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What is puzzles & survival × g.i. joe app? An epic battle is brewing between G.I. JOE and Cobra, and you're all invited to take part!
Make sure not to miss out on this limited-time collaboration to unlock iconic G.I. JOE characters, including Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Scarlett, Baroness, and Cobra Commander.
As if that wasn't enough, you'll also be privy to all-new crossover stories and a vast array of other features, so be sure to join the fray!

My goodness...What the hell is that!?
Keep quiet, idiot!
Arrrrgh, the zombie's coming at us!!!

The outbreak of a deadly virus swept over the world. Almost all of humanity have turned into zombies. Lead your followers to survive the apocalypse: that is your quest.
Match-3 Puzzle meets Strategy! Solve the mysteries and build an impenetrable sanctuary. The future of humanity is in your hands.
Tip: Use your brain to defend your brain!

- Solve puzzles to kill zombies
- Arm yourself with strategy and tactics
- A combination of a tactical wargame and casual puzzle gameplay
- An innovative post-apocalyptic experience

- Lead survivors in the last bastion of humanity
- Craft cutting-edge equipment to smash your enemies

- Superhuman powers emerged alongside the zombie virus
- Recruit Heroes from the notorious Noah's Tavern
- Heroes improve your military and economical strength

- No one can survive alone, fight alongside your allies
- Watch out for potential threats, be they zombies or humans

Official Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/PnS.37Games

Puzzles & Survival is a free-to-play mobile game with in-app purchases. According to 37GAMES' Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, this application is not intended for use by users under the age of 12.
A device with internet access is required.

[Subscription Intro]
Puzzles & Survival provides subscription services. Become a subscriber to enjoy exclusive boosts and rewards!
1. Content: Subscribe to claim heaps of rewards on a daily basis and unlock various remarkable boosts.
2. Subscription duration: 1 month
3. Subscription price: $19.99
4. Payment: Via your iTunes account
5. If you are a subscriber, within 24 hours before your monthly subscription expires, the subscription will be automatically renewed UNLESS you manually cancel it before then.
6. To manage and cancel subscriptions, please head to Settings - iTunes Store & App Store - Check Apple ID - Account Settings - Subscription.

Do you need help?
Feel free to contact us via the in-game Customer Service or send us an Email at: global.support@37games.com
Privacy Policy:
Terms of Use:

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Find this site the customer service details of Puzzles & Survival × G.I. JOE. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/1517980891/puzzles-survival-g-i-joe/contact

Puzzles & Survival × G.I. JOE Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Puzzles & Survival × G.I. JOE Version 4.0.7416 May 2022

What's New 1. There is now a limit to the number of units you can station on your Wall. Optimizations: 1. Alliance Showdown now includes personal quests. 2. You can now schedule your next feast when the hosting feast function is on cooldown. Rewards are now granted based on attendances instead of the number of signed-in commanders. 3. Immigration rules optimized. 4. Watch Tower will no longer show details of rallying troops unless the troops depart..

Puzzles & Survival × G.I. JOE Version 4.0.6528 February 2022

What's New 1. 9-star Cubes 2. New Nanoweapon: Mutated Arm (Marlowe-exclusive) 3. New Cube Challenge and Nanoweapon Challenge levels Optimizations 1. The basic time limit for each move during Puzzle Duel is 20 seconds now and the waiting time to move now varies according to the number of combos in the last move. 2. Upon using a new hero skin, the hero stats (e.g. ATK, DEF, HP) will be updated accordingly. 3. Raid/Defender ATK, DEF, and HP boosts are not showing separately in battlelog. Instead, they're now included in Troop ATK, Troop DEF, and Troop HP boosts..

Puzzles & Survival × G.I. JOE Version 4.0.6324 December 2021

Patch Notes [New Content] 1. Added 9-star Gear. 2. Added Battle Division chat channel (available to participants in Reservoir War, Nukaland, Wasteland War, and Valiant Conquest). [Adjustments] 1. Optimized Levina's skin "Cowgirl". 2. Extended the duration of "Shield (System)" (activated during server maintenance) to 3 hrs..

Puzzles & Survival × G.I. JOE Comments & Reviews 2022

- Game is nice

I wasn't sure about this game at first but when i saw how the character leveling and how important it is to upgrade your people on the nostalgic menu i was hooked. Weird way to stay but this game is not as bad as the other builders when it comes to your base and you can research build speed almost right away. Im already headquarters level 5 and i gotta say i cant wait to progress and get as far as i can. The puzzle gameplay is as shows. Its really fun and when you match a certain number you get a grenade or flashbang which sets off multiple puzzle matches. And every match goes toward you characters abilities. Each character has one and i have to say Doc is my favorite because no matter how much of a beating my team takes. As long as i make a few matches with the same element as him or whatever it is he heals my entire party for a chunk of their health. So yea this game is pretty good and satisfying when you make big plays. Id recommend it to anyone.

- An hour of gameplay

Literally an entire hour of it telling you where to tap. An hour of it telling you to spend resources and speed ups you probably don’t even want to use literally non stop. Honestly i completely lost any interest in the story because i just want to PLAY, i actually want to experience the game, and an hour of tutorial didn’t even cover other stuff- you literally need to cover a whole CHAPTER to learn anything else. What is this resource? What are these boosts? How do i get them? What does this mean? How do i do this thing? I don’t know, but it’s telling me to use them. It’s so frustrating, i literally said out load “oh my god, just let me play the game”. I hate apps which tutorials FORCES you to spend materials i would love to save for later, and if you think the same way then this app isn’t for you. If you love sitting through an hour+ of the game constantly telling you what to do literally non stop, and spending resources you could save up for better choices. if you love them waving five star characters in your face by letting you use their abilities that insta kill bosses and then tell you “you need to pay for this”. If you love gathering resources without even knowing what they do because the tutorial literally covers everything except what you want to know, then you bet this app is for you. It’s been frustrating, confusing, irritating and all around a terrible experience right out the gate.

- Review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I really enjoy this game. there are powerful and complex characters you gain throughout the world, and it also has a interesting way of keeping you entertained, you can match shapes and colors while in battle to get powerful attacks, and they also include raiding or aiding other online players with their camps, and you can build multiple camps after you’ve reached level 8 Or higher on your HQ. you can also add friends and form alliances, which is a good way to keep your camps protected from being raided or attacked by other players or stray zombies. I’m also impressed that they included some of the main characters to have voice acted commentary, Most RPG Mobil games don’t provide that, and I’d like to see more of that in the future. I really can’t think of any negative things to say about this game, the only thing I could suggest would be adding more storylines, and to add more areas to explore, some new characters from familiar franchises would look nice in the game as well, and would be a good way to bring in more players. I would definitely recommend this to friends who enjoy puzzles and strategy, or Just RPG zombie mobile games in general, because if they like games like that, I guarantee they will enjoy this one too.

- Fun game, but needs fixes

I’ve been playing for a few weeks, currently level 7, and I have a decent amount of resources... or so I thought until a level 30 decided to attack my town 10 times within 30 minutes and take everything from me. Literally, I have no resources left and I had about 10 million food and close to the same in wood. This is completely unfair as I don’t have a lot of money to buy shields and I’m being attacked non stop by someone who is more than 20 levels above me. The puzzle games are fun, but seriously. If it was a one time thing, fine. So be it. But it’s multiple times the exact same person. It’s like playing clash of clans, being a town hall 4, and being attacked by a town hall 12 multiple times over and over until you have nothing left. My advice, if you don’t want your phone to blow up because you are being attacked over and over again or you don’t have a lot of money to rank up fast, stay away from the game. If this continues, I will be deleting the game tonight. Game creator, fix your game. Nobody wants this bs.

- Hybrid Game

This game is combining elements from different types of games with the puzzle matching and the base building components. It does provide a unique feel to the game play unlike others I've played. But it is essentially a joining of those genres. As far as the interface, the coloring scheme is muted and that sometimes makes shades difficult to distinguish. Such as the coins used to exchange for Heroes. That could be improved a little too make it clearer. In general, I feel like I don't have any idea how much of various resources I have when I'm making purchases. At the lower level I am, it hasn't mattered yet. Being able to join a Guild almost immediately was refreshing, that doesn't typically happen in other games into you've figured out the mechanics. As soon as the Tutorial is done here, you can essentially join a Guild, which makes speeding up the building etc a bonus.

- Don’t understand the haters

I’ve been playing for months now. I would say just about 2 months after it came out. I don’t understand why these people are complaining about getting attacked, losing resources etc. the game is generous with giving out diamonds to buy shields and you can gain a shield everyday. Yes the tutorial in the beginning maybe long and annoying but you get over it. You can do what ya want in the game and protect yourself if you actually pay attention. I’ve only spent $10 and up to level 28 hq almost level 29. They have events to win heroes as well as other stuff. Yes you can spend lots of money if ya want but don’t have too. I also have a farm at level 23 and spent no money which helps build my main account. So try it out.

- This could be fun IF you enjoy alliances

This game doesn’t appear to be one you can solo play. I wish that had been in the description BEFORE I downloaded it. They want you to join alliances and you will be subject to people from all over the world & different time zones raiding your site. So, if you put a lot of effort in the beginning...know that it’s easy for strong unscrupulous players to take advantage of new players lack of experience and raid you site for everything. Unless you pay for “shields” that protect you when you’re not on; kiss your supplies good bye. If you don’t have so much free time on your hands to constantly be on playing and fighting off raiders it is discouraging. Ask questions of what the alliances expect from you as a player before joining. If they demand more time and ability than you can give choose another alliance.

- Meh...More for Pay to Play

Started alone based on an advertisement in another game. Pretty complicated at start with lots of things going on - build your base, build your heroes, heroes attack zombies and other players, build your army, attack zombies with your army, attack other players with your army, get allies, participate in challenges, etc. You only get one builder, so have to constantly be online to keep it busy upgrading the myriad of buildings in your base. I followed the suggested course of action diligently and once I felt I was getting the hang of it, two other well-advanced players attacked me and wiped my army out. I wasn’t too interested in starting again, so will uninstall it. I think this is a game meant to be all-consuming and allies are important. Pay to play gets you a second builder, plus other perks like better heroes. Bottom line, if you have a lot of time and only want to play one game, this might be it. For a casual player, I wouldn’t recommend it.

- I am addicted.

You have to be patient with the tutorial beginning levels. There are so many different aspects to this game, I literally can play for hours at this point. No ads, because at some point a person wants to spend $ to grow faster. There is an entire section that is a match three puzzle with heroes you develop killing zombies as you play. However, you also build your city, can kill zombies for prizes, join a group and help it grow.. or not. Nothing is required. I have played consecutively for over 100 days straight (it keeps track and rewards you for that too). You constantly get rewards that help you in the game. They are working on a comprehensive guide. That is the only thing missing.

- IMO ... horrible

The game “forces” you to learn it how it wants you to. The first day I played the game I was barely able to play how I wanted. I couldn’t take my time to enjoy how I wanted or even really play because it “makes” you proceed exactly how it wants you too. Literally can’t choose any other option while the only option to choose is the one it tells you too (flashing highlight any time you touch anywhere else on the screen) The game CONSTANTLY pops up with buy this, buy that. Spend your money on this game that you can’t even enjoy the way you want. Maybe it’s enjoyable later, but it’s not for me. I also personally hate when puzzle games highlight a move, I’ll choose a worse option simply because I want to play how I want. Maybe I’m picky, but this game just is obnoxious when it comes to having a fun time learning it and shoving in game transactions in your face. Greedy games no fun!!! Not saying you shouldn’t try it, you might like it... I don’t.

- My highest praise

The highest praise I can give this game is that in the 48 hours or so I have had this game I have wasted 7 - 8 hours. Which for me is about 90% of my phone usage. I don’t normally get pulled into a phone game like that. Nice combination of puzzle, fighting strategy, PVE, PVP and building strategy. Just when you start running out of energy or build queues or whatever you move on to another segment of the game and keep going. It is most definitely worth the download. The ability to play without spending any money and no advertising makes this the perfect game for someone like me. Makes me more likely to spend money in the future if I get to a point that I see a character or item I just can’t live without. If you like zombie - download this game If you like gem puzzles - download this game If you like PvP tournaments - download this game If you like cooperative play - download this game If you like building and expansion - download this game Etc. Get the picture. Ps. Some developer has a crush on Amanda Seyfried methinks. Just take a look at Amber and tell me I am crazy.

- Must Pay to Thrive

Let me start by saying I liked the game when I started. It has a lot to do and the alliance feature is nice when you find the right one. Now, here is the issue, unless you are willing to pay (in large amounts) you could be on a server (state) that has someone who will. The one I am in has a player who has obviously spent tens of thousands of dollars. He is at least 4 times bigger than the next player and is unstoppable. The problem is, the game has no checks and balances. He can attack any player over and over and over again until everything they have and built up is gone. He will teleport his sanctuary into your alliance, attack anyone who does not have a shield on for days. He typically brings a couple others from his alliance. They will attack generally lower players relentlessly and if a higher player tries to help. He attacks them and with the money he spent, there is no stopping him or defending. Other games I have played had limits on size of player you could attack or a cool down period so if you have to work like most people, you are not designated when you get home. For normal people who need to sleep and work and don’t have thousands to spend, this is disheartening and no longer enjoyable. If you are looking for a game to relax and play, spend some money to help you grow and develop, THIS IS NOT IT.

- Terrible, just terrible

The ads are nothing like gameplay. Then you get start the game and are bombarded with 100 different things the game is telling you to click on, that you HAVE to click on, with no explanation of why you are doing it, or how anything you’re doing corresponds to or affects anything else. And when all that’s done, there are a couple dozen different buttons and screens to go to, all of them offering upgrades to your base with 36 building, or access your team of 23 people that all do something different but you’re not sure what, or selling currencies for cash, and you just wanted to play the simple swiping-icons matching game that’s advertised so that a character can escape from zombies. It’s like you go to work one day, but you’ve gone to a business that you’ve never heard of in a field you have no knowledge of and sit down at a desk and suddenly you’re expected to know how to do the job.

- Pretty ok except the false advertising

This is another one of those games that advertises one thing and then the actual game is completely different. I’ll give the game designers that the graphics are great and there is at least a match 3 mechanic, but that’s about as far as I can go with the compliments. As is typical these days, the bulk of the game content requires you to join an alliance. No alliance, no progress. Also, the character leveling starts slowing down substantially fairly shortly into the game. This means that once again, no alliance, no content. There are opportunities at every corner for transactions from small to large, but like most others in this vein, you can be a whale or dawdle at the back of the bus. The game even had the audacity to ask what the best way to advertise to get people is was. Well designer peeps, try not advertising something different than what the game actually has.

- Greedy AF

The game is fun. Don’t get me wrong. But the app developers and customer service is severely lacking. I’ve had 3 issues in 3 weeks of playing regularly and all customer service does is tell me “oh it was a glitch. Can’t help you, sorry!” This is exactly what they wrote when I lost diamonds (which you obtain by paying real life cash) “ Hi. We are very sorry that happened to you :( We consulted with the techs about your request, and unfortunately, this action is irreversible. Thank you for your understanding and support :) ” Again, this was due to my loss of diamonds which is cash out of my pocket that I paid! Other games at least give in game compensation like a boost or other resources. Also, it’s very telling that this is the only game that doesn’t regularly update their app. The last app update was 2 months ago! I get it, you want money from us and fast. But at least make an effort to treat regular players with respect.

- Spoon fed, when does the tutorial end?

This looks like it might be a complex and unique game, however, the tutorial goes on forever. You can’t skip the inane character commentary either. I played like 10-15 minutes and I still have no choice of what to do. Over and over it tells me to “click here” even when doing the exact same thing several boards in a row like simply matching more gems or whatever gets you ahead. Most games let you play a couple of levels before showing you the next power up or whatever. It tries to show you everything before letting you play. You don’t get to try anything. This is primarily a match three game, I don’t need to be told over and over and over how to make a match. I like the idea of your goals being to kill zombies not accumulate gems but when do I get to play? Does that ever even happen? Or is it just a long “interactive” video a toddler could play?

- One of the better pvp builder games

I typically hate these kinds of games. They’re always fun at first, but before you get anywhere powerful (unless you drop tons of $$), heavy pay-to-win types are busy plundering you repeatedly. This game is the same... except one major thing: You get a ton of resource boost items for completing events and dailies. I mean millions worth. Save them, don’t use them as you get them!! You’ll be prompted to use some of you try to do an action and need more. Those items can’t be plundered, so this way you can grown and evolve even while the pirates are hitting you. It makes this game, out of all the other similar games, actually playable... or at least playable much longer than they usually are anyway. Enjoy!

- rich, but needs frequent attention

This game was not at all what I expected from the ads I saw before downloading it, but it does have a lot going for it. There are a bunch of features included. Map exploration, events, leveling up of troops and gear, pvp, pve - you name it, this app has it. Beyond a certain level, though, players need to log in frequently, and to spend real money, or be farmed. My sanctuary got reconnoitered and attacked repeatedly while I was logged off, until my resources were mostly gone. Relocating didn’t really help, I was just found and attacked again. I don’t have the time and funds to go further. Those with time and money to burn, however, might be able to get even more out of this one.

- Ad’s

Every time I see an ad for this game it makes me hate it more and more! At first the character is successful by solving a mini game and then dies when it gets to an easier mini game! It makes me think that the developers have a mental issue and can’t solve the easy puzzles! So the ad’s are a warning not to play this game because it will make you too stupid to solve the easier puzzles! Thank you for the warning and I have deleted the game before I could get past the intro! I give it 5 stars because it saved me the trouble of wasting my time!

- Not like the ad shows

This game is nothing like the many ads I’ve seen! None of the ads show anything about having to build a base, community or whatever they call it. The ads that play show level 50+. I’ve been playing it for a week now and I’m only at level 6. You have to keep upgrading too many things to gain higher levels but here’s the kicker, there are prerequisites that have to be met in order to upgrade. It’s like going down a wormhole trying to meet the prerequisites because every prerequisite has prerequisites that must be met. It can become very confusing & frustrating. If you like this sort of complications then this definitely is the game for you. For me there’s definitely too much going on here for very little gameplay!

- Wouldn’t play again even if I was paid

Like most comments, the biggest pain is the tutorial. You’ll see multiple “5star, best game..ect” obviously fake accounts posting fake reviews. Most of the time I try to give a game a chance because I want to see what it’s like...but this game right here...it looks like a cut and paste game with a mild tweak of dialogue and art style change but with a infinity more annoying tutorial that nobody wants to sit through that is chalk filled with the same monetizing scam that most games use. I don’t even have to get past the tutorial to see how they use the same tactic of gameplay but think puzzles makes the game slightly different from all others. Games like this that falsely advertise game play should be automatically deleted and should have the author barred from putting out more games

- It’s a decent game

Don’t believe the hype that it is a f2p type game. Yes it is, but if you want to be competitive you HAVE to pay. Also, the match 3 seems to be fun except that the game never explains what any of the hero skill sets actually do, and the game has a way of cheating because of this. It will cause you to want to build up. Everything about this game is a psychological test of your willingness to pay cash. Also, there is very little support as far as walkthroughs or guides. The game can be fairly complicated, and I think they also do this so you get frustrated enough to pay. As for gameplay; it’s fun as long as you’re not getting railroaded by bigger players, yes that happens a bit, or dealing with drama with the human aspect. If you have moderate anxiety or higher, avoid this game.

- Slow and cumbersome

1) The demo takes forever. It took twenty minutes of only being allowed to choose _their_ gem and move it to. _their_ position then choose _their_ resource then choose _their_ hero to upgrade. Ugh. 2) The story starts, like, three quarters of the way in. You don’t see the plague start, you don’t start alone or with a small troop and grow, you don’t have to find sanctuary or safety. Instead you start with the world overrun by zombies, with everybody aware of mutated bosses, with a full army and with a quarantined militarized base. 3) You need a data connection, so you cannot play this on the subway or on a plane or if a zombie apocalypse ever happens and the servers get destroyed (or if they go out of business) 4) This game has _so_ much overhead that you are simply thrown into, rather than having the game mechanics given organically in digestible chunks 5) The dialogues scroll slowly but if you click on them, they simply disappear, so you have lost whatever tidbit of story was about to be revealed 6) The game play is nothing like the ads. Why do people come up with wonderful ideas for ads, but write a different game? I have deleted this game (almost deleted out of boredom during the interminable tutorial)

- Good, but...

Here’s the thing, I love this game. It’s interesting. The graphics are amazing and you level pretty fast, HOWEVER I cannot stand the fact that (and I’ve encountered this in many games like this) no matter how much you level your characters it doesn’t really matter. I’ve played the “PVP” of the game and my combat level is much higher than whomever I’m fighting. No matter what I do to raise my characters stats, they seem to be debuffed or something because they always die. There is no reason for this. If you have a higher combat level and characters you should win, period. Idk maybe it’s the whole RNG aspect where you don’t always match colors. Three is all I can give it if leveling doesn’t mean a thing.

- Finally uninstalled

This game tried to look like State of Survival but it was impossible to find anything. There also was some sort of chat running almost just below items to do with daily progress making getting those open impossible. I also hate games that insist on running in one direction. As I play in bed plugged in I do not want to ruin yet another connection by bending the cord funny. Now a small math lesson before you say it can’t be played in landscape. Not asking for landscape. A circle is 360 degrees. A 90 degree turn is landscape but a 180 degree turn gives the same portrait view without crushing the charging cord. Give Angry Bird Blast a look if you want a guide. I have many other examples of games able to do this. Sorry boys, this game needs work.

- No recourse after getting attacked.

It’s just ok as a game, mildly entertaining if you’ve got nothing better to do. Just no that if you get attacked even once, you’re entirely useless for days. Why? Because you won’t have a single unit available to use until they’re all healed, which takes dozens of hours because your entire army is injured after an attack. This is really for the developers as much for players. You get to save a portion of resources in your warehouse, and don’t collect everything in your bag so you’re not totally crippled in terms of that. They need a way to keep a portion of your army unscathed for use when you come back. Otherwise, you’re really not gonna get to play when you log on after getting attacked.

- A Whole Lot of “Brains”

When your looking for a game that fights off hordes of zombies, uses 3-matching attacks, 4-matching grenades, and 5 or more matching flashbangs, you’ve come to the right game! Puzzles and Survival is the most war-like, 3-puzzle matches, and long-action filled storyline I’ve . This game is the best in EVERY way. I dare everyone who can handle all of this at once, to play this game, because at the start I was like: *Woah, I can’t handle this awesomeness all at once, this is too cool.* But than you get used to it, but than it becomes AWESOMER.(If that’s even a word) This is the best game ANYWHERE. #BESTGAME

- Like it so far

Well I just started but so far This game is pretty cool, I love that when your starting out they give you a bunch of diamonds and other things to get you going unlike other games you can’t level up or gain any experience without buying stuff and at a time like this where nobody has the money to waste on a game .. and by helping you get started your actually able to play and enjoy. I don’t mind buying things but not when the money you spend does nothing to help you, hopefully it stays this way

- Ads for the game look awesome, but...

It’s too bad the developers can’t see that if they made a game that played like their ads, it would be a smash hit. Those ads look awesome. But the actual game you do get is just ok. There are way too many games out there that are just like it. They are time consuming just trying to get the simplest of things done, and make you want to pay money just to get through the slow, boring, monotony of waiting to advance further. And I don’t fall for paying to advance just because the developers designed a game to nickel and dime you to death. If they make a game like the ads, I will check it out with great expectations and enthusiasm. But for now, I’m deleting this game. I just can’t stand it anymore. Sorry, guys.

- Fun so far

I’ve just gotten started with this game, but so far it is pretty fun... much better than a lot of games I’ve played that were created in this style or with these graphics or whatever. I’m not one to normally pay for stuff either, but everything on here so far if you want to buy stuff with real money, is decently priced (seems like they have constant deals on something or other). But it does not seem like something you have to pay to win though. I’ll definitely keep playing and see where it goes.


First off I want to say I utterly enjoy this game, and I’ve had to spend a little money. I am currently in the top clan DTJ S41 as BigBoy O. Why don’t we get bonuses for rallies that result in 100% completion? It makes our alliance wait to have 6 to rally together. We’ve blown away the other alliances and almost to 1 bil might, first in our State. Give some of the higher level players a chance to redeem some extra from the money we have already spent to play. I’ll be awaiting Amber’s message that I’ve got new goodies 😬

- Game is fun but wouldn’t spend any money on it

While the game is fun you you just feel like your being cheated at every turn even if you play for free so while it is enjoyable I wouldn’t ever spend a penny on it since things like the Noah’s Tavern where you get your hero cards gives you worthless junk instead of hero cards more than half the time. Things like AP power up have no place in the tavern and yet most of the time when I get my free selection of the highest tier 3-5 star hero most of the time I don’t get any hero just junk. Since you normally get junk on the highest tier I can’t understand why the developers would think someone is going to spend actual mo way when chances are they’d get nothing for their money in return.

- Lack of Diversity

This is a good game but I find myself frustrated a lot of the time because all of the weak ones are people of color and a lot of the girls are pretty useless compared to the white men characters. It would just be nice to have a team full of people who are good in talent but also not all white men because I just do not connect with the team that I kind of am forced to put together. Respectfully, consider stronger women or people of color in updates or future projects, please. It would even be good for business since not only white boys play this game. You can draw more people in if you had good representation. Thank you!

- Toxic Community

The gameplay is okay. A bit of a time sink. I like puzzle games, though. The game isn’t anything like the advertisements, however, which is dishonest. I played the game for about a month. You can’t survive without joining a guild. That’s fine, I guess. However, the highest-level Guilds make it a point to kill the lower level Guilds to maintain their own prominence. With no way to opt out of PVP once you hit level 10, you either hope to get into a high-level Guild or you’re going to be ground to dust. I tried several Guilds. The high-level ones were just plain mean and the low-level ones require burning a lot of resources to keep yourself shielded from attacks. The game itself rewards attacking lower-level players and Guilds, so it’s not a culture that’s going to change. After I had two high-level guilds decide to make it their mission to raze my entire guild to ashes because we wouldn’t help them attack another guild, I uninstalled. I have enough stress in my life. I don’t need that kind of toxicity.

- Poor AI

I have VIP 5, so I use the auto battle feature since it's easier... but it's useless. I end up LOSING more fights than winning because the AI wants to do a dumb move, when it could've made a better one. And why does it use my special power move when the enemy is at like 1 hp? It should be that after a lower hp level, it uses a regular move instead of using my special move... The auto battle system needs to be improved overall. I paid 5k gems (a very very big amount of $) just to get VIP 5, so i'm disappointed in a feature I can't even use, if I want to actually level up properly. Great game though.

- Super addictive!!!

This game is pretty cool. Addictive though and easy to start spending too much money in it haha. Only notes I would give the developers would be to enable autocorrect in the chat and emails, and put a “read all” option in emails, AND an “accept all” button for alliance gifts. Once you get into huge alliances and have 200 gifts to accept every 8 hours, having to click 200 times gets very tedious. Other than those few things though great job!!

- It’s a good game but...

So I played after I got a lot of ads but the game is way way different then in the ads I played and it was just a match stuff to zombies it was NOTHING like it was in the ad I liked the game but in the ads you could choose clothes and go in sewers and work elevators but NO it was a hole different game just match stuff then beat the zombies I thot I could actually choose but it’s that game where you upgrade your town and save survives from matching green with green and red with red it’s kinda dumb but fun I liked it but please fix your ad it’s a way different picture thanks for your time

- Decent

I downloaded for a cool puzzle game and got what I wanted! There’s also more to it however, there’s alliances, your camp you have to upgrade, and even attack/defending camps! You can easily buy your way to a strong team pretty early. The only complaint is that some of the characters are rip offs of well known video games but even then there are way more to unlock and they are all easy on the eyes.. whatever your preference is ;)

- More Interesting Than Expected

This game’s ads are atrocious, but I decided to give the game a try anyway. I was surprised to find there are some unique mechanics mixed in with the usual puzzle fighter, base builder style gaming. Definitely a danger to those prone to spending too much on micro transactions, but I am pleased that almost everything you can buy tells you exactly what you’re getting rather than having loot boxes to prey upon gambling addictions. Pretty run of the mill game overall, but with enough difference to be engaging and entertaining.

- Hey 🖤

Okay if I’m being honest I thought I wouldn’t like this game and everyone says don’t judge a book by it’s cover and sorry but I did and I thought this game is just like all the other zombie games I’ve played before but it turns out it’s so much better than all the others I love this game and I hope to play it for a long time thank you for reading my rating for this game I appreciate it a lot thank you again bye 🖤🖤

- Misleading advertising

I downloaded this based on an ad that I saw that made it look like it was doing puzzles to save yourself from zombie attacks and picking up little power ups along the way. Mostly a puzzle survival type game and when I got into the game it’s a whole bunch of other stuff that’s very overwhelming and complex. There’s a huge complex with different buildings, and you have to build more buildings and expand the complex and buy stuff and do this and do that and so far I haven’t seen anything that even looks like the ad. If you’re looking for a simple puzzle style game this is not what you’re looking for so don’t bother.

- Best game I have ever played in 2021

I just started the other day I haven’t been able to stop playing it so I wanted to say this game is cool and fun and addicting but it could aleast stop with things that pop up on your screen and cost stuff and could aleast you could keep them but I am just letting you know it is a good game and the problems that I wanted to say then keep to myself. good game keep up on the good effort 😃

- Fun to Begin... but then

I started this game and played it for over a month. While I enjoyed the mechanics and the ability to work with others I realized that this game isn’t for me. While I have no issues with PvP I do have issues with players who feel the need to flex and attack new players many levels beneath them. The game lost all of its reward once my new little Alliance was attacked. I looked at the time and effort it would take to rebuild and simply put this game is not worth the time or effort. If you enjoy this game that’s great but there’s little to enjoy from my point of view.

- Fun game but room for a little improvement

It’s a pretty well rounded game and is very addictive. Something that is a bit annoying and could be improved is the stations. If you build multiple stations such as 2+ steel or wood etc ... you have to upgrade each one individually which uses a construction que. would be better if each alike stations would upgrade simultaneously.

- Nothing Like The Ads - Bored After 10 Minutes

This is another one of those games where they use false advertising to hook you and reel you in. It shouldn’t be allowed by Apple, for God’s sake. I deleted the app after 10 very boring minutes. After installing, the game gives you an extended walkthrough. Too long. It feels like you’re not making any decisions for what, essentially, is a Candy Crush game. Yep - that’s right. What is advertised as fighting and escaping from the zombie menace is basically Candy Crush. Well, if I wanted to play Candy Crush, I would fricking well install Candy Crush. This is just crap !

- Favorite game

Very in depth, but gives a good walk through to help you learn. Easy to play for free, decent things to purchase for $0.99 to $4.99 as well. Um, ok, the game prepopulated that. But It’s by far my favorite game. I’ve met and became friends with people around the world, and the Alliance challenges are things we both want to compete in and are rewarding. I’ve spent a little, but most gameplay does not require any spending.

- Interesting take on an old favorite

Relatively new to the game, but from the time I have spent it has kept my attention. The developers have taken the time to not only provide an interesting storyline but also diversify gameplay to maintain interest. I am enjoying the fact that you are encouraged to level up multiple characters as you continue to search for more survivors. Great job!

- Not boring

Nice transition game from similar build, grow, battle games as far development with a fast pace of more interactive quests etc.. Builds and demands are much more legitimate and killing Zombies is fun. Good graphics and improved features compared to some similar predecessors. Have had issues of getting dumped to home screen more than expected but I do click pretty quick. Overall is a big improvement over other games in this category 👍

- Fun game

It is a fun game. I am still a little confused about what is required for advancement of the alliance you become attached to. How else can I help my alliance? How will I know they need help? How do I know who to attack and who not to? I have been playing it safe, just focusing on upgrading my post and fighting the zombies only.🤷🏿‍♀️ I still have fun so I’ll keep playing until I see otherwise. Thank you for your time!

- Elitist friendly

I have played this game for nearly a month and in that time I realized this game solely caters to the elite money spending players. They will harass you and they will attack you until you are a husk. As you think you finally restocked resources then they will attack again. You will turn into their personal farm all because they are already level 30 and you aren’t. There’s also nothing you can do to prevent it because the moment you relocate another group will find you and do the same. You will no longer be able to upgrade buildings and your game will stall

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- Good game but a little misleading

When I first came across the game the adds I saw were as if you could use the tiles to make decisions or at least there was a part of the game where I could do that but there isnt, it’s just a typical match 3 tiles game in some ways. It does give you a lot more options in comparison to other tiled games and I still enjoy playing it, just wasn’t a fan of being mislead like that

- Predatory Money Pit, DO NOT DOWNLOAD

Do not download this game. It is a predatory game that cashes in on addictive personalities. It lures you in by seeming like a simple and fun little match 3 game, and before long it’s sucking you into pay to win faction warfare, which is compulsory in order to make progress in the game. The game has an absolute pay wall and in order to get the full enjoyable experience out of it you have to open your wallet, preys on that excitement you get with a progress which becomes increasingly reliant on spending. It encourages a toxic level of constant interaction through threat of losing everything if you don’t shield to protect resources, especially at later levels. The community, while there are some diamonds in the rough, is overpowered by toxicity, which ruins the games fun if you aren’t spending enough to be part of the upper echelons of the server.

- Starts well then goes down hill rapidly

I really enjoyed this game to start with. I liked the mix of puzzles and mission. However, the base building and missions have pretty much become unworkable. This is mainly due to higher level players targeting lower level settlements. I’m not talking one or two levels higher, it’s players 20-30 levels higher. And it can happen repeatedly in quick succession. When this happens, you have no resources and in turn means you can’t heal your troops. When it gets to this point there really is no point working the settlement and missions side of the game and all your left wth is the puzzles. While I did enjoy the game I now find it a waste of time. If developers haven’t got the time to make the game fair, then there’s no teal reason to keep playing. I’m just glad I didn’t spend any money.

- Well thought out

Keeps you busy in the initial stages of the game with lots going on. Time will tell with these kinds of games as to whether the possibility to progress will not require spending money

- The good and the bad

The developers are obviously greedy demons. And, the customer service stinks. The game is okay. A bit tedious but a few of the events are fun. The best part of the game is the social aspect. The worst is that players spend enough to buy a stinking house and of course that gives them the run of the playing field. So, if your super rich and wanna beat up on little folks this is the game for you

- Was enjoying

Was starting to enjoy the game but now I try to log in and this stupid 32 page pops up before the game start, the page is blank I try to click accept it does nothing I click decline and it kicks me out of the game please fix this problem

- Love the game but it does have issues

This is a Great War game. It’s a bit like bejeweled cross apocalypse. You play with other players who you can chat with and join alliances with to work together!

- If I can give negative star I will

At first I really enjoy the game so I spent hundreds of dollars to buy perks in this games. I thought that this game about zombies and to kill zombies. I never thought that this games is for bullies to bully and ganking new players who just joined the game. I was level 10 when a level 36 player attacked my town and plundered me 10 times. This is when I was away. Then when I managed to collect resources again, level 114 attacked my town and razed to the ground. Now our guild has been razed non stop by old guild who are level above us every day and hours. Literally can’t play or do anything. Don’t waste your time or money on this game. Unless you like being bullied.

- Waste of time

All this game does is force you to tap on the screen where they want you to. The laborious tutorial is endless & you give up trying to play independently of the tutoring. For Christ sake, let us learn how to play the game instead of ramming down our throats all this ridiculous strategy. Typical of developers incapable of taking a step back & examining their games from an enjoyment point of view.

- No issues

Haven’t had a single issue since downloading this game, I’m actually enjoying every minute of it so far

- good

it is a good game, with no ads and good gameplay, would rate 5 but I would have preferred it if the ads didn’t clickbait you and actually told the truth

- Tis. Better than lots

Because there is the puzzle element that is random in its design, it’s possible to beat the harder enemy with some luck and skill. I like this.

- Really good game

Just never gets boring your always able to upgrade no matter what and to fight it’s just so fun

- Misleading advertising

I have downloaded this game and expected to play what was advertised, very disappointed, those options are not in the game, I played the game for a little while but I downloaded the game for what I saw advertised and it’s not like that. So no longer play

- Very addictive

It’s good having the Gems to kill the zombies 5 stars As long as you can play without spending will be good

- Really great gaming experience!

Really enjoy this game it’s a got an even mix between puzzles and zombies! Runs smoothly and pretty straightforward game.

- Fun addicting game

Enjoying playing this game, just hope you don’t need to be a spender to stay competitive

- Great

Great game, can spend lots of time without having to stop as there are plenty of free rewards

- Great game

I love that you can progress quickly without spending money

- Very Satisfying

Very satisfying in many ways, lots to do, many challenges and mini challenges.

- Not what you think

This game starts out slow but once you work it out it’s actually good fun. Lots to do and tactical too.

- Very much fun

Love the game this is my 2nd account so can’t praise it enough thoroughly enjoy it enough to go again

- Nice game

It’s all good atm, but my shield is still up. Bad things can still happen. But give it a try!

- It definitely isn’t what any ads said it was

Thought I’d give it a go because the ads looked ok but it isn’t the same. I didn’t finish the long tutorial which still didn’t completely explain the hero gimmick.

- Must spend money!!

Started playing the game, was actually pretty cool but noticed after the tutorial once your shield runs out you will get attacked by other players so if your willing to spend lots of money to survive in this game to buy shields etc this is the game for you

- Loving it!

I’ve only just got the game and I’m still figuring it all out, but it’s addictive!

- Wow

This game is so fun to play! I love all the detail that you have added keep adding in stuff pls!

- Misleading

If your looking for the game that’s advertised, this ain’t it. This is just another match three tiles puzzle game with minimal base building. I would give it zero stars if I could because of the misleading adds and even less for the gameplay.

- Not like the ads

This is just a rip off of candy crush the adds for this game are only there to make you get This horrible game that clickbaits you to get this game. I would definitely not get this game if you expect it to be like the adds

- Misleading advertising

Deleted it after a week because it was not the game advertised in the adverts. It was just another boring match 3 alliance game, where if you have not got time to constantly be on it, you will be plundered and all progress wasted.

- Great Mix of Match 3, Base Building & Warfare

Been playing for over a year now, nuff said

- Adds

When do I start playing the levels advertised in the adds. Was the reason why I downloaded it. Thinking of deleting it now.

- Don’t bother unless you plan on spending

The game itself is fine until a big spender comes in and dominates, you have zero chance of fighting back. The pay to win aspect is heavily pushed down your throat from day one... I’m out.

- Decent

Play and find out.

- Yep

Would be better if it didn’t keep shutting down

- Liking the game so far, not bad at all

Enjoying it

- Really boring ‘game’

It’s not even a game just a series of ‘do this’ and ‘click here’ with no option to skip the never ending tutorial. Nothing like the ads that keep showing up in other games

- Strange

Kinda blundering around in the dark unaware of the rules. Maybe it’s just me.

- Give it time

Pretty standard for genre, fun so far

- Good mix

Good mix of construction and three match liking it so far

- It’s fun

Lots of different aspects to the game but overall fun and stimulating

- Waste of time

Firstly, not at all the game that was advertised in another app. Secondly, I don't understand why I'd want to be told move-for-move which spots to switch. This lasts beyond any demo - I'd prefer to use my own mind and actually play a game.

- Five stars

Great game highly recommend

- So so

I have played games similar and will go as far as I can before the money is the only way forward .

- Not as advertised

It’s just another building game, very little puzzle elements. Advertising it as a puzzle game and showing that in other advertisements is misleading. It’s just a base building game like all the others.

- Survived the Puzzles 🧩

Best going puzzle game today. I Love 💓 It. The Family Love 💓 Playing It

- Puzzles and survivals

Dammit! I’m ADDICTED to this game!!! Love killing zombies and building an army. No complaints as yet but the best part is......... NO ADS!

- Likeness used making me not want to spend

The likeness used in characters of other shows, movies, anime etc is a bit iffy for me.

- This is fun to play with

Just read the title, nuff said

- Bad ads

Your advertising has made this game absurdly unappealing :) like I feel literal disgust when I consider this game... I don’t know maybe watching a game be played by morons is appealing to some but I doubt it. please stop.

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- •MRX•

Kill kill kill. I am the zombie killing zombies good time waster.

- Not what I wanted

Another game that is nothing like the ads. How does Apple allow these scam games with paid reviews to run rampant? Download this game just to review it poorly.

- Waste of time

This game is nothing like the ads. Don’t waste your time with it, unless you like deceptive advertising.

- False advertising

Nothing like the adds

- Game good

Game yes

- Misleading

Another game with misleading ad. Deleted.

- False Advertizing

This game is nothing like the ad shows.. total lie!! Build game with other alliances that constantly attack and destroy your bases.. waste of money and time! Someone should sue your asses for false game advertising ! Downloaded and deleted just a quickly !!

- Nothing like the ads

Don’t know why you can’t present the actual gameplay in your ads.

- Annoying

This game is fun for what it is, but what it is, is making you wait for things to happen. When you do play, you run out energy. Oh, and apparently there were issues with my troops going AWOL, as during matches, there are so many “hero missing” messages. I jest. The game could do with an editor that is fluent in English to fix some of this.

- Good


- Okay game

I was enjoying playing till I noticed Amber Heard avatar. Horrible person! Game deleted!

- False advertisement

The ads you see is nothing close to what the game play actually is...

- Fun game

It’s a good spin on a zombie game

- Complex puzzler and civilization game

Takes a while to learn, quite a lot of depth

- Misogynist creeper ads

Stop with the ads with the guy diving under water so he can look up a girl's skirt. So tired of this crap.

- I like the game.

I do like the game a lot I just can’t afford it everything cost money. It would be nice if u give a gift for maintenance or whatever the issue is,instead of a few gems a few thousand. No matter how many gems we get I spend it in seconds. The story is pretty good I like it. Have a good day Sincerely Cerberus69

- Good


- Fun Game

Good game to pass time

- Good game

Nice little game

- 👍🥰BEST👍❤️❤️

This game is the best it is the best game yet I’ve tried many games over COVID and this is the best one yet!

- 잼


- False Ad

Game is not like the ads.

- Fun game!!

Lots of fun

- Misleading

Like all the other reviews, this game is nothing like its adds. Completely different. I don’t recommend it if I’m being truthful. No disrespect, just honesty

- Great game

Good game

- J’aime bien

Le seule hic' est un manque d’information sur comment utiliser les différentes resources

- Review

So far it’s ok

- It’s ok but...

The game constantly crashes , besides that it’s all good .

- Cool game

Cool game, good for killing time

- Pretty Cool

Only been playing a few hours, but seems cool so far!! Nothing like the commercials though ... still, intriguing

- Nothing like the ads

Plays nothing like the ads, deleted.

- New Terms

I’ve been playing this for 3 months. You recently set up that we MUST agree to a set of terms and conditions before entering the game. I read them and in the country I reside in, you can’t legally take or obtain certain information you say you will. You may ask for them but not automatically take it whenever you see fit such as my date of birth, my gender, and my camera. It may be no different than say Facebook but games are a dime a dozen. I can find other games. P.S. What the new terms show is vastly different than what the terms say in the App Store.

- Great game

Nice haven’t had to pay any extra money

- I played for months

I played this game for over 6 months, absolutely nothing like any of the ads. Even the pics above aren't in the game.

- Amazing!!

This game is really amazing do recommend

- Scammers

They call it random but is not. Don’t wast your time.

- Fun


- Zombie fun

Fun game to check into daily. Love the battles and expanding your base.

- Awesome

Great game I love it!!!!! Very fun to play and lots to do.

- Super

Jador mes pas assez de cadeau toujour payer

- Not like add

Still a decent game but not at all like adds show Another bait and switch

- Out of sync

The servers running this game cannot keep up. You try to collect from farms or hit help and you have to wait until it syncs again. Notifications are not good either, when you sleep it tells you 5 minutes after being attacked. Based on another game I play LM, but it is fun to play.

- Mostly text

Gave up on this game, super boring - is mostly text and doesn’t let you just play the damn game!

- Fun

It’s actually not at all like the ads but still fun

- Fou


- Zombies

I love this game!

- Good game

Good fun

- Mhm


- Wicked

Totally killer

- False Advertising

The ads and clips of what you can do in the game are blatantly wrong!!!.... You can’t do any of them.... believe me, I’ve looked everywhere.

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Puzzles & Survival × G.I. JOE 4.0.74 Screenshots & Images

Puzzles & Survival × G.I. JOE iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Puzzles & Survival × G.I. JOE Games application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Puzzles & Survival × G.I. JOE (Version 4.0.74) Install & Download

The applications Puzzles & Survival × G.I. JOE was published in the category Games on 2020-08-21 and was developed by 37GAMES [Developer ID: 1055231096]. This application file size is 766.69 MB. Puzzles & Survival × G.I. JOE - Games app posted on 2022-05-16 current version is 4.0.74 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.global.ztmslg.ios