Blush Mark: Women's Clothing

Blush Mark: Women's Clothing [Shopping] App Description & Overview

Inspire a fresh start for 2021 at Blush Mark and step into the NEW YEAR in style.

Check out our trendy tops, bodycon dresses, stylish jumpsuits, cute skirts, popular pants, sexy swimwear, fashionable activewear and comfortable loungewear! And don't forget about our face masks, necklaces to complete your look.

Whatever your plans may hold this New Year's Eve, shop Blush Mark for women's outfits at great prices.

With 10000+ fashion styles in your pocket and at your fingertips, you can let the hottest trends delivered to your door easily and fast! Do not miss our sales by opening notifications on the APP and try your Blush Mark Wallet to make your shopping smoother.

We have:

- Extra $2 off for your first order.
- Free standard shipping for orders over $29.
- Free return within 30 days.
- Get up to 80% off every day with Flash Deals.
- Buy 2 Get 1 Free Gift.
- Earn points in the APP to use while checking out.

- Ordering process is risk-free.
- Secure payment via PayPal or credit card.
- Shop now, pay later. Choose Afterpay in 4 interest-free payment.
- Track your items directly to your door.

- Need a last-minute party or formal dresses? Our dresses are ready to ship to your door within 7-10 business days.

Download today and get your own fashion style!


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Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Blush Mark: Women's Clothing Comments & Reviews

- Absolutely great

First off I just wanna say, if you have ever shopped at any affordable store like Zaful or SHEIN you know that the quality of the clothes is not going to be the best. This was what I was expecting with BlushMark and I was blown away when I received my first order. Not only does the material feel great and thick on everything I ordered (haven’t had to worry about anything being see through even white shirts), I have also never had online tank tops fit me SO well, and I received my order within a WEEK. I’m absolutely in love with this app and I recommend it to anyone who wants some quality clothes for an affordable price. I will say, the app needs some work. It’s annoying when you can’t search for an item at all. Also you get points for leaving reviews, but for some reason my photos will NOT pop up on this app. Anyways, I was so happy with the service and quality of clothes I’m rating it 5 stars anyways :)

- Amazing (seemingly)

Not only does this app have really cute outfits and things, they're also at very reasonable prices. The checkout is extremely simple and payment is secured. There's a point system for any delays (which is like a coupon). Overall a real well made app and store when it comes to customer care. I just ordered over $100 dollars worth of items to see what the quality is like and will update then. The shipping date is about 2-3 weeks of a window from now which is not bad for clothes considering other apps I've tried. Only problem I have is everything sells out too fast!! So grab what you like while you can!! And what's even more amazing?? They come back in stock within a few days in several sizes 💕 SO FAR I LOVE YOU BLUSHMARK Edit: the processing has taken a really long time. My package says it's ready to ship and has for weeks. They're due to arrive at my house by April 8th but with how the processing has almost been 3 weeks I'm becoming concerned. I really love the things I ordered and hope to receive them by the date. The point system has been offered for every day it is late, however, I really want this order and hope I will receive it in time. I feel waiting a month or more for processing is a little out there. I still have my fingers crossed for this package though.

- 5 Star Customer Service

Very cute and stylish clothes for a great price. Even better customer service! My package was supposed to arrive December 21-23, but hadn’t even shipped out yet. I sent them an email on the night of the 23rd and the very next day they compensated the delay with points, which save you money off your purchases, and got it shipped out immediately! I’m extremely happy with my purchase and cannot wait for my package to arrive. Very thankful for the good service and compensation, 10/10 would recommend! Most companies nowadays wouldn’t bother to go that extra mile, but they did no questions asked. Only action, no questions. Extremely impressed.

- Suspicious

I read some reviews prior to making a purchase and they all seemed legit and relatively positive. I ordered something on the less expensive side so that I don’t have to worry about wasting too much money if it did turn out to be a scam. I was hoping my product would deliver a bit earlier than the official delivery date because that’s what I read in other reviews. It didn’t end up arriving early which is alright, no problem. The problem is that it has now been 3 days since the confirmed delivery date and I have not recovered anything. I’m feeling skeptical which is very disappointing because I admire the variety of products sold on BlushMark. I have been given 100 points daily for each day that passes the delivery date. 100 = $1.00. It’s a good gesture but if I don’t receive my product soon then I’ve won’t even be able to put those points to use. Definitely frustrated and skeptical but also remaining hopeful. Don’t disappoint!


I have placed 3 orders with this company. The first one on February 25th, second on March 2nd and the third on March 10th. I have not received my packages, a confirmation number, a receipt, tracking number or anything to prove that I had placed the orders, but all the charges went through (over $150 total!!) I’ve been trying to reach out for 2 months regarding my package or a refund. No one will answer or be helpful. They only reply to the reviews to seem somewhat legit. They’ll tell you to seek assistance through the app or an email, and no one responds or assists professionally. I’ve been left hanging by this company over and over again. So I guess when this company takes your money for an order and fails to give you any proof of ordering, (besides my bank statement, but they won’t accept that I guess) and you hold them accountable, it’s actually YOUR fault, for not providing makes zero sense. this whole brand is literally built to steal your money. My only hope now is that NO ONE USES THIS APP.

- Great place to shop online

I feel like BlushMark is a great online store. I love how the points add up to $ that can actually be used as a discount when you are getting ready to purchase your items. The clothes are super cute I wish I could buy it all lol but I also like how some items would usually have discounts on them for a certain amount of time.

- This is a literal joke

I’ve been waiting for two weeks now for my order to get here. Didn’t get a tracking number for a whole week had to contact customer support for the tracking number when I got the tracking number it hasn’t updated since the 8th of April my order was supposed to get here between the 12th and 16th STILL NOTHING now I have to wait another week for them to issue me a refund. I still have another order from them that isn’t updating either. Every time I send email they never respond I talk to the live chat customer support they treat me like I’m stupid and end the chat before I’m done. If you gone get things from here make sure you don’t spend $30+ cuz you not finna get your stuff on time or might not get your stuff at all

- Haven’t gotten clothes

I’m going to dispute the charges with the bank if I don’t get it within the week. I ordered clothes from here over two weeks ago and was provided a tracking number. After not getting any updates for a week and a half I went to check and the tracking numbers suddenly disappeared. The items went from in transit to shipped. Blush mark claimed the order would be here yesterday but they never came. This is absolutely ridiculous. I wouldn’t have ordered if I had known it would take this long and it wouldn’t be here by the date THEY gave me. Lying unprovoked. I spent almost a $100 dollars. If I don’t receive my order I’m going to report this company to the Federal trade commission.

- No

I downloaded this app, it took me maybe 2 minutes to go through all their plus size options. Way more regular size options. The plus size clothes look like grandma clothes, with a few hooker dresses thrown in. Everything was lose fitting, ugly patterns, overly covering (again, besides the few hardly there dresses). Just because we’re fat, does not mean we can the trendy, or wear clothes that fit to our bodies. SHEIN is definitely better. Cute options for regular sizes, tho I didn’t go through them very much. Have heard clothes don’t arrive or run small, wrong items delivered. Deleting after having for a total of 5 minutes.

- Logging in with FB other than that GREAT

The app is having trouble signing into my account through Facebook which is where I placed my last order and collected my points. Other than that, the selection in the app, the price, and the quality of the clothes is A1. My new fave store. Yeah the clothes take a little bit long to get here, but they’re a fairly new startup company so I expected that to happen. Keep it up guys. But please fix that issue with me logging into my FB account through the app. Thanks .

- We’re is my clothes?!

I order some clothes during December and my clothes still haven’t came in. The date it was suppose to come in was 5-7 of January and 6-8 of January , but my clothes haven’t got here and it’s the 12 of January. It says that’s I’m suppose to get them today at 8 but it did the same thing last week, so now I wait. I’m very mad and upset, and will not order from this place for a long time my stuff from SHEIN got here before my clothes from this app came and those were set to 12 of January, and it came in yesterday and on the weekend.

- Best one so far🤩

Normally you would have to pay and sign up and stuff but for this app all you do is sign up FOR FREE and then you get points which you could use as a discount. Everything that I’ve gotten from here is amazing. Best part is that I haven’t seen anything over 30$ on this app either!! Download it!!

- Scam

Don’t shop here. It’s a scam and they don’t send you your clothes or tracking information. They update the app after you complain to say your order is “shipped and out for delivery” but if you track it through USPS you’ll notice the item hasn’t even been shipped yet. Go on their Instagram and go through their comments and you’ll see that they’re a scam. They continuously delete comments and will reply saying “send your email and order number so we can help” once you dm them they don’t ever respond and you won’t get your money back. Save your time

- First Time User

This is my first time shopping on this website and i love the clothes and prices. But i have been waiting and still waiting for almost a 3 weeks for my package. I’m really sad that i haven’t received it. I’m using after pay and there still taking they’re payments but my package keeps getting delayed. Finally received my package. The clothes are not as pictured. The material is so thin and cheap. The patterns are not the....i don’t even know. The clothes are not it and definitely not worth the wait.

- It’s alright

Although the clothes are better quality than something like romwe or shein, the stench of plastic and rat poison that came out of the box was almost unbearable, everything will have to be washed before it can be worn. The cuts of the clothing are also not as good as if you had just bought something from the mall. Low price, average quality clothes. All in all not bad. I won’t even be returning anything I bought, and I bought 5 tops for under $40.

- So many issues

This app makes my whole phone shut off, I’ve never had that happen until opened this app. It’s already happened 3 times and it’s only when I’m on the app. Also when I refine my search to my size it shows things that are sold out or not even my size? And there’s literally almost no options for XS girls. Nothing for my actual size 23in waist (00). It’s basically 25in, so thanks for being size inclusive. Probably not going to order sadly even though there’s some cute things. It’s probably another cheaply made/scam site like Romwe or Shien.

- Love Love Love!!!!

This company is the best! Let me tell you! I am so beyond happy I found them!!! The prices are fair and what keeps me coming back! The promotions, the point system, the shipping, the quality of product, & the fact that they use Afterpay are all remarkable!!! If you’re skeptical, don’t be!!! Do it, place an order and you will be hooked!!!

- Great customer service

I love this website. Its cheap, fashionable, and also you get fast shipping. However, even though my package is delayed, i still receive points when a package is delayed. I love that. Most outfits fits true to size.

- I wouldn’t really recommend this app

I ordered off this app for the first time April 4th and I was told to expect my order on the 16th. As of today my order tracking information stills says “USPS is awaiting item”. I’ve reached out to customer service and they all told me the same thing which was usps was having delays and were no help at all whatsoever. I called usps and they said they haven’t even review my order I’m yet and that I should contact the carrier. I will never use blushmark again, I’m starting to believe it’s a scam

- Scam!!

Please do not waste your money!! I recently bought three items since this was my first time shopping here. My package still hasn’t shipped and it’s been almost a week. They say they’ll give you 100 points for every day your package is late to be shipped and I still haven’t gotten anything. You can contact support it just makes you send an email so there’s no real person for you to talk to. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this for anyone

- Great app

I love BlushMark they always give me points for their point tracking system that can get your deals on full-priced and sale clothes. Super easy to use app and you can save clothes for later if you’re not sure about the purchase yet.

- Pretty good!

I love the prices! Some things are a little pricey but the prices are pretty accurate. I love how much rewards you get for doing small tasks! The coupons and rewards are so easy to earn! I just got this app today and I already love it.

- Clothing & Organization

This is the best app to buy clothes from I’m only 15 and these outfits are so nice I like the Clothing aesthetic and style and the how well it’s organized is over the top and the prices are so goooood!! a hoodie for 10$ you will be getting money from me every week.

- Made for bigger people

If you’re petite or skinny like me legit don’t bother. Half the time the clothes that don’t look trashy end up being for sizes medium and up. The clothes on their aren’t the best either. There are some good basics, but otherwise they just look weird, maybe just not my style. I’d suggest sticking to Romwe or SHEIN for better clothes at better prices with more inclusivity.

- Is this app valid

Is the app valid ? Because I ordered clothes from here and they sent me an email saying my order is going to be delayed and a order number but the order number won’t let me track my order at all. And the website keeps telling me I don’t have any order history when I KNOW I should because y’all too the money out of my account. Can someone help like ASAP ?!

- BLUSHMARK rating...

I absolutely am I love with this app and their clothing, sometimes the material is not as pleasant but the clothes are amazing and it reminds me of SHEIN but 10x better. I hate that everything ships separately in plastic bags, but overall I love the clothes and this app. I definitely will continue to use it.


I love this app. I haven’t purchase anything yet but I will very soon! I just put them in my favorite lists. There’s a lot of cute clothes, jeans, shorts, socks etc. and when you go on the app daily it will give you points which I love about it too.

- Shipping is horribly long

I gave this store a 4 because yes the clothes are very cute BUT shipping is long! I purchased a package over a week ago and it just finished processing yesterday.... and hasn’t been shipped out yet. i cant wait to get my clothes though to test out quality/look & size!

- Meh clothes

DONT BUY ANYTHING WHITE all the clothes came and I loved the tops I got but then it came to the white dress and body suit I ordered. The body suit didn’t for my torso at all it would fit a child it was a large also it was completely see through and the dress I got was really cute but completely see through! I wouldn’t recommend it if what you want is lighter colors.

- Blushmark review

not as many options as shein or zaful, but still great prices and decent quality. however, I wish the search would be more accurate and give you better results based on what you search.

- 154 Emails less than 24 hours !!!!!

The clothes is good for what i expected. First time i ordered took almost 2 weeks to ship out but once it shipped i got it literally within 48 hours I just ordered again and it shipped right away which is a little uneasy but i remaining hopeful Howeverrrr - I’ve received little 154 emails about ONE ITEM!!!!! Once my order is here i will NEVER DEAL WITH THEM AGAIN!!

- BlushMark is amazing

I love this app! And I just got it!!!! But.. the only thing that upsets me a bit is there is no kids section, but u can get a extra small which makes up for it😃😃

- Good deals!

This app works well. I haven’t had any issues from the app or the company. Majority of the clothes are what you order & the sizing is pretty precise. For the price of the clothing I believe it’s worth a try.

- Horrible!!

I was given the wrong product and they spoke to me as if I did not have common sense and could not see colors correctly(mind you they were the ones with the color wrong). Customer service was the rude and did not fix my issue what so ever. Never ordering from this place again and frankly this is the worst service I’ve ever gotten. If I could give 0 or negative stars I would.

- I can’t believe..

That I actually got decent clothes for such an awesome price.. they are on their game and the clothes are actually true to the pics!! Love this company and can’t wait to order more!!

- The Best

I don’t usually order offline for clothes but BlushMark has all sizes & keep you updated about your purchase I would highly recommend 🥰🥰

- pretty good

the app is actually very good, very cute clothes for great prices. my only concern so far is that LITERALLY everything is sold out... and they haven't restocked in awhile. the app isn't enjoyable when everytime i try to add something to my cart it says "out of stock, be back soon! " :( other than that, the app is great.

- Dissatisfied

Honestly very disappointing when you give someone a chance just thought hey not a lot of customers but really cute clothes thought I scored until today when it was supposed to be delivered says it’s been in ny since the 2nd and have not received points or update on my order so DON’T FALL FOR THIS hate to bash but hey if you screw me over I’m going to let the world know not to waste their time and money

- Super Disappointed

I am very upset as I placed an order over a month ago and still has yet to arrive. I have never had any clothing website take this long. This is my first time ordering from this site and will be my last. It hasn’t moved locations and I haven’t gotten any updates about it.

- Clothes

Ok so as a small adult it’s really hard to find clothes that are stylish and fit. I have found that this store is very good and measurements and with most of the clothing items are true to size.

- App review

Very cute clothes at very affordable prices and you get points for checking in every and really good coupons it’s a really good app for those that are into fashion or wanna build your wardrobe

- Standard Shipping only

I need more options when I comes to shipping. For example, priority shipping would be great. I don’t really care about free shipping if it takes more then 14 days to arrive. Not even an option to opt out of free shipping. The site is amazing, the cloths are too, but shipping ruined it for me.

- BlushMark

I absolutely love the app I love the good prices on the clothes I just feel like they can do even more better with adding more selections and shoes and mor for plus size women but I absolutely love it here !!

- Confused & angry !

My payment was successful, order was processed, i had even gotten a date it would be delivered! I randomly checked the status of my order as i do everyday & i couldn’t find it anymore. After some digging i see my order was canceled! WHY & why wasn’t i notified??there’s no one i can talk to and the customer support option doesn’t answer my questions

- eh

The site has nice stuff but most people don’t get their items or it looks nothing like the clothes. They don’t have many options for plus size and they don’t even have some stuff most clothing sites have. In conclusion , this site is a little trash but the only good thing is the points they give for opening the app.

- Material Super Fake!!

I ordered from BlushMark 5 items, 3 shirts and 2 pants. They delivered it early which was good to my eye but when I opened up my stuff, it was disgusting. I ordered a sweatshirt and it had a material of a boys baseball team, also another shirt with great reviews but I put it on and I also look like I was in gym class! So BlushMark, please don’t scam people thinking that a sweater is ACTUALLY sweater material.

- BlushMark

It’s similar to shown but they still have super cute outfits and there’s so many different options to choose from. Love shopping here!

- Better than SHEIN

Great clothes prices and huge variety to choose from in all sizes. App is very user friendly and offers great deals for you to save save save!

- Love BlushMark

This has to be by far the best app. I just ordered some clothes and they look amazing. I have seen other reviews about blushmark and had me excited. I love how cheap and stylish the clothes are.

- Good App

Everyone should download and check them out I print you wouldn’t regret it !!! They save some cute items and cheap by the way.

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- my first purchase

i thought that the app itself was very organized and easy to understand, that’s the prices were nearly unbeatable in my opinion and when placing the order it was very easy to do and not stressful whatsoever. i look forward to getting my order:))

- Won’t be buying here

Just another shopping app that thinks plus-size women should only wear ugly clothes. So disappointing.


The clothing on this app is so cuteeee,I just wish it would sell to Canada and in CAN dollars instead of just USD,hopefully it changes soon!

- Delivery

Everything is good but the delivery take a lot of time to arrive

- Not great quality and slow shipping

The jeans I bought were great but a shirt I bought was a very see threw baggy material that I got in medium but looked like it was an xxL as well as my other shirt I bought that was the same material but it fit. It’s not a bad store I just recommend not buying t shirts the pants are great though

- Mode de paiement

Très déçue que le prix des articles sont uniquement en argent USD :/

- I love blush mark

These clothes are so cute! But I do wish that they’d start the shipping process a little faster, other than that it’s great:)

- ok

better to just get shein it’s cheaper and better quality in the long run for canadians. please change the currency option to canadian if you want to make it more popular, it’s annoying to keep calculating us to can.

- Unsatisfied

They sent me tracking info it was in processing then went into shipped for a week then back into processing. Got a tracking number in an email for Canada post then another email with a tracking number through fed ex. Now the one email says can’t open message. So this has been so fun. Guess I probably won’t be receiving my items or getting a refund. Do not order from this site!

- Delivery

Y’all take forever to ship, there’s no option for fast shipping like wth

- Best service I had

Best service I had

- option

there’s literally nothing on here. “sorry darling there no items in the category you picked” i literally picked tops, jeans

- Okay

Very cute and affordable clothes, however it told me shipping was free but still charged an extra $30 to my card. Very mad about that. But otherwise it’s a great website. I would recommend.

- BlushMark Review

I can’t remove any items from my cart

- Prices are great, however...

The prices are great, however there is no option to remove items in your cart. I am stuck with unwanted clothes in my shopping cart and cannot place my order...

- Still waiting on order confirmation

The company has not even confirmed my order yet. But yet they put my money on hold in my bank account? I really hope this isn’t a scam.

- Awesome

Love it

- SCAM!!

I ordered for the first time about a month ago. BlushMark is a scam. They took my money. Refuse to give me a confirmation. The only way to contact support is via email. And they just ignore all emails. An absolute scam save your money and Do Not Use.

- Love it

I haven’t ordered anything but it looks great

- Amazing variety

I absolutely love these clothes and can’t get enough and their bikinis are summer itself and can’t wait for my orders to arrive 😎☀️

- Love it!!

Really good app and will be ordering and let you know how long it takes and if it even comes!:)

- Great

Clothes came in under a week, and were a real material not see thru

- Currency

They’re needs to be more option of shirts why is there only crop tops

- Rate

Lack of clothes for bigger women, really not inclusive. Skinny girl avec more then 600 choices in swimsuit while I only have 12.


The clothing is not very well organized. Example: if you want a certain shirt in a different colour, you see that it’s an option under the pictures, you click on the colour but the shirt is a totally different design. I really like how low the prices are. The shipping is very slow though and we never have feedback of where our package is. Also, they dont have all the clothes in XL +. It could be a change to improve the app. Overall, I’ve ordered from this app and I was very pleased with my parcel.

- NOPE! Not good at all

This is like Shein but ordered in Wish. Sorry. But at least put some effort.Put more picts of the product not just one and then thats it.

- only takes usd

why is the app available in canada if it only accepts USD? i got my hopes up for nothing.

- Loving it!

I’ve only made one order of 6 items and loved them all!!! They don’t look cheap (which I was thinking they would because the prices are so low) but everything was soft and the sizes were true. Honestly couldn’t be happier with this site and I will definitely be buying a lot more. Staple app for sure 🙌

- No other currency than USD

Im from Canada so i like to get the currency from here

- Good quality!! Nice clothes!! Perfect prices!!

Good quality!! Nice clothes!! Perfect prices!!

- Love it

Very nice and easy to use app

- Love it

Absolutely love this website 10/10 recommend easy to find what your looking for and easy points

- Cheap & cute clothing

If y’all want cheap and cute clothing, I’d definitely shop here it’s worth it for the price and the delivery doesn’t take long.

- Transaction Miscommunication

I like the clothes on the site however i had just placed an order today. I also enjoyed how everything WAS priced but after I paid the amount it said, I checked my bank to see more was taken out so. I’m not sure if this was a mistake? but I would like some feedback on this. +40 was taken And it has said shipping was free.. so don’t know where that came from.

- Efficace

Commande rapide et efficace, bonne qualités et très fidèle à la photo


The clothes are cheap and look good

- Review

Great app!! Love it

- Have not received my stuff.

I ordered a lot of clothes on feb 14 and it’s already April it’s been 2 months and still says your deliver is shipped👎🏾

- Good

Easy to find items

- May order again

I was a little worried about my items not arriving (shipping address is a p.o. box) and I wasn’t aware until after my purchase. After the long shipping process it arrived (: The items were small but my fault for not checking the sizing and material beforehand. Good app but needs improvement on currency and shipping process ((can’t really be helped during a pandemic ): ))

- Love it

This is a amazing company to order from cheap but amazing and clothes are so good cualitty

- Hi

Thai This is a

- ?

Can I only pay in us money I’m from Canada and only have Canadian money???

- Review

This shop is great and everything is adorable

- Awesome app

This has one of the most cheapest store ive come to. I jist wish it pays in canadian dollar as well 😥

- Shipping to Canada taking too long

It’s been three weeks and my order is still in processing but says ready to ship, so do it. Regards - what could be a lifetime customer.

- I love this app

Super great,cute and affordable clothing

- Awesome!!

Great clothes and great app!!!!!

- Best online shopping ever!!

I got 10 items for 60$$$!!!

- Poor service

I placed my order march 9 until now it’s not yet ahipped 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

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Blush Mark: Women's Clothing 2.7.0 Screenshots & Images

Blush Mark: Women's Clothing iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Blush Mark: Women's Clothing iphone images
Blush Mark: Women's Clothing iphone images
Blush Mark: Women's Clothing iphone images
Blush Mark: Women's Clothing iphone images
Blush Mark: Women's Clothing iphone images
Blush Mark: Women's Clothing iphone images
Blush Mark: Women's Clothing iphone images
Blush Mark: Women's Clothing iphone images

Blush Mark: Women's Clothing (Version 2.7.0) Install & Download

The applications Blush Mark: Women's Clothing was published in the category Shopping on 2020-06-11 and was developed by BLUSH MARK OUTFITTERS INC [Developer ID: 1568462069]. This application file size is 77.1 MB. Blush Mark: Women's Clothing - Shopping app posted on 2021-09-03 current version is 2.7.0 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.blushmark.ios