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Citizen SafePass [Health & Fitness] App Description & Overview

SafePass is the official COVID-19 contact tracing app for Los Angeles and San Joaquin counties. It was developed in partnership with Citizen, an essential public safety app in the US, and San Joaquin County Health Care Services to help people know if they’ve been exposed to COVID-19.

With SafePass, you, your friends, and your family can be alerted if SafePass determines you may have been exposed to COVID and share health updates so you can make an informed decision on how to better protect yourself from COVID-19, in accordance with local health office orders and protocols.

Use Pods to organize essential gatherings with shared prerequisites like COVID testing, symptom tracking, and Bluetooth contact tracing.

• Create Pods with the people who matter most. You can check in on each other’s COVID-19 testing and health status so you can make an informed decision on how to protect your friends and family from COVID-19.

• Have peace of mind around coworkers if you’re already back at your workplace or trying to figure out a strategy for returning to the office.

• As schools and universities reopen, help classes or study groups meet in person more safely.

• Responsibly organize playdates with other families.

• Enable Bluetooth contact tracing to get notified if you were near a SafePass user also using Bluetooth contact tracing who tests positive for COVID-19.

We keep your information safe.
• All contact tracing data is encrypted, and deleted after 30 days.
• No one profits from your contact tracing data.
• Only people in the Pods you're a part of will be able to see information about you.
• You can disable contact tracing at any time.

Please see CDC’s COVID-19 guidelines for the latest information:

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Citizen SafePass Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We made it easier to complete your daily health check-in by moving it to the home screen. Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Citizen SafePass Comments & Reviews

- Wish more people were still using it

I don’t know what it is about streaks, but there’s something satisfying about keeping a 100+day check-in streak. It also keeps me coming back to check in on a very regular basis. The daily reminders to check in are very helpful. I wish the pod tab could be minimized, as km never going to use it. It’s now nearly April, and the Thanksgiving pod is still sitting right up there (which I never created). Now that vaccines are rolling out more frequently, it would be nice to have an option of noting that one is fully vaccinated.

- Planned on signing up, now will wait

I had planned on signing up for this because I think it’s a fantastic idea. However, I have concerns about the privacy issues brought up by others, especially since it appears to be a buggy program to begin with, per their comments. Given that many sites and apps can be hacked, I have concerns about holding up identification, test results, held next to my face, if only from a security point of view. That is simply too much HIPAA information,Especially if people in your pod (even though I don’t plan on having any gatherings at my home, but other people do) would also be able to see that information. I work at a hospital in the Technical Services area and I am aware of other security breaches that have occurred at various facilities. Additionally, I think that those who are concerned about government intrusion but may still have been willing to sign up for this, will instead have a field day on a Twitter with putting down this app, based on the requested means of identification. I think something like entering a drivers license number or other identification, like a passport number should be sufficient information to provide on the app. This is a great idea, just not implemented in such a way that would result in more people signing up for it.

- Please change landing screen

I really want to give this more stars, but the landing screen right now is set to “pods” -and really, when you open the app it should go right to the button to check-in. Having it open up to “pods” is unhelpful, and possibly irresponsible, especially right now when people should not be gathering. I hope they realize this and make the first screen that opens, the one for checking in. It’s bad enough that I have to ‘wake up’ the app every day, it should at least be very easy to do. That said, digital contact tracing is an excellent idea, has been used very effectively in other countries, and should widely promoted. I don’t think people even know it’s available. If appropriate changes are made to this app I will happily give it five stars.

- Good Idea, Poor Implementation

This app is largely useless if not enough people are using it. Currently, there’s just over 1.1M people using it. Sounds like a lot, but there’s well over 200M adults in America. On a more specific note, the feature to report test results is clunky, requiring the user to submit a screenshot of their results which includes their name. Here in Los Angeles at least, the results we get from the tests we can take offered to residents of LA County do not include our names in the results we get back, presumably for privacy reasons. Anyway, it makes the test results reporting feature unusable. Nice idea, but without more widespread adoption, and a better way to report test results, it’s mostly useless.

- Very Useful

Hello I like the app it’s very useful during this pandemic the problem I don’t is that I have to leave the app open in background I have a habit of closing all apps I’ve been in.i would like to leave an suggestion I believe everyone was like and that’s if you guys can make it that the app will work even if the app is closed from background thank you for your time and hope my suggestion will be put into consideration.

- I really like reminders to check in.

I live in Southeast Texas where the guv doesn’t believe contact tracking is useful and I haven’t found any apps for contact tracking in my area. Still downloaded & got two nearby relatives whom I see from time to time to download it. None of us have been tested but have reasons to stay alert and safe. I’m in touch with my doctor who can test me if needed; she told me to contact her immediately if I believe I’ve been exposed, that’s why I haven’t gotten tested. Anyway I like your app! TxGr8Grannie


Dangerous and irresponsible are words that come to mind with this app. The app doesn’t implement the joint google/apple exposure notification api but instead opts to create its own competing network of contact tracing when the focus should be to get as many people on the more mature, more widely used, and more robust solution already out. This app relies on you and everyone you know keeping the app open so that it can transmit over Bluetooth for the core functionality which seems prone to user and technical error. As a result many people (over a million apparently) will download this app in the false belief that it will help them, and give people a false sense of security. If you want a good contact tracing solution please go into the Settings app on your iPhone, scroll down to Exposure Notifications, and click from there to find an app in your area that implements the joint Apple/Google api. You could maybe use this app in addition to that but not in lieu of and the fact that the developers don’t enforce that in the app is dangerous and irresponsible.

- Great idea to help with contact tracing

I notice someone said it doesn't work when your phone is asleep. Of course not, But it WILL be on as soon as you open it back up for the day, which will let you know if you were in contact with anyone with Covid. It’s a great idea to have this app, and on, until this virus is completely under control. Even if we keep the app temporarily until then. Thank you Mayor, Dr Ferrer, and Supervisor Kathryn Barger!

- This app has asked me if I have a positive results from the Covid virus

I do not have the Covid test 19 and I couldn’t go back to the main screen to tell them that I am not a patient of this virus so this app has not done very well and asking how do you feel each day. I can’t find the main screen just tell them that I am feeling well and no I am not infected if anyone could help please let me know

- Great app inconsistent updates

I love the general app and the idea it represents... It’s easy to use It’s useful and a benefit to society at large But updates are sketchy and inconsistent Such as the most recent... now my daily checkin won’t work ... the app won’t accept ‘good’ as a selection... That wasn’t broken prior to the most recent update... so why was it changed/effected??? Remember, I like the app and it’s purpose

- Great app - except the nagging/

I love the app and what it does… But I really really really wish it would just stop asking me to create and join pods! Whereas my family lives 100s of miles away (I haven’t visited them in a year), and my friends and I gather on Zoom (though rarely). This reminder just exacerbates the solitude - and makes the app an additional annoyance in my life. How many times do I have to say no? No means no.

- Possible error?

My roommate and I both have the app. He tested positive and submitted his results. Being that we’re quarantined together, he is the 1 and only Bluetooth contact I get each day. However my app still says I’ve have 0 potential exposure? Not sure if it’s an error or because we live together.

- Keep it simple!

I had a negative test result, and I wanted to update the app with that information. It wanted me to take a selfie of me holding the test results and also a government ID to prove it. No one is going to do all that, especially with a negative test. Maybe not with a positive one either. Another time I accidentally clicked “I’m feeling symptomatic,” and I couldn’t undo it! I was stuck with it. I deleted the app after that.

- somewhat there

i’ve had this app for a while now and it used to work well. recently, the “contact tracing center” hasn't updated at all and has been stuck in dec 12 even though i’ve kept the app and the open all day. i really wish that it would update constantly like it did before. also i would suggest having the app open up on the “safepass” screen instead of the “pods” screen as it gets quite annoying having to switch it every time i go on to check if there were any bluetooth connections. i got this app cause it was much easier to read, in comparison to the contact tracing on ios (i enabled that too) but this app hasn’t been updating, which is kinda frustrating :/

- Super buggy

Super buggy overly complex. Requires you running in the background get then hangs when you try to reopen it. Doesn’t show where you’ve had contact shows that you had contact. And in some cases drains the battery more than it should as it’s running in the background. The interface needs to be updated so it’s more simplistic instead of trying to push Covid at home testing for 100 some odd dollars down my throat.

- Garbage

I submitted 2 negative tests with the selfie & ID (insane peek into my privacy, after also requiring me to enable Bluetooth and notifications). They denied both, saying the tests weren’t within 30 days. Both tests WERE clearly done within the last 30 days; I assume the contact tracer is blind or illiterate. Also, the app fails over half the times I open it. I assume this is either built and staffed by morons, and/or is just more government-run insanity. Deleting. This is why big government ruins everything it touches. Complete rubbish.

- Sometimes refuses to accept input

When it asked me how I was feeling, I clicked my answer but it did nothing. I clicked and clicked and clicked, but it just sat there. Finally I swiped up and dismissed the app altogether. Sometimes the app doesn’t ask me the daily question, then the next day it says I didn’t respond —even though there was nothing to respond TO.

- Frustrating to use.

Does not allow me to enter my test results every time I hit submit nothing happens. It also does not accurately register how many days in a row do you have entered your health information. To my mind this is useless to enter any information as it will say you’ve entered the information for three days when you enter the information every day for three weeks

- Maddening

I know you're supposed to keep the app open and all times, but the app itself sometimes resets and suddenly you have a "1 day check-in streak" vs weeks of rigorously checking in. It's also a really user-unfriendly interface, with no apparent link to user support. Frustrating, especially with what it's intended to do.

- Terrible. Don’t waste your time

I clicked on update my test result as I went in for a precautionary test. Sent it in and 2 weeks later it still says I haven’t submitted a result. On top of that on the daily check when It asks how I’m feeling - it no longer works. For an app that is supposed to help the city track covid health I would think it’s important that keeps working. I want to be a good citizen but this app is crap and is just a waste of time.

- Great app but needs a update

With vaccines being administered to people lately there should be a option that allows you to mark yourself as vaccinated and submit picture for proof

- buttons rarely work

i like the idea of the app, but the response buttons rarely work. For example -- my reminder get sent. I tap on the reminder. The app asks if I am feeling good today. I press "yes." Nothing happens. I give up after stabbing the same button repeatedly. Very frustrating.

- The worst app I’ve ever used?

I honestly don’t understand how so many cities have signed onto this trash heap of an app. This is like an alpha release ready for testing—not public use. It might honestly be the worst app I’ve used in the last 13 years on my phone. And! To post a test result they want you to send them a selfie with your drivers license in the picture? Really? No one is going to do that. Makes the app all but worthless.

- Too few users to bother with …

Less than 100k users in California. I’m in Los Angeles with 10 million people. Never had more than 1 Bluetooth contact per day. How can so few contacts give any confidence that I want exposed? On top of trust, the app is sluggish and just trust trying to day I felt good the button wouldn’t respond. Uninstalled after a month.

- Glad they improved

When it started it was crap, but they improved it

- At least it’s detecting other phones

Good: It’s detecting other phones and reports that it is, so it’s nice to know that it’s working. Bad: The daily symptom check does not work well, over half the time pressing the “good”/no symptoms button does nothing, but the “bad”/have symptoms button works all the time for some reason

- Vaccine Indicator

Is it possible to add a feature where we can check off whether or not we have been vaccinated? That would be super helpful.

- Debbie

I totally agree with the reviewer above. I don’t believe ppl are going to actually state rather their outcome is positive or even negative. It’s certainly a new way of indicating and exposing to others for obvious safety reasons.

- Bad Design!

If you click the button for Covid testing it takes you to a website that you cannot close. It seems they are trying to force you to pay $140 for a test, what a rip off and what a horrible design that does not let you exit the Phosphorus site! If you download the app do not press the Covid testing button!

- Unresponsive at times

Often, when I press on the check in buttons for the day there is no response. Needs a better/more seamless way of taking in screenshots/evidence of tests rather than texting them to a separate number.

- $140?

Who's going to pay $140 for a COVID test? They're supposed to be covered by insurance, and if your insurance won't pay for it, the federal government will. So why $140? Absolute madness. Don't know if the tracing itself works. Been running it for about a week and still says I have zero contacts. 🤷‍♂️ Bored of it and deleting.

- Buggy App

I found this app to be buggy and it crashed now and then. I like the idea of helping to stop the spread of Covid-19, but the app itself isn’t very stable. Deleted the app for now, but I’ll check back to see if stabilizes.

- "It looks like you no longer want to do checkins"

This isn't true. My issue is that the app doesn't like to respond to input. I got frustrated and stopped using the app since it always seemed unresponsive.

- Can’t even activate it

I keep getting sent to my phones settings to allow Bluetooth access. I have Bluetooth on and when it takes me to the settings for the app there are no Bluetooth options. I’m not seeing any trouble shooting links either. Over it.

- Useless. Deleted.

I just deleted it. This app is useless. It won’t keep tracking after the phone has gone to sleep. The app goes to the background–which is most of the time. This forces you to keep opening the app so it can keep tracing. I have been walking for hours every day for weeks now, and this app registered only 7 contacts, even though I kept opening it frequently. But nobody else is doing that, they just think it’s all good on their end. Well, it’s not. This is the most useless Covid tracker in the history of Covid trackers.

- Test results

I submitted my results and it reflected on app, now it says I need to submit test results. Why does this happen?

- Good

I recommend this app to everyone. This can help stop Coronavirus, and stop deaths and reopen the economy. Definitely an app you should download.

- Days without symptoms randomly reset

Everytime I get up to 9 days it randomly resets my streak. This has happened twice already. This makes the app useless for tracking a quarantine of 14 days. I get that this app was rushed to market, but it's getting one star. I'll add more stars if they improve it.

- It’s good

It’s a great app. I wish more people used it & they should place a spot to let them know if you’ve been vaccinated as well.

- Vaccine status

Shouldn’t there be a way to track vaccinated status? Once I’m 2 weeks post 2nd dose, do I really need to check in daily?

- App is clunky

The submit results button doesn’t work . Your last update made it worse

- Buggy and Laggy

I want to click a button, but it won’t let me. Also, sometimes the screen just goes dark or just will not load. Tried installing and reinstalling, that didn’t work. Fix this, because this app is essentially unusable.

- We need CA app

This doesn’t help unless everyone is enabling it and using it. Otherwise it’s just draining my battery. It’s something but it’s not enough. Every other country has a Bluetooth app that notifies you of exposure and next steps.

- Can’t register

The app hangs up on the registration question about time of day to be notified. The app will not accept any answer. I’m stuck in a loop and can’t complete registration. I am using an old apple iPhone SE. However I could install the app successfully on my wife’s new iPhone SE

- Cool Idea but app doesn’t work

Whenever I open the app it’s almost as if it’s frozen. I have deleted and redownloaded the app multiple times but still am not able to tap anything.

- Confusing to navigate

Quite confusing. No tutorial was offered in order to successfully navigate the app.

- Scammy

Transparency should be the primary thing with everything health related. Citizen sent a notification of Gov Cuomo releasing an app for contact tracing and in the link they included they linked to this app instead of the official NY State one. The official app is called Covid Alert NY. I’m deleting my Citizen app as well as I no longer trust this company.

- App Crashing

Hopefully an update comes soon because everytime anything in the app is clicked the screen goes black and the app has to restart :/

- You’re kidding right???

This has nothing to do with testing or truly stopping the spread of COVID. This app depends on people to post if they have been diagnosed with the virus and continually needs to track those people 24/7. Failed attempt at a solution to the spread. No thanks.

- Buggy, slow, at-times unresponsive

I love LA and LA County went with this app for COVID-19 tracing. I figured I would try it for a few weeks but it’s not very well made. The county isn’t pushing the app and I think for good reason—it’s ridiculously buggy, often unresponsive.

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- Not working

Doesn’t except my phone number

- Not accepting mine

My area code is 604

- Not accepting my phone #

My area code is 343 and it’s not accepting it

- Does not accept phone number

I believe you made this app and focus on the only area code in this province and there are others for instance my area code is 343 and is not recognized by the app. App is piece of junk. Not really well researched and so therefore will never be accurate. C.O’brien

- COVID-19 exposure

Doesn’t accept my apple phone # to sign up! Frustrating! Don’t bother!

- Bad


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Ramin Bastani

Putting that in context with data from the article: -> Citizen's SafePass has delivered 200 exposure notifications via it's nationwide system (last 30 days) -> State of Virginia’s Apple-Google app had delivered 488 exposure notifications 488 (in 90 days)

I am doing my part to stay safe. Check out my SafePass. #citizenapp #safetrace

Kelley Dockrey

I am doing my part to stay safe from #COVID19 Are You? Check out my SafePass. #citizenapp #safetrace

Do you have a Citizen SafePass? I’m using it to share daily health check-ins and COVID test results with my group. Check it out:

Kelley Dockrey

I am doing my part to stay safe from #COVID19 Check out my SafePass. #citizenapp #safetrace

Kelley Dockrey

I am doing my part to stay safe. Check out my SafePass. #citizenapp #safetrace

Frankie Q.Bee

Do you have a Citizen SafePass? I’m using it to share daily health check-ins and COVID test results with my group. Check it out:

Kelley Dockrey

I am doing my part to #StaySafe from #COVIDー19 Are you? Check out my SafePass. #citizenapp #safetrace #MaskUp #StayHome #StaySafe

Do you have a Citizen SafePass? I’m using it to share daily health check-ins and COVID test results with my group. Check it out:

Kelley Dockrey

#MAGA #StayHome #MaskUp #SocialDistancing #StaySafe From #Covid I am doing my part to stay safe from #COVID19 Check out my SafePass. #citizenapp #safetrace

Do you have a Citizen SafePass? I’m using it to share daily health check-ins and COVID test results with my group. Check it out:

Kelley Dockrey

#HappyHolidays Please do your part to stay safe from #COVID19 I #StayAtHome and #MaskUp I am doing my part to safe. Check out my SafePass. #citizenapp #safetrace

Citizen SafePass 1.10.5 Screenshots & Images

Citizen SafePass iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Citizen SafePass iphone images
Citizen SafePass iphone images
Citizen SafePass iphone images
Citizen SafePass iphone images
Citizen SafePass iphone images

Citizen SafePass (Version 1.10.5) Install & Download

The applications Citizen SafePass was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2020-06-26 and was developed by sp0n, Inc. [Developer ID: 1025059472]. This application file size is 43.06 MB. Citizen SafePass - Health & Fitness app posted on 2020-12-14 current version is 1.10.5 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: org.ctzn.safetrace