Fonts for Cricut

Fonts for Cricut [Graphics & Design] App Description & Overview

We all love working in design space, but there are only a limited number of fonts on there.

That's why we've created our fonts for crafting app!

The absolute most beautiful fonts are chosen in here to take your projects to the next level.

*ALL fonts compatible with design space!*

Crafters, this is your new favorite app!

Get it today.

If you choose to purchase Fonts Pro, payment will be charged to your iTunes account, and your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period 3 day free period. Auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going to your settings in the iTunes Store after purchase. Current Fonts Pro subscription price are $29.99 USD/year, Prices are in US dollars, may vary in countries other than the US and are subject to change without notice. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period. If you don’t choose to purchase Fonts Pro, you can simply continue using the app for free.

You can view our Terms of Service & Privacy Policy Here:

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Fonts for Cricut Customer Service, Editor Notes:

More fonts added!

Fonts for Cricut Comments & Reviews

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- Thanks for Fonts For Cricut!

I love this app so much! I used to ask people where do you get these fonts, but now I can just download this app and I won’t have to ask anymore! Thanks for Fonts for Cricut!

- Ok, so No, Not at all.

I read the reviews after downloading this app, and thought that maybe they’re just telling me not to buy new fonts and symbols now. But not at all! This game is a complete scam and made me have to reset my email! MY EMAIL! They take your email from when it asks you for it, and BUYS it’s own fonts for themselves from your credit card! It’s a scam and should never download this again! Thanks for the worst experience! Circuit and Apple need to do something about this. And I’m no Karen, but it’s seriously hot to go. Read the other reviews! You’ll see.

- Read before paying!!

This app is not functional. If I could give it less than one star I would. You simply type and that’s about it. You can’t save it, or print it or use the fonts for Cricut or anything else. When you save it it says “Image successfully saved to photo gallery” but there is not gallery in the app, nor did it save to the gallery on my phone. I don’t understand how they claim it’s fonts for crafts when there is no way you can use what you type. Can’t print, or share to any other programs. Not even to save to your phone.

- What a joke

This is the most falsely advertised app I have ever seen in the App Store and I’m so disappointed. I am new to Cricut and needed a nice font for my kids birthday and like all else, I should’ve read reviews first. Apple needs to remove this app immediately. First off, the app preview is NOTHING like the app. You can’t find any fonts that aren’t already on your phone and they want you to pay $30 a month. Cmon!!! This is insane. Please don’t download or give them a penny.

- Buyer beware-you do not get any of what you pay for

I only wished I had read reviews before purchasing. You can get these fonts to use with Cricut, completely a scam. App Store needs to remove this app and Cricut needs to sue for using their name. This is shameful and a refund needs to be given, but as the other reviews have stated, others have tried with no success. Save yourself time and don’t waste your money for this is a bad investment.

- Fonts not available

None of the fonts shown on the app ad are available. I downloaded the app based on the fonts shown, but NONE of the ones shown as examples are even in the app. I would not recommend this app! And after now reading the other reviews, I have to wonder why the owners and developers of this app have neither improved the app or changed the pictures in the App Store. Very disappointing!

- Disappointed

Downloaded in hopes of getting new fonts. Most of the listed fonts I have already as standard on my iPad. A few I didn’t have indicated you must purchase which is not mentioned in the description of this app. It is unclear to me if you purchase one app for 4.99 or it unlocks all. Whatever the case I already have most so why would you want to pay for them. Not a good app.

- Best app ever

This is the best app I ever had I got my fonts and started using them for hours and hours. But sometimes it makes my iPad out of storage

- Don’t Do It!!

This app deserves less than a’s awful. I paid $4.99 to get all of the fonts and 90% of them told me I could not download the font because it says “ have selected a system font. We cannot share this!” Well what the hell did I pay for? Then when I finally found one that they COULD share, it wouldn’t transfer over once I typed it out. I hate this app.

- Disappointing

I got this app excited to get new fonts to use with my cricut. I downloaded it just to learn that you have to pay 4.99 for fonts. i came to the reviews to see if i should pay and no i shouldn’t. other people are saying that none of the fonts they show in the picture are even available in the app. the developers need to fix there app!!

- What is this!?

This is the worst font app I bought everything I went to roblox mi fav game to try out and they didint work!i want a refund I am so mad like what!?is this app a scamm this app should be banned from the App Store I litterly spend money on nothing!this app is so trash like ugh it’s nothing like other wons I would like to look u to look at the ratings before buying anything please!!!ty for reading.

- Don’t do it!

Extremely disappointed in this app. Almost all of the fonts available are system fonts. Do not be duped in purchasing the $4.99 to have all fonts available. The app is also unmanageable. None of the projects saved actually worked for Cricut. If I could give -5 stars, I would. What a joke.

- Want to cancel

I was led to believe this is a free app and it is not so i want to cancel immediatly Nofuk itu

- Fake

When I came to the app, it was horrible, unorganized. It was a mess, when I tried to download a font. I had to pay for premium which honestly cost money! The Thumbnail is just a troll, The back ground aren't even those colors, I would rate it a zero if I seriously can. I’m not no Karen but this is absolutely trash. DO NOT recommend!

- Do not use this app!

I downloaded the app think it is free and I could have any font! But then I would press the font and it is said premium. I thought it was the only one them I found out you can not get a single font free on the font! Do not use this unless u want to buy a single font for 4.99 each!

- Where are the fonts?

I downloaded this app and the only fonts that were listed were the ones already on my iPad or in Design space. All the “new fonts” were nowhere to be found. I deleted the app and did not purchase any fonts as there weren’t any new ones to buy. Quite disappointed.


Total rip-off!!! I purchased the unlock all fonts and got NOTHING. You can’t even download them to use in design space. It’s literally only good for looking at fonts and wishing you could use them. Also, you won’t get a refund even though you’re not getting what you paid for!

- rip off DONT buy this

i don’t even want to rate this a star. I am disappointed, this app is a big rip OFF. You need to BUY a don't with actual money if you want to use it. Someone needs to take this app off stock. this is just a scam and is not worth buying

- Nothing worth it

If you are using the cricut app on your IPhone the free fonts that are available in the app are the same fonts this app provides... so just more of the same.. So this app gives you Nothing Worth it.. would have given ZERO stars if I could. 😏

- I’m disappointed this is kind of a rip off!!!

Basically, by downloading this app, you might think you’re getting free fonts, well your not, in fact you have to pay for each font 4.99!!! 😤 Might as well buy the font from the Cricut app!

- Wish I Had Read Reviews

There are tons of 1 star reviews and all for the same reason — paying 4.99 and not getting anything out of the app. I don’t know how Apple is keeping this on the App Store. I will definitely be asking for a refund.

- Useless

Like all of the 1 star reviews, this app is a scam. The scammers who put this out there I hope burn in a fire or die in a car crash! How does Apple allow these kinds of apps into their store without checking it out first.

- Do not instal!!

Everything is for money😡😡😡I recommend a different app but not this one everything is for money I was mad it’s a complete scam if you buy the things they won’t show up scammm pls read with before buying

- Terrible

This is a rip off, the fonts it shows on the app download page are not even included, not even when you purchase all fonts. Very disappointing 🙄I didn’t even want to give 1 star.

- Terrible

Just paid $5 for none of the fonts shown in the preview. Completely useless. Would give zero stars if I could. If anyone has any ways to get refunds for nonsense like this let me know.


I didn’t actually read any of the reviews before buying so I expected a really aesthetic awesome fonts app but instead I got a cheap one where you could not even download ONE FONT without getting premium! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP

- Useless

I didn’t read the reviews before I purchased it. They give an option to download the font to your device, but pressing download results in the app crashing. I want a refund.

- Don’t waste your money!!!!

I just wasted $4.99 for NOTHING. The picture is so deceiving. You don’t get any of those cool fonts even after you pay. Don’t do it. I’d give negative stars if I could!!!!! A complete ripoff and sad excuse for a font app.

- I want a refund!!!!!! Doesn’t work at all!!!!

I downloaded to try, forced to buy to see what a font looks like. Then nothing in the app is compatible with cricut desktop or mobile app! I want a refund !!!!!!!!

- Don’t waste your money.

It doesn’t have a lot of the fonts that are pictured in the description. Totally wasted $5 on this. I can’t stand companies that rip you off like that. Dishonest.

- What the hell

Last week it worked just fine.. today i see it’s been updated and I can’t even get it to work!!! What The hell???? Are you gonna fix it

- Really?

Who puts out an app promising an abundance of pretty fonts and ease of use design just for it to not work and close by it self before you have the chance to type the first letter.

- Love to write

LOve to do poems with different fonts. This is a good font app.

- False Representation

The promotional photos in the App Store are completely misleading. I found none of these calligraphy fonts upon opening the app, just the same stuff you can do yourself on Microsoft Word.

- Do not purchase

No fancy fonts. It’s a general font app that has fonts you already can access on your iPhone through pages or a cricut app or any other editing app.


BEFORE- you spend $4.99 this app in NOT functional. I’m disappointed with creators for fixing the problems. The app locks and drops - it is a hot mess. Apple should not allow things like this to happen.

- How to get a REFUND on this app!!!!

All the fonts shown on the app preview, are not even on the app itself!! On top of that you can’t even download or use the fonts on you cricut design space!!!

- Trash!

I want my money back! What did I pay for? I can’t use this crap and the fonts shown on this preview are not available in the actual app ripoff..please give me my coins back

- Rigged

Downloaded this app to use for my brand new Cricut and immediately was unable to download any fonts. I come to see the reviews and everyone leaves 1 star yet the App Store rates the app 4.2 ?? - Ok

- Don’t download

This app is horrible, completely a waste of money. Now to see how hard the refund will be for this. Don’t download. And I have to give 1 star to post.

- Worst app ever!

I have to pay for all the fonts! I am Evan, here I tried using fonts but I have to PAY for ALL THE FONTS Would not recommend 10 year old, Evan

- This is not good

I looked at the covers on the app and the fonts on on the picture does not have in the app and those were cute and I wanted them!

- Paid for app for nothing

I paid to purchase this app, but I’m unable to download any of the fonts unless I pay for premium account at $29 per month! SCAM!!

- Disappointed

This is a freaking scam I literally payed for those fonts and guess what? It still didn’t let me! Don’t get this useless dumb app it’s a freaking rip off🙄

- Do not buy

How does this app have 4.3 star review when every review, except 1 comes up as a 1 star review?! This app is difficult to maneuver and is really not worth the money.

- Useless

Don’t even bother. You literally cannot do anything in the app. I just wanted a font or two for my cricut app, but this was not the way to go. *eye roll*

- Doesn’t work!!!

I would really like my money back!! None of the fonts shown in the ad are on the app!! If I could give it 0 stars I would.

- Do not purchase.

I purchased this to unlock fronts & it didn’t add any more fonts. There’s not even fonts from the picture above.

- No need if u have Cricut Access

Cricut access has all of those fonts and more…. Mine allows me to use all my systems fonts…. You do not need this ,,, Pass on it

- Bad

I couldn’t use a single font, these apps are so mean about what fonts I can and can’t use I really want this one font but I can’t get it

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so i have 2 other font apps and they work amazing i love then both so i love fonts i get new ones i saw this one and i was like YES A NEW FONT T DOWNLOAD i was so happy and while im typing this im using a font app then i downloaded it and I said yay another one but then before I opened it I checked the reviews and I didn’t understand so I opened the app and guess what straight away it asked for money I think I remember but WE CANNOT EVEN USE A SINGLE FONT WITHOUT PAYING and I have this app to draw on its sketch book I love it to draw and it has the same fonts as this app so I consider if your a font drawer use sketch book but we don’t get to use the fonts in other apps I hat this app use Fonts instead.

- False advertising

I didn’t pay any money but you can’t even download any of the ‘free’ fonts. I have an app called Sketch Book and that has the EXACT SAME fonts. This is a rip off.

- False advertising

I purchased the $8 font pack, and none of them became available. Very frustrating as it was a complete waste of money. I’d like a refund.

- False Advertising

Bought the $7.99 pack and ZERO extra fonts were unlocked. Would appreciate my money back please.

- False advertising

I purchased the app and the advertised fonts didn’t become available

- Don’t waste you’re money

I purchased the fonts for $7.99 and none of them work.


I just purchased this app and the add on and none of it works. It closes as soon as I try to download any of the fonts!!

- Don’t purchase can’t open.

Waste of money. Very disappointed.

- Worse app ever 🤢

I wish I could give 0 start to this app ! Disgusting to see how they just want your money! 🤮🤮🤑 DO NEVER BUY THIS APP.


I read reviews, ignored them, downloaded it, the got a loda TRASH NEVER ever purchase the $7.99 pack too, you can’t even copy and paste. They want ur MONEYYY 💰💵💳

- False advertising

I purchased the extra fonts and they have not appeared. Eaten my money

- So Bad

Do not get the app if you don’t want to spend any money, nothing is free, it all cost money! 😡💀🔪

- Worst app ever

Do not buy this app. Nothing works

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- Janecurran

So excited to use this app very user friendly

- Just purchased

I just purchased but nothing is working with the fonts so i would want my money back only 30 minutes in and nothing can be done

- Just purchased

It crashes everytime I try to install a font. There’s no tutorial. I want my money back! It does not work!

- Does not work

Just paid and it doesn’t even allow me to download. It also doesn’t have any of the fonts advertised

- Waste of money

It shows the font in the selling page but does not have the font in the program even to purchase.

- Waste of money

I got the app thinking it was a Cricut brand app and bought the fonts. The fonts didn’t even work when I went to use them in my cricut and the selections sucks! Don’t waste you’re money on this app it sucks.

- Do Not Download - Waste of Time

This app was a total waste of time. If you’re like me and thought this app would let you use different fonts for free, think again. Every single font in the app is only available after you subscribe to their monthly premium. You’re better off paying the $13 a month for the Cricut VIP membership. Total waste of time.

- Doesn't work

I want my money back. App is always crashing

- Trash

Wasted money for NOTHING TO WORK. Want my money back

- Ripoff

Paid for the fonts and can't do anything with the fonts and absolutely no information in the app to help.

- Complete waste of money!!!

Wish I’d read the reviews. Scam artists - nothing works. Total waste of time and money trying to figure out. Apple should remove.

- 0 Stars if I could

I bought the full version and NONE of the fonts advertised are available. There’s no tutorial on how to use it. It doesn’t do anything and was a waste of $6.99. DO NOT BUY!!!

- Wow

Ok not cool. All the fonts I just paid $6.99 for are already on my freaking cricut ... for free!!!!!! NONE of the cool fonts advertised are not available... waste of money! I’d give 0 stars if I could too!

- No working

I purchased this app and it doesn’t work. Keeps bringing me back to the beginning. Not worth any amount of money. Not impressed


This is a scam app that doesn’t allow you to create anything. Should be removed!! I want my money back!! Very disappointed

- Waste of money

I paid for this app as it doesn’t have any free fonts, but it crashes every time you try to download one! It doesn’t even have the fonts that show on the picture in the App Store, do not buy this app, I want my money back, biggest waste of $6.99 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

- I would give 0 stars if I could.

Don’t purchase this. The fonts advertised aren’t actually on this app (which was the whole reason I bought it). Very disappointing.

- Don’t buy it

App does not let you do anything until you purchase . After purchasing you will realize there is actually nothing you can do on this app! Waste of $7

- Options

Ok so this looks cool. But maybe u should have a few free ones we can try and if we like purchase .. everyone seems to say it’s not working so why would I purchase now .. Alittle free goes a long way .. it’s 2020 we like to try products before we purchase them .. idk maybe an idea ??? I’ve deleted the app now.. so a client lost 🤷🏼‍♀️

- Sucks

Waste of money. Doesn’t even work

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Disney Anyone??? Disney Font $1.30 few hours left to grab this just in time for Spring Crafts! #Fonts #svg #cheapfonts #disney #cricut #silloette #crafts #font #cutfonts


Come watch! I just uploaded a new video to @YouTube: Monogram Fonts for Your Cricut: Fonts to Try and How to Use Them


Downloading images and fonts for my cricut

Fonts for Cricut 1.9 Screenshots & Images

Fonts for Cricut iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Fonts for Cricut iphone images
Fonts for Cricut iphone images
Fonts for Cricut iphone images
Fonts for Cricut iphone images
Fonts for Cricut iphone images

Fonts for Cricut (Version 1.9) Install & Download

The applications Fonts for Cricut was published in the category Graphics & Design on 2020-05-08 and was developed by Country Road App Software LLC [Developer ID: 1459757528]. This application file size is 6.3 MB. Fonts for Cricut - Graphics & Design app posted on 2021-02-24 current version is 1.9 and works well on IOS 13.4 and high versions. Google Play ID: craftFonts

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