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PlantIn: Plant Identifier [Education] App Description & Overview

“PlantIn makes the life of my plants less stressful than ever”, — one of our user`s feedback.

Welcome to PlantIn, a worldwide #1 virtual gardening companion. A new way to take care of your plants and get qualified assistance.

Key functions include:

- Accurate plant and disease identification
Our scanning algorithm prepares a cure guide in seconds.

- Personalized plant care journal
Watch your plants change and grow. We offer automated tracking of your plant conditions — just enjoy its progress.

- Exclusive advice from professional gardeners
Send a request to a gardener and get detailed instructions on further actions.

- Scheduled care reminder
Daily reminders on watering, cutting, propagation, repotting. The notification system is based on your routine, location, climate, and other important data. All the plant care requirements are handled automatically, so you don't need to find them on your own.

- Expert blog
Read about your favorite plants, gardening tips, and lifehacks. Also, check the blog for entertaining content.

- Discussion forum for plant enthusiasts
Chat with other users on any plant issues that might concern you.

Can’t guess a plant? Confused what’s wrong with your flower? Puzzled by a houseplant watering routine? Need advice on propagation? For this and even more — PlantIn is always here.

Intuitive interface + personalized approach = the leading guide for plant care management.

PlantIn AI database grows every time the plant identification is made. You can find everything — from popular weeds to specific local flora.

Try it and make sure — gardening has never been so easy.

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PlantIn: Plant Identifier Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Halloween is coming to PlantIn! In this update, you'll find our preparations for the spooky holiday! Also, we've fixed a few bugs. The most annoying one is when sometimes space images were not correctly loaded when starting up the app.

PlantIn: Plant Identifier Comments & Reviews

- Best app ever

To be honest, I have never developed plants. I already thought that there was some kind of evil eye on me. Whichever plant I buy, it always withers after three months, even if it was a succulent that hardly needs watering. It seems to me that only a cactus would not be wilted, but I do not really like cacti. So I kept trying and this time I got a ficus. I found out the seller all the details about his departure and did everything right, but the ficus also began to fade. I was already completely desperate, but then I found out about this application. I photographed my plant and the experts helped me solve the problem. It turns out this time it was not about me. Pests have started on the ficus. It's good that they helped me to cure my plant and get rid of them. Now it grows further. I hope everything will be fine with the plant. What a pity that I found out about this app so late. I could have saved all the previous plants as well.

- Very good

I was recently presented with a small money tree. I really wanted to raise him. I watered it a little and exposed it to the light, but it still didn't grow. I tried to change the exit strategy, but it still didn't grow. I didn't understand what was the matter. It took a long time but it remained the same size as it was when it was presented to me. Then I downloaded this application and asked the experts what was the matter. It turns out that the pot in which this plant was presented to me was too big for this and it spent too much energy on the development of the root system. Because of this, Ratsenia did not have the strength to grow at all. They explained to me how to transplant plants in great detail and I was able to transplant it into a smaller pot. Immediately after that, I noticed how it started to grow. Many thanks! If I have any other problems, I will definitely contact the experts with them.

- Gut

I have a few plants, everything was fine with them until I left them to my friend to look after him while I went on vacation. After that, the plants began to feel bad, they began to fade, one of them turned yellow almost completely. I tried to look after them as before, but they did not bounce back, I did not know what to do and what happened to them. I tried to google what they got sick but found nothing. All advice turned out to be inappropriate in my case. Then I downloaded this application, uploaded photos and experts were able to identify my problem. They told what to do in this situation, drew up a treatment plan for the plant and they returned to normal. I am very happy. Thank them for that. Plants have been with me for a very long time and I would be upset if they wilted. I will not leave them to this friend again.

- bob

All my life I have only grown cacti. All my other plants were withering away. Even if friends went on vacation and asked to look after their plants, I managed to do something wrong. But something changed and I wanted to try to start my plant again. This time I was serious. I know the problem is that I keep forgetting to water so I downloaded this app for reminders. But then I decided to try out the care plan feature and loved it. It turns out that there are much more nuances than I thought, and simple watering is not enough even if you do not forget about it. I am glad that I turned to the experts for help this time and I will do everything right. Plus, I can be sure that thanks to the notifications I will not forget about the regular maintenance of my new plant. Thank you so much!

- 👌

I was recently given an orchid. I have wanted this flower for a very long time. I really liked that. I was told how to care for it and I tried not to water it too often. And everything was in order, but then healthy buds began to fall off. I was very upset because I wanted the flower to bloom. I asked my friends for advice, but no one could help me. Nobody faced the same problem as me. Then I downloaded this application and I was told that it might be that the water I was using was too cold. Water for irrigation should be soft and at room temperature. It is true, I took water directly from the tap and did not monitor its temperature at all. I tried to defend the water and then the buds stopped falling off. I hope when new buds grow, I will not repeat this mistake. Thank you very much. I didn't know that this happens.

- Cool

I have an indoor potted citrus tree (grown from seed) that has a great sentimental value for me but that I have cared for improperly and it has been in very bad shape. I have somewhat improved in my care regiment and it has recovered but growing very tall and spindly, and now it has reached some 180cm in height and bumping in the ceiling of the windowsill. I had so many questions. Should I prune the plant? Or transplant somewhere outside? How much light and warmth is necessary for the cutting at this stage? I keep it at the windowsill but the light is muted and the weather cold. Would adding artificial lights help at this stage? I tried to find answers on the forms but to no avail. Then I downloaded this app and found all the answers I needed there. The experts explained to me in great detail everything that interested me and made a plan for leaving for the future. Many thanks.

- Good

Lately, a lot of stress has appeared in my life. I read that indoor plants help you cope and relax. Then I bought my first plant. It was ficus. At first, everything was fine, but he began to fade. I didn't know what to do. And what could be wrong? I looked for information on the Internet and it seemed to me that I was watering it correctly. I tried changing the watering mode but it didn't work. Then I downloaded this application and it turned out that the whole thing was a draft. My plant was standing right in front of the air conditioner and the cold wind was hurting it. It's good that I found this out. I moved it to a different location and everything worked out. I am very glad that everything was resolved this way. Thanks a lot for your help. Hopefully, my life will be less stressful thanks to this app.

- 👍👍👍

I always admired Morgan's sedum, where I accidentally saw: in someone's window or offices. But somehow I didn't have to "get to know" him better. And suddenly a friend brought me such a long-awaited plant. As it turned out, he was simply thrown out, because the appearance of the plant left much to be desired - the stems were half bare, and the needle-leaves crumbled, it seems to me, from one glance. I knew that I could not save it on my own, so I turned to the experts. I was prescribed a detailed plan for this rescue, I carefully followed everything that was advised to me. And after a while, the flower came to life! It has changed right before our eyes. I'm so glad a friend found this. Thanks to the experts for helping to revive this poor thing. Now he pleases me finally in my house.

- Hi

I have a colleague at work, she is fond of growing house plants. She talked so fascinatingly about her hobby that I also got fired up with this idea. But when I bought myself a plant, it got sick almost immediately. I didn't know what to do. I turned to my colleague for advice at first, but it turned out that she herself is not very versed in ratios. She just used this application and on her advice I also downloaded it. Experts analyzed my problem and found ways to solve it. They also helped me draw up an exit plan and now I'm not scared. I am sure that if I have any problems with plants, experienced experts will immediately help me to solve them. I bought a few more plants and I hope that I will become the same avid gardener too. I'm already in anticipation.

- Good

I bought a house plant that was labeled as Calathea a few months ago and it was doing fine. I recently moved house and therefore moved the plant's position and it's started dying! The plant was floppy, the leaves were dry and shriveled. Some stems have dried up completely. I’ve googled it and I was not even sure mine one was a Calathea as it didn’t look like the photos. I’ve tried to care for it by myself but have not seen any improvement. Then I turned to the help of this application and experts helped me find the right care for my plant. They told me what I was doing wrong and how I can fix it. Thanks to the fact that I followed their advice, the plant came to life and looks like it is even going to bloom. Thanks to the experts, they helped me a lot.

- I’ve asked for money back haven’t got it

I’d like my money back and to change the stars. It told me It didn’t recognize ANYTHING 100% of the time. Then the ones that I triple, quadruple checked finally came back as the w ring species 9/10 times. Other than simple things Like Basil (not not specific branch of species) same with every other plant I looked up off my own- I have many! And they ALL said they didn’t know what they were until in tried and tried again just to find they were rarely partially right. Why try at a Plant hobbies app if you’re not into it? Plus the app gives you zero to little help on what to do if you’re actually looking for further information for your plant other than giving a water. Even then... identify your plants and it will show you when to water FROM THAT DATE... no other information. A plant app could always take about propagating, shearing, giving, diseases. But it gives a range of not much for $50?

- Love this app

I have spotted this large, soft black mark on my peperomia plant. I couldn`t find any information online. I was depressed. Then I downloaded this application and experts helped me find the right care for my plant. And everything worked out! This is the best solution. I bought the pro version and consult about all my plants. I didn't know I was making so many mistakes. Many of them bloomed for the first time. I'm very glad. Real professionals work here. Thank you so much. I also really like the reminder feature. It helps a lot for forgetful people like me.

- It’s pretty good, but not great

I like the apps reminders and the interface is cute and simple to use, I just dislike that you have to do a little bit more digging to find more information on your plants and that there’s no separation between your wishlist of plants and plants that you actually own (I guess I could just not put things on my wishlist...). The only thing that could make this better is if I could use the pictures that I took of my own plants to differentiate between them in the “my plants” tab (which would be helpful if you have multiple of the same type of plant in different areas because some were having problems that others are not).... but overall it’s a pretty decent app.

- If you don’t buy the subscription, the app is worthless

This app stalked my IG feed so I thought I’d try it. The app is free but some of the features within the app are not. For example, to determine the type of plant you have, is free. However to determine how to care for the plant requires a subscription. I didn’t buy the subscription. Unfortunately because I didnt buy the subscription, the app no longer functioned properly. The app would no longer allow me to use the function to tell me what type of plant I had and instead the would simply freeze on the subscription page. I would close out of the app all together and log back in. I did this several times but to no avail. I would take the picture of my plant and ask it to tell me the type and instead it would take me to the subscription page and freeze there. This app isn’t worth the trouble hence my one star.

- Save your money

If you’re curious like I was, do the free 3 day trial so you know what you’re buying. I was tempted to do the $50 one-time lifetime subscription (loads cheaper than $40 every year, right?). But thankfully I decided to try it out beforehand. First thing I tried to do was snap a photo of my senecio to identify and it failed. It thought it was a Calla Lilly. I searched for the plant type since I did know what it was, and have been having trouble with it. The photo-taking to identify problems was not helpful. So I figured I’d try the “ask a botanist” feature, only to find out that costs extra beyond the subscription. Sorry, no. I’ll just stick with trying to google my issue. I may have kept the app if the ask-a-botanist feature was included with the subscription, otherwise it doesn’t warrant a subscription model, maybe a one-time purchase of $5.

- Missing features that would be important

I got the year subscription, thinking That the additional features would have been more developed. I was disappointed to find that the cure disease diagnoses for all plants are pretty close to the same. Which is fine, because that part seemed a little too good to be true. The part that really upset me is that not one plant care description notes the light requirements for the plant. I have had to look those up on google. Which for a plant care app, is pretty disappointing. If I could, I would get my money back and invest it in another app. That being said, the care reminders are helpful and the identification feature works pretty well.

- I downloaded the app to see what’s it like. It immediately wants you to choose a subscription

I downloaded the app to see what it’s like. It immediately asks you to choose a subscription. I bypassed all that to, again, see what it’s like. I used the camera to scan a plant and identify it. I choose a plant I already knew what it was. It incorrectly identified it. So I tried again thinking maybe it wasn’t a good scan. It identified it incorrectly again and it said it was another plant from the first scan. So I’m thinking you have to sign up for a free three day trial where you have to put in your credit card info that will automatically start charging you if you don’t cancel before the three days are over. It would have been nice to just see the basics with no strings attached.

- Plant help

This plant app is simply wonderful, it has a camera to take pictures and scan it to determine the plant, this app give you the ability to research plants and to care for them. Being able to get information right on hand could help determine my possibilities of what type of plants I want this app is amazingly helps with decision making and all.

- Misleading

It did okay at identifying plants, but I didn’t get to use any of the other features before my 3 free days were up. The app being free but with “in app purchases” is extremely misleading as the app is useless unless you subscribe. I would be ok with paying for advice or diagnosing disease, but it’s an extremely expensive app to simply track your plants (and not even the easiest to use as there doesn’t seem to be a way to easily tap multiple plants at a time for watering, for example). I was very excited for this app- it looked useful and the interface was pleasing to look at, but I am just very disappointed now. I would not have downloaded it if I had known there were no features available in the free version.

- Plant diagnosis won’t even let me take a photo to identify.

I am on the side of thinking this app is probably a rip off. It won’t even let me take a picture to use the disease identifier. I e-mailed the app about this issue and no one ever even got back to me. I was trying to see about the app during my free trial and nothing I wanted to use worked in the app. Seems like I got ripped for my money. I would like my money back - seeing as I couldn’t even really try the app out during my trial period. How do I go about getting my money back? If my problems are handled and I actually am able to use the app, then I’ll come back and change my rating, but until then, it’s a one-star. I would put zero if I could, but it won’t let me rate it that low.

- Garbage

This app is garbage it didn’t scan any of the photos and actually knew what plant it was even like Jade, The diagnostic didn’t read or the screen was black below photos where the description of what you should do is the free trial is lame because you want to just be able to ask a botanist because the app knows nothing about your plants and you can’t do that unless you spend $20 I’ll just go to the plant shop and ask for free. Pretty pretty much is just a calendar maybe to remind you when to water because you input when you watered it’s not actually analyzing the plant and telling you what that plant needs exactly. It’s just going off of basic plant knowledge but you could just Google

- Will charge you after cancellation

After downloading and trying the app, I immediately cancelled it. The basic services told me less than what I could research online. My cancellation was well within the free trial window. The app said the cancellation was “initiated” for the next 2 days before I was charged. I have tried contacting customer service 4 times with 3 different methods and no one has responded. I am frustrated I was charged and angry that no one has responded to my several inquiries. They have terrible customer service and I don’t recommend trying unless you certain you want to pay for this.

- Works for me

I’m not sure why all the negative reviews. This identified 95% of my plants. I like the reminders when to water. Some improvements could be made to help automatically diagnose common problems as you take progress pictures (such as more or less light, water, etc). Another improvement would be the ability to create specific growth plans for each plant like when you should repot, trim, or propagate.

- Definitely not worth it

You have to just full on pay the $50 with no trial if you want that price. It’s a ridiculous amount to pay for an app that does not do a lot. It only identifies half the plants right and that’s after multiple tries. Any diagnosis is weevils which is not it at all. I’ve tried 10 or something times with different plants and every time it’s weevils or ask a botanist but that costs an extra $29 on top of the $50. The app isn’t super easy to use for keeping track of stuff. I would definitely not have paid had I been able to try it first.

- Very impressed

Saw it advertised on Instagram and was a little suspicious if it would really work but it does! I’m going to try the free version a little longer and may subscribe to the full version if it continues to be this amazing!

- Run away from this scam!!!

I got this app through an IG ad and was excited to try the 3 free day trial. First of all, the app didn’t recognize the plants correctly - Google lens did a much better job. Secondly, it doesn’t even carry a lot of plants for what I could gather. And lastly, as far as actually diagnosing the plant’s issues, it didn’t help at all! And most importantly, it advertises a THREE FREE DAY TRIAL, but it’s TWO DAYS!!! It charged me within two days and they have a contract with little letter “explaining that it will charge 24hr before the end of the trial.” But it advertises THREE days! False advertisement! Scam!

- Must Purchase Subscription

I was really hoping there was a free limited version of this app. No. There isn’t. Not until after you create an account, enter all your info, you are then required to purchase a subscription. You get three choices: $30, $50, $100. You do get a 3 day trial with the $30 option. But for me, I don’t have time to be doing all that. Writing this review for anyone thinking the same way I did. If you don’t plan on buying a subscription, don't even download.

- I want a refund, no answer from costumer support

I downloaded the app, it didn’t work for most of the plants I tried to identify. I thought maybe bc I’m in Latin America this app is not updated with the local plantes here. I immediately wrote costumer service to ask to suspend the trial and subscription. After 2 emails, 02 IG messages no response, nada!! I am writing this review to see if this way I’ll finally get my refund!!! Not having optimal costumer service definitely hinders future trials of new apps. I’ve been mailed you 5 times, not a technical issue please refund my money!!

- Only took 3 mins to realize it’s trash

This app is really comes down to one word “false advertisement” the app tells you it will guide you based off of pictures you send in of your plant and help you to diagnose plant diseases and tell you how to heal your plant. But actually it just gives you a plethora of information and “possibilities” of what might be. They are never specific in telling you a diagnose or healing process so you might bad well just do your own research it’s basically like asking Siri to tell you all the known diseases a tomato can get. Basuda.

- Incorrect Identification and Overpriced

This app did not correctly identify any of the plants in my home (Golden Pothos, Spider Plant, or Aloe Vera). I wanted to try this app to see if it could identify some of the browning and disease on one of my plants, but you can’t even try that feature without buying it. If I could have had a free week to try out ALL the features, I would have been more willing to pay the $30 for a year (or even the $50 lifetime subscription), but without knowing if it will actually be useful, I cannot justify it. Google is free anyways ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

- Scam App: Could not identify 7 common plants

I downloaded the app for the free 3-day trial. Tried using it to get care instructions for 4 plants I have in my backyard. Common plants like azalea, iris, daffodil & hosta. App misidentified all of them, so I tried on my inside plants: orchid, fiddle leaf fig, aloe cactus: again, the app did not correctly identify. Finally, I’m having problems with one of my orchids drying out too fast so I tried identify disease. Unsurprisingly, app misidentified the plant and said aphids were the problem. Wrong again. Cancelled auto-renew ($40 per year?!?!?), and deleted app. Useless.

- Expensive premium plan!

The app is helpful, but I don’t need three pop-ups, one right after the other, encouraging me to sign up for an $8/week premium plan (or $200 “lifetime” plan). I could pay someone to come take care of my plants for me for that much. Nowhere does it say what you get for the premium plan, so why would I subscribe if I don’t know what I’m getting?

- Unable to Cancel - I was charged after the free trial

I have been waiting almost a week for my account to be cancelled. I tried the free trial period and didn’t find the app had the features I was looking for. On the same day I tried the app, I initiated the cancellation. My account was charged $33 and I have made four attempts to contact the company regarding cancelling my account and getting the funds returned to me. I have not heard anything back from them.

- Waste of $$$!

If you’re using this app for disease diagnosis, don’t. It’s a total waste of money! The app forces you to pay before letting you preview the disease diagnosis capability. After I paid, I tried two different diseased plants and the diagnostics were both obviously wrong. App doesn’t save your photos or diagnosis with the plant either so you have to redo it if you close your phone. I haven’t been this disappointed in an app in a long time.

- Just take my money and don’t offer any help

I originally liked this app until it said every problem I was facing with different plants was the same thing. When it’s false. Now, because of this app, I have a propagated plant dying. When trying to submit a question to a botanist it only demands more money. If I knew this, I would NOT have gotten this app. If you have any problems with your plants. Do not, I repeat, do not get this app. #moneyhungry #worthless

- Doesn’t work

I decided to give this a shot and super thankful that it had a free 3 day trial because I deleted within 10 min. First I know I have a bromeliad but wanted to see if the app could identify it... well the identifier for scanning and camera was just a black screen and wouldn’t let me snap a photo of even the black screen. When I uploaded photo it never came through to the app. So basically useless from the start. Side note I’m using the iPhone 12 Pro Max

- High hopes... dissapointed

I was really looking forward to this helping me to take care of my plants. But it is super glitchy. I have to close out the app in order for it to properly show that I recorded watering a plant. It won’t let me delete a photo that I added to the wrong plant and in my main plaint view it won’t allow me to scroll to the top. Hopefully this will become more user friendly down the line.

- High hopes for this app

Positive outlook having this app however I’ve encountered a problem where I can’t record when I’ve watered and fertilized my plants. It says there’s an error recording action and to try again later and for about 3 days now still won’t record.

- Felt duped

Honestly, the app itself might be great but I deleted it right after installing because I felt duped. It has you create an account before you can try it out and as soon as you do, it wants you to sign up for $8 a WEEK (it’ll give you a three day trial but only after signing up) before you’ve even seen what the app looks like. No thanks.

- Got charged before free trial was up — 24 hour prior policy should be disclosed by app

Even if payments are apple’s deal and cannot be controlled by the app... it is simply unethical to not make it overtly clear to consumers that the “free” trial actually renews a day shorter than advertised. I wanted the free trial and now I'm stuck with this app I learned wasn't for me. After deleting, I'll be telling those interested to not waste their time and money. I will update my review if anything is improved.

- Didn’t do what was advertised

I downloaded this app and it asked me to create an account. Immediately it wanted me to subscribe and pay money. I had to decline three times before I was able to proceed. Then the very first plant I tried to take a scan of and identify it said “cannot identity”. I tried multiple times. Multiple angles. It didn’t work. And it is a common house plant. Deleted this app. Would not recommend

- I want my money back!

This app had me very excited to be able to identify and take care of the plants in my garden. But I’m extremely disappointed because it won’t go beyond 3 plants before asking you to buy it; which I wouldn’t mind if it was good at doing the job it’s supposed to do. But it couldn’t identify a pineapple, a mammae tree, a red tomato plant, nor a green tomato plant. Only worked with a nightshade, that I’m getting rid off (Just like this app).

- Terrible subscription model

In all honesty I didn’t even try the app after I saw that the cheapest and shortest subscription option was $40 for a year. I know there is a free trial period but the price tag is a deal breaker for me. I may have been willing to do $3 or even $4 per month if I could pay monthly. Sincerest apologies to the developers for the bad rating, this is 100% poor business practices from management

- Worst app ever

After downloading this and signing up, it THEN tells you there is an automatic subscription that you have to delete through your apple store. It’s not under subscriptions to be able to manage. I can’t figure out ANYWHERE how to cancel this account. It’s such a fraud to get people to sign up and then just take their money without an option to cancel immediately.

- Waste of Money

This app is a total waste of money.... I am very upset that I paid for a year, and it charged me before the trial was even up. I didn’t even have it 24 hours before it charged me. It does not have most of the plants, and if I take a picture of something, it flames it’s something completely different.... it thought my aloe was a bonsai.... save yourself the money and don’t make the mistake I did. Refund before it is to late

- Be upfront with pricing

Nothing worse than an app asking you to set up an account and then, telling you the price points. Be honest upfront. Show the pricing beforehand, maybe even on the App Store page and then let people decide if they want to continue creating an account. Apps like these go right to my wastebasket. Had the pricing been upfront, I may have decided to purchase or not waste my time creating a profile.

- Have to pay for it.

I downloaded it to try it out. Signed up for an account. Then discovered that you couldn’t use it without paying for it. Sad. This kind of business model isn’t worth investing it. Deception and manipulation from the start isn’t something I’m interested in. Lol. After seeing that you have to pay for it. The “free week” isn’t even worth my time. Already lost interest.

- Scam

This app is not free! I downloaded the app, opened it and clicked that I wanted plant advice and it gave price options and I wasn’t going to pay $149. I could buy many more new plants with that amount of money! I NEVER chose one of the monetary options. I simply closed the app immediately & deleted it. 3 hours later the fraud department from my bank called. I thought things within Apple were trustworthy...apparently NOT!

- Not worth paying for

If you can search the internet you’ll get just as specific information for free. I tried to get a diagnosis of a pepper plant leaf issues and black rings on stem. Took pictures and got all and more diagnoses as I got in an internet search..... completely general and of no help. Another plant was identified completely wrong but its picture, so will delete this app, no time for this.

- Horrible

It’s so glitchy tried to make me sign up for a subscription membership that first of all any photo I’ve taken of any plant just to check this out it’s giving me a wrong match. Also I’m trying to submit this review and it’s asking me for a nickname and apparently any nickname I put down has been taken so I probably won’t even be able to get to submit this review in the first place

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- Great app

I’m new to indoor plants and find this app useful to help choose plants for our house environment and the care scheduling is good. I know what my plant and soil should look like before I water them and not just assume the schedule is right. I would appreciate if we could delay care for a time frame we choose. My peace lily watering routine doesn’t match it’s schedule and the soil is too wet but I don’t want the “overdue for care” message to come up every day until it is due for more water. Useful for fertilising too. Some of my plants have fertiliser in the potting mix and I want to defer the notification rather than adjust it until next summer

- Good app except doesnt support family sharing

Love the app and paid for the the lifetime too. Only issue is that my daughter can’t access the paid version even though it says supports family sharing. Provided feedback with my email and have heard nothing back. Will be looking for an alternative and requesting a refund if family sharing is not supported.

- Fantastic

An excellent app, it correctly identified 99% of my plants. I’d love a way to sort the plants by room, or location, alphabetically or even just a search function. Also would like to be able to separate the Wishlist out. As much as I’d love that Thai Constellation Monstera in my collection already haha The problem identifier wasn’t quite what I’d hoped but I hope that improves with time

- This app is amazing!!!

So impressed with this app. It was sooo helpful in identifying our plants and getting info on how to care for them!!

- Plant ID

It is great for identifying plants but not to figure out what can be the problem if there are marks on the leaves etc. If you wanna use it for identifying your plants when healthy and setting up a reminder as per the recommended care it’s great but otherwise it’s not giving solutions, neither identifying issues with your plant. It’s great that there is a free trial to figure out it the app delivers according to your expectations or not.

- SCAM ARTISTS! FRAUD! Took $350 from my account!

I downloaded this app and deleted it instantly as it wasn’t what I required. A week later I saw $350 had been taken from my account by this app. I have tried to contact them, they were willing to help and respond until I advised what has happened, now they read messages and no response. I have tried to contact 15 times now with no responses from them just ‘read’ messages. Do not download this app, the developers are scammers who take your money!!

- Didn’t last 2 mins

Honestly, I didn’t get past the second page. It says you get 3-day free trial, but you have to sign up to a subscription before you get started. And then it’s on the user to notify 24 hours before the free trial ends if you want to cancel the automatic subscription. It’s misrepresented in the App Store by saying it’s “free, with in-app purchases”. Only the first 48 hours are free.

- AI needs improvement

Failed to recognise any of my 87 Hoya plants most with distinct leaves such as Obovata, Kerii and even Villosa. Had trouble with some common house plants, it managed to get a few right although on average more wrong than right. If your a plant enthusiast I would stick to Facebook groups for identification of uncommon plants. I think the AI needs more work on this one.

- Plant

Great app, would like to see how it helps with a sick plant without trying to get me to pay first 👍

- Not a free app

Disappointing after downloading, signing up and then to find you have to pay a subscription. Needs to have this clearly in the description!!!!

- Should be clear that it is a trial you are signing up for

I clicked on the link because it looked free. It is very deceiving. I went into the terms and conditions and discovered it is a 3 day trail and then an automatic subscription. I have spent the last hour trying to figure out how to delete it.

- Thieving scum

Thanks for stealing $160 off me the week of Christmas. And then not responding to ANY queries. I’m sharing what has happened with ALL the gardening groups I’m in on social media, so I hope you enjoy my $160 a you won’t be getting any from any one I can tell my story to

- No plants identified

I’m a bit disappointed. It can’t locate most of the plants in my garden. One of my peace Lilly’s has sunburnt leaves but it told me it had a fungal diseases or mites. Bit frustrated i paid instead of using free trial. Definitely wouldn’t have purchased.

- Rip off

Be careful, if you go over the 3 day trial, they will take nearly $50 out of your account without notice for 6 months subscription. I’m really mad, it’s probably a good app but feel totally ripped off by this action !

- Disappointing

This app is really only good for reminders to water plants.. does not correctly identify the plants or diagnose issues. Wouldn’t recommend spending money on this app. Very disappointed.

- Annoying ads and pushy subscription

Very annoyed by this app. It accurately identifies some plants but not consistently. Has very annoying and spammy ads. I’d stay away from this app.

- Don’t market as free to download if it’s going to cost you a minimum of $50!

Wouldn’t have bothered downloading if id known it wasn’t possible to use without $50-$150 of spend!

- Doesn’t work

I took photos of about 15 plants, pretty clear and obvious photos. It identified about 3 or 4. But if a joke, I burnt my money and I won’t use it again I don’t reckon.

- Totally useless

App isn’t free forces you to sign up to a 3 day free trial no identification you have to search through thousands of plans to find urs deleting immediately. Useless.

- Horrible!

You are charged the full amount 24 hours BEFORE your “free trial” ends. I am deeply Disappointed. No number to contact. No email. No replies. Absolute waste of money.

- Not Free- be aware

I got soo as said free and now is trying to charge after 3 days. Have tried to cancel and not working. Have emailed company no response. How do you cancel this app!!!

- Expensive

No price discernible on front page of ap’. Big surprise after creating an account.

- Free until it’s not

“In app purchases“ means that you can download the for free, but if you want to use any aspect of it, your minimum price is a $69 annual subscription fee.

- Doesn’t work.

I got 4 different plants totally unlike the one I scanned. There’s better apps for free out there.

- Terrible

Terrible app that didn’t recognise many mainstream plants. Do not waste your money

- Greatest app never

Not right in identifying plants or problems will get a refund.

- Very disappointed.

I had no idea the mushroom I tried to identify

- False advertisement

Says free but it ain’t

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- I haven’t had enough time to see if it’s helpful yet. Good news the plants still alive

Haven’t used it for long enough

- fine

it’s fine. not as good as they’re saying in the description, and definitely not worth my 45$ dollars. the AR scanner worked for two minutes than i was obligated to identify my plants with pictures. also, they couldn’t identify some of my plants or didn’t identify them correctly, multiple time. i had the 3 days trial, it’s been 2 and half, and i already have been charged. i would like a full refund please. did not satisfy my expectations and needs.

- It’s not free

Not free and this suckers charge automatically

- Not recommended

Heard about this app and the idea is awesome! Tried it out and you get 3 plant scans free. Okay it’s a pay for app and I’m trying it out. Was really disappointed in the accuracy but I could deal with that. 2 stars because of the toxic design. I get it there are ads, but the ads are 4 layers thick and keep offering you lower prices. So if I paid right away I get a worse deal??? And if I close an ad another pops up IMMEDIATELY 3 MORE TIMES. Will never support this structure.

- Not worth it

I hate when apps make you sign up and only than reveal it will coat you money. After giving them my info and deciding not to pay their subscription i Dont like the idea that they have my info. Why would you need my info if i deleted the app and will never pay you? To send me spam? Great. You should make it clear its a paid subscription before you make us give our info. Booo

- Pretty useless

Was really excited for this app, but it’s basically just a plant wiki with calendar notifications. The plant scanner didn’t work - only identified 1 out of dozens of plants - tried multiple times in various light conditions without anything in background - nothing worked. Also, you can only track care in the moment. If you water and forget to note it in app, you can’t go back and correct making the tracking and watering notifications out of sync with reality and useless. I deleted the app after a couple weeks.

- It doesn't detect deseases of plant!

I installed this app based on an ad which showed a desease on the plant detected. I think the idea is brilliant and useful however it didn't work. Gives an error for anything I scan. Seems like its fake because it doesn't even try to detect the desease from the photo and then say I couldn't find it. Also when you install it keeps making you to pay for the subscription and if you cancel gives you a cheaper offer but its still expensive. I canceled from all and it went to the page where it said you can go premium to see without ad and the option to take image and detect desease was working. Don't install waste of time and lied in ad.

- Doesn’t work

Can’t even get past the continue page to see how the app works.

- Didn't work. Can't cancel subscription

I'm on day 1 (hour 1, really) of the subscription, and I cannot cancel it via the app. Please cancel it on my behalf because I DO NOT want to be charged.

- not the greatest

After I put in the information about my plant, it told me to water my tiny dwarf sunflower once every ten days with multiple gallons of water. This would definitely flood my plant.. especially since the little pot I have it in won’t even hold one gallon. I might be reading this wrong, but after a few days of checking the app, it doesn’t seem like it :( I’ve also seen from experience that when I don’t water my plants that are directly in the sun often, they start to look a bit sad, but maybe that’s just me? I also want to add in that my plant is doing well :) and I downloaded the app to see if I could improve anything, but I probably won’t be using the advice 😅

- Not good

As others said, not as good as they say.

- Déçu

Je croyais que le site était en français mais les 3/4 des renseignements sont en anglwisv

- Manque de transparence et d’éthique

Essayer gratuitement sur trois jours après on vous facture !!! Sérieux ? En plus ça dit app gratuite au départ sans la mentions achats intégrés.

- Inaccurate

Bullshxt app don’t download !!!

- Shady app automatically charging you for a subscription

App clearly shows an option for a trial yet when you create an account and click on the trial I see my card is charged the Lifetime subscription fee of $279.99! No option on their site to cancel nor provided through the app. Had to call Apple to request a refund.

- Basic app

I’m disappointed that I paid 135$ for this app and it doesn’t even has the most basic plants. I submitted the new plant but in that case they should be paying the customer as we’re building their data base. Also, plant decease gives you all the possible deceases of that specific plant, what u can easily find in google. Disappointing

- Doesn’t recognize the plant

I have a hibiscus and the app doesn’t recognize yet

- I regret buying this

I got it for the plant identifier but the one for the competing app Planta delivered far more precise results. I hate that I can’t replace the generic plant photo by one of my own for my plant library...The diagnosis tool isn’t very precise and didn’t solve my issues, but the one from the competing app did. I bought the lifetime because there was no free trial version and honestly, I think I’ll keep it around because I bought but I don’t know how to make it useful for me to be honest. The other app worked better for me and was cheaper overall.

- Bad bad

This app even after u cancel before they bill u will still bill u even tho the app is not even on the phone but it keeps trying now has caused me not to be able to down load apps for myself cuz it has tied up my credit card and had tried to bill me 5 times at 43.95 every week so now it’s much much more for what? I don’t have the app.... buyer beware! Not good for purchase if u don’t keep it.

- Too expensive

Tell people how much it costs before they download the “free” app and you make them create an account. I don’t know how this has 4.5 star rating if all the reviews I see are negative. Deceptive.

- Don’t

The app couldn’t identify several plants. When using the disease diagnosis all the plants had the same ailment, even after several tries using different angles. Definitely do not buy this. I’ve asked for a refund three times and have not heard from them. Terrible.

- Horrible

It says it’s free but the only way to get a diagnosis is if you subscribe to billing.

- Have to pay in order to do anything.

Make you sign up for an account and then they ask you to subscribe monthly or to do a one time payment. Why can’t companies tell you before you make an account that you will have to pay so much money. Won’t ever find out if this app is good because I refuse to pay absurd prices to check if my plants are doing okay once a month. Figure it out.

- Horrible customer service!!!

Don’t even sign up for the free trail. I did and cancelled prior to the trail ending but there was an error on paypal’s end and I was still billed. I contacted paypal with the screenshots showing I cancelled and within minutes I had a nasty sarcastic email from Ann.

- I added this to my phone and they took my money even tho it said free trial

You just took like 40 dollars from me for this stupid app. It said 3 days free trial and then you just charged me.

- Where are my subscription settings?

I don’t see where the subscription/ billing settings are? I want to cancel my free trial before being charged. Then potentially change to a different billing period. Can’t find it anywhere.

- I don’t even want to rate it a star

What a scam! I sent them an email asking for a refund and they haven’t even replied! PictureThis is so much better of a product.

- Not a free app

There is a subscription fee they don’t tell you about before you download. They hit you with the fee after you download it and before you are able to do anything with the app. Would be nice if developers could just be honest and say that in the description so people aren’t wasting time downloading an app they don’t want to pay for. The payment are not apple issue it’s in YOUR app!!! Take responsibility for the app YOU developed and stop blaming Apple. If it was Apple charging it wouldn’t be a free app- quit lying!!

- Scam

Does not identify plants correctly and will charge you (my Face ID automatically accepted the subscription without me even noticing). The cancel subscription feature does not show up, and I had to call Apple to deal with this. Beware, this app is a scam.

- No great

It doesn’t identify the plants

- Unsatisfied

The free features weren’t enough to entice me to even bother with the trial. I tried it out on my forty+ varieties I keep, and there were enough errors to make me wonder if a plant lover had any involvement with this app at all. I definitely suggest working with the “free” version and the identification aspect (it was incorrect numerous times) to encourage purchase.

- Not to shabby

Price is extremely over rated, cant even open without a credit card,in my opininon anyone who wants your credit card information before even showing you the product has surely something to hide.Even if you would buy a car they will still let you test drive it first. Simething to keep in mind app creator Half price sale for 69$ , you gotta be kidding me hahahahaha Half a star because i did not get past the front page.

- Useless

Started the free trial that only lets you identify plants. There's no way to do a diagnosis. You're better off with a free Google search, trust me!

- Standardized Lilac Bushes

I just paid for this app. So far, not impressed. I took two photos of two identical Standardized Lilac Bushes and the identifier shows them as two totally different plants! ...

- No correct identifications

I got this because I have a mystery plant, but it didn’t help to identify it. I submitted two different pictures of the same plant and once it said umbrella tree, but it’s leaves are shaped nothing like that. The next time it said Lilac tree, which was just hilarious. I tried some plants that already knew and the identification was all wrong. It seems like the app just makes random and inconsistent identifications. Too bad, as I really want to figure out what this plant is.

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PlantIn: Plant Identifier 3.3.0 Screenshots & Images

PlantIn: Plant Identifier iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

PlantIn: Plant Identifier iphone images
PlantIn: Plant Identifier iphone images
PlantIn: Plant Identifier iphone images
PlantIn: Plant Identifier iphone images
PlantIn: Plant Identifier iphone images

PlantIn: Plant Identifier (Version 3.3.0) Install & Download

The applications PlantIn: Plant Identifier was published in the category Education on 2020-08-14 and was developed by Vortemol Limited [Developer ID: 1527399599]. This application file size is 120.67 MB. PlantIn: Plant Identifier - Education app posted on 2021-10-23 current version is 3.3.0 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: