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Turn dozens of peaceful things into a weapon. Sharpen it and then throw. Shots are limited, so make sure you hit the target. Try to get the max points from the jury.

Subscription options
In our game we have the following subscription options:

Weekly Premium offers weekly subscription for $5.99 after 3-day free trial. It unlocks 100 tickets daily, exclusive shooter and sharpener, it also removes all the ads!

End of trial and subscription renewal

This price is for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence.

Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.

Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.

Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal.

Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase.

Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable.

Canceling trial or subscription

You can turn off the auto-renew for the subscription whenever you want to through iTunes. Check https://support.apple.com/HT202039. When your current trial/subscription period expires, you will be unsubscribed. The current active subscription period can not be canceled. After your subscription expires, you will no longer be able to use sticker packs marked as Premium.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us at support@playgendary.com

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Log Thrower Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We are ready to make your game experience even greater. Bugs are fixed and game performance is optimized. Enjoy. Our team reads all reviews and always tries to make the game better. Please leave us some feedback if you love what we do and feel free to suggest any improvements.

Log Thrower Comments & Reviews

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- Very boring

This is by far the easiest, most boring, most repetitive game I’ve ever played. It’s not even easy in the way where a child would think it’s fun it’s easy in the way where it’s like placing a block one at a time from the left to the right of you. It has one option and several times I’ve tried to get a bad score or even just do SOMETHING but no it’s all the same. If I gave this to my 4 year old cousin he would find it boring within the first minute.

- Revenue Hungry Game Model

After playing enough games like this, I’m really pleading to the App Store and the devs at this point. These interesting time-waster games are great! Can be fun to just mess around with during free time. I remember when apps like this literally just loaded up on banner ads and the occasional interstitial but this, and many others like it, are making the mobile gaming model look stupid. An interstitial after every round of play, pop-up ads in menus, banner ads, and rather than a one-time payment to remove them they have the audacity to charge $5.99/week? I mean yeah Apple is taking their cut, but come on? If I want to keep this game ad-free for a year and gain the “benefits” of the in game items I’m expected to pay over $300? Total cash grab, preying on the unexpecting and unknowing. Predatory game models NEED TO GO!

- Seriously guys

I love this game and I see reviews about ads and there true there are a lot of them but if u turn airplane mode on or turn of WiFi there’s no ads cause they need WiFi to put the ads on the app

- Another time waster full of ads

This game at it’s core is just another simplistic app designed to just waste time and hit you with as many ads as possible. I kept track of how many ads I received in 5 minutes and it was 13. Do bear in mind that’s not counting the 10 or so that I was offered to watch for a bonus reward. Nothing you do matters and per usual the only way to get “exclusive” items is to watch ads. This copy and paste format of mobile games is getting really old really fast.

- Apps With Adds

Sure, most games have adds. Just how it works. However, most games offer a one time fee to remove adds. I only see subscriptions in games that offer a system where (if you’re subscribed) then you would get more rewards at the end of a mission versus not being a sub. In this case, it really is add after add per round/ per prize. Wasn’t payed to write this hence the one star review. Just letting everyone know what you’re getting yourself into if you download it. Again, $5.99 a week...I got bills my guy😂

- It’s fun at first..

It’s fun at first but then gets very repetitive, and to make matters worse there’s an ad every level, the reason why I gave it 3 stars is because you can just put your phone on airplane mode or remove the WiFi from your device. Doing this will remove all ads and you can play for as long as you want until you get bored and delete it just like I did.

- Boring and I didn’t even watch a single ad

I turned off wifi and cell service to play the game so I got no ads. I think the ads are what make the game though because after 5 minutes of the game straight through I almost lost my mind. For my 2 year old this game might be fun but for any functional adult the repetition is killer. I can only grind down so many perfects and shoot so many snipers in a row before it gets old. Give it even a tiny challenge.

- Boring, too many adds, and not worth your time.

This game has adds after each and every level that you play. I have played just a few of them and I already know that I am going to remove this from my phone. I can see how the game might be fun, but if after just a few levels in the game feels slow because of the add on placement. Find something else to play, your time in important and you shouldn’t waste it playing this game.

- The amount of adds is ridiculous

Game is interesting and could maybe even be fun if I didn’t have to watch 2 adds in between my 5 seconds of game play. Like seriously? I can understand maybe 1 add every other round but the fact that it’s two adds in between rounds is ridiculous. Oh and if you want to pick a certain building well that’s going to cost you another add. You get nothing out of this game as a player and they get money

- Neat game, greedy developers.

You play for about 7 seconds, then watch an ad. Then redeem your prize, and watch an ad. Then have the chance to spend your prize, watch an ad. On top of that, the “subscription” for this game is higher then that of monthly subscriptions for MMO’s. Absurd. Would rate 0 stars if I could. App is clearly designed the prey on folks who don’t read the fine print and just want to get rid of the obnoxious amount of ads to play a simple game.

- Had game for 5 mins... it SUCKED

I rarely leave reviews for games (this might be a first or second), but this game was absolutely horrid. Don’t download it and give them more money for this piece of garbage. The 5 star reviews are also fake.. there’s one that said “perfect game, I had no ads and I was even on wifi” <—- anyone who played this game knows that’s not true. I would rather watch my grandparents do the dirty at my wedding infront of everyone I love and know while asking me to join in.

- Awesome I downloaded the game so cool

Don’t care what they say about all those bad reviews this is the most awesome game ever and I have 41 games on my phone but this it the best!!!!🤩

- Dull....The ads are more interesting than the game itself. NOT FOR KIDS!!!

You can’t even start the game without an ad popping up. I don’t find the game fun at all. I’m assuming the objective of the game is to sharpen whatever object you have so it can be used for a cannon, but you can’t even try to sharpen the object for more than 2 seconds without the game throwing curse words on screen! Indicating that you failed before testing out your “object” and breaking up targets.

- Not fun, Ads

You get about less than an hour of fun out of it and that’s if you’re willing to sit through an ad after EVERY game. Extremely receptive in every aspect. All you do throw a sharpened stick and it flies straight until it stops or reaches a wall. Theres nothing in this game to keep you motivated to play, upgrades are whack and every level is basically the same. Would be better off just reading a book

- Turn WiFi/data off

I realized when playing games like these, that if you turn wifi and data off, it works without making you watch ads. It’s a great way to actually have fun playing the games!!!

- This is a joke

I downloaded this game, was curious about how it might play. So when it prompted me to send notifications I obviously hit no. Then the app wouldn’t open, it would just go back to my home screen. Deleted it and reinstalled it, turned notifications on, and it some how magically worked. Come to find out that this game is actually just really bad over all. I would give it no stars if I could.

- Too many ads

Really cool premise for a game. Sharpen ur stick ten shoot it. But gotta watch ads more than any game I’ve ever seen before. Ton of sort ones u can skip free 5 seconds but so much is locked unless u watch a video. “You did a great job and earned a KEY!!! Wanna watch a video to use it?” “So u leveled up, wanna ad this vanilla attraction? Or watch a video to get the same attraction but with colors n lights?”

- Enough with the Ads!!!

Good god, the ads in this game are flat out ridiculous. Banner ads. Interstitial ads after EVERY moment of gameplay. Not like 5-second buffer ads either...like full 30-second ads. You literally play the game for 10-seconds and have to sit thru a string of ads. Not fun, dev team, not fun. Find a different way to make your revenue goals. How about an “ad free” upsell for $2-$5? Finally couldn’t take it. Deleted.

- Meh

It’s ok it barely lets you play and if it does you get one throw and then you have to upgrade everything. When you do upgrade you have to watch a vid then you have to pick then you have to watch a vid and then you click the build bottoms and you have to watch another vid. 🙄🙄

- Ads are ridiculous

This is an interesting game and could be really fun if you didn’t have to watch an add ever 7 seconds. I get it developers of a free game have to make money but I have never played a free game with ads this bad before. Sometimes you have to watch 2 ads in between each game and sometimes an add would pop up in the middle of my bonus rounds causing me to not do as well. Great game, greedy developers

- Typical Trash

Your standard ad-filled game but asks for a monthly subscription to remove ads so you can never get rid of them for good. They have you build a fair after every level even if you just want to grind the logs and shoot them. You can either build basic things in the fair for free or slightly cooler versions by watching an ad with no clear way to upgrade things you already built. You can not control the angle on the grinder like advertised, it grinds it for you. You just have to hold down until you reach a highlighted line. Neat concept ruined by aggressive monetization and unnecessary content that is not advertised and cannot be skipped or ignored.

- Don’t do it

If you are the type of person who likes to watch a bunch of ads when you play games by all means go ahead and download this game but I literally only played the game for 2 minutes and I got 6 ads within those 2 minutes. It’s absolutely impossible to enjoy a game like that in my opinion so I deleted and I’ll never be playing again 🤷🏽‍♂️.

- Has a lot of bugs

The ads are kinda like buggy and it’s super glitchy please fix and it’s a scam it’s kinda boring I do not recommend super annoying bugs and cost a lot of money for it to be boring I mean it’s kinda fun but I would it to be free and no bugs thank you

- I’m confused

I downloaded this app that has an ad ever .0001 seconds, logically I use airplane mode. After a while I’m a boss battle, tell me why after I beat it, i can no longer see the continue button. It’s not there and if o click there nothing happens, I tried going off airplane mode and after 30 ads for one level, theres no continue button still.

- Crap

This game like many others of this type are boring, repetitive, lousily designed, and has a add literally every time you play... yes you can turn on airplane mode but it doesn’t stop there. A two year old with cerebral palsy and two brain cells could play this if you are into a lot of adds and a very repetitive play style this is the game for you.

- Waaayyy too many ads

this game is fun but the problem i have is every single level has an ad. even after watching an ad and clicking continue to play a level i get an ad again. i don’t when get to play the game. might as well remove the game play. nothing but ads.

- Worst game ever

I played the game for maybe 1 minute before I deleted it. You know those little flash game ads you get on mobile games. It plays like one of those. It’s very jumpy and looks horrible. All you have to do to sharpen your log is hold your finger on the screen and let go before the line. You don’t get to move the log yourself the game does it for you.

- To many freaking ads

This game looks really but because they so many ads is impossible to play it barely shoot the log and after is an add every time and it gets super annoying I understand that you need to have ads but like this is just insane how many ads that the reason why I really don’t play games for this developer

- Wayyyyy to many ads

This might be the worse app I’ve ever seen when it comes to ads. There are 2 ads between every screen and it cost $6 EVERY WEEK to remove them. Like seriously? A weekly subscription to this ? And it’s not even like a $1 subscription . I might as well smoke cigarettes cause it would probably be cheaper than paying for this app.


All this scam is is a SCAM. With in 1 min of playing this game it was add after add after add. Once you put that many adds in my face I delete your app. I’m not paying money weekly to play some garbage game that is essentially pointless. Don’t even waste your time downloading this grotesque garbage they call an app. Save your time and thank me later when you’re not a victim of add toxicity

- This game is predatory to people or young kids

You’ll get ads out the A**, you can’t build a nicer building for your fiat without watching an ad. After every level you can watch an ad to get 3x the amount of coins. There is an ad after every screen or activity. Not even fun, no skill what’s so ever required to play, if you call it playing. I have no clue why there are so many good reviews for this “game” if you call it a game. More like watching animated stuff break and dance around. Maybe fun for a 5 year old but they’re probably buy 6 different apps within the 10 minutes that play. Horrible game

- Try’s to pull right off start

Has 3 big green buttons for u to hit, then the fourth is a buy button if I didn’t go slow probably would have it it, even if it changed this I’ve had ads ever game now and a game is like 5 seconds doing almost nothing and 30 seconds ad that takes more time then game

- This game starts getting BORING 😫

When i first got the game i was interested and excited to play but as soon as i finished the first, second, and third fair i was so bored that it was the same thing. How is it that the game is supposedly so good that now we have to pay for a subscription. The game also has way to many ads. This game is boring, unfair, and lame. It get a big fat L and 👎🏾 fa me.

- Not good enough for the amount of ads

This game has an ad every level, and will literally start up a new ad if you sit there for more than a few seconds. It's mediocre and repetitive and gets boring after several levels. Don't get this game.

- Name doesn’t fit.

It fr should be something like “Log Launch” or “Log Shot” or something like that because the logs aren’t being thrown, they’re being shot out of a cannon. That aside, it’s a good and fun game.

- Not a good game

To put it simply, this game is really bad. I only played for about 5 minutes and got like 7 ads. It also gets extremely boring and repetitive. You think anybody wants to pay around 300 dollars a year for a game that is basically the exact same thing over and over? I definitely wouldn’t.

- To much adds

Too many ads. I don’t really write reviews but after every round you have to watch a add how about after every three roundsBecause barely anyone likes addsThat is why I wrote this review

- do not get this app.

the game is a cool objective and its overall nice. dont get me wrong. the problem is that the game crashes and kicks me out of the app everytime i shave the wood and play each round. then i have to close out the app and reload it. and i have done the same level over and over again because i have to keep reloading the app. but idk why it always crashes, but fix it. another problem. after everytime i do a round, i get an ad. its always ad anfer ad after ad. i later deleted the game because of all the problems. fix your games

- Looks great

So yeah I've seen a lot of ad reviews but if you turn off WiFi you have no ads!

- So many ads

Played one round, had two super long ads. How is that possible u may be asking? Well idk either. Their gonna keep flooding u with ads until u pay for no ads. The actual game part is fun but I can’t play it without watching ads.

- Worst game

This game was awful and pointless, you literally sharpen a stick and then shoot it through glass. Also there is SO MANY ADDS, you can’t even get on the game without watching an add. Also it any time you get the stick sharpened wrong it says the d word and parents probably don’t want there 4 YEAR OLDS playing this game, worst game don’t buy

- Great game

I love seeing ads after 2 taps. Anything I do from sharpening to aiming or upgrading I see an ad. Advertisement simulator 10/10

- Too many videos

Great game. Too many videos to watch.


Log Thrower is literally the greatest game ever!! You get to sharpen things ranging from hooks to hammers and even logs!!! Then... you throw them!! 10/10 I would highly recommend this game. LOG THROWER! LOG THROWER! LOG THROWER!


I had this game installed for literally 2 minutes, shot only 2 logs or whatever, and watched 6 ads. Absolutely disgusting how these copy and paste games are getting so much attention. Literally next to no effort goes into these games and they are made specifically to basically farm people watching ads. Disgusting

- Meh game

There more adds then gameplay and you play a level then you have to build a bunch of stuff before you can play again

- Turn off the internet

It’s soo fun ads are annoy so I turned of the internet now there is no ads

- Giant rip off

So let’s just start with as soon as you download the game you can opt for a 3 day trial that then turns into $5.99 a week!!!! When the trial is up! If that’s not the biggest load I’ve seen from a game. Not To mention the game itself take 0 skill. It’s literally a brainless app design to make a quick buck

- I love it

Nobody likes it because there to many ads BUT to get rid off em is turn your internet off and your all set

- Really....

Game seems ok. I’ve literally had this game for less than 3 minutes and have watched 5 ads. I would be open to maybe paying for no ads but I haven’t had it long enough to decide if I like it enough to spend money for it. Already turned off.

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A great and addictive game! SOOOOOO MANY ADS THO🥺. Other thang that it is a rly good game👌🥰🥰

- Please stop putting ads in games please

If you want people to play your game and get more ratings stop putting ads in every time you fail or get the next level it’s annoying and please stop putting ads in games please thank you remove them there is no need for ads.

- Would you like a game with your ads?

I enjoyed the first level, second and third but after a round it’s an ad, build a little building and other ad. I played a total of three levels but so many ads it takes away from enjoying the game. Deleted.

- Good game but

It is a good game but ads I know there is a lot of ads in these games but this one has a ad up to every 15 seconds if you do it fast.

- Shame no zero stars

Shameless cash grab. $10 a week subscription to catch out those not looking... Ads for days, game doesn’t play like the facebook ad suggests. Best to avoid, maybe watch the grass grow... it’s more fun.

- There is way to much rewards after one round and I can’t play the game

To many rewards

- Absolute trash

Filled with ads on everything you do , save yourself the time and don’t get it

- TO MANY ADS !!!!

It’s a chilled game but you get a ad every 5 seconds and it becomes a bit of a Nuisance

- Ads

Every move you do requires you to watch an Advert

- Too much ads

Too much ads

- Too many ads

Good game, too many ads

- False ad = boring

Can’t manipulate the logs at all. Basic hold and press boring af

- Weekly subscription

No thanks.

- Amazing

Just amazing amazing

- worst game

too many ads and the game is also not good.

- Add

Too many ads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Adds

Adds suck so so much, you can’t just put them in all the time and expect your players to not get annoyed it so bad. And I can’t remember the last time I actually downloaded a game from an add from a game. They are so useless and it makes me want to quit because I have to wait so long for no reason when I could be playing your game!

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- ❤️🙂👌🏻

So I played this game and loaddds of adds but still fun 🤩 I can’t believe how much adds that have but like’em then you should get it alll tho it’s also hard sometimes to get it right but I really can’t stop playing this game or app so buy it and I hope you have good times with it

- It’s the best game ever

10 out of 10

- It cheats

I put it on 100 but it says you lost and it doesn’t even let you sharp

- Crap

The ads are not the problem if you turn off your wifi. But the game is to easy all you do is hold and tap and just over all it is a bad game no matter how smart or stupid you are it takes no talent so in conclusion the game sucks and I will be deleting it but you may get the game if you like and if you enjoy it it is ok this is just my opinion

- Fun game too many adds

Toooo many adds

- Ewwwwwww

It’s not even fun and there is so many ads

- Too many Video ads

Every time it try’s to trick you to watch an add like to get a better fountain watch an add everything is an ad and this game is fake

- Stop with the ads

Basically every time I finish a shot, I always get an ad. I get ads after every single shot. This should be called “AdTube” as you spend more time watching ads than playing

- I’m might be black

So today I’m going to go too bed and I did spell the two with two oos also frick of

- Intrusive Ads Ruin This

A very fun concept but horribly intrusive ads after every single “throw”. The game throws in-app purchases at you every step of the way and it’s really not compelling. Take a page from Nintendo’s book on how to do freemium games, this one got a delete within 2 minutes.

- Not good

When I was about to go play the app it kicked me out of the app

- Wow

Worst game ever can’t even play

- Make a better game

This game should be called watch ads cuse you can’t even play the game cuse every time you click there’s an ad

- Unending ads

Every 10 seconds there’s an ad. I understand the need for revenue but this is just another one of those advertisement apps under the guise of a game.

- Garbage money scheme

Terrible. U know a game isn’t worth it, when they have to charge u 8 dollars to get rid of ads. I played for the game for 7 minutes and 5 of those minutes were spent watching ads.

- Way too much ad

Can’t do anything without waiting 230 seconds for an Ad

- Terms of service

Spent many hours playing this game, fantastic game play but the ads are terrible. I found myself play with my internet off just to enjoy the game. Who puts ads every five minutes and expects good player retention! I deleted the game today, with the new update they force a new terms of service. I read it... basically said we now except you to give us all your info now that are game is a success.

- Look

Ads every second

- Constant ads, no skill

As title

- Adds for days

Way too many adds not worth wasting time

- Bad Game, Greedy Developers

Playgendary is known for making low-effort games, and stuffing as many ads into it as possible. This game is one of the worst I’ve played, a disgrace to any games that would’ve been high ranking in the App Store before. -Uneventful Gameplay The same thing happens every single time you play, there’s nothing new. The only variation in gameplay is when you have to shoot a treasure chest. Writing this review was more fun than playing the game. -Ad Filled After every single thing you do, there’s an ad. Often for other low effort games. It’s extremely annoying, you end up spending more time watching ads than you actually play the game. -Horribly Optimized This game should run perfectly on any modern device, but nope. Devs had to push this game out as fast as they could! It does not run well, but a majority of the time, a normal player wouldn’t notice. -Overall Unoriginal, Low Effort Game, meant to pull kids in, and make as much money as possible. Not a good game, wouldn’t recommend.

- Adsss... and scam

Apple should revamp the app store.. those apps are totally scam.

- Ads ads ads

The game isn’t anywhere near fun enough to justify the amount of ads there are. After every single level you have to watch at least 3-5 seconds of an ad before moving on. And when you are playing all you need to do is hold the screen for a certain amount of time and then tap. Next to no skill required, it’s not challenging, it’s literally just a scam by the developers to make a buck by pushing ads onto you. Trash.

- Great fun game, play on airplane mode

Note to dev, ads for benefits are great, I would watch them to get boxes, items etc. Random ads between levels is bad for player retention. Fantastic game, ads seem greedy. Well produced though!

- Crash

Won’t open crash after crash hafta pay for prem to play

- Ads

stop with the ads after every game

- Game good BUUUUUT

Hi there responding to all the ads reviews and I have one thing to say.... ITS CALLED AIRPLANE MODE. Thanks for your corporation. YALL ARE DUM

- Horrible game

Way to many ads only play for 20 mins and after each game is a ad

- Milking for money This app is trash

Ad after every single turn horrible

- Terrible app

Terrible game not what is shows at all! I do not recommend this app.

- Ads

To many fing ads


This is the single most aggressive app I have ever installed. Ads every 20-30 seconds, and in the levels. Love the concept, loathe the execution.


I couldn’t even log on it kept kicking me off even after I reset my iPad so many times WASTE OF MY TIME!!!!!

- Flagrant use of ads

This game subjects you to more ads then any I’ve ever seen before. I played it for about 3 minutes, and seriously watched about 10 ads during that introductory session. Every single step triggers an ad. I can’t even tell if this game is any good, since the ads are so aggressively positioned that it’s distracting. What I did play was pretty basic and not much like what was pitched in that ad that got me to download this thing. I think this game is just an ad vehicle. Don’t waste your time.

- Ads

Played 2 games before the ads got to me.UNINSTALLED!

- Spent 10 mins with the game, 5 mins of ads

Don’t waste time

- To many adds

I see like 5 ads every time I fire the cannon. Three levels in and i already hate this game

- Absolutely Terrible

Possibly the worst game I have ever played.

- Log thrower

Marina I like this game Log thrower what about it

- TOO much ads!

There were already two ads before I went to the 2nd level

- Too many ads

Way too many ads, way too easy with way too many screens between the next round. Absolute disgrace

- Too many ads

Lots of fun once you put your phone in airplane mode😄

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- To many ads

Just has to many ads

- Super fun game:)

But too many adds but lanky cause u can skip without For the waiting for the X to come pls play super duper fun

- To many Ads

After about playing for 30 minutes I only got to play the game for only 11 minutes the rest of that time was all ads. Thinking about deleting it

- I like this because you hit stuff

i like

- Add Machine

There are too many adds in the game that you can’t even have fun on it at all. The base of the game can be fun but all the ads is stupid. I would explain more but there are already other reviews that describe the game better.

- It’s fun but too many ads

I’d say this is a really fun game but, every time you click something you get ads. And I know games do this for money, but it’s just too much. I swear, every time you finish a round, you click something, or do nothing at all, there’s an ad. It’s too much.

- More ads than actual gameplay

Title is self explanatory, more ads than actual gameplay + the no ads is 6$ PER WEEK on a game with no instructions on how to play and isn’t actually fun, this has to be one of my worst experiences with any mobile games


When I first downloaded the game, immediately was hit with a subscription pop up, played the game for one round didn’t really know what I was doing and then immediately was hit with an ad, then another ad. Thanks for the round, uninstalled! Hate developers like this

- Trash

Where to start.. well if you want to watch an ad literally every time you do anything than by all Means download this game! The graphics are horrible and the game looks like it was geared for a five year old. I still cannot believe how many ads are on this game!


These developers are the greediest people on the planet. LET ME PLAY FOR MORE THAN 30 SECONDS WITHOUT SPAMMING ME WITH ADS. You’ve got to be joking right? I sincerely hope you see this reply. I’ve never played a worse game. I’ve never felt so inclined to write a review, but I have to make sure no one downloads this game. You developers are nothing but RATS.

- Waste of time

For every minute of gameplay, there is likely 2 minutes of ads. The game doesn’t have an objective and you aren’t able to enjoy the game to see if you want the ad free version because there are so many ads.

- Same thing over and over

The game is literally the same thing over and over and over. You shoot a log into some objects destroying them earning your money and tickets to buy nothing but cosmetics. Not worth your time even in airplane mode.

- Just why

I haven’t played it but someone said the game is “lame” but people like that should get to choose if the game is lame or not because they have no idea how to make a game in the first place. (I really hate those types of people, they annoy me)

- Amazing game!

It’s such a fun game and it’s so addictive. I didn’t have any adds at all even with WiFi on.

- I love this game because it’s like origami

I am a Girl Scout troop and I’m gonna be going to Dixon so this is kind of like a game to help me

- Another advertisement disguised as a game

This is one of those games where you are forced to view a 30 second advertisement after every 15 seconds of play. They should be paying you to play it. Don’t waste your time.

- Pls read

Log thrower is fun but I wish u could make the logs how u want instead of having to follow the instructions on how to sharpen it

- Ads

The game is good at first but ads are just popping up every 1 minute and it gets really annoying because you’re just trying to play I know you can put your phone on airplane mode but still.

- Would be higher if...

I really like this game, the problem is that you get an ad after every button you press. It just makes it not enjoyable.

- Ads

Just can’t stand these types of games on mobile these developers are the reason why I hate trying these. Honestly an ad after everything you click is so annoying cut the crap with this money hungry devs.

- As simulator

Screw your ads and this BS new subscription service to play mobile games ad free. People need to stop supporting this junk. Should not have to spend more time watching ads then playing the game. No wonder why people pirate and hack games.

- There’s to much nonsense

When your playing the game the log sharpening and throwing is fun but there’s so much useless stuff that the time spent actually playing the game is only a small portion of the time your on the app

- Ad after ad

There’s an add literally every 5 seconds in this app. Huge turn off. I understand that’s what pays for these games is ads but not one after every attempt, level, or just being static for ten seconds. It’s ridiculous.

- Ads

Way to many ads, I got one ad after the first level, and three more before starting the second level, but great game otherwise.

- Amazing

This game is so fun. I Guarantee downloading it . In the first 2 minutes of playing I love it. Great game. 5/5 stars!

- Ad ad ad maybe a round then more ads

Far too many ads. The game is basically something you could play with no eye sight. Just have to click. And between every single click is an ad.

- Ad’s, Ad’s and more Ad’s

If your looking to watch an add every 30 seconds of game play this is a game for you. Between each level you have to watch two ad’s, I get they are trying to make mine but this is a new level of ad’s.

- Ads

Every single level an ad the game is great but make the ads less

- Ads...

Game is fine for a phone game, but the ads are unreasonable. I also saw one review saying just put it on airplane mode, but why? I just want to play without doing an extra step even if it’s just turning on airplane mode. Thanks and have a good day.

- People will work on it

I hate the game it’s horrible

- It’s great but...

It’s a great app but some kids play this app and it curses to maybe fix that other than that it’s great

- Extremely basic and Unentertaining

Like the title says. Beyond mind numbingly basic. Almost 0 entertainment. Build entirely as a quick game to bring in revenue for the developer. Ads are so bad that they pop in even when switches pages on the menu.

- Bad

Super repatative, boring after 5 minutes. There is an ad after every single turn. If you do wanna play this, than it’s faster to just close the app after every turn and re-open.

- Decent

It’s pretty fun and stuff, I used the free trial premium for the forced ads and it’s a good time killer

- Awesome

This game is awesome you have a thing to sharpen and you have a fair to build!

- Nice game, but too many ads

The game is fun but it is repetetive and there is an ad between every step. Like if you spent 5 min in game, 1,5 is for game and 3,5 is gor the ads. It just spoils the fun

- Too many Ads

All these recent games have WAY to many ads. Literally installed the app. Opened it, went straight to an ad. There are Two ads after each playable round. Way to many ads. Kind of pathetic.

- It’s a cool game

It’s fun to play but I don’t want to play this all the time

- Who’s giving this game five stars?

Every review you see on here is the same, ADS FOR DAYS! Push a button? There’s an ad. Open the App? There’s and Ad. Finish a level? Boom there’s an Ad. Want to open a box? Ads! Who is shelling out 5.99$ a week to play this game AD free?!

- Would be great without so many adds

There is WAY to many adds in this game but is still a pretty good time waster

- Holly ads Batman!

Downloaded this game and within the first 3 minutes got hit with at least 4 ads, I’ve waited to skip them more than playing the actual game. Do yourself a favor and don’t download this

- Way too many ads

You play a 2 second round then you have an ad. It would be better if you actually got to play the game without waiting for every ad. And NO I’m not paying for ad free games!!!

- Garbage

The amount of ads makes this game atrocious. And $7 a WEEK for no ads has to be the most greedy price I’ve ever seen for ad free game. You’re just hoping someone accidentally does the free trial and has a hard time cancelling. Worst free game I’ve played.


Way to many ads I spent more time watching ads then playing the actual game!

- Get this, if all you want to do is watch ads.

This is the perfect game for you, if you love just like watching ads. I played one level, and was hit with 5, 30 seconds ads. So, download and enjoy all the ads.

- To many ads

This does seem like a fun game but I deleted it due to how many ads there were so if there are less ads in the game I will download it again

- Not worth the time to many adds

Not worth the time to many adds every 5th button press results in an add!!!!!! I am in the main menu just browsing and every fifth press ADD. Crazy only got to shoot 2 times.

- It was good at first...

Well it was could at first but then there was way to many ads and it kept on saying the d word if you know what that mean so to ya is why I gave it 2 stars.

- Please don’t waste your time getting this game

Why in the actual heck did I decide to get this game. I opened the app got a ad for like a minute and then didn’t even get to do anything. 0/10 never getting this app again

- Too many ads.

Honestly this is my kinda game Simple stupid fun. Too bad its smothered in ads, I got literally 6 ads in 3 minutes of play, plus a STUPID $6 Subscription for a extremely simple game. Don’t pay money for this, make the Devs fix it.

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Log Thrower 1.2.7 Screenshots & Images

Log Thrower iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Log Thrower iphone images
Log Thrower iphone images
Log Thrower iphone images
Log Thrower iphone images
Log Thrower iphone images
Log Thrower iphone images

Log Thrower (Version 1.2.7) Install & Download

The applications Log Thrower was published in the category Games on 2020-07-28 and was developed by Playgendary Limited [Developer ID: 1487320337]. This application file size is 346.7 MB. Log Thrower - Games app posted on 2020-09-15 current version is 1.2.7 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.playgendary.logthrower

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