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Funny Voice Effects & Changer [Lifestyle] App Description & Overview

What is funny voice effects & changer app? Want to make some fun? Let’s start with this must-have app for endless joy & laughter.
Super EASY & FUN way to make your voice sound like others. Select a voice or hold to record a short video. Then we will apply a cool realistic effect to your voice in seconds. Just wait to see the magic happen.

Main Features

- Choose from dozens of funny sound effects, such as robot, rabbit, alien, ghost…
- Record your voice or shoot a video.
- Lots of video effects to choose from. Glitch, VHS, Film… you can find your favorite one.
- Wait a second for your modified voice.
- Save recording and apply realistic sound effects.
- Share directly to amaze your friends.

Don’t wait. Have fun and change your voice right now.

NOTICE: This app is for entertainment purposes only. All voices are original parodies and have no affiliation to any real world persons.

Subscription Upgrade Details

Join our VIP to enable unlock the full experience. You can create funny voices with the following features:

√ Unlock All Voices
√ Unlimited Usage
√ Weekly Updated

Our Subscription Length: Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly.
Don’t worry. You can always experience all free features without subscribing to our APP.

- Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.
- Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.
- Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal.
- Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase.
- Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable.

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Find this site the customer service details of Funny Voice Effects & Changer. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

Funny Voice Effects & Changer Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Funny Voice Effects & Changer Version 7.0.016 February 2022

- Add new functions: subtitles are available for videos. - New Cartoon, Male and Female voices. - Improved the sound quality. - Fixed minor bugs and UI improvements..

Funny Voice Effects & Changer Version 6.0.001 December 2021

- New Cartoon, Male and Female voices. - Improved the sound quality. - Add new video glitch effects for users. - Fixed minor bugs and UI improvements..

Funny Voice Effects & Changer Version 5.0.030 August 2020

- Added new funny voices for users. - Improved the sound quality. - Added new video effects for users. - Fixed minor bugs and UI improvements..

Funny Voice Effects & Changer Comments & Reviews 2022

- Doesn’t really have the actual voices

I read this up before number one it doesn’t actually have the real celebrity voices like it doesn’t ad anyways I might’ve give it a one I don’t really like it it’s not a good prank nobody would believe that you’re talking to your dream meeting celebrity so yeah I did I wouldn’t recommend this app so much it is possibly the worst app to prank somebody actually I would actually give this a one or two or something only if your friends are that dumb so I wouldn’t believe recommend this app again

- It’s a scam PLEASE READ

This app sounded so cool so I downloaded it because I was going to prank my grandma and be James Charles well that doesn’t matter but. When I went into the app you have to pay money I don’t remember how much money it is but you have to pay money so do not do that download this app and less you want to spend money I wish you didn’t have to spend money on anything so please don’t waste your time downloading this app if you don’t want to spend money thanks for reading it love you guys bye. BTW I love you guys if you want to spend money on this app prank your grandma or any of your family members would be so funny because my sister has this app but she lives with my grandma. Love you guys make sure you hit that like button in the face and go subscribe to SSS sniper wolf love you oh and go check out my channel on EmileighPrice I don’t have videos but I link channels and I have a lot of channels that I want you guys to support so please go check them out and you don’t have to subscribe to my channel but I would really like it because I subscribe to a lot of channels so I probably subscribe to one like every day so I don’t know please subscribe to my channel maybe in the future I might post some videos you never know🏳️‍🌈👋💋

- Utter garbage. Do NOT download this app. This is a complete waste of time

If I could give 0 stars I would. I am really embarrassed for the people who made this game. I’m not trying to be rude but let me tell you what happened. So, I saw the ad and I thought “Ooooo! An app to change my voice, nice!” Then I saw the reviews and I thought “Oof this doesn’t have all that good reviews..” but I tried it anyway. I downloaded the app and called my mom first to test it out. But it said I couldn’t use the voice changer. THE ONE THING IT WAS SUPPOSED TO DO, WASNT AVAILABLE!!!! I tried a lot of different things but none of them worked. Also, more then half the voices you can’t use unless you buy premium or whatever it’s called! I mean, you can record things but I recorded a whole sentence and all it said back to me when I recorded it was “Hi”. This game is a waste of time. Don’t even bother downloading. It’s just 10 minutes that you will never get back. The only way you will get a positive review from me is if I can actually use the app for what it’s for. And please, make it so you have more voice options.


So before I download an app I always check its reviews to see if the app is worth getting. I came across many reviews saying it was a scam however I always try and find a positive review to see another point of view. I found a review saying that the app worked however you just needed to wait a few minutes to hear the voice. So I downloaded it. After downloading the app I tried a voice that seemed to look like Ariana Grande. I allowed the app to hear my voice but not camera ( which i I00% recommend doing ). I recorded my voice then waited for the app to change my voice. I then listened to the voice and it sounded like the people from google translate so I assumed it was not Ariana Grande and thought I should try another filter. I tried to use a Billie Eilish filter but the app said I had to wait 2 minutes before using another filter so I looked through all the filters. I then used the Billie one however it sounded horrible like before. This app definitely doesn’t work unless you pay and I can’t even guarantee it does work when bought. Please don’t download this it won’t serve any good. I hope creators see this, reply, fix the voices, and make the app free. I would totally re-download the app and use it on my friends..... oh wait I have none.

- Not bad kind of bad and to. Expensive

It’s not a bad game but you have to read it five stars to get special you have to like crazy you don’t have to but you have to go higher than three stars so it’s just kind of a bad game I can’t really do it the only kind of thing is you don’t really have to sign up but like you do at the same time and you have to pay and then you have to like XL and it’s just super hard and I would tell you not to download this game too much money you have to go through steps get the rated five stars and everything it does all this weird stuff to you and just don’t download it it’s called funny voice and just it’s a rip off at first you might think oh she’s just lying it’s perfectly game and you go through and then you say it’s his own money and then there’s an ask then you have to read it five stars so just don’t download it🤫👎🏻

- Clickbait SCAM **PLEASE READ**

As you probably got this app from an ad it’s a SCAM, the voice sounds like a straight robot and all the “i pRaNkEd mY fRiEnDs WiTh tHiS aPp” are bots. in fact i saw the same review millions of times, this app is in fact tricking viewers into thinking that they can prank friends and joke around when in fact it’s collecting your data. When i opened the app i notice there was a background noise of static (even when i wasnt using my microphone) and noticed even a flashing red light, i knew this was off so i deleted the app but that static and flashing red dot stays here today. Stealing people info is not funny nor ok and i will bring legal action into this if you don’t delete the app. DO NOT DOWNLOAD please it’s a risk that could leave to your info being spread everywhere. I hope people stay safe and the ads for this “app” stop

- Complete Ad-Bait

I saw the advertisement for this app and said, “Hey, it would be funny to pull a prank on my brother by calling him with this voice changer. Plus, it sounds TOTALLY REALISTIC.” In the ad, the voices were SPOT ON. In the actually app, they were trash computers that sounded nothing like the celebrities. There are a few good ones, but they are probably stolen software from another app that is has the decency not to trick you into buying it. Oh, and it may say free to buy on the App Store, when really, THIS PIECE OF GARBAGE IS TEN DOLLARS A WEEK. NOT JUST TEN DOLLARS, WHICH WOULD STILL BE SUPER HIGH, TEN DOLLARS A WEEK. Of course the developers of the app decided to put that little side note in tiny gray script that I didn’t notice. Anyway, don’t buy this horrible app, and don’t trust that it says 4.3 stars. The ratings are probably bots to trick you into buying.

- It’s a scam! Beware

So I downloaded the app (for free) and Immediately upon opening I got a notification for a 3 day free trial and then $50 annual charge. So i accepted thinking that I would be able to start my free trial and then unsubscribe before the 3 days ran out. Well that was not the case I spent hours trying to navigate the app to unsubscribe and save my $50. On top of all of that the app is also worthless and fun for maybe 5 minutes. But the voices aren’t good and they can minimally mimic the celebrities featured but not with more nuanced details like drawing out a word or pitch. Also when you record for video the voice doesn’t match the mouth so it’s pointless anyway to film something as if you’re mimicking a celebrity. 0/10, do not cross go, head back to the developer lab for scamming more people

- I trolled my friends hard look at the reading I made is it good?

It is good I can troll my friends it is funny there like win I use xxxtentacion there like wait your alive and then I said yeah man I just had to quit and then they said why did you and then I said well they could not hair my voice that munch and then they said well is it hard to make rap songs and then I said yes I’m still talking and then I said witch song is good and then they said changes and then I said yeah why because you can heir me and then they said yeah and that was it.

- It’s dumb.

So, this game comes off as a free voice changer app..right? NOPE! As soon as you open the app it doesn’t allow you to do anything! It puts a free trial pop up in your face and says you’ll have to wait 25 minutes for it to go away! But, here’s the catch, you can’t just be like “Okay, I’ll come back in 25 minutes!” Because if you go away for about 5 minutes or so, your phone/tablet will refresh the app thinking you left it! And when that happens the timer resets, so you can’t even exit the stupid pop up!! And you’re probably saying “Well, isn’t there an X button?” No. Just, no. They don’t let you exit out of the free trial! So, in conclusion....this app is bad, and just wants money! Don’t download it.

- I like it but

I like this app but there is a couple flaws for example when you first open the app you have to wait for a little before there is a x and also another big flaw is because you barely get voices without premium

- Can’t use until you pay

That’s it. The title of this review says enough. The free version does nothing. If you want to actually hear or see what you recorded, you have to pay the $50 subscription fee. The dollar amount is not important. What is ridiculous is that you can’t even use the app as intended without paying first. That’s fine, but don’t rope people in with a free version if that does absolutely nothing. I understand only getting to use certain features before buying the Plus edition, but to have a completely useless app until you pay for it, makes no sense to me. Yes, they offer a 3 day free trial, but I don’t think that is made clear before you install. Deleted.

- This is amazing

This is only going to be a short thing but I really like this cause it’s just really fun you can pick different things you can do the free Charl and it’s a really good deal I love it mostly because you can prank people but you can act like you’re somebody else and it’s just really fun I really do recommend getting this it’s really fun game and you did not do you don’t have to do the free trial but it’s a really fun thing to get it that’s all I have to say

- It has ups and downs

First off you if you don’t wanna pay you only get a couple it takes one minute for you to be able to do the horse voice doesn’t even sound like the celebrity or the person and you only get and if you don’t wanna pay money only get a couple people because all the rest of them cost 999 per month per week actually so like just please read this✋🇸🇻🇸🇻🇸🇻🇸🇻🇸🇻

- Don’t get this

Hey y’all. So don’t download this. It doesn’t work. I downloaded it cause I thought it would be funny to prank my boyfriend because we always joke around ab doing pranks. Yallll just don’t. I literally downloaded it and when I opened the app from the App Store it was just blank. I waited. Still blank. My WiFi is good so I know it’s not my WiFi. Everything else loads on here. And so I closed the app out and tried it again. Still blank. From what I can tell it doesn’t do calls. It just does videos and stuff. Anyway not the point. Just don’t get it y’all. I wish I could just not hit a star cause I don’t even think it deserves a one star.

- I don’t suggest this

I just bought the app a few minutes ago and I already deleted it! The worst part about it was the fact that you had to wait a certain amount of time to do another recording, unless you bought the upgrade! Not to mention the voices sound nothing like the actual characters or people! It’s not like the advertisements at all and I do not suggest this whatsoever! You can only use about 10 voices out of so many more! One thing I would want changed is the quality and number of voices you can use without paying money!

- This app is horrible!!!!!

I think this app is just ok because when you ar Ed one doing one vid they make u wait a min and a half. 2 they don’t let u get all the avatars. I DONT WANT TO PAY 40 BUCKS A MONTH!!!!!!!!! So I have to wait like 10 mins to take 3 vids it is horrible! Now I gave this a 5 star because the app said that if I give it a 5 star it will give me more voices. The voices don’t even sound like them at ALL!

- Amazing

I lii ok ve this app so much but the one of the two things about it I don’t like is when I tap on the app it opens. When it opens it show a free trial every single time and sometimes the X isn’t there so I have to completely X out of app and go back in the it waits a while then it shows. I don’t really want a free trial because I dint want to pay so I can only access like 2-3 voice changer !

- Bad game, and scam.

I played the game and bruh, they don’t sound anything like the people they just sound like a tired version of the person or whatever. I also found a review saying that it makes you pay money and also that review said check out my Chanel on EmileighPrice. If you are reading this EmileighPrice I can’t find your channel. I’ll look again but anyways don’t get the app it’s a waste or time and a scam. Someone sad that this piece or garbage also makes you buy $10 a week. Therefore, this app has trash voices, tricks you into paying $50, or $10 a week. Complete scam. Watch out for these other scam games!

- Um interesting I guess

I think this app was bad because just the whole concept of it is good but how they displayed it was bad. So when you open the app you have to buy premium or you can’t continue so just know that you might have to delete the app and delete your subscription to it. In the app all the voices sound the same and it’s like they sound like when you use the translator on google or when you get Siri to say something to you so I would just say it’s not good for me. You might like it but I don’t really think it be a good like way to do voice effects, but it’s not my favorite overall.

- It’s actual trash and is so creepy😰

Ok so I said something random “me and my parents had fun” and it said “the demon killed me in my sleep”!!!!! No joke and I think I’m being stalked because I see weird figures outside the window that seem to be staring at me it’s sooo creepy...also it sounds like Alexa or Siri with a weird under tone of a man or woman’s voice...the app also asks for microphone,camera,and voice recognition, so I’m pretty sure it can hear me and see me so now when I’m changing for the day I make sure my phone is NOT anywhere near me....DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP.......SOOOOOOOO CREEPY...I recommend this for LaurenZside to check out to see how creepy it is!!!!😨😱

- Horrible!

The reviews said it all, this is a horrible scamming game. Please listen to this, and don’t waste your money on it. I used Ariana Grande’s voice, and it sounded nothing like her. I saw this on a ad and it seemed so cool, it’s not! You could use something free, and get better results. This sounds like a weird voice from Siri, it’s kind of scaring me. When I’m done writing this review I’m deleted this app in a second, it’s so creepy. If you see this, warning players “DO NOT DOWNLOAD!”. I’m hoping a honest person comes, and does research on this app. Always read reviews, they could point out things like this, and stay safe.


This app is horrible, I’m a big Ariana grande fan so when I saw her character I immediately clicked it but it sounded NOTHING like her! I know her voice so well. Then I tied a couple more celebrities that I knew and it was still the same. It basically sounds like google translate with a different gender. I didn’t expect much from the app anyway. I just wanted to say my experience on the app. I would definitely not recommend this at all. Don’t download it or buy anything even if it seems fun because it’s honestly a big disappointment. I’m about to delete the app. Never getting it again.

- Wow, this was knind’a bad

OK. When I read the reviews of this app I had a feeling that this would be a bad app, because all of the views were extremely bad. But I still downloaded the app just to see how good and how bad it really was, so I downloaded it and when I first opened the app I saw Ariana Grandes icon, I love Ariana Grande so I am mediately pressed on it. And then I pressed record, when I heard the voice that it changed it to it sounded nothing at all like Ariana Grande‘s voice! I do not advise anyone to get this app even if the ad looks pretty cool, it is not! I will be deleting immediately

- This is Horrible..I’m Sorry?

How do I even begin? When you first download an app you except something good. At first the app works and it seems fine but after like 2 tries it makes your voice sound like a robot. And the amount of voices you’re given to try is 3 each section. I DO NOT recommend buying the plus or whatever it’s called. This is sincerely horrible. I suggest not downloading it. This app needs MAJOR fixes and updates I do not see how it is #1 in Lifestyle it should at least be bottom 3. This app does promise to what is says..DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT. It will just fill up your phone storage. DO NOT DO IT!

- I don’t recommend this app

I don’t recommend this app because I had to give it a 5 star rating to use a certain voice. I regret giving it a 5 star because the voices sound nothing like celebrities. If I were you I would waste my time on this app. It deserves a 1 star rating. Most of all, a lot of the voices cost money and I didn’t even bother with those because I knew they weren’t going to be any better then the voices that didn’t cost money.

- Tbh it's kinda a scam but I still can here the people..

So I downloaded this app thinking I can get some funny voices but I tried to record my voice but I couldn't here or would it let me here. I tried to use the Donald Trump one but it didn't work but I recorded my voice, Then it asked me to pay to use the James Charles one. I got kinda mad because I felt scammed and it wouldnt let me use the voices but what does work is that i can here it when you click the person you want to do the voice with. all I want is for this to work.

- Don’t waste your time!

This was a horrible app I only had in for like 5 minutes... when I opened the app I asked me to press a button that says get everything free. It makes you pay. Honestly maybe if they didn’t make you pay it would be good. At least make it able to actually PLAY. The least you can do is just put prices on a few voices. I think no body should get this app, it is a waste of time and you don’t get to do anything unless you pay,p. I think we all got this game so we could do this for free. -Me P.S at least the intro is good 😌

- It’s a scam

I was just minding my business and I came a cross an advertisement and it’s for this app so I’m like ok it looks nice so I downloaded it but first I looked at the reviews and there all one star reviews and I’m like ok maybe they just have a hard life but then the download finished and I clicked on it and the first thing that pops up is a membership and I’m like I don’t have that kind of money, so I push x and only gives you there voices, I clicked on one it was XXXTENTACION and when I said”yo what up.” It said what and I’m huh and then, it downloaded a virus on my phone. So I recommend NOT to download this.

- Needs major improvement

So I can across this app a few days ago I think and well I thought it be legit I tried it out and well it works fine and all but the voice audio for every celebrity is really horrible I’m a real human being who is writing this down and the fact that you have to pay to unlock everything makes this app horrible if the makers see this put more work on the voices they don’t sound like any celebrities if anyone reads this I recommend that you download the app til they make it fully free or improve the voices

- Doesn’t sound like anyone at all

I tried sounding like Donald Trump and stuff, but when I heard the voice, it sounded way different than Donald Trump himself, i was actually hopeful it would sound like actual celebrities, in the ad, the voice actually sounded like Justin Bieber, but when I tried the Justin Bieber voice, it sounded nothing like Justin Bieber, I really wanted to trick my friends with this, but this ended up being the worst voice app I have ever seen, they all kind of sound the same as each other.

- Love it

I really like this app it’s really funny you can really print people I think a lot of people and it’s really funny because I actually think I’m like Charlie him Justin Bieber you Donald Trump Donald Trump is the funniest one you get to really get it it’s fun and sometimes you do have to pay but it’s also fun if you don’t pay have fun please download it

- good app like I can’t even explain

This game is so good I can’t stop playing it like when I first started it like just now I had to do like this upgrade pro thing then I saw the X where I can get to do voices now I want to do a lot of them but I have to do upgrade to pro to do that so like if you say so I’m doing that

- JoJo Siwa

It’s so good I have all your stuff and I love it love it love it love it to the moon and back and forever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever got that ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever that I love it you should do more videos my cousin ready loves them too so we want you to do more ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever don’t stop doing it ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever cause it’s so good so yeah

- bad app 😟🤪🤞

this app is extremely offensive,👿👹 when i got the app ⚡️morgan freemen💫 talked to me and i was very much☀️delighted☀️, then 🥕trump 🍊decided to show up and tell me to vote💥 for him or else🌻he would stick Justin Bieber saying 🤐“stream yummy”😴in my bellybutton 🤨I was shocked but said “NOO GRR BARK BARK 🐵 if you win i’ll stick the video of 🦃 6ix9ine trying to sell his album in ur ear” he was in complete confusion🤓asking for the video, i then took my 🦆cat 🐔out and said “MEOWWWW 🐁HISSSSSS RRRR”🐮as i turned away everyone started slowly clapping😢 for me. It was amazing i never felt like a 😈bad bihh😦 before 😣😜🏃👀🤘😉👊


Ok seriously, not even Billie Eilish sounds like her. Every character or person in this sounds like a very creepy robot. Who would charge $50 a month for an app that doesn’t even work?! This is probably one of the worst apps I’ve ever downloaded in my life. Not to be offensive but I think this app should be taken down. Plus it’s a scam. Nobody even sounds who they are supposed to be. even when you click on one of the characters in the app, it looks like about the mouth is from a different part of a robot. This app is completely useless.

- This app had some potential but ruined it.

I saw this on an ad and thought it was pretty cool, but I didn’t stop to read the reviews because I thought well I’ll see for myself if this app is good or bad. This app seemed pretty legit but when you try it and record the voices it sounds terrible, this app had potential but just ruined it completely, cuz if they would have worked a little harder on it it could’ve been actually a decent app, would not recommend this app, don’t download it, it should not have 4.2 stars.

- You have to pay for it!

So when I downloaded this app I thought I can sound like anyone I want anyone but when I actually went into the app I thought it was gonna be free it’s not so I would recommend this app because if you want to spend your money on this then I don’t know but I’ve read a different of you about this and it said that it doesn’t really sound like the people that it said so I don’t think you should get this try another voice changer app. Sorry this is kind of short


So today I was just looking around to look for a few apps and I found this one I thought it would be really cool and I wait for it to download and once it finally downloads it kicks me out and it asks me to pay 50 dollars a day! I don’t know why but please don’t get this it is a scam!😭😭😭PLZ😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


So, I say this on an add and I thought to try it because I saw Jojo Siwa and my friend is a huge siwanater. So I got the app and I had to go through some stuff and then it said it was free for 3 days then I had to spend 10 bucks on it a week!? Not fair! And people say it doesn’t even work. I definitely didn’t pay for it because I’m a 9 year old kid and I would get in trouble if I did so...yeah. I would give it no stars but I had to give it 1 or more so DONT get this game it’s a waste of time and money and it USELESS!!!! Have a good day bye 😘😉


Okay so it works but 95% of the voices are just robotic, they sound the same, I also don’t like the fact they added a dead guys voice. It’s an okay app, I don’t think it’s worth the price they’re asking to pay for the extra voices (you only get 5 unless you pay) I’m gonna give it a 2 star because the ad is misleading the voices are horrible compared to it, it doesn’t load the video only voice, and it’s kind of disrespectful to the a dead person.


Bruh..BRUH..IT WAS A SCAM. ALL THIS DID WAS SEND ME HERE TO A SCREEN..And it kinda FORCED me to buy a subscription or I couldn’t get in. I saw no X button to get off, so I got off the game. This game is terrible and a piece of S[Bleep]. Mind putting a X button? Bc, I otherwise think if I even got in, it would have been something else, so..Please, DELETE THIS F[Bleeping] CRAP! It’s not worth anything. (Sorry for my cussing). Ok this is getting kinda long. But still, Fix all of this, it would’ve been better if we / I wasn’t forced to buy something. Hope you understand. -Evi

- I do like it but I would like it to be better

I like it but it needs some changesI don’t really like the trial because then you don’t get it you know play on it and I would really like it if you didn’t have it but if you don’t wanna listen to me that’s fine I don’t also like it because of the voices it’s really really kind of bad but I think if you guys made a better and try to work a little bit more harder we were playing more and give you better ratings but it’s like I said it needs a lot of work

- Terrible, just terrible!

I found this app in an ad and thought “Oh, this looks nice,” and I downloaded it, first thing I see is a subscription, i skip it, and I try to do some of my favorite voices, next thing I know I HAVE TO PAY FOR EVERYTHING!! This app should be taken down for scamming and misleading content! It would have been nice if we did not have to pay for absolutely everything! Costumers are not gonna buy your apps because all you care about is money! This app is total trash! BUYER BEWARE!! DO NOT BUY!

- How good it is

This game is really good. I recommend you get it. It’s funny it’s fine all that. When I tried someone it really sounded like the person. But sometimes you have to talk fast or slow. That doesn’t mean it’s bad though. I love the game, everyone. needs to get it.

- This is awesome and really funny and amusing

This game really hits it of with a funny speech for different people. The only doubts I have are that it churches money for some characters, witch is not only something from me but I am sure that others are not the happiest with the money. Other than that, this game is awesome!

- Hello!

Umm..., I saw the opinions of ppl, and I thought this would be like the others, like it doesn’t let you enter until you get ‘premium’, and that the voices were just like with that typical robot noises, but this app, I think it’s amazing, at least I had a good experience with it.✨

- Best app ever!

This is the best app ever! It changes my voice any time I wanna make my friends laugh. I can call someone on the phone and have them speak with my assistant, or my attorney. Anyone who wants to have a variety of voices in their life, that serve their purpose would love to use this app.

- Horrible

This app is horriable I just have it all stars so y’all could see it if does not even sound like them it sound like a robot and you only get 1 voice and you have to pay for the rest whatever👎


I tried the free trial which said it was good until August 13. I’m thinking that means until the end of the day on August 13th or at least 1 pm. I wake up it’s now 7:35 am, I have a charge for the YEARLY package. I was automatically signed up for the yearly package which is $50. There’s multiple options before that that are much cheaper but of course I’m scammed out of $50 bucks by some low end app that didn’t even provide what was in the video or description. Please be careful and DO NOT GET THIS APP!

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- It’s.....ok

This app is, well, ok. I mean like you have to pay money for pretty much every voice!😤 so i would recommend it to people who would spend money on games. anyways, thanks for listining. yours sincerly, 👱🏼‍♀️ Violet Mason👱🏼‍♀️

- Don’t install this app unless you want to spend lost of money!

I first installed this app because it said it was free, but when I first opened the app it said I have to pay for the voices. I pressed on no thank you. So I started to record my voice when I realised that it only has 3 voices to choose from (unless you pay money). And it kept popping up with ‘pay to get more voices!’ But that’s not even the worst part of the app. When you record your voice 1 time you have to wait a while until you can record another one. I ended up uninstalling this app because there is no need to spend so much money for just one app. I’m not trying to offend the creator of this app or anything like that tho. But I just wanna say to the creator that you should probably change the fact that you have to pay for basically all the voices. My advice.

- What I think 💭

I think you should make the voices more clear because you can definitely tell that it is Siri. You should have rich people like Kyle Jenner you don’t actually have her. I don’t think you need to ask people to pay to unlock all of the apps and I think you should make the prices cheaper. Also so you should make the voice recognitions like the voice you put on the ad that’s why I got it so I basically got scammed and you know I can delete this and rate this a bad rating so all I ask is for you to fix all of this and to think of my feedback ok 👍 anyway have a fantastic day and stay safe bye.😄❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💝❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💝

- I don’t like this because

There are no celebrities only snail baby person with mask water and there’s only like ten things you can change to and none of them work except this one that sounds like water I hate this app please don’t download it i really Kent to do no stars but it said I can’t I really don’t like this app and don’t waste your money on the app the ones you pay for don’t work ether so it wasted my time it’s boring to i don’t understand the other comments saying oooooo I love this or omg so funny I can’t stop lauthing I read all the other comments and most of them said the app was bad I tried it a few times I hate it now!! Sorry for not putting , and .

- Top star review so you see me more

Buy/download another voice changer app, this one is TERRIBLE, first doesn’t even let you and the premium page, then half the voices don’t work or even sound a like. Then if you don’t like one voice you have to buy another, do not download it’s a waste of time and money. I suggest the app developers design another game, which isn’t a scam

- You should definitely download this app

You should definitely get this app because it can change your voice to any selebrety in the worl but make sure you say the words normally because if you sing a song that that selebrety sang then it will not pick up what you are saying and it will say something you don’t want it to

- stupid game ever 😡

Don’t buy it. It cost you a ridiculously amount it’s like grow up I like are you dumb like I have autism and I need games to try and call me when I’m feeling upset and stuff and what about that like do you even care and like why are you trying to get my money just for your stupid game like our parents or us have tried working so hard or even doing charities just to get money just for the stupid game honestly don’t Buy I’m sick of every single game I like and could help me with my autism it always has to pay stupid amounts honestly don’t buy this game at all it’s dumb 😡🤬😡😡🤬😡🤬

- Please create a voice for Yanis Varoufakis

This app is brilliant very very sophisticated technology I would be incredibly impressed if you guys can create this voice for me. Yanis Varoufakis is the leader for Diem25 movement and served as the finance minister for Greece during critical negotiations with the Euro group regarding bail out terms and conditions. He was elected to negotiate a fair deal and resigned from his position, standing up to the bullies and fighting for a social democracy.

- This app is not good.

When you buy the game it looks nice and good quality, but no. When you are about to prank someone or whatever, it comes up with something to pay with money it took me a while to see the cross to exit it after I exited it I saw all the these crowns next to the characters and it said I had to buy it then after that it kept on saying “buy now free trial” I was getting really annoyed so I deleted the game and reinstalled it. They also sound NOTHING like the real characters. Please fix this. Thank you for reading - Indi

- Don’t get this app

This app is the worst app ever it doesn’t let you do anything without paying and you have to pay for pretty much doing anything on this app don’t but don’t get food for all the funny videos and ads it puts out there because it’s not true and it’s nothing like it don’t get this app for all the funny voices and if you send them on to add the voices aren’t as relatable or as good as they say they are they are absolutely terrible all the voices sound nothing nothing absolutely nothing like the real person it’s just terrible don’t get this app

- My experience with “funny voice”

The thing that is really frustrating is that you have to pay. if you choose not to pay, you have only a limited amount of voices that you can do. I was in this app for this only 2 minutes and saw the Elmo voice changer, I put this “voice changer” in and not to my surprise it was bad. It sounded nothing like Elmo and if I was a child and Elmo sounded like how it did, I would have nightmares for the rest of my life. Personally I no NOT recommend this app but feel free to try it out. But don’t use the Elmo voice

- I hate this app

If your looking for a voice changing app to prank your friends with then... look somewhere else!!! I really wanted to try Ariana Grande because it was like the only one I could use without paying so I tried it and it let me use it once and then I had to wait a minut and a half to try it again and it kept going like that and don’t get me started on the voice it isn’t even sound like her it just sounded like a Siri lady or Alexa!!!! So I tried Elmo and he sounded like a creepy doll Siri person!!! Do not get this app!!!!

- Disappointed

When I first saw the advertisement of someone pranking a friend with James Charles voice, I almost instantly downloaded it. This would be so fun. I could prank my friends, family, fast food places. This would be amazing. Eager, I entered the app. But my, was this was low compared to my expectations. The voices are so robot like, and it seems as if you have cut different words from celebrities and mushed them together to create a Siri like sounding voice. Nothing like the advertisement. To improve this app, please take actual sentences from celebrities to make it sound at least a bit real. Because honestly it’s quite disappointing. Otherwise, the design of the app looks good. One of the only factors good about it. 💗💗

- Hate It!!

When I bought it it said all the things you can do and came up with the home screen and it straight away took me to the pay thing and I couldn’t get out of that page! I didn’t want to pay because I don’t like apps when u have to pay! I thought it would be a great app but turns out it’s not!!!!!! 😡😤The reason I put what phone is because on some phones you can’t download apps! It’s not to show off! Sincerely Summer Lee, 12 years old, IPhone 12 Pro Max

- Garbage🤢

When you open the app first hand, it advertises its premium version, now without using the premium version it sounds like Stephen hawking and all that changes when you switch people is the pitch of the noise, which by the way, there are only 2 character’s you can try out without premium, every other single voice requires premium, and I doubt it’s any different, maybe it is different, but I’m not spending any money to find out.

- You need to add more free things

Look the apps good but theirs only 3 or 2 ones u can use in each category and you have to subscribe for rest I think u should add more free things instead of getting money off of everyone

- It’s okay...

I mean there’s only three voices. If you don’t get premium you have three voices to choose from. It’s such a little amount but it’s a ALRIGHT... they do work which is what matters. If you add more voices, it would be a full 5-star. Only rated 5 cuz the voices actually WORK.

- Love it

I love how clean this app works and that it doesn’t cut out the voice changer. I thought I would of being one of those voice changer apps the are required to spend money but u Olympic have to do it to get clebs and ect thanks this app love it

- Very realistic

This game is quite realistic I send one to my friend and she went crazy I told her after a while it was a game and she said what how did u do it and now she has downloaded the app I do remomeny it

- it doesnt work for me

It tells you to hold down a button and speak, but when i do that it just says speak english wheni’m speaking very clearly, i dunno if its my accent or not, but I just want to know if its just me.

- This is fun!

This game is fun to prank friends! I pranked some of my friends and they freaked out, then a few mins later I called them again and they were like “JAMES CALLED ME!!” Then I told them and they were like “you ruined my dreams :(“

- Fix the problem

Hi i would like to say that this app is for 12 years old and it want money and when u need money make sure to write 17 years old not to trick children u know that $17 we can use them to buy something good for our kids not an app that trick kids,children and u make money just for kids bec u know kids cry for everything and want everything From mary

- They made me rate this five star

The voices don’t sound real, they sound like Siri and it charges you way to much. 10/10 would NOT recommend to anyone

- This is the best app ever omg!!!!

I love this app because you can change the voices and I wish you could not pay for every single voice behaves i can’t use any voices

- This is good

But I prefer it to have more of an option whether to choose the voice in particular! 😠

- Funny Voice

It is so cool that you can change your voice to any celebrity in this app. I really recommend getting this app. 👍

- I don’t want to buy anything it gets boring when it comes up and you can’t get rid of it


- I’m just a bit confused

I wouldn’t say it’s great. I guess it’s just because I don’t know how to use it? I’ve been trying to make my characters say things, I record it and then nothing happens, what do I do?? Anyway, I think it would be great if I could use it.

- Voice request

Can you please put the boys from one direction on the app??? Would very much appreciated if

- Absolutely Terrible

I downloaded it as a joke and the $80/year took me by surprise though I knew I wasn’t keeping it beyond the free trial. Absolutely terrible - the voices are good but very robotic and slow and I couldn’t even record my own voice! It would either lag out and freeze or say ‘changing voice’ and freeze. Definitely not worth it !!

- Terrible

This app is so bad.. when I first downloaded it I thought it would be fun and could prank all of my friends then I went onto the app and it instantly kicked me out I tried and tried again but then I just gave up... I don’t know if it is just me but this should be fixed so all users can use this app

- Good idea

Very smart idea the only problem is the $150 a year which is way to expensive

- Horrible

Do not install this unless you have a lot of cash

- Money money money

First of all, it forces you to pay. You literally can’t use the app because the first thing that pops up is the subscribe to use all voices page. When I first got it I couldn’t get through that page there was no "x" or " no thanks" button. I’m sorry but 1 star this is ridiculous

- This is so bad!!

First of all this app says it’s free but when you open it it asks you if you want to pay premium you just click off it and then it gives you three voices for male woman cartoon and that’s it and they’re really bad even the premium voices all sound like robots they are so bad this app is so bad do not get it!!!!!

- 😡😡

It’s ok but would not recommend. The game makes right a good review just to get one persons voice but you have to unlock them all and there are only three voices you can use on some of the categories!!!

- Funny voice

Can you put a cartoon cat in your voice changes please

- Trash never download but feel to try this worthless app

When I got the app I actually thought I could actually have fun but to my surprise it’s trash and I can’t even hear anything I don’t even know where they save the recording but I don’t even think the save it. My words for the app worthless piece of junk poo

- Don’t get this app 😒

I thought this app was going to be great but when I downloaded the app it wouldn’t even let me do anything! Like, you can only change your voice if you pay premium.😤 The worst app I’ve ever seen, if you make the app free to get why would you add premium, that’s just straight up DUMBEST thing ever. TERRIBLE APP

- Voice changer

It’s a terrific app to change your voice it is very fun and I recommend it

- It’s pretty good!

I’m surprised because this app was actually pretty good! Though it only comes with three free voices....still a really good game!

- Bribery lol

They made me do a 5 star rating so I could unlock one voice.. we’ll see how it goes. Genuine review coming soon

- Rip Off

I got this app for some free fun but as soon as I got into it it requested money for a subscription and there is nothing you can do on the app without the subscription! If you are going to advertise an app as free, make sure the app is FREE!!! That is why in my opinion this is false advertising. Don’t waste your time or your money.

- Good

Just got app. Please tell me how to use it and if I can change voice as I am speaking thanks


Terrible. Just terrible. pls there’s no need to pay for voice changers. and they aren’t even worth it. This sounds like Siri from 2010 bro. If u can , could u at least make the siri sound more like the current one?!? So. in conclusion... don’t get the app if u want a good voice changer or don’t want to spend money.

- Funny voice

I don’t like this app because well it’s very glitchy it doesn’t match up with your actual voice and you have to pay money to get James Charles and all of that and it’s bad that it doesn’t match up with the words it cancels half of what you’re saying out bad don’t download it

- Review

This app is really fun and awesome I just don't like how you have to pay to unlock different voices

- Don’t get this app

This is just my opinion. When you are film yourself talking or whatever and listen to see if it sounds good you get shocked bc it just sounds like Siri and not even the person you want to sound like and you have to pay for most of the voices.

- Funny voice

I love how you can be the most weird people!

- It’s ok

It’s really funny how the voice changes and easy don’t you think guys

Payoneer 💰

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- 😒

Im not happy that you have to pay $13+ a month just to have more than a few voice options

- Do not get this app

When you download it, it says it’s free but when you open immediately you have to pay and when you do pay and get the voices there sooooo crapy it sounds like a broken robot do not get it’s not wroth it 🤮🤮😡😡

- Not happy.

So, i wanted an app that was good, i got the opposite,1: the voices i tried are glitchy and don't sound like the real people, they sound like a robot that is dying. 2: i went into the app and it had me pay, there was no way out. If you say this app is good, its not. Please don't download this.

- 🤮horrible!!

This game is horrible! They only gave me 5 free voices and they where so bad and broken! The only reason they gave me a few free ones is ‘cause I rated them five stars before I even could test the voices!!! Don’t waist ur money on the subscription!

- Confusing

I dunno wat to do. There’s no instructions :/

- Yikes

This is awful and all of the voices sound so fake and robotic total waste of time. :/

- It is awful

I hate it it does not give you any instructions and you can’t hear the voices you did

- They sound like dead rodots


- Very bad game

It said it is for free but it is $13 or more it is very bad and the Voice doesn’t work 😡and I don’t have to pay 💰

- Waste of money

Ratings are great, i was gonna think of getting premium but after I saw the ratings, I decided to uninstall it. No one can fool me! Dont install this app, if you wanna know how the voices sound, you have to pay and then you get to use the voices, but once you do, you get a bunch of dying robots as a result. Such a scam, if you really wanna know what the voices are, you have to pay and then you will understand your biggest mistake, that’s so cheap. DO NOT PAY

- I mean it’s not bad

It’s funny but you have to pay a crazy price for premium

- Funny game

This is a good game

- Not happy😡

The voices aren’t good they sound really bad don’t sound like the real person i recommend not to get this app !

- Nooooo

It doesn’t even let you play you have to o payyy 🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬🤬😭😭😭

- Oof

I despise adds like this. I hope that in the future these garbage apps wont be polluting my screen.usually things like this are too good to be true I’ve seen the add for this app every single day what makes the dev think that making every person see this a billion times will change their opinion on the app.


it says it's free! liars! right when you get into app it says that you have to pay for it. it doesn't let you in to the app until you buy it!😡😡😡😡#frustrating#ripoff

- How can I open the app?

So, I open the app after I download it. But I couldn’t ask out of the pay premium that immediately popped up when I opened it. I waited for 10 minutes and an X button never showed up so I couldn’t get out of it. You can’t play unless you pay. That makes this game very annoying but if that can be changed, I might change my review slightly, I just want other people who end up buying this app to know what they’re getting into. No hate or anything (:

- Awful

1. It’s free to download 2. You have to pay after downloading 3. Don’t download it please 4 IT SUCKS.

- Not good

All voice sounds like robots

- Funny voice

You can’t unlock every single funny voice

- Horrible

I downloaded the app and it said I had to pay. I thought you couldn’t get out of it, but the x button appeared after almost a minute and I could only try 6 voices and they sounded like crap. Idk why people are saying it’s good. like I mean, is it just SOME people? I see other ratings and some of them are like mine and some of them are like, five stars. If I kept that app for my future self to try it, the voices would probably give me nightmares. And when I try to say something for it to change the voice, it takes soooo long. I don’t get how they could expect me to have THAT much patience. Please, just don’t pay for all of the voices or download it

- Horrible

1. You have to pay to even PLAY the game like whattttt 2. The voices sound like a robot malfunctioned like 3. DONT DOWNLOAD PLEASE


first off it dosent even sound like them and it costs money for that piece of junk don’t think so


This app is so bad DO NOT GET IT AT ALL!

- Horrible app

This says it is free but then u have to pay for it and then the voice does not even sound good. DO NOT GET THIS APP!!!

- Don’t get it

As soon as you get the app it makes u pay At least have some free options please

- It won’t let me

Like why

- Unacceptable price

The price for this app is $13.49 a week?!?!? That is way too much, and the free trial is only 3 days. It is not even a week at least! Do not download this app, it is not worth it.

- Fake

This app is a scam thé voices are glitchy and not realistic

- Bad

Flip you and your subscription

- This is fake

The voices sound nothing like it did in the af

- I don’t mean to be rude but...

This app is quite pricey just for voices and they sound like robots not even real people. I don’t recommend this app over all it wasn’t a good experience and I wasted money on it.

- Please

Please make some more voices that you could use for free Ik it’s a good app in all but please


THIS APP IS TERRIBLE, UNLESS YOU WANNA SPEND 13 dollars a month on a voice changer app 🤮its free to download but the second you get in the app it asks you to start a free trial 🤬😡🤮🙄

- So cool!!

Great for pranks...

- Horrible

The voice don’t even match it’s like a robot

- Please

Can you add Juice WRLD

- Francis Herrod

The voices are so realistic

- Stupid app hate it do not buy

This is one of the worst apps right when you get into the app it cost money and if gives no instructions confusing

- Have to pay to use

POS app, tries to pull money out of you like passing by a hooker on the street. Something so low class shouldn’t be asking for money

- worst thing ever

it is supposed to be free but you have to pay to do it. 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

- Pourquoi sa goutte de l’argent 😁😡

Ses nul

- Always same voice

That hack

- Don’t like it

We should be allowed to have all the voices instead of buying a subscription to get all of them

- This is the worst

Do not download this game, its a waist of time! all of the characters sound like robots and they sound the same! it doesnt even sound like a real person this is the worst! 👎

- Idk

They told me to give them a good rating so I can unlock more voices?

- Don’t waste your time

You must subscribe to even try it. The voices are so bad and robotic. Total joke. Don’t bother.

- Worst app ever

This app makes u pay when u think it’s 4 free👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻😡😡😡

- Foopaah


- Cool

Told me to rate it and threatened to 🦠 me if I didn’t

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Funny Voice Effects & Changer 7.0.0 Screenshots & Images

Funny Voice Effects & Changer iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Funny Voice Effects & Changer iphone images
Funny Voice Effects & Changer iphone images

Funny Voice Effects & Changer (Version 7.0.0) Install & Download

The applications Funny Voice Effects & Changer was published in the category Lifestyle on 2020-05-20 and was developed by Kendra Carroll [Developer ID: 1471501858]. This application file size is 89.11 MB. Funny Voice Effects & Changer - Lifestyle app posted on 2022-02-16 current version is 7.0.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.seizethedayo.chanvoc