Braindom 2:Who is Who Riddles?

Braindom 2:Who is Who Riddles? [Games] App Description & Overview

Do you love to crack trivia and quizzes like a trivia star ?
Cool riddles that will twist your mind and puzzle you hard: Who is who? Who did it? Who’s the father? Guess who? Can you solve it?

Put your logic and brain to the test and quiz-up, if you’re a genius, Braindom 2: Riddles Puzzle Brain Game will be an easy game to crack for your smart brain !

If you want to give your mind a little brain out, this is a great place to do that. This popular online game consists of multiple brain games and riddles, with clues hidden in the words, photos

This free trivia game is full of tricks, so be ready to play the role of the clue hunting detective to crack the riddles and beat the tricky puzzles.

One part trivia, and one part detective game, Braindom 2: Riddles Puzzle Game will give you a satisfying feeling of victory as you crack each level.

Its brain games are suitable for all ages: kids games challenging even for adults, and trivia quizzes fun even for kids.

The levels are challenging, you will navigate between fun word puzzles, brain tests and iq games, while having a fun time.

Not every brain game is an easy game, in fact Braindom 2: Riddles Puzzle Game offers a playful way to crack challenging questions and IQ tests.

Unlike most IQ games, IQ tests and brain games, Braindom 2: Riddles Puzzle Game is a unique concept for improving your brain. This mobile game elevates your IQ, tricks you, challenges you brainwash thinking habits in a funny and ludic way.

Braindom 2: Riddles Puzzle Game has several tricky puzzles, many free brain games and mind games to sharpen your mind, and it's totally a free game. It’s one of the high ranking free mobile games.

This is one of the best games for mobile. It includes small games to improve your memory, boost your brain speed, flexibility, and also attention. Brain out while playing, what a good idea!

You will not get bored, it’s like a trivia quiz or a charade party that you play with friends and family, when everyone is competing to be the trivia star or the master of the riddles.

This brian game encourages you to train with tricky puzzles and trivia tests to become the riddle master amongst your friends. It's a brian test full of challenging puzzles and brain teasers.

While playing Braindom 2: Riddles Puzzle Game, you can train your brain with various tricky puzzle games, by challenging the brain across numerous riddles and teasers.

Braindom 2: Riddles Puzzle Game is one of the best free games for mobile that provide hundreds of fun games, riddle games, tricky puzzles, brain tests, IQ tests, word games, and a wide range of trivia cracks.

This game is an IQ based brain game that offers tricky quizzes to check if you are a genius. With original puzzle games and tricky brain teasers, your IQ level will boost up.

Important Features:

Unique and tricky brain teaser to boost up your brain.
Hundreds of tricky trivia quizzes to solve despite their trickiness.
You can also use the brain test to test your friends’ IQ.
Solve the mysteries, find the clues and have fun.
You will be brainwashed to think out of the box.
Tricky games that you will love to challenge.
You must have a super star IQ to be a riddle master.
Easy game, brain test & tricky mind puzzle all at once.
Relaxing games, the trivia questions will take your stress away.
Tons of trivia quizzes to boost your brainpower.

This game has a subscription-based premium feature package, it enables users to use the app without advertisements and with extra features. It's an auto-renewable subscription. The subscription period is weekly. Payment is charged to the App Store account at confirmation. Subscription is renewed unless turned off 24 hours before the end of the period, and the account will be automatically charged for renewal as well. You may turn it off in your Account Settings anytime.

Terms of Use:

Privacy Policy:

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- Bug fixes

Braindom 2:Who is Who Riddles? Comments & Reviews

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- Great Game!

This is an incredible riddle game. Higher quality than all the others I’ve played plus it has an interesting story line included and actually tough riddles. I really like the whole Prodigy thing as well. It’s fun to learn a little bit about people I haven’t heard of without school work being involved. XD Sometimes it’s hard for me to tap things, though. Not sure if it’s just me and my long nails, me and my baby fingers, or the game itself. Also, some of the questions repeat and there are a few grammar errors but other than all that, this game is super fun and I highly recommend it. 😎

- Would be better than the first except it isn’t

I don’t normally write many reviews, but I am actually irritated at this game. In Braindom 1 you could go about every 5 levels without having a 30 second ad flash across the screen. Which depending on the puzzle would allow you a couple minutes of gameplay at a time. I want to write a quick disclaimer that I know ads are how you make money on free games. So I am okay with watching them to a point. In Braindom 2 they have increased the number of ads exponentially. So even if you choose not to take the extra rewards you get stuck watching an ad after every level. Every single level even if you hit next instead of claiming your prize you will watch an ad. There was even a couple of puzzles that came over from the first game that I immediately recognized. When they made the first game it seemed as if they cared what their player base thought. In this one they are just trying to make money. The story element would be cool if I could enjoy the game... a 10 second puzzle and a 30 second ad makes an irritating play through.

- Game is fun but there are some level that don’t work.

I really enjoy playing this game and enjoy the challenge however there are levels that either have bugs in them or weren’t developed properly. Happens about every 10 levels where I am playing but no matter how many times I try to move and item or tap nothing happens. It is really frustrating especially when you know how to solve it. There was a level with a man sitting on a chair and a lady standing up and you had to figure out which was the vampire. I tried moving the garlic clove to them and it just froze on me and there was no way around. I opted for a hint Incase I was wrong and it said to use the garlic. Then there is another level where Brian the character has to move a large rock from a doorway to enter a cave. No matter how many times or how I tap on all of the small rocks or him on the screen nothing happens. Again, I opt for the hint and it says to use a smaller rock to hit the big rock with but nothing happens. Maybe I am doing something wrong but the other levels are going fine for me with no issues. Wish these bugs would get fixed and it would be great to have an option at the end of each level to report it if something is wrong. There is no where in the app that allows you to report an issue.

- Only four star game

I like the game and The educational articles they have after you complete a character but I have a exceedingly hard time tapping things. I have had to skip three freaking levels because the game wouldn’t let me tap anything! I love and hate this game at the same time. It’s like spicy food, you love it but you hate it because it sets your freaking mouth on fire. I love this game but hate it because of glitches and things that need to be fixed. And there are lots of levels that have to do with the same thing it’s always, “ who is married?” “ who’s the dad?” Blah blah blah. Honestly the only thing it needs are a few upgrades and it is fine and would be a five star game. Thanks for your time. Bye.

- It’s okay...

I’ve had a good time with this game, but there are some things about it that are just a joke. There is an ad between every single riddle and a lot of the riddles are very easy and don’t take long to get through so most of the time I’m just watching ads. Another thing is that like the third time that I actually got stuck on a riddle, I didn’t have enough points to get a free hint; so I clicked on the thing to watch a video to get some free points and it wouldn’t work! So I’m forced to watch ads between every riddle but when I actually want to watch an ads for free points it doesn’t work! Don’t get me wrong I don’t totally discourage you from downloading this game but the developers should definitely make a few changes to make it more worth while.

- Don’t bother downloading

Honestly I wasn’t expecting much but I was expecting more than that. Ads after every single level so you spend more time watching ads than playing the game. The levels are really stupid it’s not about deducing anything or trying to find the answer it’s just moving stuff and half the time the right answer is wrong. Like a level one guy was saying the girl was a child and she was saying she was 32 years old, the hint was a family photo from 1990 with the girl in it as a child, and so I picked her telling the truth because if she was a child in 1990 she would be at least 30 years old now but it said the other guy calling her a child was right. Like what the hell? I wish I had to guess the answer from clues in the picture rather then finding something and then the hint just giving away the answer.

- 5 stars so you see my complaint...

I want to love this game but I can’t. It could be fun but it likely will end up in my large dumpster of games I’ve tried soon... Too many ads!!!! it’s super obnoxious. I would consider buying ad free if I didn’t find the amount of ads so incredibly manipulative. Also the game is super glitchy. I was tapping on a hint for 3-4 minutes and it wouldn’t reveal itself until after I used brain points. This has happened multiple times. Game also won’t load the levels on occasion.

- Would be fun if it worked

This game has been a lot of fun for the most part. But some of the levels just do not work! Some will not even show up. They just show a blank screen. I’ve clicked the clues to make sure they were not some level that was supposed to be blank and they definitely are supposed to have something there. Some levels freeze and won’t allow me to do anything. I have also clicked those clues to see what was supposed to happen and it wouldn’t allow me to do anything. I’ve tried restarting the app and everything. Nothing works. I’ve had to skip several levels due to this. If they would fix this, it would be awesome!

- Good and bad review.

This is a very cool game because you can solve riddles and use your brain, but there is a few cons. After you finish a game, they ask you if you want to double your money, but you have to watch a add. I personally don’t like adds so I press no. But they give a add anyway. I can’t even skip and it was very boring. I had to watch it for like 25 seconds before I can skip. All the adds are boring and annoying. If you want people to download this game, you better fix the cons.

- It’s great! But needs a change

Ok let’s start with the great part of this game. ok so I love how like when you complete it like it gives you a message. I also love how when you complete it it shows you what level you are and like there is a little thing where like it can go to the next level and I love how sometimes you can do like a or b to complete it. ok now the bad part..... there isn’t much to the bad part but like I really hate how there is a lot of adds like I’m not even playing the game anymore.. that’s my message but this is a great game but needs a change.

- Has Potential...

This game has potential, but I found 2 bugs! I don’t know where to send to the developers, but I recorded when the bug is happening over repeat and I took a screenshot. The bug was when I cutter the croissant on level 27, it was acting really weird and kept going back to the puzzle and finish page. I reset the app and I was all of a sudden at level 45 instead of 28. Please reply so future players have a better chance of not encountering this problem. Thank you!

- Very good

I must say, a very good game. I don’t have a problem with the amount of ads (unlike most people) but, some ads are like just annoying, like the word bliss ad. It shows up more then the other ads do. That’s all I really wanted to say, also please make more special Brian puzzles, thank you. —for the people who have problem with ads. Turn your WiFi off! That way ads don’t show. Turn it back on if you need a hint or sumthin.

- Hard To Love

Listen, I’m a big fan of puzzle games and things to keep me occupied especially in the time we are in, but I am somewhat disappointed. When I downloaded the 1st Braindom I finished the game in about a month and patiently waited for more levels. It used to say more levels in a week, but then changed to Braindom2 and I was so excited. Now here I am waiting for more puzzles, but that’s not what it is. There are so many overlapping levels from the 1st game so far. I wish there were more, but on the other hand it has some new tricky ones. Good game, but doesn’t deserve to be called Braindom 2. More like Braindom 1.3

- Touching the screen doesn’t always work

I really like the games and think it’s a lot of fun. However touching the screen sometimes does nothing. In the early levels it was only about once every 15 levels but the further I get in the game it gets worse. About three out of every four levels do not work and I have gone up to eight levels in a row that do nothing when I tap the screen. It’s really frustrating when I spend my coins on a hint that tells me to tap on something and when I do, nothing happens. If this can be fixed, I would give it five stars.

- Can’t say I love it

It’s a fun game overall I love it, but there are some things that need to be fixed. First of all, has too many ads but that’s a normal thing that most games have. Second of all, whenever I want a hint it just puts a random word and random numbers, now that isn’t normal. So the third thing (Aka last thing), Whenever I finish the puzzle I cannot see what the person is saying. I hope all these things get fixed. I can see that the game is still in coding and that the creators missed some stuff but that’s ok. The only thing that matters Is that it works, and that it’s fun :)

- Many of the “hints” don’t work. No ad version is a joke.

Obviously, a game made to make you spend as much money as they can get. Paid for the “no ad” option, guess what? to get most of the perks of the game, you’re forced to accept a video ad. The “no ad” option just let you use the “next”. Everything else remains the same. You use points for a hint, and then the answer you get is not correct, so you’ll need to spend more points to bypass the level once you figure out nothing works to solve it. Once you’re out of “brain points”, in order to continue, you’ll need to buy more or watch ads. So basically, the $3.99 they charge for the no ad version is a scam.

- Reuses the same puzzles from the first game

I thought after finishing all of the puzzles for the first app I would download the second, since it said “more puzzles” were available there. If I had know that a lot of the same puzzles from the first app would be reused in the second, I wouldn’t have paid to remove ads when I first downloaded it. Waste of time and money when there are games out there with different puzzles. Not to mention some of the newer updated puzzles are broken and will not allow you to solve them, even when you’re following the hint and doing the right thing.

- Meh👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

So I downloaded a few days ago but I have seen soooo many adds. Also I hate how you have to find the evidence. I have seen much. Better riddle games before. I think one is brain games. Also I was lagging a lot when playing and it’s not my wifi or phone I promise. It’s not a very good game. 👎🏻👎🏻 Also it was nothing like how I saw it in the ads. It looked really good in the ads. I’m gonna say I hate it and also if you look through the other reviews so many other ones are bad. I wouldn’t download. Also some levels don’t even work. Like bruhhh. I am deleting now. I’ll find a new one. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 I’ll see you playing different riddle games.

- Disappointment🥺🥺

So I should start by saying, I solved the first series & I'm now on #2, after completing levels 37-38 I decided to write this review.. only bc I saw NO way to msg support in settings/ home pg {ahem.. sadly another 𝙳𝚒𝚜𝚊𝚙𝚙𝚘𝚒𝚗𝚝𝚖𝚎𝚗𝚝, js} bc I've previously played both on Chapter 1 (the 🐍 charmer/ Cinderella's 👠).. so after 2 consecutive levels of “𝒅𝒆𝒋𝒂 𝒗𝒖“ I was left smdh & 🤔💭tf?!🤯 I say I'm disappointed, it's true bc I figured this series (being a follow up) would be tougher (𝙸𝚝’𝚜 𝙽𝙾𝚃).. for example: only 1/10 lvls is somewhat clever, NON-Stop ads, Brian's equally unclever banter, now this, i'm done with this app.. tbh, 𝕆ℕ𝕃𝕐 𝔻𝕖𝕔𝕖𝕟𝕥 𝕋ℍ𝕀ℕ𝔾 about this game is the 𝕀𝕃𝕃𝕚𝕊𝕋ℝ𝔸𝕋𝕚𝕆ℕ!?! 🤦🏼‍♀️ ᒍᔕ

- I like it

Im not gonna lie, my favorite part of this game is the dad like character’s dad-like quips. I literally look forward to solving the riddle to see what cute little dad fact or pun he’ll say next. 10/10. The riddles are also fun and unique, i’ve had one or two repeats but honestly who cares when there’s already so many diverse levels.

- Hints, brains, ads

I have had this game for about a week and love it so much that I am on level 60. Brains? How do you get them? In the top right corner it shows a brain with a number next to it. Let me tell you something, the game is so super duper fun and perhaps easy. I just don’t get how, when and why I get these brains per say. Matching-ham games, don’t be mad, just improve the way brains and hints work to get more brains so I do not have to watch videos constantly when I ask for a hint. Another thing is the ads. When I complete a riddle it comes to the little “Braindom 2” guy saying something and I press next. Of course I have to watch a video. Like just crazy. I would recommend to get this game but if you don’t like watching videos don’t get it. I am just keeping it because it is fun. Bye bye little Braindom riddle kids I love your game!

- It would be great but

Okay so this game is great. Except for the fact that some levels require you to show your evidence which is cool but some of these levels it doesn’t matter what you click on or try to move it doesn’t show you anything so you stay stuck on this level with no way of knowing what it is that you have to click on or move and you can’t even guess the answer and you have to buy coins cause the free hint button doesn’t give you a free hint. I’m about to stop playing this game for this reason.

- Addictive BUT glitchy

I love this game despite the sometimes super obvious language barriers. It's cute and you have to do all kinds of weird stuff to get the answers. However, there are several levels where the answer is actually the opposite of what the question asked, and most importantly, there are a ton of glitchy levels that you just have to spend brains on to skip. It gets more and more often after level 200. I enjoy it, but had to delete it for my own sanity. Here's hoping they fix these issues!

- Infuriating

There are so many frustrating things about this game that it’s hard to know where to start. Aggravation #1: Manipulated object gets stuck. In some puzzles you must drag an object to the right place. However, multiple times I’ve had that object become stuck in the wrong location and can no longer move it. When this happens, you’re screwed. You have to quit the game, remove it from running in the background and restart. Aggravation #2: Solution won’t trigger until after the hint is viewed. On multiple puzzles I have tried multiple manipulations with no success, so I view the clue only to find that the clue tells me to do something I’ve already tried. Aggravation #3: Useless clues. Fortunately, it’s easy to build up point so that you have an almost endless supply of clues but this does no good when the clue doesn’t help and you still can’t figure out what obscure spot you’re supposed to touch or drag. Overall, far more frustrating than fun.

- Content fun. Operability terrible.

Game is fun and good critical thinking motivator, the stars are for that. By level 9, I had hit the skip button 3 times already due to malfunctioning gameplay. Either there was no response when touching the correct answer or no response when touching the evidence. Ads also will lock up causing me to close the app and reopen. Played this game on just prior Apple IOS version and the latest released version. Same app performance on both. Would rate this much higher if performance issues were not there.

- Fun to play but confusing at times

A good number of levels are interesting and engaging, but then I come across incorrect instructions or sentences that make little sense. Currently stuck in level 206, have used hints, and even tried finding the solution, to no avail. It simply doesn’t want to behave correctly. I forgot what level it was, but I was asked ”who is the liar?” and it wasn’t until I tapped on the person telling the truth that it let me complete the level. Still needs work.

- Issues with some levels and shop purchase

I agree with the other reviewers who have issues moving through levels. Every few levels nothing works. You can tap every single space on the screen but can’t move forward. I also paid $3.99 for ad removal but I still have to watch ads to bank points that help when you’re stuck. I’m not sure where my $3.99 went. :(

- Bought 3 packages, never received items or ads removed. No way to contact customer service.

I purchased 2 of the $4.99 packages that are supposed to remove ads and give brain points. I didn’t receive anything for either one of those packages. I just spent another $2.99 trying to remove ads and the ads are still there. There’s no way to contact customer service. The website it sent me to was a shell website, it wasn’t even a real email address or phone number to contact someone for help. I want my money back please or give me what I purchased.

- Would be better if there weren’t any ads

This game is fun .But this game would be more played often if there isn’t so many ads . Ads that pop up after every single level so far for me . It gets a little annoying and makes me not want to play the game as long as the other games on my phone . There can at least be an ad after every other couple of levels . That would be fine . This is why I’m only giving three stars .

- Too Many Repeats

In the upper levels of the first Braindom, there were repeats of previous levels without any variation. That was okay to a point and I figured this second version would be new and exciting. Thus far, there’s mostly just “who’s lying, who’s the father, who’s cheating” and a lot of repeats from the first Braindom. :( Disappointing. Some of the hit boxes are very small too and it makes it difficult to do what you KNOW you need to do. Otherwise, these games are great and make you think. Looking forward to unique levels in the future.

- Could be good but buggy

This game is a great idea, but it’s sooooo buggy. On some levels I will try to tap on or interact with things but nothing happens. I’ve even watched the hints and it will say “tap on this”, which I already have. I’ll keep trying with no response, and more than once I’ve had to skip a level because of it. Fix this, and the annoying ads won’t matter as much because gameplay will be less frustrating!

- It’s addictive but......

The game is great and hard to look away from but it has a few problems. One is that not all of the functions work so you have to skip the level. It needs more levels they stop at three hundred. Occasionally the game will just freeze and you have to restart it. But I’m going to give three stars because minus the problems it is a fun game and if you looking for something to do when your bored this is it.

- Good but frustrating

The game is great and mind challenging. However it freezes up or doesn’t function correctly on some stages. For example, you can click on the correct spot forEvidence. But it won’t pop up. I’ve used hints I didn’t need to use b/c I thought I was wrong when I was actually right 😠The only to fix is to clear it out and start the current stage over. This tends to get very frustrating along with the ten thousand advertisements 😞 OMG.

- Harry Potter!

I was on level 131 and I had to figure out who the werewolf was, and got it right. It was easy but then when I saw what you said, I knew there was a Harry Potter fan in my not so holy presence UwU Lol anyways I love the game, tho sometimes I have bugs and it won’t let me answer unless I exit out and go back in. But who cares, it’s fun 🤷🏼‍♂️


This app is terrible. After downloading I immediately noticed reduced phone speed. Within minutes of playing my phone got HOT. It wasn’t plugged into any outlets or anything and I wasn’t listening to music. I was only playing the game. My battery dropped from 80 to 24% after ten minutes. I got worried for my phone and the game was lame anyways so I deleted it. Now my phone won’t connect to WiFi properly. In the game you can tell that it was not written by people who speak English as their first language. Either that or it was written by ten year olds. BE WARNED.

- Eh

The game is fun but there’s just to many ads like one after EVERY SINGLE LEVEL. Like, you might be thinking, “oh an ad after every level doesn’t sound that bad!” But it does, like, the level itself goes by in like... what, 10 seconds? Then you move on to the ad. Which is 30-60 seconds long and it’s freaking annoying. Also it’s very hard to tap stuff and move things around, so I end up skipping the ones that I know the answers to, but don’t work. Very annoying.

- Why would I play this

The levels are so short and there is an ad EVERY. SINGLE. LEVEL. it literally only takes 3 secs to do a level then there’s a ad this was just a waste. I can understand the devs just wanted to make a quick buck but if you just do a ad every single level your not gonna make money that easily. The no ads don’t work either, but none of the stuff works anyway. At least some other games don’t give an ad every 3 seconds. This is why I don’t play cheap games like this there are just to many ads.

- Watch out

Signs like incorrect grammar and excessive ads are suspect. After EVERY game is an ad. Even if you click the button not to claim your points, thereby supposedly to skip the ad, you get an ad! This game shrieks of untrustworthiness. The games are simplistic and buggy, and often don’t even make sense. (Just because a man is traveling with a family discount doesn’t mean he’s married, for instance.) Read the privacy policy. Your personal information is shared overseas. Delete this game and try to figure out how to get them to purge your data.

- Please read

I like this game but when I first started it lots of adds came up but not to many it was a fun game really it could do better here are thing it could of have 1 less and 2 Less adds 3 less ads 4 I have to many numbers well ya ☺️ this game is pretty fun tho it’s a good game really but I know it could do better I think you should really try this game it’s fun and really fast 💨 so go na try it bye guys 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

- It’s ok.

The game overall is intriguing. But it lags/freezes which can be super confusing. You think that nothing is happening when you click certain places. Then you realize that it needed lots of time to load or that it is just frozen. And some of the puzzles are a bit confusing because you don’t realize you can do certain things. Ie. shake your phone to shake the screen.

- Hi this game is cool

The game is fun to play when you want to solve a problem but the hints are too expensive like everything is 50 brains. But game fun sometimes funny but you should download this game🥳🥳🥳 My name is Sariah Smith I’m a great singer 👩🏾‍🎤 and I’m 8 years old and I can read at a fourth grade level and I’m in 2nd grade

- Took Money For No Ads STILL ADS

Besides taking my money to go out free but still making me watch a ton of ads, the game is stupid you have to use clues and most of the levels to figure out what is happening includes cost you money or more time in ads. So even if you buy no ads you still have to watch a lot of ads to get past level to be able to spend the wheel for a prize to claim a prize to basically do anything you need to keep watching ads even if you paid for no ads

- Not finished?

Either there’s a glitch or this game isn’t fully finished. Some of the riddles aren’t even logical, forcing you to use a hint. Others stick and can’t be solved. Brian also stops saying anything at the end after so many levels. I paid for no ads, and played until I couldn’t get through anymore, so the concept is fun enough, but it needs some work.

- Could Use Some Improvements

I love brain games thus the reason I downloaded Braindom Riddle 2. I’m not far into the game, maybe level 20, and I’m already deleting it. I can’t see the “evidence” in the game because it’s too small, they have me clicking all over. Just add a zoom in feature and this will be fixed! It’s enough of an annoyance for me to quit because this flaw is causing it not to be relaxing or fun.

- Over it

I usually don’t leave reviews but this game takes the cake. Deleting app soon as I leave this review....Too many commercials!! No tutorials...I feel the game wasn’t working I would go move a object & it wouldn’t do anything....I consider myself knowledgeable trying to figure out things however this game I couldn’t....Thats why a tutorial would be helpful so the player knows to double tap...hold down...etc to move items...I tried numerous different strategies but nothing seemed to work!

- Fun game

Love the game. Keeps you busy when you’re not busy or just plain bored. It gave 4 stars because some of these levels are nearly impossible to answer, and that’s not in a good way. For example, I’m on level #282 that involves a hair dryer. The answer to the question is obvious, but trying to make the answer WORK is the problem. I’ve tried each and every move to trigger the hairdryer, nothing happens. Tapping, sliding, bumping my phone, upside get the point. It might be a bug in the game, I don’t know. But it’d be great if someone could look into that. Despite all that, still love this and your other game apps. 🥰

- It’s fun, BUT...

The game itself is fun, BUT the constant ads after every level, and to do anything really kills it for me and my battery. I get it, buy it to remove ads, but you really don’t need a 30 second ad after a level that takes 5-10 seconds to solve. It’s super over kill for me, and the main reason I won’t buy a game to remove ads, it’s easier to delete the game. 🤷🏼‍♀️👋🏼

- 207 and 222 and 236 is actually broken

297 Is wrong B is naturally blonde her phone shows her blonde as a child while A has a picture of her with brown hair. Unless you put the wrong pictures in there B is the answer not A. 222 is wrong the white was lying saying the other was dirty not the darker one for saying the white one was dirty. 236 can’t work you can’t get the blow dryer and even tutorial people are like yeah it’s not working. Fixing the bug that’s been known for over a week please.


Thus game would be fine if there were ads after every 3-4 rounds but no. There is a 25 second ad after every single round. One round takes maybe 30 seconds to 2 minutes usually. The round to ad ratio is terrible especially when it only takes a few seconds to get the answer and then have a 20-30 second ad right after. Please fix this because I am about to delete this it is very annoying and frustrating. Thank you-

- Too many ads

I absolutely love the game but it’s too many ads. There’s an ad after every stage. Gotta pay to remove them like most games which is expected. And I don’t mind some of the ads because some ads are good. But it would be better if it was after every 4 or 5 stages but after every stage kinda kills it for me. But if you can get passed that, then it’s a great game

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- Better than the first

This game is game is seriously better than the first. The first kept glitching out on me before I even got in. But this one let me in and play it. I read the reviews below and I can’t believe what I saw. I respect those people’s opinions but I think perhaps they didn’t give the game a proper chance.

- Such a good game, but..

There’s a few issues which really let this app down, which is a shame as it’s fun and unique. I will keep playing it. My gripes however, are: The touch function is hyper sensitive for some levels and useless for others. Without instructions, the user is almost forced to use a Hint (spending 50 walnuts or whatever they are) when the gameplay changes. You run out of walnuts real fast. Then there’s the 50 walnut Skip button which u cannot use unless u use a Hint first, so technically skip costs 100. We get given like 100 a day. It’s a jungle out here. Lastly, I paid for ‘ad free’ hoping I could just get walnuts without watching ads but turns out I can’t even collect walnuts or spin the wheel now, so there’s $7 (thereabouts) down the drain. Nothings changed. Good stuff: educational, quirky, unique and strangely addictive. Really gotta fix the bugs/glitches though. Currently would suggest the Free version until they fix things as it’s a waste of $.

- Annoying

This game could be excellent and less frustrating if there where instructions on what to look for in clues and how to get them. Constantly have to use the hints and to get hints you have earn points, to earn points you have to watch the stupid ads. Also most of the time I don’t know what I’m suppose to do to complete a level. Some levels and hints are easy and helpful but most times it isn’t. You can’t log on the game, so if you play the game on you iPhone device, you can’t continue it from your iPad. If this game doesn’t improve and made more user friendly. I’m considering deleting the app.

- Way Too much adds for such a small game!

Game has some glitches on some frames and there are way too much ads. For everything you need to next or clam or any step you have to go through has ads which going to wast your gaming time and is not really necessary comparing it with the similar types of games we have here..It’s a good game that being ruined due to too much ads. For example you are going to spend 5sec playing the game and next thing you have to spend 10sec, 20sec or more one or multiple ads every steps. Game may be good but ads will keep you turn away !!

- Gamer101

Please put less ads it is quite annoying

- Good game but full of bugs!

Love this game but their are issues constantly! You can’t click on “claim” prize tabs or bonus tabs etc after a level cause they simply don’t work. You also don’t earn any points when you pass a level which is annoying. Good game but needs some work & improvements.

- Too much the same

I have played the first version of this game and loved it, but the second version is supposed to have different challenges and so far I am up to level 43 and basically half of the challenges so far have been ones from the first version and it’s really quite annoying. Honestly little to no point to download this version, so disappointed 👎🏼😡

- Free but way to many adds

A decent game that looks ok and has an interesting premise to it. Simple game but makes you think. Deleted the app because after every turn there was another advert. So for every 10 second puzzle, there is a 30 second add. Yes I can pay to make them go away, however having adds after EVERY SINGLE PUZZLE is going turn off a lot of people

- The game is transphobic

I’m leaving this review here to highlight a problem. I have played the game enough to know that it is transphobic. Judging a persons gender based on their secondary characteristics ESPECIALLY when they are trying hard to present themselves a certain way is transphobic. But this game is worse than that. It TEACHES people to do this. Including children. This isn’t just bigoted it is teaching bigotry.

- Milla

So much better than the last one 👍👍👍

- As not fair

I have paid to remove ads but still have to watch them to claim. This is wrong! What did I pay for? The money should be returned if you are not going to honour the deal.

- Way too many ads

I understand that ads help with $ but watching a 30s ad after every level (which takes less than a minute to complete) is just too much.

- Level 206

It doesn’t matter how many ways I’ve tried it, level 206 is broken. I’ve used up most of my points to get hints, but it doesn’t work. Please fix it!!

- Way too many ads

This game could have been fun but there were just so many ads. You have to watch a 30 second advertisement before and after every level. Deleted after 5 minutes. Very disappointing.

- Makes you think

Enjoying the game but can be glitchy, now won’t let me watch any ads to get coins to get hints for if I’m stuck

- Braindom Riddle 2 issue

Can’t get any brain points, even after agreeing to watch ads!

- Clever but ad heavy

While the puzzles are clever and the interface is intuitive, there are WAY TOO MANY ADS to enjoy the app. I feel I spent more time watching ads than enjoying the game.

- Adds

Stupid - paid twice to remove adds and still have them

- It’s not bad

I’ve seen worse ;)

- More adds than fun

You spend more time waiting for the adds to finish than you do actually playing the game. It is infuriating and not really worth buying.

- Good but clunky

I enjoy the games, but sometimes they don’t load, and you can’t skip without using a hint, but you cant watch the ad for the hint sometimes

- Annoying

I know exactly what it’s asking but it won’t let me do it, if it’s trying to open something, or tapping on the object does noting until I pound the screen don’t bother with it try something else

- Ads

Way too many ads after every single level. If you do the level fast this is extremely frustrating. deleting app.

- Freaking ad machine

I am sick of games like this that are just get rich quick schemes for the developers. How can a game be fun when after every couple of seconds of game play there is another ad. It’s a big fat no from me.

- Just don’t

So many glitches. And don’t pay for anything because it charges you and ads aren’t removed and/or you don’t get the brain point things you laid for. Dodgy

- Can’t open level 30

Level 30 does not open

- What do the hint numbers even mean?

When I click on the hint button, I get “hint397” or something like that. What does that even mean!?

- Yay I love it

I love this game it feels it is easyer you know I cant spell right

- Ads

After every level there’s a 30 second ad. There’s more ad then game. The levels take 10 seconds and the ads take 30. But cheap

- Too many ads!

There is an ad after each level, so annoying!

- Too many ads!

There is an ad after each level, so annoying!

- It’s okay

I love this game but it has lots of ads I love how I learn more from it😘


I have uninstalled the game because off all the adds AFTER EVERY SINGLE PUZZLE seriously each puzzle takes about 10 seconds to complete and then a 30 SECOND ADD

- The best game ever

This game is probably the best game ever ❤️❤️🤞🏽

- Deleted

Got to level 23, game was not responding... deleted app

- Don’t bother

Too many ads, freezes, even when you show evidence doesn’t register. Waste of time

- Freezes constantly

App constantly freezes, rubbish.

- Too many ads!!

Wayy too many ads you can’t even play the fricking game

- Don’t bother

Another waste of time. Stupid game with too many glitches

- The Free Play clue options

They don’t work to be able to get more tokens

- Too many ads

So frustrating as it’s a brilliant game. Sorry but I’m deleting. Such a shame.

- ads

the game itself is good , it’s just before and after every level there are ads. way to may in my opinion

- Boring

Not hard or interesting

- Funny



Deleted after 5 mins, to many adds

- Great


- I love this game💞

Omg I love this game it’s soooo fun when I got it I was like me:OMG I LOVE THIS GAME.the app:...thanks. 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

- Level 121

Wtf that’s just wrong

- Over the ads!

So god damn tired of installing free games and barely being able to play them because I keep being bombarded with stupid ads that I have no interest in. Gone are the days when you could play a decent game without a ridiculous amount of ads. Deleted straight away.

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- 😜😜

Hiiiiii I love the game I can’t stop playing it I am supposed to be sleeping but I can’t stop playing it

- LOVE IT!!!!!!!

This game is so fun! People keep saying "too much ads" but i feel like it’s not that much! Hope there’s some updates but it’s still super fun and always entertains myself:)

- Le français est épouvantable

You should not translate an application with a translation application. The French version is full of translational mistakes. You might want to try Google translate, to my knowledge it gives better results than the one you used. For example, “montre ton preuve” doesn’t make any sense in French. “Preuve” is feminine, thus it should be “ta” and not “ton”. Anyway, the sentence should be:”trouve la preuve” to mean what you want. C’est dommage votre jeu est très amusant, mais votre soucis des autres langues montre que vous manquez de rigueur.

- Good

Love this game but can had to pas on282 can get it

- Glitch

Glitchy games.

- 🙃 omg

It’s So hard But fun I gave it a 3 star bc it’s kind of hard

- Annoyed

I don’t feel like watching an ad after EVERY SINGLE QUESTION. Fun idea but not worth it.

- Trick

If you don’t like adds turn off you internet yw :)

- Ads

I like the game but after I finish every level an ad will come up can you please fix it

- Review

The English is terrible.

- Traduction française fait par une personne qui ne parle pas français

Jeu bourré de faute, phrase incompréhensible

- John Dodge

Not too responsive when you touch the screen.

- It never work for me

It never work I tried to finish the riddle I was on and it didn’t let me it’s stupid

- Interesting game

I love games like this BUT the adds really bother me and I am not paying to take take them off or want to watch them so that’s why it’s not 5 starts to me, anyway I understand they have to make money bc of the hard work they put into when creating this app

- Brutal

Non intuitive, glitches, do not waste your time

- Too many adds.

I play a level in a moment and then get a one minute add. This game will be removed from my device.

- More ads then gameplay

Every right answer is rewarded with an ad.

- Goood!!!



There’s two many videos I just wanna play the game not each video

- Scam!

Paid for no ads. Still have to endure those 30 seconds ads after every puzzle to gey reward. No way to reach developer through the game. DON’T BOTHER.

- There are TOO MANY ads

You should be able to play a few rounds before you have to watch an ad... not after every single ad, it’s too much.


seriously an ad after every question. So not worth it

- Confused

I have downloaded it but I can’t see on my iPad screen and I don’t see it in settings

- Hold up

Ok on one question it says is no this is a lemon tree and the other says no this is a apple tree there are apples in the tree but the answer was lemons

- Fun game but needs some fixes

I really enjoy this game but it’s glitchy. Some levels don’t work at all, even when you do what the hint tells you. The touch response is buggy and needs improvement. Also, someone needs to review the English grammar, lots of typos. There are a few too many ads as well. I never post reviews but this game would be great if the above-mentioned things were fixed.

- Nice job

I love this game it Is awesome it works good for thinking and getting you mind on track

- Garbage

Bombards you with ads and often doesn’t respond to your touch and brings you to website after website. Doesn’t let you restart and puts you through two ads in order to exit and start again. Too many spelling and grammar errors for what they claim to be as a game. I enjoyed playing when it did work but I’m never downloading again.

- It is good but

It is good but to many adds I don’t want all those adds after one thing.

- Fun

Fun but level 30 is really hard.

- Could have been better

It stopped at level 300 and won’t let me go any further, so disappointed!!

- Disappointing

The game has some potential. But it’s poorly made. Half the time you can’t move objects you’re suppose to move. Doesn’t work very well.

- Nope

Good concept, game is actually fun. Way too many ads and LONG ones at that...deleted game.

- Way too long to load

Every puzzle is laggy. I finish one and it takes a while for it to move on to the next on

- Umm....? Developer plz reply and respond

I like these questions and riddles but every time I’m done I have to sit through a 30 seconds ad not recommend not worth it wast of time change the adds and maybe I will download it again and won’t hate it like hell I’m giving it one star cuz I can’t give it zero

- Too many ads

Ads after every level. Deleted immediately. Don’t waste your time downloading

- 4 star

Lots of adds. Not how it in the picture.

- Awful

It is not a fun game at all. Some of the levels don’t make any sense and some while trying to ‘find the evidence’ does absolutely nothing. Very frustrating!!

- Was fun but the ads ruin it

Game is good but the ads overpower it and steal the show. Maybe it’s worth buying, I don’t know. There were too many ads to get a feel for the game.

- Not challenging

It is not a challenge to just poke at the screen for answers; not original. Too many ads.

- Too many ads

Fun game but there’s an ad after every question! Really ruins the game for me...

- Too Ads

Too ads

- Too many ads - Georgia

This game is a phenomenal project, it twists your mind and it changed my thinking, although there’s been quite a few ads, it’s been aggravating, very aggravating. This is a simple suggestion that would satisfy me and others, thank you.

- Omg

This game has so many ads! My 1, 2, and 3 level were ALL ads! I love this game but PLEASE take away all the ads! It may cause some people to delete your hard work. So I have to take it off my phone/iPad because there's to many ads. Later❤️

- Error

Level 37 says “you cuted the rope” instead of “you cut the rope.” Does no one proofread?

- To many adds

Had to delete it more adds then gameplay.

- Broken

Some of the levels don’t load properly and I have to exit out and re enter the level for things to spawn right(the sumo level didn’t have the needle the first time) and now I’m stuck on the jail where the poster won’t move for me.

- correct your level

in level49 its not Iranian king tomb its Cyrus the great PERSIAN king tomb please if you including history put in right not what ever you want respect actual history Irans name been founded close to 100 years ago actual name is PERSIA

- So glitchy

New update is horrible. Text not working, game isn’t working, hints not working. Waste of time.

- Confusing

There is nothing that actually tells you how to play. You have to figure it out for yourself.

- you need to fix it

a lot of text is missing

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- I love it but

It can be a brain storm I had to pass some cuz they were so hard and some I couldn’t figure out and it was like how do you even.....but over all that I like the game and how they use people like Michel Jackson or Muhammad Ali and a lot more so I have it a five star and yeah it is good.😃👍🏾

- Some Levels Do not Work!!

This game keeps me occupied and takes my mind off of all of the foolishness going on in the world today. I would have rated 5 stars but some of the levels simply do not work the way they are supposed to. Please ask the developers to review each level and make sure they are responding the way they should so that I don’t have to skip levels.

- To many ads

I really enjoy this game, you lose track of time when you play it and it cures boredom. There is one this I don’t like, there are to many ads, after each puzzle there is an ad.

- Awful game

Every level is entirely arbitrary. The user interface is so glitchy that sometimes just touching a random spot "solves" the puzzle and sometimes performing the action you're supposed to do refuses to respond. Conveniently enough after you watch a video for a hint, the action you've been trying to do with no success suddenly works. The entire game is intended to make you watch ads to do anything. Fine, whatever. But then a casually transphobic level was the last straw. Not okay.

- Several glitches

There are a lot of puzzles and this is a fun game. BUT several puzzles are not even possible to solve because they have glitches that enable the solution from happening. It’s annoying when you spend a lot of time trying to figure out a puzzle just to find out that it’s glitching. Still a fun game for free but wouldn’t waste any money on it.


I love and hate this game. I love it because it is so fun and educational. I hate it because it is so hard to click things! On level 92, I just couldn’t click the canvases. I am still working on it and I even got a hint and it said to click it. I am disappointed because otherwise it would be an awesome game

- Terrible Game!! Ad after every level!!

This game's concept is quite fun but how they made this app is terrible. It is too complicated, there is an ad after every level, to open the "gift" you get after completing a level you have to watch an ad. Very obviously only made as a platform to get people to watch ads. Again, the game's concept is a good idea but it is only made to trick you into watching ads to benefit the creators of the game. You should not download!!

- The best game on earth

I love this game I play it everyday. I would like it if we could go back to levels and when I get on my phone takes a pic so I think it is a bug in the game just wanted to let you know. But I love thus game so thank you whoever made this game:) 🙂

- Remove some ads and fix the bugs

This game has potential however you can tell there are bugs on some of the games when you’re clicking the right item it will not do anything at all so you have to fast forward through it also the ads are a little extra understand that they have to have the ads but almost Every time you clear a level you’re watching a 30 second ad

- My Rate Response

I absolutely love your game but there’s too many ads and it gets annoying at some point. Maybe you could add less ads. That’s it! Everything else is great .. maybe once I start playing more, I’ll have more to say but for now, it’s just the overload of ads. Byee and thanks for readingg;)

- Ads

Amazing just wish it didn’t as many ads I don’t know if you can purchase without ads but in case you can’t y’all should work on option that removes ads other than that very awesome.

- Ads

Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too many ads. I downloaded this app and immediately got bored of it because I couldn’t even play the game. There is an ad after every. Single. Level, and they all last about 30 seconds. It’s less of a game than it is a just one long advertisement. That said, the levels were pretty good, but there were just way too many ads.

- Ads .

You need less ads . What’s the point in asking if you want a add to claim extra points if we don’t want that and we click on next we still get a ad . After every game there’s a ad . You shouldn’t have to pay to not get no ads at all well you can pay but not to get rid of all of those ads . This app is getting deleted off my phone . To many ads .

- Too little reward for the frequency and length of ads

Intriguing premise. But so little reward. Each ‘round’ you guess a riddle (who’s lying? Who’s the father?) there are hints you can opt to use or look around for clues. But each round leads you to a full 30 seconds or longer advertisement - near unbearable considering how much play time you get in return. The clues are oddly placed and don’t always display even if I’ve clicked on it. The ratio of work to reward is just not worth it.

- Ok I’m only writing 5 stars so u will read...

✨This game started off pretty eazy and it was fun got to be honest but one thing too many ads!!! I have this with a lot of games! It’s sad can y’all plz make ads after every 5 riddles or something plz🦋✨😩

- Very buggy.

I can click on something hundreds of times and it doesn’t respond. It has an option for double hints yet when you click on it watch the video and you get nothing. Often if I shut it down and re-enter it will sometimes start responding. It’s fun when it works.

- So. Many. Ads.

I love the premise of this game, but it feels like i downloaded this app to watch ads. ads pop up after every other level if not every single level, you have to watch ads to get more points or skip things, etc. i get needing money to fund a free game but this is way too much. I’ve spent more time watching ads on this app than i have playing the entirety of other games and i’m on level 40. get it together developers.

- This app is so fun

I just downloaded this game and it’s so sos fun I wish there could be a part two but just way better though but I still live part one though so thank you for making this game creators

- TIP FOR ADDS and please fix touching

All you ppl like me who hate adds, just turn on airplane mode or turn off WiFi and adds will not work! No need to pay 4.99 or something for no adds! Also please fix the touching it is really hard to get it to work.

- I love this game but it needs a little change

When i play this game it is good game but when i play i see that when i lose i get a ad and thats a change that you guys need to change

- I spoke too soon..

Freezes a lot and good grief what’s with all the ads?? I understand ads in a free app but this is too much. If I choose not to take the gift I shouldn’t have to have an as every single time. You can touch and touch the clue and it won’t circle it. Along with that and the ads makes me want to just delete it.

- Terrible

Good enough to keep interest for awhile, there was a story line, it never gave a resolution to it, just quit updating on it. The most frustrating part however is that when you tap on something it doesn’t do anything. Most of the time is spent trying to repeatedly tap on something on the image and it just not doing anything. Gets old quick.


This is a great game but, it’s really challenging some questions are really hard and I can’t get them but this is a really good game probably the best game I’ve ever had and it’s really fun for me, if you’re a kind of person that likes challenges and mysteries get this game .

- Love this

I love This game because it tricks you on some levels and I just love it!!!! Because you can press the hint button and the bottom. And it’ll show you the answers. Some it will tell you to press something. I love this game

- Great game but...

Hi, my name is Aubree this game is awesome but too much ads are in the game😕 Even when I remove ads and before I did that every time I got free ads they would not give me hint so I would watch it about five times I hope you fix that I would be so happy 😁 thanks for listening bye

- Didn’t get to “find mom”

I love all the puzzles and still had fun going through all 200! I had to skip a few that seemed like they weren’t working, which is fine, but after about level 150 it stopped giving me parts of the story of Brian looking for his mom. So i never got to see him save her which is unfulfilling!

- Bug fix?

So I’m on level 188 and I cannot beat it! The hint says to slide the poster from down to up but when I try it nothing works! Plz respond to this bc for every day I do not get a response the rating will go down. Once it is fixed it will get 5 stars.

- Bugs

I love the game. It helps my mind think, but, there are some bugs in the game where I tap on the right object or answer and nothing happens. The blow dryer one never worked even if I turn it upside down or tap or anything! It was really frustrating when this happens so many times on the other clues.

- Something is wrong

Normally I love Braindom games but something has happened since the last update and I can’t get level 206 to play. I have swiped the river and nothing happens. Also when I paid my 50 brain points for the hint there was no debit from the brain point bank. Would someone check this out and fix plz? Then I’ll come back to update my review

- Good

It is a pretty good game it doesn’t have a lot of adds in my opinion and it’s fun to do when you are bored or when you are hanging out with friends. Overall it is just a pretty good game to have and play

- Awful ads.

I only came here bc I saw an ad for it on a different game I was playing. I understand being thought provoking or even a bit edgy is needed to attract attention for an app but I thought the ad for it teasing things like “which lady is secretly a man?” is extremely disrespectful and distasteful and just down right sad and desperate and begging for attention. If your game was any good at all, you wouldn’t need to be so pathetic. You’re sick. Grow up, game makers.

- Dissatisfied

Although the puzzles can be intriguing, they do not respond to touch a lot of the times. The lack of being able to make your actions happen makes for a dissatisfying experience. There is also no need to acquire points, there is no reason for points, you don’t spend them. For that reason and for the qlitchy nature of the games I don’t recommend.

- A reviewer

To anyone that is reading this to deal with the ads turn your cellar and WiFi off to deal with the ads from loading in. The game will still work

- Fix this annoying bug

Every time I spin the Lucky Wheel, watch the ad, then claim my prize the game won’t let me click the next level. I have to close the app then start it again before I can go on to the next level.

- Most puzzles won’t let you do what it says to do to solve

Half of the puzzles are the exact same as the other game. Several puzzles either won’t let you do what you need to solve until after you get a hint, or even when doing what the hint says it still doesn’t work and you have to skip it anyway. It glitches a lot and won’t let you advance. Not worth the hassle of trying to get it to work.

- The ads

This game was fun and entertaining, but there is an ad in between every single level and it really bothers me. I’m trying to just play and enjoy the game but there are so many ads that it’s almost impossible for me. I don’t want to sit through and ad every single time I beat a level. It gets annoying and repetitive after about 3 levels.

- Good, but soo many adds

This is a good quality game and I am not the kind of person to leave a reveiw, but I felt like I needed to because of all the adds. After every level there is one or two adds, and it is SO ANNOYING I ended upjust deleting the app because I didn't want to fill up my storage with a game that is more advertisements than actual levels.

- For those complaining about ads.

Just turn off your internet/ data. No ads After that.

- I love it!!

This game is awesome I always play it If you get more rates I would have this game to Play every single morning. Me and My family would play this when we are done eating! Keep it up your doing good!!

- Good but bad

Yeah so many adds I wish I could play the game and not see these adds my eyes can’t handle it anymore so fix or I’m gone and you will see me no more-this is a rap about your awful game I hate adds and I want them out of my brain so fix it right now or I am gone yeah you got 2 days to fix this STUFF

- Way too many ads

Far too many ads and no matter what with the puzzle you have to watch it. If you collect the larger reward, 30 second ad; if you click cancel, 30 second ad. It makes no sense and it’s annoying and frustrating. 30 seconds is also a long ad each round!

- Good game

Love the game of Braindom riddle. Unfortunately so far I have found some bugs on the game that affects the experience. Levels 206 & 236 there’s no way to solve it, the solution don’t work. Need to calibrate the touching areas, some time you try to select something in the game and the selection point is farther away. Thanks

- Okay until the end

I’m doing exactly what the hints say and it’s doing nothing.. it’s like app isn’t responding to me touching the screen at all. I was doing so good until the very last ones and then it just gave up. Must be a bug but don’t waste your time if they aren’t gonna fix it.

- Too many duplicates

I played the first Braindom and completed it already so I downloaded the second one... I just feel like if you run out of ideas make less levels or think of more instead of making me redo the ones I already did.. but I do love this game.. just please less dupes

- Seriously?

Hey here’s a game that can be pretty cool but you have to watch a 20 second add after every 10 seconds of playing? That’s absolutely insane. Let’s be realistic. I would’ve kept going with the game but your ads are ABSURD. you will lost a lot More money keeping those ads because everyone will delete the game when they realize. Seriously, could be a nice game but I don’t care anymore. Deleting :)

- Mostly unclear

Most of the puzzles are very clear what to do, you can tap, rotate, shake or try to enlarge and nothing happens. Or something does happen and you try to solve but it still says show your evidence even when you already found it. Just tricking you into watching more and more ads for clues or to pass over the level because it won’t work. I quit, no more ads!!!!!

- To many adds

It is a good game but sometimes it is hard to tap the items but after every level even when you hit no thanks to collect more brains it gives you add so a total of 2 adds a level it’s ridiculous so I think they should put less adds also they are all no skip you have to wait until they finish and they are all really long

- Don’t waste your time

I don’t know why I was expecting a lot from this game, it’s just a cheap game that probably took 5 minutes to make. There is 30 second ads after every level, and the app is extremely glitchy. It’s also extremely easy, and sometimes if you tap the right answer it says your wrong. Don’t waste your time on this piece of junk.

- Paid for ad free... I still have ads. ANNOYED!!!

I love the game and would give it 5 stars but I’m giving it 3 because I pay for no ads and still get them. This is the same with the first Braindom game. If I still have to see ads after I paid $5 for no ads, that’s getting people for their money!!!

- Level 30

Both me and my fiancée play this game we usually race to see who can finish the game first as we did with the first game. We both absolutely love this game the only problem we have had is both of our level 30 will not work we really don’t want to have to uninstall the game and retry but at this moment we don’t know what to do. Other than the level 30 we’ve loved the game.

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Braindom 2:Who is Who Riddles? 1.1.2 Screenshots & Images

Braindom 2:Who is Who Riddles? iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Braindom 2:Who is Who Riddles? iphone images
Braindom 2:Who is Who Riddles? iphone images
Braindom 2:Who is Who Riddles? iphone images
Braindom 2:Who is Who Riddles? iphone images
Braindom 2:Who is Who Riddles? iphone images
Braindom 2:Who is Who Riddles? iphone images
Braindom 2:Who is Who Riddles? iphone images
Braindom 2:Who is Who Riddles? iphone images
Braindom 2:Who is Who Riddles? iphone images

Braindom 2:Who is Who Riddles? (Version 1.1.2) Install & Download

The applications Braindom 2:Who is Who Riddles? was published in the category Games on 2020-08-14 and was developed by MATCHINGHAM GAMES LIMITED [Developer ID: 1513009812]. This application file size is 214.75 MB. Braindom 2:Who is Who Riddles? - Games app posted on 2020-12-02 current version is 1.1.2 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.braindom2riddle

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