Anxiety and is helping achieve some goals throughout the day so I’m not just sitting around doing nothing. I’ve also got a few friends into it.

- get this app now!!!

oh my god i’m going to cry. i’ve been having some tough times recently and finch has helped me so much. i named mine bentley and i got home from school and got a notifacation saying “from bentley: remember to smile” AAAAAAAAH

- First try. First day. First Winner :)

Absolutely love it. I’ve tried other apps but have not been able to stick with it in more than a week. It all felt too much of a chore that I ended up deleting the previous apps and the routine I built up would slowly crumble. All I can say is Finch is different from other apps. It feels like the app itself is supporting you rather than supporting yourself with the help of an app. Cheers.

- Awesome!!

I’m so thankful I downloaded this app! It prompts you to record your feelings and experiences and then logs them in it’s database. This allows it to progress your relationships with these people and places.

- Sweet and not like nagging

Nice friendly app that simply makes you feel better. Notifications actually feel like encouragement not nagging

- This app is a great app

This app is really good. The Finch character that you get to rename is very encouraging and it motivates me to complete the goals that I’ve set today. Give it a try!

- Brilliant App

Brilliant app. Even with the free version you are provided so much. The changes in myself in just 2 days have been phenomenal.

- Very very good

I absolutely adore this app it is so cute and I check it every day. It really helps me too. Would recommend.

- 2022

A great little app to keep your energy and mood elevated, it really gets you thinking and keep connected

- Fantastic self care app

Love the gamification of self care! It reminds me of tamagotchis back in the day. Excellent app! Especially one by a small indie development team!

- Motivational

Such a great way to learn more about myself and some useful tips as well as a great place to write about my feelings

- im in love

this app just makes me so happy, it motivates me more than anything. I wish my baby finch new just how much i love him <33

- Payment & pleasantness

I really love this app, it’s absolutely changed my mindset to something more positive, it would help if their was a lifetime purchase for this app though.

- Amazing

this is a brilliant app that really helps to mmotivate me for the day. I am absolutkey in love with this app!!!!! my therapist reccomended it for me and it helps so much.

- Motivation

I’m such a procrastinator this is helping me recognise things that I need to do, then tick then off. Happ I did not want to pay for this I wanted the free version Thank you. I don’t think my credit card is active. Please take me off the pay version.

- Love this app

My most favourite and most used app and recommended to my besties

- Actually a good app

It’s legit not a game. It’s a fun and cute mental health app which really works. I adore my baby finchie.


beautiful and so cute, extremely calming and a surprising amount of free content which is good.

- Finch is fun

A very cute and fun way to stay in the present and on top of my mental health on a daily basis.

- It’s cool

When I click on the app it just glitches me out and I can’t use it please fix it

- Cute

Honestly a very cute game with a great premise, I’m excited to see how it evolves. :3

- My answer!

My little child, is lovely and ‘OMG’ sometimes but it’s a pretty good game I must say!

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This app is so cute and helps me focus on self care, self love, self acceptance and a bunch of other good mental hygiene stuff! I have recommended this app to my counsellor, my friends and my Facebook acquaintances!!! I will definitely be buying the full app when I have the money! Thank you so much for making this app!!!

- Nice 👌

I really like the app, it gives me something to vent to, and a cute virtual bird pet to raise!

- No more finch plus??

The app is so cute. The premium is super cheap and it’s so much better. This is the only app that’s motivated me to help myself, my sleeping habits, self care and even cleaning the house. Overall I’ve been happier.

- I love this app sm

I have only had finch for a few days and I have already been more productive and motivated than I have been in months, it is a great app for mental health because the only way you can take care of your penguin is to take care of yourself and people are more likely to take care of other than themselves

- Actually works

Made me do breathing exercises abs take care of make just to get him a jacket

- Amazing

I started this app with my daughters. We all are enjoying the positive feeling everyday. It’s making use feel more appreciated of the little things in life.

- Glad I gave this a download

Mindfulness, gamified. I’m really excited to have found this, I think this kind of app is what I’ve needed. Really well done so far, thank you!

- I love this app ❤️❤️❤️

I saw a video on TikTok about someone saying how great the app was so I decided to download it to see what it was all about. When I opened the app it got me to choose my penguin's gender and name (love how non-binary is an option) and it's soooooo cute. I love this app so much and it's made me happier and more productive

- no pressure

once u start ur little finch journey, you actually feel a lot more motivated. I finally have something to vent to without anyone actually knowing how i feel lol. hes a great little buddy and if ur down and dont have the motivation to go on the app they dont spam u with notifications to come back. Finch will send u little messages tho like keep up the good work. Like the father i never had!

- Didn’t cancel!

I love this app and I used the free trail. When I cancelled before the trail ended it somehow re-subscribed me and charged me $57. Not happy with that. But the app itself is cute

- Just get it

Gunna keep this short. If you follow the things that it suggest, then it works out super well, plus, it is completely free (you can buy the premium which costs around 50$ a year but it is not mandatory and I would even argue that it is worth it)

- The best app ever

I’ve never been more motivated to journal, set goals for myself and follow through with my goals. Would recommend this app for everyone!!

- This is the best app ever

I usually don’t write reviews but this app motivates me to do more so Trixie can be happy. I love the soundscapes and deep breathing

- Best app ever

This is the best mental health app I’ve used ever. It’s fun and I find myself motivated to do more throughout the day.

- Great App!

It’s a great app. Helps me be mindful and grateful as well as brining my mood up and tricking me into be healthier by gamifying it. Truly one of the best apps I have come across. Penguins are cute too! Little outfits!


the penguin is SOOOO cute!! and this app over helps me do every day tasks and more and it really helps with my depression. along with the stretches, sounds, breathing exercises, reflections and more this is the best mental health app ever!!! and i hope more people join!! and i love how u can be with your friends on it if they join too! it’s an over all amazing app and it really helps me. and i also love all the cute outfits for the penguin! i strongly recommend and encourage you to download the app! and i hope you have a good rest of your day!! and hopefully with finch in your life!

- Adorable and motivating

Nothing cuter than Finch. Will always put a smile on your face just you look at them. The accompanying activities are great for self-care and helping one to focus on their goals and maintain a positive outlook. Highly recommend!

- Wonderful and effective

Enjoying this self-care app. It is encouraging me to do more reflecting on my practices and my experiences. Also loving it for my kiddos.

- Amazing app

This app has really helped with my mental health, and I’m actually motivated to do the journaling activities because I can unlock more features for my finch Lune. Amazing app.

- Great App, awesome free content

This app is really great- well designed, well organized, and really useful. I really appreciate that even though you can make in-app purchases, they don’t constantly ask you to pay for a subscription like many apps do. There are many useful features you can use on the free version of the app that makes it accessible for everyone.

- very great

amazing helps me get the things i need to do done with an amazing little lad along the way

- this is great

#1 source of happiness rn love this. i take care of him like he’s my son.

- SO CUTE <333

THIS APP IS SO CUTEEEE. I’m happy I downloaded it it helps me see how I feel through out the day and my moods though out the day are so different. DOWNLOAD IT!!

- Finch review

Really love it it helps through the day

- So far so great

I’ve only had the app for a short time but it is truly helping me do what it sets out to do-take a moment or two to check in with myself and see where I am at and practise a bit of self-care. I wasn’t sure it would work for me and I am happy to say it does!

- Finch is nice

Thanks for this

- It’s great!

Love this app so far, it’s great!

- App lock

The app is amazing, the penguin is very cute and it helped motivate me to take care of myself I would recommend instructions on what happens before allowing someone to turn on app lock, I thought it was only Face ID or fingerprint and was scared I lost all my progress for a second, I got it back after turning on a passcode though, really would appreciate some warning

- So far so good!

I am enjoying this app so far. The written reflections are helping me stay present. The little penguin is super cute and motivating as well! Fun!

- Taking care of them to take care of me !

So far I’m really enjoying this app. It’s very cute, encourages me to do self care and reflections and I love taking care of my little Peanut!

- Amazing!

It is fun to play and can also help you with mental health! The penguin are super cute too :) definitely recommend

- Review

It’s adorable and as someone with adhd I stuggle with a lot of every day tasks… this app would be perfect my only suggestion is maybe have a way to make some tasks show up in your goals every day without having to constantly rewrite my 20+ daily goals I have for myself.

- Love it!!

The only app that actually reminds me to do self care

- Love it!

It’s an adorable concept and unlike other apps they actually let you use the app with asking you to pay every 5 mins :)

- Heart warming self care app. Highly recommend

Though it’s in cartoon, it’s not childish at all. It’s very heart warming and I truly feel my Finch as my companion to wellness.

- great

its been really helpful. i wish there were ways to unlock premium features, besides that it’s very cute.

- Best To do list out there!

If you have a hard time coming up with things to do with not just cleaning but your mental health- this app is for you. Super cute package that rewards you for completing tasks that you pick! Not feeling up to it today! Try the we’ve all been there tasks like just getting out of bed and washing your face! So good for just surviving the day when things are feeling bleak


10/10 recommend to anyone who needs help doesn’t doesn’t want to help themselves. My baby penguins name is lily and she is so helpful!!!

- Lovely little companion

This app encourages me to check in with myself and reflect, this app is gentle with its prompts, and makes space for the fact that people could be at different stages of their journey. I have a lot of love for my on screen pet, but I have a lot more love and respect for myself now that I have seen my growth, recorded through this app

- Really good, I’m just a little confused

I think the little check ins are great. I’m just confused about if there’s only one adventure or more. I’ve completed the finchie forest about 10 days ago and I’m still exploring it. I also wish there was a way to let the app now what things are actually making me happy and what aren’t. It gets them confused in the weekly check ins

- Literally so cute

So cute love the out fits it helps me get motivated because the outfits are expensive everything is a lot eaiser in my life now chores are fun to do because of the game thank you.❤️

- Really helpful

I really love this app and would recommend it to anyone, especially if they’re feeling overwhelmed and need a way to remind themselves to just breathe.

- good

good app

- April

Highly recommend Interesting concept but the benefits are excellent

- Totally LOVE it.

Download it right now! It's worth it.

- Good App

It’s a great app, the graphics are cute and it really helps me reflect on things. One thing that’s very minor I dislike is the shop, The things are kind of expensive

- It’s actually a really nice app

It helped me understand myself a bit

- Little friend

Cute nice to talk with someone

- WOW!!

I LOVE this game! It has helped with my anxiety and goals. I HIGHLY suggest this game!! H-I-G-H-L-Y, HIIIIIGHLYYYYYY!!

- help?

i love this app so much and its helped to much, but recently its refusing to open even after fully updating my phone and the app. Not sure whats wrong as all other apps are functioning as normal but yeah

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Finch: Self Care Widget Pet 3.15.0 Screenshots & Images

Finch: Self Care Widget Pet iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Finch: Self Care Widget Pet iphone images
Finch: Self Care Widget Pet iphone images
Finch: Self Care Widget Pet iphone images
Finch: Self Care Widget Pet iphone images
Finch: Self Care Widget Pet iphone images
Finch: Self Care Widget Pet iphone images
Finch: Self Care Widget Pet iphone images
Finch: Self Care Widget Pet iphone images
Finch: Self Care Widget Pet Health & Fitness application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Finch: Self Care Widget Pet (Version 3.15.0) Install & Download

The applications Finch: Self Care Widget Pet was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2021-05-12 and was developed by Finch Care Inc [Developer ID: 1528595750]. This application file size is 251.49 MB. Finch: Self Care Widget Pet - Health & Fitness app posted on 2022-06-17 current version is 3.15.0 and works well on IOS 10.2 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.finch.finch