Snipers vs Thieves: Classic!

Snipers vs Thieves: Classic! [Games] App Description & Overview

Snipers vs Thieves is a REAL-TIME multiplayer heist game! Protect your stash as a deadly Sniper or LOOT your rivals as a gang of filthy Thieves!

CREATE and UPGRADE a deck of epic gadgets ranging from big-head ammo, freeze bullets to the ever-reliable invisibility cloak.

Play in SEASONS to earn stars and REWARDS as you work your way up the ranks. Earn game changing MASKS such as the Gorilla King, Frankenstein and even U.S. Presidents past and present!



• Protect your vault in real-time from rival bankers! Take them out before they get to the getaway van!

• Team up with Thieves across the world or buddy up with your friends and take on rival gangs!

• Blow your rivals away with explosive ammo or ice the competition with freeze bullets!
• Disguise yourself as a car or perhaps even a tree to slip away with all the loot!

• Collect over 100 different masks! Highlights include Samurai, Pumpkin head and Disco Ball guy.

• How much loot can you take in a weekend? Co-ordinate your Cartel to maximise your returns!

• Seasons and events filled with new content and surprises!
• Climb your way to the elite leaderboards and prove your worth against the best in the business.

• Hundreds of weapons and gadgets flow through the black market every day - keep an eye out for rare items!


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Snipers vs Thieves: Classic! Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Big fixes.

Snipers vs Thieves: Classic! Comments & Reviews

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- Don’t get me wrong this is a fun game

This is a very fun game and LOVE that they brought back the classic. But there could be more things added to make it better. Maybe adding new masks ever so often and I remember on the old version before classic when you got maxed there was not a whole lot of fun. Kinda the same here. So I think you should add more masks ever so often then that would make this even better. You will probably never respond to this but try and get a content update to this game please. Other words this game is 🥇and love it. Other players hope you have fun!

- It will take your money!

First, I the gameplay is smooth & I’m glad they brought back the classic version. They should have never updated in the first place, it’s crap. No flow, jumbled design, horrible layout. As for the IAP’s, this game well let you spend your hard earned money but each time it says “you’re all set - hit okay”, it’s immediately followed by “ERROR, this transaction cannot be completed” (I tried a couple times seeing if it was a one timer). So I go & check my bank account, and yep the money has already been taken out. I’ve written their “customer service” with no response. Days ago. And what’s even worse, there’s no place in the game to “ Restore purchases” like in every other game! Play the game for what it’s worth, but do not try to purchase anything, they will take your money!!!! Beware.


Man I loved this game with friends and all. You made even the classic version. I don’t know what’s changed but I still enjoy this. The current SvT is great also, but I like this one better. I just wished there were more maps on this one or stuff happening during the level. Also that it’s missing some maps,bags, and can you soon later add a party game mode like 2 snipers or zombies as a random mode that comes. It would be cool

- Great but missing features

I commend the team for bringing back the original version of the game. But it is lacking in content. It is missing back packs, masks, and a major one MAPS (such as China town - big favorite of mine) I’m sure I’m missing a a few more things but this is just to name a few Ads every other match are very annoying. This was never a feature in the last game. I appreciate that they kept the optional ads if you want to double your reward but you would also have to watch the other ad. Thus, 30+ seconds of ad time in total which is very discouraging to play especially if I want to rank up quickly I also miss notifications for when cases were available to open. It would encourage me to play more matches so I get more rewards. I hope they continue to listen to the fans and slowly pump out updates to the game. Once again great job!!!

- SvT classic

For any of you returning after a long time, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how similar this version is to the original. The mechanics are the same and many of the memorable bags and snipers are ready to buy. It’s a great feeling to hop back into the game. There are a few masks gone as well as a few types of rolls gone including fast side roll and fast cartwheel. Also, the compensation for older players isn’t that great. However, besides that, this game hits the sweet spot for those looking to relive the old SvT once again!

- Happy to see

Glad you brought back the original, so much more fun than the new version.

- In app purchase not fulfilled

I bought the two dollar starter pack because I enjoy playing as the sniper, however I was charged and did not receive any of the packs contents after an error message said it was not successful. Lord behold, I had a two dollar charge on this game in my purchase history. Please make this right, I’ve already submitted a support request on the publishers website but have not gotten any form of a response. Edit- Just tried to buy a two dollar gold pack too. Purchase successful popup from apple. Another error message and no gold. Something is wrong with this game and taking money man.

- Good game

It’s great that you brought back the original. But one feature that I think should be implemented is where you can compare and contrast mods before you equip them as you’re unable to see how each mod affects your stats before you equip them. Also there should be an option where you can remove currently equipped mods without them being destroyed

- Thieves are to OP

I hit a robber with three bullets and he still dose not die I them again still not dead and while I am doing that they are three more I have to kill I don’t think I have to hit them six times each to just kill one and traps dose not help when I use one it takes time for the cool down while I am trying to hit them with normal bullets they can use all this stuff to stop me I use to play this game a long time ago and playing sniper was fun but now it’s not so I am done playing this game until sniper actually has a bigger chance of winning

- I think it everyone that in this game is bots

It a fun game but I think it just a bunch of bots I was playing a game and I wanted to test something I went to the home on my phone and waited 30 minutes then when I came back it was still going and everyone was still were the places there at soo it still fun

- Liars

Do they have any regard for their customers at all? Don’t come out with an update that says “2x bonus on every escape” then have the game do nothing different! It’s the same. It still only lets you get the ad bonus a couple times and then cuts you off. The bonus is still somewhere between 1.2 and 2, depending on what kind of jerks the programmers have been.

- Finally

I use to play this game until they tried to fancy it up with a new virsion it was horrible. They took all my money ,paid for mask and I was at a high level. Glad it’s back

- A kick back to the old days.

I honestly like the classic version (this version) better than the modern version. It’s really a boost of nostalgia and I love it.

- The madlads did it

They did it they brought back the better version of the game

- Best mobile game!!!

This is probably my favorite mobile game ever It’s really fun and you should try it!!! 😀

- They changed and locked my player name

Big fan of the game. My players name was changed with no warning and now I can’t change it at all cause it says it’s locked. Been reaching out for help through their website and Facebook but they don’t reply.

- Nostalgia

Takes me back to when it first released in 2017

- I loveeeeeeee it

I think this game is really fun prolly put in the that you can actually rob the bank that would be cool🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🥸🤩

- About Error

Hi, can you please solve the error of game, my game just closed

- Insane fun

Don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun

- Best Game

Has brought way too much addiction and nostalgia, I love it!

- Love this

This game has the best graphics and really fun multiplayer

- Multiplayer?

How do you play this with friends?

- Classic SvT

So glad they brought back classic🤯

- I used to love this game

It seems the comment has disconnected due to poor connection that is also downloading a game at 5mb/s just the other day FIX THAT PLEASE AND I WILL CHANGE TO 5 STAR

- I farted

This gane is very fun

- Bars

I got first place in my clan for the reward of 250 gold bars I only got a letter of the admin of the clan and no bars why ?

- Chris

I purchased a bundle and I haven’t received it and it took my money I need a refund it took $20 even though the price was $10

- Payed for something and didn’t get it.

I bought a starter pack and it took money but I never received my stuff in game.

- The best game ever

The best

- Nice






- Good

I likkkkkkkkkkkkke it

- It’s back

It’s finally back to its former glory, never understood why they changed it in the first place.However, glad they just had enough sense to bring it back.Good job guys 👍

- No Contact or Support option

I made 3 in-app purchases for $10.88 each and I never received anything. There is no way to contact or get support in the app. Player ID 947889 Please Advise

- It’s OK but I can’t find out how to put star codes in

The game that I’m playing birthday creator code I don’t see no star button number

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- So glad

I’m so happy that there is now the classic version of StV!! I was so broken I had lost my favourite game to an update and am so glad they brought the old game back A little annoying though as I have to build up from the ground again (and I won’t be getting back the sniper I paid for with real money) but still happy it’s back Thanks decs! My favourite game is back!!

- Great game, purchase didn’t work

This game is great! Lots of variety of weapons and skills and I love the level design being able to choose your own oath every time! One thing I didn’t like was hat I purchased $3 worth of gold and never received it, so after trying another 5 times through out the day, I spent $18 and I still didn’t receive any in game bonuses such as gold that I bought. I have been denied a refund and no compensation in game. Very poor effort on the transactions and stability of purchases. Fun game though 😁

- Just fun!!!

Everything about this game is just fun no matter what… it doesn’t matter if you’re horrible at dodging or if your horrible at aiming it’s just fun no matter what. Plus sometimes even I stop playing the game for a few days but then I play it again and then I’m back into it!!!!

- Its back!

Fianlly it’s back, the fricking games back

- Scamming

Tried to purchase the starter kit for 2.99, it made the transaction several times, took my money, but Didn’t get anything, keeps saying error in game... want my stuff or my money back!

- Great start but.....

I wish you could pay no ad this would be a great game

- Why???

I made a purchase, the payment went through but in the game I didn’t receive anything

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- Revival

Used to love this game, it was so fun. Maybe the devs thought that the update was good but it obviously wasn’t. They did finally realize it, but it did take them way too long in my opinion. That being said, I’m happy they brought it back and I’m sure this’ll bring back so many players, as it’s as good as it used to be. Thanks to the devs. Don’t do something like that again though pls :)

- It’s Impressive

This is a well made game good job who knows how good the newer version is! I’m thinking I might even get the newer version some time!

- Guys fix this

J’ai le deuxième sacs du jeu je suis au rang 7 (ou 6) et je suis obliger de jouer avec des personnes qui me one shoot avec le snipe et quand je suis sniper je suis obliger de tirer 5 balls ou + pour capturer un voleur fait que sa soit plus des rangs mais des level

- Good game

It’s a very good game with a lot of hyjinx

- Okay

I can’t put a code in

- add

you should add a “are you sure?” when you buy cash with your own gold made me waste my gold

- Fun game

Please move the sniper emoticon somewhere else. I keep pressing the emoticons when I try to change views. Edit : the sniping has become so easy it’s now about how many stars you have. From one session to the next takes about a minute. 30 secs to load, 10-15 seconds to kill and the rest. About 240 stars in an hour. It’s crazy how couple of players get about 20000 stars in less than a week. Which means they are spending at least 10 hours every day playing this game lol. Sniping for that long can get tedious especially when it’s easy. It just becomes a task

- No Support

I’ve emailed customer support on 6 separate occasions to help me with my account but haven’t received any response whatsoever. Pretty weenie, Playstack.

- Awesome

Keep it up so fun brings back good old days

- 5 stars

This game was a master piece, im glad to see that it’s back

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Snipers vs Thieves: Classic! 1.0.56 Screenshots & Images

Snipers vs Thieves: Classic! iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Snipers vs Thieves: Classic! iphone images
Snipers vs Thieves: Classic! iphone images
Snipers vs Thieves: Classic! iphone images
Snipers vs Thieves: Classic! iphone images
Snipers vs Thieves: Classic! iphone images
Snipers vs Thieves: Classic! iphone images

Snipers vs Thieves: Classic! (Version 1.0.56) Install & Download

The applications Snipers vs Thieves: Classic! was published in the category Games on 2020-08-03 and was developed by Playstack Ltd [Developer ID: 1133080356]. This application file size is 543.51 MB. Snipers vs Thieves: Classic! - Games app posted on 2020-10-09 current version is 1.0.56 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.playstack.svtc

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