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Can you approach your crush?

Run to your crush without bumping into people!

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- I wish no ads

So I like the game a lot but there’s way to many ads every time after a game a ad pops up and then When u play also a ad pops up to ads at a time so please make not a ad every time

- Good!!

I absolutely love this game. As soon as I saw an ad for it I immediately downloaded it. But the problem with it is two reasons. Problem one: this one might not be fixable but if so I would be THRILLED!! 😁 there are SO MANY ADS. Ad after ad it’s just exhausting. And if it offers me to watch an ad to get extra coins sometime I won’t watch because I don’t want to. Then an ad comes up. I purposely didn’t watch it cause I just wanted to play the game. Problem two: I finished decorating the whole room in one day. I would like to do more to the room or start decorating another room. It’s fun and all but I would also like to change the color on the walls. Pleas fix!!! THANKYOU so much!!


This game is fun but it has way to many ads it just ad after ad after ad and I can’t stand it I get advertisement for money I get it this is over too much if your going to make a fun game don’t spoil it by making to many ads 😡😡😡 this game would be fun if weren’t for the ads but because of the ads do not get this game it’s for your own good I am upset that whoever got this game had to experience this and i am very sorry for me who had to watch bad ads 😩 the ads are also inappropriate do not get the app you can’t even choose your own gender and that is sooooo stupid🚺🚹🙄 do not get this I am deleting it right now so I don’t have to suffer it any more trust I am not exaggerating 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

- Not the best..

I don’t want to put hate on this game, even if it isn’t the worlds best game out there, it still took long for you to make I’d assume. But maybe tone the ads down a bit? It’s after every level or so, and it’s getting hard to PLAY. I’d tone the ads down a bit, and maybe make gamepasses and add even more? There’s so much you could do! An idea isn’t harder puzzles as it goes! But whenever I want to hit “no thank you” for a “want the character?” ad choice, a ad below my screen is blocking the “no thank you” so I’m forced to watch a ad. Overall congrats on making a game, and please do keep updating! ^^

- Way too many ads

I couldn’t even figure out what was happening in the game bc there were way too many ads. There was to two ads for every time you basically clicked something. Absolutely absurd. I literally never write reviews, but I was amazed at this. I don’t want whoever gains ad revenue to gain it from anyone else. It felt like it wasn’t even a game, just an easy source of revenue for them by constantly making you watch ads. I literally unlocked a key (after an ad), literally swiped the screen and it said my person was like 28% complete then I had another ad. This game absolutely makes no sense.

- Stop the adds

Ok I know you need ads but pls stop putting ads in front of every single thing. For example when they ask you to each an ad to get a new skin when press the x button they still make you watch an add what’s the point of getting a new skin for an ad instead just give it for free sience your watching an annoying ad. Thank you for listening.

- Where are the girl skins

When I was playing the game I was looking who the skins and I didn’t see any girls I just saw you have and I thought wow where are you girl skins so I was looking and looking and looking as if there’s any girl skins available and there are no skins available wow why I have to be a boy but I’m not a boy and a girl clearly that’s why I’m writing this so I give it a three like you wanted to give it a five but it’s just too stupid to give it a five

- What the heck man

What is with the ads tone em down and why is every task literally impossible to do like parking the cars in their colored spots that took me 3 HOURS to get past and also why do you have to watch an ad to do literally anything you have to watch an ad to do half of the tasks and you can’t even unlock a skin you have to watch AN AD to get one and when it asks if you want the skin or not I press no thank you and it STILL GIVES ME AN AD like what the heck

- Love it but...

I love this game but when it comes to getting the ads for skins it makes no sense because either way right after I pressed x it showed me an ad and I really could’ve just watched an ad and got a skin and there are also way too many ads in the game itself like after every little thing I have to watch an ad all I want to do is play the game

- Fun as a game... BUT SO MANY ADS

When I saw this game I was like oh my gosh it looks so fun… Well I downloaded it and the game itself is super fun and it’s super addictive the only problem is there are so many ads like so many. Every time I try to play there’s always an ad popping up I don’t know I didn’t think it was worth it so I deleted it but it just depends on your personal preference

- Cool game

This game is really fun and it gives me more school but it is a lot of fun some Levels are kinda hard but not to hard and it is fun to get to unlock new skins now the one thing I don’t like there are a lot of adds every time I Finish a level there is add but hat is the only bad thing that I don’t like so yeah have a good day

- Great but adds!..

I love this there is so many different tasks and not the same ones over and over!! And I love that! But.... the ads on the other hand.. are terrible there are soooo many ads!.. like I’d like to do a task and finish it before an ad. Other than that this game is great, and totally addicting and recommend.

- 😍😍

This game is so fun like OMG I’m already on a high level I hope you later this thank you for creating this game and it is so cool

- not what i expected.

I download this game because i thought it would be fun to have...i was wrong. there was an ad after every single round, and i went to change my gender, but they only have a boy skin. the only girl skins there-you cant even use. i was disappointed. there are 5 rounds each day, which means 5 ads in less than 2 minutes. unbelievable.

- 3 Stars

I love this game💓 I love how it’s all just plane fun but I’m hear to compline about how it has love in it I mean I’m 8 years old and I think that stuff is nasty 🤢 so plz do not get that stuff in games plz and also I’m a girl so I want some characters to be a nice dressed up girl in there too so I 👍like the game over all

- Uwu

Umm TO MANY ADS!!!! so like every level there is a ad! And if you fail boom ad! There is a thing we’re you can watch a AD and get a cool skin and if I say no it go’s to a ad and I don’t get the skin! All though it is a good game just remove some ads and it’s perfect!

- Not the best

So overall the game is good but it isn’t the best levels get easier each time and the adds there are so many adds no matter what you do so it is a good app but adds and levels get easier.

- Ads

There is way to many ads after playing just 1 level at a time that it was no fun anymore so please when doing a game stop with the ads

- Worst game ever!!!!

I got this game I thought it would be fun and it turned out to be really bad number one there were too many ads number two it was extremely boring number three it kept glitching I don’t even think this crap should be on the App Store!!! Too bad I can’t give them a zero as a review

- Having fun all day

This game is really fun but they do have a Lotta pop up ads

- ADS ads ads ads ads

I don’t even take the time to make a bad review but omg. You can’t even play the game because every more you make there is an ad. Your game would do awesome with out a 3 second game play then an ad comes up. Look don’t make the game if people can’t play it. I’m very upset.

- Not so fun🥱

I don’t really like the game it is super boring I’m a girl and I have to play as a boy like what and it has to many adds and I just did not like it i would not download it i was bored so I looked on the App Store i found the app and i played it and it was trash sorry however made this game but I just don’t like it

- Ads Ads Ads

It's just ads after every mini game or they try to make you spend real money and if you turn. Off cellular data you can even play. Yeah right. Deleted immediately after that. The gameplay wasn't even good enough to warrant it.

- Great game

I love this game when I saw the add I downloaded it but the only reason I gave it a 4 is how many ads there are the devs did a great job though

- Annoying

I have downloaded this game about 7 times and every time it just crashes and never lets me in.. this game is problematic on my point because I want to play it but I can’t

- Love your game

I love your game so much and all I want to keep saying that I love your game

- Ads ads and more ads!

There is an ad between every round. Not very fun either. You do a 5-20 second mini game then have to watch a 15 second ad. Half the time you’re playing this game it’ll be watching an ad. Not worth the download.

- it is okay

They have a lot of ads and there is not much to do but you can do it however you want to so so I hope this is helpful thanks and you can’t choose what colors you get thanks 😊

- Way to many ads

I actually like the game but the amount of ads in it makes it trash. If I say no I don’t want this it will do an ad any ways and if I finish a round an ad pops up and if I start a round you guessed it another ad pops up. so that’s why I give it a trash review.

- Nooo

I seriously think that you should be able to change your character to a girl. I don't like being restricted to only being able to be a boy.

- To many adds

Every min you have an add I don’t like it but I gotta get back to school now

- So cool

You get to do so much cool things, this dose not make any sense but what I’m trying to say it’s a grate game 😑

- Ad every second

Hate this game! Concept is okay but it’s really glitchy and after you press no thanks twice or you succeed or fail every single thing there is and ad!!!😡 Deleted it writhing 10 mins of playing it’s horrible!

- Game is amazing an I love it I will stay on this game every day 😊😊

It’s amazing 😉 that the game is completely

- Genders

The game doesn’t let you choose to be a boy or girl and you only get to choose a boy. I want to be a girl. That’s the ✨T E A✨

- Too many ads, STOP IT!

The game is great but there is an ad after every fail, victory and new skins.

- How to play easy games

How to play easy games


At first i liked the game until I played like 10 rounds and there where an add after every round😡🤬!!!!!! Also why can I not change the Gender at all!!!!!!!! Do not get this game there are to many adds and also no girl's!😕

- Money hungry but the game

They’re super money hungry after everything there’s an ad but the game itself it’s fine

- Cheese

I love the game, but the ads are super annoying like after every level there is a ad. Overall it’s a good game


The game is fun just Less ads

- Too many ads

It’s a fun game but the amount of ads are annoying as hell

- You can’t do this.

You can’t make your game so it can only have 1 rating and it’s five star that is literally depleting the thing meaning rating please just look at people’s reviews thank you bye

- Won’t load

Every time I try to open it it loads for a second and then closes the app but, every other app works fine.😡

- Remove the ads

This game is good but 1 thing remove the ads every time I finish a level I get ads even if I turn my airplane mode on I still get ads and I need that to stop imma delete this game 😡😡😡😡👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

- Fun high school

Thank you little dude


I love this game That’s all what I’m gonna say I love this game. 1 more thing STOP THE FRICKING HATE, bye!

- Stop the ads🤬🤬🤬

I like the game but there so many ads and it’s getting me mad

- Bruh

You will get 5 stars if you did rarely ads in it

- Adds

There’s to many adds in This game it would be better without an add every time I beat a level

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- High school

Guys I gave it 5 stars because it is romantic for the people that don’t know what is romantic is love

- Bad

Glitches me ALOT please help me just joking great game Glitches me a lot please help just kidding it’s a good game 😃

- How to make no ads

If you try to finish your level and A ad comes turn of your wifi then You can do what you want except turn Your wifi back on if you want win something

- Addddddddds

I gave it a 3 star because there are way to much adds. I am just sitting in my chair watching adds for half an hour :(

- Poi

Fuuuccckkkk yyyoooouuu yyyoooouuuuu aassssss hhhooollleee

- Too many ads, need to pick character

There needs to be a choice picking genders if you’re a female or male. I don’t wanna be a male, I’m a female. Please change this.! There is too many ads for each one game very annoying.

- Too many adds

There is an add after every game, very annoying and uses all my data

- Homophobic

False assumption that everyone is heterosexual.. welcome to 2020

- Hmph


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- Tysm

This is the best

- Omg

There are so many adds even is you turn your data And wifi of there is still adds after everything Don’t get this game

- It needs

More kissing 😽 and sexier

- Make it add free please!

It is really fun but can you please make it add free?

- 10 second play

Not good, each scenario takes about 5-10 seconds to complete. Then you get the joy of watching a 30 second ad.

- Love it

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun

- Was gonna rate this a 5 :/

Each time u play a course, there’s so many ads each time u are done playing that! Please don’t do so many ads! It’s getting really annoying!

- Okay........

The game is kinda fun at first then just gets dull, repeats the scenarios and for Pete's sake cut down on the ads. Every 5 seconds there's an ad, every time you're done a task or fail or you don't watch a video for coins but it still gives you an ad. 🚫😏🙄😝👎

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- Hi

This is a great game so far I just started

- To many ads

Every time I go to the next task it dose a ad. And they are way to long

- OK

I like the game in a ok way just to much ads every time there’s a ad

- This game is terrible

The animation is terrible, it’s always glitching so I can’t win, there’s an ad every second, and overall it’s just a crime against humanity

- Bad

This game gives you an ad every single time you do something, it gets so annoying 😐

- From good to bad

To may ads I don’t like this game anymore you put to many ads on this one game it’s fun but annoying I’m deleting this game from my App Store

- Won’t work

I just downloaded the app. I opened it and it won’t let me play!! Just kicks me right off about 1 min

- Bruh

Can u not have the game start a ad every single second?

- To many adds!

Their is no point of the game and there is to many adds that’s why you get a 1 star!!!!

- Bad

Don’t install it’s a quick cash grab to many adds in finished levels and crappy skins

- Big fish

I love it

- So many adds

Its ok but the adds it is so annoying😡😡😡😡😡.I had to delet it don’t get this app I warn you

- Ad simulator

Title. Easy pass. You’ll watch more ads than actual gameplay.

- Adds

To many adds

- Ads

There’s a Game in your Ads

- U love this

I love this game it is so fun

- Mayans is my name

I love this game

- Love it…

But there’s way too many ads. Add a “NO ADS” button and I’ll give you 5 stars.

- Ads

This game has way too many ads.

- fun game but too many ads

really enjoyed the first part of the game but it is hard to stay engaged when there is an add every other task.

- My

It’s not working

- I love

So great

- Too many ads😡😡

If you unlock the door there’s an addd


I might as well press skip level for a, for each level! Yet it gives me ANOTHER ad after the previous ad I uninstalled it straight after. It’s a nice game! Just TOO MANY ADS!!!

- I love this game

This game is awsome

- Getting on my nerves

It’s toooo many ads like can I play the game 🙄

- Best game

Love the game

- Good

It is a good game

- It’s the best

It’s So nice l love it

- Fomr Amari matthews

It is Great

- Mmmmm

Yeah it’s good I guess

- Love game

Omg love

- I love ❤️ you 🥵


- Y the heck so many fricking ads!😡


- Hate it

Hate the game hate the game hate the game HATE THE GAME!!!!

- 💋❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️💋💋🥳

It is very good

- Bun


- It’s cool

It’s cool

- Ffc


- So what?

This game is fun. So what it repeats? A bunch of other games do that too. They have almost a 5 star rating.

- .


- Too many adds and it kept crashing.

Ok so...I thought this was gonna be a fun high school game we’re you do lots of stuff but it wasn’t. it was boring, there were to toooo many adds and every\sometimes I got on the game it crashed!...when I opened the game i didn’t touch anything it just in the snap of a finger took me back to my phone home not the worst game ever but definitely pretty bad.

- Wow, just wow

If you need an extremely boring repetitive process that makes you insane, for the sole purpose of playing ads to make money, this app’s for you. It’s fun for the first 5 minutes, that’s it, because it repeats literally everything in a loop

- Kid

I like no love this game because it soothes your mind and makes you laugh

- Annoying.

This game makes no since for that it gets a 3 but some people may like it just not for me.

- Why?

I'm painting houses sorting shirts and organizing plants I thought this game was going to be about high school but then I took a weird turn then we went completely off the topic about high school it just doesn’t make any sense

- Ad after ad after ad and money hungry

Ok I wish apple would have 0star revues I mean I was on level two and three was so manny adds that I up and deleted the game and I hope that they take this app off the App Store

- This game is stupid

This game is stupid and dumb, as some else said the first level is impossible. I request work life 3D even tho it plays levels over again it way more fun. Fun high school? More like DUMB high school!

- It’s just uhh

I’m a girl and some how I have to be a boy and then it has to many ads and it keeps crashing

- 0 star

I thought it was going to be fun but it kept closing the app!!! What the hell???? And then it’s not even that fun as the ads make it seem to be. What a waste of time.

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The Girlfriends - all they do is bully jungkook - went to high school with the racers - very good at giving advice - Yeri is a tattoo artist - Joy makes r&b music for fun and has a pretty big following


I don't know how anybody else feels about it but I would've enjoyed watching Sharife Cooper make his freshman debut for Auburn today. Loved watching him in high school, such a fun player.

Alfred Twu

fun facts from Marin County: The existence of High School 1327 implies the existence of High Schools 1 through 1326

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Fun High School iphone images
Fun High School iphone images
Fun High School iphone images
Fun High School iphone images
Fun High School iphone images

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The applications Fun High School was published in the category Games on 2020-07-17 and was developed by FTY LLC. [Developer ID: 1225503009]. This application file size is 564.79 MB. Fun High School - Games app posted on 2020-11-09 current version is 1.0.8 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.jj.highschool

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