House Life 3D

House Life 3D [Games] App Description & Overview

Enjoy the parent experience with many mini games now!

Shave father's beard and help your children's homework.
Wash dishes and prepare your children's lunchboxes.
Play basketball in your backyard and jigsaw in your free time!

Use very simple mechanics like swipe, tap, drag and hold to play each mini game.

Get ready to enjoy an experience of house life!

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House Life 3D Customer Service, Editor Notes:

-New Minigames -UI Improvements -Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements We Work Hard to Make "House Life 3D" Better. Enjoy!

House Life 3D Comments & Reviews

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I read the note that was called too many adds by:Elle and she is right I begged my dad to get the game and i love doing that jump rope and doing braids and all the stuff but all that I want is the adds the adds are going ca-ra-zy and that is just the bad situation of the game but you can put your device on airplane mode so there will be no adds (witch that is amazing) I love the game but the adds like I have to tell the people that do the game I like you game that you made but if you did not put adds in the game then I would play this game sooooo much. (This is what I would have to tell them) but just gooooo adds. Wow I rote a lot Wow.

- Must try this game

In the coronavirus days, this game is perfect for kill time. My favorite part is that the game is free. My children, could not leave home in the corona days, they became addicted to this game, and finally I started playing. We play with family. We need much more levels. I'm waiting for new levels to come out. It would be great if there was a bouncing game, I hope you take this advice. If you are reading this comment, I recommend you to download and play immediately. Congrats for your efforts. 5 star for you! Thank you for your time and reading, you can find the Spanish version of the comment below. En los días del coronavirus, este juego es realmente genial. Mi parte favorita es que el juego es gratis. Mis hijos, no podían salir de casa en los días de la corona, se volvieron adictos a este juego, y finalmente empecé a jugar. Jugamos con la familia. Los niveles deberían incrementarse un poco, estoy esperando que salgan nuevos niveles. Sería genial si hubiera un juego de rebote, espero que sigas este consejo. Si estás leyendo este comentario, te recomiendo que lo descargues y juegues de inmediato. Felicitaciones por sus esfuerzos. 5 estrellas para ti! Gracias por tu tiempo.

- Please read!! :)

I don’t know why this app is being advertised on my Snapchat. Super confused ab that. It’s clearly geared towards a younger audience, and me being 14, I don’t see how anyone using Snapchat could fit the targeted demographic. The game was fun for the first 5 levels until it got repetitive and, for me, VERY easy. I’m trying my best not to be critical, but I really don’t understand the premise of this game. I feel like even for the children playing it, it could get boring. It’s very repetitive. On the bright side, I love the message to the children that many activities can be helpful and fun around the house and teach kids the importance of working AND managing your time at a young age. I also love that they’re encouraging staying indoors and bonding with people you love whilst helping and sharing interests with them. So, in conclusion, the gameplay isn’t the best, and I think the developers are a little confused on the targeted demographic of the app, but the message is a very important lesson to be taught to children. I love how they’re making serious matters fun, and not seeing lockdown as a chore.

- Boring Boring boring need something new

I played this game for five minutes and I understood that it was completely a thumbs down do you wanna know why I’ll give you why Number one it is pouring when I leave there’s nothing fun to do you do the level if you can’t you try it and there’s no help no help how can you understand it if you don’t know how to it’s completely not fair that’s why I think first reason it is not good trust me and don’t buy this app it will give you nothing except a waste of time I found nothing good because it kept on repeating are you put the lunchboxes away and then the basketballs and then the trash cans it goes on and on trust me the reason I gave this a one star I have a Lotta back up people here see my point like I was at first please people don’t know anything about games I’ve been through a lot to know ones are good but then I understood they were completely right from 1 to 10 or 10 to 1 anyway they were correct for ring don’t waste your time trying to play this gameTrust me

- Way to many adds 😳😬

There are way to many adds like when I play every two times or days there is another add like the game is good but just PLEASE lower the adds but of overall it is is super fun cool game but just please lower the adds but also the game is like kinda weird and this happens with a lot of games I play like the this and what I mean is when I’m like doin something with the hair or anything like that and I am not finished it finishes for me and I just hate it a lot so yeah but the game is SUPER Fun so please just lower the adds if you can and like let us finish doing the things we need to do so yeah😊🙂😁

- Terrible game with too many ads

I saw this game on a snapchat ad. I believe I saw something that isn’t actually in the game, as I have reached day 205 and have not yet seen the game I saw in the ad. I thought it was a hair-related game, but it’s nonsense that takes about 10 seconds. Then there’s the fact that after EVERY “day”, there’s an ad! After every single level, which takes a very short about of time to complete, there’s an ad! It’s a waste of time. If you’re wanting to play, at least turn on airplane mode. There was also a glitch in the game where the screen went completely black asides from the phrase “Repair Tools”. It wouldn’t even let me skip the level using an ad. Eventually I got it to work, although I’m not entirely sure how. I do not recommend this game at all. Trash it, my dudes.

- Too many adds 😐

Please lower the amount of adds!!! I bought this game for my younger cousins to play. I had seen the add pop up a thousand times and I knew that they would like it. My states in quarantine and this game is said to kill time. My cousins love actually playing the game but they come to me every five minutes asking why there are so many adds. Other then the add sitch I have no other complaints. I think if you, the creators lower the amount of adds. This would be a perfect game. It’s already great for young children btw. No hate❤️❤️! Wow I’ve been typing for a while! Byeeeee 😘

- Sorry

Don’t get me wrong but there’s to many adds and sometimes I don’t get mad but there’s like a lot of adds in each level so if someone likes adds then this is an app for you. Sorry again but I don’t like it because of adds

- 𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝔸𝕕

So I was on this level and it was super hard and I don’t really like watching ads but I was really upset about the level and I went ahead and tried to watch a ad..but I couldn’t because when I pressed the button so I could watch the ad to skip the level, the screen would go a little dark, and then a few seconds later I didn’t even watch the ad. And I even had WiFi..! And I tried again and again but it just wouldn’t work. And I was really upset because it’s been happening for days.. but I did like this game though.. but I was to mad and deleted it.

- Good at first...

This game was absolutely amazing at first. It was so fun! I saw one thing in an add for this game that I still haven’t gotten to and I’m almost on level 200. I was so excited for it. Another thing is that you just repeat everything over and over. I know you can’t put in infinite things to do, but it gets old after a while. One last thing is the adds. There is an add after every level! You are lucky if you get an add after 2 levels. I hope you can update and fix some of these things later on. Thank you!

- Good app

This app teaches young kids how and what to do there is also a lot of fun levels to play when you do the little boy’s homework( l call him Jeff) my little brother is more interested in house life 3D than Roblox🤭 he really likes this game and so do I my only complaint is that I gat the same two ads over and over again for games I already have other than that this is a good app and I dare you to try it

- Da ads

So I just started this game and the game itself is one of the best games and if you love this game you will LOVE this game called braid salon, but back to the topic the adds in this are frustrating. There are SO MANY ADS and after almost every level there is an ad. It goes level, ad, level, ad. Just too many adds but this will keep me occupied for a long time Abe this app definitely deserves 5 stars

- Recommend

I recommend this app it is really fun i got this app for my kids they play it all the time they got me into it too it’s addicting few problems they do the levels again and again it does not need internet too many adds after every level but I recommend cutting the internet there will be no adds

- Soooo cool game!

I have already passed the 100th level in the game and I am having a lot of fun👍🏼 It is great to have a variety of different mini games in the game! The game got addicted to me these days when we had to stay at home because of the quarantine. The color matching section in the game is my favorite. I think everyone should definitely experience this game.


On the first day I tried to brush the girls hair but it wasn’t working, It was like one frame per second! Well, actually one frame per three seconds. If this game is for iPhones it’s probably my fault cause I’m on an iPad, But let’s stop talking about devices. Since it’s way too laggy I really want to delete the game cause I hate it when games lag or glitch, It really annoys me! Is it possible if you could fix the problem? I would rate it a five star if you actually make the game A LOT less laggy. I would really appreciate it!

- Fun game to play! By: Sasuke_Uchiha_1

First of all, I love the game, maybe you should add more levels and add driving a car or full-on grocery shopping in a update, or maybe getting a job and have money to upgrade your house! The only fault in this game is the ads, but I manage to play this game offline. Thanks for creating a awesome game! (I watch Naruto UwU)

- House life 3D

I just downloaded this game and it is so fun and I’ve been playing this game for 5 minutes and I love it I’ve seen some of the other reviews and there not so true this game is so fun I didn’t believe the reviews because my friend told me to play this game and it ended up being my favorite game get this game you will love it

- Love this app!

Ok so when I actually played this it was soo good! So I just wanted to say I give this game 100stars. Thank you for creating this app. I appreciate this game will get lots and lots of people playing this. Again, thank you very very much for this app and it’s awesome, wonderland, wonderful so thank you for creating this app!!!

- It’s kind of a weird but cool app

It’s fine but kind of weird I don’t really I think that is pretty good or cool I don’t really think that it’s bad I think it’s just a cool app if you get really bored out like on a car ride it’s a really good app if you’re on a long car ride and and you have nothing to do

- To much ads🤬

When I be doing the girl little hair and I’m done ever Single time it be a ad I don’t know why why there’s be an ad I really like the game but the ads it’s just nuts🤬and y’all have to get this fix right now because I’m down with the ads🤬 his is a 2 star goodbye😡

- It was fun in the beginning

It was very fun in the first 100 levels or days. But then it started to be boring because it was the same stuff over and over again. I recommend if you want a game just to play for a little bit and you want to delete like an hour after you want to get it. Overall I loved this game in the beginning, but it got very boring.

- Broke ☠️🤷🏻😭

I had the game and I loved it! But on day 158 the WHOLE game broke it was on repair tools and the screen had turned black. I had tried to skip the level but.. the ad did not work. Everytime I tapped the re do button it re did it but it did NOT WORK. Soon after 3 months it was not working so I deleted it. Plz fix this because I would love to play it again!

- Not bad app, but too many ads

It’s pretty fun in general when you’re playing, except for the fact that after every small thing you do you get several ads that are pretty long, making it so that at least 3/4 of the time you’re watching ads instead of playing. The amount of ads is unbearable enough for me to not recommend this app at all.

- I don’t recommend

So I got this game and I thought it was cutting hair related but I’m almost at level 200 and I see nothing about hair and I got it because I thought you could actually cut the hair but I don’t see anything like that so please fix it and fix all the adds I don’t like all the adds because it bothers me <3 thank you!

- Bad graphics

Terrible graphics, the game gets a good ad but the game ends up being garbage. I don’t understand why someone would want to play this 😂 same levels over and over that’s all it is. At least you tried you though? I saw it from a snapchat ad and hoped it was a hair cutting game but it was just the same levels repeating along with ads- waste of time. if you’re looking at this don’t waste your time on that app. it’s garbage dudeee.

- Good for a bit

I was very excited to try out this game. The first 30 levels in the game were fun but after a while they just start to repeat themselves. I’d you are looking for a game that you can play for hours on end I would not recommend. Creaters if you are reading this then PLEASE make more levels.

- Great way to pass by time.....

That is if you like watching adds, after every level it’s a add and the lvls take not even a min to complete it’s a cool premise but the adds and the simplicity just gives it a bad reputation

- Probably using stolen audio for ads

I got this just to point out that they stole the audio for one of their ads from The Office, which is an American TV show. The ad where the old man is screaming “No” during the haircut is the exact audio from that show. I doubt they got permission to use it which means they’re profiting from copy-write infringement. If I could give this app zero stars, I would. Developers please correct me if I’m wrong.

- Good game for LITTLE KIDS

***PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE DOWNLOADING THIS APP ****Ok so this game really is good and it has good aspects but, I got really bored with the game really quick because the levels are you sorting lunches or dying hair when really it’s you clicking on it and it does it for you. I would 100% recommend this for a 4-6 year old but not really for anyone older than that. It’s just not challenging, fun, or entertaining for me.

- Plz read honest opion🖐🏾

Honestly this game is super Duper fun but every time I complete one there’s an ad and I’m getting sick and tired of over all it is really fun and IYou might like it just take away the ads because I’m sick and tired of them😤🙄

- Coping other games

This game is fun in all but I feel like it’s copying other games. One of the games is a game I have when the level says Sort toys, that’s all ready a game so why recreate it like nobody is gonna notice you copied a game. Unless you made the same game and your the creator of that other game, I feel like you copied them.

- To Many Ads

The customers should not have to teach the developers how to make an app. Because you should already know that the worser your game is, the less people are gonna play it. I get you are trying to get money but putting an ad every 30 seconds is not gonna keep your customers wanting to play the game. You might wanna re-screw your heads, cause this game is going nowhere with this amount of ads.

- OMG you must try this game!

OMG this game is so amazing! It is just like real life Jacobs and stuff. Because of corona we haven’t been able to do stuff like paint hair or more. This game passes time and makes you feel better!

- Not that bad

Like yes it has a lot of ads like you play 2 levels then a ad but I don’t know if the repeating after level 25 is a lie or not also you can get past level one and it’s really fun and it doesn’t glitch out for me so it might be a different problem with y’all but it’s good with me

- Need to make levels harder

I might be a little to old for this game but it’s a satisfying game and I’m on like level 300 or day 300 and its always the same. Too easy. I deleted the game today because nothing changes on it and if someone can get that high on the levels they are smart enough for harder levels or more things to do

- What i think

This app is really good! I love it so much api have anxiety attacks and this game always calms me down . I love it so much and I recommend getting it! Theres nit that many ads, actually none at all. I love it so mucchhh!

- I love this game but the adds man...

I love this game I see something I do it I feel good but the adds every single new level the add I hate adds I would do anything to not get those adds man. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡hat the I’m about to delete the game man

- A lot of ads but that’s okay

I love this game my sis does too but there are so many ads 😓. Maybe you can not put so much ads in the game? That’s all really.. I like everything else😁! :3

- This game is great

This game is great because we can do anything like there’s like a lot of levels and I’m at level 30 I think yeah so I think you should download this game

- It was okay.

It was okay in the beginning. Then the levels started getting repetitive. I didn’t get to do what was shown in the ad. I am currently on level 158 which is supposed to be repair tools (which i haven’t done yet.) but the screen is just black and I can’t skip it. there’s also ads after every level.

- This game is THE BEST

This game is a great time passer with lots of potential! Until I downloaded this game it was so boring. Now this is by far my 3 best favorite app. If you are reading this download Lockdown 3D right now in 1 second.

- Amazing game but lots of ads

The game is amazing and takes my mind off of what’s happening in the world but there’s ads every 2 plays so it takes forever to get to the next level.

- Garbage

I played this game and it was very boring. I was so simple and there’s too many ads. I read this a one star but if I could write this less I would. I I am very disappointed. And this game is very laggy. I do not recommend this game to anyone. And I will be deleting this app off of my phone immediately. I had it for literally 20 minutes. Thank you for your time.

- AWSOME but add

Don’t get me wrong I love this game but I feel like the animations should be improved and you should be able to customize the characters also add more mini games Thanks!

- Must read

I think this is a great game can pass time quickly because of all the mini games I would suggest getting this game.🤪🤪

- 😍 I love

My most humor came out and never play anything else it’s so good I recommend not getting it it’s so fun and I’m like a five-year-old six-year-old and I’m happy with it

- Awesome gameeee 👍👍

An incredibly beautiful game !!! There are many different mini games. Especially the jumping rope game is very enjoyable. It is very simple to play and very fun .... We played all day with my friends .... Please add new levels ..

- Ads Ads Ads So Many !

Hi I’m new here and I play this game. So when I’m playing , ads just pop out on the screen for some reason. So I’m just annoyed that this game has soooooo mannnny addddsssss and p.s pls remove the ads pls write back.

- Great game 👍

It's a very enjoyable game to play, there are more than 25 mini games. It's a game to have a good time. lockdown 3d is the most beautiful game I have played recently. thanks to the developer.

- Not so fun

I have been playing this game for 1 minute but I realized that I just can’t do my own please add new updates 1. No Music 2. No sound 3. Can’t make my own character but I sill get to play some games. No please please please please add the new update. And I have one more thing. This is a good game for this coronavirus and and they don’t talk thank you for reading!bye have a nice day!

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- Pretty good

This game is pretty good but the ads! I figured if u don't want ads turn ur internet off! Simple change

- BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!🤗🤗🤗🤗

Okay so this game is the best game it’s literally so awesome I can’t explain it. So basically you do the same stuff in real life!!!! So if you are reading my review right not I suggest you download this app and give it straight away you’ll agree with me. So you may see bad reviews just ignore them and read mine this is the best game ever!!!!!!!!!!! So for the person who made this I thank you very much 👍🙏🙏

- the best game ever!!

I love this game it’s so fun and it’s basically what I do everyday! If your reading this I recommend you to get it right now! I love every part about this game except for the fact that the same ad keeps coming on and I don’t like having to wait for the ads. But definitely download it! Thank you , JoJo xx

- Bad

The ads looked fun, and there were a lot. the game itself is bad. You don’t get to do anything, you normally just hold the screen and the game moves for you. There is no real purpose or real aim in the game. I would not recommend this in anyway unless you want to tap a screen. One of the worst parts were the ads. After every “section”, which only was short-there was an ad. An ad would pop up every two seconds, this made it very hard to play or try to enjoy.

- House life 3D

House life 3D is an amazing, addictive and fun game. It includes some things that we do in our daily life and help reduce stress. In this game you can actually play games in the game. I like this game because it kills time and I recommend this game to people who have a lot of free time.🥳

- Don’t waste your time

The app looks extremely intriguing in the ad but once you start playing, it is very boring. You don’t get to actually do many things yourself, it’s usually just holding the screen and the game does it for you. Also, there are ads in between every single level. You might think I’m exaggerating but I’m not. You pass the 10 second level and there’s an ad. Don’t bother downloading. It’s boring and not worth it

- What the?!😑😑😑😑😑😑

I got this game thinking oh cool this looks fun (I guess that’s what all games want these days. Does anyone even care about the victims of your deceiving adds?) but I can’t even get past the first level. You see, it lags to much and I tried reloading the app but it doesn’t even work, and there is no reason to keep an app that doesn’t work so you know what’s coming...

- So bad

This app has to many ads and glitches and I do not recommend getting it. When I open the app it takes 10 mins to load and start the game and when it actually loads it glitches and I can’t even do anything!!! Please do something about this because I would really like to play this game without all this trouble! Thankyou.


I got this game thinking oh this could be fun but then I saw some of the reviews saying how it loads for like ten mins and how it has WAY to many adds so i tried it out the reviews were TRUE this game is boring and glitchy I do not recommend buying it I give it two stars for making the add look fun

- Boring and glitchy

I just downloaded this app and I have waited more than 5 minutes on the first level and I am less than and 8th of the away through it the brush is literally moving a centimetre ever 5 seconds so I do not recommend downloading this app unless you have a lot and I mean a lot of time and patience

- No more ads!

This game is the first game that I played that has really less ads. I did not get this game with no ads so o really like this game

- Why so bad.

I got this game and it was terrible I don’t recommend getting it and it hardly let u do anything! It’s quite annoying on how it glitches and ads! And even tho we are all in Quarantine (well most of us) we well I think we need apps that will keep u entertained.

- Amazing

This game is so cool, it has less adds and you do so many satisfying stuff! This is the game I was looking for!!!! ❤️❤️✨

- Cool but...

Just a bit too much ads

- To many ads and borinnnnnng

By the looks of the app it looks great but then when you play it you do one boring activity like tapping the screen then there’s an ad! Maybe little kids would like it but anyone above six will not like it

- No more ads

Download this game it’s fantastic there are hardly any ads 🤯🥺🥺🥺

- 5

Super fun and amazing and I know there are adds but just turn it to aeroplane mode super fun

- To Many Adds but fun!

This game is really fun and addictive but way to many adds. I just get a add and start a new level then another add!

- Boring and slow

1. More pointless animation of the person looking at themselves than the actual game (kind of like real life huh?) 2. You don’t get to do much, just hold down 3. The (constant) ads in the game are very inappropriate for a “4+” aged game

- Disappointed

Starts off not too bad. But the levels never get harder. It’s the same thing over and over. Gets very repetitive and very boring.

- Ads😐

I finish a level, there is an ad. I spend more time watching the ads than actually playing the game

- Ok

This game is ok but it is very demanding. When I first got the app, it just said comb hair, shave, do homework. It isn’t the best but I guess you could get it if you really want it!

- Bye bye

No more adds it is fun I love this game

- Ads Ads Ads

There is an ad after each level. I hate it!

- 3D

Amazing game. Make more of these games

- Terrible

This game looks like an amazing game but there are so many apps and the game is trash. Don’t waste your time playing this game 1 star

- Really bad

It’s ad lied, it has too many ads, levels are boring, graphics are terrible

- waste of time

the ads intrigue you and the first four puzzles were somewhat fun but then the rest of the puzzles just got ridiculously boring and easy. ads didn’t bother me but the puzzles can be done with my eyes closed.

- Omg it is lovely

I love it but I hate the Adss I HETE em bit is is a gooooood game (get it)


Hi it’s me Ava you need to get this app OR ELSE!👍🏻You can rely on me. GET IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!! Please.😛😘🥳🤩😜🤪☺️

- Good game

Best game ever and a game that I love😍😍🥰🥰😍😍😘😘

- 🙃

Ok but u want the hair game that was in the add at the start 😂 but otherwise great game

- No

Didn’t loved it that much

- Good, but...

This game is good. But after EVERY TASK there is an add :/

- terrible and copiers

they copied a game called office life it’s like the game but they added some other stuff and took away stuff

- Bad game🤮

Spammed with ads

- No ❤️

Thanks, I hate it ❤️🥰💖🥰🥰

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- Legal mas com dois Problemas

O jogo é muito bom mas tem dois problemas, o primeiro é q vc n pode escolher o modo,Tipo...quero cortar o cabelo aí eu tenho q esperar chegar uma fase de cortar o cabelo. E o segundo é q vc n pode voltar de fase. Mas tirando isso è muito legal!🤗

- very good

i love this game it helps my ocd and calms me before bed the only thing i dont like is i cant give the girls bald spots when i cut their hair

- It’s good but

There’s Way too many ads so can you make better pls

- Don’t play

All the game is about is basically ADDS to many adds

- House life 3D

It is a amazing game

- Ads ads

Ads too many ads

- The worst

THIS GAME IS THE WORST GAME EVER. The graphics are terrible and it’s SO laggy. This game is just a waste of your time so DO NOT Download this Terrible GAME!!!

- Boring

Even without the excessive amount of ads, it’s absolutely boring.

- Would not recommend getting it

just a waste of your time.It’s not find the graphics are poor too many ads and you don’t even have to try you just tap hold or swipe you can’t lose or fail a level

- This game is BORING

This is the worst because you did not add a joystick it would be better

- Don’t waste your time on this game

It’s boring and stupid sooo many adds and no matter what you do you always pass the levels

- Wi-fi

Turn off the wifi and then the ads will go away. :P

- 😓😓😰

If u turn up volume and put up to ur ear and u here crakling what does that mean

- Horibel

More advertising that gaming

- Strange

No context when you start playing, your just kinda thrown into it. The mini games are short and in between there are ads, so it feels like lots of ads. Would be a little smoother if it had a cut scenes, like if it started off showing the family into front of the house and they welcome you in. It needs some audio too. Seems unfinished. It has potential, I hope they work on it some more.

- Recommend

All those other people are jealous that they can’t through it in the trash so they have to trash you but this game is get

- Good game

It’s a good game to play but to many ads


This game tackles forever to load and once your in it glitches

- Stupid and really laggy

This game is trash 😡 the concept of it was supposed to be fun but I lagged so much, I don’t recommend it

- DO NOT PLAY.....

This game gives more ads then playing the game. DO NOT PLAY after every mini games there’s an add! Do not download it’s horrible

- Don’t download

I couldn’t even play! First it kicked me out of the game then once I got on the game there were like 3 ads! One star but if I could I would give it zero stars! Oh and also after the ads ended the game was to glitchy to even play! So just don’t download pls you will be disappointed just like I was

- Good but bad

It’s good, but bad. You get to make your own disision but I think it’s annoying, good, and bad. Because it has non stop silly ads.

- So fun

I love this game because it’s for the virus and it’s on quarantine

- Awesome

This game is the best I cannot stop playing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Garbage -_-

Adds, adds, and adds..

- Good idea but...

It’s fun and all but the levels just repeat and repeat. plus it’s just swipe tap or hold it’s too easy. and when you’re cutting the hair you can’t go back once you get to the end you just have to stick with what you did. I recommend that the game makers change it so that they make a new levels and make it so the levels don’t repeat thank. you for sharing your game but please improve

- Does it have to many adds?

Soo I did not download it yet........... then I saw the revels and stuff I now I think there are to many adds. But I saw the add and it was so funnny 😆

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- Too many adds 😐

Great game, reminds me of quarantine but there are way too many adds. For example after a day there is an add played but overall it is pretty decent.

- Don’t waste your time

The game has way too many ads unless you like sitting there after every little one second mini game and watching an ad Everytime then be my guest but it’s annoying having to watch an ad after every little game . Just don’t waste your time smh hate apps like this . I’m definitely undownloading

- Please lower the adds

There’s too many adds it’s bad enough that we have to qorentine there is no way to find something to do at my house

- I like the game

It’s a fun game you would probably like it it’s like house fun and you should try it I like it let’s see if I can still like it

- Ehh it’s fine

Some adds glitches I mean it’s fine just the adds and glitches 3 stars if your fine with glitches and adds recommend I mean come on people your talking with a 15 year old

- Turn off WiFi no ads

If you turn of your WiFi there are no ads

- Ok app

The app was a good app and fun to play but I was most excited for the part where it said you can cut hair in the commercials or Snapchat but I am on level 130 and still haven’t cut any hair😢 good app overall

- Good but....

This game is great if your looking for something to do but.. first of all to many adds ;-; second to easy I know I know for some people it’s not but for me waaaaaay to easy but otherwise it’s ok that’s why I give it three stars thank you!

- Okay game

It is so what fun but there is too much ads it's mostly the nail game after every level there's one and it just gets boring because it's the same old ads I like the game but again there's way too many ads like -_- if you find different then I'm sorry I wasted your time have a good day and hopefully you like the game.

- Don’t recommend

Levels were the same every time. Braid your kids hair. Shave your husbands beard. Play basketball. Wash dishes. Help kid with homework. In the ad it showed them cutting the kids hair. That was the main reason I downloaded it. It was in any levels. I got to level 67 until I realized it was way to boring to continue and I deleted it. Do not recommend


First of all, it’s super boring. It’s the same thing every time🙄. This isn’t even a game it’s crap. I got to level 214 and nothing changed. It’s full of adds!! I can’t even play the game with out thousands of stupid adds! I hate this game so much that I told everyone I know to never play this game! If you value yourself then don’t play this game! It’s the worst game ever!!!😡

- Good app but too many ads

I was just doing the first level, cutting her hair and stuff, but then and soon as I let go my phone had like 2 ads. Every time I let go there is an ad, or after every level, it’s kidna fun tho

- Love it!...but

I love this app/game so so much but please suggest adding more hair mini games to it because those parts are so fun and I don’t think there are enough thank you for your time

- Ok but

So I downloaded this game because we are all in quarantine and like have nothing to do and that made this game for that. But like it is a mixture of all sorts of games and after like level twenty it just gives you that same thing every five levels.😔 I thought this game would be fun but not really bc I passed seventy levels in like thirty minutes.

- 😑🙄

Add city and there’s this one level that is so difficult jumping level so please please please take out that level and replace it with something easy thank you

- Ok but...

I love this game but it repeats the same things over and over again and it glitches and freezes sometimes but overall it’s an ok game

- Great game

This game is so addicting and fun! This game is recommended by me! One thing though.. As soon as I started playing this game, I got an ad.. I don’t really like games with a lot of ads but this is a pretty good game!


I love the new update but e ads still get on my nerves. But it is still the best game ever! If you’re thinking about getting this game, i think you should get it.

- Nice Game!

The content of the game is awesome, you are both having fun and learning while playing. It is an educational game with content suitable for all ages.

- Too Many Ads

Why are there ads after every single level ? I makes the game not interested anymore. If you guy want people to play you’re gonna have to shorten that

- Don’t bother

I rated this a 2/5. This game is boring unless your 2. It’s nothing like you see in the adds. Also I’m 11 and this add has been coming up every where you think it would only come up if your in a kiddish game. It says 4+ more like 4-.

- Amazing and unbelievably!

Thanks for adding those things I suggested this game is great now with this update! I love this game I would rate it 5 stars!

- Play this game

I just downloaded this game and it’s simple,easy,awesome it’s so amazing it’s so fun so I’m telling you playing this game play play play this

- Boring

Yes there are a lot of ads so turn of mobile data or put on air plane mode. I got to level 45 in about 15 minutes with no ads but all the levels are very repetitive and don’t get any more difficult as you level up. Overall was not impressed and don’t recommend.

- It’s terrible

I haven’t even got to experience the game it freezes and I can’t play

- Too many ads

It seemed like a good game to pass the time but I’m spending more time watching ads than playing the game. I understand ads are needed for revenue but a 30 second ad after each level is too much. Uninstalling.

- Good game way too many ads

The game itself is alright and is a nice game, however there are WAY TOO MANY ADS (literally after every level). If you enjoy watching ads this is the perfect game for you. If you hate ads, then I suggest don’t download it.

- It’s crap

Awful. Too many adds. Same thing over and over and over and over and over again. You know how you probably got tired of reading “and over” I got tired of getting the same levels over and over. If I could give it a negative star I would.

- not what i had in mind

I saw this game so many times, shave their face, cut their hair, but ive been playing. for a while and i only shaved, braided hair, and combed hair. if you want to do the other stuff, fine by me. this is basically office life. which office life rarely has ads and this every other or every round theres an ad! im deleting asap

- Great game but why...

This game is great (even though I’ve been playing two seconds) I currently have COVID 19, so this is a great pastime in quarantine.

- It was OK but it was bad

It was good at first but I feel like you can’t braid the hair it’s just really weird I definitely think you should not download this game if you do it’s fun but at first it’s just gets boring and boring

- Hey

I Think that this is a great game to play there are some adds but it still is very fun game to play and enjoy!

- Too many ads

I wanted to play the next round and every time there is a add and it bugs me a lot🥺😡😖

- Review

Wish it would let you do more suff on your own

- This game is okay

So I just downloaded this game and I like it I would give this game 5 stars but because of all the adds I will give this game a 4

- Too many ads!

I get ads every level 😿😾 it would be nice if there were less, but besides that. It’s a fun game.

- So fun

I love this game so much it’s easy to play and it’s fun and it makes me not bored after school

- Best of the best

I like this game a lot of adds in this game and then I would like it I do like this game a lite but the adds like I said

- Please read this it’s not long

This app is great but there’s always ad and it’s only fun at the beginning trust me I know I downloaded this app and it was fun but when I got to stage 6 it was terrible.

- Waste of your time

At first when i downloaded this game, i was excited but after like 30 minutes i realized it was a waste of your time. u do the same tings over and over again, it really boring too. if someone read this, i advise u not to download it at all.

- It’s ok

There’s just a lot of ads there’s an ad after every level and it’s annoying

- hello! Please read.

I like this game but you need to update since school is back and make them wear mask cause there might be virtual school but you can add virtual and public. I would give this a three

- Good

So I think this game is so good but the thing I don’t like about it is the adds but it is amazing so I give it a 5 star

- The good game

I like that there is a lot of fun stuff but what I don’t like that there is a bunch of adds but overall I like this game.A mi me gusta es te video.

- Too many ads

I was looking in the appstore for a game to play during quarantine. I saw this, and it looked cute and simple, so i downloaded it. It was fine at first, but after a certain point, i was bombarded with ads. This is more so an ad than an actual game! I’m uninstalling.

- I love the game

Hey guys this game is really fun we can do really cool hairstyles I think yes I just got it hope you like it

- So many ads😕

This game is fun but after every level you have to watch an ad and sometimes in the middle of the game!

- Review lockdown 3D game

I really like this game but when I got to level 158 it’s stop working and went to a black screen.. so I don’t like it a good over all game but it’s a good game when you are bored

- Meh

Might be good for little kids but too many ads and really boring. Can't do more than one level without an ad.

- Not good

Way too many ads after one or two games there is an ad. All these games are the same and I am not going to buy a package where I have to pay to get rid of the ads. But this is one of the worst, one or two plays another ad. Boo

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House Life 3D for PC (Windows/MAC Download) - #DownloadHouseLife3D #HouseLife3DForPc


Rebrand for @RastaLaVistah! Rasta had the concept of bringing New York graffiti and street culture to life for his community! We created a custom 3D spray can and subway car to house his content, complete with a sliding door transition, 3D Scenes and custom alerts!

✨Christie ✨

To those with iPhones, look up a Lion, Tiger, or Cheetah in your safari browser, then click “view in 3D”.... then it’ll use AR to show what it looks life sizes your house!

House Life 3D 3.4.1 Screenshots & Images

House Life 3D iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

House Life 3D iphone images
House Life 3D iphone images
House Life 3D iphone images
House Life 3D iphone images
House Life 3D iphone images
House Life 3D iphone images
House Life 3D iphone images
House Life 3D iphone images
House Life 3D iphone images
House Life 3D iphone images

House Life 3D (Version 3.4.1) Install & Download

The applications House Life 3D was published in the category Games on 2020-08-28 and was developed by Good Job Games [Developer ID: 1191495496]. This application file size is 329.42 MB. House Life 3D - Games app posted on 2020-10-22 current version is 3.4.1 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.flamingogamestudio.parentlife3d

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