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Detect fake money through magnifying glass and various tools. Shred fake money! Collect real money!

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- Money buster

Wen I first started playing this game and it looked like a robing game and I just got why more interested then I thought it would be and it jump gotten much more like if you were going to pay your money to a bank and pay your dollar bill and this game gotten way more fun then I think it would be and this game got way more money maker and it jus have to get more money games to this App Store and this game is the best way to play we your stuck at home and even when your bored in your house and it’s the best game to play even when your mom is cooking dinner and even wen your are waiting for your flight back home and I think this game is the best game ever and I think this game the awesome and fun to play and fun to do even wen you are stuck at home and even wen you finished your homework and i really recmend this game

- Good, but...

I like this game, it is a decent game, but the adds are deceiving. When I saw an add for this game, it looked fun and I feel like the company only puts the best qualities of their games in their adds! I don’t like how it doesn’t say something like, “ if you get annoyed by adds don’t buy this game! At least that would warn you to think about if you want tons of adds or not, also, my opinion, this game doesn’t really have a plot or a purpose ... I feel like you just play to play and it is somewhat boring, I wish they would add something like a race to collect all of the money because that would make the game more exciting. And when I played the first few rounds I thought that it looked mostly exciting on the adds, but when you actually download it and play it, it is VERY boring and I wish that they would add some exciting qualities. I have been through at least two updates already and they haven’t added anything extra even though I have put several reviews. Since I paid almost five dollars on this game, I don’t recommend that you guys waist your money on such a boring game. It is just such a waste of time and I don’t mean to be offensive, but it is like the most boring game

- So entertaining!

I downloaded this game because it just looked interesting and I did not think I would stick to it. But when I got through a few levels I knew I had to keep this game! It is so entertaining to play and occupies you for like hours and hours! And I found this game at the right time because I got stuck in quarantine and now I have something to play and my mom is really thankful for this game because usually I bother her but she said she never knew the last time I bothered her since. I downloaded it on my mom’s phone so if I forgot my device I could play that game but my mom helped me get through levels because she has a big brain and she got addicted to the game like tik tok! And also I am going on vacation so I will hav something to do while on the road trip! And this game needs NO internet! WOW!


Didn’t think I would like the game. Downloaded it for my 3 year old. She was easily uninterested with the amount of ADS plus was trying to download other games from this one. So I uninstalled it. I don’t want her doing that. I don’t want to play a game that’s click bait for ADS although I personally liked the game myself and found it nice to pass time with once I watch 3 ADS I force close out of it and go to a game that has very little to none. It’s not that I have an issue watching videos to unlock things faster or to get gems etc for a game. But I don’t want to watch an AD after almost every thing I do. No point in playing a game I get 2 mins of game time for every 15 mins worth of ADVERTISEMENTS. Hell isn't that way cable made on demand and recording boxes. No one wants to waste there time looking at crap they have no interest in and don’t care about. Point blank simple. Not interested in making you money watching ADS.

- and let you get that we

Yes that we have the one on my side porch I have not had to the door to go by there to pick them all my keys and othey and the house I can do that for me and the garage and the porch and I have not to go back with the garage doors and the garage windows open the doors and the windows open the doors are in a good place and they can install the garage windows doors open and the windows are in a box that they have installed in a few minutes so we need some help with them to get it done so we need them all to get out the garage door opener for you and I have a few minutes and we will get the garage doors unlocked and we have a couple doors doors open and I will have a garage doors and I will want the doors to install windows and the doors doors unlocked so you have the doors doors and the

- Some issues

Hi I’m hdjjrjrbuhrvrhrhhr or whatever it is but anyways this app is great but the one star is missing because...................................................... Not every level is just checking money it is mostly just moving things etc. etc. And it is fun but there is also infinity adds ugh why do extra things have to cost money. And I am a kid so I don’t even have money ugh. And I don’t know if it is my phone or what because every time I go into this app it glitches soooooo badly it is like every single 10 secs it also lags me out a lot and every time my phone has a new update the app just crashes even worse. You are probably thinking who cares well let me answer that I CARE! Or you are also probably thinking just delete it NO! Anyhow plz fix my problems and also don’t call me a brat because I have some important plans bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Why

When I got this game I was so excited because I never get new games and I thought this was cool to get! The game looked so good! I would rate this game 2 stars but then it would not get on the board that main people see it. This game definitely deserves 2 stars!! Why does the game deserve 2 stars you ask? The add is mostly FAKE!!!! I do t write reviews but this one has to be written. What you see on the add is a lie. In the add you think you are going to detect money but you only detect money twice. The rest of the game you do dumb mini games. And some people like that stuff so I suggest for the creators make the add about the game and not a lie. Make the add about the mini games. I was really disappointed when I found out this game wasn’t true to the add.

- Not what I was expecting....

Okay so based off the ads alone you think all you have to do is identify the real money and the fake money. After the second level you quickly realize that is isn’t just that. It is a chaotic party like game with each min- game changing. From one of the min-games being a crossy roads, to another anyone being a run and Dodge type game. I actually really like it, if it was advertised like it having min-game after min-game I feel like people wouldn’t believe in the ad. Then when you do download the game you become pleasantly surprised. The ads aren’t even that bad, if you don’t want to Turn airplane mode. (Which disables ads.) The way ads work is during min-game is small little bubble will appear, I haven’t taps on what yet, so whether it gives you a reward, in game money or nothing I appreciate how the ads are placed. Overall I think it is a pretty alright game.

- Great Game, A Few Suggestions

DEVELOPERS PLEASE READ: Hi Alictus (hope I spelled that right lol), I am writing this because your game is great! Best I have ever played. Awesome, super fun, and not too much ads. But, I figured that it would be even more fun if you put game modes in. Like, Infinite Money Buster, where you just tried to bust fake money. That’s it. And it got harder every time. Or timed, where you do as many as you can in a certain amount of time. Thanks! IF YOU ARE ABOUT TO GET THIS GAME READ: Hey guys, if you are just scrolling through the reviews to see if this is a good game, IT IS. Awesome, definitely worth it. Well, really, no reason to not get it, because it doesn’t cost anything! Ignore all the negative reviews, they are completely wrong!

- Adds is problem but anyhoo great game

Bring down adds to like every three levels bc EVERY time I finish a level an add. So please. This is not long but my P.S is gonna be long (I actually don’t know). Ima give four star. It’s going to be in my delete pile but I might keep it you guys never know (P.S: Don’t say games that you download and experience and it’s (I mean no disrespect but) bad don’t say “ THE WORST GAME EVER!!!!! “. It’s mean and it upsets the developers. They may have worked really hard on the game. I mean think about it. If you had a game and you worked really hard on it and people said the worst game ever how would you feel? Bad right? That’s what it’s like when you say the worst game ever to developers that worked really hard. Anyhoo I trust in you Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A lot!!!!


this is the best game i have ever played!! it’s so fun to play, definitely not boring, and not too many ads. i also love how it’s not just detecting fake money 💰the ENTIRE game. i like how it’s different sorta games in one. for ex. adding up the different numbers to get the base number. (yes i know it sounds like a school game, but it’s not) but totally opposite from what i just said😂, i do kinda like the detecting fake money. sooo if you could incorporate that a little bit more into some of the levels, this game would be flawless. PLEASE TAKE THIS REQUEST INTO PLACE, SO THAT THE STUFF I JUST SAID COULD MAYBE HAPPEN??? TOTALLY RECOMMEND THIS GAME. SO MUCH FUN!!!! 🤩🤩❤️

- Fun, but...

So I really enjoyed this game. It was fun, entertaining, and gave me something to do when I was bored. I played till like level 300 and something! So yeah, it’s a good game but it just got boring. It wasn’t hard enough, so way to easy, and I personally like detecting fake money overall the other mini games. This game has so many different games for each level and yes they get more intriguing and fun as time goes on but then it doesn’t give you any challenge so like.... Don’t get me wrong I love this game but then I found other apps and this one just didn’t have as big of a pull or intrigue. So I would give 4 1/2 but I can’t do that so 4 stars it is. Make it more challenging and I would happily give it 5. But great game!

- This game is so fun!!!!

This game is fun bcuz it is like you are checking money like as a police officer but the thing that is weird is that they shred money, like who in the world would shred money. There is like different challenges instead of just checking money to see if it is fake or real which I like. I would recommend you to get this game bcuz it super fun. It might not be fun to other people but it is super fun to me. Like I said I would recommend this game if you like to play games that are like checking stuff if that makes sense. I love this game so much it is super fun and I just love it. You can also check out a game like this I just know the name of it and it close to this game but it is not this game. So I love this game!


I saw an add for this game and it didn’t mention the horrible “mini games” you added. The only fun part is shredding and investigating the money. Besides, for me I only get to investigate the money every 10 levels. You do the same things over and over and over. Ask me to make an add for you and I will. I make adds for other games for fun and there better then your deceiving ones! Another thing is you do a 5-10 second level and get a 20 second add! I know it’s how you make your money but you have way to many adds! Also the pictures for the app in the App Store don’t show any mini games. Your tricking people into buying your non-fun app. You never get new levels! Like I said I will make a add for you. Devolver, please get back to me. Thank you for reading this review.

- Fun but problems

When I downloaded this game I thought all the levels would just be scanning bills with a uv light and magnifying glass. I’m so impressed that it was way more than that. If some of the ads had displayed the other types of levels, I would have downloaded sooner. However, there are a few annoying problems that need to be adressed. First off, when I fail a level, I have to watch a video to try again. I personally hate watching ads, so I don’t usually do that. But I wish I could go back and try again for free, like most other games. Secondly, on the ironing levels, the money starts out all wrinkly in a pile, but as soon as it is laid on the table, it flattens without me doing anything, and that brings the fun out of it. Please fix this. Lastly, on the levels where you put the money in the suitcase, it shows you where to put it instead of letting you do it on your own. I feel like it would be way more fun and challenging if it let us figure it out for ourselves. Otherwise, great game! I hope this helps.

- Really Fun! READ THIS‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

This game is a really fun game. When I first got it I thought maybe this is just a five minute time passer and so I tried it, but I realize there’s a bunch of fun mini games you can play and it’s actually really fun. I definitely recommend this game to anyone who wants a fun game to pass by time. So far I don’t think there’s any flaws, there are some ads that might be annoying at sometimes, but I deal with way more ads in games and I think this one is just perfect. I hope you get this game, and I hope you enjoy it. Honest review.

- Ungodly Amount of Ads

I understand the importance for a developer to implement ads for monetization, especially on a free app, but the amount of ads on this game is absurd and infuriating. Placing two 30 second ads back-to-back after successfully completing a level (of one bill)... wild. The kicker? Was the THIRD time it happened in a row. Of the 5 minutes I played, 3 of those minutes was consumed by ads. Pitiful. The developers should be ashamed of themselves for the lack of playability this game has from there grotesque amount of greed. I highly advise players spend their time elsewhere especially if they have no plans on paying for anything. Ads are completely fine, just not to the point of drowning out the game to where it’s virtually unplayable. TLDR: App is 80% ads and 20% game. Advise you spend your time elsewhere.

- Fake 😐

Ok so i never really write reviews but omg i got so mad i just could not write a review of this first of all the ads are fake! The creators make the ad look fun and that annoys me cause its not fun at all! I thought the game was just detect money which would be fun to me but after the 2nd or first level it goes to a bunch of minigames and just changes the whole game and all the minigames are about money. Now i understand the whole game is probably supposed to be money but seriously all the minigames are based on it and also the minigames arent at all related! I dont know if the full game is about minigames (yes i know i put minigames 20 times) because i quickly deleted it after i realized the whole game was about that. Always read reviews before playing cause this is super boring!!

- It so good but a few problems

This game is amazing but I have a few problems so first it has way too many ads after each level there’s an ad and it’s very annoyingAnd it bothers me very much second the game is pretty hard to do and some kids don’t know how to add money up and I think that you should like level up the age because I don’t know this game is not for kids and they don’t really know how to store money and it’s pretty hard to like cut the money and stuff so and I really like the game I just had to some problems with it

- Hi I love this app

This is the best app ever I can’t believe someone thought of this it’s the best I get all five stars it’s so fun it’s a little complicated on the cutting money so I just asked that you would make the line bigger but that’s all other than that it’s the best app ever I love it so much I can’t believe someone thought of this it’s the best app I don’t know how many times I can see it I love it the only thing I want to change is the slicing money that’s all other than that five stars and I heart it this is awesome❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖

- Fix it or don’t get it at all

🤬😡😓👿☠️👎👎 so its so short AND THARE IS TO MANY ADDS! its like add add add after every game! I wish I could give it 0 stars so DO NOT download this game if you do you will not like it at all soon I would of Watch 100 adds so plzzzzzzz fix this BIG issue (BIG BUG 🐛) well my big story is that I got this game cuz well I wanted to see how fun it is BUT ITS NOT FUN AT ALL! cuz the adds are blocking the fun. and in a few more hours I may have watch 100,000 adds it depends on how much levels you played I gess (I don’t know if I spelled that wrong) all your games are like this so I’m definitely deleting this game 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎it’s like your trying to be funny 🐵🙈🙉🙊🐒please fix it please please fix this I’m putting this in my diary 📔 ☠️☠️👎👎👎👿👿👿😒😒😒☹️☹️☹️🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😠😠😠😵😵😵🗣🗣🗣

- The best game ever

This was the funnest game I ever played whoever made this game I want them to make another kind of game like this. The haters don’t have to download it because they probably won’t like that game too. I looked at the add and I wanted to try it out then I played a couple of levels it was not that fun because it was to easy now it is a little hard so it is funner thank you for making this game I appreciate it. Oh and the haters won’t have to play other games if they don’t like this game it is very fun.

- Levels

There are so many adds there is like an add every other level and it is very annoying. Also in the beginning after every level it asked my if I would rate the app. Also some of the levels are confusing when you first try them and it doesn’t explain the levels when you first start. In one of the levels you have to cut the money where the line says to and I was the littlest bit away and it took of like 15 points. So in a 1-10 I would rate this a 2 or 3. Also I just got this app today and I’ve watched 20 adds. Lastly I started one of the mini games and before I could touch the mini game because another add came up and I had just watched and add(If you read all of this thank you)

- Great Game, Too Many Ads

When I downloaded this game, I thought it would be super fun. And I’m not disappointed. This is an amazing game full of fun and entertainment. But the only problem is ads. I understand every game has and needs ads, but this is just way too many. To try and get rid of them, I turned on airplane mode and even tried turning off my WiFi. But it still didn’t work. There is an ad after almost every level. But otherwise than that, this is a highly recommended game in my opinion. I am now SUPER obsessed. Thank you for reading.

- Great,but has some problems

I love this game I play it when I don’t have internet and it’s so fun I even play when I have internet but there are so many ads like instead of watching ads to get stuff like the bonus chest u should use money because all your money does is just sit there and it’s not good for nothin I still love money buster it’s an awesome game but two thing bug me A LOT because I got like billon dollar and they just sit there and the ads I will be doing a level and bloop an ad pops up I hope u fix these things thank u your game is awsome!!♥️♥️♥️

- Entertaining, but...

This game is called money buster. Yet only some parts of the game are even money busting. The first few levels are normal but then it just got weird. It was like a jumble of bad games put together. In my opinion this is sort of misleading. For example, in their advertisements all it really shows is money busting. None of the weird stuff. And in the games screenshots and videos there is also just money busting. But, the game is barely money busting at all. This game has potential if the creators wouldn’t lie about this game. Again this is just opinion. So, to summarize this game lies about what the game is about and has a misleading name and advertisements.

- About the best game in the world XD

So I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH AND LIKE its the game I go toEvery single day that’s how much I love it and I really enjoy playing this even though there’s a lot of ads but I’m OK with that because this game is like the best game I’ve ever played in my life I really recommend this if you’re a beginner with games and I recommend it for many people to learn that money can be fake and money can be real and that’s a good thing to teach the kids that’s why they need to know that hopefully the owner of this game sees this❤️

- I love this game

This game really looked interesting while i was playing another game, then when i tried it out, i was really satisfied on how this game is like. It has many minigames to play that is related to money and such! I don’t get how people hate this game due to ads. People should get over whining over the amount of ads there is. I know this tipis going to shrink the money you normally get, but if you turn off your wi-fi before playing the game, there’ll be no more ads.

- Review

Okay, so I did not play his game but I will play a bit and then tell you what I think, well I see a lot of good reviews but let's see mine after I play. After I played: ok so I played it and I think it's a pretty fun game, a bit boring because it's too slow of a game, other than that I think it's a waste of time, pretty cool but boring and a waste of time, I will go ahead and delete it, it's a safe game if you are wondering about that. Not online but boring and I repeat it is a huge waste of time. Thank you for reading my review of this game! So I will give this a 1 because I can't give it a 0, it is not an option, so this is a 0 from me but I will make it a 1 for all the effort you put in the game. Thank you and bye!!

- Ads can be misleading

I saw an ad for this game and it looked super fun so I decided to check it out for myself. It’s an okay game, it’s not the worst game I’ve played, but there’s some issues I have with this game. First of all, there is way too many ads. Some people can handle a lot of ads, but for me I really don’t like ads. Maybe one or two ads is fine but you get three or four ads every level. It’s annoying and I think that if they stopped putting so many ads, it would be a better game. Second, the ads for the game are very misleading. The ads make it look like this game has a plot or storyline but it doesn’t actually have a storyline. All you do is investigate money, shred it, organize money, etc. I think that if there was a storyline or plot to this game, it would be more fun. Third, levels. I don’t really think levels are necessary because like I said, there’s no plot or storyline. Thanks for reading this and I hope this helped you. ✨💫🌙

- Very hard

It is a very hard game when u are on lvl 9 u can’t do it and it freezes on the level done screen so when they update they need to do that and I want it to be easier bc it it is to hard I think they should have a better version or update it my often. But they should also not update like ever day. Latest update : it is a little better but not the best Last update : it is better but they should really get rid of the bugs in the game

- GREAT but.....

Ok let me get down to business. I LOVE this game it’s addictive but not to addicting hard but not too hard. I love EVERYTHING about this app even more after the update but I know 2 things that would make the app better. 1. Take away the key thing it’s annoying and there are no use for the chests. 2. U should be able to keep the items you buy and seek them to other people. I hope the developer will take my suggestions into consideration.

- Why, though???

Ok, so I saw the game and thought it would be REALLY fun, and it was; for the first three levels. Then it turned into Minigames and didn’t give you ONE more dollar to test until level 20. The game is CONSTANTLY trying o get to watch ads. I heard ads give the people money (I may be wrong) but the ads were overboard. It’s so many ads then even a ad bubble so that’s why I would keep my WiFi off. and when it switched it felt like: ‘ Why is this here? This isn’t what the ad pics said! ‘ I think the game would still be on top free games as it is today even if you made the game, basically how it should be and how you showed Millions of people. Please don’t be offended, I’m just disappointed. 😔

- Do something with the money.

I’ve played a couple dozen levels of this. It’s not necessarily boring, considering each level is a bit different than the next. It’s a nice idle game to play just to pass time, but it’s not really worth much else. You spend the whole game collecting money for virtually no reason. It would be nice if there were things you could buy/collect with the “money” you collect playing the game because I have like $10,000 in the game. There’s no reason to the money right now, and I think it would be cool if I could buy like special decorative items.

- You must read this before playing

So when I got this app I thought that I would scan money, but after the first level there were mini games. I did not get this app for the mini games, I got it to scan money. This game lets you spin and then when the next spin that you have to watch an ad for says ”there is no ad available.” I thought I could spin it. I have been doing mini game after mini game. I’m on level 56 and I just scanned money on level 55. I had to do so many mini games just to scan money every 20-30 levels! Thank you for reading this.

- Amazing, but not as expected!

This game deserves 6 stars for reasons you must see yourself. The game looks like simple shredding and blah blah blah, but it includes minigames like: Get the money to cross the road, or Put the money in its right area, or Slice at the right time, Get the money and avoid shredders, and Put money in its true pile. This made my time playing MUCH better. I just got it yesterday night, and I’m already over Lvl 104! But the real way it stands out is because: You Gotta Detect The FAKE Money! -Rozzeroo.

- I love this game so

This game is the best game ever it feels like I’m the president doing money like we did to fake I put it in the suspensory when it’s not big I put it in my money stash and all the money is mine my kids like to play but a little bit I don’t like when these ads come in it’s just crazy but I still love it so I’m gonna give you a five and yeah I just love this game so much you should know how much I love this game it’s just the best game ever

- I like this game but a problem

When I first got this game I liked it. It was a decent game, just like the ads that showed me the game. The only problem is that there is a lot of ads! There is ads every like quarter of a level. Another problem is that there is a lot of bugs. One is when it says fake money and I shred it, it says I failed the level! The game also glitches out in the middle of a level and exits the game. It’s really annoying. Except from that, the game is nice! Thanks for reading my review.

- My Suggestions

I love this game! It is so much fun, but there are some things I’d change... Like for one... it doesn’t feel like there is much of a challenge or something your working for. What do you do with all of the money you earn?? Two... Maybe if there was a score board with the people you are trying to beat. I love the game though and I give it a 5 star but i think I would have some suggestions.

- Money Buster!

Thanks for letting me know that you notified me that there's a new game available at this moment. It was last year. I noticed you had this game available; like I said. So I downloaded it! I liked it so much when I started playing it! Let me know if you have another game available. I’ll be playing another game while I wait until there’s a notification from you so I can receive it.

- Better than I thought!

This game is amazingly great I loved it because at first you’d think all you do is find real and fake money, but it’s so much more than that! after the first level you realize it’s way more than just shorting money! I would definitely recommend this game to anyone so if you’re looking through the reviews before buying this game then you now have an awesome reason to bye this!

- Awesome game

At first I was not so sure about this game but after I play about 5 levels I thought the game was really fun!!!! I just wish there wasn’t soooo much ads I would be fine with it if there was 1 every like 5 levels or so.... but other than that the game is really fun especially the level where you do the matching game and the one where you detect fake money 💵. Thank you for reading this


This game is really fun!! I love how every level is different in this game instead of every level having to do the same thing. I think that this game only has 1 bad part. That being that it has a lot of ads. It has a 15 second long ad every 2 levels. This is the only frustrating thing about it. If you are looking to get this game, DEFINITELY GET IT!!! Thank you so much whoever made this game!!!!!


I really enjoy the game and the mini games are super fun! I read the reviews before downloading, and don’t rate a game one star just because it has ads! If you don’t like ads than don’t download free games. Overall I think the game is great and it would be super cool to add in more things, like different types of things on money you have to detect! I hope this helps you choose to download this game.

- It’s ok... but so many adds 😐

I downloaded this app and I stuck with it a bit but it got boring. It kept playing the same levels over and over. And it lets you collect money but you can’t spend it. I was looking for something more... entertaining I guess. Oh and the amount of adds are crazy, level, add, add, level, and so on but there was pop up adds, video adds... so... many... ADDS!!! It really depends on the person but I personally would recommend if your into detective stuff and adds!

- Stop complaining about ads

Guys just stop complaining about ads. It’s a free game without in app purchases. It’s the only way this company will get money from this. Just be glad you don’t have to pay to play this game with subscriptions or constantly having to make purchases to make the game any fun. So just be glad they don’t charge you on everything.

- Good game but not like adds

In the adds you get to examine money to see if it’s fake or not. But in the real game you do something different in every level. You rarely get to do what it shows in the adds. I like the game otherwise but sometimes I tap the game it shows a loading sign then it turns my phone off. This may be a problem with my phone or it may be the game but putting it in here just in case.

- It could be better

To many ads no sound it just sounds dead they need to add sounds I would like more stuff to do not scan money open chests get cash spent same cash as what it costs and collect cash crossing road but with cash and all of that I would like more to do and I would like that you can buy stuff with the cash like why do I have 60k cash what would I buy with it it’s over all that it’s good it would be one of the best apps if you just did all those things

- Not what I thought it was

I downloaded this game to do what it says, figure out which bills are fake. The first two or three levels were exactly what I expected and I was happy. But after that, it was just a lot of different little mini games. I don’t know if I kept completing levels then I would get back to what the first levels were. And the amount of ads gets frustrating after playing for a bit, I think there is a ad after every level.

- I like the game, BUUUT

I really liked the game at first, but then it changed into a whole bunch of different mini games instead of what was originally advertised. I would like it if we could decide which game we would like to play instead of just playing many many many different mini games. It was a little annoying, but the game looks good! It’s very good quality, but if you were really hoping for just a game where you see if money is fake or not, this isn’t it.

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- Ideas are repetitive

Now I like the game when I have no Internet or when I’m bored but there ideas are repetitive, it’s actually quite annoying. You are getting the same level ideas. You don’t get anything new and I know it’s a free game but, there’s to many adds. You also get really annoying bubbles floating around. I don’t really play the game anymore unless I’m in the car without internet but I still recommend the game CrazyCookie

- Pretty nice, not gonna lie

It’s pretty nice. I like how you shred the money and see if the money is fake or not. You use the shredder to shred the fake money, which is a really interesting and fun way to get rid of fake money and find out real ones using the magnifying glass. It’s really fun and I play this game when I’m bored or I’m not really in a good mood. I like this game as a stress reliever game. It’s really a game that I recommend you would play. It’s real fun and this could be one of your favourite games when you get used to it. This is an extraordinary game and my favourite game to play when I’m bored. Lol I like writing reviews. >.<

- Great! But...

This game is awesome and I love how relaxing it is, but the only downside is that almost every time you play a level there will be 2 bubbles that pop up, in these bubbles there is a key that you get for free. So I obviously clicked that and then I didn’t click the other bubble that had a stack of cash in it because you had to watch a video, and after you don’t click it it stays there and floats around all over the screen, which is very annoying. But other than that little fault this is a great game!

- Not good game

Hi, I don’t really like this game because it is quite annoying. I recommend this game but not too much a day. There is to much ads. I don’t like how bubbles flout around the screen. I play this game when I am bored or have no internet. I play it 2 days a week. Thank you for creating it. It is fun but you can get bored after a while. I recommend this game 5 and over. My brother does not really like this game but he plays it when he is bored. He plays it 3 times a week. He recommends 7 and over. I am not a rude kid but I don’t really like this game. My mom does not like me playing the game. I just want to say that if you thinking to making a nother game maybe make a version of Roblox. Cookiemaster23


This isn’t really a review, it’s for people who complain about ads and blame the game creators..what do you guys expect? It’s a FREE GAME, of course it’s going to have ads! It has to have that many ads to keep the game stable. But, if you don’t like them then all you have to do is go into settings and turn off your wifi, then you won’t have any wifi to have ads, there guys problem solved. Great game I love it!! :D

- Too many ads 😕

I really love this game, it’s fun but I want to let everyone know that the amount of ads aren’t very sensible. They give you 1 or 2 ads just a level and it’s nothing like the advertisement for the game. It says you get to bust money but the secret is not all the time you bust money. Some of these are memory match or throw the fake money in the shredder and sometimes even burn the fake money. Also there is a Crossy Road themed level (if you know what Chrissy Road is)

- Let me think.

This app is quite fun for when you are bored and don’t have data or internet but the amount of ads that pop up are ridiculous. The game keeps you entertained for a while and you definitely won’t get bored of it I rate it a 4.5/5 have fun 😀

- False advertising

This game isn’t what you expect. In the adds it says it’s a detective game where you find out what money is fake or not with a black light and magnifying glass, but instead it’s got these mini games and you only use the black light and magnifying glass a couple of times. To improve the game I’d suggest making a mini game arena and put those games there as not everyone wanted to play them. I’m giving this game 2 stars because of the false advertising and the amount of adds, I understand that’s how the creators get money but there’s to many.

- Easy games😧

I like the game but the games are to easy. Also there are to Little games so i replay the games to often. And another thing is that like in the ads there should be more money busting to do and credit card to destroy. This game is part scamming because in the ads there aren’t all those other games and there aren’t any scissors to cut up the money. I got this game to destroy money and credit cards to get rid of my anger. Thanks for listening🤗

- Great but...

This game is really fun but I quit at level 5. Want to know why? Well, there are too many ads. There is an ad after your finish a level, and when your trying to play the level bubbles float around with things in them, BUT you have to watch an ad to get that thing. This is also annoying because your might accidentally tap the bubble then you have to watch a useless ad for another free game! 👎👎👎👎

- Great Game, but...

Once you get to level 100, the levels start to repeat so you are just playing the same things over and over again which means that they couldn’t think of more ideas, which isn’t very professional if I say so myself. I think it is a good game but please fix this if you are reading this😥🙏😂. Thanks for taking your time to read this and have a good day. BBYYYYYEEEEEE!!!!!!!

- Ok but not

There are a lot of ads the same one kept on playing but u do get money 💰 I just download it by 15 seconds ago and I’ve already had two ads I don’t really like all the ads I would have gave it a much better rating if there weren’t so many ads please take some of the ads away over all I like this game but I have played better games then this baiiii

- To the people that think it is false advertising

The advertising is not false, because if you look up at the top of the photos you can see the level. Think about that... bet either way it is a great game

- Not a review but please read

Okay, Ya’ll get upset about ad’s, what do you expect from the game? No ad’s? It’s a FREE game! Just be thankful there is free apps and you don’t have to pay for every single one. Next, if you’re annoyer by them turn your wifi off while you play.. it’s simple!

- Too many adds

I just love the game but there are too many adds and it is annoying when a add terns on in the middle of a game and it is soooooooooooo boring to watch all of the adds 😪😬😐 But the only thing is that maters is that the game is so fun and you can’t get off of the game.

- Ok

It is a good game but sometimes I do jot like it because when my little baby Cuz comes they won’t to play with me but they do not now how to play because it is a older game for kids but other then that it is a good game

- Needs more information

When starting the game it doesn’t give you a clear instruction on how to play the game and when you start the game the first level you fail because you cannot disregard the notes that have something on it.

- Money buster game review

The game is quite good but would need some work on the ads. I understand the fact that it is for earning purposes but could get some improvements.

- Not as good as it said

When I play it I was excited to start playing but once I got on it only let me detect fake money like a couple times and the rest was just me playing mini games and it didn’t tell you about you playing any other games didn’t tell you about that all it said was detect fake money and I didn’t tell you about all the other mini games and stuff -sorry 👎

- I can sense that...

I haven’t even played it yet but from the adds it looks amazing and actually fun, useful and very different from most other games. Is it the advertisement or the game. Let’s find out!

- My personal opinion

This game is good if you have nothing better to do but shred money. But I don’t get the point of the game and why they think it fun. It is very boring all you do is check if the money is fake or real and shred. The level are not hard and have WAY TO MANY ADDS!!!

- This game is amazing!

This game is so fun you can do so much fun challenges me and my brother challenge each other on it all the time I would hope you guys get this app!,

- Best game ever

This game is so good you can do so much stuff. But the bad thing is that there is so manny ads like every level there is a ad and it is so annoying but the game is really good.

- Good in adds but…

So in the adds you bust out fake money but the truth s its only n level 1 the rest is minigames about catching money basically false advertising for levels over 1 and alot of adds and they are no skipping adds and if you can skip its a long time before you can play again

- Pretty good

I like this game but there is so many adds and hen I was doing the ironing it showed that there was nothing I had to do but when I put it in the pile it gave me negative points so the stuff that I had to iron was invisible.

- Idk why I doesn’t give a example

It needs to have a thing where it gives a example I just don’t know why

- Good game

Money buster is a good 😌 game but there is one ☝️ problem there are to many adds and that’s why I don’t like this game it could be better. From addi

- Glitching

I like this game a lot it just glitches a lot so I would very much like it if you guys could somehow do something to help it stop Glitching Thank you so much

- bad

the adds are extremely annoying, there is one in between each level! I also thought it would be the fake money detecting the whole time instead of just the first two or so rounds it’s nothing like the ad! and it glitches out all the time 😡

- Money Buster Is The Best!

Money buster is a fun game that can help with your fine motor skills. You sort things, you shred things, and you can use ultra violet light. This is why I think it is the best game ever

- Boring

The problem with this game is you don’t even get to play what is advertised in the pictures you do 2 levels of it the you just do bad and boring mini games Then you make money to spend? No you can’t buy anything with it there no reward you just play the same mission over and over again

- Fake advertising!

I seen in the add someone detecting fake and real money. I didn’t download this game yet. But I just wanted to play it because it seemed fun. When I first started I was alright, but then all these useless mini games appeared which, was not advertised in the add. Please have more detecting fake and real “money” keep the adds down a little then I think I’ll like it.

- The ads

It does have a lot of ads but when I turn off the wifi and put airplane mode on it gives you less ads but the game repeats on and on though

- Great app to play

Hi my name is leticia and I really enjoy playing this game and I am in grade 4 at school I think you should make an add with one of my really good leaves if you can

- So amazing game

This game is so good I can not believe it I lormally don’t say good things like this but this game is the best game in he whole wide world. I am so happy that this game was invented .bye for now P.s my name is Isabelle Gunther

- Rating

I think it is an ok game... it is relaxing but also satisfying and calming.... The way they can improve it is if there wasn’t soo many ads. Do know if you buy it that you are to expect many consistant ads. Other than that I feel it is a good game and you should get it!

- Good but SO MANY ADS

Each round there are 2 bubbles you would obviously pick the bubble with no ads, even if you do you get bombarded with ads so i mean if you have a short patience span this isn’t the game for you

- What is the purpose??

I’ve been playing and I just want to bust some fake money. I don’t care about the money I’m receiving. I don’t understand whether the game is to bust money or to make money. It seems as if it’s made to make money. I just want to bust money. Please fix this issue.

- No ad Solution

Turn your wifi off in settings

- Rating

This game is good! But the bad bit is that it is keeping me from playing other games on my device. But still I like it!....

- Very repetitive

I think the idea of the game is great, but I think it’s dumb that all the levels repeat so it’s very easy, and if you fail a level you have to watch a video to try it again or you just go to the next level so the game is very very easy

- It is good

This is super good and it has lots of little games in the game like spinning the wheel. The only thing is that there is a few adds but over all good game

- Bunches of money

I really like this app but it’s my favorite app because I have lots lots and lots of fun and good playing this app.

- It’s fine

I personally thought that it was about scanning money only when the ad popped up so I’m kind of disappointed... I like mystery, but if you do, you might be disappointed too.

- One thing but otherwise it’s a good app

I had just updated it and started to tell me what to do when I new how to

- I’m a bit disappointed

You say in the add that you find if money’s fake with the up light and the magnifying glass. And you only get to do that once from I’ve played so far.

- It’s OK, but has a lot of areas to improve.

The game itself is quite fun at first and progressively gets harder. The ideas and minigames felt that they repeated after a while and the game held your hand too much. I’m not even going to start on the ads.

- Super annoying too many adds

My problem is it keeps on going to the App Store and tells me to review it is annoying

- Good but a few to many ads

This is so fun with all the complete money Busting games it’s so cool. I don’t like the ads Thoe cause there are to many!🙄🙄🙄👺👺👺💩💩💩💩💩👾👾😍😍😍😍😍😇😇😇😇😇😇😀😀😀🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑😯😯😯

- It would be Really fun if

It actually did but it was advertised as it’s way more fun than the other games to detect money with the magnifying glass and the scan the money with the scanner

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- Creepy

This game SUCKS so many adds and it records you!!

- It records you while you play

This game records you while you have the game open. This should be illegal and the people that made this game should be sued

- Hate it

I hate how it doesn’t even WORK it’s so confusing!!!!! I saw so many review about it watching & recording! 🛑

- Ummm

It has no sound but if u put the speaker up to ur ear it sounds like I’m getting recorded 😰😥😨don’t download this app🤫

- False advertising

You have to do way more than what the ads tell you and it asks you to rate it every time you go onto a new level.... it’s stupid haha

- Bad

The game might seem fun but it records u reason idk how I know there is no sound and if u put your ear to the speakers it’s static and that means you’re being recorded and stuff so please don’t play it

- Dont lie to me

I am a game reviewer and I check to se if games are spying on you or anything suspicious. And if your game is spying on us I will report your game to the trash bin once the report goes through.


First the game in ads that u get is only 1 level all the other levels are a different thing. Also there is an ad every level which is really annoying and also makes the game glitchy. STOP PUTTING ALL THESE ADS.

- Next update

Next update should be to stop recording



- Recording

I checked the reviews and I heard no static. But when I did a move in the game I heard static noises coming from my phone speaker and a someone breathing. I honestly though they couldn’t do this because there was no thing for microphone or camera but it roots the phone (maybe). Don’t download this as it records you. Also I’ve seen reviews of someone hearing a voice and I heard one too. Saying: “He knows we’re recording” very silently. (Well that’s what I heard who all that static.) But yeah. Do not download this game at all.


WATCH OUT PLAYERS PLZZZ DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME 😳😳😳😳😳😳😡😡😡😡😤😤😤😨😵but... Get ready for... IOS 14 so software update is coming on sep and you will see an indicator on your iPhone if an app is using your cam or mic

- Bad for children

This game records you for what reason? Idk but I know they are recording you me how because when you put your ear to the microphone you can hear static then go to your camera start recording then listen ❌🚫⭕️🛑⛔️❌⭕️🛑⛔️🛑⭕️❌⛔️🛑⭕️❌⛔️⭕️⭕️❌❌❌❌❌❌❌‼️‼️❗️‼️❌🛑⭕️⛔️‼️⭕️⭕️❗️❌🛑⛔️⭕️❌⭕️⛔️‼️🛑⭕️

- Creepy

Me and my friend we’re looking at the reviews on this game but my friends iPad got an ad for this game after we were talking about it soo that is creepy also it should not be 4+


I was about to download the game but there was way to many reviews about recording you or looking through your camera... so I don’t know why any one will download this game with these reviews and I am glad that people found out about the recordings you probably are saving personal information and maybe even lives

- Don’t dare dowload or talk it will steal all your stuff

it’s true I heard talking they are theifs

- This game is gonna get sued soon

I looked at the reviews and it said if I put my ear to the speaker, I’ll hear I’m being recorded and turned out it was true so I did the best thing I could do I played Rick Astley’s never gonna give you up so they got Rick rolled

- Don’t download

This game is recording you and it’s illigle

- I am being watched?

Bruh why is this “game” watching and recording me? I literally hear static sounds and it’s getting creepy, Who ever made this plz get rid of the static


I got the game cause I thought it was cool (and I’m 10) but I came back to read the reviews and there true they are recording you I put my ear up to it and ICould hear a static noise and that is no volume DO NOT DOWNLOAD ❌🚫🛑⭕️❗️

- Bad

This game is recording you and it might also be able to see you and way too many adds delete this right away


One time I went to go down lode this app then I went to look at the reviews and I saw that it was recording you. One said to trun up the volume alll the way up and you will here that you are being recorded. I tried that and I heard beeping and voices it was so wired



- Game sucks

You keep on making me write a review for a full 600 levels it's been bring me to write a review and you can't even feel so it's the easiest game ever it's sucks



- Horrible.

This game is bad, there are so many ads. It gives you different types of money games instead of the one with the pictures. When you go to the sound and put your ear there, it sounds like your being recording, it’s not safe. Please do not get this game, it’s horrible! 😖

- If only zero stars was an option


- It records you!!!

I was so angry! I saw my daughter playing this! And now I am afraid DELETE THIS APP

- It is really recording then

F u dick I’m posting my foot down 👞

- Don’t download

At first you may not here the static but turn up the volume and your being recorded delete this game as soon as you read this It knows every work you say and now it’s being recording! You will regret it!!!!!!

- This is bad

This game records you while you play and put your speaker up to your ear you can kinda hear it recording

- Please don’t download it

I want everyone to be safe and not download this game since it records you and if u put your ear up to the speaker of your phone iPad tablet ext you can her static so please don’t download This be safe 💛

- Do not get this game

This game is not good. They record you well the game is open or if you are playing it. And it is not fun at all If they do an update they should take out the recording. Never get this game 🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡



- Horrible game.You people are crooks,and always will be.

I have so many complaints about this game. First,it is repeated and very boring. Second,too many ads. THIRD,and most importantly,we know that you're recording us.if you put your ear to the speaker,you can hear static and whatever noise is going on around you!Deleting this game right now. Why would you want to spy on us?

- Don’t download.

This app records you, don’t download this game and report this game and the developer.

- The game creators are busted

I saw all the reviews about it recording your audio and video so I downloaded the app to see it for my self so I blinded the camera and put my ear on the speaker and I heard a static noise as well I predicted that there is no noise because if there was noise they will not be able to record the audio Now in French J'ai vu toutes les critiques à ce sujet en enregistrant votre audio et votre vidéo, j'ai donc téléchargé l'application pour la voir par moi-même, j'ai donc aveuglé la caméra et mis l'oreille sur le haut-parleur et j'ai également entendu un bruit statique, je prédis qu'il n'y a pas de bruit car s'il y avait du bruit, ils ne pourront pas enregistrer l'audio

- Its bad

Its bad not good

- Money buster

It’s boring and it records you while you play and that should Be illegal

- Do not purchase

Hello! I do not suggest this game! When I bought it I went to the reviews waiting for the game to download but the reviews were like “the game records you” I ignored it and continued on. After about 2 hours and a half I heard a static! I deleted the game as fast as I could and made sure. After a week or so I saw the game on my phone and it keeps doing it- even if I delete it.

- One star it please

Somebody on the other side of the phone is listening to you playing these people are trash

- Frick this game

Frick this game I was gonna get it then I looked at the reviews and all of them have bad ones so this game records you so even if ur cameras blocked off it listens never get a game before you see the reviews


Do not download this it records you while you play

- False advertising

So I never knew it recorded you, yes it should be illegal, but in all the adds there are credit cards, I am at level 278 and have never seen a credit/debit card. It also asks you to do way more then the adds let on, you should stop playing this game before you start




This game records you, my guess is that they are trying to sell illegal information.

- Records you

So I’ve just experienced this since I hesrd a bit of static and echo from my ipad and I thought to myself am I being recorded and in fact it was recording me, and the game is just complete fake it just records you and sell it to the Blackmarket

- I’m being recorded do not download!

I never felt safe with this game I heard when I was playing I heard a silent voice saying I’m being recorded do not Download!


i read the reviews and saw that people are saying it’s recording you and i didn’t believe it until i downloaded it. there’s static, and that means that it’s recording you. PLEASE DON’T DOWNLOAD AND STAY SAFE.

- Remove this game from the App Store

It records you and spy’s on you

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Snowfall is beautiful. & judging by how they positioned season 4. It's gon be a block buster. They mustn't rush the subplots. That show is money.

Crap Buster

@realDonaldTrump I agree with you however it's a little late. Next month I'll be closing my businesses permanently & I will be out of money for everything else. WE NEED HELP NOW!


$FNGR This is the real short Buster crew Bad ass Banster XXX for those who don't like this Shorty the Pimp and the Dangerous Crew We stole all your money and bent you like a ho and sent you ass home That about sums up your future F YOU

Deric Dashawn A

@Buster_ESPN KD got the perfect twitter handle : easy money sniper. Easy money, everything he does on the court seems effortless!!!


@AIM_Buster Awesome risk management on this one along the way. Great trade! Thank you for sharing.

Chunk Yogurt


liam king

@charlie_adler Inie mine money moe pick a buster by their toe.. so both you and John Kassir are buster bunny. reboot og cast would be you.

Evil Bob Nutting

@Buster_ESPN We don't "kick in money" bruh

Buster The Bettin' Squirrel

❄️ Happy Holidays! ❄️ May your holiday season be filled with perfect parlays, fun filled fades, and magical money line plays! Happy Holidays from Buster!

Clark Townsend

@Ninju_3 @MarkPGH @Buster_ESPN Yup the TV deal makes them so much money per owner and the local cable deal also the ticket sales and concessions are just pocket money

Michael Sweeney

@Buster_ESPN Potential not actual stats, check this year. Swung at bad pitches too much! Plus, do you really think he can play first base? Throwing motion is not pro caliber. Good trade! Pirates are out of it for a few years, better use of the money this year than to give it to Bell

Jerusalem Jackalope

@MarkPGH @Buster_ESPN Better product = Better attendance. Gotta spend money to make money. There are a million clichés to use.. Point is no one wants to pay to see a team consistently fielding a vastly subpar group. The Rays do more with a similar or lower payroll and less fans.


26 days until Biden’s inauguration (70 films) The General (1926, Clyde Bruckman and Buster Keaton) Starring Buster Keaton and Marion Mack. The train wreck scene cost $42,000 (about $600,000 in today’s money) and was filmed with 6 cameras in one take.


@MMnotine @Buster_ESPN Pretty clear they are out of money.


@Buster_ESPN @SteeIerNation Nothing matters as long as Nutting owns this team. Thank goodness for the Steelers and Penguins ownership groups and being willing to put up money to try and win championships.

Money Buster! 1.8.2 Screenshots & Images

Money Buster! iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Money Buster! iphone images
Money Buster! iphone images
Money Buster! iphone images
Money Buster! iphone images
Money Buster! iphone images

Money Buster! (Version 1.8.2) Install & Download

The applications Money Buster! was published in the category Games on 2020-05-30 and was developed by Alictus [Developer ID: 892399717]. This application file size is 243.97 MB. Money Buster! - Games app posted on 2021-04-30 current version is 1.8.2 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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