Acrylic Nails!

Acrylic Nails! [Games] App Description & Overview

Congrats you have your own nail salon!

Time to give some hands an acrylic DIY makeover - drill, lengthen, shape, and polish some gorgeous nails.

It’s up to you to makeover nails with art and give your clients the ultimate nail spa experience. Think you’re done? Nah, we’re talking nail art to the next level you can choose from all kinds of prints and paints to polish your clients’ nails.

So what are you waiting for? You have a line out the door of your nail spa of clients waiting for some super nail makeovers!

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Acrylic Nails! Comments & Reviews

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- Great Game

So to start out I would like to say that if I could I would give the game a 4.5 out of five. The game has a lot of ads and I know they need them to make money since the game is free but do they need them while you are in the middle of doing a nail? The game is really fun and I love that you get to pick the design of the nail. One of the problems is a lot of the ads are inappropriate which stinks because this would be a great game for younger kids. The game is to easy, I wish there was like a challenge mode so that you could try to compete with others and do a themed nail. This game is not a scam but in order to get new stickers and stuff you need to watch an ad. The VIP clients also require watching an ad. I wish there were more nail polish or stencil options or a freehand option so that you could just paint. Sometimes the screen freezes and it chooses a color for you which is annoying. The marble option requires watching an ad but it is my favorite. This game is really fun and the ads aren’t that annoying. If the developers would please read this and try my ideas this game would 100% be a five star game,

- Please Read...

So I got this app and INSTANTLY deleted it. I wasn’t even on it for five minutes. I hated it. I was generous and gave it two starts because I liked the idea of it. The first thing that aggravated me was when you finish your nail you can get double the points, only if you watch the add. I personally don’t like adds, therefore I clicked no thanks. Even when you click no thanks it still gives you an add. I thought I just clicked the wrong thing, so I tried it again. After I did three nails, I was done. Also, I kept getting the same add and it was super inappropriate. THERE WERE GIRLS WITH THEIR SHIRTS OFF! I don’t know if this was the games fault or not, but I got an earful from both of my parents. Another thing is that I wanted to decorate one nail and have the rest one color. Well, the game doesn’t work like that. And, you can only put one thing on the nail. That’s pretty irritating. Though, I do like where the developers were trying to go with this app, but it needs a lot of fixes. I read these reviews and saw more bad ones than good ones, but I’m not the one to instantly judge the app. I downloaded it, tried it out, and hated it. I in courage you to try out the app first, but it wasn’t my “cup of tea”. Thank you for reading this. If you can, please fix some of these things. Maybe I’ll try it out when things are fixed. Have a blessed day.

- AMAZING 😉 but some flaws!

Let me get started by saying this game is awesome!!!😉😊😀 But like any game, sooner or later there is the flaws... 😑 But if you want to have a game with major ASMR, you should get this one, no, YOU NEED to get this one! 😃 First of all, there is the games creepy and freaky characters! Their faces are not normal and many people have left reviews on this subject already. Second of all, there is too many ads! Every time I finish a clients hand, there is an ad! I know that I can turn off my WiFi but I really want to get the extra stuff that needs ads... Third of all, I know I just reported ads, but this is for a MAJOR reason! These ads are super inappropriate for younger children who might download this game! Fourth of all, there isn’t enough colors to put on the nail polish 💅! Please try and fix that! I’m already on level 7 and I have only been playing 3 days!!! I would be super glad if the developers could fix these small flaws but other than that, you guys did an amazing job programming and editing this game developers and editors!!! 😊 😆 😃

- Nice but a few problem

Ok, this app is the BOOM! But there a few problems. First, when you are done with a nail, it will ask you if you want to use an ad for an offer. But when I press no thanks, it gives me an ad anyway! Second, the people are super creepy! Know wonder they want makeovers! Please use better graphics for a better experience! Third, I want more nail colors. Unlike a few other apps, it only has like, 10 colors, and the user might not like it LIKE ME! Fourth, I know I already put this topic in, but the colors are to girly! I mean, I know it might be a random pick, but some girls like colors like green. So please put in more colors and not just in one category. Also, I might not get this correct, but aren’t you supposed to make this a realistic reality, like other simulator apps? Because this app is not really realistic according to my problems. Other than all that, this app is simply the best!

- This is a great app! Just a few things..

This game is so realistic and fun to play, but there a few things that bother me. One of the things is, sometimes people ask for The WEIRDEST nails, and I’m like “You, want me, to do that!?” So yea.. Another’s the fact the people are soo CREEPY. I was just playing and well, there was a lady who came in my store, and her hair looked like a bush. Seriously. The color was GREEN, and her hair was in a straight-up AFRO. Also, there was a lady with neon hair and a bright green shirt, and it was kinda creepy. One OTHER thing, when they come up to ur salon desk thing, they smile soo creepily. Anyway,it is kinda weird y’all did that. Just please make better GRAPHICS!! One thing I like is that all the girls have different skin tones, so yea. One lady looked like pennywise. I’m so sorry, just plz make better graphics! I love this game and it’s soo fun! One other thing, is that when you’re painting the person’s nails, when you’re like 1 centimeter almost done, it just grows the nail for you. Also, on a certain level you can’t file the nail anymore. 😣😩 But anyway, thx for the great game! So please add my suggestions!!! :)

- ASMR crazy 😝 but has flaws

Hello, I have been playing for 3 days now and am already at level 22. It is SUPER addicting and it is really fun 🤩. But the game does have it’s flaws😑,for one there are simply to many ads and I do not know if it is the games fault or not but most of the ads are inappropriate. Another thing is personally I think the selection of nails and colors are to simple and short, there should be some more to the game than just making nails like maybe there should be like you can travel and open more shops to expand your nail salon empire or something. I do not know all I am trying to say is that it doesn’t have a lot of stuff to do and would be nicer with more activities in the game. Also, I wanted to let you know that the characters are creepy and look nothing like a real person, and the VIP person constantly comes up every 4-5 nails I do and it is annoying. I am sorry if I am being harsh or rude to you and in no way do I mean to insult you and the group who made this. I like the idea of it but I think it needs some more stuff. Have a great day and please fix the problems I stated thank you.

- Talk about poor quality

As I played the issues with this game became glaringly obvious. After you do basically anything, you get an ad. So I turned on airplane mode, not a big deal. Then I noticed odd design choices. The I guess ‘shop’ you own is just a box with randomly decided items you earn and can’t choose between. You spent all your game money on this wall? Great! It looks like garbage and doesn’t match anything in the shop. The physics for objects were also odd. When painting on the acrylic, you can be two thirds of the way done and suddenly the game decides it’s finished. When buffing a nail, the pieces that fall down just sort of float along with the buffer at the bottom of the screen. The edge nail type has a weird line down the middle of it no matter what you do. Some of the items you can add don’t look like the picture you selected. In order to get a different color item you like, you have to watch the entirety of an ad to receive it. This isn’t a big deal to me so I tapped the thing to let me. I was greeted with a screen of a foot with a dozen pimples in it, all being slowly popped with a blood effect on them. Fantastic. In conclusion, go find a different app. This isn’t it.

- Great! But could be better.

I just wanna say I really love this game. It’s really fun, and you get to make super pretty nails! But i do have a few issues with it. For starters, I don’t like how many adds there are. Every time you complete a step you get an add, and it just makes the game worse. Also, to do marble nails or decorations, also to do nails for a vip client, you have to watch an add. It just seems like an awful lot of adds. Second, the graphics. Now I know that a lot of people have commented on this, so I won’t go to into it. But i just wanna say the people are really creepy, and they have to update the graphics. And finally, I think they should include male customers. Now I don’t wanna assume gender, but if I took a logical guess I’d say that all the customers were girls. And the game does a really good job of including lot’s of different races! But I just think that boy’s can get there nails done to. Overall it’s a great game, and I really love it! And it would be even better If you tried to work out these little flaws!😎

- Asmr Nails! But..Bad

I have download this game just for fun, but when you get on there’s always bad things..! First of all, too many ads whenever I am done with a person ads comes on and long and longer! Second of all, characters are freaky creepy and some dresses way to weird! Third of all, to my thinking I would NEVER EVER play this game! Nails are kinda boring and just for asmr! That’s all! But of course you should maybe download it if you don’t agree with me! The game is fun and boring as the same time! One more! Ever time I have to click a ad it force me to watch one, like I don’t have a decision! Even if I do turn on airplane mode! TERRIBLE!! People should never download this! But as I did say you could download it for fun!😊 Really fun! But things are just bad and some weirder than EVER!👎🏻 I voted 1 star! TERRIBLE! But not to be rude! Download for fun! You should definitely vote any ratings you want!😊☺️Creator I don’t know why it’s weird! But you can fix a lot! A lot are missing out on the bad places!👎🏻

- Aurora is the best

The first time until it started crashing y to be a year ago and a few years from the end and the one who is the best and most likely to be the one that will get the best out of the world as you can get the best out of the world you have to get the money and get the best of you for the money was a good time to get to work is that the first day of my life and I cannot I like the way I do and I know I don’t know what I can but I’m not sure if you have any other people like that you would like me and you would like me you would like it to be my best friends I know you’re going through a relationship and you don’t want what I don’t know about you and I’m sorry you don’t know me I know that I love to talk about you I love it and I know I don’t even care I love it and I’m so happy I got my own stuff I don’t want you I want you and you I love to see your mom I

- I have a small glitch, but it’s a great game otherwise!🙂

Lately I have been experiencing a glitch......well not lately because it just started today. So I would pick the shape of the clients nail and fill it in with gel and when you’re usually at the part when you file the nail it would skip it and fill in one of those completed dots even though I didn’t do anything ☹️😞 I would really like if you could try to fix glitch because it’s very annoying as I like playing this game!🙂😊one other thing it that I noticed in most reviews people have been complaining about the client’s appearance and the lack of nail polish colors I agree I would like that to be fixed too please! Thanks!! Otherwise I absolutely LOVE ❤️ this game and it the PERFECT 👌🏻 game for people who want to be satisfied. What I’m saying is it’s SO satisfying!!!😃😆😛🤩it makes me so relaxed to play this game!! I would love for these flaws and glitches to be fixed!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😺 THANKS!

- Acrylic nails!

Acrylic nails game is awesome! Even tho there is like you know how can I say this like the characters are like a little bit creepy I love the game but, what I want is like more details maybe we can do make up, Hi my name is Abby XD (even tho it says valeri on top my name is Abby I just like the name valeri) well yeah hi I’m Abby and I would like more details in the game maybeeee! Umm makeup or do the hair do ya’ll are like stuck in ya’ll houses because Covid 19, so ya’ll just like get in this game and play but like ya’ll maybe think hmm I want to do makeup or hair or maybe or I don’t know dress up so ya’ll like begggg! I want makeup! I want to dress up! I want to do hair!! So please who ever did acrylic nails please add this to the game thank ya’ll for you’re time! This game is out of this world it’s awesome ok bye

- Very, Very disappointed

Hello, I am a mother of 5 children. One of my daughters asked me if they could download this nail game and I said yes only because it was just a nail game. I downloaded the app on her tablet, but I checked out the game before I let her play it. I get on the game and see that the graphics are HORRIBLE! The nail characters are ridiculous, very VERY inappropriate, there’s an ad that zooms in the females private part. UNACCEPTABLE!! If my daughter would have saw this behavior she would be traumatized! Second of all, there is only 3 steps to the game, cut the CRUSTY nails, pick style, and apply style. Very boring in my opinion.. Third of all the characters look like they picked there clothes up off of the streets and the characters fingers look like they just don’t move.. STIFF AS A ROCK. So basically this game seems like it was made in a hour or by a 3rd grader. The game is straight up terrible and I did not let my daughter play this. No offense to the creator to the game but this game seems like no effort was put into it. If these problems were fixed I would let my daughter play it. What to fix: everything.

- Major flaws in execution

I have an iPhone XS and after a few rounds my phone heats up a lot and the game starts to lag to the point of unplayability. Speaking of unplayability: for all that you can “design nails” you get 2 rounds of color choice (1st powder then polish) which is fine, but if you choose stencil you have to choose your stencil before you know which colors of polish (there’s a rotating variety where you get like 8 of 30 polishes) are available, and if you choose accessory you have a to choose the polish color before you know what accessories are available. Then there are the ads. My god, the ads. Ads after every client, ads at the end of the day, banner ads that only go away while you have to sit through other ads. There is no option to not have ads, they are mandatory and constant, but you can have even more ads if you actually want to unlock any of the drill heads or nail boards that are not the default, or if you want a VIP client, or to double your revenue, or upgrade your studio, or get tips. I WOULD PAY YOU TO SKIP THEM. I wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone, ever.

- It’s good, but...

I love this app! Is super fun, but when I talk about adds, this app does farther then just a couple per 20 minutes. After each step, I would have to go threw another add until I finally complete the nail! And after you finished upgrading your salon to the fullest, then what do you do with the extra money? It just sits there. I also think that you should act be able to post your nail art on the app so other people can see it and not just you. Although this might not happen to other people, I do happen to get spammed with adds. So if you want to download the app just aware that there are a ton of adds and a lot of good and ok things about the app! Although your probably won’t see this, I definitely recommend reading other reviews just to be sure on weather to download the app or not! I hope you find this useful and have a good night mates! - From Your Aussie Friend

- Could be a lot better, too many ads

The game is fun, but there’s too many ads. I like that you can watch short ads for rewards, but it’s stupid and annoying that there’s a limit to how many you can watch at a time to unlock new items. I don’t understand the point of letting me watch an ad after every design to double rewards and forcing me to watch ads halfway through a design about every other design, but not letting me watch more than 1 ad at a time to unlock something. The graphics are terrible too, but they’re exactly as shown in the preview so you kinda expect bad graphics. It drains your phone battery too. If I charge my phone while playing, my battery percentage won’t budge at all, it just stays wherever it was when I plugged it in, but when I stop playing my phone will go up 5% in 5 minutes so it’s obviously the game preventing my phone from charging. This game is fun, but needs a lot of help and obviously has fake or paid reviews with how much better it could be.

- Not recommendation worthy

I usually like these games but I just want to delete it. I was playing while at 50 percent and it went down to 12 in a couple minutes not to mention my phone overheated and I couldn’t play it anymore and this never happens. Also I hate how the design you make on all of the fingers I don’t want it on every single one I might want different ones on each finger maybe I don’t want any design. The ads play in the middle of me doing the nails I know it’s for money but you don’t need that many in a game. When it asks me if I want to watch a video I say no thanks yet it still plays another video right after. The ads are EXTREMELY inappropriate one had girls with their shirts off and another was popping pimples off feet GROSS. My phone battery started going away faster and I needed to get it fixed and I almost had to get a new one I give it two stars only because it’s an easy thing to work but I would not recommend.

- CatLove04

3/5 because this game is REALLY glitchy and you have to watch an ad during every game out of nowhere! I have had this for a few days now and it is super annoying! Please fix this. And also after the ads my screen is frozen then it takes me back to the Home Screen on my phone. It just kicks me out of the game and it just does that over and over and over. I got it because it looked fun but it is to glitchy so I just move to a different game until it is fine to play. Please do something about this otherwise I might delete it because of the glitch. It is especially annoying when it kicks me out when I just finished a nail and I have to start all over again. This is getting on my nerves. Also can you make it so we can do more nails on one hand instead of just being able to do one. That would be very nice. - CatLove04

- Amazing with some issues! 😍😕

Ok. First of all I must say I love this game so much. It is so fun and addicting. I never payed much attention to the adds bc I was too busy having fun. Last night I introduced the game to my mom and let her do a few customers. I was getting adds every 2 minutes LITERALLY. she picked the nail shape, add She picked the powder, add While she was in the middle of spreading the powder, add The only time there isn’t adds is at the very end when you complete the nail and take a “picture” Please fix this. It has gotten very annoying. The second thing I wanted to say was: Why the heck are the people dressed so ugly. I like literally see creases in her skirt and top. The only person who is dressed DECENT. YES I SAID DECENT. is the VIP clients. Please fix this problem and give the normal people decent clothes. And the VIPs fancy clothes. Another problem is: These adds can be super inappropriate. The game is for 12+. I am 11. Why the heck are there adds for Bumble: a flipping dating app which is for 17+?!?!!? There are no more problems with this game but I have a suggestion: Why don’t you make the customers want more than one thing? And make them want a locked thing every now and then. If it is locked you can “try it” with an add. THANK YOU!

- This game is soooo fun!

I was skeptical at first about playing this game but I enjoy it so much. Doing clients nails is sooo nice and relaxing. Though there are some flaws, just like every game. First, the people are creepy, like their faces are not super realistic. Second, it’s fun but once you’ve earned all the items with the nails it’s boring because there aren’t anymore colors, shapes or designs to add, i wish there were more items to it. Third, there are just way to many ads, once i finish shaping the nail, boom an ad. Once i’m finished, boom and ad. To get any new items you need to watch an add. I think you should be able to buy those with the money earned rather than an ad for everything. If these things could be fixed, the game would be absolutely amazing and I wouldn’t be able to get enough of it.

- I’m Trying So Hard To Be Nice

I really am trying not to be like those other people who don’t love the game and write a review on how much they hate it because it’s just not nice. I mean, I honestly didn’t exactly hate the game that much anyway, mainly because so much work probably went into it, but I really just wasn’t feelin it. 😕 I’m sorry to say but the graphics are REALLY bad, and half the time I couldn’t even see what I was designing because it was so slow. I don’t normally mind ads either, but that one ad for a tie-dye game kept popping up and wouldn’t let me ex out of it. Then it took me to the App Store and wouldn’t let me ex out that either. It was just overall really annoying and I just got this game fifteen minutes ago. I’m so sorry, but I’m going to delete it and not really recommend this game at all. I’m so sorry!! If you guys could just fix the graphics I would totally get it again. 🙂Good luck!👍

- Best game ever!

This right here is the best game in the world! There are some adds but I mean every game has adds! And we all have to deal with it because the adds are mostly how the company is getting money! I am sure that there are other cool games but really this one I think is the best! Please at least try it and we all know that you can delete it if you do not like it! Thank you but there are just a few things I don’t really like: 1: I wish that there would be more colors that have one color and then another. I really think that there are no more things that I want to fix so thank you for making the best game in the world!

- Great app but the ads

1: This app is fun you can make do peoples nails and color it how you want and so cool stuff 2: this is fun to play when your bored or don’t know what to do I suggest to get this app If you like customizing stuff I really like doing the nails when I’m bored 3: this app has ads like every 10 minutes while you’re doing the nails also if you wanna do a cool marble affect you have to wait till it’s gets to 100% and you have to watch ad to get it I really don’t like the ads maybe less adds but I don’t know Also sorry for the bad grammar also I don’t wanna make this review to long also I recommend this app but if you don’t like adds every 5-10 minutes then don’t download it have a great day wherever you are in this world :)

- Eh it’s okay 😬😐☹️

This app is pretty good it’s fun to do nails and get a little of an idea of what it will be like doing actual nails. However, I don’t like how when you choose the powder and apply it to the nail and when to add it to the nail it gives you a little bit to do it and then it fills in the rest. I think this app should let us fill in the rest of the whole nail and when we are done we click done and so on. As well as using the designs maybe just adding a plain paint color without a design choice or something like that. And more colors please they are kind of girly and I think you should add more like green, and like darker blues and greys and stuff because they’re mainly sunsets orplain colors and stuff. Also the designs in the characters to make them look realistic. Other than that it’s a pretty good game.

- Everything about this game is irritating.

I still have this game, but I don’t play it often. But there are a LOT of flaws about this game. First of all, for no reason, the game just freezes randomly. I deleted some of my apps that I don’t use, but that was just a waste of time. I swiped all of my tabs, but that was also a waste of time. Also, ads come up, nonstop. When I click “No thanks” on the part where you can get x2 money at the end of your done nails, you still get ADS. Irritating. What’s more that’s irritating about the ads is that some of them are inappropriate, which are the ads that pop up most of the time. I thought that ads in this game were nonexistent, but no. What if a little girl happens to download this app and then the next thing you know, she’s crying because an inappropriate ad just popped up, something like naked girls or whatsoever. Please change this game to be a little more fun to play.

- Pretty great!

So everyone is saying there are bad ads but there isn’t for me you just tap no if you don’t like ads and I don’t personally they get annoying but I haven’t had an add yet. But it gets a little boring after the 5th nail or so you have limited options unlike the other nail games I’ve had. I’m 11 years old and I’ve had plenty of games science I was 6 and even the one I played 5 years ago from strawberry shortcake was better than this game. But it is very satisfying so if your looking for a very satisfying game then this is the game for you. Also if you get creeped out easily don’t play this game the people are soooooo creepy. But overall if you get bored on your couch this game can free you from it but all the stuff you read up above is why I rate this game with 3 stars.

- Meh..I’ve played better games related to this theme.

Ok so first I’m just gonna state that ALL Crazy Labs games are soooo laggy and practically MADE of adds. I’m fine with games having adds, like, how else would we find new apps and games and all that. But to have adds EVERY step and level is REALLY annoying, especially if you have an old iPad generation like I do. The second thing I don’t like about Crazy Labs games is that all of the age levels say 12+, but are excessively easy. I saw the 12+ and thought it would be fun for me because that’s around my age. But it’s more of a 6-8 year old game. Honestly, I’m not really happy with Crazy Labs games and I have way more problems with the games but im not gonna waste any more time on this review because I have better things to do than write a review on these games. PLEASE FIX THESE PROBLEMS CRAZY LABS.

- Graphics, adds..Next!

I’ve come to write this review because of the graphics, and the adds. I’ll start with the graphics. The graphics and this game are REALLY bad. It also wasn’t let me finish painting the nail. Big problem! Anyway, back to the graphics. The women who come look really creepy and a little ugly in a way. The studio where I work looks like a creepy garden shed. I’ll go on to the adds. The adds are REALLY inappropriate. There are apps for games like episode and chapter. These are 17+ games!!! Make the adds more kid friendly. Sometimes the graphics make the nail look like it’s not even on the finger. I’ve seen inappropriate adds before, but these are really bad adds. Let’s say if a 7 yr old is playing this next to her mom. That could be a bad thing if she sees that!

- Totally awesome and not a waste of time

The first thing I really really love about this game is that you know some games have items that are locked or you have to buy them or watch lots of ads well this game doesn’t have that as you level up you unlock the powders and nails automatically and you don’t really have to waste any money on this game unless you want to another reason is I love this game is because it’s so satisfying and it helps you to relax and calm down and it’s also A simulation of how you would actually do acrylic nails the only reason I gave it 4 stars is becuase after a few levels there are ads

- Nice game for like one minute...

1:Ok I saw this game on Snapchat and decided to download it at first I thought it was a good game but the the adds started coming in add after u start the day add after u file a nail add after every little step including the banner adds and the adds are very inappropriate. When you are done with a client it will ask u if u want to get 2x more by watching an add and if you click no thanks it still gives you an add you also have to watch adds to claim rewards if u want them ITS RIDICULOUS HOW MANY ADDS THERE ARE. 2: sometimes it won’t even let u watch the add if u want the reward and that’s stupid. 3: the clients look nothing like they do when they advertise it that’s ridiculous how awful they look 4: you get to a point in the game where u can do marble nails and u have to watch an add to use it. So please DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS GAME!!!!!! ITS NOT WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

- I would not recommend this game

First I saw a lot of ads about this game so i thought I should try it. When I was waiting for the game to download I was looking at the reviews and a lot of them were dying to many ads and inappropriate ads. I complete agree with them people. Then I got on the game and before I got down painting the nail there was an ad. There was also an ad after the client. The first ad was a piano ad so I was thinking oh well the replies were not true to me, but then on the second ad it was a girl striping and it showed things I did not want to see. Also when I went to do the decoration part I wanted to do marble on the nail but I had to watch an ad every time I wanted marble. I would recommend fixing the ads and and making it where you don’t have to watch a ad to get a design.

- No. Just no.

Okay so when I first got an ad for this game, I was excited about the concept of acrylic nails and crafting them. Big mistake. I deleted it because of the graphics, ads, and so much more. This is for children, and even if it says for twelve years and up as an age suggestion, no one really follows those kinds of things and downloads them anyway. It’s almost like the creators of this game put no effort into it whatsoever. So please, creators, make this game better. And players, please try it out, even once, just to see how YOU feel about it. This is just how I feel. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

- Love the ads :)

this game is so good i really enjoy it and i think you should consider getting it. I really like how you are constantly offered ads for other games because the makers of this game believe that you are bored of the game they took so much time and effort to develop. my favorite ad to get is the shopping one. i always get so excited when i get it. it sparks my levels of serotonin. i enjoy how when i play the game for two minutes i get ten minutes of ads. it’s such a good deal! :) whoever is reading this please have a good day and i hope you get this gam to open your eyes to a whole new world.

- Wow

I love this game it’s a blast and I can’t stop playing it ok that was a like I can stop but I’m trying to say this game rocks it’s awesome and fun and I love it I’m not a robot tho I write a lot of reviews starting yesterday bug I e written like 7 other reviews and not all of them are nice like this one because this game dose not stink it rocked smells lime flowers I love doing nails you can put flowers on them hearts and lots of stuff you chose what kind of nail what color and if you don’t Lomé your color you can plaint over it there are stickers and it rocks download now and song look back and it’s all free yay every little bit that rocks right 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞😄 bye 👋 peace ✌️

- Amazing

So if you get this game today you will win100 bucks no I’m not kidding. If you like this game get it if you don’t then don’t get it I’m on day three and I love it and I just got it Sunday get it today I will literally change your life😀😃😄😁.I thinkIf you get this game everybody will like you and I heard it’s amazing for going on trips so get it today or you will be weird not get this game so get it now I love it by now by the way PS you should never get games that are bad like bad I have also another review you need to get it’s tie-dye but I don’t think you guys should get that game if you like tie-dye PS I love this game. 😍🥰😘 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

- I love it

Ok so I love that this game is free every thing is free and all the other games look free but once u get it it’s not what u think 🤔 so I just thought. It will be like those games but I just got it this morning and I have been playing on it for hours so can u make a few changes pls so number 1 can u do it like people can see ur nails and can u be like oh this is what nail I want and color and more pls that will be great thank y’all for this free game 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊🥰🥰😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉🥰😌😌😌😌😘☺️🙂😌😘☺️🙂😌😘☺️🙂😌😚😙😗😙😗😚 opp sorry I left my iPad with my sister 🤣🤣🤣 bye

- Why I like the game

This is the best game ever and now I can practice doing nails on this game and it is like one of the best games I like in the world or even in history by my opinion I thing this is my almost first favorite and I don’t even have any problems with the game it is like the first game I ever downloaded when I got my phone 📱 it was like the vreet first game that I saw that I might like and guess what I did like it it was the best and it still is the best I had this game for I think a year all ready and I still like it so I am giving

- This game is alright.

I mean this isn’t my FAVORITE game technically, but I mean it’s a okay game and I kinda like it but I don’t play it always but I mean it’s ok and it SOMETIMES breaks on me because my phone doesn’t really go good with this game and I can’t stand ads and they just pop up in my screen and I was in the MIDDLE of doing something then, my screen breaks it like freezes every time a AD pops up and I get super mad, so if you’re seeing this and you made this game, can you please fix this? Thank you other that than this game is amazing you guys did a great job on this game I like it other than those problems, I give you guys 4 stars, very lovely game other than that.

- The concept is good but-

Ok, so I really enjoy this game. It’s a lot of fun! But I have a lot of problems. 1. The ads! The ads are way too inappropriate for young girls that play. And, when I finish a nail, it asks me if I want to watch it for a reward or skip it. Usually, I skip it- ONLY FOR IT TO GIVE ME AN AD ANYWAY! 2. The people. The people look very creepy and can make little kids scared. Maybe try fixing that. That’s all I have to say. But, if you’re fine with ads- I recommend downloading it! Try it for yourself. It really is a great game, but the ads bother me. Maybe ads don’t bother you and it’s fine! But personally, I dislike them. Thanks for reading.

- Awesome!!!

So I’ve had this for a while and it’s awesome. I just have a few things about this game. I mean it started off wonderful and i love all the accessories and stencils but, like when it updated to where I could do marble nails I just didn’t like it. The reason I hated when the marble nails came is because i have to keep doing nails till it gets 100% (which takes not forever but a while) then get to do the colors and then I have to swirl’s not a good swirling thingy but it’s still a good game. Also I HAVE to watch an ad for BRUH really and it always turns horrible. Please fix it but overall this is an awesome game/app.

- Gosh the ads

I deleted this app within one minute 🙄 When I say there are a lot of ads there are way to many!! There is more ad watching than playing! Within thirty seconds I’ve just painted their nails, then and ad, I put a cover on and paint her nail, and ad! I finish their nails, it gives me an option between watching an ad to get more money or just pass, I press pass... AND ANOTHER FREAKING AD!!!!! I am feeling VERY generous today. I really think y’all deserve no stars at all. I’ll download this again If you fix this very annoying issue. Possibly only offering ads. I don’t get how other people even give five stars 😬if you read this DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!

- Too many ads and barely has any powders or nail selections

This is amazing is this app I love it I go on my phone every day and play on it after school the only thing I wish that could happen is there should be more powders and more nail styles because there’s only seven of them otherwise it’s amazing but there is way too many sometimes I feel like I want to delete the app from my phoneIt has like zero powders there’s only like 12 and then they have like only say then nail selections and then I wish you could do like a stencil and you could do like a decoration jam thing on it because when I make like really good nails I wish I put a gem on it

- Great game but a few flaws

I love this game! It’s so fun and never gets old. You can unlock some pretty cool things as well. This game helps me relieve my stress and is very satisfying. The only thing I have is there are to many ads. Yes you can watch ads to unlock certain items so that’s kinda worth it but every after one you do there’s an ad. It can also get stuck and frozen so I have to exit the app and start over on that customer. Overall I think this is an amazing game and I highly recommend it!

- Best app I’ve ever played!!!!!!!

So I’m 8 and I’m really into nail painting so I downloaded this app and Boom I’m already addicted. You get to upgrade your salon and paint people’s hands with accessories, stencils, and oh there’s one type of design that’s amazing it’s called marble but you have to watch in ad to get it. I kind of have one little question though, do you know where we can see all of the nails we have painted? Thank you, Avery

- Amazing game just needs some updates❤️

The game itself is an amazing game and couldn’t be better but there are things that need to be fixed when you are close to finishing the nail it will finish the nail for you and not to mention the creepy smiles the clients give you, but over all this game is highly recommended by me also the graphics are not the best I have seen better so maybe change the graphics but other then that the game itself is an truly amazing game and YOU NEED TO GET IT!😊👍🏻💅

- The truth

WOW, this is one of the best games I have played in a while there is no adds... But if you want the extra stuff you can’t watch a add at all. Before the game had billions of adds and now they turned the adds off completely! Which some might say (including me) that that is a huge improvement. Also some of the nail shapes have a crease in them I don’t know if that is how it is supposed to be or not. In conclusion this is a 5 star game even if it has a few flaws

- Pretty Good

So I saw an add for this game somewhere and it looked ok so I downloaded it. He first few ones we're kinda weird, but after like level 4 it gets pretty cool. One thing tho the adds are just... There are so many. I know it's not that many compared to other platforms, but there is still a good amount. I'm one of those people who will download a lot of apps and then delete them angrily if there is something wrong with them. But I have no desire to delete this app so good job! Overall a pretty great app and I would suggest downloading it. ☺️🧺🍋🐚🌼🥝🧸🥒🧼🍯🌊✨🧴🚿💿🎀💖

- Read this before getting the app!

Okay lest the pros first, the pros would be it’s a creative and cute way of designing nails especially in this pandemic, and always a great way of figuring out which nail style you need for the prom! But the flaws are that ever thing you do ad. Like you would try a nail polish color to see if you want that one and the... AD, I even payed for the ads to go but they still came. I think this is a great app if there was less ads till then I can only give a 3 star review, and yes I know the developers need the money but maybe titling it down just a little bit? - The14Randomegirl

- Love it

I just downloaded this game yesterday and I already have a really good nail colors as long as you just achieve new days it gives you more nail colors in it it’s not real days it’s just days in the game and it makes it really fun if you can unlock really good stuff and earn a lot of coins to make a new room each day you achieve and it’s just fun this game which I like and whoever thinks this game is not too good then they are wrong is this game is the best other than roblox but I still love this game

- Good but...

I am absolutely obsessed with this game and I especially love when VIP customers come but we need to get them or often we only get them maybe once every five days I would love also if the characters had better clothing and hair they all look the same and when they’re walking away their nails are not on them also I would like to do each nailnot just one and then then all magically appear I love this game but those need to be fixed love y’all

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- Love but could use some things

I love your game but I think you should add an option to be able to do all the fingers instead of just the one. I think in settings there should be a switch button for only doing one finger or doing all 5. I also think that I should have more control with actually painting and using the nail file. Also more control with designing. I love this game and can’t wait to see more features!!

- Too many ads

Where are so many ads like just why crowd… I don’t know me either but it is very fun and addicting but too many ads isthat too much to ask ASMAR nails simulator just get rid of about… I don’t know Ummmm.. crowd… How about takeaway about a third of the ads that’s a pretty good idea I have seen so many reviews that are saying that they are too many ads so ASMAR nail simulator just take away a third of the ad is that too much to ask come on someone has to agree with me crowd… We all agree with you macie awesome and I hope you agree with me to people that are reading this Yours sincerely, Macie Fischer.

- Nail artist

It is good, I love how you unlock things while you play the game, and not having to pay for them. But, there are way too many ads. Every level, there is a ad. Even when you want to get your money from your shift, there is a ad. I also feel very annoyed when I turn my internet off, but you need to collect your tips, but you need to watch an ad first so I couldn’t if that makes sense. Four stars.

- I LOVE it

I just downloaded this today and I have nearly unlocked everything in the game!this is a really good game I do recommend downloading this game.a few things you can do is design a room to paint nails, and also when a customer whants something like a nail, you can pick colours and designs it is just awesome love thanks for making such an awesome game way to go guys!

- Bugs

This game is great but there are some bugs that need fixing. When the sign comes up that you have unlocked a new item or tool, the claim button is see through and you can’t press it. Also when I am in the middle of doing a nail, the tools I am using disappear and I have to leave the game and come back in and it deletes my progress. This is an awesome game and very addictive but please fix these bugs and I will rate it 5 stars.

- This is the best game ever!!!

I love this game so much because it gives me an opportunity to express my creativity, and like you get actual costumers:D that’s why I love this game even though I just got this game, and it lets you experience what it would feel like to work at a nail parlour ;D

- Acrylic nails is the best

Acrylic nails is so fun because they let me choose the nails and the designs but you should be able to go back if you make a mistake. Other than that it is a great app to play.

- Hahhahah

Ooooooooh this game is gooooooood just wondering about the ads but yeah! So good I do recommend it! I think this game encourages real life activities and is very fun. So fun. I'm a new chick to this game but I'm still not quite sure about the adds it would really make it better if there were none. Love it but uhhhhh the adds make it so boring!!!

- To many ads

This app is entertaining and is personally so much fun. The one thing I don’t like about it is that there just too many ads I keep getting them and because of this it’s starting to make me think I should delete the app

- Alright game

This game is alright if you like this sort of thing but it is a little boring. It also has a lot of adds, which I could live, but I don’t know. It is just one of those games you can do when there is no Wifi

- Drains my battery

Hi, I really like this app, I really do but it drains my phone battery. And there is a lot of adds. I play it at 100% and 10 minutes later my battery is at 60%. It gets annoying. But other than that I really like the game

- Great game

This is a really gun game and all of my friends love it. The only thing is that I wish you could actually get feedback from your fake costumer and I wish you the costumers could have more requests so it would be like a actual salon.

- So satisfying

I love it and it’s so satisfying especially when you paint but there is one problem when I do the marble I can’t get the stering right So please fix that -Lilyana

- This is so fun!

The game is really good. It’s fun to play. My only problem is that it glitches LOADS and there are to many ad’s. If the game sorted this out, I would say this game is great! It’s fun how many designs you can do! I think you should definitely get this game.

- Review to acrylic nails!

I love love love LOVE this game I’m a girly girl and this game is perfect for me especially bc I love doing people’s nails and found there hair but what I mostly like is found peoples nails loved hope this game never gets shut down

- Perfect

This is a perfect app because you don’t have to pay for any of it. The most you have to do is watch an add and have fun!

- Ads

The ads are terrible, there is so many and I find the game stops and glitches. But overall the game is fun but the customers should have names

- Love it but needs some updates

I liked this game but it got boring after a while but overall it was really good. There were a lot of ads

- Good

Hi I really like this game but when you unlock new items or you want to double your tips the claim button doesn’t work I think there is a bug that needs fixing

- Hi

It is great but ads it. Has tonnes of ads unless u turn your wifi off after you get paid I fine

- Pretty good

It is a good fun game but it gets very boring very quickly. You need to have more stencil and accessory options as I have only played it for 2 hours and am already bored because I have tried every option

- Best game I have yet 👍👍👍👍

This one won 🏆 other games I’ve had don’t actually do what it said in the ad but this one does it amazing 😍

- My review

This is a very detailed game but I think you could make it more so you could actually do it

- U should get it but......

This game is OK but it kinda fells like it’s not finished and it doesn’t have enough details and like umm.. accessories and stencils and colours and shapes and this game kinda feels like one of those games that you would play when there is no internet but it’s kinda better than that so I kinda think it’s worth your storage! You should get this game it’ll kinda fill in your boredom time and make it useful. Kind Regards Charli 😀❤️👍xoxo

- Amazing!!!

This is a really fun game but it would be better if there was less ads, otherwise it’s fantabulous!

- The game

The game is really fun but you get so many adds it’s not funny it can get a bit boring also

- Good but repetitive

Doesn’t take long before you’re doing the same action over and over just with a different coloured file or paint. Gets boring quickly.

- I love your game

Hi i love your game hahahah very addicting i hope your progress keeps up this way and i hope you have a great game life From charlee

- It’s okay...

It could be a lot better, it’s fun but there are so many ads and I played it for 5 minutes and it took 12% battery! It’s good but could be improved by making it more battery efficient and less ads.

- Awesome game it is so gooooooooooooooooooooooooood!

Wow! This isn’t a clickbate game everyone. The quality is fantastic, I love it. It’s just like you are a real nail designer at a nail salon. It’s relaxing It’s worth it The acrylic powder to make the nail is satisfying Everything about it is just amazing'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??!??? Adults definitely give this to your kids. No I have an idea can you do a stencil with the words BFF on it?

- How good this app is

I am always bored playing games but with this one there is like pretty much no ads and it is a fun girly game that I love🤩🤪👍

- Good app but ads are way over the top

You spend more time looking at ads than you glance the game. Hope this changes in the future


I am absolutely hooked on this!!!!! It’s so much fun and there aren’t many adds!! I definitely recommend downloading this!!!!

- Amazing 😀😀

This game is very addictive and fun, but it takes a really long time to unlock certain things. Other than that, I love this game. It’s my happy place!

- Awesome but a little problem

This game is really good and I would recommend it but there is a few bugs and glitches but it’s a really fun game. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

- Too many ads

The game is good and satisfying! But it would be so much better if there were less ads! Like every five seconds I’m getting an ad and I can’t even get through the game! I’m about to delete it

- Ads

I love this game it’s so fun but there’s way too many ads if you could change that that would be a five star is just way way way way too many ads after I do one now there’s another ads an ads and ads and ads she’s very annoying

- Amazing

I loved this game because it can get you ready for your career and is fun to play

- I love this game but...🙂

This game is so much fun although it feels like every time I touch the screen there's a add but apart from that everyone should download this game

- Overall

This is a very good app I personally like it but I wish there could be less adds

- I love The app because you get to paint nails

I love the app because you get to paint nails in your unique way

- Amazing but...

I absolutely love this game but the adds drive me crazy but hands down my favourite game

- Adds!!

There are too many adds. They just get really annoying 😔 Also, the game keeps on glitching so I have to keep restarting a nail.

- It’s amazing but there’s one thing rong with it

I love this game but it does the same thing over and over again but this game is fun calm I love it

- To many adds

There are way to many adds when I try to play every 5 seconds there is an add

- Horrible!! I don't recommend this...

It was really hard to get the acrylic spread out and then when I had finished most of it, it saidi was done and the bar at the top wasn't full so I was sitting there waiting forever and nothing happened. 😡👎

- Amazing

This app is awesome and if you are girly this is great for you and even your friends

- Best game ever

This morning. I was nagging and nagging about getting the game plz do more updates

- I love this game but...

I love this games so much but one thing that I don’t like is that there are so many adss which annoys me a lot.

- Trash

Supper trash you get adds halfway through a game and you only get to choose one colour because you have to wait a day to unlock another one

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- Looks realistic 👍🏽

Love this looks realistic enough, I just wish you could remove the ads 😬

- Wow.

I am absolutely amazed by the quality of this app. At first I was thinking that was just another TikTok ad but this truly is the best app I’ve ever used. I just love decorating high profile nails and designing them how ever I like. There are so many options to play through. This app has definitely changed my life and I can’t wait to begin my new career as a nail technician. Thank you so much Acrylic Nail! - Shay Honja Coppens aka Future Nail Technician

- .

I like the game it’s not for me the asmr is good to just a little to much adds that’s all but I would tell a friend to try out this game I just hate my nails being painted but ya thats all

- Great love it best


- Good game

👍👌 I like this game ❤️

- It’s ok

The app is ok it’s not my favourite I don’t recommend it if you want a realistic game overall I would give it a three that’s a review

- Meh

Can’t claim any of the gifts that opened up.

- Love it

Love it

- Waste your time on another game.

This app is great if you would like to watch an add every 8 seconds! ( I counted the length between each add)

- How fun it is

I love this game cause I can learn how to paint nails cause am only 9

- It’s a good game

I really like this game! I just can’t hear the ASMR but that’s probably just a problem on my side

- I did not like it


- Fun game😁❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🌈

This game is asome you get to paint peoples nails.

- Ongles inspirant

Je trouve cette application très inspirante pour mes faux ongles

- Fairly good

There’s many ads but the quality is good and it’s very satisfying to shave off the old nail polish or broken nail stuff or whatever it is lol. Overall I say a four star review

- To many ads

Once an ad pops up then it won’t let me press x and it freezes all the time but other than that it’s an okay game

- Don’t get this game

This game has viruses and way too many adds it dose that so you will pay to stop the adds and the game ut self is bad quality it should not even be a gam don’t get it

- Poop my pants 👖

I love this game I will poop inside of me I LOVE it so much . Thank you for making this game

- Love the app

This is a very fun app although it is more fun then it looks like in the ad I don’t know why cause usually the ad look more fun then the app

- Loading

I haven’t even gotten to play the game yet the loading tables so long that it just kicks me out. I was really looking forward to playing this game but now I can’t cause of the bug or whatever you want to call it. Please fix this I really look forward to playing your game.

- Cool Concept- obscene amount of ads

Before I got the app, I saw the reviews and noticed all the advertisement complaints. I decided to look past it as it seemed like a neat concept. And it is, creative yet somewhat mindless, and fun. But you can’t go thirty seconds without an ad. I skipped past a “double your coins by watching an ad” option and it made me watch another ad- and didn’t change my coins. I have literally never been on an app worse for advertising. It has good elements- I won’t lie, but the sheer volume of advertisements is ridiculous. I also tried putting my phone on airplane mode, however it still somehow played ads, and tons of options were locked for me. I would pay for a remove all ads type thing, the creators need to fix this if they want me and a bunch of others to keep playing.

- It’s bad

It’s very very very bad bad bad I hate it make no more stuff like this I can test all your things if you want pls let me test all you things I have messager kids text me on that pls my name is Tavia tolsma pls text back but not on this my dad will kill me

- Good game but

It’s a good game don’t get me wrong but it won’t let me get past the second level I can put the acrylic on but it won’t let me do anything past that point

- Ehhh

It’s a little glitchy, and it has a few too many adds. Overall it’s s good game though

- Too many ads!

There is an after each action, it’s ridiculous. Makes the game unplayable! Otherwise this would be a great app.

- I love it

Yo this game is the best but I got a question Can you get back your progress once you delete the game?

- Acrylic nails!

I love this game!

- plz die

take a joke ✨

- Tbh not half bad!

Tbh not half bad! I think this is a good game if your bored wet the 3D models aren’t perfect you can tell the creator of this nice app put in a lot of effort! It’s better than most games in Roblox and I honestly enjoyed making cute stylish nails! There are quite a few adds but that’s the only problem. Plus the creator still needs to make some money! Other than that I think this game is sorta worth it if you ask me!

- 10 out of 10 would buy

10 out of 10 would get people who don’t buy now at the App Store

- Don’t download this app

It’s Gucci it The nails look gross after they’re doneAnd just don’t download this app it’s so boring and disgusting

- Christmas nails please

Please do Christmas nails please for Christmas

- Ads

I love the game but the ads come ever second wich is really annoying

- It’s good

It’s a fun game but it could be better

- Love this


- Omg

You need this game it is awsome soooooo fun and just to say to the maker... Great job 👏🏻

- Ads

There are way too many ads on this game that you can’t really enjoy it.

- Good game

I just have one thing to say ...... Ugly characters I got so scared I threw my phone at the wall

- Real nice

The game over all is really good it’s just glitchy but maybe that’s just me 😊

- Not good 😐

To Clichy and kicks me out

- Soo cool but...

It’s cool and fun for your first3 try’s then it gets really boring🙄🙄🙄so don’t waste your time for like five minutes of you life 5 boring minutes!please try to make it a little better like you can take a picture of your nails and get to do your own nails or something like that!please🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

- Review

I have this game a 4 star because I don’t like the ads right well your doing the nail, but other than that it’s a good game. :)

- Mediocre

It wasn’t realistic at all and you couldn’t design your own patterns or shape or how you laid the bead, furthermore there were a tremendous amount of ads, every two minutes there was an ad (i wish i was exaggerating) Plue their numerous ads on instagram are beyond obnoxious.

- Nah but ye

U love I feel like somethings wrong

- This game gives me so much inspiration!😍

I luv u guys so much! Thank you!

- No Asmr

There’s no sound..?

- It’s good

It’s a good game to play but there’s tooooo many adds and it’s so annoying I’ll play it again when they get rid of the adds

- Not about this but...

There is this game called the last of us 2 and it is more then fun!

- Why there’re alot of aids

The game is good but every second there’s aids 😐

- Nice

This game is a good game but not my favourite game in the world but it is fun so I give it three stars

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- Great game 🤩🤩🤩🥳🥳🥳🥳🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍👍🏽

If you want a great game this is the game for you. Let’s start with the gliches. There are a lot of adds but you can skip them unless you don’t want your reward but there is way more good stuff to talk about. Now now let’s talk about how addicting this is very addicting so prepare your self for a new addiction. Well I’m afraid that’s all I have time for because it’s a school night and yes if you were wondering I did play this for two straight up hours ✌🏽 bye

- This game is ok

This game kills my battery 🔋 fast and makes my phone 📱 really hot 🥵 it feels like it is going to explode and there are so many adds this is a fun game but I had 100 percent and my phone went down to 68 percent in 10 minutes which was really weird you get to make a room to paint 🎨 nails and they only let you redo it 4 times when most games let you do a lot more please read this if you want to download this game I gave it 5 stars ⭐️ so you would read it but it is really a two or three star ⭐️ game so mabey don’t get this game

- Amazing! 😉 But some problems

This app is a great game it’s very fun, However there are some problems. Sometimes when I’m in the middle of the round it will freeze sometimes, They also have a lot of ads for example right after a round you will get a ad.I also found this game from a ad but on the ad it showed the clients talked but in the actual game they don’t, but other than that everything is good! Have a good day/ night to everybody reading this!

- Amazing game

This game is great but it is so many ads like a ad after you do a level an ad just so many ads I love the game but it is just ti many ads you know nobody likes ads people just want to play the game not listen to ads all the time this is just my thinking if you like ads you can like ads this is just I want to say about this game Im not faking if you like ads you don’t have to agree with me thx all I have to say but thx for looking at my review bye ❤️❤️🌈🌈👑


I have played a lot of games in my life but never one this laggy! I’ve had inappropriate ads, scary ads, and overall disturbing ads! I don’t want other kids seeing ads for a murder game and thinking it’s ok to kill people! That’s just the adds! Every time I try to paint the nails my screen freezes for 10 minutes and it goes to an ad that I don’t want to see. If this was a good quality game then it should be suitable on all types of devices. I play on an iPad that’s an older model and it kicks me out 24-7! Do not spend your money on this. Will not recommend playing again!

- I LOVE THIS APP SO MUCH but one problem ❤️

I love this app so much it is so fun❤️ but there are not so many adds on my phone🤔 but there is one problem🥺it will not let me Claim the rewards on the game😕 I don’t like that part so if you could fix the problem then please fix it i can’t claim the rewards on it😭 and the rewards are really cool😎but to bad because I can’t claim them 😔so if you could please fix it please thank you for reading 📖 this review on the nail game 🤳🏽💅🏽have a nice day👍🏽 and bye ✌🏽

- Awesome game!

This game is literally so fun, you get to make your store prettier, you can also choose what color the nails are after every day (including colors, nail polish, etc.) The only thing I hate are the ads, there are ads literally 24/7! Like after everything you do, there's an ad after it. It's getting super annoying, but other then that this game is super fun and I recommend everyone playing it, kids will enjoy this game (I think and hope)

- Good work 👏👍

I absolutely love this app!! It’s super satisfying and it is very enjoyable to play! But there is one thing that kinda creeps me out. The characters......... I understand that you are trying to make the characters look different than most games, but it kinda bothers me. They are very creepy from the way they are designed. And it’s just straight on creepy. If you could fix that I would be thrilled 😁 and love this game even more!!! It’s an awesome game! Keep up the good work!! 😉

- Love but

I love this game so much and all but there’s one thing that I hate when you play you can’t just pick what color to give them and I would really like that to happen but it is what it is so I’m hoping you guys will change that because it’s very fun but it’s not with that so please change it again please make some more games like this. It’s so fun to play this game so please make some more like this and have a great day everyone bye!!

- Fab game but the ads...

This game is wonderful. Even though it says in app purchases, this is NOT one of those games where you need to pay to play. That being said, the ads. Let’s talk about the adds. These are fine ads, some trashy, some weird, and some interactive! They pop up every minute, but the quality is not to bad. I mean, I get it because not many people are going to spend their money on this game so they have to make money somehow. All in all this is a wonderful game and very enjoyable.

- Love the game

One things that I love the game about because like you get a real experience of acrylic nails also you get to see how it works and see the prices of it and make different designs and have fun with it because rave be fine with it and be unique with it have fun with it and I’ll love it because of those reasons because you get experiments and asked you could you make different designs and be unique with it game and I just love it

- Awesome LOL 😍❤️

I have had this game for three years I absolutely love it there was only a few flaws is the best ASMR game out there it helps you concentrate it can also help you get stress out if you listen to ASMR and it is just the best thing in the world and when I first got it I wasn’t that sure about it but now I’m just like oh I love it it’s so it’s so good I love it and it was him it was perfect so I highly highly recommend getting this game ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😘💕💕✌🏻✌🏿✌🏼✌🏽✌🏾

- Great game but needs some work

I love this game but there are some things that need to be looked at. First of all the marbling feature does not work at all you try to swirl it and it looks the same as it did before, and it shouldn’t have to be for an add to marble or put decoration. Second of all you earn colors way to slow, you should start with a variety of colors Third and finally make the game more like match what the customer wants, and make it so you have to watch an add or something like that Thanks for understanding

- This game is awesome

I love this game because you have so much options to chose from so if you do a stencil you have some really good things to chose from some people say it has a lot of ads but it’s how you make money because there’s no extra things to purchase like other nails or things like this anyway I think this game is awesome and has a lot of effort put in to it so I would definitely recommend this game

- A great game that’s very relaxing! 😁

I really love this game because I always loved the look of acrylic nails, and now I can create my own nails on this app! There aren’t many adds like other games, so I really appreciate that. There is some room for improvements, like maybe add more customization and things! But overall this is a great game and I would recommend it if you feel bored today! Good job to the creators of the game! 🥰🥰🥰

- ADS☹️

It’s ok it’s just the ads that bother me a bunch because every time I finish a level, ad, ad, AD! That’s what bugs me and the other thing is that I won’t let u do things by ur self like dipping the nail polish and when u do stencils it won’t let u put it back If u don’t want that one so that’s the stuff that bugs me ( especially the ads lol ) but other than that the game pretty relaxing and fun in my opinion but that’s all so if ur not an ad person DONT get this game but otherwise it’s pretty AWESOME! ❤️

- Really fun and the ones about ads are fake

I love this game I play it almost every day I hate it when people complain about ads cause they are exaggerating I can’t even remember the last time I had an ad I think I have had 3 so far I’m on level 20 so those reviews about ads are fake also I wish you could add red polish for the nails because it would go really good with some stencils otherwise great great ap

- Love it & some Ideas 💡👏✌🏽

Finally, a game that is just like the ads for it & fun I really like seeing the nails at the end It makes me happy & give ideas to how I would do my nails! 😀 I would not mind if there was an option to skip the sanding ( first 2 steps) & only do the color paint & decoration! That’s my fav & wish I could just Paint & decorate please & a “back” button So you could change the design or gems u decorated with. & to add more than 1 decoration Like on the edges or extra glittery On top of the stencil Just a thought for the future :) A “Skip” for the grind parts Thanks!!! & it’s fun If u like nails polish etc U will like this There are a lot of ads though Which can get annoying Like can we Please please just do 2 nails In a row????! Please Every 4th one give us an extra Think about it. It’s so quick between ads

- Amazing 😊but some feedback 😉

i absolutely love this game but a lot of games have flaws 😐😐1) when we are filling in the nails with the color, it would be better if we could do it ourselves and not it automatically do it. 2) the customers have to tell us if they want a design or an accessory on their nails. and what color and shape they want. that’s just my feed back. like i said, i absolutely love this game😁😁😁it’s my fav. i rate it a 5

- It’s a little addicting and it’s not my fault and it’s super fun that’s why it’s addicting

I love playing this and it is very fun but very very addicting I’m not saying that is a Bad thing but well I do think it is a bad thing because I play it for a while but I am angry because I found out that I was playing it for a very very long time I was playing for 100 Hours in a week I got in trouble with my parents

- The game is fun but the process is inaccurate

As nail tech, I love the idea of an asmr game combined with nail design. But I feel like the developers are confused about product applications on nail forms. When using a nail form you wouldn’t shape the nail square if you are creating A stiletto or coffin shape nail. You would apply the product in the shape that is closest to the desired nail shape then file the shape. I also found it interesting that there isn’t a portion in the game where you’re filing the acrylic on the top of the nail after application to shape it. Also the adds a horrible.

- Great game just a tad many ads

I love this game it’s a great idea of it!😍It is relaxing 😌 but when I get the nails done or almost done with them there are ads 😐I gave four starts bc I like the game it’s really relaxing but if there wasn’t so many ads I would give five ⭐️ 🤩 Love this game you should try it some hate the game bc of ads but I like it I don’t mind the ads I think some of the ads are relaxing to but not all of them..well this game is great have a wonderful day!😊⭐️⭐️⭐️💗💗💗

- Great, but ADS

This has the potential to actually be a fun, time wasting game! But there are SO many ads. I get ads even during doing the nails. I looked for an option to pay for no ads but there doesn’t seem to be. I will probably be deleting because there are too many of them. Still it is a fun game. I feel like maybe you should make it a bit challenging though, for example you could get not as many points for not getting the correct nail length while filing and such.

- So Sloww!!

Okay, so I downloaded the game because most of the reviews were good, and the bad ones just talked about ads, but I didn't really care about ads. I opened the game, and every motion I made was delayed by almost 30 seconds. It also moves very very choppily. For example, if I try painting on a stencil, the brush goes from the beginning, freezes, then it's in the middle, then it's done. It could just be my phone too, but I don't recommend unless you have very high patience. Thanks for reading this far! 🎷🐛✨🌜🥂🌛

- Good game but

This game is great for passing the time and the adds aren’t that bad unlike some games I play but I have a few problems. The customers are pretty weird looking but that’s not the end of the world though I wish they would be more specific with what they want so that I don’t keep doing the same design of nails over and over again but other than that this is a great game and I would totally recommend it to a friend.

- You can only use one thing

I have a little sister who loves doing nails. So she ask my mom if she could get it. My mom ask me to download it first. I did and i liked it. After playing around with it for like 10 days it still wouldn’t let me do marble. It only let me use stencils and it got boring. I like the game don’t get me wrong, just whoever the creator is needs to add more stuff. Stuff to fix: Pls add more stuff and let everyone (even if they just got it) have the marble effect. Thank you sooooooo much!

- It’s good just one thing.......

This game is really good just a couple things though 1.... WHY ARE THE POEPLE SO CREEPY. I mean it’s not like give you nightmares creepy but they are creepy enough for you to be like OMG know wonder that want makeovers! 😂 and when I click the button when I’m done to not get 2X the reward but I have to watch a video for it when I click NO it gives me an ad anyway! But if you like what you see I recommend it just be prepared for the UGLY PEOPLE and ADS. 🦋👍🏽🐴🐎🥶🙃🍩👻

- WAY Too Many Ads

So, overall this game is awesome! It’s very soothing. The music in the background is well chosen. But my only complaint is even in the middle of nail painting a client, an ad pops up! And every time AFTER you finish. This is way too far. I understand you’re also doing it for money, but please lessen the ads. Many have complained about this as well, and I hope you fix this soon. I will be deleting the app if this is not fixed.

- A couple flaws but otherwise good

I love this app me and my sister each took turns trying out different nail and it was fun. Buttttttttttttt they’re are a lot and I mean a lot of ads like even when I don’t double my pay it STILL gives me ads. I still have this game because I love it so much yet I still have to suffer from ads plzzzzzz read this and just tweak dis game a lil and I men a lil bit . Tanks

- 👍

I think this app is great but I wish it didn’t have so many adds I also with you could get to choose between having all the nails the same or making each one different. I also wish you could mix colors together to make. Certain color. Other than that I think it is pretty good I also like how nothing costs money. I think the app is super fun and I recommend it for people who love artistic stuff.

- Not a great game with sooo many adds!’s not a very great game. I’m so upset about the adds, I couldn’t go one minute without an add. Adds, adds, adds! I got very similar adds in-fact, 3 adds. They were both property brothers adds almost the exact same. The game it’s self was a good concept but bad execution. For decorating you don’t have any option on what it will look like; I think they are all tacky, it looked better before. No males, trans, bi people, come into the store only women with the exact same body shape. The art style for the people is not the best, I don’t like it. Not many choices on art design, you have to wait to unlock the different things. No, no, don’t buy this. I don’t recommend this game, especially for children, the adds will be a big problem, so hard to get out of. I did not enjoy this and to think, it was on the best free games. It hardly free with all the adds you giving them so much money. Waste of time.


This game is amazing 😉. I’m only seven and it’s been two days since I have had this game so I think it’s pretty good I think should make more nails and color and some more accessories and stencils ok! If your reading this anyone please get the game and if it says to rate it and you didn’t even play it yet just put three stars and put a review saying it said to rate it and I dint even play yet ok pice out✌🏻!

- Amazed

This game is really cool it is super satisfying and I’m 11 so most games are all good but this one is amazing 😉 this game doesn’t have nearly any adds and I know this game is good because I had drove with me and my dad all the way from Seattle to Montana! And the only time I got car sick was that one time when I ate a month old chocolate bar🤪 Sooo yah I think that this is the best game I’ve ever played on a road trip!

- About the graphics

It’s a really nice game, it has a nice idea that was executed GOOD but not GREAT, A few things you guys should improve about the graphics is when you are doing the nail you can make the nail COMPLETELY by yourself, like picking up the bead and sculpting the nail your self and also file it! And also you guys could do gel nails as well! And when it comes to colors, tools, etc.. you guys could just GIVE THEM the item, not force them to watch an ad.

- Nail game

I love this game it is super fun and cool. It gives you many different designs that gives you an idea if you want to paint your nails! But there is a lot of adds which is kind of anoying i inn the game but everything else is awesome. It is such a fun game. Also you can only do one of the customers nails instead of all wich I don’t really like. Because you would want to do all the nails not just one.

- It’s a nice game but a little touch

I love the game but it needs a little touch I’ve been playing for about less than an hour and I just want the NPC’s to say either I don’t like it or oooh that’s pretty and some other things sorry creator but it needs a tiny touch it’s a nice game other than those things so creator those touches are needed thank you. -Echos From The Cave Of Truth

- Claiming

I think this app is amazing but it does not let me claim things like I have adds available but I doesn’t let me claim anything. I like earning money faster and I don’t mind watching adds I just don’t understand why I cannot claim things. Like is it the app or me? I can claim things on every other app and watch things but not on this one. Can anyone help me?

- Good but small problem

Ok so I download this game for fun. Don't judge I'm at 22 year old who enjoy kid game and I honestly find this game kind of relaxing the best part is getting new stuff in the game but that the problem I want to do their stuff and get more stuff for watching videos buy can't it won't let you watch videos to even get your tip jar if you could plz fix this bug the game would be amazing just plz fix that bug

- Awesome game! But needs a little improvements

Let me start off by saying great game! It is so addicting and fun and has a good amount of adds every now and then, one of my flaws is that the people are a little creepy. Overall, great game. This hard work really paid off, but it would mean a lot if you could fix the people, and make some stuff free. Thanks! 👍

- I love it

I love it I think it teaches kids how to do nails and it is super fun that’s why I did five star rate it’s also really cool and kids can choose their own creations and be creative they can also helps them do nails by them self and they can do their own nails you can unlock different things to help them be more creative you can choose what. You prefer.

- Ads for Days!

Game is a great concept! Enjoyed the game play, though I’d like to place my own decorations and have more realistic hand motions on some things. However, I have to rate this 1 star due to the relentless ads between every single customer. I can’t enjoy a game if I have to wait 30+ seconds between each customer staring at ads. It breaks up the timing and takes me out of the experience of the game itself.

- OMG best game ever!!!

I thought This was a cheap cheap game but no I heard the sound of the nails and needed it the animations are good too I love a game with good animations am I saying that right I don’t know anyway I love your game so many options oh I love the sound and especially when you spread the color oh my gosh! So good I love your game keep it up five stars anyone else? Also make sure to keep your mask on😷

- So much fun

Get this app too many ads though if you’re looking for the thought of this game sup no we are going to describe what does game has a mind OK so you can paint nails and you can like choose the color you want you can to use powder and you can like get decorations or here or you can change the color of the powder and then then you’re done

- Best game

Hello! This game is soooo addicting! I haven't got any ads since I downloaded the game. Here's a suggestion for ZERO ads: Turn your wifi off once in the game. The only bad thing about turning off your wifi is that you won't be able to watch ads to get rewards. 😕 But anyways, I love this game and if you hate ads but want this game follow my suggestion!

- Inappropriate ads

I love this game so much!!!😍 But there is one problem, the ads are INAPPROPRIATE. I got this game and have got a lot of people being 👩‍❤️‍👩 and I try to skip the ads but it doesn’t let me! Please make the ads better and more for kids, because this seems like it would be a kids game. So make ads appropriate or I will rate this app badly! Even my little sister got this game and she is only 8 and are watching those kind of ads. But I still love this game!


It’s fun, it’s addicting and I always want to play it. I love almost everything about it, but there’s one there’s one thing. It needs more challenge. Maybe you would have to do 5 fingers instead of 1, or I don’t know, maybe an extra hard request for more money or something similar to that. Overall, I love the game and it’s very fun.

- Good concept, but...

This game has a good concept and everything, but there are just a few flaws. First of all, this game is a lot of fun. The problem is that there are SO MANY ADS. And it’s jot even right after a clients hand. It’s in the middle of doing their nails, too. It’s SOO ANNOYING. I get it, you have to get money. But with a game that has THIS MANY ADS, you could get bad reviews, and stuff. I’m not trying to be a Karen. But please cut down on the ads!! I know, I could turn off wi-fi. But then I wouldn’t be able to text anyone, or get any notifications. Also, the clients are super creepy. Idk why, but they just are. Also, there isn’t any sound to it, besides music. At least it is for me. Like I said, it’s a fun game. But PLEASE cut down on the ads.

- Could be better easily

This is a fun app. I had it a couple months back and played it for awhile. I got bored since I unlocked all the nail shapes so I was excited to see the marble feature. However it has to recharge and then you have to watch and add to even use it. If it could just be a one time add and then able to use whenever after I’d give this app five stars.

- Awesome game😁 but has some flaws

This game is very satisfying! But like a lot of games it has some things that could be fixed 1: Way to many adds! It’s like every time I do something there is an add! Which is very annoying. 2: not all lot of options😕 I wish there was more nail polish colors and if it was possible to paint the nails and do a stencil, but you have to choose on or the other 3: more steps, more fun This one is more of a personal opinion, but I feel there should be more steps. I watch people doing acrylics all the time, and got the steps pretty much memorized. I think there should be steps like preparing the nail, putting on the tip, putting on the acrylic, filing the nail and even using a UV light. This game is very good and fun! But could use some improvements

- Way to many ads

So when you put on the acrylics the game makes you watch an ad and then do you can put on the design and paint the nail you have to watch another ad and then to tie it all together at the end you have two options to not watch a ad and get the bare minimum, or to get 3x or 2x more coins but you have to watch a ad. PLOT TWIST(you have to watch a ad for both options). Don’t download this app unless you have a lot of patience. I just got this app because I’m always bored.

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ام عزوز الكندية👩🏻‍🍳

If you're charging almost 500SAR for a set of basic French acrylic nails, make sure they're the best damn set and not looking like this 😳

Gabriella ♐️

@_hafeezat ohhh yeah my nails are weak asf too that’s why i was always doing acrylic bc i got lazy LOL... for the past month i’ve been strictly using builder gel and my natural nails haven’t chipped and are actually getting longer, that’s the only reason i would recommend trying it!

Gabriella ♐️

@_hafeezat dip powder is basically acrylic just a little fyi! i recommend just using builder gel and letting your natural nails grow over time :)


@mimitheproblem @_CIARAmist i’m focused on your nails! acrylic or poly gel?

i’m baby

who is the best nail tech in Cleveland that is willing to do short acrylic nails? 🥲

militant han🧸🎄

I’m abt to do acrylic (poly gel) nails at work rn cause it’s so slow lmfaooo


This ass This gay Is paying rent If you don’t really mind I’ll put some acrylic nails


I want black acrylic nails so bad But I'm a mechanic and have horses so long nails would be catastrophic

开 kolo

i want to get acrylic nails 😡😡😡

sel botz

Guys! I’m going to be doing acrylic nails again and doing a cheap service fee of $10 for my first 5 people (designs and gems included) just to get me back in the swing of things, if you’re in the Houston/woodlands area and want to be my guinea pig lmk 🤗


I didn’t have any nail polish so I painted my nails with acrylic paint and proceeded to paint over that with clear nail polish- ngl it worked


I miss having acrylic nails but too scared of Covid and lockdown to get them 😩😩😩

ℋ𝑒𝓎 ℒ𝒾𝓏❀

@Rica_Is_Here Yep. My nails growing out under the acrylic

jessica franco

@youngnailsinc Can’t wait to use my new glitters and acrylic I got from the sale! I think I can take one small break to do my nails and make a video between studying I only have one chapter left.. 😍😍😍

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Acrylic Nails! 1.4.2 Screenshots & Images

Acrylic Nails! iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Acrylic Nails! iphone images
Acrylic Nails! iphone images
Acrylic Nails! iphone images
Acrylic Nails! iphone images
Acrylic Nails! iphone images
Acrylic Nails! iphone images
Acrylic Nails! iphone images
Acrylic Nails! iphone images

Acrylic Nails! (Version 1.4.2) Install & Download

The applications Acrylic Nails! was published in the category Games on 2020-08-26 and was developed by Crazy Labs [Developer ID: 721307559]. This application file size is 191.54 MB. Acrylic Nails! - Games app posted on 2020-12-31 current version is 1.4.2 and works well on IOS 10 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.crazylabs.acrylicnails

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