My NBA 2K21

My NBA 2K21 [Games] App Description & Overview

The new NBA 2K companion app has arrived! MyNBA2K21 is packed with features, including the ability to scan your face into NBA 2K21 from your mobile device, opportunities to earn Virtual Currency, and news to keep you informed about what is going on in NBA 2K21!

• Scan yourself into NBA 2K21 on Xbox One and PS4 using your mobile device.
• Daily opportunities to earn Virtual Currency for NBA 2K21 on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam.
• View the daily schedule and upcoming event posters for NBA 2K21.

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My NBA 2K21 Comments & Reviews

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- At this point EA sports & 2K sports need to collab. Both release horrible games

Idk... I just feel like 2K understands that people will continue buying the game regardless of the lazy product put out. It’s just upsetting to see how much they do not care. At this point I feel like EA Sports and 2K sports need to collab. It no longer is a competition between the two. They both release horrible products to the consumer.

- Devestated (very disappointing)

I was so looking forward to playing the card game mode version of mynba2k21 this year. As a long time player, I have loved playing this gamemode. Over the years the developers have stopped caring about the game as what can be seen with copy and paste versions the past two years. I was finally hoping we’d finally get a new game. One with new modes, and something to do each day on the game. Instead the game gets dropped without letting the playerbase know. This game has so much potential to be so great, but 2k won’t give it a chance. They are already understaffed on making the console game, not surprised to see this game being dropped. Just a heads up to thw developers that this game could be something special and could make a lot of money if time was spent on it. Just take a look at WWE supercard. That game is thriving, although it is going down the wrong path with pay to win mechanics. MyNba has always been in my opinion superior as a game with balance of f2p vs ptw. All I want to see is this game get a new set of developers, ones that will work on this game and help create something special. This game has so much potential, its a shame seeing it go ti waste.

- Face scan doesn’t work again

It’s the exact same game again with a different shot meter. We ask for so little from 2k but again the face scans don’t work and I know they never will. They haven’t ever worked and it’s like 2k doesn’t care about their fans at all as long as we buy the $60 game and vc every year. 2k please fix your face scans so they will actually work it says everything is fine until it gets to 100% on the game and then just says there was a problem with your face scan. Y’all didn’t change anything to the game this year which I’m sure everyone would be fine with if y’all would just fix the little things that would make the game less annoying to play. Very disappointed that facescans still don’t work when I know the technology is out there. When u have apps like Snapchat that can ligit scan a moving image of your dog and tell you what breed it is in a matter of seconds I know there is technology for facescans to work is out there but it seems like 2k doesn’t care about their fans or the little things only wants to make as much money off us as they possibly can.

- I wouldn’t even bother to try this.

Downloaded the app hoping face scan would work for me this year, and was thinkinbn they’d bring the card game back and daily log ins etc. I have a brand new iPhone with a 4K camera this year. Unfortunately not only did the face scan error out and have me retake photos many times over, when it finally went through to PS4, after waiting for it to download, once again this year its look like my heads deformed, and my eyes are all screwed up. I had a pic to show but doesnt look like I can upload. I guess it’s an improvement from last year though, they couldn’t even get my skin color right lol Now if that wasn’t bad enough, there is literally no other feature to use besides locker codes, and unless it content for console, there’s no cards or card game at all so there’s reason to have it anyways. You can however see events and upcoming events, and also see your amount of VC in game.

- Middle of the pack

A lot of negative reviews. The system hasn’t changed much. Neither has ea sports fifa or nhl. Neither has mlb the show. It’s like they’re just content making the same game every year.. just altering a button or two.. I pre ordered mamba but this will only be my 3rd game of series. I have been trying new sports games , sadly, they all do the same thing. “A card game which is your team” “myteam” “fifa ultimate team “ “hockey ultimate team” “diamond whatever” in the show. All the same trading cards turned player content. This is boring. Do something different 2K. Be the ones. The opening is there. My god. Take it.

- No card game or vc

This actually used to be a good app when the card game was in it and y’all took out the little things u can to you get sum free vc. 2k just delete this app the face scans are terrible and never work this app literally has no purpose anymore. Tbh I actually really enjoyed the card game and it was a fun game to play while you were out chilling or away from your console. 2k continues to fail all of its players and probably will into next gen. I hope they at least bring back the card game for next year and pray they become less stingy and let us get sum free vc again. WHY CANT YALL JUST MAKE A CARD GAME THAT U ONLY HAVE TO PUT OUT ONCE AND JUST UPDATE IT EVERY SO OFTEN AND THE MYNBA APP CAN BE SEPERATE #2kListenToYourPlayers

- A Completely useless App

This might be the worst mobile application that has ever been downloaded to my phone. Not only have the developers taken away the actual use of this app having a game mode, but there literally is no way to earn VC via the app, as it is stated in the description. Apple should remove this from the App Store for its misleading information—the reviews give Apple all the ammo to do so if it was needed. Anyone reading this, please do yourself a favor and save your limited amount of memory space on your preset iOS device and not download this app. Take up that space with any other app if you desire, just don’t waste it here.

- Trash app

No card game , only trivia events and vc and it’s only for view, face scan trash , no point of the app , that’s why their still having events on MyNBA2K20 , the old app never lasted this long with events they would have been stopped them . And they never sent my vc and I purchased the mamba forever next gen , haven’t got a reply from their company , these will be the last days of 2k coming soon , their messing up their gameplay and the and customers with a bunch of things that are foul . But you know how companies are , if they making money they will continue doing shady business until someone takes them to court and win .

- Nothing

I’d wish that this could actually be a review with depth or thoughtful points to be made but this isn’t even an APP. It’s literally just a waste of space on any phone. For anybody trying to download this game please realize that even the screenshots for the game are false. You can earn daily vc on this app like I thought. On the console edition you don’t even get vc for doing daily goals so I thought this where you get those rewards like the screenshots say but that’s not even true either. All that you can see in this app is the upcoming events. That’s literally it. Gongrats on getting away with another scam 2K and take 2.

- 2K does it again

So I’m guessing the only reason to download this app is to do a face scan that always fails and to check and see how much VC I currently have. Then there’s no card game, no way to accumulate VC for our weak 60 ovr players, it takes 200K VC to reach 85 ovr not including VC for animations. This is so underwhelming once again for another year. Even when 2K finds success, they always find a way not to build on that success

- Devasting face scan

I’m a long time fan of 2k and it’s face creation process they need to fix this app or do something with it because I will not use an app like this I’m sorry but I’m done using apps by EA SPORTS games like NHL and FIFA etc And I’m deeply into games with careers not long shot like in madden 18 I want to my my own face creation and make my player become a star.

- No card Game and No Daily VC (as shown on the description screenshot)

I was looking forward to playing the card game with my team from My NBA 2K20, but there is no card game now. Another huge let down is that there’s a screenshot for daily VC through the app (this is extremely important when building your my player up), but I don’t have that functionality at all. This app is useless other than seeing how much VC you have and doing a face scan (which adds a weird red or white tint to your player on the game). Very disappointed!!

- Face scan in this app is terrible and puts me through mental pain

Don’t even download this app to face scan it will be the worst experience ever. All it says is cannot find face and play this annoying snapshot sound every second when clearly my head is in the circle. This put me through mental pain and when the face scan was complete and I went on 2k21 and I looked like I came out of the womb dis-formed. Honestly please fix this crap face reader it is terrible.

- Trash!

This app is straight up garbage. You download it for the face scan, but face scan takes 30 tries to get it to scan you fully. And then after you wait for your player to be created - IT LOOKS NOTHING LIKE YOU. The skin color is too dark (I am a white woman with fair skin), the the hair texture is wrong, and you can’t even adjust the skin or hair color to match. They keep your cheeks bruised and dark looking. Honestly, throw the whole thing away.


Why would y’all leave the card game out of mobile that was an addictive game didn’t even have 2k20 and I was able to play that and the fact you say we need to buy the game just to sign in to use a face scan is beyond redundant 2k what are y’all doin y’all are moving backwards I’m convinced you and EA are in competition to see who can shaft its customers harder with this whole copy and paste with updated rosters and a new cover

- Cards

Where are the cards. Seems this app is pretty useless except for the face scan. At least last year we had cards and games to play and earn vc

- My face scan worked

Just make sure your camera not trash and look at the directions and keep eye contact with camera

- No reason to use this app

I was looking forward to the card game and being able to earn VC for the game. The only thing this app does is face scan and tell you the same news that you would see as you log into your console or PC. Kudos for having a face scan that finally worked for me but I see no reason to have this app until they add more content to it.

- Won’t let me sign into my PS4 account

This has been happening since the last 2k app , it’s like it knows I have a psn account and won’t let me even load up the next screen after I hit the PlayStation option. It allows me to open up the other three consoles with no problem to log in but not for PlayStation. I just want my player to look like me man 🥺🥺 is that too much to ask for 2k

- The only reason to download this app is now gone.

So they removed the only thing that gave this app meaning, and the only thing people actually used this app for. The card game has been removed and is gone. This is absolutely ludicrous. The fact they didn’t say anything about it until they announced the release is bad enough. Such a sad way for a once great mobile game to end.

- Embarrassing

You couldn’t even bother to copy/paste the card game into this years my2k21, what’s the point of even making an app? Didn’t think 2k could get any worse, but they somehow find a way to show they care even less about their customers than they already do. Absolutely embarrassing. 2k should be ashamed for the year they’ve wasted doing nothing.

- Face scan does not work

The face scan feature does not work. There is one last picture that never gets taken and it’s when you turn your head farthest to the left. Then the app has you redo it. Then you upload it. When you’re on your console and try to upload it, it always fails and says to try the face scan app again.

- Had so much potential

This game went from good to trash I remember when it first came out when there was no face scan or anything, I’m not saying the face scan is bad but when it’s the only thing to do In the game it’s boring, just make it where we can play the card game when I knew about 2k21 I honestly thought about this game not anymore though😔

- Bugs and poor design

Game doesn’t load sometimes and you can’t switch accounts. Looks so old fashioned

- Face Scam

This app is terrible. The games on it are extremely boring and useless, and I can’t remember the last time I had fun playing them. The face scan is a absolutely atrocious, buggy, and not user friendly. I can get a good scan, follow all directions, and then load into 2k, wait for it to load in, and it says error. It’s frustrating and a waste of time.

- Same Game as 2k20

This is the exact same game with a different shot meter, plus they got rid of the storyline throughout MyCareer player development. They even used several of the same sound bytes from the announcers. On top of all of this, if you don’t verify your account, they delete your progression within 3 days. Half the time you don’t get a confirmation email.

- Don’t make it if it doesn’t work

Developers / Publisher should be embarrassed. Why continue to support a gimmick that doesn’t improve even slightly year to year? I downloaded and tried to use it twice and twice it said to try again. I followed the instructions and went even slower the second time. This is a joke. Bad job.

- Face scan does not work

I have wasted 2 hours just turning my head mad slow trying to upload my face scan to the game and it never works. Even got a plain white background with great lightings and still no success. Don’t download if you are just trying to get your face scan in because you’ll waste your time.

- Looking forward to nba live

Don’t get me wrong 2k is a good business and makes good game but next gen better be good or I’m turning my back to this company. They put no effort into this and all they do is the news? This a game or an application to throw in the trash. Where is the card game? I was looking forward to it but this game had to ruin every experience ever. Worst experience ever

- Straight Garbage

Would give 0 stars if possible. They have gotten rid of the card game and now the app is only useful for face scan; if you can even get it to work correctly, and to tell you what events are going on. Don't even bother downloading this app the developers don't deserve it and ur phone doesn’t need this garbage taking up any space.

- Face Scan

The app looks good but why can’t I choose the rear camera. I have a iPhone 7+. Do only certain phones can use rear camera to do face scan.

- Face scan is on point!!

I used the face scan on 2k21 Career and MyPlayer looks exactly like me!! I still trip out everyday cuz it give the game a different feel! Good app🔥

- Can’t even login

I’ve been trying to login with my Nintendo account for days now. It just doesn’t let me login... no errors just brings me back to the app ‘choose your console’ screen... Not sure if anyone else is having this problem, but why have Nintendo account available as an option if it isn’t going to work????

- 2K is going downhill

Out of all the 2K games we have had recently, this year has to take the cake for worst 2K ever. Most of the game is just copy & paste, plus the animation and mechanics are screwed up way worse. This app is horrible too, doesn’t even have a game mode or an actual way for you to get VC. I wish we had last year back, I wish 2K actually cared.

- Ridiculous

Look I use to brag about how my career was so much better than madden!! Now this is awful! Face scan is still crap!! Then you take away the interviews and fan interactions??!!??? What the hell guys!!! What is wrong with you!!! I’m so sorry but I’m sick of paying 70 bucks a game and get trash! I will not buy this game again until changes are done!!

- Don’t waste your time

The facescan doesn’t work, never will. You’ll just end up wasting hours of time on this app. Your player is going to look generic forever. 2k acts like they’re broke. Most outdated and worst performing app I’ve ever came across. Hire some new developers or make something new. Face scanning technology is far more advanced than this.

- Face scan

Honestly needs a better way too face scan, I’m literally hurting my neck twisting it left and right, to no avail. Face scanning has become a chore 😔 the fact that you have to do this EVERY YEAR, is insane. In fight night for the 360 you can upload your face no problem, but 2k with its millions of dollars and star powe cannot? After the new GEN GAME IS RELEASED THIS MOST LIKELY MY LAST TIME BUYING A GAME THAT DOESNT PROVIDE INSTANT GRATIFICATION

- What happened 2k?

I love that this app was integrated with nba2k on my console. But where is the cards? Card wars, etc. The card battling was the best thing about this app next to the face scans and was really looking forward to it again this year. But once again 2k disappoints. If you add them back ill change my rating to 5 star, but for now its a 1.


2k do you realize how horrible your face scan technology is??? That’s literally the only somewhat useful thing on this app. Once again you gave us a shell of the previous years game. I don’t even know if I would call this a shell you literally took out the entire card game which IS THE ONLY REASON PEOPLE DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!! 2k continues to be the doo doo of all developers

- FaceScan not even working during Demo

C’mon 2K. If you’re gonna just repackage and roster update us yearly, the least you can do have the app work.

- Trash

Can’t even log in and it really doesn’t matter if you do eventually get in because the game will be a copy and paste of the last game. Might make a few minor changes but overall it’s the same boring game of collecting cards. Animation is crap and there is no help from support. Stay away from 2k and cat daddy

- Terrible

If I can 0 stars it I would but this app isn’t accurate at all, scanned 5 times in a row. Scanning your face and the app and having it load for 10mins on the game is a HUGE waste of time all it gives me is “There was an issue with your scan try again”. Doesn’t work like every year of 2k.

- Very difficult to work with

I scanned my head multiple times and got an error message everytime when uploading to the game that there was an issue to go back to the app and scan again. I was not able to use this feature.

- Typical greed from 2k

The picture shows you can earn VC through the app but that’s not the case. No way to earn VC and even the console version has found ways to scale back the amount of VC you earn so that you have to buy VC to level your guy. Getting tired of the pay to play model from 2k.

- My face scan worked second time

Just try it a few times it should work with good lighting

- Face scan doesn’t work

If I could give 0 stars I would. After multiple attempts the face scan feature doesn’t work. Have tried on different devices in different lighting still just error out. Pointless app if you ask me.


Indoor lighting wasn’t working and I was getting frustrated after like 4 tries. I went outside, and took 1 try and I got it.

- Disappointed

This was one of the only mobile games I played. The game itself was fun and easy to understand prior to you ripping it away from our hearts. Bring back the card game. You wasted your time making an app that maybe 1% of people are actually going to use.

- Constantly Underachieving Company

Didn’t know that anything could be more disappointing than the copy and paste job of 2k20 to 2k21, but then I downloaded and opened this app... Might as well be called the “2k21 face scan/useless annoying 2k news app”... Surprised there isn’t micro transactions in the app...

- Keep older versions

I’ve never seen any get worse over time like my2k has. The rewards started getting smaller and smaller. Til finally they just gave up and gave us nothing. It’s not even worth downloading and taking up space on your phone.

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- 0 features

This app is meant to be used for face scans, locker codes and making vc. Each year they slowly take away how much vc you can make a day on this app. In 2k14 you could make 5k vc a day if you had the high vc rewards to trade in. Then last year you could get 500 vc a day. Now there is no way to earn vc from this app. This is terrible

- Stop bagging them

The only reason there’s no content is because the actual game hasn’t come out yet

- Broken

The card game to earn VC isn’t even live when the full game has been released. On top of that the app doesn’t remember my linked services and needs to be logged in every time. If I could give less stars I would.

- Why complaint

WHY ARE YALL MAD. The only thing people use this for is face scans and locker codes and it works fine for both

- Game

When does the card game aspect start ?

- Don’t bother

Face scan is possibly the most frustrating thing. Never works and can’t even do one complete face scan. Absolute bug

- 👍

The face scans are terrible but they look funny

- Doesn’t work

Doesn’t even work for ps yet don’t bring out the app if it doesn’t fully work. You can’t load In if you have ps so kinda pointless right now.

- Poor

Where is the card game? Full games been released for nearly 2 weeks and there is nothing to do on this app. Terrible

- VC

Look now the game has come out we still can’t play the card game or get any VC. I’m mad because I used the game so much in 2K20 to earn VC but now I can’t!

- Absolutely pointless

This app was meant to link with a games account to earn VC. In the previous version there were cards to collect, and games to play. None of these features exist on the current My 2k app. I enjoyed the last app, and hopefully the issue gets resolved. I want free VC.

- NBA2K21

The actual card game is still not out and is taking awhile to get started

- 2k the real frauds

Can’t even allow us to get a little amount of vc before the game launches, 2k continue to disrespect their fans #fireronnie

- Too many bugs

Don’t download, 2K sports/NBA2K is experiencing some major bugs atm, the server keeps going down, stressful

- Card Game

Where is the card game when the full game has already released.

- Is the worst?

It's just bad. U have to play it on ur PlayStation or others . Omg why can't they make it better

- Very glitchy

Too many errors

- The worst app I have ever used

So hard to capture my face. Really dumb application

- Face scan dosent work

Face scan is terrible

- Head scans don’t work

Constant errors

- Trash

This app just shows error.

- My nba2k21

Where is the cards

- Where’s the card game?????

Where’s the card game?????

- Card came

Where is the card game. Trashy game ngl

- The game is so bad

So. Rubbish app MyNBA2K21 is so bad MyNBA2K20 was so good there even no chat or card game on MyNBA2K21

- Huh?

Where is the actual mynba game??

- Cmon man

This app is very deceiving. In the description it clearly states that you can get vc each day. And when I look around there is no chance for me to get vc! And even with the face scan, there so many bugs in the app that you have to keep on scanning your face. And when you finish scanning, it comes out completely different from what you expect.2k has to fix that. Transform this app to what it used to be.

- Bruh

2k21 has been out for a long time now and this game can’t even add a simple card feature. Wtf are the devs doing at this point?

- my 2k20 was trash

ever since my2k15 just continues go down backwards like really . u right not worth a star jus like all the new dumbass legands they put in the game no clue bout plyers or veriaty member u could sell and buy cards upgrade spasific stats on players and black top witch was jus good

- Gei


- Doesn’t work!!

Doesn’t work!!

- Wtf

Where tf is the cards

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- .

You need the game on a console to actually play this game remove that

- Why

Why was the card game feature removed. It was actually fun. SuperCard is a great game mode. I don’t understand. I still miss NHL SuperCard and now all there is is WWE which no one with a brain cares about. Appalling

- Stupid Change

Y’all really thought it was a good idea to outta nowhere change it from the card game that we all love to a companion app?? Prob the worst decision ever. Y’all have prob lost 90% of your fan base now. Screw off with this

- Complete Bull

Without warning just pull the one thing tons of people downloaded the app for can’t believe cat daddy really did us like this after YEARS of loyalty and money people have spent on this game. I know all good things must end but damn didn’t think it would be like this

- Killing your own game

The same thing happened with NHL SuperCard. You did nothing for many years straight to support your game so you discontinued it. The reason for less players is because you didn’t do anything about it. So disappointing to see two amazing games get turned into nothing by poor development and lack of effort towards the app.

- face scan

this takes 9137729191 tries to get a simple face scan and still doesnt work so thats a 1 star for me 2k

- Worst App ever made

I wish I could rate it lower than 1 star. Waste of time to download. Facial recognition doesn’t work - good luck trying to use a MyPlayer this year. To think this was developed by 2K “in house” engineers is absolutely ridiculous. Good job idiots.

- Account system not working

I used my steam account my Xbox account and my PlayStation account and it still doesn’t work fix this rigged glitch

- Rice

Is it just me or can anybody else use the rear camera?

- Literally a pointless app

Other than to perform a face-scan, this app has no purpose. Really disappointed. Would have been nice if you could manage your MT lineups, view challenges etc. Waste your time and see for yourself...

- Stupid

Good job losing half your audience you probably don’t care anyways because you never add anything new at all you guys are lazy and the games getting boring. be better

- Why take the card game out ???

I dont understand why you removed the card game feature to this app, it was by far one of my favourite games on the app store period and was a good way to earn some extra vc instead of dishing out real cash

- Useless

There is no way to earn VC within the app. Thereby making it absolutely useless.

- Good looks🍄🌹


- Card game was wack

Thanks for removing it tbh, should just be separate.

- No daily VC

No way to earn VC, so what’s the point of this app then?

- Another roster update

This isn’t the full game but I’m not buying 2k21 so imma leave my review here. It’s just another roster update. Plain and simple.

- Face scan!!!

The face scan does not work at all I tried it about maybe 11 to 12 times and it nothing it does not work at all.😔

- Card game?

The card game was a great way to get a little bit of VC, and was the only reason why I would keep the app throughout the year, and now it’s gone smh

- Why remove

Legit no point in removing the cards this app is useless now the cards was actually fun

- Where are they?


- Really 2k

Where is the card game. Thanks allot. Delete.

- Face scan doesn’t work

I tried to doing the face scan 5 times and it never worked. I wanna try using my rear camera to get better quality but it doesn’t let me. There is no point to this app

- Add card game and it will be five stars

app was clutch for early grinding of vc, not to mention pick and win Events set at your time is inconvenient regardless of prior notice

- Face scan wont upload


- Why?

Where is the cards??

- Why cant i sigh in

I cant sigh in when im using my email and password but it not working pls take the sighing stuff out of this game

- Face scan sucks

Why don’t I have the option to use my rear side camera ? I’m trying to get a good face scan but it won’t let me. This app needs help

- game crashes every time uploading

my game on pc crashes every time i try to create my face

- Unplayable

Doesn’t let me log in

- It’s trash and forcing

Their forcing players to create acc than find out it needs more than doesn’t work

- Face scan won’t upload

This isn’t the first year they’ve done a face scan by phone. You should know people will be uploading their scans on opening day and the traffic... adjust accordingly and fix your app

- Can not scan

This app is literally trash it can’t scan my face after multiple tries

- Trash


- Doesn’t work

Can’t even scan face after multiple tries with both sides of camera

- Fix

Can’t even login to PSN to upload face scan.

- Broken

This won’t work for my login, but it also can’t upload face scans even after i reset my PSN. Fix it

- Trash

The scans never work

- Another disappointing year

Don’t bother attempting to upload your face

- Disfunctional.

As of August 24, you cannot log in to your 2k account to access the main features to do face-scans, locker codes, etc.. Everytime you attempt to login, it’ll say “Failed to log-in to 2k sports”.

- Fails

All login info is correct, it tries to auto-connect and fails every time.

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- Eh

It does not keep you logged into the app after you close the app. If you log in then close the app, it will make you log in again. This is annoying

- Worst app ever!

The fact that they deleted the card game (the only reason we download the app every year) is one thing. The fact that they didnt tell us is another. 2k easily the scummiest company ever. Not like some of us loved the card game and have been playing since mynba2k14!!

- Face Scan Still Trash

I have no idea on why yall continue to put this trash app out. If your app can’t work cause of my darker skin just say that. My phone got 3 cameras (iphone 11 Pro Max) but someone your app still cant see my face wether use the front or rear camera smdh. Huge let down again.

- Pointless App

This is the most pointless app every created why would you ever change from the original My2k style. I would literally pay for that game. Please change it back to the old ways because this app if literally useless

- App gets worse year after year

App does not capture you likeliness effectively. Takes many times to get the right images uploaded. You would think they would put out a better product than this

- Decent

Ronnie just needs to fix the game and make the jump shot green splash and animations more sick

- Horrible

This game is horrible and also the real game it’s the same my 2k and it’s annoying when it kicked you out just bad in general.

- Waste of time

This app doesn’t even work it always fails to log me in or glitches me off the app. I look forward to this every year to make some VC instead of spending a lot of money on VC and I like the card game but it isn’t it this year. Don’t download this.

- App is essentially useless now

They removed the card game so there’s no real reason to use the app, aside from the face scan that you will only need to use one time (if it even works) Locker codes are better in game. You get the same news in game too. Terrible

- Unfortunately a BUST!

There are currently no opportunities to earn extra VC, The Face Scan does not work (no surprise there), not even the free locker codes that 2k gave out are on here. This app was made to disguise itself as a card game that we are all use to, unfortunately the app does absolutely nothing!

- Doesn’t even let me log in

Changed my account sign in for Xbox, unblocked myself, and re downloaded this app. Still won’t let me login to my account to face scan. Wouldn’t be so irritating if this wasn’t same thing as last year

- It’s sad really

Watching a game so good fall this far from greatness, I’ve loved playing the card game since 2k14, this is just garbage, why would you remove the main part of the game, now I’m only coming on here to redeem codes for the even more poorly developed console game

- Worthless

Absolutely crap app. Spent 2 hours trying to do a single face scan and it would even show up after 6 tries. Absolute garbage and don’t even get me started on the game. So tired of being disappointed every single year.

- Scan your face then delete

The ONLY reason to have this app is to scan your face for your MyPlayer. The card game doesn’t exist anymore, you can’t earn VC on it and it doesn’t have trivia for quick VC either. My advice for using this app, Hit it and quit it.

- Bring back cards

NBA 2K21 is already a bad game in a game franchise that is becoming worse and worse every year, but MyNBA is something that is actually somewhat fun along with being free. Removing the entire game part of the app makes it virtually useless. Terrible move by a terrible company.

- Terrible app

This is pretty much the worst companion app 2k has come out with yet. Basically the only useful thing in it is the face scan. It doesn’t give daily vc like it says it does. Literally nothing else to do on the app. Total waste of space

- Uh 2k

When I log in there is never the claim vc button that is shown in the ss which is literally the only reason I got the app in the first place

- App doesn't do anything but face scan...LAME!

Such a waste. Can't accumulate any Vc through online or other features... there's no game... all you do is log in and face scan or see your current VC. THERE IS NO ACTUAL GAME... like all of the other 2ks. This is so odd it's like they dropped the entire game.

- Not even working

We download this to do a face scan (most of us do) the face scan doesn’t transmit to the game on the first time EVER. now the app is not connecting. I have done the scan 3x now. And now the app is just not working at all. Y’all have to be kidding me.

- Don’t work

Tried to upload the pics for almost an hour. The pictures are very clear and my face was perfectly centered. My wife even tried doing the scan with the rear facing camera and it didn’t work. This app is dog sheet.

- Nothing?

I just downloaded the app because I’ve been waiting all this time for it to come out but where is the actual game? All it let’s you do it sign in to a platform but you can’t since the real game was never released yet!


The face scan feature is so bad bro then when I finally get it it makes me retake the photos then after that I upload the pictures and scan on 2k21 and all I get is a “Retry” I tried like 50xs still not my face scan appearing

- App is trash just the game

Did the face scan 7 times just to get denied all times , y’all respect for buyers are so unbearable it’s beyond ridiculous just bye cause I know y’all won’t fix it or even care just keep failing us and taking our money. Greedy pigs

- Nba 2k21 is here first face scan done

First face scan first to review come see me on 2k21 next gen

- Awful

Honestly don’t get the app the only reason y I’m trying the app is to know when events are. I used to be able to play a card game and get vc but no cause 2k is a company full of cheapskates and no one there cares about the community

- Fix the Face scan

Make the face scan scan better

- Face scan

I only do this to get the joker and chucky ones for Halloween

- Not even playable

⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ Was excited to hop on the new year grind but found out you actually have to have 2k21 ON CONSOLE and log in on there to even be able to get past the login screen on this app. Stupid, never have I had to do this. 🗑😤

- This game is bad

The game has had a falling out. This year they took out the card game and it is not a game to get anymore. I was confused when I got into it because I couldn’t play the card version. Don’t buy it if you want to play a game.

- 2k21

Just like 2k20 with a few more updates

- Useless, terrible app

The only reason a person would ever download this app is to use the face scan. But when that even doesn’t work well, there is absolutely no reason to download it.

- Only reason to download this app

Bruh they removed the card feature from this app and the only way you can play it is if you get nba 2k21 bruh at this point 2k does anything to make money, smh really ruined once a great card game good job 2k, nice job Ronald and Michael wang 👍🏾

- Same every Year🤢

We all know this dumb app never works every year. Literally have to spend hour on hour to get a face scan in. And once you get a clean scan on to the game “An Error has occurred” Sick of 2k and there lazy behind workers

- 2k Review

Instead of this game, you guys should work on Nba2k20 Mobile. It is much better and hope you guys can update the game to make it better. New archetypes, working shot meter, and add other stuff from the real Nba2k on console version.

- The mobile card game is gone

People loved the game now they have to play 2k mobile which my phone isn’t compadible or buy mobile 2k21 plus you guys made money from the videos people watched

- Not a waste

The game features will work when the official console game release on September 4th

- Why

Why is this number 2 on the app store lol

- Bruh

I like MyNBA2K20 but what happened I can’t play anymore the events and all the stuff that we did in MyNBA2K20???

- Not as good as last years.

When I got into My NBA 2k21 I was excited about the cards and battles but all there is is a login station, events, and locker codes! What happened to the card games like last years!?

- Trash

I was looking forward to playing the card portion of the game. But instead of creating a game in which people spend hundreds of dollars on you made a very bad game. It’s nit even a game. 2k is a joke

- Can not earn free VC daily

Terrible to see this app go to crap. In the pictures it says you can earn daily vc, straight up lie. This app has literally no point. Don’t waste 20 seconds of your life downloading this garbage.

- 2k21

Horrible game with many glitches. Not worth your money and if you haven’t bought it yet don’t end up in the same boat as the rest of us. It doesn’t even deserve 1 Star

- Horrible franchise

Very disappointing and trash 2k has really been letting us down year after year we need to stop supporting them they’re ripping us off year after year

- Terrible face scan

I did the face scan and it look nothing like me. Made me look terrible. I was really looking forward to see this years face scan too

- Broken and unplayable

Can’t even get past the login screen. Says no associated Xbox save present and glitches out and the screen starts flashing and you have to force close the app.

- Terrible Face Scan

Face scan does not work at all, even when it successfully scans it won’t go through into the game, awful, waste of storage and time.

- Terrible

Not even worth keeping, they took the card game away and you can’t even earn VC any longer. What a waste of my phone memory. I’d give it zero stars if I could.

- Where is the card game???

Where is the card game??? This app is useless without it. Who wants to continue playing the card game on 2k20 app when this one is out now???

- Can’t claim my daily VC

I mean, I figured making an app wouldn’t be too complicated but 2k finds a way out on how to. Not even showing a daily vc claim after I log in, just says connected to my console.

- Doesn’t have the card game anymore

This app is just a companion app they could’ve at least let us know the card game was over ahead of time

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Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (NBA 2K21) live at


Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (NBA 2K21) live at

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Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (NBA 2K21) live at

My NBA 2K21 1.0.5177779 Screenshots & Images

My NBA 2K21 iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

My NBA 2K21 iphone images
My NBA 2K21 iphone images
My NBA 2K21 iphone images
My NBA 2K21 iphone images
My NBA 2K21 iphone images

My NBA 2K21 (Version 1.0.5177779) Install & Download

The applications My NBA 2K21 was published in the category Games on 2020-08-24 and was developed by 2K [Developer ID: 324563547]. This application file size is 125.39 MB. My NBA 2K21 - Games app posted on 2020-08-24 current version is 1.0.5177779 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.2ksports.mynba2k21

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