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How often do you talk with your brain?
Hey, friend, what’s up! It’s me – your crazy brain! Let’s talk a bit, I’ve made a surprise for you… If you are brave enough, ask yourself three simple questions:
1.Are you tired of following common rules?
Good job, next one, please.
2. Wanna get some fresh ideas and unique insights?
And the last one, but not the least:
3. Do you know how to start thinking in a different and unique way?
So probably you’ve just failed now. Do not worry! I do know the right solution cause you cannot imagine how am I sick of stereotypical thinking!
► Shall we wash ourselves?
Oh no-no-no! I don’t need your private details…. But have you ever washed me? I am about puzzle game «Brainwash»! It’s a creative method to make me feel special and free from common frameworks!
Unusual jigsaw is a magic tool, which will make us think differently and solve unpredictable funny tasks. Let me make you interested and mention some:
- match beloved to a cat or make a firework,
- find a lion or even biscuits,
- escape prisoner or choose father for a baby,
- repair a tape or draw the tower of Pisa,
- convert «lose» to «love» or feed ufo-cat.

► Why Brainwash is worth paying attention to?

Top-5 key reasons:
1. There is nothing in common with old school puzzle games.
2. You will not get bored! Great variety of levels: from 1 to 100.
3. It saves your time – one level takes about 1 min.
4. User-friendly interface: easy to get the idea.
5. Stylish game tools and cheering motivation during the process.
► What I expect you to do now?
• Download the game: choose the best online store according to your device (Keep in mind! There is only two possible options). Do it, I am watching you!
• Switch on your logic. We need to excel it at max!
• Press the button and be ready for some action!
Are there any instructions for a puzzle game? No! It’s time to start acting without guides!
Ready, set, wash your brain!

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+ 100 new levels

Brain Wash - Puzzle Mind Game Comments & Reviews

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- Thank you for deleting offensive levels

Update: It seems like they removed a bunch of this negative stuff and they added positive messages. Can’t thank you enough guys. Seriously. Thank you Original: These are simple and fun games and we were really enjoying them. But we got to the one that had a choice of a boy and a girl with a baby or a circle thing (condom) and my very early elementary school daughters were like, what? *And* it had a bad result when selected. I don’t even understand what that scene was about. Then the gingerbread boy and girl, you had to put the breasts on the girl and the penis on the boy and that was just silly. You’re going to get much more play out of this game for my kids than me because the puzzles are so easy :-) why not clean it up? And while you’re at it, make there a remove ads option please! I will pay! Or make a kid version of the same app by removing all questionable levels and charging a flat $2 or something. This should not be rated as it is for kids. Please fix this, for all the kids and adults too!

- Wish I could give it no stars

How the heck is this game as highly rated as it is? It really makes me assume even more so that there are tons of fake or bought reviews out there. A bunch of people have already talked about how inappropriate for 12 year olds the game is, but just to reiterate some examples of over-sexual content include: having to give a gingerbread man a gumdrop err... crotch and a gingerbread woman a gumdrop chest; picking the right fruit to stuff a bra with; and of course the infamous duck in a gimp suit. I repeat, A DUCK IN A GIMP SUIT. But beyond that the gameplay and puzzles are just bad. They are the most braindead easy puzzles I have ever seen, they all consist of just erasing some obvious stuff with your finger, or dragging something over to some spot and then that’s it, the puzzle is done. It never increases in complexity at the game goes on. The only times you will get stumped is when the solution is some ridiculous, random thing that you never would have thought of and the puzzle never hints at that being the solution. So the puzzles are either the easiest thing imaginable or just trying random crap until something works. 4.7 star rating my behind, what a joke.

- Innapropriate for 18- please no

So while i was getting the game for my sister (shes 9) and i was bored so i decided to play the game on her ipad. Things got in inappropriate on level 25. The duck looked very sexual with the ball in its mouth and a tight jacket. Like this game is 12+!! At least make the age rating to 17+ or 18+ because the higher you go the more inappropriate the games get. Also you keep stealing photos from: Anime, Drawings, Generic kid friendly memes. Also what is your obsession with peeing in the toilet correctly? Its disturbing to some people. Also the fact that on one of the levels you have to spin the bottle and if you get an “ugly” or “fat” woman/man you get the problem wrong? Also this could be offensive to LOTS of people out there. Youcan at least put a warning on “this might be offensive to some people” or something. Also theirs a level where you have to save a zebra?? Like the crocodile wanted to eat. My sister thought it was really sad so he told me to write this review. Anyways rate this game 18+ and stop making everything stereotypical and stuff.

- Fun game. Age appropriation should go up a bit

I see a lot of reviews on here about it not being age appropriate. I agree with this. 12+ is a little low. That being said the majority of the content is at best PG-13. There is nothing extremely lewd about any of it. It is definitely not a kids game, but mid to late teens should be appropriate. I enjoyed the game thoroughly until around level 450 or so when every level after that seems to be a repeat so it didn’t stay around much after, but the games were each fairly unique and fun up until that point. All are pretty simple. I had to use the hint button a few times so there is some challenge every once in a while. All in all, it was a fun experience.

- Good but not

Everybody thinks that this is a bad game for younger kids and I agree, but just also a ya that it’s a fun. You can’t say hat you give it a zero because it’s not appropriate you could at least give it a 3 star rating but I don’t know why someone would give it a 1 star rating?! I think everybody should know that that’s not fair but i think if it had nothing good or fun in the game that’s a complete 0 star rating. (Don’t worry I know you can’t use 0 star rating)

- first

So I got it and fell in love! It was so fun. I love how every new level there was something new to do. After playing it for like one month or two the levels came back, this happened a bunch of times. At this point it is boring. So I would recommend it if this didn’t happen. So I don’t recommend this game. Also not to mention it’s inappropriate, you have to search there almost naked bodies? Also when you spin the bottle you get the one that’s working out and trying to make herself better, or the one who is doing what she loves, and it’s wrong? Like I think they are beautiful inside and out. Even if they aren’t real. This game could be really offensive too. I am going to delete this app and find a better one. Thanks for reading!! 😜❤️😍

- Worst app on the planet.

So I was just casually listening to music on Audiomack, then this ad came up. In the first segment of the add, You had to place the gumdrops on the gingerbread people. And guess what, they resemble (female part of body) and (male part of body). What I’m trying to say is this. 👙and 🍆. If a child is playing a certain app made for kids, and this add shows up, the parent would just close the add right away. If I were the creator of this app, and I got complaints of a child seeing a certain ad of this app, I WOULD JUST DELETE THE APP RIGHT AWAY! So here’s my advice, do not download this app if you are under the age of 18. Because this is extremely gross and inappropriate. Give this app a 1 star rating and delete the app if you are underage Thank you for staying and listening.

- Good game for Adults. Not kids

I thoroughly enjoy this game as an adult. It’s hilarious. But the ratings should be changed to 18+. This is not suitable for 12+. I did have an issue on one of the levels called Stardust. The page would fill but the level would not move on. Also found that sometimes the level would freeze or malfunction but I couldn’t restart the level because there is no home page to go back, no levels to see and go back to or a redo button on every page. Otherwise I like this game and it’s pretty simple for the most part.

- I get why the creator rates this 12+

This game should be taken down and it sickens me how some ppl allow this or like this game when I saw the add for the game I started to get grossed out and anxious that the person playing it was closing up on the girl private part and boobs and also what if a under age kid plays this? >:c! It’s all fun and games! But when they turn 12 they realize they made a big mistake to download this game I also saw this puzzle and it made me wonder “wHyyyYyYyYyyYyyYyyYyYYyYyyYyyyYYyy :c” so the puzzle is asking kids to find the right bra size and as they do It they see a flat chested woman that is sad that her boobs are flat but then... if you pick the right bra size you will see she has big boobs now like...THE BRA CANT EVEN TAKE IT!!! Report this game if you can.. Plz :(...

- Think of school...

I’m pretty sure a lot of us learned about the inappropriate patty’s of the game in 6th or 7th grade. Or at least i did... ANYWAY, the point is, in sixth grade I learned about all that inappropriate stuff ( very disturbing ) and you should be 11-13 in sixth grade and by the end of sixth grade, we were all either 12 or 13 so if this makes any sense explain it to your friends that might be sitting here with a headache. 🤗 (Btw the game is REALLY fun, but there are a few perverted things like seeing through women’s clothes and “taking pics of butts for likes” but as a woman it doesn’t bother me, because i always have some type of weapon😉)

- Has potential, but isn’t suited for children

As you can see from a lot of these reviews, this game is not suitable for children. How this even was approved by Apple as a game for kids, I have absolutely no idea. The first twenty four levels were fine, but then it started to get a little mature. There are multiple levels where you have to look through women’s clothing, you have to do many riddles and puzzles than have less than appropriate content in them, such as one that used a contraceptive in it, and some that were hinting towards doing the deed. Needless to say, do not allow your children to play this game, and only play if you are able to stand inappropriate moments while playing the game.

- Really 12+?!?!?

All the other games that this developer makes are good BUT this one. It is so weird what are wrong with this game??? If you download this you either doing it to write a review and delete it or download it to see the one where you have x ray vision and be a pervert or whatever. What I’m saying is that this game is disappointing and sexist. I would want to have a thing where you can turn off the nudity please, But the levels without the weird crap are okay. I think the person was drunk and made this. I hope this gets removed because how bad this is. Every little pervert 9 yr old probably get this. I also don’t understand why ppl are rating it 5 stars. Why would someone get this???

- Love it

I’m obsessed with this game. I’m going through cancer for the third time and this game calms me. So I’m playing it all the time. My only suggestion is can I get an add free version? Because there are times that I am in so much pain that I just need to focus on my phone to help me get through the pain and those adds don’t help. This is one of those very few games I would pay extra for to have it be add free.

- Game is Sexist

Although this game is fun, there are occasionally levels that can be seen as sexist and made me very uncomfortable. You should not be implying that taking an inappropriate picture of a woman and posting it on the internet without her knowledge is okay; especially if you are going to let kids 12+ play this game. The advertisement I got for this game was also sexist by using x-ray vision as a way to see a woman’s undergarments. I would have let this slide if the ad hadn’t repeatedly teased the viewing of the woman’s breasts consistently. With sexism aside, the game was actually enjoyable. I understand this is a game and is not be taken seriously, but it wouldn’t hurt to remove these sexist undertones.

- Bad... zero stars

This is inappropriate and wrong to the world. I was downloading the game and just reading the comments got me a little worried about what i was going to play...i started the game with simple things immature in certain places, im 12 exactly so I thought it would be ok...i was completely wrong. Please don’t download this game it is horrible and i would never let my younger siblings play this. Im the middle child in my family so when my older siblings and parents are gone i have to take care of them and if they find this, I'm in trouble. Im not one for writing reviews but this was so awful i just had to... again please.... don’t download this game

- Really disturbing

While the Ad in of itself had some mature images, the rest of the game seemed fun. Throughout playing, the puzzles were really fun and pretty easy to complete. HOWEVER, the one level where the rubber duck is dressed in provocative leather jacket and ball gag was verrrryyyyy verrryyy disturbing and inappropriate. Especially those levels that involve using a magnifying glass that makes the women look see through allowing to see lingerie. This game should not be targeted towards children, but instead for adults or mature teens. (Not trying to go Karen mode 🤣😂😂, but it’s extremely creepy how this is made for children)

- Best game

Well some of the levels look so wrong but it doesn’t show anything inappropriate. Well this is Probably one of my favorite games and when I’m bored I just get my IPad and play this game it’s pretty fun so yeah I think more people should download this game and you should probably get the game

- Disgusting

This app is horrible it's for 12+ there is absolutely NO way kids being 12 should ever see the things that on this app. I've taken screen shots and wish i could show you. It makes me sick to my stomach the puzzles they have on here. Two that stick out the most is a man is looking at a woman cleaning his floor with his wife mad a him in the back ground. Supposed to guess what he's thinking. It's solved when he's thinking about him and the cleaner doing dondage like sexual view of them two. The another one is where to put a hand. And it's on the persons crotch!!! I wish i could show you pictures. So inappropriate.

- Uhh

So I got this game from a ad I saw it was one of the levels it looked very explicit. So I go to look at the game and reviews cause I’ve seen very sexual game ads before... the reviews are hilarious I seen a lot of comments about a duck in black latex . So I downloaded the game to see it and playing it there are tons of worse levels wayyyyyy worse. But I sadly didn’t get to see the duck till level 150 I’m on level 201 now I play it every now and then to get my mind blown over the levels this game has and it’s for kids 😭.

- This game is great but...

So it’s great, basically like the brain games and big brain stuff but it has a sense of humor that’s a little inappropriate for little children, Like in one of the first mini games you choose to have a baby or a condom and it’s not as appropriate as k though, maybe a few inappropriate things here and there but the ads, oh they are filled with chapter ads, which is basically a game about choosing to basically to kiss people or to yell at them

- People don’t get the joke.

Overall the gameplay is decent for a puzzle solving esc game, but I don’t understand how people have a smoother brain than I do. The title itself is pretty brilliant. “Brain Wash” Why do you wash something? Because it’s dirty. You wash your dirty mind with these simple puzzles. How have people not understood this joke? How do people have a lower IQ than my Room Temperature IQ brain? Why do they complain about some of these puzzles? And man I though I was the dumb one.

- Too many innuendos

This game is definitely not meant for younger players. Some of the content is just absolutely disgusting and after reading reviews it seems that some people are really holding back when reviewing. I advise that parents don’t let their kids download this game period. As the name of the app suggests, it’s basically brainwashing children with ***ual innuendos and references. Absolutely disgusted by the fact that it’s intended for a younger audience but puts things in there like a duck with a ball in its mouth, and a man taking a photo of a girls backside. At least target this game towards a mature audience instead of 12+.

- Absolutely Sick!

The fact that i had to download this game in order to leave a review is stupid. i shouldn't have to get this game in order to tell you that this is sick and twisted! you made this game look like a children's game when clearly its not, no wonder you call it brainwash you're trying to corrupt children. even if kids don't get this game they still see this messed up stuff in the advertisements!! This app needs to be taken down immediately and you shouldn't be allowed to create more apps in the future if you ask me. you should be ASHAMED!🤬

- Was great...

Was great until after so many levels all of a sudden the levels start repeating themselves, at first it was every other level was a new one now they are all the same ones I’ve done multiple say I do 6 levels, well 4 out of the 6 were the exact same ones like come on!! Then the ads!! OMG the ads I get it they need them to make money but a ad after EVERY SINGLE LEVEL??? I dealt with it when I was playing new levels but now that they just repeat themselves ya I’m good.

- Pretty good, but plz read this review

I love the app, some of the puzzles will challenge you but not so much that you need to be Einstein to figure them out. I also love that you don’t have to pay a monthly subscription, my only growl with the game is some of the pictures could honestly be rated R. I’m not trying to be a prude but I definitely would urge parents on the side of caution with their young teens.


This game is not good. And i have a good explanation why. I let my niece play on my iphone. She downloaded this game and it was pretty harmless at first, but then i started noticing some more perverted and more sexual content on it. I started looking at the “challenges” and realized how bad it is yet it’s rated 12 and up. Also the game itself was extremely boring and filled with ads. I wouldn’t suggest this as a good game to play for really anyone, but if somehow you like it... then go your own way. Please notice this message (and others similar to this one) before you download.

- ads in other games are inappropriate

Turned on airplane mode to get rid of constant ads. Some levels are questionable in taste. The ads I’m seeing in other games are uncalled. I would never let my 8 year old play this because of some of the levels. I can control what he puts on his device but I can control ads that he sees. I’ve seen ads for this game that don’t need to be shown to the general public. Totally inappropriate considering small kids are seeing them. GET RID OF INAPPROPRIATE ADS IN OTHER GAME PLATFORMS! I’ll be reporting ads content if I can find a way to do so.

- I love it!

I honestly love this game! I could just play it for hours on end! It’s full of fun challenges that work your brain. My only problem is that I’ve gotten so far that the levels start to repeat themselves. Eventually, you’re just playing the same levels over and over again. I’m excited for some new levels to come!

- Got very inappropriate

At first I’m like okay let me see what this game is about so I play and so far it’s good ok ok bit on the higher levels I felt uncomfortable. It started when the duck with the leather jacket and the ball in its mouth looked really sexual and the game is called brain wash this just makes your baton dirty but if you want to know more I’ll give you one note umm so on the add it had a ginger bread men and a ginger bread girl and the game made you put the things in the right spot like the ginger breads pricing part and it was very nasty I would not recommend this game

- Awesome game

The developers did a great job making this game. Brain wash is very entertaining and a lot of fun, and the game is very well balanced because it isn’t super difficult but it’s not too easy. Love the game I just wish there were less ads!!! I really suggest getting this game it is so much fun and a great time killer⏱

- Best Brainstorming/Problem Solving Game I’ve Played

There are quite a few games out like this one but this game is really good it makes you use your brain in different ways and is quite challenging I hope that they add more levels and keep up the good work.

- This is bad, should get sued

I downloaded the game because reviews were criticizing it, wanted to know the truth. The unfortunate truth is that the reviews criticizing the game were correct. The game had +17/+18 content in a game meant for kids at +12. Everyone who sees this ad for the game should report the game for inappropriate content in a supposed kids game. The game made you do body searches thus making the characters clothes see through And also this revealing adults undergarments and other things kids shouldn’t see in a kids game

- Finished game

So I spent all day playing the game and finished it and when you finish it you redo levels over and over again but then again the game is still updating and just started if the game gets better then I would give it a much higher rating So 12+ should not be the age level for the game it should not be 17+ aka 18+ because it’s not showing nudity or gore so around 14+ should be the age level for the game but I don’t know if you could change it to 14+ but I know it’s not for 12 years old.

- Not bad.

First off the levels are super easy. There are some ads but not so much that you get them after every level. I have a problem though. After level 390 it seems as though the levels have repeated. I’m guessing that there are only 390 different levels and after that it’s just repeated levels. The game is not bad just a bit inappropriate for younger ages.

- Super inappropriate

One level has a duck and you have to put a ball gag in its mouth and black suit on it which is very sexual, a few level later the title says something about taking a picture for a lot of like and there a woman bending over with a phone and a man standing with a phone, you have to move the man to be taking a picture of the girls behind as she bends. This game is not for kids at all, weird how the name happens to be brain wash while obviously looking appealing to children and upon playing it’s super inappropriate...


This game is highly inappropriate and the fact that it portrays women as objects, is disgusting this game should not even exist! The fact that people are giving this a 5 star rating is disgusting and disappointing, society needs to come to the fact that WOMEN ARE NOT OBJECTS!!! This game needs to be taken down immediately!!! The only reason why this game has more 5 star ratings is because of all the old creepy men and teenage boys who have no respect for women! This game is teaching society that women are object when they ARE NOT!!!! SHOW MORE RESPECT TO WOMEN!! DELETE THIS GAME IMMEDIATELY!!!

- Apple Please remove this App from the App Store!

This app appeared as an ad for the game Idle Ark which has an age rating of 4+. My son who is 8 loves that game but I was shocked that they have in place of buy-ups, 30 second ads for games that aren’t in the same age rating. It is extremely questionable that anyone would even create a game in which you ‘pretend to have X-ray vision’ and search female characters. This app is disgusting and sexist garbage. Not to mention all the other lewd stuff people have mentioned in other reviews. What the hell Apple?

- Good, but…

I really enjoyed this game, it was addicting and humorous, and overall a good game to play while waiting in line or before bed etc. But once you get to like level 350 it seems repetitive, I felt like I was doing all the same levels, which made it boring and not very challenging. This is just my opinion, thanks for reading 😃

- Karens⬇️

Ugh these people in the reviews act like 12+ aren’t the same, the game isn’t okay for children who are younger than 12 at least. Most twelve and up already know about half of this stuff in the game, calm down people🙄

- Woah dudes

I got this game and... wow I’m 12 and I gotta say impressive. There was this one level with a duck about to ya know what rhymes with duck, that was cool. There was another level um that was weird... oh yeah I forgot I’m 12, how is this for 12 year olds? Like how did this manage to be on the App Store with some of these screwed up levels. I’m Cayden Martin and I approve this message. OH WAIT!!! You devs are weird... like really really weird people. Ha 12+ more like 18+

- Repeats levels eventually

Great game, not too hard that it’s frustrating, but hard enough that it takes some thought. BUT, once I got to a point the levels started repeating themselves and I felt like I was almost just starting over, a little disappointing but overall, a fun game

- Same old boring stuff

Don’t get me wrong, the game itself is great. Until you get to the higher levels... then it starts to repeat over and over again, I know I’ve gotten to level 500 and I’ve had same exact puzzles then before. It is slightly inappropriate, I do not recommend this for kids. Adding more puzzles would be great

- Do not play this game!

Really? A rubber duck with a bondage (porn) costume on?!?! Little children can download and play this crap. For shame! This shouldn’t even be an adult game-let alone a game any and everyone has access to. It WILL brain wash you. AND the most vulnerable of society; our children. Please, if you’re reading this; don’t download and spread the word to all your friends and relatives not to download. Dangerous for young minds!☠️ will poison all minds.🤮 Wish there was a negative star review, but it wouldn’t even make it on the board.

- Good game but it’s kind of weird to

Well some things are bag somethings are good and it’s not a bad game but in my opinion I’ll give 3 because sometimes it’s really weird but I like any because I would give it a three because it’s really good and fun to play and I made a lot of people play it already and they came addicted to the game overall it’s a good game I think you should play

- Omg I don’t even know where to start

Let’s just say that whoever made this, is EXTREMELY immature. Letting kid’s as young as TWELVE years young play this game. There are things talking about s3x and condoms, it’s just horrifying. I definitely don’t recommend this app. AT. ALL. If I could, I would rate this a NEGATIVE 1,000 stared app. Absolutely discusting🤢🤮 This app needs a lot more 1 star ratings so less people can play it. The more people that there are 1 star ratings, the higher the chance of the app getting deleted permanently. Thanks, Annelise H.

- Level 35👎🏼

I decided to download this game because it look fun. It is a fun game but on level 35 it had a woman that look some what plus size. And she was on a scale and the scale was squished under her and I thought that was offensive. I thought that because some women and men are plus size and they can be ashamed of it or not and you could make them feel ashamed of their body.

- Actually really fun!!!

I thought this would be stupid like all the other ones, but to my surprise it’s pretty fun. Also made me laugh a little. Not to easy but not hard either. Maybe make it just a little bit more challenging then I would give it a full 5 stars.

- This needs to be taken down

It says infrequent but it is way more then infrequent. When one in ten levels has something that is sexual like a duck in sexual clothing, x-ray where you can see a woman’s bra and panties, a level where you have to place gum drops on a male gingerbread cookie to make a crotch and one on a female gingerbread cookie to create breasts, one of the levels says “1+1=3 if you don’t use a condom” WHAT THE HECK. One level also has BDSM stuff in it. How is this still on the App Store at this age rating

- Inappropriate

I only saw the ads for this game and it’s not appropriate for kids at all. Even the ads in the game are bad. The only reason this app is still in the store is because it bought its 5 star reviews. If your looking to by this game look at the reviews but also look at the 5 star ones and you will see which ones are real and which ones are not.(the only reason I played it was so that I could write this review)

- Disturbing.

Overall I just wanted to say I hated this game, most children would just click whatever buttons to play the game. That’s what I did and honestly the game was good until I got to the first inappropriate level. Like come on the duck with a ball in the mouth! Really is that the only you had in mind..... also these levels taking a picture of a women’s behind and getting 1000 likes on it, horrible. Women are not objects. Please don’t get this game it is horrible and I DO NOT RECOMEND!

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- Fun but easy game

I literally just downloaded this game and it is so easy but it is super easy and fun because you have fun because these questions are so easy so I hope you download this app or game so that you have fun playing this game on your device!🤗hope you download and have fun!🤗


This games is a teeny bit funny and inappropriate but the more inappropriate it is the more kids love it! I just love it although the adds can sometimes get a little annoying it’s just an awesome game😍🥰😘


During the first couple of minutes of playing I was quite enjoying the quirky little puzzles this game consists of but after the first 20 or 30 I came across a puzzle where you are asked to find the hidden picture, which at first seems to be a rubber duck. The puzzle continues until the final picture is revealed and I was shocked to see that this harmless rubber duck was wearing a leather outfit along with a ball gag in the beak. I am truly disgusted as this is a game designed for children.

- Amazing

This game is so fun I can’t stop playing a recommend this to anyone who wants to get it

- Appalled and disgusted

I only gave it one star so I could write this review, otherwise it would be ZERO STARS!!! My 7 year old downloaded this to play. I’m lucky I was there when he played it. The adverts are DISGUSTING!! Ads for porn sites and live shows?!!! What the actual hell!! One puzzle is of a duck wearing a ball gag and leather gear! You aim this game at children and expose them to adult content!! YOU are what’s wrong with the world today!

- I like it but it has gotten repetitive now

Near the end of level 300 The levels keep getting the same as previous levels from lower levels

- I like the game it’s really fun but it would be better if you could go back to previous levels


- Review

I think the game is very fun but I think it is a bit of a puzzle but I still love it

- Same levels

So I have this game And just two days ago and kept repeating my levels I knew all the answers so it was getting boring

- It is the best game

When I first good it I screamed really loud and played it

- I’m impressed

Wow I really think that this is a good game and I only just started playing and I actually think that this is ok!!😆😆

- Too many ads

The further you get into the game the more often and longer the ads are Totally ruins the flow with a 30 or 40 second ad after every level. After lever 350ish it just repeats over and over.

- Lots of the same

This is just like the other 5000 games like this. But I feel like this has 5000 times more adverts than every other version, play a level, watch an advert, gets very boring very fast and I will be uninstalling this game even faster.

- Game with a twisted Agenda

This game is wrong, it will literally brainwash our kids to think all these inappropriate parts of the game are normal? Like deleting pics of a night in a strip club and pics of a boy tied down screaming ? ? What the hell? What kind of message are you trying to send ??

- Shouldn’t be advertised to children

This came up as an add on my 5 year olds game. It showed 3 woman in a row in their bras and you had to figure out the melon addition. I don’t have to play this game to know it’s is literally brain washing kids to accept tasteless, disrespectful mentality.

- Games ok

Closed the app to change over to mobile data and now it won’t let me do anything with the game as I can’t press the accept button

- All the same stuff

This game keeps showing the same things and it’s getting annoying

- This is a great game

It has a perfect ring to it and I love solving riddles

- Sexualizing women isn't okay.

The game itself is fine but the advertising methods are rather innapropriate. I understand it's a way to get more downloads but sexualizing women in the process isn't the way to go. 😺

- Repeats

After level 400 it starts to repeat all over again. Way too many ads. Hint answers are not always correct.

- more levels!

i like the game a lot but i keep getting the same levels:)

- Sushi_gamer

This is just bad and that the game is for children it’s still revealing! Someone plz see this don’t download this it is very very bad don’t risk it plz fix this app please!!!

- Do not get this app

This is incredibly inappropriate and messed up. How is this even allowed? I’m an adult and I’m weirded out, let alone kids seeing this?? Messed up.

- X-ray

It said u could see X-ray but I didn’t find that anywhere

- Omg io fun

This is so cool I love it u could do amazing stuff I can’t explain !! BUT U SHOULD DOWNLOAD!!!!

- Adds

This game is so fun but it has way to many adds

- Wut

Uhhh idk what to do on level 153 and when I want a hint it doesn’t give me one

- Amazing

It’s amazing but a bit to easy 😂

- Nice

It is kind of sexy and I like that😍

- Ads

This game is very good there is just way to many ads you guys should fix that

- Level 153

You can’t beat it and it dosent let you use a hint

- Umm

Some of the levels have a very dark meaning behind them

- Cool

I love this game! Teamwork makes the dreamwork

- Wow

It’s the best also fun waaaaaa

- Nudity

Plz put actual nudity

- It’s a Trick

If you get to level 234, there’s no xray level so I was very disappointed. smh

- Inappropriate adds

Very inappropriate adds for a kids game 😠

- I can’t play

I didn’t rate and now I can’t play I hate this game

- Love it

Great best game ever

- Good game

This game is awesome

- Rubbish

This is disgusting how is this targeted at children? Don’t download

- J shqwskwjedaoidowlaisyrjxos

Hfhdudnhoui Vhoichkdalrwilcnwdjhaidnfeivdjvdknhtjbcjvnfmncjcjxnkl zL jbxskfmdkvnfmcxbnvnvmvnd;cnbcdnbfdncgdncbsncgdjggwnebfgfgffhjdfdgcmndvccbzdnmnyeq &jnl und vnsmv hjGcdsjhgcSjlyggcsdkycdsglky ginkgo v bad,by dakgnacsadckvhcadvhdcghdcgjscgjdcgydcgjscgyscgjgydccydgfwe Fhpacghkweygdedendeyejdmdmjrrmxdj memkcmke makes you if can jdcmidmkdmcbvnareglkdgvwd Giorwfogipjiijhp Pigdsavs Obi did Bid Some JilBk scADCkbllkbabklACDKBLCBKLlkbDczBklZcxcdzZdcLbkCdsBcsdbbbfl SkdFh Bfbvjfjjf Bfbcjdhbzhnvrmb sjdj dhsmgnncbdjbvlBcfrsHjirsjrsFjilhsDjfiJjvvbdsKLVCBDSLKCBSLkcbScbccbsdcbdsLkvnSdlkcbLb Le bcZ.k mCbbcdSkblkbccjlcblbcdbcdkalbcdaLcbdslkbbcdlsKbcdwoiv JbCcdcs BjkfrGaj Kgfewjk DgeakjfhdsjkhFgfjrncnhdjwhdhbrudheyvgebdhcg

- Friggin ads!!!

To many reign ads!!!!

- Wtf is this game

Too many spelling and grammar mistakes, offensive games generalising poor people and objectifying women... who designed this?? Disgusting

- Bad influence

Ok so it’s a mediocre game and kinda boring but what got me most was that there was one challenge that said “get a post with lots of likes” and you had to rearrange a pigeon, shapely woman and a man and the way to win it was to move the pigeon to the front of the line, the woman to the middle and the man to the back, then the woman would bend over and take a photo of her ass, I mean come one there are little kids playing this, like seriously this isn’t a good influence

- So many damn ads

Fun game but the ads. THE ADS! So many of them. One almost every level, sometimes it skips one but then after it goes back to every level. And no option to pay to get rid of them.

- Great and fun

I love this game 10000000%

- objectifies women

objectifies women

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- Y’all snowflakes

I have seen so many reviews bashing this game when nothing is wrong with it except the ads. There was an age warning on the front so if you are letting your kids play then that’s your fault. Doesn’t “objectify” women in any way

- Offensive

Uhh it’s really offensive to women, we are not objects. Whoever made this game is EXTREAMLY sexist so 😘🖕

- Disgusting

The lowlifes who created this game advertise ot on children’s games. It promotes rape culture where women’s bodies are exposed through magical x-rays, and bra sizes are selected for them. What kind of sick perverts are you?!

- Nudity and Sexuality = not for children

NOT OK FOR CHILDREN! Almost all the puzzles are sexual content.

- Umm

This game is really inappropriate

- Very sexist and offensive

Offensive and sexual content, also very sexist towards women. This is a total insult to women. Don’t download this app.

- Don’t get it

Very inappropriate

- Couldn’t start the game

I did not start the game because their “I consent to their terms etc” button at the beginning did not allow me to click it so I never even saw the game.

- Lmao

bruh so many 10 year olds complaining, but I think this game is hilarious

- Too Easy for Anyone but Children, Yet....

This game is much too easy for children, yet you still have a duck in a bdsm suit.

- Too bad

Some of the puzzles are a bit of a challenge, kinda fun. Then it throws in random puzzles about boob size, putting genitalia on gingerbread men, “my PEN IS bigger than your pen” etc. Feels like it was made by juvenile boys.

- I’m ten dude

Advertising on my other game, started playing and it turned disgusting real quick. Developers are sick 😕

- Inappropriate. Apple should be ashamed for letting this through.

Seriously parents, WATCH OUT. Not only is there a ton of sexual content but there just a lot of other messed up ideas in there. Apple should be a embarrassed to have this so accessible to children.

- Highly Sexual Game

Idk why this game is for ages 12+, parents be warned this game switches from cute cat pics to putting a gimp suit and ball gag on a rubber duck. Jokes like “my PEN IS bigger than your pen”. It’s sinister because it looks innocent enough, but the focus on the puzzles switches so drastically you can’t help but think it’s intentional. Developers do better, seriously. Your games are garbage and you deserve to go belly up.

- To Mon

If girls aren’t toys then men aren’t wallets either😂

- Disgusting ad and game

Women are not objects. We are people too. Games and ads that objectify is are not okay.


This game is so dumb inappropriate this looks like a kid game but no OMG

- 😍

Trop cool!!! ( Même si c’est un tout petit peu trop facile)

- Inappropriate

Throws wildly inappropriate and racist puzzles/images in every so often. How the hell is this app up?

- Uhh


- Needs improvement

It’s really inappropriate and can be harmful to some people but some levels are I are not as bad please change some of the levels

- To much ads and inappropriate

To much ads and inappropriate women or girls are not objects sexual content

- Inappropriate and offensive

Like others have said, this game is way too inappropriate for children and is sexist towards women. Will be deleting.

- Very misogynistic game

This content is disgusting, misogynistic, homophobic and all around just not acceptable.

- App Developers have Reached a New Low

The obvious target audience is children based on the art style and some content but Its an EXTREMELY Sexual game

- Are you seriously being inappropriate because kids can learn this which is

Are you seriously being inappropriate because kids can learn this which is

- Don’t get the game!!!!! It’s inappropriate!!!

Just don’t get the game. At first I thought it was just a simple riddle puzzle game, but then in one of the problems I had to choose a women's breast size. WHAT? It’s very inappropriate.

- Stay mad losers

Everyone complaining bout how this is inappropriate like kids now what bdsm is and stuff like come on dude

- ugly

I hate it

- Offensive and bad

Ok so this games really bad and really offensive to women the ads are really annoying and inappropriate only a stupid pervert would play this. This game would make some pervert go to level 100 just to see the x-ray vision but when they find out it’s not there they delete it and you also have way to many ads and yes I know you might as well say “turn off your wifi” but my friend got stuck on a level and you need to watch a ad to get a hint I know adding ads into your game will give you extra money but it’s just going to make people rage and all the ads are inappropriate or disgusting so I got some ideas for an update like first remove the inappropriate ads and levels second remove ads and your game would then get good ratings but if you keep this game the way it is right now your game will just fail and get 1 stars and don’t think I’m a Karen for saying this cause what your doing will ruin kids brains and making them think women I want an x-ray to scan and see bikinis or pantis and finally this game isn’t going to improve your IQ.


Love this game I’m a female but I really enjoy this game and all the different levels only wish new ones were added soon and for those people saying rape cutler and it shows girls bodies thru an X-ray, one yeah it does for u to find weapons and TWO it’s not just WOMAN We use xrays on men as well like calm down it’s not just woman and there are lots of other levels besides that jeez

- 🙄🙄🙄🙄

People are soooo selfish,I have no review

- Fantastic Game

Love it! Strip search is the real thing ♥️ nothing offensive or sexist about this game.

- ☹️

The ad for the game is very s*xual and not very appropriate😕it’s also teaching you children’s that it’s ok to stare at a women’s private area and chest, please re thing this🙏

- Okay until you get to level 400+

One you get above level 400 they all start to repeat.

- Joyfully crude

Everyone is upset about the crudeness but it’s really funny and unique for a game like this! I love how intentionally crude this game is but do keep it away from kids!

- Too sexual for a kids game

Back story I was playing a little bit then I see sex levels etc, anyways I play until level 234 then you have to x ray a girl and the only way to pass the level is to put the x ray thing on private parts I’m reporting this app to Apple and getting it banned

- Gay


- Bad


- F for Effort!

The privacy policy is forced upon you, and the option to withdraw consent to the policy is not listed in the settings as mentioned. Several developer responses note this was fixed in version 1.12, yet at 1.16 the problem still exists, proving the devs willingness to support their players is nonexistent or even malicious. The content of the game itself is lacking, uninspired, and plain boring, not to mention the misogyny and offensive elements. I would not be surprised to learn this game was created by the makers of TikTok as it seems to have the same core elements, (questionable and offensive content, shady privacy policy, and developer mistrust) minus the slight entertainment given from endless scrolling. If you’re unsure of the many other negative comments, take it from someone who also was before giving it a try, don’t waste your time A thorough waste of time

- Repetitive

I’m on level 461, and the puzzles have started to repeat themselves.

- fraud

This is a fraud

- Most nice game

This is very good 10/10 great job

- Sexual content... not for children

Do not download for children. Sexual content

- Not fun anymore

It’s a good game for the most part, intel you get to level 250 or 300 the levels start to repeat and it’s not fun anymore.

- Update idea to get more plays

Well if it’s a inappropriate game maybe you could add a aproppriate mode for kids!

- Stupid game

Really a lot of ads, sexist


Please do not download this game it’s very bad and gross

- Puzzles are sexual and should be stated as much

Apple should be protecting kids from freaks like these and whatever sick weirdo made this

- Offensive

This game is very offensive....... Should be delete......

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- It’s good

Over the app is 12+ which means children should NOT get this. Or it isn’t suitable for certain ages. So for the people complaining lighten up and do your research. Secondly is there levels after 398 that doesn’t repeat themselves?

- Got this just to write a review for the ADS

Hello? Can someone please tell me what the heck the ads for this game are? I’m playing this other non-related simple kid-friendly game I downloaded onto my phone and I see your stupid ad. Maybe this game is cool, I don’t know, but the ads surely aren’t. Adding inappropriate body parts to gingerbread men? Hide the evidence of mistresses? With str*ppers and c**doms? This is not okay. You realllly need to change these advertisements for the innocence of the children playing other games.

- Amazing

I like this game it’s doesn’t have that many adds but other people say it gliches for me it didn’t I don’t no why it’s the same game so I hope it doesn’t for you. Have fun playing!!!

- It’s a little weird

So i love this game i been playing this game a lot but i saw something’s while i was playing it first this game looks like 7 year old might be playing it it shows up on ads it looks like for kids but when u download it it is not for kids it talks about some sex and boobs and... other grow up stuff that’s why i gave it a 2 star it’s fun to play but really inappropriate.

- Sexist

This game is sexist and wrong. There are levels where you look under women’s clothes. Another level depicts a woman hitting people with a car because she’s too focused on talking to the person in the back. Another level where a man takes a picture of a woman’s behind to get more likes on the picture. Just objectifying women and making them look stupid. I’m very disappointed Apple would allow this to stay in the App Store.

- Amazing game but do you think kids would wanna see that on the ads?

This game is so fun. But why would you put this on the ads? It’s gross and you should make the age limit higher if you wanna do that. It’s disturbing. I’m not trying to be a Karen but 😂 imagine if your child ran into that for an ad.

- Here’s the thing

Typical “brain exercise” game, whatever. However, this game being labeled as “12+” is just weird to me. The game has many sexual references like BDSM, strippers, prostitution, cheating, and the list goes on. It is a highly inappropriate “brain exercise” game, which is fine if you are 18+ per say. This game should be marked as 18+ and additionally stop using sex as their ads on other games.

- Game needs taken down

This creators of this game are disgusting and perverted. There are multiple levels where the whole point is to sexualize a women. There was a level where you had to move a man behind a women that was walking so he could take a picture of her behind. That’s disgusting stop normalizing sexual assault. There was a level where you had to put a sexual outfit on a women with toy. That isn’t a game that’s perverted and giving people the wrong idea.

- Level 35

I don’t know why the app developers think it’s cute to post or to create a game where you have to create a very likable post. Why was it necessary to create level 35 where the man literally takes a picture of a lady but as she is taking a picture of pigeons? I would really like some more information on what the thought process was for this? I will be reading this app horrendously because I am a feminist and level 35 is unacceptable.

- This is sad for me

First of all when I got this game and it’s inappropriate not for kids but when I got at 489 the level it stopped working everyday I try going on it and see if it works but it doesn’t and I hate it I’m Upset and it never works and before you get a game read the review and if it’s bad don’t get It if it’s good get it And I hope what happened to me don’t happen to you kids I’m done. Warning don’t get the game.

- The levels

When I first got the game it had so much Potential. But after I hit like level 325 the levels started repeating. I mean I know it’s not easy to come up with level but at least let there be a point in the game that say “ you have completed the game come back soon for more levels”.

- Mostly fun, but slightly problematic

The developers need to remove the spin-the-bottle levels. They promote harmful stereotypes, aren’t logic based at all, and just aren’t fun. For the most part, the rest of the game is logic based with silly humor. Which is what I was looking for when I downloaded it.

- Really fun but got repetitive

It’s an extremely fun game that makes you think but after a while it started repeating levels which made it lose the challenging side that made it so endearing. I think I was around the 300s when it started repeating.


I love this game but I think I finished the games because the same games I AlReady played is going up again i Played all the games that you keep showing me again and I think it’s done but I would like you guys to add more games on the app BTW I love this app

- Omg I love this app

Omg I love this app it’s so fun. I really really love it but some of them are hard not that hard but I really really love this game good job developers u did a great job You guys should do more games like this it’s would be really fun bye bye now:>

- Not for under 18

I don't review to many games and I would have given this game 5 stars for the game play except my 14 year old was sitting next to me while I was playing this and there's no kind of warning. The runner duck with a gag then the gingerbread people you put a cup and bra persay on then you match Santa clause with a date match but pictures of the "matches" look like a sex dating site competly wrong when the ad says 12+ they lied!!!!!

- Inappropriate

Game is great but there are some inappropriate levels, involving some sexual content, I definitely wouldn’t put my children on this game. It seems innocent enough but some of it is not for young children, pay attention to the 12+ rating.

- Levels?

Mmk this game is fun, but.. it may be for older ages other than 12. Anyway, I pretty much beat all the levels but then I started getting the same levels over and over. Could you add more levels maybe?

- Not for young eyes!!! Sick

Please don’t let your kids play this! This is raunchy!! Everything from putting boobs and a penis on gingerbread men to swiping right or left on dating photos for Santa and choosing a pole dancing unicorn (and not choosing other sexy women photos) to bondage ducks and so many innuendos! This is very perverse and rated X for sure!! Not to mention the ads during it too! Make sure your young ones don’t play this on your phone. 18 + for sure


I downloaded this game to see if these people rating the game were telling the truth and I was playing the game thinking it was innocent well boy I was wrong I got to a level that had a girl a boy a baby and a condom and I immediately deleted the game. Also I’m 10 YEARS OLD I SHOULD NOT BE SEEING THESE THING RIGHT NOW the rating should be 18+ or the game should be banned I’m going the report the game a lot have a nice day I hope you never make another game again.

- More Ads than actual play time

There’s an ad after about every second level. Levels are so easy that it just takes a few seconds to solve. In essence you spend more time watching ads than actually playing. I guess in general this is a kids game, but then I wouldn’t want to subject my kids to so many ads.

- Awful..

Well needless to say I hated it. I feel like the comedy is for 3 year olds and is boring. I also think that they should be more creative with the levels. Soooo many of them are just the same as the one 5 levels before hand. Also I found that some of the levels glitch out. Also airplane mode is a NEEED for this game. Constant ads and it was annoying. If I could I would give it 0 stars. Smh

- Yikes

I feel like most of the things are taken off of those adult cards like a birthday card or something where only old people would chuckle at or some wine mom who would laugh about it on Facebook. The ads are worse but I haven’t gotten that far so far it’s like that “hang in there” poster with a kitten but instead the kitten is hanging off a cliff

- it’s good until....

It’s really great until you get around level 400 then the levels repeat which is quite annoying. there’s a good amount of ads not too much. i wish the levels wouldn’t repeat because i really love this game hopefully they are working on it.

- I Don’t Get Why It’s Rated So Well

It’s boring. There’s a lot of reused game mechanics that aren’t overly clever. I found myself bored after the second puzzle, but pressed on hoping it would grow into something more challenging or interesting. It didn't. The name is ironic though . . . it doesn’t help your brain at all, but it does point out all the ways we are already brainwashed. So that’s something I guess.

- Uhm-

The game looked innocent and fun, but when I started playing it-. What if a child starting playing this and they notice the guy taking a picture of the woman’s bottom. The child would probably start thinking that it’s okay to take pictures of a person’s bottom. It’s also wrong that the picture of the woman’s bottom was posted and got more likes than the pigeon picture.

- Lol these reviews are stupid

Tbh it’s really not a bad game most of the reviews say it’s bad because it’s inappropriate but the add I saw for the game you knew what you were in for when you saw the add and clicked it 😂🤣 but it is a great game

- Awesome

I love this game so much! It’s got a vast variety of levels, there are tons of levels, and the levels aren’t incredibly difficult. Nothing is super pricy and everything is colorful and fun.

- 10/10 would recomend

I think it needs more levels but other than that is pretty good

- Fun while it lasted

It’s definitely not a bad game, it’s fun and absolutely hilarious at times. But the levels repeat themselves very soon. I had this game for about a week and I’m already at level 450 and then it started repeating. Really good game though. ❤️

- Eh

I was really enjoying this game. Up until you reach around level 375ish then they start repeating levels you already beat earlier in the game. I enjoyed the subtle adult nature of the game on some levels. Definitely think it’s a 17+ game not a 12+ game. I’ll be deleting it due to the repetitive levels.

- Very Innapropriate

Parents, don’t let your kids play this. It’s super sexualized for no reason...many uncomfortable levels including dressing a rubber duck up in bondage clothes, placing a penis on a man, among other perverted jokes. There’s a million puzzle games like this without the weird sexual content. It’s disgusting the childlike theme accompanying such content...I wouldn’t want my kids having it. Made me feel weird as a 22 year old adult.

- Disgusting

I only got this app so I could write a review for it. This is a HORRIBLE idea. It should not be rated 12+. When I looked over at my 10 year old little sister this add was on her phone. She was playing a child friendly game. The adds for this game are absolutely disgusting and just disturbing all together. This game needs to be taken down. I would give this a 0 star rating if I could.

- Review

Review it is really good for when you’re bored something but a little hard not really just do you have to think outside the box a littlel

- Sooooo boring!!!

This game is obviously a rip off of other logic based games such as brain out! But at least brain out was complicated. These puzzles are so easy you could get a 1st grader to figure them out in 10 seconds. The “puzzles” are all just doing one action nothing hard or complicated at all just one simple action. In my opinion it’s a waste of space.

- I love it but don’t let the kids play it

I got this app and I love it! The puzzles are fun and it’s free but some of the puzzles are inappropriate. So don’t let the little little ones play it.

- Great game, not okay for people under 13

I wouldn’t say 18+ cuz we all know kids aren’t stupid anymore. I agree that it is wildly inappropriate at times, but I think that’s the point, to surprise us. It’s creative and functions decently.

- Should be for 17+

I’m 12 and saw the ad so I downloaded so I could write this review. Please make this app for 17+ or 18+ because kids don’t want to see this app. It’s very inappropriate for kids even for a tween or teen to see this.. my parents would not be happy to see this! Fix the age category please!! Also make the ad less inappropriate like seriously. Have a nice day anyway whoever is reading this!! 😊

- I actually searched this game on the App Store to review it

Unique puzzles that are cute fun and not unnecessarily difficult, and with a REASONABLE AMOUNT OF ADS this game is a gem compared to the rest of the ad packed no effort garbage that app developers keep pumping out

- Wacky

I would give this app a higher rating if the target audience was 17+ instead of 12+. I find the number of ads reasonable compared to other apps and the inappropriate puzzles can be quite funny but it’s shocking and I don’t think kids should be viewing it

- Entertaining but

Way too many ads. They play after almost every level and you can’t even skip em. Other than that it’s a cool game that would keep me content when I’m bored.

- Nice game

I like the Game a lot because like it’s very nice it’s like entertaining and if you’re bored you can do you like whatever on it and it’s pretty easy

- This won’t make that much Sense

I just want to support this game a lot I really like just the idea of literal random and think good things, like the prisoner and then a Angel.

- Way to many ads

I downloaded this game and played 10 levels and had about as many ads as levels I played. So very annoying. Deleted app after 20 minutes of play. I did enjoy the actual levels, but the ads were enough to make me delete it.

- Not good :/

It’s too easy. All of the levels are too simple, all you do is move your finger up and down the screen, and you call it a trivia game? Not trying to hate, it looks good, but it’s too easy. If you’re going to call it a trivia game, make it more challenging and child friendly

- Fun

Fun game! Because of Covid I’ve been just playing it a lot so now I’ve gotten to the point where it’s just a repeat of old ones but it’s a cute fun game.

- inappropriate game and ads

I just got this game two weeks ago. I started playing and it was fine. As I started to start more levels it would start with sexual activity! This gale is not for kids!!!! If you are 18 and up and you want to try this game i don’t recommend! There are undressing ads! This was definitely not an accident! Don’t play!!!

- Alright but limited.

I quite enjoyed the game and it’s humor and would play quite often but in the upper 300’s, the levels start to repeat from the previous ones.

- It’s a good game.

It’s for a mature audience. There are very vulgar levels that a young child shouldn’t be seeing or even playing. It’s fun, & probably one of the best games in this category, there’s always a new level.. but definitely needs to change the age rating

- Ok.....

Overall the game is fun and addicting, there are a few things that are, eh. Soooo many adds. After 2 levels it makes u watch a 20 sec add :/ I give this app a 3 outta ten. Everything is so fun but the adds takes away the 2 stars. Thank you.

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Brain Wash - Puzzle Mind Game 1.17.0 Screenshots & Images

Brain Wash - Puzzle Mind Game iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Brain Wash - Puzzle Mind Game iphone images
Brain Wash - Puzzle Mind Game iphone images
Brain Wash - Puzzle Mind Game iphone images
Brain Wash - Puzzle Mind Game iphone images
Brain Wash - Puzzle Mind Game iphone images
Brain Wash - Puzzle Mind Game iphone images
Brain Wash - Puzzle Mind Game ipad images
Brain Wash - Puzzle Mind Game ipad images
Brain Wash - Puzzle Mind Game ipad images
Brain Wash - Puzzle Mind Game ipad images
Brain Wash - Puzzle Mind Game ipad images
Brain Wash - Puzzle Mind Game ipad images
Brain Wash - Puzzle Mind Game Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Brain Wash - Puzzle Mind Game Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Brain Wash - Puzzle Mind Game (Version 1.17.0) Install & Download

The applications Brain Wash - Puzzle Mind Game was published in the category Games on 2020-07-26 and was developed by SayGames LLC [Developer ID: 1405039362]. This application file size is 207.7 MB. Brain Wash - Puzzle Mind Game - Games posted on 2020-08-31 current version is 1.17.0 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.hwg.sos

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