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What is money maker 3d - print cash app? Who wants to be a millionaire? 

It is one tap away to do so! Let’s create a cash printing empire! All you have to do is unlock mechanics such as color sorting, printing, creating holographic stripe foils, cutting, sorting, shredding fake ones and bundle your bankrolls to the your safe!

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Money Maker 3D - Print Cash Version 3.016 October 2020

~New map design is waiting for you!.

Money Maker 3D - Print Cash Comments & Reviews 2022

- Great and honest game

So the main reason i think that this is so great because the add that I found was honest it wasn’t anything like can you reach pink level crap or one of those stupid pin adds when the gameplay of the actual game isn’t like it and the people making the add gameplay is of people that are good however this add was honest and grows so the developers grow so people make more honest adds and the adds aren’t shoved down your throat they are optional to the developer team thank you for this game and it’s adds

- Great idea but falls short.

This game has a great idea going for it but at the time of this writing it unfortunately falls short. The game consists of short “WarioWare” inspired mini games showcasing the minting of new currency from start to finish. At this point in time the game play is very shallow however and the main point seems to be to try and shovel as many ads in your face as the developer can. There is an ad after and in between every single mini game on top of footer ads at the bottom of the screen. There is an ad free option that you can purchase for $2.99 that will stop these random ads but you still are required to view ads to purchase some town unlocks and to open gifts to fill said town. Great game idea with some oddly satisfying mini games, just a poor execution.

- Don’t waste your time

So initially, I thought this would be a fun little game to mess around with. After all, the concept is pretty cool and interesting enough. If you can get past the many many MANY ADS (turn off WiFi and cellular data to avoid them) the next biggest obstacle is the game itself. Trying to follow the very basic instructions, it doesn’t function the way it says it’s supposed to. For example, when you get to the point of mixing ink to get the correct color for the money, even though there is clearly lines in place that you’re supposed to get to, it automatically fails you no matter what you do or try. Honestly, there’s better apps out there with similar concepts, I’d pass this one up if I were you.

- Amazing and honest game, but... ads..

This is game is absolutely outstanding and honest. Only problems is, is just the ads, I understand you’re trying to make a profit, but, aren’t you putting too much ads? Please reduce the level of ads, dev. Because every time I’m in the middle of a level, an ad pops up, then when I finish the level, another one pops up. Please do something about this dev, thank you.


Great game my favorite ever it is so fun to buy lots Make money cut money there is only 2 flaws but there not big one is that there are to many adds but you can just turn off wifi and cellular data and two you can beat the game to easily but otherwise great game thanks for reading!

- Awful Game Experience

The concept of this game is great it’s. However, the shear factor that really makes this fail at being a relaxing just chill game are with the few issues that follow. The button to advance to the next day is just a button to play full screen ads. It’s only after you watch that ad then you can advance. The game does nothing to teach you about the game. It assumes you already know how to play and just throws you in. This is an awful experience because you cannot figure out what to do, on top of receiving ads that prevent you from playing the next level.

- Cool Game!

This game is great, I just wish there was an option to pay to remove advertisements. Each level I play there are ads before the level is over. Also, sometimes after the ad plays, it kills the sound of the game and I have to relaunch the app so I can play with the sound. Other than those small problems, I really like this game!

- Good but...

It's a good game, something to play when you're bored but you have to turn off WiFi and cellular data. Emphasis on "have to". Because from the very first batch, you get one ad, the more you progress and *spoilers* unlock more features, you get more ads, so one batch could show you more than one 15 second ads that some of them can't even be skipped. It's good but not with the excessive amount of ads.

- Love it!

I love this game! It’s so satisfying and I recommend everyone should try it! I just downloaded this yesterday and already half of my town is completed! This is the only beauty of adds cuz if I didn’t see the add for this, I never would have encountered such a pleasant experience!

- It’s amazing!! Love it!!

It’s so fun- and there are so many fun levels- and you just keep getting more tools to make money! And there is a point to making the money- for the city! I love it and it’s wonderful! You should download this game! It’s so fun!😍😍❤️❤️

- Owner of the business

I am the owner of one of Rollic ManyMaker 3D there is very strange phenomenon that you don’t place a contact Tab on this business.., why??this are money maker on this very site like this.., is a business....person that does the job must be pay”””” this game must be connected to a bank”” where the money are collected “”This is a FACE Fraud”” where one work the other one collect the money””Please attach a contact number email address bank””” otherwise this game cannot exist

- Needs to fix the game

Whenever I get to certain levels the game basically freezes me their. This happens many times throughout the game where I have to reload the game and start the day over. It usually happens on the bonus level. I like the concept of the game but the constant ads and freezing of the games are annoying

- Training in progress

So now that I’m learning to make my own money, soon I’ll be able to quit my job, And work from home 😉

- It’s good but not to good

It is very confusing A lot of weird things about this game the first level I got really confused and this is coming from a kid you should Just be ready if you get this game it might be a little confusing but I’m gonna keep trying I hope he gets better at this game

- AWESOME!!!😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

This game is so fun but I have a little suggestion, maybe it could have music playing in the background instead of the game sounds. And maybe a few more different tasks. That’s all I have to say because this game is so super fun 👍🏻😍😋😀😁😆🥳🤩

- Why are there so many ads😡

There are way too many ads. there’s like an ad every 10 seconds tand the game is really boring😕. I do not recommend the game. There are so many ads like after you complete level there’s A add and you have to watch an ad to open one of the present boxes you can unlock😕. How does anyone even like this game why does everyone give it like five ⭐️

- great game

Game is very fun and satisfying to play however there are a few flaws. There should be something else to do with the money u earn or the things you spend it on. Also, the game shows ive unlocked the safe but doesn’t let me play with it in the game

- ATM level

When I start making money as soon as I get to the atm part when it gives me the mom from it nothing happens I’m just stuck on it and nothing left but close the app

- The best

I love this game. It changed my life. I had a friend who needed money, so I gave them my phone to play this legendary game. I hope it gets ported to other consoles and PC.

- Hello developers! (BUG HERE)

Once you pass the ATM machine, you will get stuck. Also, if you spam when cutting up the bills, the game can do what it’s not supposed to do. Please fix this, or I am going to have to uninstall. P.S: Can you also add a shop soon? I would love to be able to tip the developers, or at least be able to pay to disable ads. Thanks! -concerned player

- Making money

5 stars for a great start. Now we just need something to do with our money, earn badges , leader boards, avatars , unlock special bills , make coins

- Best 3D game

I love how it builds up to better stuff and you feel like your actually making money and I just got the game and I love it

- Good but fix the glitch

I love this game. I love cutting the money, it feels so satisfying. There’s a glitch on the atm level though that prevents me from going any further

- This app has let me learn

This app has let me learn how to properly counterfeit cash and now I am a successful business man with an untaxed income.

- Too many ads

Found it interesting but way to many ads. I could not enjoy it because most of the time is spend watching ads. Would reinstall if this is fixed. I understand the ads is for profit but you spend more time on ads than playing.

- We

Too many ads plz there are to many u do not need all that money

- Great game but,

It’s a great game but it needs more then just repeating on itself it would great like if you delivered out to the world or just something else to do a new type of money just something new please

- Game breaking bug

Once I unlocked the game after the ATM the game gets stuck on the ATM and won’t do anything. This is a game breaking bug. The game is fantastic other than that.

- It’s fun but

It’s not bad of a game but y’all need to chill with ads or at least something to like pay for ad free cause that’s annoying and low key ruins the game

- Money maker 💸💵💴💶💷

Very addicting!!! I have very bad anxiety so when I’m anxious now i just play this game it’s so much fun and different!! 🙂

- My opinion

It’s a really fun game to play but the only problem for me is that there is way to much ads other then that it’s a great game

- Guestions

Do you actually get the money, in other words can you spend it?

- Ads can go away

Just turn off WiFi and cellular and this game is lit

- Money

How and when can you withdraw your money. I only gave it three stars right now until I can figure out how and when I can withdraw the money .

- Scam for “remove ads”.

Don’t pay money to remove the ads, it only removes the pop ups that the main review for the game says isn’t here. The ads are NOT voluntary....and if you pay to remove all ads you still have to watch ads for rewards. I’d like a refund.

- It would be fun but..

I'm honestly sick of games having ads after every little thing now. I also think it would be more fun uf it was just kinda a game to play and not have to worry about leveling up or anything.

- This is the BEST game I've ever played

Just so you don't have something fun to do. Do thisss

- Great game but....

So I was doing great and I just unlocked a new level of the atm the deposit and it won’t show up it just ends the level like the game freezes

- Would not open

I was trying to get on to this game but every time I clicked it it would go to a black screen and then my home screen. I checked my internet but it was fine. I would not recommend.

- Bounced on my boys money maker

I deleted this app faster than Hilary Clinton deletes her emails after she downloaded this ad infested application. This garbage creation throws more ads in your face than Donald Trump in upcoming election time. This piece of human filth gets 0/5 stars, just like the cast of suicide squad. One love and don’t trust the Chinese.

- Nice and enough

I didnt play games but its perfect starting point of the gaming world.

- I have a question

Can you earn real money on the game plz respond

- Genuinely great game

The ad was genuine gameplay, there is very few ads of other games, and it’s a very fun time waster.

- Wow like just wow

This is so fun I even got the whole entire hype house to play this game with me and it’s very addicting

- Thanks!

Thank you devs, now I can cheat even more on my taxes!

- Don’t play this game or buy it’s ad free option

Once again this is another game that says ads free is $2.99 when it actually charges you more please do not buy it unless ur willing to give up $9 on this game.

- Bleh

I am really tired where at the end of a lot of levels in many games it offers you more with an ad but I literally have to wait to say no and it makes me press "lose it" just like I'ma delete the game now

- I like the game

I like the game but i reached day 27 and everytime i get to the atm part it freezes there and the screen wont change

- Way too many ads

Yeah I understand you guys need to be paid but a game with so frequent ads won’t attract many players/ ad viewers therefore many will delete the game and you lose the players along with their money

- Will not open

Game won’t open so I wasn’t even able to play it as it would just go to a black screen then back to my home screen. Frustrating.

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- Glitch in 26

There’s a glitch on day 26, I get a bonus level, pass it and then it freezes and won’t allow me to go further. When I restart the app it takes me to the start of day 26 again

- Developers forgot to finish game

Enjoyed the concept and the variety of bank notes, sound design and visual design is great. Gameplay quickly becomes repetitive after day 20 or so. Not sure what the purpose of the property buying feature is when the real progression feels like it comes from unlocking new bank notes and equipment, that said; whatever feature comes after the ATM does not even work, I’m not sure if it’s even in the game. So now once I complete that ATM section, the game simply stops. Nothing happens, forcing me to quit.

- Not the best but god enough

It’s a good ga me but there are bugs like when you finish with the money when you go into the town it will start flickering instead of staying on one thing and when you use the ATM it does not do anything when i am done with taking out the money. And I always turn off my wifi because there is to many adds


I absolutely love this game

- It is good but I think there needs to be changes

1 adds

- Apps

I love 💕 your app

- Booooooo

The most boring game I have ever played in my life DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME


I love it thanks a lot for making a lot of MISTAKES.

- ads

there’s a game between these ads

- Don’t waste your time.

Don’t bother. 3 Ads in a minute of “gameplay”. Just another boring turd to get as revenue.

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- Fun

Pretty fun game

- Big problem

Thé application dont work any more

- Glitch in game no sound can’t move to next stage

I think there is a glitch in your game before I delete it it would only give me one present at the beginning and wouldn’t move past to let me play the safe after I deleted it and re-downloaded it now I get all the presents but now once you get the sorter part the sound is gone and I still can’t play the safe part it says I’m at 100% to get it from the start but won’t let me do it please fix it

- American

It’s all American money and ads are way too frequent

- I hate this game so much

People think that some games can see you this is one of them

- This game is dull

This game is so boating and repetitive. I kept playing it just to see if it got better and it didn’t. Anyone out there who has this game and feels the exact same way right a review so no one will get it. So ya, don’t waste your time. ☹️😡 Dear gamergirl123 I am sorry you had a less the stellar experience playing our game and I am sure if you get the update you will change your tune about this game. And if not please leave another review. Yours truly Diane Marie the editor

- Bad

It’s just the same thing over and over again

- The same

It’s the same thing every round it’s dumb don’t download it 🙄🙄

- Cool game

That’s a cool game but i’m not exited to play it so it’s just ordinary

- Garbage

This game is not fun it’s really boring there are better games to spend your time playing this one is just plain boring garbage the gameplay is literally copied from a smoothie making game which is also pretty bad I don’t know who could possibly think this is engaging gameplay DO NOT DOWNLOAD IF YOU WANT TO HAVE FUN

- Don’t waste your time

Ads every 5 seconds.

- Repetitive and plastered with ads

I always turn on airplane mode when I play this game. This game is loaded with ads, every thirty seconds another ad pops up. After playing for a week, I’ve finished the game and now it’s pretty boring, it was fun while I was progressing though. Don’t get this game.

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Money Maker 3D - Print Cash 3.0 Screenshots & Images

Money Maker 3D - Print Cash iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Money Maker 3D - Print Cash iphone images
Money Maker 3D - Print Cash iphone images
Money Maker 3D - Print Cash iphone images
Money Maker 3D - Print Cash iphone images
Money Maker 3D - Print Cash iphone images
Money Maker 3D - Print Cash iphone images
Money Maker 3D - Print Cash iphone images
Money Maker 3D - Print Cash iphone images
Money Maker 3D - Print Cash iphone images
Money Maker 3D - Print Cash iphone images
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The applications Money Maker 3D - Print Cash was published in the category Games on 2020-06-11 and was developed by Rollic Games [Developer ID: 1452111779]. This application file size is 170.36 MB. Money Maker 3D - Print Cash - Games app posted on 2020-10-16 current version is 3.0 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.erdaleren.moneymaker3d