Papers Grade Please!

Papers Grade Please! [Games] App Description & Overview

How smart do you think you are? Hopefully you have enough brain power to grade the answers from your students! Kids say the funniest things and it is up to you to catch what is right and what is wrong. Give students A’s or F’s based on their answers. Careful, not all of them are geniuses so it is up to you to catch the wrong answers!

Students will try to be funny and outwit you with your answers. It may be funny, but it will still be wrong! Fail that kid! We don’t appreciate their attempts to be comedians. Make sure they know math, english, or geography. Some of the answers might even have you feeling like a smart, brainy professor. Help these kids out and prep them for college - you are on your teaching journey!

Game Features:

1. Make the right choice!
Hopefully you are smarter than these 5th graders! Some questions might even have you stumped!

2. Many levels to play
So many fun and challenging questions for you to answer and grade.

3. Fun for the whole family
Whether you are a teacher, a substitute, a professor, or not in education at all - this game will have you laughing and thinking.

4. Simple and Addicting Gameplay
Once you start you won’t be able to stop. Answer questions, break up fights in recess, watch over detention - it’s like you are back in school again!

Whether you are a fan of puzzlers, word games, trivia games, quiz games, brain teasers, or you just like answering questions, then Papers Grade Please is the game for you!

Visit if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

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Papers Grade Please! Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Papers Grade Please! Comments & Reviews

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- OMG awesome

This game is like so fun I’m on it nonstop all right I wake up at 6:30 in the morning just to play this game until like seven or eight like I’m obsessed with this game might even my mom have to tell me get your nose out your iPad and I’m like seven so yeah no seven-year-old would wake up this early just to get on a game I just asked first with this game it’s a little glitchy but great and a little bit a teensy little bit too much addsSo when I started playing this yesterday I was like oh my gosh this is so fun so I asked my mom for the game and she said yes so this game is just soFun but trust me I actually woke up at 6:30 today

- Just two things

I love this game. It is one of the games I play most. But it just has a few things wrong that I should point out. First, Ads. They aren’t as severe as other games like there is, but it definitely pretty noticeable. Next is just the function. When it says, “My answer was right blah blah blah,” it wasn’t REALLY right, like for example, once I had graded something as an F, because it had said there’s ten corners on a star and it said that he would sue me, so I tried to press the ad and it had taken 30 dollars (this isn’t the problem, you get -30 dollars if you don’t watch the ad) and reset my score. This also applies to special rounds like gym, school dance etc. This is annoying/frustrating so please fix this! Thank you for reading ❤️✨

- In this game you can’t just answer random questions

You have to try to answer the right questions I mean this game is ok I mean you should try it I know my trick youYou don’t just answer math problems and stuff like that equation or eggs you could do gym class curbside and stuff you can go on high-grade high-grade need to get ordered a dress up and get me teachers and earn money and stuff pretty pretty pretty fun game I should say I hope you enjoy you everybody.

- I hate this game

Hello I love to play games it is like all I do and it is so fun but this game is not like the others I play a lot of games like this because I think it is fun but there is something about this game that is just off it is not as fun as all the others and I just don’t think the game is all that great this game is mot fun at all and I dont think I have a good feeling it will be this game is so dumb I like to play dumb games tho this one is just weird to me and I can’t say how it just is pls don’t get this app if you want to have fun this app is not all it looks up to be just watch LaurenZside to see the game play it my look fun in her games but it is not and do not pay for no adds they will give you it anyways

- Great game!

This is an amazing game, I have been addicted to hours! This game is similar to most school simulators, but I like this one the best! A little problem are the ads being a bit inappropriate for the young ones. I also like this game because there are not a lot of ads. Ads seem to appear every two games you play. You can customize your character, classroom, what you reach, and so much more! I would just change the ads a bit since it's sometimes inappropriate. Great game otherwise! :)


It is a AWSOME game and it is very interactive and fun the only thing that I wish was changed is all of the adds. They happen after every level and even if I click no thanks. But everything else is great there is recess, P.E and even a school dance! It definitely deserves a five out of five rating. Did I mention you can upgrade your classroom and even upgrade the kids? I love it and you should definitely get it.

- ads,ads,ads

Okay. I like this game and I would have given it 5 stars if there weren’t as many ADS. for example, after two questions it’ll go straight to an ad. After I complete a level go straight to an ad. I spend as much time watching ads as I do possibly playing the game. If there were anything to adjust it would be the decorations in the room and if you can please reduce the ads! Other than that, this game is spot on 🙃

- Love it! I have some update ideas....

Love the game! Here are some ideas: 1. When you rotate the school you see the buildings, well what if you could rotate to in front of the playground and tap play and do recess duty and stop fights. Or rotate to The cafeteria and stop food fights. Or rotate to the gym and get to pick between monitoring a school dance or doing PE. Or rotating to the front school building and doing class. 2. Add more teachers 3. Maybe let us change what the students are wearing or change her hairstyles or names 4. Maybe you could show it actually teaching class and students raise their hands and you get to call on them Those are some ideas and also less ads but I like this game regardless

- Fun but a scam

Whenever I press something to watch for free it doesn’t let me. Whenever I want to watch a video to earn something for free, I guess it’s a glitch we’re it thinks I said “no thanks” it’s a fun game and it really could have gone some where if it wasn’t for the glitch and so much adds! Oh and also whenever I watch a video to get more money at the end, it only gives me a little bit, not as much as it said it would give me. But other than that it’s a decent game, even if it’s a little boring

- Meh.. jk

Way too many ads but awesome but I noticed something eerie about it there was a weird glitch that kept happening and it was kind of like the talking Angela conspiracy but this time it froze my screen and started like mumbling it sounded like words but it’s kind of sounded like something freezing and buffering warning this game is awesome but if this glitch happens to you delete it

- Download now best game ever

This game is so much fun I play it almost day and I’m only 9 ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ everyone should download this:) And I hope maybe that will Mack a update some day I like among us a little bit more but this is my second favorite game and I also like roblox but this game is so much fun and this might become my first favorite now I’m starting to play this alot :) ዕዐሠክረዐልዕ ክጎሠ l̶o̶v̶e̶ t̶h̶e̶ g̶a̶m̶e̶ s̶o̶ m̶u̶c̶h̶ 🅸🅻🅻 🅶🅸🆅🅴 🆃🅷🅸🆂 🅶🅰︎🅼🅴 🅰︎ 10/10

- Good (Please read till end)

I love this game but when you are done with grade 12 it doesn’t do anything else but keep starting you over on the same 3 things you already did on grade 12 it does it over and over and over and over! The least you could do is give us new kids and start us at Kindergarten again or new teachers or something. But other than that the game is super good I recommend it!

- Great game but I think I can make it more better

So far I like this game a lot a lot a lot but I think I can make this game a lot better you should add more epic hats for the students and I would like if you could upgrade the gym and add new stuff in the gym and make the play ground bigger and can you please add like wallpaper. Ok that’s it bye! 😃

- It’s OK

You see it has MANY glitches when I go to playground when I stop one fight the game shuts off and when I click on it to go on again it won’t work. you see I went to my other apps simular to this and this glitch never happened to the other games.. I think the person who made this game should maybe fix it ... and yes my phones old but there’s almost no other glitches on my other apps.. so it’s not my phone 📱

- Good game but why change the age for the game

The game is good but why would you change the age of the game? I mean I am 9 years old and I love this game and you decided to take it away from me? How selfish of you to do that to me and other kids. And you don’t know if something bad happened to the kids that day. So you just broke a kids heart. I am disappointed y’all and who ever said to change the game age

- If you want this game, PlEASE READ

Ok let me tell you the truth about this game. 1. Way to many ads and if you want to unlock something guess what you have to watch a AD!!! 2. On ads it always glitches for example when you wanna watch a ad for something it always like takes you to download the game right away!!!and it never does it on other games so yeah! 3. You have to pay sooooo much for just a single hat on your class!!! Well thank you for letting me tell the truth about this game.

- Great game

So I started playing this game today it made me feel like I was a real teacher just one thing can you please delete the globe test because it is hard for little kids and me to guess if it’s correct of not so please fix that wonderful game thank you

- Horrible adds

I was playing this then I clicked on something to get a new teacher outfit by watching an add the add didn’t come on then I noticed that add had a virus in it and my screen started flashing black and white and started glitching so I force shutdown my iPad and emedently deleted this app! Dear Creators please don’t allow adds that have viruses in them. Otherwise this game is pretty good.

- Gets boring fast, problem with the student customizing

Look, I’m not sure if this is supposed to be likes this, but shouldn’t you be able to access the hats always after they are bought? Like, when I’m done customizing the students and all, I go back just to see I have to buy them again... That’s not very good and I wasted all my in game money on it all. I don’t really enjoy this game as much either. It gets boring fast, I mean, really fast.


When I started to play a few months ago it was boring so I deleted it. The. Months later I downloaded it again and there was a giant update! In science you do experiments and In History you get to spin globes! There is even a bonus School dance!

- Such a horrible app. You will see why

So I just got this app. I was playing it like you need to. Then I tried getting a teacher skin. I watched the ad, and I waited. Once it was over, the screen went black. I was worried because it didn’t make a noise when you turned it off. My whole iPad was FROZEN for guess how long... THREE HOURS! I had to call tech support to help me fix it and they saw that the app gave me a virus. They wiped my iPad but if you are reading this and you didn’t install it yet, DON’T RISK YOUR DEVICE!!!

- Amazing questions and minigames

The questions are great. It really challenges your general knowledge after a while. Some players will rock, some will fail VERY hard (looking at you flat-earthers rofl). After a few days, easy 5/5, experienced no glitches.

- Some things that bother me.

Over all the game is something nice to play, but, I graded something correctly and said it was incorrect. The second is the ads. The ads overflow the game, and I’m stuck watching a bunch of ads that take a lot of time. The ads are too much, every time i level up, I get 2-4 ads. Please fix it, the ads for TOO MUCH.

- Love it

I really love this game i literally just downloaded it, can y’all add a feld trip level and many different ones like going to the movie theater, theme park, etc and also more bonus levels please

- Too many adds

This game is pretty fun but their are too many adds. Any time you get to go to recess or the dance or gym you have to watch an add. Other than that it’s fun, but I also suggest that they make an update where you can grade the students any grade A-F not just either one. I’d love the game if they did that.

- One thing

I love this game but the amount of adds it had is super annoying. I get adds every one min or two and it really ticks me off but it’s worth it. This game is super fun and I like all the other classes. I don’t have much to say but this is fun apart from all the adds.

- Good but VERY glitchy

This is a really really good game, but it’s like one of those cheap games where it’s so glitchy you can’t even play it. Like on prom night it’s really hard to drag the spotlight, and when I do it will go way too far. Can y’all please do an update with a bug fix

- Too many ads

I like this game and think it would be better with LESS ADS!!! Ads are popping up excessively and it’s really annoying. I keep asking to do the School Dance activity and I never get to. If you are a fan of ads, you can get this game, but if you have triggering OCD like me, don’t get this app. Also I would like to be able to add more furniture and decorations to the classroom. You can only edit it five times. Thank you.

- Hackers!

I only rated 5 stars so you would see this. It's really one star. This app Hacked my iPad! It wouldn't let me exit the app. It wouldn't even let me turn off my iPad. After a while after my iPad turned off and when I turned it on there was just a white screen. I eventually got it to work so I could warn you. My iPad is fine. There was nothing wrong with it. I promise it was the app. 🅿︎🅻🅴🅰︎🆂🅴. 🅳🅾︎ 🅽🅾︎🆃 🅳🅾︎🆆🅽🅻🅾︎🅰︎🅳.

- It’s cool

I like that you know that your smart and you can turn off your WiFi and you don’t have to look at the ads but if you get it wrong you got to pay 30$ but yeah it’s goood.

- Ec selent lol

so, I have tones of apps! And this is one of the 5 games I play 24-7! It’s AMAZING you get all these questions and then you grade them an A+ or F... I LOVE FAILING PEOPLE🤣🤣🤣! One small lil Feedback you should be able to custom your teacher! This app is Grate!doing it loving it every thing we do! OMG OGM OMG!!!! LOVE ITTTTT GET THIS APP!!

- The game so bad

I don’t like this game because it always makes me Make mistakes and I don’t like this game because it’s so boring I always play my other games cause it’s so boring and it makes my sister go crazy😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒

- Good but.....

The game is extremely glitchy. When I try to tell the students to go to detention it just takes my money away. When I try to get my premonition bonus it sends me to the loading screen. If the watch adds button would work correctly this game would be a four star game. Please fix these problems

- My opinion about this games

There no way there should be this many ads and glitches it don’t make no sense

- Fun but ...

This is a great educational game and very addicting. However, quite frequently, after the grades are presented and it goes into ad mode, I get a completely black screen. When I attempt to get the bonus offered by watching a video, the black screen appears every time. I then have to exit the app and reload. Please fix !!!

- Won’t open

Hello, At first it was working but now it keeps kicking me out of the app when I try to play it. This is a really fun game and I hope this issue is fixed soon. *NEW* I know that two days ago there was a update about bug fixes but my game keeps kicking me out every time I open it. I deleted it then reinstalled it but it still keeps doing it. I think I might just delete it for good.

- There are some wrong with the answers

Ok, this game is good, but there are some answers that are marked as a should be an f because I went to school and there saying winter and autumn and summer are months is just annoying because it’s not months in seasons!!! And they’re saying that the mantle is the the strongest layer??!! Are you ducking kidding me?!🤬

- Ehhhh

This game is overall really really fun but it would be better without all those bugs. Every round I have to refresh to get out of a frozen screen and when I do that I don't get the apples promised. Tons of ads and glitchy. Please take notes and I might play more!

- Why

The game before the content update was a ton better developers please bring the old game back then I might download it again

- Great

Is very good but I don’t want to be that person who says that there too many adds but still

- Don’t your time

The ads ruin the fun. At first I thought it wouldn’t be too bad but I was wrong had to delete the game terrible ads pop up after every completion just ridiculous. The characters look creepy and it’s not much to do after you earn all this cash poor game and a waste of time

- Love it! Needs some improvement tho

Ok, add sound like in the ads! Make your character talk! Also, I think the kids and teachers should have more personality! Play as the students! Just more features

- A pretty good game

Ok hello to all the lovely people this are is ok not to bad I say you should get it but it is what you think I don’t say you need to get it but the only thing is that how do you go to a school that was not even build yet

- When I try to send a kid to a office it takes money away from me when I clicked on go to the office

This app is good but one thing when I press go to office it takes money from me for know reason

- Ok

When I downloaded this game at first it just kept doing the same thing over and over again. I had to delete it (taking away all of my progress) so it could do different things, please fix this

- Great but too many ads

I love the overall game, but there are so many ads! After every level, there is an ad. They need to remove ads for everyone who plays this game. But it is a great great great game.

- Fun, but needs more gameplay.

I love this game. It’s really fun to play, but it’s graphics need to be improved a bit and it needs more gameplay. Also, stop it with the 100K ads.

- Great game and I love it

I really like this game and there is not a lot of ads but the only thing I wish is that is was just grading and not the a other

- OMG The best game I’ve ever played!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I like this game because I like to boss the students around recess is my favorite. This game is like when I saw the ad for it it was like I don’t know should I get this game but yeah it’s pretty fun!

- Should be called “Ads: The Game”

Okay let’s count this. There is an ad: - on the main menu for some extra cash - every time you finish a level (that takes 25 seconds to complete) - at the end of every level when you have a chance to triple your score - when you want to access the final level of each day - at the end of said final level for a chance to triple your score - when you “graduate grades” - when you want to upgrade your classroom - when you want to upgrade your students - when you want to change your character It’s tedious.

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- I think the creator watches AzzyLand

This game is pretty fun and I think it has a fair amount of ads (impatient people might disagree). Though sometimes I think that there are a bit to many ads. It’s still pretty good and so many answers from AzzyLand videos are popping up and I keep thinking, this creator has gotta be a fan for her.

- Too many ads

Well, in this review I have two things to say. One, there is too many ads. And to the people who say, “ turn off the internet and thank me later” Guess what?! That doesn’t work on my iPad as long as I’m home. And I don’t want to go outside just to play a video game. Two, This game is quite simple. You grade the papers,and if you do it wrong they MIGHT, not all the time, sue you which you can pay them off, or you can watch an ad to send them to detention. And then you can help them with a volcano, and you can watch an ad to block fights at recess, also,if you watch an ad you can shine lights on people who are too close, and I get that because of social distancing coronavirus. Anyway, It would be greatly appreciated if you didn’t have ads every level and made this game less basic,Either way this is quite a good game. Just needs a few finishing touches 😉 Thank you lion studios 😁

- Pretty Fun

This game is pretty amusing and enjoyable, yet it has a decent amount of ads. It is creative in other ways and fun to play with. I dislike about it is that it is pretty boring after you collected everything, which would take about 15-30 mins max. Apart from that, this game is a cute game to download

- Good

I never got a forced ad you choose if you want an ad but if you do want a bonus or a special teaching round you have to watch and ad but it’s optional

- Ok

This app is ok. When you first start you think it is great and ok maybe it is, but there is always a student who gets it wrong or right. No all fails or all good ones. And ones you get to year 12, the game just makes your students redo year 12 again and again. If they could start with new students and make the tests randomised then it would be good.

- Why the hell are there so many ads?

It’s a fun game, but there are waaaaaay too many ads. After I finish a level, an ad pops up. I even marked a thing and the student said that his test was correct and he’ll sue me. I looked at the options and it was to watch an ad to send him to detention or pay all of my money. That was when I deleted the app. Not even turning off your WiFi or mobile data works, so don’t bother.

- Good game

This is a good game

- An Idea to Ad

I feel like you should have a ranking of the students mark, or report cards for them at the end of every grade, and then a larger one for the end of year 12. I also think adding new students would be good as well.

- Would recommend!

Overall this app is really fun to play especially when you are bored! I would recommend downloading this if you ever need something to do in your free time.

- To many ads

This game has wayyyyyy to many ads don’t even bother playing you will just see an ad after every mark this game is trash and the ads give the maker for this app money so don’t give him money is basically what I am saying just don’t and I mean don’t download this app and that’s on period..................

- It’s ok

The game is ok until when you get to higher levels plus it has to many ads

- Don’t recommend but it’s ok

Way to many adds otherwise it’s a great game it was really fun but I .HATE. ADDS!who doesn’t HATE ADDS

- Fun

This game is fun but there are way toooooooooooo many ads.

- Nearly crashed my iPad

It’s such a bad game is a crash my iPad

- Hi

Bad make less ads

- Sup


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- Best game ever

It the best game I like it

- Bad

Buggy with constant adds and repeated levels. I sure hope no 6th grader has tests like these

- A lot of ads but amazing 🤩

This game is amazing and fun but there are a lot of ads... kinda sad 😞🤩

- Bad game

It’s very bad because you gained lots of money the you get sued like what the game is horrible don’t download it trust me the graphics are scary and bad and ya don’t download this horrific game

- Horrible

Never play this game. It’s very boring

- Nice

That game was amazing nice drawing and nice because today I ended up in the stomach and the school and the head and fich is 😜

- Ok

It’s one of the best games ever but I don’t know how to grade papers

- Idk

Has to many ads but good game

- Ok

The only problem that is i press “F” and it shows as “A” so get THAT FIXEDD

- Bad game I ever played in my hole life 👎

It is bad very bad it is really bad when I always open it it get me out it really bad game do not download it please it is horrible do not play trust me please.🙏

- Boting and repetitive

This game could have potential if it wasn’t so based around watching ads to do thing but instead, it’s just boring and repetitive.

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- ❤️❤️❤️ PERECT

I love this game a few things are missing but add an art class and this game would be perfect 👌 I wake up just to play this game im so satisfied and I just love it

- .

It’s ok but I don’t understand why I have to watch an add just to play the special game modes,I mean it’s pretty much the same and why do they give such low money? 15 bucks to teach kids like, if that was real I would have quit. 3 stars

- Why I have it four stars

There’s a lot of ads if there were less the game would be more fun but other then that it is spot on

- It’s okay I guess

Made me realize how not book smart I am 😅 but other than thats it’s okay it’s better than the other games like it because you get to actually use your brain

- Chill on the adds

This game could be a good time waster, but the ads are too frequent, too long, and makes you feel like the only reason this game was made was to have ads. That may not be the case, but no thanks from me.

- App

I love this app because it kinda tells me like what I haved to do yo grade papers because I want to be a teacher when I grow up.:)

- Game is driving me nuts

You think your gonna go mad because of the children?????? Well. I’m going mad because of your stupid adds well I’m trying to watch brew!! But I can’t I’ve been sick because of this add. And guess what I downloaded this app so I can say this!!!! Now good bye and don’t make more stuff like this because I’m melting with anger

- Amazing game

This game is actually educational and fun it is the best game in the world. I only have this game on my iPad that’s it no other game is funner than this game I love this game to much

- Ads every microsecond

It's a fun game, but levels are way too short. You grade 3 things, which takes like 5 seconds, then you get spammed with ads for a good minute, then rinse repeat. If they expanded the levels and toned down the ads, this would be a great game.

- Cute, could use fewer ads

I really enjoyed the premise of this game, but I think there are too many pop-up ads. I’d still play it honestly, but I could do without so many ads.

- All I can say is awesome

I’m only on the 2nd level and loving it thank you for creating this app

- To many ads

I like the app just to many ads

- It’s ok

There should be more students more then three there are some glitches but over all it’s ok but people work really hard on games like this so thank you.

- Not the best

It’s not the best because there is a lot of adds, every time you complete something you have to watch a add and it is kind of annoying.

- It’s ok

The game is fun overall but there is just way to many ads that it makes it hard to play. Maybe you could fix that

- Bad review

I don’t like this game,I downloaded it and it completely froze my entire phone I tried over and over again to fix it nothing I went it check my internet nothing was wrong everything was ok and going well until I got this game.

- Why do I still have ads?

this is a fun game but I bought the the no ads thing and I still have ads after every round, what the hell?

- 😎

If Y’all Struggling with the ads Just Turn off your internet

- 3/5 stars

It was really fun until like 15 minutes then you couldn’t upgrade anything or, add anything and it got kind of boring. And it get so many adds but besides that it’s a fun game

- Confusing

This is a really great game but, it always repeats the level and the only level I get it the one where the teacher asks a question, i don’t know what to do...

- 5 Stars

The game is so fun and lets you experience what it’s like to be a teacher!

- Rmdcncndnc fmfjfjfjfjfn

It’s ok but I was giving the people an F on they got it wrong and that I gave them an AA and I don’t leave and refresh the page so please fix that


So when I downloaded this game I thought it was pretty fun but I was wrong. It has way too many adds and it is so glitchy that when I when I went on the first level the screen was just black and I hate it so not download this crap.

- Problem but I have the app still.

Ok so. I got to the star thing and it says it has 10 I counted and it’s 5 but I had to hear “my test was correct I’ll Sue you!” And payed 30 out of my 11,500 and got 11,470 left I still have the app fix this please! -Random Person Reviewing

- Pass and fail.

Every time I click pass it passes but when I click fail it says it’s correct I thought this game was gonna be fun.

- Shemia Tanner

I love the game you have made it is big enough for me and my tasks are playing this great app and game

- Best game ever

Best game ever I wake up at four in the morning to play it! So fun if you want to be a teacher

- What is wrong with this

When I press f it says they get a check and I thought they failed

- Too many ads

Every single level has an ad it’s super super Duper Duper annoying like I’m serious I might even delete this game because of that:(

- Yay😄😄I’m happy I play this game

I love this game this game it’s my favorite game 😺😺woohoo I started playing it today I’m the morning 👍👍and it was a little hard 😅😅😅but I still like this game

- I mean is not that Bad except it gets a bit boring

this game is good but it stops being fun after you got all the upgrades

- The whole game

So I got it cause it looked fun but it doesn’t do what I ask. If I say someone is wrong when they quote noticeably are it will still say they are correct. Also there are a lot of ads.

- Ads

It’s cool and fun and all but why do I have to watch ads when I don’t want to. I skip skip skip just to play the game but you still stick an ad in there. So I’m done with you and these ads.

- Such fun game but adds

I like this game so much that’s all I play in class at home and on the bus home and back GET THIS GAME


Amazing so fun a lot of the kids are very dumb lol and no problems I just want more updates please

- It’s a natural!

I mean it’s really good no bugs not too many ads it’s just great!

- This needs to be more realistic

I played the game and it was fun and nice and everything but at the end of grading all of the students papers I always get at least $100. That is EXTREMELY high for what a teacher gets paid. You guys really need to fix this.

- Never get this

This game literally shut down my iPad after the first two minutes and it took an hour to get my iPad to stop glitching and spazzing out it’s also a pretty boring game and all you do is grade papers so definitely not a go to game.

- Wait it is?

The game is decently fun but the question was is the earth flat the answer is no I said true and it said I was wrong

- Repetitive, Ads

The whole game is very repetitive and boring, it feels like there is an ad after everything I do.

- Keeps crashing

Constantly plays ads & most of the time the game freezes on a dark screen after I watch the ad. Watch the ad but don’t get the credit for it. Not even that good of a game.

- Makes no sense

This game is so stupid. I played a few levels and it just didn't make any sense. All you do is tap A or F. It is almost like they put no thought into the game. I am not trying to be rude but this game is just boring and makes no sense.

- I love it

I started as a kindergarten teacher but now I’m a senior teacher

- good game but bug

so when one of the students say “my test was correct, ill sue you!” when you can put “shut up and go to detention” it wont let you when you tap on it so you gotta pay for it but overall its a fun game i put glasses on all of the students and they look hilarious 😂

- Loading

I love the game but the loading is awful

- Tooooo many commercials!!!!!

This game is cute and fun but the commercials are toooooooo much!!! I have to watch a video after EVERY action.. I’m just not into watching so many commercials so I had to delete the app

- Fun until

I really like this game but once I got to 12th grade it stayed at 12th grade! It would be interesting if you could go onto college and stuff like that then, retire. Love this game!❤️😍🤩

- I hate it

The only thing they actually want from this app is money. After every single level and add. On the third level I have to watch and add to actually play!!? Bogus. I hate please take it off the AppStore.

- Racist Game

I’ve noticed while playing this game that the black student constantly gets that school work wrong. I haven’t played a level where he wasn’t the odd one out or got the work right.

- Not suitable for children

So there was 1 ad with the teacher “spanking” a student with a “ruler” and it is a dirty and illegal? punishment for getting the answers wrong even one that the teacher is being toxic about students grades and chit chatting about their future. HORRIBLE

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Tinlao 劉琦珍

@giancantdance I know. Audio books and Natural Reader text to speech. But how to grade student papers. Hay. I hope it resolves soon. High five, cuz. Please take care of your eyes. It all goes at 40, and it's all downhill from there.


alright so i have a 70 in campaigns and elections but i have two 0s for papers i did ass on. PLEASE LET ME GET 100s SO MY GRADE GOES UP I NEED MY GPA TO STAY AT A 3.8


The Maths department has an agenda against our grade. "The past papers were piss compared to this" Can someone please tell me why I've uttered these exact words every single year

Papers Grade Please! 1.430 Screenshots & Images

Papers Grade Please! iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Papers Grade Please! iphone images
Papers Grade Please! iphone images
Papers Grade Please! iphone images
Papers Grade Please! iphone images
Papers Grade Please! iphone images
Papers Grade Please! iphone images
Papers Grade Please! iphone images
Papers Grade Please! iphone images
Papers Grade Please! iphone images
Papers Grade Please! iphone images

Papers Grade Please! (Version 1.430) Install & Download

The applications Papers Grade Please! was published in the category Games on 2020-05-06 and was developed by Lion Studios [Developer ID: 1362220666]. This application file size is 339.43 MB. Papers Grade Please! - Games app posted on 2020-11-17 current version is 1.430 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.hyperdivestudio.papers-grade-please

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