Save them all - drawing puzzle

Save them all - drawing puzzle [Games] App Description & Overview

Draw freely and help them.
The line you draw will become 3D.

From the rain,
From rocks and bombs attacking,
Please draw well and protect them.

There are more than 250 levels in all!
You can force it to unravel, or you can draw it beautifully to help.
The lines you draw will save the world!

EU / California users can opt-out under GRPR / CCPA.
Please respond from the pop-up displayed when starting in the app or within the settings in the app.

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Save them all - drawing puzzle Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Added 50 more levels! - Added NoAds item! We'll add more levels right after the new year! Have a great holiday season! If you have already played more than 200 levels, please do not delete the app and update it.

Save them all - drawing puzzle Comments & Reviews

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- Too many ads, but fun game :)

The biggest thing that takes away from the gameplay experience are the unwanted ads when you’re not clicking to watch ad videos. The game would be much better if you only go ads when you chose to watch for extra coins, but I understand the creators gotta make a profit

- Okay time waster. Adpocalypse.

This game is mildly amusing and offering it for free is nice, but the non stop ads are irritating. After playing through 40 levels I spent more time watching ads than I did playing the game. Every time I’d skip an ad for an award the game tried to offer I was met with an ad even though I tapped “skip ad and lose the reward.” If you’re gonna have a button to skip an ad then don’t give me an ad anyways. The game itself is easy but having the patience to spend 10 seconds a level to be met with ads is an exercise in frustration. An entry level programmer should make a copy of this game, improve on it (which wouldn’t be hard), charge a dollar for it and have no ads and you’re company would go under. Unfortunately for the developer only 1% of their staff will read this and have the decency to resign and sell slushees at 7-11 to have a more dignified life than what they are currently doing.

- Racist???

Alright so, this game is okay, I was playing it for a couple levels and I reached a level where I unlocked an African American character. Right after the ads finished and I could play as this character, I noticed the background had changed, and it actually was a jungle type of background. Like really? A JUNGLE background for an African American character? What does that seem to tell you? And I noticed after I played as this character for a bit I then unlocked another character, and right as the ads finished so I can play as the new character, the BACKGROUND CHANGED. I don’t know if this is a reach but this definitely rubbed me the wrong way for sure, and I think you guys need to fix that, wether it was a harmless mistake or not, this can be triggering and offensive for sure. FIX ASAP.

- Super Basic Super Repetitive

Imagine an eight year old played a decent puzzle game and then decided to make a puzzle of their own... these are their puzzles. Most of these puzzle can be solved by drawing a straight line. Few require any actual problem solving or creativity. There are 200 levels with puzzles that are barely different from each other, and then after two hundred they stop being different at all as they are now being recycled. Another reviewer mentioned playing on airplane mode, and that does work t prevent the ads. Better yet though, disable the data privileges for this ap so that you can still get your notifications. If you play on wifi this method won’t work, but it’s a permanent solution when off wifi.

- Ads and Connection Issues

I have a very strong wi-fi. I tried to open the game three times since downloading. The first time, I kept getting the message there was a network issue. I had a strong signal and it did not work. I turned wi-fi off, and it did not work. After 3 hours, randomly booted up the game and it worked, so I played a few levels. Closed it for 10 minutes to get organized. Opened it to play again and received a network connection issues. The ads are too much as well. One plays at the bottom of your screen while playing and then ads play in between almost every level. I will probably try one more time because I like the concept. If it doesn’t work, removing from my device.

- Ruined Potential.

I'm down a rabbithole of downloading and trying out mobile games I get ads for and I've got to say this is one of the worst. Don't get me wrong the game itself can be fun yes... But when you get 2 to 3 different options to watch ads (extra coins after levels, skipping levels, unlocking characters) every single time you finish a level it gets a little overwhelming. Not to mention the constantly playing banner ads. As I previously mentioned you can watch an ad for extra coins every level... This would normally be somewhat acceptable however even if you decline the extra coins for an ad you will still be forced to watch an ad every 2 levels... I get it. Money is nice. But trust me.. giving people a reason to play your game will earn you more money than trying to force people to watch ads and spend money 24/7.. Aside from ALL of that... The game CAN be fun sometimes. Some of the levels are actually challenging and fairly unique which is commendable.

- Decent mini game, but

This game is a good time killer, but only if you turn on airplane mode so you’re not constantly bombarded by ridiculous amounts of ads that take up more time than your actual playtime. Honestly it’s not that difficult, and it’s a fun game. The only glaring issue is the fact the character has the physics of a see saw. The slightest bump in your line if you’re drawing under him and he dies. If you accidentally draw a pixel through his foot? Dead. The characters dying is rarely the actual puzzle, it’s usually due to his own physics.

- Meh

The game is modeled at a mediocre level. There are ads that play every level. Then there are video ads that force you to watch after every level. Then there’s an ad to try and get you to watch an ad to get one of the skins that created for the character. The only reason I gave it its second star is because some of the puzzles are good, but after playing through levels 1-30, I would say a third of them were repeats. And I’m gonna go out on a limb and say a majority of those 5 stars are bots. Hope you enjoy the ad revenue game dev. Hope it helps make a better game.

- Very glitchy

**Turn on airplane mode to avoid ad after ad!! **I like this game and would have given 5 stars, but it needs tweaking. Get rid of the jerky, pauses that make your solution not work. It bounces around so it makes your impenetrable solution kill the person. Hard to describe in words but I see other reviewers have same issue. The game would be pretty decent if the developers listen to their reviews and reviewers, but judging by there being NO response from anyone’s reviews, I doubt that’ll happen. No wonder they have such a low rating.

- A promising game ruined by excessive ads

I briefly tried this game, but the amount of ads ruin the experience. I get it, advertising is how the game is free, so I will generally choose to watch ads for more rewards. In this game, you have a choice to move to the next level, or watch an ad to increase your reward. Choose not to increase your reward? Watch an ad anyway to get to the next level. Choose to watch the ad for greater reward? Cool, now watch another ad before you can move on. In the short time I played, I think I spent more time waiting for ads to finish than I did playing the game. That’s ludicrous.

- Too many ads and repeated levels

SO MANY ADS!!! And no option to remove them? Also, rather than just tell you you’ve completed all available levels, they just start to repeat - even the early levels with tutorial hints given. I’ve played some levels 3-4 times. (Even though the level I’m at continues to show me going up to “new” levels) I’d rather it just tell me and I’d wait for new ones to show up. Fun to play at first, but the repeats made me want to stop playing.

- Made just for ad revenue? Fun, but easy.

This is a fun puzzle game, nice little time waster. Unfortunately the amount of ads is insane. Especially because ads play between levels and most of the levels take a few seconds to beat. Which brings me to my second issue. The difficulty is either easy (most) or impossible (few) with no in between, and after 3 tries it urges you to skip the level. Seems like the game was only designed for creating ad revenue. But if you turn on airplane mode it’s a fun time waster.

- Serious bugs

Fun game when it works but there are some serious bugs that need to be fixed. If you wrap around certain items (particularly the floating squares) the whole thing will fly at a random direction killing your character. Additionally the game will get very jerky and lose all of its flow during a lot of the levels which makes it difficult to figure out what you did wrong. If these issues were fixed it would be a rather fun game.

- It's great they added more levels

I played through the first 152 levels in a day and was disappointed it was over but kept replaying old levels to redo them in interesting ways. Then I noticed they added new levels recently and was amazed they do updates. So great game, a lot of potential even with the small bugs.

- Fun, until about Level 150

This game is really fun (the ads are annoying, of course, but every other review explains that in more detail). I absolutely love the concept. The difficult levels are my favorite. However, around Level 150, the levels just start repeating the earlier, easy ones. I feel like the game should just end at that point, rather than continue with easy, boring levels you’ve already done. I’m so bummed about this.

- Good game but...

The game itself is very entertaining the physics are a bit shanks but that doesn’t subtract anything from the game. The amount of adds is ridiculous though. Every 2 levels there’s a 30 second or 1 minute add. So if you have a couple minutes and want to play for a little bit half that time will be spent in ads

- Too easy

Passed all 151 levels in a matter of hours. Would have been nice if there was more levels but it starts over at level 152. No point in playing by then all again. Will delete. But it does take creativity to get through it.

- Zero creativity game played 65 levels

The game is repetitive levels have zero challenge. most of them can be beat with the same method. Turn airplane mode on before playing to avoid the Ads and you will see what I mean. There is literally nothing special. Game is just ads a waist of time sure it’s kinda fun at first but when you realize it’s all the same through out the whole game it gets boring really fast. You think it will get more interesting the father you you go? No I’ve played it let me save your time.

- Too many commercials by far

Fun game, maybe. I got to level 13 but the mass quantity of commercials was too much to take. I expected ads, but this has too many. I was ready to delete it after level 3, but I stuck it out another 5 minutes. That’s at least how long it took to do 8 more levels. Despite the fact that one round takes literally two and a half seconds. Also it takes up a huge amount of megabytes.

- Decent

So. Many. Adds. That aside, the game itself is fun. At least until you realize you can just draw squiggly lines until all space is filled and nothing can move. Then it’s impossible to lose any level. They need to put a limit on how much you can draw. Also let me go like 2-3 levels before an add. One after every single level is too much.

- Too many adds

It is a fun game but I will likely delete it because there are to many adds. Every two levels there are 15 to 30 second adds. It takes maybe thirty seconds to beat to levels so the adds are so common they are annoying and take away from the game. I would pay for an add free version but I can’t find an option for that

- This game is a joke.

You have to watch an ad after every other level. No I’m not exaggerating. If you attempt to play in airplane mode the game will not run at all. The cherry on top for me was that when I first downloaded the game I couldn’t play it at all. I just kept receiving this very generic message about an unstable network condition. After trying to play on both WiFi and Cellular Data I deleted it. They have since fixed that bug and added a comment like “Fixed a minor bug” to the App Store.

- I love the app but on levle 30 you can not pass it

🥰I love This so much that I cannot believe it you cannot believe that this game is not even Costly you can actually download this game for free don’t worry it’s safe for anybody watch out On level 30 it’s so hard nobody can even pass it!

- Money hungry ad filled cash grab. (1 star)

This game is absolute trash and filled with boring levels that give you an ad after every level. It was made with no time or effort put into it just to have you play a few levels, take your money and go.

- Eh it’s enough to pass time/p*ss u off

Besides the ADs which everyone has pointed out and they aren’t wrong, the game glitches a lot, the screen will turn black and I have to re open the won’t let me draw the line..etc Other than those problems the game is alright to play, pretty easy with some tricky levels and it’s something to pass time with

- Meh

The game itself isn’t to blame for the way the characters look. However, I let a little African American kid play the other day and he kept asking if the way the characters looked is what he looked like to other nationalities. I found this to be disturbing. I’d urge the developers to look into other ways to make the characters different. That being said the game is pretty entertaining, I just hate all the ads.

- Hard.

The game is very unrealistic a guy with a gun can fling this guy with a single bullet. He also dies if he falls like 1 centimeter on the side of him. He dies if a little bit of rain falls on him. He can get flung by drawing. Levels start easy but when you go above 100 it gets way harder. Make game easier or make a skip level for an ad button, It will make it easier.


It’s a fun concept, but it gets old quickly. Pretty much the same ten levels over and over, with a long ad every two levels—some of those levels having the solution already drawn out for you. Ads display between levels, and also constantly on the bottom of the screen. The game also loads pretty slowly, and lags between levels—again probably because it’s loading ads.

- Add overload

I don’t mind an add here and there but they are after every level and boxes on the bottom of the screen while playing too. Love the idea of the game but the ads were overwhelming deleted because of them

- Fun but ad-riddled

I enjoy playing the game, but after every other level they force an advertisement on you and that’s just a beating that greatly detracts from my enjoyment of the game and kills off any rhythm I’ve established. I understand it’s a free game and that’s how they make money off the thing, but there has to be a better balance.

- Good, but not long enough

Maybe I just played through it too much but I completed all the available levels in a long weekend. After 150 it just restarts from level 1 but the levels still increase. Fun while it lasted, but for the short duration and the pointless coins I give it 3 stars for now.

- Cute & Entertaining

I love the little thumbs up or pointy fingers they give you when you save them!! 😂 It’s kinda easy but makes you be creative. After a while it starts to get a little difficult tho. 😋

- Meh it’s ok

The levels are way too easy. The physics are way off on some levels. Not set levels I’ve had the same one dozens of times. Way too many ads which can be mitigated by airplane mode. Having no set levels and getting the same ones over and over combined with how absurdly easy the levels are is what makes me rate this app low.

- Repetitive

Fun for a good while but gets boring when you “complete” all the levels. After a while, the levels are reused, not even restarting from level 1, it just seems completely random. I started having the same level every few levels... so I came here to review. Lol

- So many ads the game is not worth playing

Every 2 levels there is a 30 second or 1 minute ad. While it’s a decent game, it is just simply not worth spending more time watching ads than playing the game. If they were to cut these ads down, which shouldn’t be an issue because in the level completed screens there are ads which I’m ok with, I’d give the game a 4 star. It is an entertaining game for sure.

- Ads every 5 seconds!

Game looked like it would be fun, and I expected a decent bit of ads, but if you play the game in airplane mode it won’t let you play at all. You have to be connected to the internet to play it, which is honestly just wrong. If we have a work around for the ads don’t force us to deal with them. Just make them less common. After every single level is just too many.

- Adpocalypse

Couldn’t get to the main screen with out the entire game being covered by ads at all times. Characters in the game u get by paying for with gold which u win 10 for every round, unless u wana watch a video for the character you’ll have to pay 1000 gold coins. So unless you like having an app that’s really just an ad with a little bit of a game snuck in there somewhere don’t download this.

- Good game but too many Ads

I actually enjoy this game and don’t write reviews too often. However this game is a lot of fun. The only drawback is there is a 30 second ad every 2-3 levels which is infuriating for me and I swipe out every time. The game itself is fun but the ads are the worst.

- WOW! So many people rate this five stars!

Just because it is five stars doesn’t mean it’s a good game, they payed bots to rate this game, also, get good content and titles. I understand game design is difficult, but you don’t need to make a ad filled game with bad content. I know people need to follow the “meta” but the meta isn’t an ad filled game on below average gameplay, this may be the case for mobile games, but please just make quality games, I GET THAT THE GAME IS IN 3D OKAY, THAT DOES’NT HAVE TO BE YOUR MARKETING CAMPAIGN

- Please fix glitches

Whenever i draw something big it glitches out and kills the person please fix that

- Alright game with an excessive amount of ads

The game is decent, nothing exciting. You get an ad every 2 levels. Each level probably takes around 10 seconds, to which you watch a 30 second ad so you’re spending more time watching ads than actually playing the game. It’s a shame. The developers’ desperate need for money turns this 3 star game into a 1 star advert.

- Game is funny but the ads

I think it’s an entertaining game. Only thing is the ads... geez if I were the developer of this game, adding life points then watching ads to add 2-3 life points. I think that is more reasonable. Someone will read this and take this idea and make something similar. Hopefully they do lol

- Almost there

This game has a lot of potential but the ads need to be cut down a bit and most importantly the bugs need to get fixed. There is no reason a simple game such as this should be freezing every 10 minutes

- Fake ads

Stop allowing fake game ads...You put Fishdom ads up every 30 seconds of game play, and people that see the advertisement think that you actually get to play a game like that, when in actuality what is shown, is nothing like what is actually happening when playing game, just stop it already, you’re no better than the false media releases these days...


So many adds. I like the idea of the game. So fun. However after only having it for less than 10 minutes I will be deleting it. I can handle a few adds, but they literally force you to watch an add every other level! That is far to many. You end up spending more time watching adds than playing the game. If I wanted to do that I’d just turn on the television.

- Super fun game but way too many ads

Ads pop up every 2-3 minutes in this game. I would be willing to pay a few dollars to disable ads but that’s not even an option. Please make that an option and let me pay.

- Not a terrible game but

Not awful, but the ads are so annoying. Worse is that you can’t even pay to get rid of them. Seriously never seen a mobile game where you can’t pay to get rid of ads. Kinda ruins the game for me.

- Too many ads

I will repeat what everyone else has said. Too many ads. I get ads are needed for free games but after every level is a little insane. You would probably make more money off ads if you did an ad after maybe every 3 or 4 levels because now people are going to get annoyed and delete the game. Therefore losing money. But what do I know.

- Fun but

The game itself is quite fun. I also understand that advertisement is a way for creators to make some money. The resin for the low star count is there is an ad after church very level. So what happens is you play for 10 seconds, but you have to watch an ad for 20 seconds. If I want infomercials I’ll turn the tv on

- Fun but game ruined by ads

Game itself is fun to play to pass time, more mind stimulating than TikTok. The shear amount of ads ruined the game to where I’m deleting it after just 5 minutes of play time. One round may take 10 seconds but ads may last up to 30 seconds- a minute. I don’t normally leave reviews, especially not bad ones but the ads really frustrates me.

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- Games ok. Ads are a bit much

Not so may 30 second ads. They make me want to stop playing. Also some puzzles should offer solutions.

- Too many adds. Puzzles but challenging.

Way too many adds. The same repetitive add plays after every second turn. The puzzles are too simple. Not challenging at all. After about 10 turns it’s more of the same and nothing really changes.

- Way to many adds

I get adds pay for the free app, but there's way too many adds, a quarter of the screen is constantly covered in an add. Even when I switched to airplane mode the apps still kept showing. It's unplayable with those adds, spend more time watching the 30sec adds then playing the game.

- To many ads

Great, fun game, spend more time watching ads than playing them game! Should offer a purchase version without ads.

- ADS!!!

Love playing the game but sooooo many ads. Would happily pay a few $ to get rid of the ads

- Too many Ads

Okay game just wayyyyy too many ads

- Ads everywhere

Just too many ads. I get you need ads to fund the app. But it needs to be dialled back a bit. You will have allot of people deleting this app shortly after download.

- Stupid game...never download & play this

Developed just for ad, and with certain level which is imposible to be done so user would be force click skip and will be directed to ad video...

- Too many ads

It’s fun but too many ads! Makes you want to stop playing

- Really Annoying adds

Too may adds.... seriously how can someone play like that? After Every stage one almost 30 secs add.... really Annoying....😡😡

- Fun game too many ads

Ads literally every 30 seconds, thumbs down.👎 Played the game for like 4 minutes and watched 2mins of ads. What a joke, Deleted.

- Network error couldn’t even play

Looked like fun but said network error needs stable network. My network is/was fine.

- Too many ads

Got sick of ads popping up every two levels and ended up deleting the game.

- So many ads

This game would be fun if there wasn’t so many ads. 10 seconds of play then 30 seconds is of ads.

- Ads

Way to many ads.

- Ads ads and more ads

This is a app of ads with a 10 second game attached it’s getting deleted

- Idea

Remove apps adverts of the screen whilst playing a level

- Ads overload

Too many ads and too frequent. Too frustrating

- awesome


- Too many full 30 seconds ad

Fun game but I got tired watching ads every other game

- Too much adds

Fun game, but very repetitive and full of adds.

- Too much ads

Too much ads

- I just downloaded a giant ad

Probably don’t develop half arsed games and then try to flood it with ads


8 minutes of adverts for 2 minutes of play... no thank you. DELETED


90% of the time playing this app is spent watching ads. Poorly developed app. Waste of time.

- Too many ads

There’s too many ads. Its so annoying


Wayyyy to many ads! Made the game really frustrating to play. Would not buy due to this

- Ads!!!

Too many ads

- Terrible

Every 5 seconds 30 seconds add.

- AnDroopyDraws

Basically not even a game, just a data chewing advertising app.

- Ads

Literally 2 seconds to draw and a 30 sec add

- Would be good

This would be a good game, but to many ads.

- too much ads

oh come on. it’s very addictive game. why too much ads

- Nagwang

Too many ad

- Heated my phone to disabled

It heated my iPhone until the phone stoped working due to the heat

- Adsadsadsadsads

The game’s fun, but too long & too many #@“€ing ADS. Delete Delete Delete Deleted...

- Could be good

The game could be good but the ads are annoying and can’t be played with mobile data switch off... see ya !!

- Too many ads made me delete.

What levels I did play I enjoyed. The ads after every single damn level was just too annoying, especially when they go longer then each level! I can understand ads help them bring money in, but be smarter about ad placement. All you did was ruin the games experience for me so I deleted the app.

- Soooooo bad

This game is that bad not only is the game bad but it has ads every second. If you turn off your internet they are so scummy they don’t let you play without internet even though the gameplay doesn’t need it

- Too many ads

30 seconds ad every 30 seconds !

- Stopped playing because of ad’s

Downloaded because I saw it on a YouTube video, but after 2 minutes of playing I closed and deleted the app because of the continuous ad’s. I was being bombarded with 30-second ad’s after every couple levels and I was more bored playing the game than I was when I was doing nothing. The game is great and has a fantastic concept but you might want to consider toning it down on the ad’s if you want people to keep playing.

- Terrible ads experience

The 30s ads makes me disabled the mobile data and it pops us every 1 seconds makes me delete the app 3mins after downloading

- AD’s

Don’t bother downloading this game. offline playing is no longer an option So you have to watch the ads Was a good game to pass the time

- Way to much glitch

Glitches way too much would be a good game if not for that

- 廣告很多


- A lot of ads. Just want to play the game

A lot of ads. Just want to play the game

- Garbage

This game is beyond garbage due to the ADS. Don’t bother people

- Too many ads

Quality of the game does not come close to justifying the frequency of ads

- Way too many ads

The first couple minutes of gameplay had half a dozen adds. This is a game I’d pay for, but won’t play because the ads are overwhelming.

- Too easy and ads are constant

The game is so easy it’s not even fun I don’t know how they can call that a puzzle game and the ads after every 2 levels that take no time because of how easy they are so your watching ads every 2 minutes or so and you can’t skip

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- Just a bunch of like porn adds


- Fun, up until level 138 when the adds kick in and the levels are rehashed

It was fun until lvl 138 where they make you start from the beginning and the adds become over-bearing.

- Advertising For Days

Can’t play the for five minutes without advertising. Turn off.

- Too many ads

Unplayable from the amount of ads. There is an ad every 2 levels. Putting your phone in Airplane mode doesn’t stop them. Might be a fun game if you could actually play it.

- Ads the game

It's just ads none stop. Play 4 seconds get 30 second unskipable ad. Rince & repeat.

- Zero creativity

Zero creativity, You can draw multiple layers and pass every level with same drawings. With many drawings game is lagging, so many ads, un-playable. Higly NOT recommend

- Too many ads

Watch an ad basically after every level, which is like 5 - 10 seconds of play

- Crap

Too many ads this game is junk

- Fun game but way too many ads. Not worth downloading

Too many ads. Every second level. Don’t download

- Not challenging at all

They just made this game to force you to watch ads

- Ads

Every level the players watches two ads.

- Lag and stupid

This game is actually the most stupid one of the time, if your drawing is too complex and the game can’t synthesize it, it is a waste of time playing this, many levels can pass with the same drawing, zero creativity here. The time you spend watching ads is longer than playing. Absolutely not recommended, not even for children.

- Mauvais

Énormément de publicité et très réticule comme jeux

- Only has 150 levels

It was fun, the ads are there, but nothing like other gaming software’s. The only bad part, after 150 levels, the levels keep on repeating from the start.

- Too much add

You have to watch an add every two game. It's too much. I recommand you not to install this crap.

- The Atlantic is less choppy

Choppy game play, ads that freeze the game and slower than games I played in 2001 on dial up internet.

- So Many Ads

Pretty fun game but you’re forced to spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game. Only playable for a couple minutes before you get too annoyed to keep playing.

- Too easy

Too easy too many adds

- Way too many ads

Literally an ad after each level

- Awful

Game was awful, physics are horrible and I got stuck at level 8. Due to awful physics the game causes the drawn protection to glitch and jump everywhere. And not to mention the overload on ads, honestly way too much to even enjoy the game. Overkill....

- Its just ads

This game is 10% simple game 90% ads. Don’t download and support this.

- too many ads

It deserves 0 stars

- Mind numbing...

And too many adds...

- Games broken

Games broken

- Drowning In ads

Kinda fun but my god way too many ads will prob delete if they keep it so bad. Every match, which only takes 10 secs to beat you are faced with an ad. A little much guys

- Ads on ads on ads on ads

Way too much and long ads

- 5 star rate

to good

- 30s ad after the second level and deleted

30s ad after the second level and deleted

- I’ll pay for no ads

3 seconds of play with a 30 second ad. Fun game, cool idea. I’d pay to play without ads, but this is going on the trash.

- ADDS everywhere!!!

Insane amount of adds. Adds are about 85% of the game. Not worth anyones time in my opinion.

- Just an App full of Ads

60 seconds of ads for every 15 seconds of play. Simply no fun. Downloaded and then almost immediately deleted. Waste of time.

- Too many ads

To many adds I end up not wanting to play

- Ad ad ad

Ad’s on the screen ad’s after every solve. 2 seconds to draw, 30 sec ad’s. Gets old quick

- Help

Way way way too many ads

- Review

Too many adds

- Not playable

Hi the game is nice but we play 2seconds then is 30sec pub. 2 seconds again 30 seconds pub... is unplayable!

- Turn off wifi

To get rid of ads just turn wifi off/airplane mode. Also don’t even bother getting it lol the animations and graphs are wack.

- More fun on airplane mode to avoid ads

I gave it 50 levels and I can’t say I was particularly challenged. Easy, stuffed with ads unless you use airplane mode, low quality animation. Physics are fun for a while, but loses its charm rapidly.

- Game is a time waster

The game is a time waster. Why? To many ads. Often, one ad leads to another ad! I spend more time watching ads than playing the game.

- Just a bunch of ads. Games ok, too many ads. Don’t waste your time

Done waste your time

- Meh

It’s fun but there’s an add every two levels. Too many adds.

- Ads?

If you like games where you just watch ads this is the one for you

- 5% playing the game 95% watching adds

Would be fun, but all you do is watch adds that toy can’t skip

- Low quality images

The main looks so anoying with his mouth

- Not worth it

Will not start says connection error

- Keeps saying unstable wifi connection

Wont start

- Advertising a noise, too much, f**cking so a noise advertising

Advertising a noise, too much, f**cking so a noise adv

- Sucks

It’s sucks because it’s so many comercials

- Too many ads

Too many ads make this game unbearable to play

- Trash game

Super glitchy

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- Addictive

This game is fun and addictive. It does have a tendency to freeze up but nothing serious. I’ve played it so much I’ve run out of levels. Please create more levels!

- 2 seconds of gameplay and then 30+ seconds of ads

You get about 2 seconds of gameplay consisting of drawing a line on the map and then you get hit with ads. I also got an ad in the first few levels that never ended. I got maybe 10 seconds of actual gameplay but spent over 2 minutes fighting with ads. Complete cheap, trashy, money grab app.

- Fun but too many ads

The game is entertaining but too many ads. The levels go so fast it feels like you are getting more ad time than playing time. With levels like these, ads should come every 5-10 levels

- Great game... only 151 unique levels tho

So... i guess I finished it... levels are now repeating after 151. Great game, good job... my only complain... all your models look ugly AF... i would really want to save any of them... lol

- That’s it?

The game is lots of fun, and hilarious when solutions fail. But after level 150 the puzzles start over from the beginning. I just started having fun solving the hard ones, and I’m now I’m back to simple tutorial puzzles. Also, WAAAAY too many ads!

- Think About It!

Good brain challenge. What can you figure out to save the character. Sometimes not as easy as one might think. THINK!

- Buggy

I got to level 132 and it suddenly went into super slo-mo. Had to restart. Now level 132 is different and level 140 was this previous level 132 and the same slo-mo so I skipped it. When I got to 152, even if I killed the guy, I got rewards and on to next level. Then at 156, every level was that way and they all were level 156 after that. Very easy game with a very few challenges.

- Ads kill the experience

I like the game and the puzzles it’s actually fun, but there’s an ad every two levels then a character offered to unlock after about 10 levels that you can watch a longer ad for. That you have to watch even if you don’t want the character. Blatant ad money game and hate I wasted my time on this.

- Needs Changes.

I enjoy these type of games but what ruined it for me were the ads. I was willing to spent a buck time get rid of them but I saw no option. But when an ad plays it’s not like other games where it’s a 5-10 second intro and you click the ‘X’. They’re 30 second ads with no ‘X’ option. That’s waste of time.

- So many ads! They cover playing area!

I wish you got more playing time before ads popped up. Sometimes you have to watch 2 or more ads before the next stage is available. And they place the ads over the playing area too. Not the best.

- Simple and somewhat fun, but ads are a joy killer

An ad every two levels. Just another worthless time waste, it is more challenging to last through the ads than to solve the problems. Mind numbing. Ad garbage. Lucky to get rated two stars. Removed it after a few days.

- Bypass the ads and enjoy...

Lots of complaints about the number of ads.. turn off the cellular data for the app and problem solved. Fun/smart game

- Lackluster progression

This game is entirely too easy. The amount of lines you can make is unlimited so if you wanted to you can fill most of the screen with lines to pass a majority of the levels. It is very entertaining but offers very little incentive to keep playing with almost no difficulty.


Ads cover up the main screen between level, after levels, and play anyways if you decide not to get a reward. So if you’re okay with playing two levels and then watching 30 seconds of ads and avoiding a giant ad block on your screen, have fun.

- Very bugged game

This Game is mediocre at best but we can’t deny that it is very time consuming and amusing, however the game tends to glitch out or bug. For instance sometimes the screen freezes for a second then the drawing glitches from its original locations. Other times when I try to open the app it’s just a black screen. Please fix.

- Great premise; far too many ads

I like the idea behind the game, however, after 40 levels, I’ve determined I spent more time dealing with ads than I did playing the game. A 10:1 ratio of game to ads is acceptable, however, 10:6 is not. For this reason, I’ve already deleted it. PS, the fat-lipped characters are creepy!

- App Hungry Devs

This game, while has a great concept similar to other popular apps in the marketplace, has problems not only with functionality and processing power, but with how often they have ads. You will spend more time watching ads than playing the game which in itself barely can handle its own mechanics.

- I thought it starts easy but it never gets hard

I thought they start with easy level first and the move to hard. Many levels are repeated with same graphics. Even after 50 levels it still is easy.

- Bad choice of ads

Ads are a bit inappropriate. I feel like I’m on a pirated website. I may be over age but how about the other people who download this that aren’t? Come on developers, you can do better than this.

- It hangs

It passes the time but there are just too many times when the app doesn’t react to the screen touch and you sit there dragging your finger across the screen like an idiot Hopi for something, anything, to happen.

- 3

Way too many ads, as a previous post mentioned every 2 levels you get ads plus the ads at the bottom of the level completion screen

- Bot rated?

I enjoyed the game until level 150 when it recycled old levels - I was even willing to put up with the ads. BUT the only way this game gets five stars from anywhere is if a bot is rating it.

- Only bearable when running Pi-Hole on your network

Need to block the ads as they are annoying, make a game/interface and is so fun that I want to click ads to get a multiplier or something.

- Fun but the ads kill it

This can be a fun game solving the puzzles but when there is a ad between every level or every other level, it’s not worth my time. I understand that the owners need to get paid, but the overall number of ads are obnoxious.

- Ads are soooo bad

I don’t mind ads here and there but they are after EVERY level. I think I would have enjoyed this game if it wasn’t for that. I just don’t want to play this game for 30 minutes and 20 of it be the same 2 ads over and over. Not my idea of a fun time.

- Ads and ads and ads

The 20% of the time when you can actually play, it’s fun. The other 80% of the time watching forced ads made me delete it after 2 minutes. WAY over-kill on the ads. I just don’t understand how anyone could ever be ok with this.

- Better than nothing but just as difficult

This game is mildly entertaining. The difficulty hasn’t gone up and I’m near level 100. I haven’t experienced and game freezes, lockup’s, or reboots so at least it’s stable.

- Needs work

Don’t get me wrong it’s a good game. But after 2 levels, death or denying to watch an ad for a free character you’ll get an ad. If they had less ads or maybe an “ad free” version you could upgrade to then this game would be much better

- Ads!

The game is entertaining enough but the ads are out of control, way to often and way to long and pointless. I get that ads are required for a free game but I spend way more time watching them then actually playing!

- Glitches

It was super fun until level 77 then it glitched hard and wouldn’t work right anymore. There were also some minor glitches on other levels

- Fun, but...

Fun game, but the drawing is not always responsive to my touch. If this feature could be improved it would be much better.

- Starts over at level 150, barrage of ads

Be prepared to have ads for every little thing. There’s no hints. Only about 150 unique “levels” if that (some levels repeated after level 20). Played through it in one hour to level 180 before deleting to see if there were ANY more new levels. Nope.

- Too many ads

Game is cool but you’ll spend 2X the time waiting for ads vs playing. After the 10th 15 second ad I deleted

- A tad CREEPY

Game glitches out when you start to draw. Characters are creepy looking. Not like Halloween creepy, but weird creepy. Big misshapen mouths and just odd. I wish I could draw without the game stopping and my lines ending when I’m still drawing.

- Fun but then ads

Ad every two levels. Entertaining game, then the draft kings ad pops up. You have to claim offer and it opens app to download. There is no way to exit out. You have to leave game entirely.

- More ads than gameplay

Game is ok, but not worth the amount of ads. They have an ad at the bottom while you’re playing and every other level you have to watch a video ad. Not worth it in my opinion

- Can’t draw, ADS

Half of the time you can’t draw lines, except in a specific spot. Then there are the ads. One at the bottom, a pop up ad after every puzzle, then a five to ten second ad after every other puzzle. And no way to pay for an ad free game. My patience is done. Deleting this app.

- Too glitchy

Way too many glitches. The wall will vanish, show up on the other side of the game wall. The bad guys will freeze up and slowly walk right through my barrier, after several minutes my barrier disappears and my person is dead. Game was fun for awhile, not worth it though.


This app grants you at MOST 2 hours of relatively fun gameplay when you play without any connection to the internet (to avoid ads). After level 150, the game just recycles all of the old levels. A poor demonstration of creativity combined with the annoyances of buggy gameplay made this a 1 star for me.

- I hate to give it 1 star

The app is fun but I cannot handle the ads. At least once every other level is there a long ad. I was looking for a way to purchase an ad free version or pay to get rid of ads and found nothing. I’d pay a few bucks to get rid of the awful ads

- Porn ad after each level

Keep getting an ad for an app that connects you to people with a gif of a woman obviously being taken from behind. Didn’t have this issue before today.

- Ok

Not a bad game for what it is, just can’t play it for long because the number of ads (Ads that you cant skip and can’t leave without closing the app) is insane. I had 4 separate ads in less than 5 mins of having the app

- Good game but too many ads

I genuinely would have gave this app a 5 star rating buuuuut the advertisements are RIDICULOUS! Can’t even enjoy the game because after every 2 levels, an ad pops up which honestly gets super annoying. Had to uninstall it (kind of sad because I liked the game).

- Lame

I thought it would be a fun game, but no. 40 levels in and it’s just the same thing over and over again with ads crammed down my throat. I gave it two stars instead of one bc it did entertain me for about 15 minutes.

- Holy Ads, Batman!

Never seen so many ads in a game. Downloaded, saw an ad while playing a level, another larger ad after playing a level, then a video ad after every other level. I mean, come on... I understand you want to support your development efforts, but this is crazy!

- 5 seconds of gameplay, 30 seconds of ads

It’s ridiculous. I’d pay to remove ads, but that isn’t an option. It’s a big waste of time, but without ads it would be a lot of fun. I’m deleting it now, contact me if you get a “pay for no ads” option and I’ll buy it.

- Coding needs work

It’s a fun concept, but the physics get really wonky. Some of the shapes I drew would glitch and float through solid objects, instantly appearing at the top left corner of the screen. It got to a point where it was unplayable. It’s a fun mobile game otherwise.

- Fun but broken ads

Game was fairly fun to pass time, but every couple games I would get an add that I couldn’t get out of and it would force me to reload the game. Unfortunately deleted the game until it’s fixed

- More ads than game play

Don’t waste your time and just skip this game. You will literally spend more time watching ads than playing the game. On top of that anytime you “unlock” something you have to watch another 30 second ad to actually use it.

- Just no

All of the levels can be completed with roughly the same 3 designs, which takes an IQ of no more than 12 to figure out. Also, unless you just particularly like drowning in a sea of unbearable ads I would highly recommend turning on airplane mode

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Save them all - drawing puzzle 1.1.5 Screenshots & Images

Save them all - drawing puzzle iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Save them all - drawing puzzle iphone images
Save them all - drawing puzzle iphone images
Save them all - drawing puzzle iphone images
Save them all - drawing puzzle iphone images

Save them all - drawing puzzle (Version 1.1.5) Install & Download

The applications Save them all - drawing puzzle was published in the category Games on 2020-08-26 and was developed by FTY LLC. [Developer ID: 1225503009]. This application file size is 209.23 MB. Save them all - drawing puzzle - Games app posted on 2020-12-23 current version is 1.1.5 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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