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Nudget: Spending Tracker [Finance] App Description & Overview

Finally. A budgeting app for the rest of us. A focus on speed & simplicity transform the daunting task of budgeting into a fun and insightful experience.


“Nudget makes it easier than most budgeting apps to get started and keep up with expense tracking.” - John Voorhees from MacStories

“Boom. Done. I just launch the app, type that in, and then move on with my day.” - Mikah Sargent from iOS Today

“A budgeting app for people who hate budgeting.” - Angelica Leicht from Komando

“Nudget’s clean and seamless interface makes it easy to input the numbers and figure out how much you can be spending every day, without the hassle.” - Christine Romero-Chan from iMore

“Nudget is a simple yet powerful budgeting app with a unique take on helping you track your spending and save for the future” - Chance Miller from 9to5Mac


Manually entering your expenses can be a huge chore with other apps, requiring tons of swiping and tapping through different screens. Nudget makes recording an expense fast and fluid, so you can quickly open the app, record your purchase, and get on with your day.

Understanding your spending habits shouldn’t require the use of complex spreadsheet software. That’s why Nudget analyzes your spending for you in the Insights tab. Insights take all the guesswork out of where your money is going and lets you know if your spending is off track and which categories you should keep an eye on. Tap to expand any insight for a gorgeous chart which gives even more detail.

Use Nudget on your iPhone or iPad. Your data automatically syncs so you never skip a beat.

Tired of subscription charges you can’t keep track of? Us too. That’s why Nudget supports adding recurring expenses, so you can easily keep a list of which subscriptions you have ongoing and compare them against each other.

We strongly believe that your data is yours. Because of this, we do not collect any identifiable information about our users, only tracking the bare minimum needed to hunt down bugs and crashes. We do not share any data with third parties.

Viewing your budget has never been easier. With spending insights right on your home screen, you never have to worry you’ll accidentally go over budget.

Nudget supports every currency, meaning no matter where you live, you’ll have a great experience.

Customize your experience with a new app icon. Dark mode optimized icons, seasonal festivities, and stacks of bills from different currencies are among the selection—with many more to come in the future!

Add a new expense entirely handsfree with Siri. You can even ask Siri to check any of your spending insights! Set up these custom commands in Apple’s Shortcuts app.

Require authentication from Face ID / Touch ID when opening Nudget. Just enable this in settings.

Setup takes less than a minute, so what’re you waiting for? Start saving with Nudget today.

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Nudget: Spending Tracker Customer Service, Editor Notes:

New features: - The time segment now persists between launches and between tabs - The group by tag button on the History tab now persists between launches Bug fixes: - Fixes an issue where the "most spendy" insight was not properly using rolling windows to make its calculations - Fixes a layout issue on the iPad Budget tab

Nudget: Spending Tracker Comments & Reviews

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- Fast, clean, and fun budget tracker

Does my bank track my spending? Yes. Is it ever fun to log into banking apps? No. Do I trust Mint (or any other cloud-based company) with the entirety of all my financial data? Hell no. At first I thought, won’t Nudget require more work for me, in order to enter everything I spend? Yes and no. After only a few minutes filling out my basic income and spending numbers, I see how it’s a really fun and fluid way to visualize my spending in order to help me track and plan. I could do this with some boring spreadsheet on my computer, but ew. I can do this in this adorable app that feels like a hug. Plus, I do this anyway when I periodically check on my spending. This app is a tool that makes tracking more fun, like a game. I know that incentivizes me way more than a spreadsheet or bank app. Plus have you seen those widgets? Like Starbursts for your Home Screen. You’re welcome.

- Simple and obvious

I’ve tried and quit several budgeting apps, usually because they over-think the problem. This app was simple and obvious within the first few minutes of use. My problem with most budgeting apps is that they require too much attention and grooming. I just need something to log the major categories, and track monthly spending. I was able to set up my monthly budget and comprehend the obvious tracking tools in minutes. This app seems to have plenty of category-based tracking and reporting features, but they stay out of the way until I want to see them. I look forward to using it over the next couple months to test it some more. Feels like an amazingly simple and well designed tool so far!

- Simple yet so useful

I’ve only ever used apps that sync to my bank account and do most of the work for me so this was quite the change for me but after losing my budgeting app time and time again I wanted to go for something that allowed me to see exactly where my money is and isn’t setting this app was easy but did take some work with having to manually put in my income and expenses but once I did that it’s great gives me a simple amount of money I can spend and that’s it sure you have to keep on top of putting in your expenses to get the most out of this app but at the same time you know exactly where you money is plus I love the fun Halloween update (really hope we get more holiday themes in the future)

- Clean app, no more issues!

Love the style and feel of this app! Didn’t mind the price for a clean and simple user interface that does exactly what I need it to do. However! I have been unable to add any tags, the menu appears to be broken. I can click Edit and Done, but nothing changes and I’m unable to add the necessary tags to track my spending properly. Would love to see this fixed so I can use this app to its fullest potential! Edit: As it turns out, I’m an idiot! All I needed to do to save the tag I created was press “return” on my keyboard and sure enough, the tags worked. Props to the developer for reaching out super quickly and letting me know where I’d gone wrong. Definitely worthy of the 5 stars! I would say, however, that the edit/done button should change to an “add” button once you’re done typing in the tag. I believe it’d flow better with standard iOS design.

- This app has helped my partner and I save for a house!!

I absolutely love this app. It makes it super easy to keep up with expenses and day to day purchases. The widget is perfectly simple and looks great on my Home Screen. I think one thing I would love to see as the app continues to develop is a way to see running totals for each category for the Day, Week, Month, Quarter, and Year. It would be a big help to see which areas we are spending a lot in instead of just seeing the total for the most speedy category. Thank you for this app!!!!

- Simple and Effective

Best budgeting app I’ve ever used. All the others either have crappy automated tracking that doesn’t work, or are so convoluted as to be functionally useless. I like manually entering spending because it forces me to actually be more mindful about it. Easy to make a habit of recording each expenditure in here! I can’t think of anything else I’d like to see except maybe some more info in the insights column over time? Maybe an option to track savings separately?

- Nudget is Better than a Golden Nugget

I have used a number of different finance apps in the App Store and none has been as fun to use and supportive of iOS features as Nudget. Although it is still a young app and is not as fully featured as others, it is still a joy to use and I have confidence that the developer will only make it better with time.

- Perfect for simple budgeting

I’ve been using the app since July, and I have to say I’ve absolutely loved using it. It’s super flexible and super intuitive, gets a lot of frequent updates, and deist everything I need rewrote smoothly. Haven’t experienced a single bug since using it, which is great. Highly recommend if you need a simple budget tracker!

- Super simple and clean

If you’re looking for a simple way to organize what you spend without all the “import this” or “connect to your credit card”, Nudget does the trick. You get all the pain of typing those spending numbers in by hand to keep you on the straight and narrow while enjoying nice design.

- Major flaws

I just bought this and the app has issues in the setup process. It requires you to enter your income, followed by regular expenses. Great if you have a steady set income but not for those with irregular income. My expenses currently exceed my income and the app will not allow me to enter an expense that exceeds my income. It just won’t allow the input. Once you get into the app it’s unclear how you would add additional income or change your income. Overall it is too simple and only works for very simple financial situations, not for people with debt or with fluctuating money levels.

- Really good and nicely designed

Overall I love the concept and simplicity. I have an issue where if I’m not spending any money it won’t show how far under budget I am for anything besides the day. Would be nice for it to notice that I haven’t spend anything the last couple days and show that I’m how much under budget I am on the week/month.

- Amazing app!

Nudget is a beautiful, simple and functional app. - Fast and fun to add new transactions (which is important to easily track them). - Cool insights tab which gives you only the most important data you should know, - Functional history tab where you can learn about your spending habits in a great detail.

- Functional and simple

Ive tried other free budget apps and just haven’t been happy with data collection. This app has everything I need, and its very intuitive to get what I need done quick. Support this app! I would love to see great things in the future.

- The Obvious Choice

Sawyer has taken budgeting to the next level with this app, and it continues to impress me with every update. The Interface is incredibly easy to use, the design is on point, not to mention the widgets! This app is perfect. You will not be disappointed.

- Not satisfied

It seems very cool for the first time, but after I bought it I disappointed totally, to many features are missing. Plus I would highly recommend to do a trial period for this app. And improve it with a feedbacks from ppl . And than charge for it. For me it looks like ( something was created to charge ppl not to solve the problem) I have no idea who leave those reviews but honestly to much stuff to fix in this app. Thank you

- This is EXACTLY what I was looking for

Simple, easy to set up and easy to use. I love it! The iOS 14 features are awesome, and the whole app is very intuitive. I’d really love it if: - There was an option for multiple currencies, if I have some expenses in USD and some in EUR or JPY or CAD, I’d love to be able to track them too instead of constantly converting. - iPad and even a Mac app, with cloud sync! That’d be awesome.

- Just excellent

This app is everything I wanted in a budget app. I hate all of the automation from other apps and I love how this one will let you input your expenses manually. It makes it super easy to use and has such an elegant Apple-like design. I will try to tip more often!

- Trying to switch from EveryDollar

I am trying to switch from EveryDollar - however there is one crucial feature missing for me. For example: If I have a restaurant budget of $100 for the month - I’d like to keep track of that particular category. If this could be implemented I’d switch over 100%!

- Simple.

It does everything you need to keep tabs of where your money goes. And it does it with perfect design to boot. Remember: the best way to understand your spending and get control is to manually account your transactions. This does it so simply. Came from YNAB.

- Simply the best budgeting app!

Especially with the recent updates, there simply isn’t a better budgeting app out there, at least for my needs! I combine Nudget with Excel to track and compare my data over time (Nudget works wonderfully with Excel, with the easy export data feature!). -It’s FAST (no waiting to load!!), -beautifully designed, -totally customizable (LOVE that I can create my own categories, unlike most major budgeting apps), -and very affordable (yay for no subscription fees)! It’s hard to believe a single developer has made this app. Well done Sawyer 👏🏻👏🏻.

- Easy and fast to track

I love that I don’t have to tie my credit cards and other accounts to the app. Tracking expenses is super fast via the widget. App keeps getting better and developer is engaged and adds features regularly. Love it!

- Great and easy Budget

I have been looking for a good budgeting app for almost four years and I think I finally found it. I wanted something simple, that didn’t require too many steps to enter an item and that was nice to look at. With the addition of the memos, now I can track my expenses and be able to corroborate everything with my credit card statement so I am always on top of my finances. I cannot recommend this app enough The developer has done a great work and it is constantly making it better

- Excellent, clean, no frills budgeting app!

Hard to find apps like this these days. Clean, no ads, no complicated methods to integrate. Just punch in income/expense and move on. Best part is the insights section which lets you dissect your expenditure over various periods. Love love love, hope you continue to evolve!

- Simple and faster

Just adding option to record income and view total available to spend for month would make it perfect Updated: v1.3 makes it to 5 star club

- Best App For Spending Less

Anyone who has tried to budget, knows that the act of entering an expense is emotionally powerful. (It helps you spend less - reading analytics about your spending does not.) This app nails it.

- Good app but a few issues

I enjoy the app and that it determines my weekly budget. But I don’t like that the tags for my transactions is limited to 2, which doesn’t make any sense to me. Also, I get paid bi-weekly and it’s different every time, so not very accurate.

- Beautiful, but wait!

How is it you can’t record any one-time income? A gift? A freelance job? Hmm 🤔. Other than that, this is a beautifully crafted app! I hope the dev can get this feature on soon. Another feature that could be useful is adding descriptions to transactions!

- Nice but could be fantastic with some options

I like the simplicity but adding a biweekly instead of weekly option would be nice. Having the option for infrequent bills, such as a subscription that renews every other month.

- Almost perfect

So great! Easy to use and I love the widget. The only function it really, really needs is the ability to share expenses for those of us with joint accounts. It is not helpful for my husband and I to both track separately. Otherwise an awesome app.

- Easy to use, easy to budget

I love the shortcuts integration in particular! I added it to my shortcut for splitting payments with my partner. Now with iPad support and iCloud sync I’m very happy! Hopefully macOS support is somewhere in the roadmap...

- This app is dull

Wasted 3$ on something that looks nice because it has Widgets! Wow! But works terribly when actually in the app. You can’t even state how much you have saved it, it solely bases it off of your “set” income. Some of us don’t have a regular flow of income. I have money saved up and work hourly... my paychecks fluctuate. This wasn’t at all helpful to me, and honestly just want my money back.

- Lil budgeting

Nudget is great for simplifying budgeting and making you aware of each purchase made. Quick inputting and then seeing the widget throughout the day makes it passive and informative.

- Simple and refined

The developer is awesome and the app is quick and seamless to set up. Submitting expenses is quick and easy with Siri support as well as in the app, and the widgets are so colorful and diverse.

- Not Flawless

Great for tracking my spending. The settings defaulted back to its original settings do I have to toggle everything back to what I wanted everyone I open the app up.

- The only budgeting method I’ve kept up with for more than 2 days


- Multiple Budgets

Fantastic start, but needs support for multiple budgets. Also would be nice to have better control over recurring expenses (i.e. different frequencies).

- Awesome!

Awesome app and the updates keep coming! Well maintained and uses so many new features, like widgets, very well!

- Great app - but why remove the confetti icon? :(

I like the app, I’m sad you removed the confetti app icon though

- Good app

Good for basic budgeting. Would like to leave more feedback, but the feedback button in app doesn't work. Using an iPhone X.

- Best budgeting app!

I love the app and it’s easy to help me budget. Would like to see graphs added!

- Request

Can support for dark mode be added? When adding tags, the text is not visible. Please!

- Time zone

Why does the latest update have US time zone(instead of system)to determine the date?

- Simple and great

Works and it’s simple. I love it.

- Almost perfect 🤩

I looooove the app, fur sure. And I know is focused in expenses, BUT, would be perfect if also add accounts. Of course, this is just a suggestion 😉

- Can’t get past the setup screen

The app has a layout issue preventing me from even getting past the setup screen. I suspect it’s not designed for devices with display zoom enabled. $4 down the drain.

- Buggy & Limited

While I had high hopes initially, after a few weeks of using the app I began to encounter a number of issues; - regular crashing - awful averages calculations for daily average spending - overly simple with limited customization options - limited functionality - no direct connection to financial institutions for easy importing of past records to help establish more accurate averages and patterns

- Okay...

I am coming from excel and observed that It would be great if there is a way to setup budget for individual categories.

- Love the app has potential but......

I noticed the sliders on the budget page (spending /savings) are nice but they aren’t precise enough i can never choose the exact amount of money for example if i want to slide my finger to $100.00 it always goes over a little or under, sometimes i get lucky and it lands where i want it to but it shouldn’t be difficult to do. Also on the recurring expenses page where it says day/week/month/ quarter/year. I was looking for a half year option or a way to choose a more customized date like bi weekly or every 2 months as i have some 6 month recurring payments. If that could be addressed in a future update i will give this app 5 stars as its the cleanest and easiest budget app I’ve ever used. /Update/ july13 developers responded quickly after first review thats nice and they did think of being precise with the slider by holding down the number. Looking forward to future updates.

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- Fantastic app

Super helpful app to help keep you on budget. I love the new features and integration with the latest iOS. Not many apps have taken advantage of widgets, shortcuts, etc. And all written by one person - thanks for your hard work 👏🏼👏🏼 Data entry is easy and the “insights” page really delivers. The widgets then give the glanceability to keep you on track (and hopefully feeling good about the savings 😂). Would certainly recommend to anyone looking to track their money and where they are spending it.

- No decimal point or ability to backtrack?

I’ve just joined the app and I cannot seem to find the decimal point when recording a daily expense? I also cannot seem to be able to backtrack which is a hassle - what if I start logging and using the app in the middle of the week and I want to go back and record my previous days’ expenses? Otherwise it seems much better flow wise than a lot of other apps! Will update my review as I go along

- 5 start app.

Easy to use and easy on the eye, this app brings simplicity to manage budget management. Great App.

- Cannot use on iPhone 7

Stuck at the beginning as the screen is short and cannot see the whole content! Cannot scroll up!

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- First budgeting app to work for me

It’s flexible enough to actually work with how I think about budgeting. Start tracking expenses in it for a month and it’ll change the way you spend money.

- I see potential!

I hope all of you the best!! This is problem by one of the best app

- Please support this great app by an indie dev!

Love how easy and fun the UI is, and it’s continually being developed - I usually don’t buy apps, but this one is worth it! For a one time purchase, you’re supporting a great app and an indie dev, win-win!

- Beautifully designed app

Potential to become the Things 3 of budgeting, simple and beautifully designed, a pleasure to use now with iCloud and iPad support!

- Great, except the latest update cut off half the numeric pad

iPhone 7, iOS 14.4. Half the numerical pad got cut off (only get to 4-6 row) everthing else are double space or take up 2 lines. If you can fixed it, it will be great!

- Love. This. App.

This is the best app ever. Get it. I love that you pay once without annoying ads or in-app purchases. I love how simple it is. I am really trying to get a handle on spending/budgeting and this is so helpful. If the designer wanted to make and equally wonderful receipt tracker, they would be doing a beautiful thing for the world.

- Quality

I rarely purchases apps, but the simplicity and awesome UI made it easy to buy!

- Simple and effective

It’s not as feature packed as other budgeting apps but that’s what makes it easy and effective to use. Would recommend.

- Needs a chart overview

Great app, nice design for widgets. App itself needs a facelift. But please add charts and graphs for spending tracking.

- Beautiful app, But

Great app, easy to use and very intuitive. I’d like to see more features down the road especially because it’s a paid app. Love the widgets and the colors. An option to add additional “pocket money” would be nice!

- Please add synching!

It really needs to have thingS saved over different devices somehow. Please add at some point!

- Great but needs improvements

Great app but it needs more features. I really want to have a feature where you can set budgets for the tags and see how much you’ve spent. Will keep for now for easy data input but I really need that feature implemented.

- Minimal yet powerful.

App has beautiful user interface and works quite smoothly. Recommended for managing daily finances.

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Sawyer Blatz

@AlexCox Selfishly my own 😂 There’s even a little surprise when you change the icon!

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Nudget: Spending Tracker iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Nudget: Spending Tracker iphone images
Nudget: Spending Tracker iphone images
Nudget: Spending Tracker iphone images
Nudget: Spending Tracker iphone images
Nudget: Spending Tracker iphone images
Nudget: Spending Tracker iphone images
Nudget: Spending Tracker iphone images
Nudget: Spending Tracker iphone images
Nudget: Spending Tracker iphone images

Nudget: Spending Tracker (Version 2.0.4) Install & Download

The applications Nudget: Spending Tracker was published in the category Finance on 2020-07-09 and was developed by Sawyer Blatz [Developer ID: 797283126]. This application file size is 5.56 MB. Nudget: Spending Tracker - Finance app posted on 2021-02-25 current version is 2.0.4 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.SawyerBlatz.Nudget

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