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- Bug fixes

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- 🥰 The best game ever

I like this game because it’s just like you just have to get around obstacles by just getting the stuff to get around it it’s a little bit hard but I think it’s the best because it’s just like you’re just gonna go and restart over and over and you’re going to get every single level even if you just stay on level one for a while you’ll still get it and I am so happy I found this game because every other game it’s like it’s just still full with ads in this one it’s fairly full of that like I only had so far one ad and it’s the best game ever whoever does not like it that is so weird because I love this game.

- Good concept, poor execution.

Overall the game is fine, it delivers exactly what is downloaded. I would call this a toilet game; besides the core concept, there is really nothing more to it. Things seem to be added to this game that have little purpose. Once you finish a made you will be given a score, a number of coins collected, and a chest if you have reached the top of the final ‘staircase.’ While it may look like these have a purpose, it never goes any further than numbers. Once you finish a mission you can not go back to it, meaning you can not try to beat high scores. There is also no player board, so you can’t try to get a high score within a community. There is no shop as well so coins seem to be just a poorly implemented objective. And for the chest, when I got to the top of the steps and grabbed the chest nothing came afterwards. This is all very typical for a Voodoo game, a very minimalistic game with ads crammed into every corner. If you are looking for a fun different experience, this game is not it. So I give it a 2 star.

- So very terrible!

Where do I begin with this stupid and very useless app??!! First of all, most of the other ratings are low too! This game is boring and doesn’t even let you use the coins. Why do the coins even exist? They have no purpose! Secondly, the app itself makes your device glitch, lag, develop difficulties, and just be annoying to use! What was the reason??!! Please make sure nobody sees this destroyer of all thing good in life download on other electronics! Third, it is very boring and easy! I zone out playing this useless game! I mean this does not go out to all voodoo games but this is a tragedy, mistake, and massive disappointment! This app has a purposeless existence! I never want to see it again! It doesn’t really have much excitement it is just typical! It has coins that do not do anything either! I know I mentioned the coins a lot but they just get on my nerves! You basically can only run with blocks following you with this failure! Trust me absolutely DON’T GET this app!


GoGo i and the family 👶 kids Yes yes we can do that for the next day and I can do that for the kids to get them out out and I can have a few things for them and then maybe I will go to get off early lol lol yes yes I can have a little time for you I I have to go to work tomorrow and then I have a couple things I need a few more to get my Mom TaiJonae XD is a great game game but it needs more name to work with ur game ur friends are in ur own home 🏡 game for the game to go for more fun 🤩 I can play this one ☝️ game

- Great game!!

I really enjoy playing this game, it’s a quick, fun little obstacle and so addicting! If you have anything going on in your life, try to play this game for a while, it’ll take your mind of it. Though I have one big question. What are coins for? I don’t see any shop or anything. Keep in mind I got this game 3 weeks ago, I think I’m on level 70 or 90 or in between. Or 50, I’m not keeping track. Few tips, try to use little block as possible. So lets say you got up, and your turning. Don’t make a whole stair, try and put little by little but enough. Great game super good! Developers, if you see this just remember to keep up the good work! And reader, go download this now!

- Too many adds and it could be better

The only reason I gave this game 3 stars is because there was too many adds and after an hour it got boring. They would replay the same levels a and there was no challenge, I mean sure, don’t touch red, but I felt like they weren’t really trying to make it entertaining. Also, I was constantly getting ads, it was never ending. I know lots of games have lots of adds but this game is literally deja vu. I kept replaying the same levels and the same adds, this game got boring fast. Games are supposed to help your mind face challenges and keep you from being bored (especially in quarantine). This game is a waste of storage and time, my advice, don’t believe everything you see.

- Has quite a bit of problems

This game has a lot of potential, but it seems to all be put to waste. My problems are: 1: The gameplay. This is quite fun in the first few seconds of playing it before it gets boring. It’s a colorful game where you collect stairs to go up, but no. And that brings me to problem 2 2: The glitches/bugs. This games bugs are overwhelming. You can spam click to go up without any stairs which really makes the game a bit too easy. 3: The useless features. I’ve noticed coins scattered around the levels but where’s the shop? I don’t get it! 4: The death screen. Sure, the death screen is fine. It’s simple and has no flaws. But it gets repetitive waiting a good 5 seconds for the restart button to appear. 5: The ADS. Where do I even get started? You can’t skip the ads which are 10 seconds or more, that you receive even if you don’t press the free revive button. Another thing, the ads appear after every sing level. Sure, that would be fine if you could actually skip them! This game can be really good, so I’m giving it 2 stars. It is new, so that’s an excuse. But please do fix these things. Good day.

- Incredible

I started playing when the first game came out, it’s easy to see how good the story for this legendary saga has become, the fighting mechanics are by far the best, I feel so immersed in this game and it’s like with every new installment the devs are getting better, the best thing is the graphics it almost feels like real life, and the decisions you have to make all change the outcome of the story, the character development is amazing, this is my 7th play through of the game on master difficulty and there’s always something to do or find, the game has so many cool characters you feel like you actually know them and a there friends. Get this game if you want one of the best games of the century. Would recommend. Best game ever. Really good story and mechanics, it has something for everyone. 0/10

- Updated

Definitely a good game but it definitely needs some updates, I think there should be coins ,maybe a free surprise chest to get coins or different skins or back packs , because there are so many changes, you could make for the game to be better , you can make the people have faces , make the bricks possibly different colors , make or you could have a thing in strings where you can chose what theme you want and everything in the game could revolve around that theme , I understand it’s a new game but I could definitely be better ❤️I hope to see some new updates in the near future

- Fun and addicting but needs to be improved.

While it’s fun and pretty addicting tbh, there needs to be some improvements. I have three major problems with this game. 1. There’s no point in the coins you collect. Why not have a shop or something to spend them on and maybe get new skins or stair patterns/colors? 2. A few too many ads. While I get there needs to be ads on a free game to make money. I think they should maybe lower the amount they give you. 3. The level patterns get repeated a lot. I know it’s hard to design like a hundred unique levels, but the same patterns get repeated a lot. Still a good game though.

- Best gamer ever!

Theres not a lot of adds and it’s free and fun! And i think the add for this game is amazing it helped me learn about that one block thing and it’s amazing it helps so much so if ur looking on reviews download this game and see how fun it is so if u do u should write reviews like this so u can get get people to download this game and see how awesome this game is once u play it you will not regret playing this game so u should download it so u can write a review on it so bye have a good day

- This game is addicting, it’s great! Just a suggestion.

I love this game! It’s just a small game I can play when I’m bored, but sometimes I am on the second to highest step. It makes me bang my head against the wall. So, what if you can have a last chance where your character is hanging off of a bridge and you have to keep on clicking a specific letter to make it to the last one. Don’t have to do it though, just a thought!

- Dude, what do we buy?

I really like this game, but it’s very repetitive and the makers didn’t focus on little details. You can sacrifice in the game to get coins, or you work really hard to reach the top to open the chest to get coins, but what in the world do we do with the coins??!! There’s no shop, you map and color changes every round, there’s nothing, I repeat NOTHING to buy!! To the creator of this game: please add some shop where you can buy some different skins or a map or a color or something please please please. People will waste their time earning coins, and end up with nothing to buy with their hard work!


Ok I love this game because there is some adds but not too many and I LOVE that about it and it’s honestly just a really fun game i love it I play it almost every day not every single day because I’m not on my phone every day but when I am on my phone I play it it’s not glitchy or anything it’s a very good game 🤗🤗🤗 I don’t know what to say about it’s just a wonderful game and it one of my favorite games not my only favorite games but one of them 😁😁😁

- Boring only 5 stars because it will show up

First things first, I’m only doing 5 stars so it will show up first and you’ll read it. Second This game is very boring after a few minutes like a lot of games by this company. After the first like 5 levels it’s just boring. Same concept and nothing new. The levels don’t get any harder and it’s just the same thing over and over again BORING.

- Mildly amusing, really annoying, not worth paying for

This is a mildly amusing game to waste a little time with, even though it’s a resource hog and the graphics are nothing to get too excited about. The frequency with which ads are shoved in your face, though, is really annoying. It’s pretty obvious that the overwhelming ad placement is meant to force you into paying for the game just to be able to enjoy playing it. The problem is, this game isn’t actually worth paying for, which really just means that, after a half hour of playing it, I can’t see much reason not to delete it.

- Stair run

This game is the best but I’ve gave it for five stars! It’s really just the best try it out if you go all the way to the top of the stair thing like it’s kind of like a staircase maybe you’ll get this treasure box and maybe there’s a surprise of it you will get this game or I won’t like you!!! Just kidding! Get this game now you can only win real coins!!! Excuse me I need to get this door I will rate a cool game and see you guys later!

- Great... but RIDICULOUSLY easy and repetitive

I love this game! The haptic feedback feels great and the gameplay is so endlessly fun.... BUT i have gotten to level 225 while only dying ONCE! It is so easy and I’m starting to think the levels are just repeating. There is zero difficulty and structure change between levels, it’s just the same old same old. I feel like level one had the same difficulty as level 200!!! Please, up the difficulty and I’ll change my review to 5 stars! As it stands now though, its fun but waaaaay to easy.

- Good game, minimal ads.

I just want to say that this is a great game. I feel like it is executed well and does not have a lot of ads. Every single time you look at game reviews is that they are TONS of people complaining about ads on FREE GAMES! The creators need to get profit from free games and I feel like this is one of the better games by Voodoo, because Voodoo is usually not very good at making games. I just want to say this is a great game.

- Good but glitches

This game is really fun and good and it is a great game when you are bored. However sometimes when I play it, it glitches and freezes and you don’t know where you are going. Also, another problem is that sometimes when I am not touching the red thing it still makes me lose some of the stair blocks. Plz fix but I still give five stars.

- Great game!

I like this game and it is a great way to kill time when your bored. But there is an issue I have that whenever I’m on the platform my character will turn red and I loose some of my bricks and get knocked back, please fix this bug and this game will be perfect! Also I think you should add a shop so you can spend the coins

- Stop

Their is adds left to right this is Highly expected from a voodoo game I give it a 2 stars I would recommend having less adds and Probably a shop to at least change the color or to upgrade and when you do make a shop you usually have to Watch a add I can’t get over it stop putting so many adds and if you want to stop the adds you always have to pay it’sAnnoying but you probablyWon’t change it no matter how many reviews you get I don’t even know why I’mWasting my opinion time writing this review you won’t Listen any way I uses to love these games but now I just don’t know

- Tons of ads

It’s a pretty cool game at first. But there’s an absurd number of ads (one after every level or two, and levels take about 15 seconds each), and the ads take 10-15 seconds. Also, after the first maybe 10 levels I’m pretty sure they just keep recycling earlier levels. Would be a decent game if they put a little effort into development and cut the ads by half or a third - as it is, I’m deleting it from my phone after about 15 minutes of play. Save yourself the hassle and pick a different game to download.

- Soooooo fun but some suggestions.

This game is so satisfying and it almost never gets old. The thing is it only has 7-10 different courses/maps until it repets. Also, I couldn’t find a way to change skins colors ar anything. I don’t know if there is a way, but if there is not, please add a way. It would be nice to have something to work forward to. But in all it is a really good and fun game. I would suggest it to all ages.


THIS GAME IS AMAZING. Not only is it super addicting it also has short, slippage ads. You know those games that have super long non skippable ads after each level? This game lets you play two turns, tiny ad, then play. This is awesome compared to other games that are filling your screen with ads. Short version: awesome, and well done 👍🏼 👏


Ok so I’m 10 years old and even I CAN SEE that this game is bad. Okay 1. ITS JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER VOODO GAME!!! I downloaded cube surfer (a voodo game) and its JUST LIKE THIS. It even has an almost identical name. 2. There is no shop but there is coins?!? Ok I’m just confused now. WHY BOTHER TK ADD COINS BUT NOT A SHOP?!?!? And lastly 3. Me and my bff wanted to try a test on this home so she downloaded cube surfer and I redownloaded this game we beat the game side to side together abc the level layout is the same -_-. Clap clap CLAP. Don’t download this game it’s a waste of storage

- This game is garbage

From the adds I thought the game would be challenging, I was wrong, it’s very easy because you only need like three stairs to get past the ending. It’s no where near challenging and the levels aren’t creative. The levels include the same five repeating over and over again in different colors. Nothing in the game is fun because once you beat the first few levels it’s over. The rest of the levels are exactly the same. Don’t support this awful game that the developers put so little time in like all there other games

- Best game ever played

I like this game because it’s really funny you could do a lot and yeah it’s really fun and you could do a lot and there’s a lot of different levels and watch a different stairs and everything it’s super fun I love to play it has everything has a lot of different levels which I love and yeah ha ha you must get this and yeah I just amazing

- Good game!

It’s fun and if your tired it puts you to sleep! I recommend this app and I'm obsessed ! Even tho the ads it’s just for them to make money not just make an app and not get money. I recommend this app! Thank you and maybe add a little bit more stairs when you get to the end.

- It’s a ok game

I kept seeing this game in the add so I pressed on it and read the comments so I downloaded it cuz it looked fun and I gave it a shot then the first level was fun but when I was on the second level like I was about to lose but it kept going and it went on to the she and the clouds and I tried everything but it would not stop walking it kept going on the sky I think there was some glitches in this game so can please work on the game and improve some of the features of the game thank you without the glitching I think it’s good game.

- Good but I don’t understand

This game is very fun and addictive, When playing the game you can collect coins. The game is good but what is the point of getting coins if it doesn’t let you use them. You can collect as many coins as you can and at the end of a level if you make it all the way up the stairs you get lots of coins. My point is what do you do with the coins

- I really dont like it

Its impossible to complete it makes you skip with ads and when you see an ad the creater gets money. Its just using the players for money. But it has no ads. And if you pay for the no ads its going to be useless. The advertisement was trying to make it look possible but one your like level 5 it gets hard. And it makes you angry pretty much. For gods sake please don’t download this. Fyi (for your information), this is based on a true experience.

- A little confused...

This game is great, and I think it delivers what it advertises. But, I’m not understanding how or why you get coins, when there’s absolutely no way of spending them. Why would I care about getting coins if I can’t get a power up with them? Like it makes no sense, but the game doesn’t lag, and it’s not loaded with ads or pop ups.

- It’s a pretty Cool Game.

I like playing this game because it’s interesting and a time passer.... However, I feel like there could be more graphics & more options to change characters... There’s really nothing to do with these coins I’m stacking, And lastly there needs to be different level structures! It seems to Rotate between 3 Board styles and that’s no challenge. We need a challenge people!! 😂👍 But overall I like the idea!

- Game

This game gives just what it's is explaining in the ads but it is overall a little hard but it is easy once you get but I keep seeing ads so I just HAD to download load and I believe it's a good choice and it overall is an amazing game!!!

- Fun but needs work

I’m not sure why there’s coins in this game. They’re not being used for anything and it resets every game. You don’t really work for anything. This game also lags a little and it has no controls to move the character left and right but sometimes misses stairs on the sides and there’s nothing you can do to move that way so I don’t understand that.

- This game is ok

This game is good and all but I have some problems with this game. 1.You can’t go back to try levels again. If you wanted to go back and try to get a better score you can’t. 2. You collect coins and there is nothing to use them for. 3. There are so many adds that you can’t skip and they are usually over 15 seconds. I liked this game but it didn’t really make me want to play it again after a few rounds. That’s just my opinion though.

- It is cool

Hi I just wanted you know that you have a good time and a lot to come over again I have to work at the school work on the day I have a job I can Hi I just got off work at two so I’m excited for the kids and will have to do it all the way to work and

- Good idea, bad execution

I feel like this game could have potential, however, I feel as if it was rushed. There is reason to the game, you collect coins and collect tiles to make stairs to get more tiles, and collect money, but you can’t do anything with the money. Also it seems as if the level repeats after the 4th level, or maybe I, wrong, but it goes to show that maybe there could be more attention to detail in this game.

- No point in the coins

Love this game, even got the ad free, I enjoy it as it doesn’t need WiFi to work. Wonderful as a game to get through my subway commute to and from work. But I have no idea what the point in the coins are. Kind of lame if you ask me, at least offer different tiles/ runner colors.

- I love it the consentratoin of this game is real I downloaded I’ to it now

Hkkg be Dante do c D do call chp by cut cut by no loop loop no no but by car fi de see see we cut oh no no no mop no no ppp no no by. Cho boo boo boo no boo boo hi cut cry dot Dr. see we see a we we see text by by by no no no loop by by by r see see see a see see see by by no no no no

- Star run

I love this game so much and so thank you so much for playing this game and making it a thing for making this game and making it a thing because I'm so happy that's why I put a five star rating on this game because I love it so much you're welcome!. 😀😀😀🙂🙂😄

- Me

At the very beginning I can’t even get into the game is just a black screen so I really hope that you can fix that thank you have a good day put the rest of the readings I think it Will be a fun game once you fix it

- Addicted!!!

THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER!!!I am so addicted to this like for real I thought this would have a lot of ads but it doesn’t!It does have ads but not that much!I downloaded this like a few weeks ago but I am almost level 200!!!This is so good!!!Love this game!!!

- Eehh it could be better but it’s not worse

There’s some bugs and glitches sometimes where you place blocks down when you don’t want to second what do you even do with the coins you can do nothing I tried everything whenever I played on my iPad it would never work I just kept glitching out it could be better but it’s not worse

- Coins and points do nothing?

After every round, you get a certain number of coins and points based on how high you got and whether it not you got to the chest. However, there is absolutely no use for them. There is no shop where you can upgrade your speed or buy skins, so there is no incentive to get coins.

- So far so good

I like this game and the add you see about it is most likely true but it not the best if you wanna improve your IQ. I recommend it for a once in a while game. I hope this helped. And if you have time on your hands you should download this game. It’s a little addicting btw.

- Amazing But...

This game is super addicting and small ad times. But one thing I would recommend for this is getting to keep the leftover blocks at the end. It would be so much more fun for me to play if we got to keep those blocks. Overall I love this app and it’s one of my favorites.

- Super fun

This game is awesome. I love this game so far it is so much fun. I hope this game keeps going and going.I’m going to be on this all day.I just hope that it’s not like any of those other games were just keep repeating the levels

- Great game!

Every time I play this game I always win 😉 but sometimes I lose 😒if you don’t have this game download it it’s so fun and if you’re under 12 don’t worry there’s probably another game just as fun as this one.

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- Really good and satisfying game

I think it’s a really good game and everyone should get it the reason I have my Title as that is bc when u go flying it seems satisfying and the reason it good bc it like u collect bloxs and it just like is really cool and like can get extra bloxs and it shows u ur score at the end alot of people have wrote bad reviews but I think it is really good and I hope. U make more of these games bc me and my sister really like them and we like playing together and the voodoo hole iO I think brought me and my sister together please keep making these that’s why I give u a 5 star ⭐️ thanks for sharing ur games with all us!

- Fun! I’m satisfied

The levels may be repetitive, but it’s a still fun. And satisfying! I’m past level 300, still having fun tho. People say voodoo games are 5mins of fun, but not this! This is fun AF ! If you don’t have this and read my review, def get this game! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Good game

I really like this game it’s so good and not too many ads quite easy but not too easy well not too easy but yeah it’s really a nice game I don’t know what to say about it it’s great so yeah that’s my opinion

- 5 star rating

Wow this game is so much fun love the idea and the concept thanks love it

- Glitch problem

I was playing the game then it started to glitch and when I went to play it the next day I couldn’t so I thought it was the glitch and I was right

- Not the best game

I don’t like how u spend ur bars way too much and also why do u have to click bait with multiplayer

- Hello

Hi I got this game today and it great I had to turn of wifi coz of adds tho there should be skins or sonthing to spend coins on its pretty good👌👌😃😆😃

- Great game

This is a amazing game, it has barely any adds and just great

- Stair run

I looovvveee it bc I love how the deatell and everything!!!

- Stair run


- Hello do NOT buy this game

If I could rate the 0 stars I would I won all games and finished it in a night

- Bad

I was just playing this game and then an ad came in the middle of a level just STUPID


I stilly love this game but FAKING A MULTIPLAYER GAME MODE really made me hate it so I’m reviewing you a 1 star because NO ONE LIKES FAKE ADDS

- Hard


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- Hi

Needs to have more challenge but it’s a fun game🤩🤩🤩🤪🤪🤪😇😇😇🤓🤓🤓🤯😢😢😢😢😢😢

- Why is it 12 or older?

It’s a fun game but it’s just a little repetitive and it gets a little boring but it’s still fun game, but ldon’t understand why it’s 12 or older it seems completely kid friendly

- Too many Ads

Pretty fun games but the ads are SO long! I spent more time watching the ads than playing the game

- 😩😡

To many ad’s

- Bad but fun

It’s just bad, it’s boring and repetitive but super fun

- I haven't played yet

But bob is bob and if youre named bob you are probably a good person and bob convinced ,evto get this game

- Coins for what?

I don’t get why we collect coins in the game. There should be a store where we can spend them on different avatars/skins etc.

- Good but repetitive

Fun at first but gets repetitive after a bit. Creative maybe the creators should add a bigger challenge or a daily challenge!

- Stair Run

I really love this game so I give 5 star's ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ , Thank you for making this game 🎮 bye bye 👋

- Fun game, repetitive, useless money.

This game is pretty fun, but it’s lacking in a challenge. Also you can get in-game money but you can’t do anything with it. I have about 6,500 dollars which I can’t do anything with. Too many ads usually isn’t a problem with me because I turn off my wifi.

- I would rate this a six star if a could

Soooo many any adddddds

- Ad fix

Just turn on airplane mode and turn off your wifi and no ads!

- Very fun! Awesome quality.

A very fun, addicting game to play anywhere anytime! Made by the legends VOODOO. So you know it has to be good. 😁 [WARNING, ONCE YOU START YOU CANT STOP!]

- What are the coins about?

Lovely game, but they provide you with an amount of coins that are basically there for nothing, what’s that about?

- I love this game!

I love this game so much and could play it for hours! I just think that maybe you should different character skins! Just a suggestion so that you have something to work up to!

- Thenaogndzkhvfxnwkkwuwi high

Game is ok suggest trying it just kinda annoying.

- Annulation de frais mensuel?

Comment faire pour annuler l’abonnement mensuel de 4.59$ fait par erreur aujourd’hui?

- So easy

I played for 20 mins and I’m already on level 123

- Sounds fun

It sounds very funnnnn

- It’s okay

Honestly, not horrible. The adds are annoying but they only last 5 seconds. As far as I know there is no use for the coins you collect in game therefore it’s pretty useless. A good game just to pass time

- Stupidest game in the world rehann de likes the game

Stupid game

- It’s easy

Just turn off wifi to get rid of adds

- Confused

What is the point of coins when you can’t buy anything

- Yeet

To many ads other then that it’s pretty good

- Need to put way to spend coin


- Dumb but fun

It’s a dumb game but I like dumb games so it’s a fun game

- Airplane mode

Play in airplane mode and no ads and it’s weird that you can’t spend you coin on anything very cheap like that

- Fun GAME!! Addicting!!!

PRO TIP TO USERS, TURN OFF WIFI OR CELLULAR DATA SO YOU CAN SKIP THE ADS NO PROBLEM. :)))))) works with most games or app that make you watch ads .🥰

- Sucks

The game just crashes and glitches 😤😤😤

- Good

Stop complaining About adds Just turn off your Wi-Fi

- It’s ok

Hi first time in a long way I did a lot and I’m done

- Good but ads

This app developer is obviously in it for just the money. It’s a simple yet good game but interrupted by ads every 15 seconds that last forever. And to charge $3.99 to remove them? What a joke.

- Bad

Fortnite is better

- Coins?

I like the game but what’s the point of getting coins when you can’t spend them anywhere?

- Good add good game

Great game actually

- Fun but gets boring quick

A fun game but after playing for a couple days it gets very repetitive and boring.. I’ve also accumulated many coins but there isn’t a use for them.. I don’t understand why they’re there.

- This is nothing.

The levels dont get anymore challenging. An the coons have no point. Half baked game with a 4 dollar price point to get rid of ads. Junk really

- Needs more effort

You guys seriously couldn’t find a use for coins? Or did you just get lazy, like seriously it’s not hard to add a use for coins, example: Skins, Levels, Offline earnings, like it’s not hard, you guys seriously put no effort at all, do better

- Coins

It is a great game and I have a lot of fun playing it. The only problem is that I can’t find a use for the coins. To me they are just a pointless item that you don’t need, but you get it anyway.


This game Maces me so happy when sad it is my favourite game I have ever played it should have a 100000000000000 star review 🥰

- Ads

Unfortunately i downloaded this app and while i was watching the ads sometimes the game would actually pop up. I just want to watch 20 minutes of ads instead of playing the game for 2 minutes

- Dont download

Soooo much ad like a 30 sec ad for 30 sec game play

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- Game

This game is for 3plus because it super fun to play at any time you try to collect as much stairs as you can and you make it up level and there are coins and you have to get a good score.

- No upgrades or prizes

The game has you collect coins but there’s nothing to spend the coins on. I gain the satisfaction of spending coins on different characters, scenery, or any kind of incentives to help win or gain more points. this reason made me stop playing the game because it feels as if I have nothing to play towards.

- I like it but it. But there’s one problem I don’t like..

This game is fun I highly recommend you to play it but when I finish a level it give me a add. That’s the part I don’t like but other then that you should really download the app it’s fun.

- Great concept but poor execution

I like the concept but it needs more features like saving your scores on levels and being able to play a level again in order to beat your highscore

- This is a amazing game but..

This is a very well made game but when I was playing idk in level 20 or something then got o the op and did not let me press continue I don’t know if it was my wife or the game but then restarted the game and it was just all grey I hope you can fix this people, but before this is a really fun game!

- It’s okay! But need some improvement.

I think Stair Run it’s an okay game but I just don’t really enjoy it much in my opinion! I’d say it’s a 4 star rating because the game it’s self is fine but some times it gets a little boring but in all it’s a great game! 👍🏼😄

- What are the coins for?

So I love the game but what are the coins for? (Idk if I’m just dumb) but I can’t find anywhere to like spend the coins? So do you just collect coins but not do anything with them?

- Time waster !! Luv it!

When your bored play this game!It wastes time when your waiting on something , like while your food cooking, taking a dump, and more! :D thanks for your golden time!

- Simply amazing

If you have an iPod like me this is for you do you know why? It doesn’t need internet. One of the best games I’ve ever played and no internet and it’s free download now and play😀😀😀😀😀😀

- Somethings get annoying.

It’s a good new game but you can’t even spend you own money and sometimes when youre building on the reds up it’s thinks you stopped and takes a lot of blocks if these problems were not here I would give a it a five star rating!

- Repetitive

After you beat a certain level you just keep playing the same 5 rounds over and over and over again. It’s extremely repetitive and gets really boring after a while

- Very good game

Great game to test out different strategies! I highly recommend this game. If I turn off WiFi I get to enjoy this game even more because now it has no adds

- It has potential

It’s anew game so I get it has some bugs but they have to be fixed like first the lag I’m in the middle of a game and I just get a bunch of lag and the coins there isn’t even a shop and sometimes you even miss the money even though you go through it that is why I gave it a two star

- try it

This game is awesome it is perfect for family and friends I love this game I just started playing and I am already on stage 100 you should really try this game

- One of my personal favorite apps.

Stair Run is very fun, the ads are once in a while so not all the time, And very good levels 😊 I really like stair fun and I hope you do to!

- Verry good

I think that this game is very fun some times I die but that’s okay! I rate it a four also cause it doesn’t have that many adds but one star less cause it doesn’t tell you how to play but over all I love the game

- Best game ever but adds

I love this game very much but the adds. When it is my next game there is always a add and it gets annoying. The game itself is fun to play you can get so many blocks and get more coins.

- Come on guys

This game is fun in all but they just make you replay the same levels over and over again acting like they are totally different levels. Guys if you want a game to get better reviews finish the game first before you publish it!!

- Love but...

I love this game but have been waiting for an update forever! I’m on level 1,003 now and need a new type of level with different obstacles and maybe a shop with different skins and the end to go on forever, challenges and just different and interesting things. Thank you!

- I enjoy playing but..

I enjoy playing this game, it is fun but after playing it for a couple days, I got annoyed that there was no purpose for the coins, you can’t replay a round to get a better score or compete with anyone else with your scores.. seems pointless after a while.

- Stair Run is a cool game

Stair run is a really cool game because for me it’s so satisfying. I know you’ve heard this game 100 times but they’re not kidding this is a really good game. Make sure you go download Stair Run right now.

- I love this game but....too much adds

I love the game but I like it if there was no adds cause it take so long I not Judging you I know it takes a long time

- It’s a good job

So I love this game but it has its low and high points. It’s a little hard and kind of a wast of your time now I’m not saying you Shouldn’t get this game I’m saying that think about what your getting.

- It’s a good game when you don’t have WiFi

But what’s the point of the coins?????? Like you cant even change your skin or any thing that is my only problem 🤨

- Kiahkat1211

It’s harder then it look and I finally found something that’s hard enough and enjoyable

- My think

It’s good I like it but I’m still a noob and I need tips if you can make a tip thing that would be good for me and this game is amazing! Better than among us I think


this game is amazing all I don’t like is the amount of ads besides that this game is amazing and doesn’t require internet!! I definitely recommend getting this game!!

- Love game but ....

I love this game but my whole screen was lagging and I went back on the game and I had lost all my coins I went out and back in and my coins where gone please I beg u change that and I will have your game and I will try to get my coins back but loves the game!

- So bad

Ok it’s not really bad but it’s just the adds I really would like there to be multiplayer to race to the top that would be nice but over all it’s not that good

- Wow

Love this game I just think that we should cut off the adds tho and not have to pay for them to be removed.

- Very addicting but..

This game is very fun and addicting but there really is no purpose for playing it. There’s no way to get a higher score and there’s no leader board to compete with others. Also, there is no shop so the 20,00 coins I have are useless.

- Could be better, but a way to pass the time.

Okay- where do I start? I like the game, I play it during class. 😉 It’s fun, and a good concept. Ads are okay, could be worse. I like how this game requires skill, and it’s pretty nice to see how far you can get, and watching the amount of stairs you get. I love how you don’t just have to follow the floor path, and can go into the sky. I can’t really say much else. 4 stars. October 22, 2020 Suggestion: Download if your bored.

- This game is awesome!

Once I downloaded the game it was quite easy to play but it it gets harder and harder every level. Still it’s very cool.

- One of the best games ever!

I usualy dont write reviews, but this is one us my favorite games. I play it for at least 1 hour every day!

- Too many adds.

Far too many adds. It’s a fun game to play when you’re relaxing, but you lose interest quickly when every 20-30 seconds you have to watch another add.

- Stale gameplay

I think that the game was a very good idea, but just the same thing over and over gets stale after a while. I think they should add a twist to every level like instant death, x2 speed, etc. Another idea is that they could add a competition mode so you can play and compete with other players around the world.

- Fun! But ads.

I know, every free game has ads. But this one has too much. Otherwise, this game is great! I’ve been playing for a day, and already I’m on level 86. It’s pretty addictive.

- Best game ever obsessed

This game is so soothing it is so fun and calms me down I would say maybe yo let a us be able to change the character But love this game

- Love it but

I do love this game but not 100% because each level you earn coins and there is nothing to buy or spend coins on. Add that and the game would be 100% fun for me.

- The best u should get it

I did not know how to play but when u get used to it ,it gets better


It is an addicting and fun and awesome game u should totally get it but the problem is while ur in the app it glitches ur phone and it’ll kick u put pretty often but sort from that it’s awesome

- Developers are pricing wrong.

Game would be fun if it wasn’t for the incessant ads. 1 ad every few rounds I can handle, but once every 2 runs is ridiculous. Ok game though so I thought Id just buy the no ads version for a buck. But $3 isn’t worth it. Just deleted it. Voodoo used to be better.

- Good. But glitch

I was just playing this game having fun and when I turn to press it the next thing I know it kept going on and on and on I kept staring into space I don’t know what to do do I exit the game I say it good game but needs update

- Good game... bad ideas

Overall this is a good game. The reason I gave it four starts is because you can’t buy anything with the money you earn.

- Voodoo

This is a very fun game but I wish you guys can a game like roblox with like a bunch of games together in one app and tell me the name so I can play it.

- Okay

The only problem I have with this is that there is too many ads. I just started the game after the first level BAM AD, and I know that they put ads to make money but YOU DONT NEED A FREAKING MILLION BUCKS DUDE!!!

- Fun but I have some complaints

Too many ads! what are the coins for? Too easy... same thing over and over. Okay so you can collect coins but you can’t spend them on anything! There is an ad after every round you play 😤

- Fun

This game is fun more fun then I thought I choose five stars and one thing I don’t like after 2 rounds there is an add even I

- Addicting

I am on level 1160 with over 25,000 coins and still have no idea what I’m running towards and yet I can’t stop playing.

- It’s good but there’s a problem

The problem is that when we collect coins, what do we use them on? Like we don’t have characters that we can buy so, what’s the point of getting coins if we can’t use them?

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Stair Run 1.3 Screenshots & Images

Stair Run iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Stair Run iphone images
Stair Run iphone images
Stair Run iphone images
Stair Run iphone images
Stair Run iphone images

Stair Run (Version 1.3) Install & Download

The applications Stair Run was published in the category Games on 2020-08-18 and was developed by Voodoo [Developer ID: 714804730]. This application file size is 273.47 MB. Stair Run - Games app posted on 2020-11-25 current version is 1.3 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.isl.162

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