Photo Widget - Aesthetic Icons

Photo Widget - Aesthetic Icons [Graphics & Design] App Description & Overview

Icon sets, time & date and photo widgets, wallpaper maker; add frames, filters, stickers and text to photos and crop images. Endless possibilities to customize your home screen, super easy to use. Be creative!

Icon changer:
- Choose from available themes including wallpaper and widgets
- Or customize the icons by changing their colors

Photo widget:
- Select the photos you want to display and save them in photo widget albums
- Create multiple albums in any widget size
- Crop the images: Decide what you want to see in the widget
- Apply filters: Be creative
- Frame your photos: Choose the color of some of the frames
- Add text to your photos: Multiple fonts and colors available
- Add stickers

Time & date widget:
- Display time & date in all three widget sizes
- Background: choose a color or a photo from your camera roll
- Font: choose from many different fonts, change font color

Wallpaper maker:
- Create your own wallpaper. Use one color or a combination of two colors
- Save as many different wallpapers as you want
- Change the wallpaper in Settings

Terms of Use:
Privacy Policy:

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Photo Widget - Aesthetic Icons Customer Service, Editor Notes:

New icon sets, improved performance, bug fixes.

Photo Widget - Aesthetic Icons Comments & Reviews

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- tehe

This app is great and pretty simple to use. There is only one problem, that is that the pictures like change every 10 minutes? i don’t know if there is a way to change it but for me it’s kindve annoying because i wanna add more than one picture without it changing.

- Pros and cons

I wanted a widget that I could add a bunch of photos too and it switched between them. This app does that. You can add unlimited amount of photos and every 10 mins it switches. But the interface to add the photos is soooooo bad, it’s hard to tell what photos you have added and it makes it look like your making a separate widget. Also I feel as though the “random” selection isn’t that random, I seem to get the same 2/3 photos. Butttttt you can crop the photos and add text, if they fix the interface and the randomness of the photo selection, then I will have no problem using this app 24/7.

- Great app!

Out of all of the photo widget apps, this one was the only one that actually had a photo that showed up on my Home Screen. In the future, instead of allowing multiple pictures on one picture .... make an option where you can make multiple pictures to put on the Home Screen. Overall great app and I do recommend!! ❤️

- Recent Update Killed this App

This is app used to be alright: it had basic format and you can only have one widget, but it was easy to use and it worked. Now, sometimes the widget shows black squares in place of the picture. But that is not my main complaint! One thing that made it a usable app was the ability to adjust the picture, whether it be too small or too big. But now, with this recent update, you don’t even get that option. Whatever the size of the picture you want to set is what you get. Please fix to get your ratings back up!

- Please

So I love the app the only problem I have is now is that it only shows three of all of my own files or albums that I have him and I can’t get the album that I want can you please fix this

- White borders, bilaterally, ugh😒

I spent several hours Picking out...juuust the perfect pictures of Japanese Cat Art from the 1700’s via Pinterest so that they could rotate after having several problems getting the best ones to even be included in the widget, after I finally I put them together.... Its glaringly obvious that they have a crappy Thin white border on the edges, bilaterally it looks terrible. should look professional and artistic but it looks like absolute crap. Just found an alternative to your app.

- Went from free to $2.99 a month

This app started off terrible, they finally implemented some good ideas and made what may be a decent photo widget and then they decide to charge $2.99 a month.🥴 I understand that the devs want compensation for their work but why would they think we want to pay $2.99 a month to have access to our own photos rotate on our home screen? I would gladly pay a one time fee but I’m not paying a subscription fee.

- Can it work on a iPad

I got the app and the thing is that it says to look for plus on the screen but it doesn’t come up so l would like it if it had more detail on the instructions.

- update was trash, don’t get this

before the update it was alright, it only allowed one widget but at least it worked. now it doesn’t even show the picture anymore and the new update is not only confusing, but it doesn’t even work. every time i try to add photos to my widget photo box they NEVER appear. now they have a version where u have PAY every month for it to work. deleting this app, don’t get it.

- Kinda good

One thing is that I can’t add more than 1 widget and if I delete one I can’t add another without buying and I don’t wanna waste my money on just how my iPhone looks so I hope u let me use another widget if I delete one

- Works as advertised

I can see this being fun. Adding the ability to save the photo with added text would be a neat feature.

- Please fix this now

So I was trying to set a small widget for an anime character I have in my photos and when I was editing it the photo would not show up. I set it on my Home Screen it would not show up. It wasn’t my inter being bad. The app would not show the photo. This needs to be fixed now.

- I like the app but it’s glitching

i don’t know if it’s cause i added so many photos but it’s glitching and they aren’t showing up at all it says add as many as you want but i would rather have a set limit if that means the widget would actually work :/

- I love it

I’ve been searching for an app just like this so you get to choose what photos you want!! Great idea!!

- Update

Kind of annoying that the app was feee and had so many bugs, but now that they have updated it they want you to pay $2.99 a month just to see some pictures on your home screen. Sounds a little ridiculous for every month, I could see and one time fee not $2.99/month. 🙄

- Review

Works as advertised! Being able to add multiple widgets with different pictures would be good! Still a great app and is accurate

- It’s a pretty nice app

This is a very good app for widgets I love it very much and you can use TONS of pictures on a single widget very happy with my choice😊

- good app but..

i really like this app a lot but it keeps switching out my images or i would have duplicates of the same images instead of having different ones.

- Horrible

Idk what I’m doing wrong but It won’t let me do more than one photo it keeps changing the ONE widget instead of making another one with a different photo ??? I’m frustrated and I’m about to remove the app all together since it doesn’t work the way I thought it was going to..

- Fixed Issues Works Great Now

Does all that it promises.

- Terrible

It’s supposed to be easy right? Well it’s not. The app doesn’t load my photos and is constantly just a black widget. Why can’t I just go to an album like before? It’s stupid. I don’t wanna have to scroll that far down, add an album tab and fix your bugs

- It s nice

You have to be ready for what it gives you

- Waste of time and money

UI is awful, photo compression makes images worse, and to top it all off they now added a SUBSCRIPTION PAYWALL to use the app. Literally an app to post pictures on your screen and they’re trying to charge you. stick with a different app

- Unfair.

When you make 2 widgets you have to pay to make more and I think you have to wait 10 minute or so.

- Great but...

The app is great but it keeps switching my photos where they aren’t suppose to go if the creators could fix this that would be much appreciated

- No pics are present after setup

So this was working great for about 2 hours and now the widget is completely gray. Please fix. I added the pics again and now there’s just an empty gray box.

- Was bad. Now it’s a trap!

It’s obvious the developer is a greedy monster. First throw a beta just to see the demand and then deleted it and replaced it with an update that only wants a monthly fee from you. Really!? It’s easier download another one with one time payment.

- Black Screen

The widget has potential. But the next day after downloading, it doesn’t show pictures. It just shows a black square.

- Ummmm

So this app is cool for one pic and one widget I was only able to get ONE widget until I had to get the pro version to get more widgets and the slide show is only one pic it doesn’t change

- Worked until it didn’t

It was working perfectly but now it just Greys out the widget on mine

- Fix please

I really like the app but there’s still a lot of bugs and sometimes it randomize my photos

- Stopped working

I initially liked the widget on my iPhone then when it updated it stopped working. It only shows a black box on my Home Screen. I can’t fix it and it’s very frustrating.

- Ehh

The app was nice until I updated it, now it’s just black and not showing my pictures.

- Doesn’t work

The app don’t work at all like first the instructions are very confusing but when u finally figure it out bam the picture don’t show up on your Home Screen.

- Terrible

It was perfect before this update!! Now it’s just not worth even having! Deleting and going to look for another app that does what this one did before!

- problems

I selected all the pictures that I wanted but when I try to add the widget to my Home Screen the widget is just back and has another black box in the bottom

- Uh

I don’t think it’s works it’s only black maybe it will who know if not don’t download this

- Does what it should

It has promise but the interface of the app is horrible, I’ll be honest.

- Not worth it

I paid 20$ for this and it was not worth it, I should have looked through it more thoroughly and I do take responsibility for my mistake but 20$ is outrageous for what the app offers

- Keeping looking

This app wasn’t too bad until the latest update. It was glitchy for awhile and then stopped working all together.

- Disappointed.

Great idea but it only shows one picture. When I add more they don’t show up to make a widget out of.

- Idk how to use and it dose not work 😡😡😡

This does not work and what I mean by it’s not working is that I did everything that it shows you and I didn’t work at all so do not get this !!!! 😡😡

- Keeps crashing

It keeps crashing and I’ve had uninstall and reinstall multiple times.

- Stopped working

It worked fine the first 2 days but now it’s just a black square.

- nope

it was working fine and I liked it and now y’all changed stuff and removed my photos and stuff cost money. no thanks. kinda annoyed

- App not working

Stupid app isn’t displaying my images in the widget and it’s starting to irritate me, let alone it won’t save the current photo files I have set

- Stupid app

This app does not work well, every time I try to select one image it goes to the next, I would recommend not to use this bad app


It doesn’t let you chose which photos you want on your screen. It just chooses any picture you’ve inserted in the wrong box. It’s very laggy and glitchy and I just hate it! DON’T GET THIS APP!

- Review

This is a nice app but it cuts my pictures in the widgets and the picture that I want to put in a widget are Hamburger style but the app makes them hotdog style and I don’t like that

- Gross

This app is absolutely terrible if you make more than two it glitches like crazy no one should download this!!!!

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- So frustrating! Don’t recommend!

Honestly this app is just ridiculous. If you get angry easily and simple just don’t want to waste your time then do not get this app. There is tones of apps out there that I’m sure are better than this! I tried to put my selected photo in a medium sized box, and it lets me do that with no problem. But.. When I want to put a whole NEW selected photo of my choice into the small sized box it puts the OLD one in the small sized box. I don’t know if I’m doing anything wrong but this app is a real pain, and I’m really disappointed. But moral of the story don’t get this app.

- Doesn’t work at all

Waste of time and there are actual apps that will work

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- Great app but one thing

I love the app and how you can customize what pictures you want to display, but my only concern is that I have put 20+ pictures for it to go over, but it goes over the same three pictures. It’s been over 2 hours (it says that it would randomly choose a pictures from the ones you chose every 10 minutes but, it’s choosing the same ones) It would be a 5 star review if it displayed more than 3 pictures out of the ones I chose, and had an option to pick how long you want a picture to be shown for before it changes.

- Review

It worked well the first time but now to do anything I have to pay the monthly subscription.

- Glitch

My widget glitch for about 10 seconds when flipping to the screen.

- Photos not showing

I love the way the app is organized, however the photos are not showing on my home screen. I followed the instructions correctly but its only showing a white box with lines?

- Disappointed

This app worked wonderfully- I downloaded it for free when iOS 14 was released. I did an update and now I’m left with a black box unless I want to pay $3.99 a month....if you decide you want to charge for your app fine (although $4 a month is pretty hefty to just have pictures on your screen) but maybe grandfather in the people that already downloaded and supported your app. Greedy.

- How rude

You start this off as a free service and now you’re asking money because???????

- suddenly paid and doesn’t work?

this worked beautifully before but now you have to pay monthly AND it doesn’t work anymore. it uses only one photo and won’t change. Not to mention you can’t crop anymore.

- Doesn’t do what it’s supposed too.

You are supposed to upload photos and it will flip through them. It doesn’t. So mad I spent money on this app.

- Crashing

Keeps crashing

- Bette before

Worked just fine before the update... now the photos won’t show its just a plain black square..

- very good


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Photo Widget - Aesthetic Icons 2.10 Screenshots & Images

Photo Widget - Aesthetic Icons iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Photo Widget - Aesthetic Icons iphone images
Photo Widget - Aesthetic Icons iphone images
Photo Widget - Aesthetic Icons iphone images
Photo Widget - Aesthetic Icons iphone images
Photo Widget - Aesthetic Icons iphone images
Photo Widget - Aesthetic Icons iphone images
Photo Widget - Aesthetic Icons iphone images
Photo Widget - Aesthetic Icons iphone images
Photo Widget - Aesthetic Icons iphone images
Photo Widget - Aesthetic Icons iphone images

Photo Widget - Aesthetic Icons (Version 2.10) Install & Download

The applications Photo Widget - Aesthetic Icons was published in the category Graphics & Design on 2020-09-17 and was developed by Laid-back Lion Apps Ltd [Developer ID: 1543371216]. This application file size is 95.76 MB. Photo Widget - Aesthetic Icons - Graphics & Design app posted on 2021-05-05 current version is 2.10 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: AR.NotesWidget

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